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The Darkest Day, The Brightest Night by ninjatommy21


Author's Chapter Notes:

The first chapter of the story. Male on Male action happens at the end. Please Enjoy

Chapter 1

The Darkest Day, The Brightest NightBy: ninjatommy21
Chapter one

11/23/15 12:13 P.M. Ara Bank“Hurry the fuck up!” hissed a masked Pokémon. “Put the money in the bag or I’ll pop a cap in that little head of yours.” He grinned as the Abra tossed the money into the bag. “Thank you,” said the masked ‘mon as he turned to leave. Outside the building red and blue lights flashed. “Who the fuck called the cops!” He shouted. He turned to the Abra and aimed his gun. “I swear if you used that telepathy shit you have to call em’, I’ll kill you right now bitch.”
“Sir. As you well know, abilities we naturally possess are nullified in and around the city for protection. There would be no way I could,” The Abra pleaded. He nodded and turned to the other Pokémon in the room. “Barricade the windows or I’ll kill you.” He hurried to the door and slid a metal pipe into it. After that the turned around only to be blocked by a Charmeleon. “You’re gonna put that gun down and walk out now before I beat you ass in you dumb little kid,” the Charmeleon growled and quickly ripped the mask off the robber. “What do you know? It’s a Weavile everyone.”
The Weavile growled and pulled the trigger. The bullet traveled out the barrel of the pistol and into the skull of the fire type. Killing him on the spot. The Charmeleon dropped to the ground with a thud. “Who else want to die?” He shouted. “Hmmm. Hmmmmmm.” He turned to a Riolu. “How about you? You wanna die?” Before the Riolu could respond a bullet was sent through his skull and he dropped dead. “That’s what I thought.” He growled and went behind the counter into the back room. “Gotta be an exit somewhere round here.”
The Abra walked up behind him. “If you take the vent you’ll escape through the back. The cops are all up front,” He offered. “Why the hell are you helping me? Dumbass! Can’t you tell I’m robbing your ass?” He shouted. “I figured I could help you out now instead of you holding a gun to my head asking me where the exit is.”
He smirked. “Well, guess someone here does have some brains. I’ll be leaving.” With that he slid into the vent and into the back alley. He rushed through the back streets and far away from the bank.

11/23/15 10:53 P.M. Unknown LocationThe Weavile was sitting in a large spinning chair tossing money into the air. “What a sweet life making money like this.” He grinned and laid back. The room he was sitting in was dim, but full of various electronics. On one end of the room there was a large screen hooked up to a tower. On the wall opposite of it was a flat screen. Each side was filled with various games and the like. He slid over to the computer. “Hmmmm. So little to do. So much time. Hehe.” He turned to face the T.V. and turned it on, quickly switching it to the news.
A Pikachu pushed his glasses up and nodded. “For those who have yet to hear. Earlier today Ara Bank. Two civilians were killed. Their pictures will be put up in a moment.” The Pikachu moved to the side as the image of the Charmeleon and Riolu appeared next to him. “The assailant is none other than Rune Reavil.” The image changed to one of the Weavile. “If you see this mon’ please stay away and report him to the authorities.” The image switched back to the Pikachu. “Now let’s go to the weather.”
The weavile shut the T.V. off and stretched. “Pfft. Such dumb asses.” He yawned. “Be….” A knock came to the door. “Wh..who the hell?” He stood up and walked to the door, looking through the small hole. The Abra from the bank stood at the door smiling. Rune growled and grabbed his gun and yanked the door open. The Abra was gone. “Looking for me child?” He blinked and turned to face the Abra who was sitting in the chair. “How the fuck did you get in here!” He shouted. “You’re pretty good child. We need someone like you on our side. A fight is about to happen child. Will you join us?”
“Why should I. Ya’ freak,” he growled. “The cops will be here soon. You’ll want to come with me. They’ve been keeping an eye on you boy. Grab what you want and take my paw. And be quick about it.” Demanded the Abra. The Weavile noticed the sound of sirens off in the distance and hurried to grab money. “Fuck…fuck.” He ran to the computer slid the mouse over to his on screen self-destruct button. A ten second countdown started. “Let’s go then!” He shouted, grabbing the Abra’s paw. The two vanished and moment later the small building erupted in flames.

11/23/15 11:31 P.M. Unknown LocationRune gasped and fell over, vomiting. “The fuck.” He wiped his maw clean. “How do you go about teleporting? Thought that shit was cut off.” He turned to the Abra, not paying attention to his surroundings. The Abra grinned, “Take a look around.”
He looked around at the various high-tech equipment that lined the huge room. Pokémon walked around, talked to each other, and did various activities. “Follow me.” The Abra spoke and walked to the main frame. “From here we monitor the whole of the city and constantly update our program chip that allows us to use our true power.” He started strolling away to a small lab. “Here is where the chip is implanted in your body. The chip is constantly connected to our mainframe. Our aim is to take over the city. Think of all the money to make Rune. Will you join us?”

11/25/15 11:59 A.M. Unknown LocationRune grinned as he sliced the training dummy in half. “It’s nice to be able to use these moves again. Been forever since I was last able to. Fucking city.” He pulled out his lucky pistol and shot another two dummies directly in their fluff filled heads. “But I still like the direct kill.” He chuckled and sat down. “Can’t wait to kill something again”

11/25/15 12:03 P.M. City Hall“Come in. So you’re the vigilante that’s been going around town stopping all the crime recently.” The white Weavile nodded in response. “Well then we’ll be needing your help. The city’s in a crisis with Rune going around causing havoc. Along with that we’ve receive threats from a new cult or something. We need you to investigate and bring back any information you can.” The Weavile nodded and hurried out into the back streets. “Time to find that criminal and bring him to justice.” He chuckled and headed to the recent explosion related to the Weavile named Rune. The white Weavile stood in the wreckage, looking around for evidence. He closed his eyes and sat down. He folded his leg and began meditating.

11/25/15 3:46 P.M. Outskirts of cityThe white Weavile stood after hours of meditating and moved some of the rubble around before grabbed a hard drive that had managed to survive the explosion. “Perfect. Let’s see what that scum has on this.” He rushed back to City Hall to present his finding to the Mayor. He was given high priority and let into the Mayor’s office immediately. “Welcome back. You didn’t take long. What did you find?” Inquired the Sandshrew. “A hard drive sir. It may contain something regarding recent events. Shall we check it out?” Asked the Weavile. “Of course. Hand it here.” Once the hard drive was in the shrew’s paws he plugs it into his tower and loaded the files up. Amongst the various folders one stood out to the two. ‘Targets’ was the folders name.
The folder contained multiple pictures. Each a location or person that had been robbed by Rune or were killed intentionally. Among the list were several people including the Mayor who had yet to be attacked. The two scrolled to the bottom and opened the last picture. A picture of the white Weavile appeared on the screen. “So wanted me out of the picture as well.” The dark type smirked. “Well. This might be a challenge. Thank you sir. I’ll report back tomorrow with any further information I find.”

11/25/15 8:32 P.M Back Streets near Ara BankRune casually strolled through the back alleys on his way to a nearby black market he frequently visited. Being a top customer he was always welcomed there and if anyone said otherwise a bullet was put into their thick skulls to teach them a lesson. The walk took no longer than five minutes, He took that time to enjoy the fresh air. After being stuck underground for the past two days he needed the fresh air.
He arrived to the market only to find it in ruins. “Shit. Can’t believe the feds finally found it.” He began rummaging through the trash tents and wooden stands in hope of something he could salvage. “Well lookie what I caught. A Filthy rat digging though the trash.” The white Weavile shouted. He walked out from an adjacent alley and glared at Rune. “It’s time you face justice.”
“Like hell faggot!”
“Look who’s speaking. Still the same as always.”
“Shut it Haki. I outta kill you now where you stand.”
“You know you couldn’t do that Sweet cheeks.”
Rune’s dark fur glowed with a red tint. “Shut in Haki. That was years ago. We went our separate ways and you know it.” Haki walked up to Rune and grabbed his paw. He smiled and pulled the Weavile into a passionate kiss.
The two Weaviles kissed for serveral minutes, their tongues rolled over the others and fought for control. Both pushed at the others tongue to gain entry into the others maw. They held each other in a tight embrace as they exchanged saliva. Once the two pulled away both were blushing brightly, each sporting an erect rod. “See you are a faggot,” Rune whispered. “So are you,” Haki responded
“Shut up and get against the wall.”
“Ha…hey. I told you. We went our separate ways.”
“You didn’t stop the kiss.”
“That..that..that…. I love you alright. So what!”
“I love you too Rune.”
Rune hurried to a nearby building and leaned against the wall. Haki followed behind him and pressed the submissive mon’s chest to the wall. “Hope you’re tight as before. I’ve been needing a nice fuck Rune.”
Rune nodded and looked back. “Please take me Haki,” he moaned in lust. Haki chuckled and rubbed his thick rod against Rune’s tailhole. He slowly pressed against the hole, spreading Rune open, and slid in slowly. “I’ll make sure I go nice and easy on ya Rune. At first at least.” He chuckled and began massaging Rune’s rear as he slid in. Once he hilted he stayed there to let his partner adjust. Rune was wincing in pain as the thick rod slid in. Once he adjusted to the pain he gave a nod to signal Haki to continue.
Haki smiled and slowly pumped half of his rod in and out. He found it hard not to pound away at Rune and fill his hole full of hot creamy spunk. “Haki. It feels so nice to have you inside me again.”
“It feels nice to be in your ass once more too Rune.”
“Can… can we go back to the way we were?”
“You mean mates?”
“Yeah. I’d like that.”
“So would I. But it isn’t that easy Rune. We choose two different paths.”
“I know. I know. But.,,,, maybe we could work it out.”
Haki murred and began speeding up his thrusts. He held onto Rune’s sides and pounded into his pucker. He leaned against Rune’s back and sank his teeth softly into Rune’s shoulder.
Rune moaned from the bite and shivered. “Ohhhh Haki. Faster. I wanna feel your warmth deep inside me,” he begged.
Haki was happy to oblige and eagerly pounded faster. He slapped Rune’s ass a few times as he sped up. He began panting hard, signaling his approaching orgasm. “Rune… Gon..gonna cum!”
“Fill me babe.”
Haki moaned louder and began pumping his thick seed deep inside Rune’s bowels. “Ahhhhh. So nice,” Rune moaned. Once Haki finished cumming he slid out and sat down. “Heh. Thanks hun.” He chuckled and laid back. “I don’t want to fight you Rune. I’ll see you tomorrow. We’ll discuss some things.”
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