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A Hybrid's Tale by ninjatommy21


Author's Chapter Notes:

The first part to his tale. About a year's time.

Part One

When I think about the future I only see my past repeating. I guess I should start my story, three years ago, about the time everything began.
“Good morning, Tommy. Did you sleep well?” asked my mother. I rubbed my eyes as I walked into the kitchen. I looked at the Fennec fox that is my mother, “Yeah, I did. What about you?” I responded. I took a seat at our small table and let out a yawn. “Where’s dad?” I asked as I yawned. “I slept well Tommy.” She set a plate full of pancakes in front of me. “He had to leave for work early.” I couldn’t help but frown at her response. “He told me he was off today. We were gonna go out and have a blast he said. He’s a big liar. Why does he always do this? ” I crossed my arms as I mumbled this. I grabbed my wooden fork, we each had our own design into them; something I came up with. I stabbed my pancakes and lifted up one. “Syrup dear?” mom questioned. I looked up at her and sighed. “Mom. You know I hate syrup. It’s too sweet for me.” I answered before eating my breakfast.

That was how most my days started. Mom was the kindest person around, but being a fox she had a bad side and it was always bad to anger her. We got into arguments from time to time, but I guess parents and their kids do that, it helps work out problems and gets feelings out.
“Tommy. Lately you’ve been… oh, what’s the word?” I watched her as she thought. “Depressed?” I asked. She nodded. “Yeah. Depressed, but why hun? I give all I can and then some.” I knew she was right about that and I loved her for it. “I know mom, but that’s the problem. You give me all you can. What about dad? Huh? He’s never around anymore. Does he even love us anymore?” I looked at the ground as she approached me. “Of course he loves us. He works so we have food and a roof over our heads. I don’t like it either, but I deal with it so we can survive.” I pushed my plate away and stood. “I’ll be in my room.” I mumbled. I heard her growl and knew she was angry. I quickly tried to run but she had my arms. “MOM! Let me go.” Tears were rushing down my face as she pulled me by my ears to the living room. I sniveled loudly in fear of what was to come. She bent me over and began paddling my rear. I yelped at each hit and cried more and more. When she finished I was a sniffling and my nose was a running mess. “Now you’ll go to your room. You’re grounded. Got it?” I stood quickly and looked at her. “Ya-Yes mom.” I sniffled and hurried to my room, closed my door behind me, and sat down slowly, my rear end throbbing in pain. I sniffled and brought my fluffy tail around me while I lowered my head into in and continued to cry.

Don’t make fun of me. Come on, I was only a teen. Anyway, that happened to me when I made her mad. I guess I should have learned my lesson, but I never really did. Oh… You’re confused at how she can hold a paddle. Guess I should have told you then. She’s a four foot anthro fox. She walks on two or four feet and her front paws are actually more like human hands. My father you ask? You’ll have to wait for that information till later.

Later that night, after I had cleaned myself up and was climbing into bed, dad came in.

Guess I won’t wait. He’s a feral Raichu. So that leaves me in the middle of the two. I’m part Pikachu and part Fennec Fox.
I looked up at him and quickly looked away, I was still made at dad. “I’m sorry son.” He began, only to have me cut him off. “My name is Tommy not Son.” He gave a light chuckle and walked over to my bed. “Sorry Tommy. I wanted to be off today, but the boss called in, said I had to come in or I was fired. I need this job more than anything.” I sighed as he sat down on my bed. He brought me against his chest and rubbed my back. “Tommy. I know I’m not always here, but I still love you.” I sniffled as he spoke. “And you know you can go play with your friends anytime you want.” He rubbed my ears. “No I can’t” I whimpered. “I don’t have friends. I’m a hybrid. I’m a freak of nature. No one wants to be my friend.” I felt like bawling my eyes out. “The only reason they don’t shun me away and kick me out of school if because of ho-how well you’re known around here. I hate this place!” Tears flowed freely down from my eyes as he held me close to his chest.

That was the last thing I remember from that night. Turns out I passed out in his arms and woke up sleeping against him in my bed.
“Dad! Wake up. It’s nine, you gotta be at work in half an hour.” I mumbled while shaking him. I was still half asleep myself. He woke up a few minutes later with me still prodding him and trying to get his attention. He turned to my clock. “Ahhh. I’m gonna be late!” and with that he was out the bedroom door and downstairs. I sighed and went to take a cold shower.

Dad ended up at work late that day. His boss blew up in his face and told him if he was ever late again he’d be fired. Then he lowered his pay. I couldn’t help but blame myself and get even more depressed. The week went on pretty normal for me. I went to school, got bullied, and went home. Normal week for me really. My mind was mostly on my Dad and his job. I felt so bad I stopped doing my homework, though that didn’t matter, the teacher gave me a big fat F no matter what I did. Friday night came slowly.
“Mom!” I called out after hearing her shout. I quickly ran down stairs to see what she was doing, only to find that she has dropped the roast she had been cooking. She was picking it up and setting the pot on the counter. “You okay mah?” I quickly asked. “Of course. Sorry for startling you baby. Go finish up your homework while I set up for dinner.” I rubbed my head, “I don’t have any homework. I finished it already. Not like it matters. Mr. Smithers will just give me an F anyway.” I sat down at the kitchen table. “Mom, can I stop going to school?” She looked at me and set her oven mitts down. “Tommy, you know dam well that a good education will help you in the long run.” I figured she would say that much. I heard the door slam and a bunch of grumbling. Dad was home and he didn’t seem to be in a good mood. I turned to the kitchen entrance just as he walked in. “What’s wrong hunny?” Mom questioned and quickly ran to his side. “One friggin messed up call and he blows a bolt.” He sat down and laid his head on the table. “He fired me. Said it was the last straw.”

I freaked when I heard that he had been fired. I was scared to be truthful. I was so depressed I instantly blamed it on myself and became quite suicidal. Then one day at school I woke up in class with something on my face. I was rather tired from the past few nights. We all were doing everything to scrape by now. It had been a month since he was fired, I had sold all my video games, my TV, and a few other things. I had a small night job at the local dump, I hated it. On top of that I still had school every week day and often dozed off during class.
I yawned as I woke, a small string of drool connected my lips to the table. I blushed and quickly wiped it away. I had been woken by the bell, class was now over. “Hey Tommy 21. “ I blinked and turned to the class bully. “21?” I asked. “Yeah. That’s when you’re gonna die. Once you’re 21 you have no ties to your family. We can do anything to you then.” I gulped in fear and hurried off to the bathroom. I took a leak and went to wash my paws. Once at the sink I noticed something funny on my left cheek. It was a red 21. I tried my hardest to wash it off, but it was stuck. My fur had been dyed down to the roots there. I knew then and there it was permanent.

That was when I’m supposed to die he had said. I had to admit, that thought scared me. Anyone who asks me nowadays will get told that it was a prank by a friend, or that it’s a birthmark. After all I already had two on my face. One on each side of my head, both were green triangles.
I left school early and ran to the park. I sat down inside the tunnel slide and began crying. I hated my life and wanted it to end. I sniffled and wiped my eyes a few times before the tears stopped flowing. I slid out of the slide and began walking home at a slow pace.

Home wasn’t a good place either. Dad had picked up drinking and mom hated it. We were starting to make money and he blew it all on alcohol. Leaving us at the bottom again. He had become a drunk and acted as so. He spent his money and ours on beer, beat mom, slept all day when he wasn’t drinking, and he even beat me. My fur hid any scars or bruises so no one noticed.
I opened the door slowly and walked in. “Get over here boy!” I heard my dad shout. I sighed and walked over to the couch where he sat. “Yeah Da..” before I could finish he slapped me. “Don’t question me boy. On your knees now.” I rubbed my cheek and went down to my knees, wondering what he was planning now. It didn’t take long before I found out. As I was looking at his grin I felt something poke my neck. I looked down and found myself starring at his stiff penis. I gulped loudly and shook my head. “Please Dad. Don’t make me do this.” I found myself crying as he pried my jaws opened and shoved his cock inside my mouth. He waited a minute for me to begin sucking, but I never did so he took control and began fucking my face. My jaw ached as he pounded away for several minutes and then climaxed in me. I gaged and swallowed down his cum. Once he finished he pulled me off and chuckled. “You won’t be going to school anymore, from now on you’ll stay here and suck my dick.” I nodded slowly, knowing I had no choice other than to agree with him.

And so every day I stayed home and he fucked my mouth as much as he wanted. After the first week of this I began willing sucking him off. I had no choice and it hurt my jaw less this way. I wasn’t allowed to stop sucking no matter how many times he came. And when he said stop I had to pull off even if he was in the middle of jizzing. I still had my night job, but my money still went to him. Life sucked, literally. And like it always does, everything got worse.
I panted softly after blowing my dad for the past three hours. I slowly stood and started walking away when dad grabbed my tail. I let out a gasp, “D-dad?” He yanked on it causing me to cry out. I whimpered as he held it in his paw. “On your paws and knees!” He ordered. I quickly did as I was told. Fear flooded my mind as he stood. He lifted my tail up and slapped my ass. I yelped and closed my eyes. I feared that I was going to be paddled and readied myself for the pain. Instead I felt him wrapping his paws around me. “Get ready bitch. I’m about to ride you raw.” I wasn’t sure what he meant at the time till suddenly there was a sharp pain in my ass. I screamed and my eyes flew open.

That night hurt the most, but he did the same every day and so the pain went away slowly. I didn’t enjoy it, but I was happy that the pain was gone. He screwed me multiple times in one day and each time he would fill me up with a huge amount of semen. Mom was always at work and never knew anything. When he finished he seemed so happy that I couldn’t help but smile. I still loved him, he was my dad after all, and nothing could change that. Though one day he did something that made me happier than ever.
I was laying on his chest after just bouncing on his cock. He had finished filling me up and was now holding me close to his chest. He rubbed my back as he did so. “I love you Tommy. I’m sorry for hurting you. I promise I won’t ever again and I promise to stop drinking. Please forgive me son.” I smiled softly and looked into his eyes. “I forgive you Dad.” I spoke. He smiled brightly and kissed me on the lips causing me to blush deeply. After a few seconds of hesitation I kissed back. When he broke the kiss I was smiling just as wide as he was. “Will you take me as not only your father, but also as a mate?” I nuzzled his chest. “I will Daddy.”

After that I started going back to school, dad found a new job and made me quit mine. They had me attending a different school. No one knew me and no one knew I was a hybrid at the new school. I was happy to go to school. The teachers loved me, said I was a brilliant child and couldn’t understand why I only got F’s at my old school. I called myself a Sinsou, and told everyone that I was the last of my race.

“Well the village I lived in when I was younger was the last village of Sinsou. It caught fire one day and killed all but a few. I was one of those few. We escaped together and left, hoping to find refuge. Along the way most were killed, till only I was left. My new parents found me and raised me. If not for them I’d be dead too.”

I even made a few friends at the new school. Everyone was so friendly and almost everyone was my friend. We talked all the time during school and would hang out at their houses. Finally one day I offered my house as a place to hang out.
I smiled as I led my friends to my house. They found it a bit odd that I lived so far from the school, but didn’t mind the walk at all. “Welp here we are.” I smiled brightly and walked up to the door. I opened it up and looked around. “Mom, Dad. I’m home and I brought some friends over. I hope you don’t mind if they hang out here with me for a few hours.” I could tell they were excited. “Sure hun. Just behave.” She called out from the kitchen. “Could you bring up some snacks for us?” I asked. This time Dad answered. “Of course.” I hadn’t expected him to be home so early, then I remembered he was off today. And unlike his old job when he was told he was off, he was off. I liked that about this new job of his. I walked upstairs with my three friends who I had invited over for the day and held my bedroom door open for them.

It’s a good thing I told them we didn’t have much money and I didn’t have any games to play. They were all happy to bring their own over for us all to play. It was a fun night, we had snacks, drinks, and played plenty of games.
“You’re house is really nice Tommy21” I smiled. “Thanks Sammy.” I looked at the other two. “Hey Alex, Ray, Sammy. Maybe you could spend the night here. I’m sure my parents wouldn’t mind.” They all nodded happily and called their parents to make sure. Seeing as it was Friday night none of their parents minded and neither did mine.

Oh, Alex is a feral Riolu, Ray is an anthro Stingray, and Sammy is a feral Sandshrew. These three were my best friends.
I looked at the clock and smiled. “Wow, it’s already nine.” When I turned back to my friends they were in a circle with a bottle. “Come on Tommy21” Sammy spoke. He patted the carpet next to him. I sat down in the circle. “What’s this?” I asked. Alex was quick to answer. “Spin the bottle.” I rubbed my head. “Spin the bottle?” Ray smiled. “Yeah. You spin the bottle and whoever it lands on you ask truth or dare. They pick one and you either ask them a yes or no question for truth or dare them to do something. After the third truth in a row you gotta do four dares in a row.” He answered. “Oh. Let’s play then. Who’s first?” Alex quickly grabbed the bottle. “I am.” He spun it and it landed on Sammy. “Truth or Dare?”
“Is it true that you like guys and not gals?”
“N-no….fine yes.”
“Your turn Sammy.”
He spun it and it landed on me. “Truth or dare?”
“I dare you to lick your bed post.”

The night went on like that. We gave each other truth and dares. Though every time Ray or Alex spun and it landed on me or Sammy they would make sure our truths and dares dealt with the other. Alex had me kiss Sammy’s cheek. Ray had Sammy lick my foot. I gave Sammy a piggyback ride, laid on him, and did a few other things.

“Tommy21. Truth or Dare?” Asked Alex.
“I took three truths in a row. I gotta take Dare and you know that.”
“I know. Just wanna hear you say it. Now what to make you do.”
“Don’t keep us waiting.”
“Fine. Hmmm. I dare you to give Sammy a blowjob.”
I blushed hard and turned to Sammy who was doing the same. “Give… Sammy a blowjob.” I went over to him. “Go on Tommy. It’s part of the dare. You gotta do it.” Sammy spoke while blushing harder then I was. I nodded and rubbed his crotch trying to find where his cock was. He grabbed my paw and moved it to his slit. “It’s here. I have an internal one.” He mumbled.

I have to admit, I was eager to get started at that point. Both Alex and Ray probably enjoyed this and had to have been planning it all along.
I pressed my tongue to the slit and pressed it in till I heard Sammy gasp. “I. I’m alright, don’t stop.” I nodded and pressed it deeper, giving the insides a few licks before pulling out. My tongue was followed out by his rod. I gave it a few licks to keep it growing and then opened my mouth around the pulsing rod. I began bobbing up and down it, trying my hardest to make it seem like this was my first time. “Ahh, watch the teeth please.” Sammy gasped. “Sowwee.” I mumbled with his cock in my mouth. I closed my eyes as I sucked his warm dick, loving the taste and eager to have his cum fill my maw. After about a minute he began cumming into my mouth. Once he was done I swallowed and pulled off. “There. My turn” I gave the bottle a spin and smiled and Alex. “Truth or Dare?”
“I dare you to suck Rays Balls till he cums. You can’t touch his cock at all. We’ll continue playing cause who knows how long it might take.”
Alex blushed and wrapped his maw around the sac and began sucking on it like it was a nipple. Alex spun the bottle and smirked when it landed on Ray. “Twuth oh dahr?”
“ahhh.. da..dare Alex.”
“I…dwer you ta pwaw off.” He mumbled. Ray nodded and instantly began rubbing his paw up and down his length till he came. He was panting slightly. “Ohhh god that felt great.” Ray mumbled. Alex chuckled. “Your turn Ray.”
“Alright.” He grabbed the bottle and gave it a twirl. He watched it spin and spin till it landed on Sammy. ”Truth or dare?”
“uhhh. Dare.”
“I dare you to fuck Tommy21 in the ass and cum in it. You gotta fuck him face to face.”
Sammy blushed again. “Oh… okay.” I laid on my back and spread my legs. “Please go easy.” I begged slightly. He nodded and mounted my. “I will. I promise Tommy.”

He had a pretty long rod and it felt great inside me. He had me moaning in seconds. I was begging for him to go harder and faster. And when we finished Alex and Ray came right on us. After that we went to bed, Alex and Ray slept in their own sleeping bag. While me and Sammy slept in his sleeping bag. We had fallen in love. I loved holding him close to me like this as I slept. It was the best feeling in the world. I was only a few inches taller than him. About the same height as my dad actually. Now I’m about the size of a Charmeleon, but that’s the most I’ll be growing. Anyway, enough side tracking. Let’s get back to the story shall we.
I yawned as I woke up to the sound of my alarm going off. I smiled when I saw Sammy against me, I was glad to know it wasn’t a dream. Alex had quickly turned the alarm off. “Why was that set?” he questioned me. I simply shrugged and unzipped the sleeping bag so we could get out. “Man, something smells amazing.” Ray spoke. I turned to him and nodded. “Mom’s cooking breakfast. We should hurry down so we get some while it’s hot.” I smiled and hurried down the stairs with my friends behind me. “Morning boys. I bet you all slept well.” Mom said. I sat down and wondered if she knew what we had done. Alex sat to the left of me and Ray to the right. Sammy sat on the other side. “Ray, why don’t you switch seats with Sammy.” She spoke softly. “Why? We’re fine like this.” I responded as fast as I could. “Tommy. You don’t have to hide anything from me. It’s alright.” My face turned blood red from her response. “You two looked cute sleeping together.” I looked at Sammy who had sat next to me. “Well. Looks like she caught us red pawed.” He joked. I smiled and kissed his cheek.

It was nice knowing that mom didn’t care about us being in love. It took us a while to get past small kisses around her, but after a few months we were making out in the living room and cuddling without a though. It was summer time now, a full year had passed so far. In that one year so much had happened. My dad lost his job, I stopped going to school and became my drunk dad’s sex toy, my dad stopped drinking, I went to a new school, I made friends, and I fell in love. I didn’t think like could get crazier than that, but man was I wrong.
I smiled and read the note for a third time. ‘Tommy. It’s been a while since we made love. How about at lunch we meet in the bathroom on the third floor. No one ever uses it at that time.’ I was smiling brightly the whole time I waited for the lunch bell to ring. When it finally did I walked out with everyone else and made a left turn instead of a right. I made it look like I needed to go to my locker instead of the third floor. I slowly made my way up, making sure no one was looking. Once in the bathroom I looked around. “Sammy? You in here?” I inquired. “Yeah.” He giggled. “You gotta find me first.” I smiled and started to open stalls. The third was locked so I peaked in. “Nope, not in there.” His voice was further down I grinned and went on till I got to the last stall, he had to be in here. I quickly opened it. “Found you!” I exclaimed, but quickly frowned as I only saw a walky talky. “Hehe. I got you.” His voice came through the device. I went to pick it up off the ground, but as I did something pushed me down and was on my back. “Sa-sammy!” I blushed and looked up at him. “Found you.” I spoke shyly. He giggled and kissed my cheek. “My dad got me these the other day. They only connect to each other and have a two mile radius. We can chat with each other while we’re at home.” I smiled at the idea and nodded. “Sounds awesome. So… you wanted to have some fun?” I asked. He nodded and slid off of me. I could feel something warm sliding down my back. “Hehe, Sammy you’re so eager aren’t you?” I stood and gave him a kiss on his lips. I felt his tongue push through my mouth and blushed. I broke the kiss and giggled. “So, how do you wanna do this?”

Now I admit, I was just as eager as he was. And the thought of getting caught was pretty scary, but it made things even better.
I smiled as I climbed up onto Sammy’s lap. He was sitting on the toilet, with the seat down. I could see his blush as I slowly lowered my rear down to his rod. I moaned softly as I impaled myself on the cock. I placed my paws on his chest and waited for him to nod before continuing. I wasn’t sure how bright my blush was, but I knew I had one. Once he nodded I eagerly began bouncing on his rod, loving every second his meat was in me. I wanted this to last, so I slowed down so he wouldn’t cum just yet. That was when I heard a door opening. We both froze in fear and sat in wait. I pulled my legs up so it looked like Sammy was taking a crud and nothing else. I waited till I heard the door open again and the intruder leave before bouncing a few more times before having my hole filled with warm seed.

It was pretty scary almost getting caught, I’m just lucky we didn’t. Things could have gone bad if we had. But it did make things pretty sexy. I had to try it again. And so for a month, me and Sammy would go into the same bathroom and we would have sex. Sometimes I rode his cock and other times he pinned me to the wall and pounded my ass. We made sure to lock the door each time so we never got caught. We brought breath mints and deodorant to hide the smell of sex afterwards. Eventually we ran out of luck.
“Ohhhhh Sammy, pound me harder. Ahhh, yes.” I moaned loudly. My paws were pressed against the wall across from the door. Sammy had his length buried deep inside my needy as and was close to filling it up with his semen. “What!” A baffled voice came from the entrance to the restroom. We were both quickly standing next to each other, facing the intruder, a teacher neither of us had. I shivered and gulped, “Are…. Are we in trouble?” was the only thing I could manage. “Trouble? Ohhh. Trouble doesn’t describe what’s going to happen to you. Principal’s office now!” The teacher demanded. We did as we were order, quickly hurrying down to the first floor, both of us sporting an erection the whole way down. Once we arrived the principal quickly told us to get into his room. He shut the door behind me and we took a seat. “Boys? Why were you two…. Well…. Fucking?” The Anthro luxray asked. I looked down and gulped. “We… we…. I don’t know.” I sniffled as tears began falling. When I looked at Sammy for comfort I found the Shrew already in tears. I quickly hugged him and gave a few sniffles. “We’re sorry, we…. We just wanted to have some fun.” I cried. “Boys, school is not the place for this. I’m calling your parents, but please, stay in here…… I don’t need you two running around with those.”

He was talking around the hard-ons we were sporting. I was blushing hard the whole time I sat with Sammy. The day ended and we both were able to go home. Mom grounded me for a month. I could only hope Sammy was alright. His parents knew nothing about our relationship.
“TOMMY!” Sammy’s voice shouted outside my window. I looked out and blinked when I saw Sammy. “I’m sorry. I’m grounded for a month Sammy.” I could tell he was worried about something else. “Please come to the door. Please Tommy” he begged. I sighed and gave a smile. “Alright Sammy.” I ran down to the door and opened it up to see a crying Sandshrew. “Sammy?” I quickly grabbed him and held the ground type against my chest. “Shhhh shhh, it’s alright Sammy.” I cooed, trying to calm him down. “Noooo, noooooooo it’s not. Tommy….. They’re making me move.” He whimpered. “Move…. You’re moving?” I froze in fear.

I’ll stop there for now. I’m not quite ready to go on. I’m surprised I made it this far without falling down and bursting into tears. But thank you for listening, when I feel like I’m ready for the rest, I’ll let you know. But till then, bye.
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