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Benefits of Evolution by Scy Storm


Story Notes:

A long overdue written adaptation of the very sexy picture series of the same name, drawn by Argon Vile. Permission was given for me to write the stories, I just simply created the names and the backstory. :D And I made them brothers. Mrawr.

Benefits of Evolution


Pokemon Fan Fic Lemon
By: Scy Storm

AUTHOR'S NOTES: A lemon I wanted to try writing a long time ago, but I never got around to it until recently. Based off of an old 5-picture series drawn by Argon Vile. I asked him permission to write on it. The pics are pretty sexy so I hope this story is too. :)

INEVITABLE DISCLAIMER: Male/Male incestual sex with one boy being a tad underaged. Go for it. You know you want to.

A long field of short grass blades sways in a gentle breeze, a few blades of grass dancing over the foot of a Sandslash. He gives a gentle giggle to himself to the feeling, wiggling his toes, and idly looking up to the sky. It's pure blue, with only light clouds showing, creating a light white mist over the field of azure. He sits upon a blank hill, covered in grass. He can see the forest of his home near the bottom of the hill. Sometimes he just likes to get away, sit here alone, away from his family and friends. Usually to think, but also for something more personal. I could use some release... He says to himself with a light smirk.

He turns his head down and looks about the grass field. He sees how empty it is, and murrs. His gaze then turns down between his legs, which widen a bit, his sheath and full orbs resting atop his tailbase. His tailend waves a bit on the ground just a ways in front of him, as he moves one paw down and feels his balls. It's been a small while since he emptied them. With another murr, he slides one of his claws around his sheath top, before squeezing it all with the paw. Mmm... I love these paws...

It hasn't been horribly long since he evolved into a Sandslash - maybe a few weeks. But he's already gotten to love the form. He's stronger, got a lot of neat spines on his back, and of course has become more endowed. He digs one claw into his sheath and feels around with a loud murr, closing his eyes to get lost in thoughts. His other paw brushes over his head as he thinks about a certain someone. "Ohh... Nemai... Don't stop..."

The voice of his submissive lover, Weso, echoes through his head. Weso is a Marowak, whom also evolved around the same time as he. They've been gay lovers for a long time, of course, in secret. They evolved together, and they've already explored their new forms a few times. Nemai grins as he imagines himself driving into his lover, replaying the pleasured cries of the fellow Ground-type, all the while feeling his long, pink member grow to be rubbed by his paw. He leans his head back a bit and murrs into the air, hearing his name getting called. "Nemai... Nemai! Neeemai!"

It takes him a second to realize it, but that's not Weso's voice. It sounds more like... He eeps and gasps loudly, snapping his head back and his eyes open, but it's too late. Standing just a matter of feet away from him is a Sandshrew: His little brother, Runo, staring at him. Nemai can hide nothing, sitting there with a full 5 inches of Sandslash cock sticking up in the air and a face full of flush. The two are quiet, Runo out of curiosity, and Nemai out of not knowing what the heck to stay. "... There you are..." Runo says.

Nemai twitches and snaps back to his senses when the little 'shrew speaks. "Oh... y-yeah, I was just up here..." He says.

Runo skitters up close. "Whatcha doing?" He says, a cute little twang of young curiosity in his voice.

Nemai eeps a bit, about to wrap his tail around himself, but Runo just stepped over it. "N...Nothing, just..."

He's cut off. "That's your member, isn't it?" Runo asks quickly.

Nemai eeps a bit, but then remembers. Runo is still quite young, but he's just starting to learn about sexuality. "Um... Y-Yeah..." Nemai replies to him.

Runo hrms, sitting on his big brother's tail, and reaches forward to run his paw over the large member. Nemai gasps, and shivers a bit. "Wow, it's a lot bigger than mine!" Runo notices aloud.

The Sandslash blinks a bit at his brother. "You've seen your own?"

Runo shrugs a bit and scritches the back of his head. "Yeah... A few times... It got hard and it was bothering me... It wouldn't go away for a long time."

Nemai headtilts. "You didn't paw it off?"

Runo blinks. "... What do you mean?"

Nemai giggles a bit. "You haven't figured out how to paw off yet?"

The little Sandshrew shakes his head. "No... Is that what you were doing?"

The Sandslash smiles. His brother is a quick learner. "Yeah... That's what... Here, get off my tail, I'll show you how to do it."

Runo nods, and hophops backwards off of his brother's tail, sitting down on the grass across from him. Nemai smiles at him, and looks at the ground for a moment, deciding to change his position just a bit, shifting his legs so he's on his knees. His tail still before him, he leans back on one paw, and brings the other one up to his cock, rubbing it gently. It lightly pulses in response, still full of arousal despite the scare from his brother appearing. "If you get hard like this and it doesn't want to go away, you just go find a private spot, and stimulate it." Nemai explains.

Runo just watches, curiosity flowing. "Stimulate it?" He asks.

Nemai murrs happily, and nods. "Yes... Like this."

He wraps his paw around the base of his member, holding it tight and sliding his paw up to the tip, lightly growling. He then loosens the grip just a bit and starts pawing himself up and down. His other paw scritches the ground a bit as he does so, his member oozing pre juices that his paw quickly smears over the length. Runo just watches, thinking for a moment, before a little click goes off in his head. "Oh! You're using your paw." He says.

Nemai can't help but giggle, breathing lightly as he nods. "Yeah... It's good stimuli..."

He groans a bit, more of his precum leaking, using it to go at himself a little faster. Runo just watches his brother's paw pump up and down the pink length, stirring a bit, his sheath popping open his own member is showing forth. Nemai leans his head back and gently moans, squeezing at his length and trying pump at it quicker in the squeeze, succeeding thanks to the lubrication self-provided. His paw makes repeated contact with his sheath as it pumps up and down every inch of the length, Runo watching with his eyes fixated, fascinated by what he's seeing. Nemai's body twitches and tenses a bit, his pawing slowing down just a bit in favor of a tougher squeeze. He looks down at his work, feeling his member pulse, sliding his clenched paw up and down it a few more times before it abruptly stops at the top few inches. He groans, closing his eyes, and his cum shoots up into the air in white strings. Runo gasps and nearly falls back from that. The Sandslash's cum falls back down onto his paw, his member, and the grass in front of him. When it stops coming, Nemai opening his eyes and panting softly, looking at his brother. "And there you go..." He says, a bit above a whisper.

Runo mmphs, and nods a bit. "... your... seed, right?" He asks.

Nemai chuckles. Seems Runo has learned some things already. "Yep... Sometimes we just gotta paw it out, since one doesn't always get to mate." He says, but then blinks, noting that his little brother is horny.

Runo nods to his brother, and he has indeed been revealed. His own pink member, which stands about 3 inches, is out of its sheath and lightly twitching against his belly. "I understand now, brother!"

"Well good, good..." He murrs quietly to himself as he smirks at the 'shrew. "It seems you've got a little problem yourself."

Runo blinks, and looks down, blushing. He looks back to his brother and giggles a bit. "I guess I do."

Nemai smiles at him. Seems his little brother was aroused by the show. "Well... Maybe now is your chance to try pawing off." He says, getting off of his knees to sit on his rump, more comfortably.

Runo blinks again, and hrms, looking down at his member. "You think?"

"Yeah. You saw me do it, and you're hard. You told me it doesn't like to go away."

"Well... Yeah, that's true..." Runo says, poking his tip with one of his little claws.

Nemai smiles, idly licking his own cum off of his paw. "So go ahead. Try it."

Runo looks back up at him, and nods a bit, before looking at his member. He shifts his seated position a bit, sort of flopping backward, his tail sliding forward. He places his paw around his pointed end, holding it, and starts sliding his paw up and down the shaft slowly. He shivers a bit to the feeling, softly gasping, looking up at his brother a bit as his paw moves. Nemai just smiles at him. "Feel good?"

"Yeah... Yeah it does..."

Nemai mmms and shifts his seated position just a bit, grinning gently at his brother. "Try giving it a squeeze. Not too hard, mind you."

Runo stops his paw for a moment, nodding a bit at his brother, and then taking a light grip on his length. He shivers again and moans, a line of his pre sliding down his paw. "Oohh..."

"Mmm, good isn't it?" Nemai says, idly stroking his member between two of his claws, the cock having receded around halfway after his climax.

Runo looks down at his paw, lifting it a bit and looking at the liquid on it. "Did I cum already?" He asks.

Nemai blinks, and giggles a bit. "No... That's precum. You let it out as a lubrication for when you're mating."

"Oh... Okay." Runo states in understanding.

He places his paw back around his member, and squeezes it again. He moans from that squeeze, closing his eyes, and tries stroking again, his paw sliding up and down slowly, spreading his precum around the flesh. Nemai murrs to himself as he watches, his claws slipping up and down his showing length, which is growing back out again. "Try doing it a bit faster, bro..." Nemai says.

Runo nods softly, keeping his eyes closed, as his stroking gets just a bit faster, assisted by the precum he leaked. He leans his head back just a bit and makes a gentle cry into the air. Nemai shivers and mmms, watching, before he shakes his head around, and looks down. His cock is pulsing again. He blushes. He's playing with himself, getting aroused from watching. But... it's my little brother! ... He is sexy, though...

He mmphs, and runs his other paw down his muzzle. Yes, Sandshrews are sexy, but he shouldn't be thinking this way about his little brother. He can't help but watch, however, the gentle sounds of his pleasured little brother exciting him greatly. "Ohh... It's... really good, Nemai..." Runo says.

Nemai murrs, his paw around his member lightly and sliding up and down it as he watches his brother, licking his lips. He blinks a bit however, noting that his cock has a coating of the cum from his climax earlier, and he just smothered it all over the flesh. Mmm... Lubrication...

He gasps loudly, cutting off the volume with his empty paw so as not to alert Runo. No, now he's thinking about penetrating his brother? It's just getting worse now. Stop thinking like that, I can't do that...

He observes the Sandshrew, who is squeezing at himself again and moaning. His eyes drift down just a bit and see Runo's slightly exposed tailhole. It's rather small, a virgin one. He must be so tight. Nemai growls gently to himself, but then hits his muzzle with his empty paw. This is too much. He gazes at his brother again, and swallows once. Well... Maybe it won't hurt... Just this once... Then we won't do it again.

The Sandslash hears another groan out of his brother, who is pumping fast. Knowing he must be close to cumming, he gets up and crawls behind him, so he isn't spotted good and horny again. He holds his member in his paw as he looks over his brother's head, Runo crying out and lifting his hips as his little member spurts his cum into the air. Nemai grins, murring as he sees his brother cum, using his paw and discreetly, pulling Runo's tail back underneath his raised legs. He then places his paws on his brother's sides and pulls him up into the air, sliding his cock up underneath Runo's body, sliding over his orbs and catching some of the remnants of his orgasm raining down. Runo's climax slows to a crawl, and he pants a bit, cheeks flushed and his paw holding his cock as his hips lower again. "... bro..." He says.

The little 'shrew pants, and then just notices what's going on, looking down to see that he's effectively seated on his brother's body, his balls rested atop his member. "I'm glad you enjoyed it, bro..." Nemai says.

Runo mmphs, and shifts a bit in his position, turning to look at his brother after a second.. "What are you doing, bro?" He asks.

Nemai murrs, caressing where he's holding gently, his cock throbbing against his little brother's orbs. "Oh, I struck up an idea... I'm gonna make us feel really good."

Runo shifts a bit, feeling that pulsing, and nodding a bit. "Whatcha gonna do, bro?" He asks.

Nemai murrs again, Runo leaning back against him as he slides his paws down, hooking them under the Sandshrew's thighs and lifting him into the air. He then lowers himself down to a seated position on his rump rather than on his knees, which he bends, legs spreading outward. His cock comes to a rest on his stomach as he sets Runo against it, still holding his legs. "I'm gonna mate with you, bro..."

Runo eeps, followed by a shiver as the warm member is pressed up against his backside, his tail wiggling against his big brother's chest. "... W..What?"

Nemai moves his face forward and rubs his cheek against the 'shrew's head. "Don't worry about a thing... Just relax and I promise you'll love it..."

Runo mmphs, and takes the nuzzle. "Won't we get in trouble?" He asks.

"It'll be our little secret..." Nemai responds, groaning quietly as his member pulses with need against his brother's rear end.

Runo thinks for a moment, taking a breath and trying to relax, turning his head and licking his brother's nose. "I trust you, big bro..." He says assuringly.

Nemai nods a bit and murrs loudly, lifting his brother upward into the air. He uses his brother's body to brush his member upward so it's not quite against his belly, the tip finding its way to the Sandshrew's entrance. Runo shivers a bit, not sure what to think, until he can feel himself being lowered onto the cock. He cries out gently, the skinny tip being minor, but the gradual thickness of his brother spreading his virgin passageway open is a bit much. He clenches his teeth and eyes, tears sliding down his cheeks. Nemai just groans as he lowers his brother onto him, his member pulsing good and leaking precum, adding to add to what his cum already did to lubricate. "Ohh... god bro..." Nemai says.

Runo just lightly cries out, being lowered down onto all that Nemai can fit inside, trying to ignore the pain he's feeling. Nemai stops lowering him when he can't fit anymore in, the Sandshrew almost at the base of the cock. The Sandslash pants, and leans forward to nose away some of his brother's tears. Runo pants, feeling so full of his brother's girth, and despite the pain he's feeling, his three inches of Sandshrew member is pulsing. "Brother... It hurts..." He says.

Nemai pants as well, continuing to nose-nuzzle his brother softly. "I know... But it'll get better... I promise..." He tells him, reassuringly.

Runo breathes, and nods a bit, staying still and waiting. Nemai takes a moment before he starts lifting his brother upward, groaning, his strangled member leaking. Runo feels all the liquids inside of his body, and finds it to be rather pleasant. One he's lifted his little brother up just a ways, he lowers him back down, moaning, and raising him back up again, effectively making his brother ride him at a gentle pace. Runo leans his head back slightly and moans, slipping effortlessly up and down his brother's member thanks to how much the large 'slash leaked inside of him. He takes a gentle grip on his own knees, his little 'shrew member having a line of pre running down it. "Mmmhh..."

Nemai moans, giving the back of his brother's head a few licks, almost as a way to comfort, as he keeps raising him up and down. Runo leans back into the licks, panting and letting out a gentle moan soon, his insides hugging momentarily as his cock leaks again. "It... It feels so good, bro..." Runo says.

The Sandslash gives a gentle growl as he hears that, murring loudly. His brother is enjoying it: Just what he wanted. He starts raising the Sandshrew up higher on his member, only to drop him all the way back down again. Runo grips onto his knees a bit tighter and moans sharply and happily, his cock dribbling as he turns his head to the side a bit to look at his brother. The Sandslash's eyes are closed as he growls low, his brother's tightness driving him crazy. He starts using his feet for small leverage, lifting his hips upward just a small ways every time he brings his brother downward. Runo turns his head back forward and just lids his eyes, small jabs from the upward movements hitting his deepest insides and making him squeeze down on his brother. Nemai growls to a particularly hard squeeze. "oohh... so tight..." He mumbles.

Runo barely pays any mind, scritching at his knees softly, his little member throbbing hard in the air, drooling liquids freely. Nemai just breathes and groans to himself, moving his brother up and down at a quicker pace and kicking up his upward movements to match. This causes him to jab into the 'shrew a bit harder, causing the Sandshrew to cry out sharply again. "N... Nemai!!" He yells.

The young Sandshrew squirms in his brother's hold, breathing hard, and soon clamping down with his insides as his cock shoots cum into the air for the second time that day. Nemai groans loudly, sinking all of his cock into the 'shrew and holding, his own cum erupting soon after at a good velocity. Runo gasps to the feeling of this, his cum splattering down onto his lower areas and his brother's tail as his body is filled up. Nemai mmms and grins as he shoots, his cum running out of Runo's body and down his orbs and onto his tailbase, making quite a mess of his lower body. Runo pants, leaning back against his brother. Nemai pants as well, smiling, leaving the Sandshrew atop his cock as he slides his paws from under his thighs and wraps them around his little brother's body. "Mmmm..." He sounds out.

Runo smiles gently to that, staying still and panting. "That was... so nice... big bro..." He states.

The sun is going down now, casting a slight orange glow over the grass field. "Yeah... it was..."

"rrrrr... Sun is... going down..... Should we... go home?" Runo asks.

Nemai murrs quietly, holding his little bro close and nuzzling against his head gently. "Eventually... Let's just... stay like this for now..."

Runo giggles gently, and chrrs, resting in his brother's arms and returning the nuzzle a bit, both of their eyes becoming fixated on the sunset.


Pokemon and Cities/Locations all Copyright © Nintendo & Game Freak
Characters/Locations used without permission
Characters © Argon Vile, used with permission

~ Scy
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