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Revenge is a dish best served Vore by ninjatommy21


Chapter 1

Two scaled figures walked side by side through the grassy field. On the left was a Feraligatr, the right, a Charizard. One fire and one water, yet the best of friends. They had both decided for a walk today, or rather Feraligatr did. His Charizard pal had wanted to fly around.

"We should do this more often. It's really nice you know," the blue gator spoke.

The fire type chuckled, "You stick to swimming, I'll stick to flying. We just meet in the middle so we can hang."

"Well at least we both have to sacrifice something. When you were a Charmander and a Charmeleon all you could do was walk. Then you grew those wings and for a week straight you were flying."

The Charizard gave a small chuckle. "Did you expect differently. It was amazing, so much better then walking."

The two enjoyed their peaceful walk while making small talk. Each talking about their own lives. Their walk went uninterrupted till they walked up and over a hill. On the other side were two Pokemon, an Emboar and an Aggron, each talking to the other. The Feraligatr gave a small sigh, he knew the two, in fact both him and his pal knew them. The pig and steel Pokemon turned and grinned. They all seemed to know each other.

"Well well. Look who it is Emboar."

"Been awhile since we last saw them. A few years actually. Looks like they're due for one large ass kicking." responded the flaming swine.

Both the drake and the gator grinned.

"Then let's fight." spoke the blue one. "Fair warning though, we did win the Pokemon championship not to long ago. "

The Emboar and the Aggron both looked shocked.

"Yo- you're lying." The fire type blurted out.

"We'll just have to see about that" the Aggron spoke, his voice wavering as he spoke.

The Aggron gave a light growl and ran at the alligator ready to attack. Before he was close enough to land a direct attack the water type side stepped and tripped his foe. The steel type went skidding through the dirt. When he tried to stand he was kicked over to his back.

"Who's weak now?" the gator teased. He pinned the Aggron down with ease and gave his chops a lick. "I'm gonna enjoy this."

The Aggron was left to whimper in fear, unsure of what was to come.

"Please be quiet..." The Feraligatr demanded in a calm yet dominant tone.

He repositioned himself so that he was facing his prey's feet. He grabbed him by the ankles and stood, lifting the bully up with him. The steel type shook violently as he tried to free himself only to be hit with a full on water pulse. It lasted for nearly a minute and left the Aggron soaking wet and only barely conscious.

"Much better, can't go eating something as dirty as you were." The blue 'mon chuckled to himself.

He lifted his meals feet closer to his maw. His prey realized his fate and squirmed again.

"Help!" he shouted out to his partner in crime.

The Emboar had been in complete shock, his eyes glued to the scene before him. When he heard his friends plea he shook his head and began running to use head smash. Before he was even half way his shoulders were grabbed, causing him to fall and land loudly on his back. The fire drake pinned him and rubbed his claws along the pigs soft flesh.

"Tisk tisk... can't let you go messing up my pals meal. He wouldn't let that happen to me."

The Feraligatr was happily consuming his lunch, slowly managing to get every part of the Aggron past his mighty jaws and down his throat. No longer were the Aggron's legs visible to the outside world, and his abdomen was now half-way slipping into the gator's eager mouth. He was was now halfway through eating his meal. The Aggron thrashed about as he slowly slid down the slimy throat. He felt himself being tugged in constantly. "Noooo... let me go." he sobbed in vain.

When only his head remained free the gator slid his tongue over his prey's face. The Aggron was reduced to tears and begging. Slowly his head vanished under the Feraligatr's closing jaws. Knowing that he had sealed the Aggron's fate, the Feraligatr angled his head upwards and swallowed hard, sending the remainder of him meal downwards. A large visible bulge descend down the gator's throat, as the Aggron was sliding the rest of the way towards the the alligators awaiting gut, covered in saliva. After a few more seconds he landed fully in the stomach with an audible thud.

"Ahhhh that hit the spot." The Feraligatr said, giving his gut a good pat.

He slowly sat down, with his now cavernous stomach between his legs. The Aggron inside was trying his best to call out for help, but all anyone could hear were light mumbles being drowned out by the sound of constant stomach gurgles. He also tried to use his limbs to rub and press against the stomach walls he was contained within, as he hoped that this would make the Feraligatr feel nauseous and bring him back up. Unluckily for him the Feraligatr loved having his meals squirm and protest inside his belly. The feeling of his meal moving around gave the gator a loving grin, and he placed both of his large hands on his stomach. He slowly rubbed his large dome of a belly, making sure to give extra rubs to the visible bulges the Aggron's limbs were creating. After a while he stopped rubbing.

"That's enough for now." the gator spoke. “I'll allow you to settle down for a bit while my friend has his meal. Don't worry too much, I like to wait until I digest.”

The Charizard, who was going between observing his blue friend having his lunch and keeping an eye on his own chuckled as he watched his prey's face contort in fear. He knew the same fate was likely to be bestowed upon him soon.

"Please... I'm sorry." he Emboar managed through sobs.

"No use in trying. You're not getting out of becoming my meal."

The Fire Pokemon lifted pig in the air with his strong arms.

"You afraid of heights?" The pig nodded and sniffled. "Perfect."

With that the pig was thrown upwards, and soared through sky. The Charizard flapped his wings and flew up after him. The dragon flew up and caught his meal by it's legs. The Emboar was terrified, unable to make an audible sound. The Charizard lowered back down to the ground and smirked, seeing his prey trying to struggle once more, it was his favorite part. He slowly moved up the prey's body, inch by inch. When the drake got to the torso he paused before taking even it in with little problem.

"Noooo.... Please no" pleaded the Emboar.

He knew though, that try all he wanted his fate was sealed.

"Stop teasing him." The water type said with a slight snicker. "You're going so slow on purpose."

The fire type chuckled in response and nodded, causing the prey to slip a little further in, leaving only his head out now. Slowly the Pokemon tilted his head back, closed his jaws and swallowed as hard as he could, sending his meal sliding down. The bulge slowly went down the pred's slimy insides, unable to do anything but cry in fear of his awaiting doom. The Feraligatr watched and murred as the large bulge made its way down the Charizard's long and slender neck, slowly disappearing behind the Charizard's chest as it found its way into the awaiting stomach. The Emboar landed with a thud.

"Now that was amazing," spoke the fire lizard with a sense of relief, having to use his hands to support his now huge stomach. "It's been a while since I've eaten someone so large."

The drake looked down at his gut with a smile, observing the Emboar's attempts to kick and punch at his stomach walls. Inside the belly the Emboar was in full panic mode, trying his best to let others know that he was stuck inside the belly of a draconian monster. While he could hear his own yelling, to the others on the outside of those walls he was generating nothing more than an incomprehensible mumble, which was being further drowned out by the sound of an active stomach that was eagerly waiting to digest.

"Hush my belly" the Charizard spoke to his noisy gut, "just wait a little longer and I'll let you digest. For now be patient."

The Charizard's arms were beginning to become tired, due to the stress of having to lift up his stomach from the ground for so long.

"Let's head off now my friend, so we can find a spot to rest for a while," the drake suggested, his stomach starting to groan and grumble. "Besides, I think I wont be able to hold of from allowing my gut to digest for too much longer."

"That seems like a very good idea, I also can barely hold off from allowing my belly juices to start their rounds" the Feraligatr replied, having to use his hands to lift up his gut from the ground to allow him to walk.

He slowly walked towards his draconian friend with his belly in hand.

"Ready to continue on with our walk, my fiery friend?"

"I sure am my aquatic acquaintance!"

Both Pokemon chuckled, and began to continue on with their walk. After a few meters both of them stopped, as they both couldn't hold it off any more. Both of them breathed in, allowing their eager stomachs to loudly groan and grumble, as their stomachs in unison started to fill up with acid. The Aggron and Emboar, realising what was happening started to kick and punch the walls as hard as they could. The Charizard and Feraligatr both slowly panted in relief, as they loved that feeling the most, and always tried to hold it off for as long as they could. They both also dropped their bulging guts, which created a large sloshing sound as their meals were thrown around, and also a large thudding sound as they hit the floor.

"I love the feeling of my gut grumbling and groaning like that..." spoke the Feraligatr with a pleasurable amount of relief.

"Me too," the Charizard replied, "It's like a dam struggling to hold in all of it's water, and it just giving way... it's pretty amazing".

"Yeah, it pretty much is. I propose that we take a break right here to allow our bellies to slim down. Any objections?" the gator politely asked, now laid down on his back, rubbing his gut to calm it's contents.

"I agree, my arms are killing me... but what do we do if someone comes up to us and tries to disturb us?" the drake responded, laying down on his side to get comfortable.

"It's simple – dessert."

The Feraligatr waited for a response, but gone none. He quietly laughed, as his friend had all ready managed to drift off into a deep sleep. Soon their meals would too.

The End
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