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Love and the Hunt by Scy Storm


Story Notes:

Zangeese are hot, amirite? This was originally going to be a collaberation with Lando, where I would write part and he would write another, but the idea was scrapped. ^^; So I decided to finish the story myself, and I'm satisfied with it. Some light bondage in this one, too. :D~

Love and the Hunt


Pokemon Fan Fic Lemon
By: Scy Storm

AUTHOR'S NOTES: So I was like "i will write zangoose sex" and Lando was like "plz" so I did, thx. We were originally going to each write half of it each but we ditched the idea because of conflicting writing styles. ^^; But I told him I'd write in the second piece, so I did. But pretty much this is just for gay Zangoose sex, with plot thrown in because you gotta have plot. 8D Oh and Lando thought up the Zangoose's names.


"Well... Another day, another search." Nakiri says.

Nakiri, the Zangoose, looks over at his partner. Gean, a Zangoose of the special blue fur & red claw color, shrugs a little bit, not having stood up from his seated spot in their cave home. "Yeah... But who knows, maybe we'll be lucky today."

Nakiri sighs softly, leaning back against the cave wall. He crosses his arms and looks outside. It's relatively early, the sun having begun shining onto the light forest only several minutes before. "I'm telling you, lover, they've all left this forest."

Gean chuckles a bit, looking at him, and then outside of the cave mouth too, though he's not as close to it. "Don't be silly. This forest is big. We have yet to explore every part."

Nakiri just keeps staring outside. "I know, I know... Just... How many skins have we collected since we relocated here? Six?"

"... Five."

Nakiri turns and looks to the shiny Zangoose. "And how many did we have before?"

Gean looks at him, and shrugs, scratching the back of his head. "Around fourteen..."

"Exactly. This forest stinks." Nakiri says, looking at the cave floor and kicking a small rock away.

"You know I like it. It's a nice place. Even if the Seviper are a little scarce. They've been better foes."

Nakiri hrms, and nods. "Well I guess that's true."

Gean smiles, and stands up to his feet, stretching his arms and cricking his back a bit. "So come on. Cheer up. I say we'll find the biggest Seviper today that we've ever found."

Nakiri looks back up at him, and smirks. "... Oh you think so? You want to make that a bet?"

Gean blinks a bit, and can't help but smirk back at him. "A bet? Well maybe... On what terms?"

Nakiri laughs, and strolls up to him. "Same terms we've used in the past. Loser is a slave for tonight and tomorrow." He states.

Gean chuckles, prodding the Zang's nose. "You know I don't like that much."

"Or so you say. But that hasn't stopped you from taking the bet in the past." Nakiri laughs again, and grins at the fellow Zang. "So come on. If we find a Seviper, we'll compare its skin to our collection to see who wins. And if we don't find any Seviper, neither of us wins. Is that alright?"

Gean hrms, the ends of his claws showing out of his paws as he rubs them at his chin. He soon smiles. "Alright, you're on."

Nakiri smiles, leaning close to him. "Excellent... Though... I DO want a little fun right now..." He says, extending a claw and running it over Gean's chest.

Gean murrs, leaning against his lover and wrapping his arms around him. "Just like every morning before the hunt?" He says with a chuckle.

Nakiri nods softly. "Of course." He says, before pressing his lips against Gean's.

Gean murrs again, returning the kiss to his lover, both of them closing their eyes. Gean's arms hold him a bit tighter, as Nakiri's claws extend a bit more to run through the chest fur of his love, mostly through the m-shape of blue fur. Gean tilts his head a bit and murrs in to Nakiri's maw, his hands sliding over his back, one going up to the back of his head to pull their muzzles closer. Nakiri murrs back to him, his tongue sliding forth to grab hold of Gean's, while his claws move downward and find his sheath. Gean's body shivers, always having a slight weakness to his lover's claws on his sensitive pouch. His hips give light humps upward as Nakiri's claws caress up and down, their tongues squeezing together. Gean's member is quickly sliding out to be rubbed by the claws, the shaft colored blue to match his rare fur color. Nakiri grins a bit and murrs purposely loudly to him, running the broadsides of his claws firmly against the cock. Gean moans softly, and pulls out of the kiss, the two's eyes opening and meeting in lustful stares. "Your damn claws..." Gean says.

Nakiri laughs softly, licking the Zang's nose and giving his cock a paw squeeze. "They get the job done..."

Gean moans again, and grins, pulling his cock away from Nakiri's grip. And without saying anything else, he backs up a few steps, falls to his knees, and leans downward. He immediately goes for Nakiri's sheath, gripping it firmly and digging his tongue inside. Nakiri eeps loudly, his body tensing, but slowly loosening. He lets out a soft moan then, leaning his head backward. Gean rubs his tongue firmly against the unemerged cock, squeezing and pumping slowly with his paw, the red-colored cock taking mere seconds to start coming out. As soon as it does, he's suckling on the side of it firmly, slurping sounds made against its red flesh while his paw pumps with on and off squeezes. Nakiri moans again, louder this time. "Ahh... Gods Gean..." He says, his voice partially silenced.

His hips jerk up and down purely out of instinctual reflex. His member grows quiet quickly, Gean's slurping maw traveling up and down it, centered on one side while his tongue is wrapped around to get other sides. He soon takes his maw off and just laps hungrily at the tapered end, his paw stroking up and down the rest of the shaft semi-quickly. Nakiri groans at him, looking down at him, his paws clenching tight. Gean soon looks upward, the two of them catching eyes. He giggles, stopping his pleasures, holding a lightly pulsing red member in his paw. "That also gets the job done..."

He lets go, and stands up. Nakiri chuckles. "You're so good at that..." He says.

Gean murrs, leaning against his lover, their cocks pressing against each other and into belly fur. "Only the best for you..."

Nakiri smiles, lightly kissing his lips once, getting a faint taste of his own member. "So... Who's getting it this time?" He says, grinning widely.

Gean blinks once, before returning the grin. "I wouldn't mind taking you..." He says.

Nakiri gives a little growl. "But I want you."

Gean growls back. "Do I have to fight you for it?"

Nakiri backs up a step and raises his paws. "You never beat me."

"I have before..." Gean says, gripping the paws with his own.

Nakiri growls, and holds Gean's paws tight, the two of them beginning a small test of strength. Gean growls back at him, his legs getting into a slightly widened stance as he tries to overpower his lover. Nakiri doesn't change his stance much, just grinning and staring at Gean's eyes. Gean rrrrs, his leg sliding back as he pushes at his lover's arms, but his elbows are bending more than Nakiri's are. Gean is soon down to one leg, signifying he's losing, and Nakiri just laughs. "Stop trying." He says.

Gean groans a bit, and feels his arms starting to hurt. He looks up at Nakiri, and grins, before his effort gradually drops. This causes Nakiri to overpower him, Gean falling down onto his back with Nakiri falling atop him, pinning his hands down. Nakiri blinks, and Gean just smiles. "You win."

"You quit."

"I was going to lose, and I'd rather have my arms working for the hunt." Gean exclaims.

Nakiri chuckles, letting go of one of Gean's hands and murring. "Alright, good point."

That hand takes a hold of his member to help aim it at Gean's tailhole. Gean murrs, lifting his legs into the air a bit and opening them. "And please don't take away my ability to walk." He says, blushing a bit.

Nakiri's cock presses against the entrance, and his hand goes back to pinning down Gean's. "It's tempting..." He says, before shoving all of himself in.

Gean cries out, his insides squeezing the cock tight for a second. Nakiri smiles, his paws sliding down to pin his forearms down, beginning to thrust himself in and out of his lover, but at a slow pace. Gean smiles to the slow pace, moaning submissively and licking at Nakiri's nose. Nakiri licks back at the Zang's tongue, moaning softly himself, pressing his body down against Gean's blue member while his continues going. Gean shivers, squirting precum into Nakiri's fur, breathing against his nose. "Ohh, lover..." He says.

Nakiri murrs loudly, his precum slickening Gean's insides and making him thrust smoother and faster, his lips meeting the blue-furred Zangoose's on and off. Gean returns the little kisses as best he can, moaning to quicker thrusts, and then groaning when one of Nakiri's paws gets off his arm and grips onto his blue member. Nakiri grins, stroking up and down the leaking cock while he thrusts his cock in harder. "You're so sexy when you're submissive, Gean..."

Gean moans loudly to him, his fists clenching and his back arching a bit as he's mated and stroked. He stares up at Nakiri with lustful eyes, panting, purposely squeezing down with his insides. Nakiri growls, his movements stopping for a second, before he murrs loudly, staring at Gean's eyes. He starts again, only this time thrusting much harder and stroking well quicker. Their lips meet again, this time for an elongated periods. Gean kisses him lustfully, bringing his now unpinned arm's paw up to Nakiri's head, holding his face close. They both moan in-between lip locks, Nakiri's thrusts getting steadily faster whilst keeping the force. His cock stroking only seems to get faster as well, Gean's throat starting to whimper. "Yes... Cum for me..." Nakiri says in-between kisses.

It didn't take long after that for Gean to cry out, his blue member unloading his cum in long abrupt strings, the white fluid spraying almost everywhere thanks to Nakiri's strokes making his cock fly about. Nakiri raises his chin high and groans, cum hitting his chin and chest while his cock gets a good orgasmic clench from Gean's insides. It causes his thrusts to slow a lot, but it doesn't matter too much, as he gives his lover a few more firm thrusts before his own climax hits. Gean groans softly, staring up at the pleasured Nakiri as warm seed hits his insides, his own cum landing on his face and neck before he stops firing. His tailhole loosens, and Nakiri's member gives a few slow movements in and out, the movements stopping when the seed flow does. "Ooh man..." Nakiri says.

Both of them pant nice and hard, Nakiri's cock and paw still. He lowers his head again, the two of them meeting gazes again, their eyes glazed over from orgasm. Gean smiles widely and murrs to him, Nakiri giggling, and moving down to kiss him. Gean murrs again, petting at Nakiri's messy body as they kiss sweetly.

After a little bit of recovery time and a wash up in the stream, the two Zangoose lovers were off on their hunt of the day. It wasn't until the break of evening, when the sky was beginning to turn orange, that they made it back to their cave. Nakiri looks rather excited, sporting the skin of a large Seviper over his shoulder. The two had encountered it and had a rough battle, but eventually were able to take it out, skinning it and cleaning up before nighttime began setting it. "I think I won this bet, Gean."

Gean smirks as he walks behind, his fur showing some nicks from the battle had with the predator snake. "I don't think it beats our biggest."

"Well I think it does." Nakiri says as they reach the cave. "It's been a long time since a fresh skin has adored our wall."

The blue-striped Zangoose behind him just shrugs as they walk inside, Nakiri padding quickly to the near back of the cave. There is a rack made out of tree branches where they keep a lot of skins. And pinned to the rock wall with assistance of tree sap, is the largest Seviper skin they've ever claimed. Nakiri waves his tail as he opens up the skin on his shoulder, placing one end of it on the wall - the start of the neck, placing it underneath the neck of their current behemoth. He then slides his paws the opposite way, smoothing out the skin across the wall. Gean just watches with a slight smirk, his arms crossed over his chest, and something held in one of his paws. Nakiri finishes smoothening out the skin, and then droops his ears backward. It's not bigger, missing the tail end by an easy 5 inches. "Well well..." Gean says.

Nakiri mrphs, and pulls the skin down, starting to fold it up again. "Yeah... You were right..." He says with a soft sigh.

"Of course I was. I could tell when the battle started."

Nakiri places the skin on the rack, and mmphs. "I'm sorry for being so cocky... You win the bet."

"Don't worry about it," Gean says with a nod, as he walks up toward Nakiri. "and that means you're mine."

The blue-striped Zangoose presses up to Nakiri's back a bit, his paws coming around and pushing Nakiri's against the rack. Nakiri blinks a bit in slight surprise, but continues. "That means I'm your slave..."

Gean chuckles, and licks Nakiri's cheek from behind him. "I told you I don't want to treat you like a slave... But I do know what I want."

Nakiri feels something on his paws and looks at them, covered up by Gean's. "What are you holding?"

Gean grins, and forces his weight down on Nakiri, making him fall down to his knees and bend forward. He pushes Nakiri's paws around one of the vertical tree branches that the skin rack is composed of, and reveals he's holding a vine, about a foot and a half long, sliced at one end. Nakiri realizes quickly that he must have grabbed it on the way to the cave, knowing he had won the bet. He immediately spins it around Nakiri's wrist and the branch, pulling on it and forcing the wrists against the branch. "You rarely sub to me, and for tonight and tomorrow, your ass is all mine..." Gean says, leaning his nose over to Nakiri's ear and growling gently. "I'm making sure you're not gonna stop me."

Nakiri lights up good and red in blush, but murrs loudly, his eyes looking up to see Gean's paws tying a knot in that vine to keep him tight to the rack. Nakiri's claws, if ever extended, also have no way of reaching the vine to cut it. "Why would I stop you... A bet is a bet..." He states.

Gean moves backward, and picks up another vine that he dropped onto the ground, snickering. "Just precaution, lover."

He takes one end of the vine and wraps it around Nakiri's left ankle, tight, and making a knot again. Nakiri lowers his head and looks down between his legs, a bit curious. Gean sees him looking and grins, tugging his right ankle close, pulling the vine taught and tying the other end to the right ankle. As the knot is tied, Nakiri can notice his feet are only a matter of inches - maybe half a foot - apart from each other on the tight vine. He won't be able to do much in moving them. Gean finishes the knot, and sits upright on his knees, chuckling and looking down at his tied lover. Nakiri raises his head again and looks over his shoulder, smiling and murring, lifting his tail up to reveal his tailhole, sending his tail to drape over one of his sides. "Be gentle... If you want." He says.

Gean chuckles and murrs, scooting up close, extending his claws and sliding them down the fur on Nakiri's back, and then back up again, repeating the movements in a caress. Nakiri's back arches downward as he shivers, closing his eyes and taking the rubbing of the claws, feeling so nice. Gean slides his claws over to Nakiri's rump, moving backward a bit, squeezing the rump in his paws with a grin before moving down to nuzzle his lover's lower back. Nakiri giggles gently to the squeeze, curious as to what is going to happen to him. His inner question is answered when Gean moves his face down, sticking his muzzle into the fellow Zang's rump and sliding his tongue up and over his tailhole.

Nakiri gasps loudly, his eyes snapping open and his blush resurfacing, looking back over his shoulder at his love. Gean snickers, and licks again, a firm, slow stroke of his tongue, starting to repeat the lick again and again. Nakiri groans softly, his paws opening and closing near the rank's branch, his fur ruffling up as his body shivers. He never expected Gean to be rimming him. "Ahh... Gean..." He says gently.

Gean grins and murrs happily, his eyes half-lidding as he laps over his lover's entrance, one of his paws down between his own legs and fingering with his claws. He starts pushing inside of Nakiri with his tongue, making the red-striped Zangoose moan softly and arch his back again. He slides his tongue in deep, and quickly, Nakiri's insides lightly squeezing it as the feeling is getting the tied Zangoose rather aroused. He looks between his legs to see his red member peak out of his sheath, and also noting that Gean is playing with himself. Gean murrs loudly against Nakiri's body, sliding his tongue in and out of him at a slow pace, and working is maw at the outside similar to kissing. Nakiri raises his head high again, closing his eyes and moaning into the air. It's been so immensely long since Gean has done this to him, but now he's reliving just how good he is at doing it. He drops his head down again and pants lightly in ecstasy, his cock throbbing beneath him. Gean blinks slowly and mmms, his paw lightly caressing a partially unveiled blue cock. He presses his tongue more firmly against one area of Nakiri's insides as he moves it up and down, also sliding his dormant paw off of the Zang's rump. He extends his claws, and then slides them lightly and teasingly over Nakiri's pulsing member.

Nakiri opens his eyes a bit and moans, his body shivering and his head raising again. His legs reflexively try to spread apart, but they cannot, being tied so close together. Gean grins gently to himself as he slides just the tips of his claws up and down the bottom of Nakiri's red member, listening to the Zangoose's whimpers and feeling him shiver. But he abruptly stops, and slides his tongue up out of Nakiri's tailhole, nuzzling his cheek at his rump and over to his back. Nakiri looks back over his shoulder, panting onto it, feeling Gean nuzzle down his back sweetly, eventually ending it with a lick to his lover's ear. He also presses his warm blue cock up against his body, the side of it pressing up against the tailhole that was just well tended to. Nakiri groans softly to the feeling, Gean also nibbling on his ear. He leans back into the ear nibbling, closing his eyes. "Take me..." He says quite quietly, not sure if Gean even heard it, but he doesn't mind either way.

Gean nibbles for a moment more before he licks at Nakiri's head, his hips going up, causing his member to slide to the point where it's pointing right at Nakiri's tailhole, where it immediately starts sinking in. Nakiri moans into the air, his eyelids closing a bit tighter as he's penetrated, his paws clasping on and off. Gean leans his head back and moans, his cock sinking all the way in effortlessly thanks to his licking from earlier, and he wastes little time in starting an up and down pump once he hilts. Nakiri opens his eyes a bit again, soft gasps sounding out as he feels his mate's member going at its gentle, even pace. Gean growls gently, his paws resting on Nakiri's back and scritching at it a bit. "Oooh you're tight..." He says.

Nakiri blushes again to this, smiling and closing his eyes. Gean was right when he said Nakiri doesn't sub often. Nakiri's red member drips onto the cave floor, Gean's paws holding his fur, his arms straight as his body lingers high above his mate's. He tries to aim for Nakiri's prostate gland with his movements, getting it every few pumps and causing a reflex grip from the Zang's tailhole. "Ahh...! G-Gean..." Nakiri sounds out in pleasure.

His bound hands clench on and off a bit harder, feeling such the urge to paw himself off to release at the moment, if not just because of the hits to his prostate. His member keeps oozing, starting to slap against his belly as Gean is pumping at him harder, his own liquids slickening up his mate's insides and allowing him to go at it faster. So he does, kicking up the speed and rocking his mate's body with every shot. Nakiri droops his head in front of his chest, his head also rocking up and down from the thrusts. He randomly squeezes at his mate's cock as his own squirts onto the ground or onto his chest, feeling so incredibly aroused from being mated for the first time in so long. Gean just seems to get well faster for a short moment, growling softly into the air and squeezing Nakiri's fur, before he "calms," trading the speed for power. Nakiri snaps his head up again at the first hard thrust, squeezing down on his own paws and looking back at Gean with glazed eyes, his cock pulsing hard and slapping his belly. "... G....G..." Nakiri stutters, his eyelids fluttering before clenching closed.

Gean pays no mind as he keeps pumping hard, more precum allowing the journey to be smoother and a bit faster. Nakiri raises his head up and cries out as he can't take it, his tailhole clenching hard as his cock sprays cum onto the cave floor below. Gean gasps, sinking all of his member in to get it squeezed, staying still and looking back down at his lover, a smirk coming over his face. Nakiri whimpers gently and twitches with every splurt, before he stops cumming, drooping his head and panting. Gean chuckles a bit, leaning down and rubbing his chin on him. "That was a bit early, lover..." He says.

Nakiri opens his eyes a bit, but keeps his head drooped, breathing air into his lungs. Gean just chuckles, raising up a bit again and pulling his hips back before swiftly driving his cock back in. His cock leaks a lot during the descent. "I'm not done yet..."

Nakiri gives a gentle cry to that spike, raising his head again and looking back at his lover. Gean just grins at him, and swiftly resumes his thrusting, going at relatively the same speed as before, but not as forceful just yet. Nakiri whimpers again, louder than he did during his orgasm, only taking a few moments of thrusting before his member perks up again. "... gods Gean..." He mumbles.

Gean snickers a bit, moaning to himself as his arousal is so high from Nakiri's previous climax, leaning atop his body chest-to-back and pumping good into him. Nakiri's member starts hitting his own belly again as he gives soft submissive cries to his mate, urging him onward, and trying not to smirk. Gean gives a low growl, pausing for just a second before kicking up the force of his thrusts to how they were at Nakiri's previous climax. Nakiri smiles to himself and closes his eyes. "yes... yes..." He says in a whisper volume.

His eyes snap open again when his cock is suddenly squeezed by the blue-striped Zangoose. Gean smirks to the squeeze, then loosening his paw and beginning a rapid stroking of it. "I'm gonna make you come again, lover..." He says.

Nakiri cries out into the air and tenses up, his member oozing out freely, being abused much like his tailhole is. Gean takes his mate's ear in his mouth again and gnaws on it lightly, grinding his chest into his back while his cock drives up and down hard and fast. He extends his claws just a bit so they're lightly pressing against the red flesh in his hand flies over it. Nakiri whimpers so loud, moaning, wanting to just grab onto something, to spread his legs, do any of the reflexive actions his body wants to do, but the vines leave him unable. "... G... GOD!" He yells out.

Gean just goes at him good and hard, letting go of his ear and just huffing, moaning, stroking the red cock in his paw so fast, wanting Nakiri to lose it again to send him over the edge. Nakiri's loud cries and whimpers show he's about done for, in for another semi-quick climax. Gean squeezes down on the red cock, slowing down but not stopping the stroking, growling into Nakiri's ear. Nakiri quivers wildly to the squeeze and the growl, giving up his free will. His insides close down again and his back arches, another load of cum spraying down to join what he left on the ground only moments before. Gean groans loudly to another orgasmic clench, hilting himself deep into his mate. After a matter of seconds, he loses it, shooting deep and powerfully into the tied-up Zangoose. Nakiri's climax lasts shorter than his previous, but it leaves him panting harder, only drooping his head and feeling the cum filling up his insides. Gean fades his moan into a low growl, giving a light and slow pump in and out during the final moments of his climax, before it slows to a trickle. "Oooh lover... Look what you made me do..." He says, chuckling.

Nakiri just makes a grunting noise, his breathing heavily labored. Gean murrs, keeping his member inside of his lover, petting his chest and nuzzling against his back. But then he quickly notices a snoring sound. He picks his head up and looks. It appears Nakiri has flat passed-out. Gean smiles a bit, and shivers as he pulls his messy blue cock out. He uses his claws to cut up the vines binding the fellow Zang's ankles and wrists, lifting him up and carrying him to their collection of cloths, a makeshift bed. "I know you enjoyed that, love, but tomorrow you're really in for it..." He says, grinning.

Gean then wraps his arms around the tankered Zangoose, snuggling close and closing his eyes to join him in sleep.


Pokemon and Cities/Locations all Copyright © Nintendo & Game Freak
Characters/Locations used without permission

~ Scy
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