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Freeloader's Secret by luce_wang


Author's Chapter Notes:

This is my first I hope you will love this story. :3

Freeloader's Secret

Freeloader's Secrets

"Hey, c'mon! For how long will you stay here?" Julian asked. I fixed my eyeglasses so I could comfortably see him. I smiled at him and continued reading my book. "Hey! Answer me!" Julian yelled. I sighed and threw the book onto the couch lightly.

"I've already told you, and the answer will always be the same no matter what," I answered, "Beside, won't you be late? Your students will be waiting." With that, Julian shrugged and took his briefcase. "Don't bring any woman in," he ordered, pointing his scallop towards me and blushed a bit. "And be careful," he said. I sighed and smiled at him. "You too," I replied, winking at him. He blushed harder before heading out and left me. Oh, he certainly was cute.

Okay, first of all, why did Julian pointed a 'scallop'? Well, it's because he was a Dewott! And what’s with the briefcase? It's because he's a teacher, a high-school teacher at the top of that. For a teacher, he sure is a very strict one. But, I heard he's kind of popular at school. Last valentine, he got a ton of chocolates. My gift, my chocolate, was nothing compared to what he got. Besides being a teacher, he also buys stocks and stuffs which I completely don't understand.

By the way, let me introduced myself. I'm Jade. If Julian's a Dewott, I'm a Quilava! Technically speaking, I'm a freeloader. I lived at his house because his mother and my mother are friends. His mom asked me to take care of him, since I'm a freelance tour guide. Freeloader and freelancer. Forget it. As a freelancer, I usually took a job whenever I want. But ever since I stay at his house, becoming a freeloader, I only took a job when it's holiday or when Julian got a holiday.

You might ask, why didn't we stay at our respective parents? It's because, we're at a whole ton different region. We moved to this region quite a few years ago. He was asked to teach in this region by his 'superior' or you can say the school's owner. They said they needed more teachers to teach in the branch he's currently working at, and so they enlisted him. It was easy for him, since he only needed to settle in and to do his job, without a care in the world. As for me? It was such a mess. But I preferred not to talk about it.

I sighed loudly. "What time is it now?" I said to myself, looking at the clock. It was still early. Too early. I sighed loudly and headed for the kitchen. "Time to work," I said, heading for the kitchen.


After a few hours, I finally finished my chores. I was sitting on the couch, drinking some herbal tea to relax myself. As a freeloader, the only things I can do are doing chores, and cook good and healthy meals for Julian. Seeing that I still got a ton of time, I quickly drank my tea and headed for a certain room that I hadn't cleaned. Bedroom.

I gingerly opened the door leading to the bedroom, as if something was there. Of course nothing was there. I entered the bedroom and slowly walked to my cupboard, producing a pouch. As if there was someone who might be watching me, I stealthily walked toward Julian's bed. I pressed my paws onto his soft bed.

"The coast is clear," I said, climbing onto it and grabbed Julian's pillow and sheet. I sniffed on it, savoring Julian's scents. I let out a relaxed sigh. No matter how many time I did it, I seemed couldn't get enough. I slowly grasped my hanging member. Oh, how I needed it. I slowly stroke it carefully and tenderly.

First of all, what was I doing? Obviously I was masturbating. I sometimes do it when Julian was away. Normally, I do it when it's the time for me to change the sheet, and that day was the day. I couldn't leave my seeds on Julian's sheet, right? Did Julian know about this? Nope, he didn't. And he would never know, since he's so dense, and also, shy and innocent about this stuffs.

I did this, because I had a crush on Julian. Long before we lived together, we had been hanging out together. That was the time I actually felt something special about him. He was teaching me about school stuffs, and also treating me nicely. Perhaps it's his parental aura. And perhaps that's also why he's a teacher. Oh, thinking about how warm he is makes me happy, warm, and... hard.

I produced a vibrator from the pouch. A client of mine gave it to me as a joke, but I ended up using it quite often, and I enjoyed it. I lubed it up with my saliva. But it wasn't enough for me. I licked them slowly and carefully, pretending that it was Julian's member. I pressed my paw on my butthole, moaning loudly. "Julian," I mewled, pulling the wet vibrator away from me. I pressed it and thrust my butthole with it. I gasped loudly, cringing from the sensation. I loved it!

After I was a bit relaxed, I turned on the vibrator. The humming sound and the vibration in my hole from the vibrator drove crazy. I got on my knees and hugged Julian's pillow and sheet with my front-leg, inhaling his pure scent. I quivered and hugged them tighter when my free paw grasped my member. I slowly stroke it and pressed my nostril onto the pillow and sheet. "Julian," I whimpered.

My member started to leak with pre. I wiped it with my paw, getting a generous amount of pre. I sniffed at my paw and licked it slowly, savoring the taste. I wished that it was Julian's though. "Oh, Julian. You should know how badly I want you inside me," I mewled, lying on my back, since my legs were tired. "Julian~!!" My body literally quaked in delight. I kept stroking my member until I came. Hard. My seeds flied onto my body, and Julian's pillow and sheet.

Gasping for air, I released the hug and relaxed my body. With the vibrator still inside me though, it was impossible. I put the pillow and sheet besides me, and curled up. When I curled up, I saw Julian was standing by the door. His member was a poking out of its sheath, but that was definitely not the case. I yelled in shocked, "Julian?! Why are you here?!" I quickly pulled the vibrator from my butthole, eliciting an involuntary gasp. "It's my house! What's wrong with me being here?" he yelled, "Beside, what are you doing?!"

I shamefully bowed my head. I couldn't see him with that condition. Of all things, I didn't want Julian to see me like that. Perhaps he was seeing me like a trash, a freak. I felt Julian sat on the bed. "Tell me, how many time have you done it?" Julian asked. I kept bowing my head, and kept silent. I couldn't answer him. Not because I didn't have the courage to answer him though. I had lost count of how many times I had done it! Julian sighed loudly and put his paw on my head. "Do you know the reason why I asked my mom to ask you to stay with me?" Julian said.

Strange, why did he bring this up? I slowly lifted my head and looked at him. His warm eyes melted my heart, even if he saw me as a freak. "It's because... I want to be with you," Julian said all of a sudden. My heart skipped a beat, and I looked at the Dewott. "Does it mean you -" I was cut by his kiss. My eyes widen, as I felt his lips pressed onto mine. He pulled back, letting me gasped for air, before he dived in and kissed me again. He grasped my front-legs and kissed my neck tenderly. I quivered lightly, definitely not used to this sensation. “Julian,” I mewled. “The teases you give me every morning. The full-hearted welcome you give me. The meal you cook every day,” he kissed me again, “And all this time we spend together. I think I fall for you.”

I couldn’t believe that he actually fell for me. But the reason why he fell for me was quite cheap that I giggled. “So you will for anyone who teases you every morning, gives you full-hearted welcome, and cooks you good meals,” I said. Julian glared at me and said, “Of course not! Who has been living with me? Who has been staying with me when I’m all alone? No one cares about me more than you. Not even my mom or my dad cares about me! Even though in a perverted way, you still cares about me. And that’s what I need.”

I smiled and kissed him lightly. “But I… Kissing is a thing. But any other thing is just…” Julian was blushing madly. It was because his member had gone out of his sheath. “Tell me. Which one are you, dominant or submissive?” I asked, with teasing tone. Julian blushed heavier that his black ears were also painted with red tint. “What are you talking about?! What’s this ‘dominant’ and ‘submissive’ stuff?!” Julian definitely knew about it, but he was too shy. “You’re just being shy right? Or…” I grasped his hard member, “…do you lack of experiences?”

“I’ll take it you’re submissive one,” I teased, stroking his member softly. “Jade, please~!” Julian trembled, hugging me tightly. “Please what?” I asked, with more teasing tone in it. “Please… Please!” Julian was quite cute like that. I raised the bet and released my grasp on his member. I lowered my head and kissed the tip of his member. “Do you want to cum? Do you want to give me your healthy seed?” I asked.

“Stop screwing with me!” Julian yelled. I smirked and flicked my tongue on Julian’s member. He gasped, and it was a sign that he actually loved it. Seeing that the light was green, I slowly stuffed half of his member into my mouth. I sucked it lightly since he’s quite inexperienced. But I was wrong. He instinctively held my head and rammed his member onto my mouth. I closed my eyes, trying to relax so it’d less painful and more enjoyable. But his strong ramming hurt my jaw. Fortunately, I was lacking in gag reflex, so I could take it easily.

“Jade!” he grunted, unloading his seed onto my mouth. I forced myself to swallow it so I wouldn’t get choked. Jade panted heavily but I was glad he enjoyed it. But, I hated it when he kept holding my head as if nothing happened. “Mrggh!” I hit Julian’s hip with my paw. He gasped and quickly pushed my head away from him. “I’m sorry! Are you hurt?” Julian asked, coming back to his sense. I coughed a bit, but waving my paw, telling that I was fine. I took off my eyeglasses, since it was quite dangerous when you’re doing something like that with someone who technically had no restraint.

I pushed Julian onto the bed, and got onto him. I pressed my butthole onto his member. “I’ll take control,” I said, winking at him. He looked at me hesitantly, but nodded nonetheless. I moved my hip until his member was fully inside me. I gasped loudly, cringing from the sensation. Okay, his member was actually thicker than my vibrator. I thought that I was more suitable to take a cock. Well, I was half correct. If it were Julian, well it’d be his first time. But, if it were me, then I thought I could take it better than Julian.

“Won’t that be difficult for you?” Julian asked. I hesitantly nodded, since I never ride a person before. Seeing me nodding, he pushed me so I was at the bottom. Then, he pulled out, and thrust back hard. I gasped and moaned. With a thrust, he hit my prostate and made me saw stars! “Julian! Oh, Julian~! More!” I screamed. Julian pulled out, and thrust again, this time slower but harder. But he played his hands on my body. I thought that he would take some times playing with my body, but he exceeded my expectation. He kissed my neck softly and then biting it softly. Distracted by his ministration, he grasped my member and stroked it roughly. “Please Julian, more!” I begged, which he complied. He increased his power and speed which made my body quaked in delight. The pleasure was indescribable. His thrusting me at one side and stroking me at the other side made me cum hard for the second time. Some of it even hit my face. Because I came, my butthole clenched tightly that he also came inside me. His warm seeds gushed out slowly from my used hole. I quivered lightly and hugged Julian for relieve. “Oh Julian, I love you,” I whimpered.

I thought after he pulled out, everything would end. “Let’s take a shower,” Julian suggested even though he was still panting. I looked at him lazily and nodded. He pulled me up and helped me stood. I thought it was weird that he actually pulled me to the bathroom even though he was still panting heavily. I was struggling not to fall down and not to let any drops of seeds stained the floor, but Julian didn’t seem to care about that. He was biting his lower lips and his member was still hard. “What’s the matter with you? How come you’re still so hard?” I asked. Julian was a bit surprised when I asked it. He whimpered loudly and started dragging me onto the bathroom, not answering my question. With his power, I couldn’t help but feeling dragged by him.

As we got into the bathroom, he turned on the shower, letting the warm water rushed down onto our bodies. For, it was more like cold water though but it’s fine for me. I picked the soap, trying to wash myself thoroughly. But Julian didn’t allow me to do it. He snatched the soap and threw it away. “Hey!” I yelled but was shut by his sudden kiss. I returned the kiss, but it wasn’t long before he broke it. “Julian, what are you -?” Julian turned me around, and suddenly thrust his member into me. With all his seeds in me, he entered me quite easily. In a second, he had started ramming into me with great strength that I couldn’t describe. My hind-legs were all sore that they spasm violently. “Julian! S-sto – No! Keep going!”

As if Julian was possessed, he bit the nape of my neck, quite roughly. Now my whole body quaked violently. “Julian!!” I mewled, shooting my seeds onto the floor. He was still ramming into me and didn’t show any sign of going to cum. “Julian,” I mewled one last time before passing out from exhaustion.


“Oh, Jade.” “Hrm, Julian!” You might be asking what we’re doing. Well, we’re getting into more action. Last night, after I passed out, he cleaned me up and put me on my bed. I was shocked though when I found out he was sleeping besides me.

In the morning, he told me everything. “I’m sorry. I fucked you so badly. I’ve been holding myself for quite a long time. Like more than a year or so,” he said, blushing madly. I giggled and said it was fine. He was quite rough though, but I didn’t mind at all.

“Jade, don’t stop!” Julian said. I winked and kept ridding him even though it was my first time riding someone. When he gasped, I thought he was about to give me his seeds. But I was wrong. “Mom, what are you doing here?!” Julian yelled. I stopped my hip motion and turned my head slowly in fear. My mom was also there!

“Jade, I wish for an explanation,” Julian’s mom said. “I also want an explanation,” my mom said. I looked at Julian and gasped. “Why are they here?!” I asked him. He also looked at me, completely shocked. “I forgot that today our moms will come,” he said.

“Erhem!” Both mother cleared their throat and glared at us. “We can explain it,” I said.

Chapter End Notes:

Once again, hope you'll enjoy it. :3

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