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Catch a Fennekin by the Tail by kolofox


They who started a Civil war

This fan fiction is rated M for blood, gore, dismemberment, strong language, and suggestive themes. If you do not like the listed then do not read, I do not own Pokémon or associated Medias.

They who Started Civil War

Lucy woke with a petite yawn within the crystal cave, her internal clock somehow telling her it was morning. On the other side of the cave Sophie, Dillon’s Mawile also woke with a yawn. Lucy took note of her fellow fairy type and moved in to watch her go through her morning stretches.

“Ugh why are you watching me Lucy, you know it creeps me out,” the Steel type protested.

“Sorry but you have to admit it’s a lot better than watching a cave wall,” the tiny Floette sighed as she started to tend to her sun starved flower. “Besides, I don’t think Petals can take much more of this cave.”

Tch, your flower ain’t the only one who misses the sun,” the Mawile groaned.

“I thought Mawile like being in caves?” Lucy asked.

“I was born in a dark piss and shit covered cage and the first time I got to see the sun was after Dillon bought me,” Sophie huffed.

“I can’t imagine,” the Floette sighed.

“Yeah so this Mawile likes her sun and three days in this cave is driving me crazy.”

Hm, give me a sec,” the fairy smiled. Lucy floated back towards her trainer’s tent. Her trainer slept just outside the tent while the target of her plan rested within.

“Vix?” she whispered so to not disturb her sleeping trainer.

“Hmm what…” she heard the Delphox drone.

Shh, don’t want to wake up Anthony,” the fairy hissed as the fire type crawled out of the tent.

“What do you want Lucy?” Vix yawned.

“I want to teach you something,” she beamed as she led the blind Pokémon to where Sophie stretched.

“If it’s wish I kind of know it already… sort of…” the Delphox said, monotone.

“Good to know but that isn’t what I’m going to teach you,” Lucy smiled.

“Sunny day is not going to help Lucy,” Sophie grumbled. “It’s what the breeders used to combat Vitamin D deficiency in pregnant mothers.”

“Oh,” the Floette wilted.Sorry I didn’t know.”

“Look I appreciate the thought but just because you’re gay and I’m gay doesn’t make us a couple,” the Mawile snapped.

“Don’t worry about it Lucy, Anthony and I didn’t hit it off right away,” Vix soothed. “Heh in fact I pissed on him when we first met.”

Pft, ahahaha!” the steel type laughed.Is that all you did? I slugged Dillon with my horns when I first saw him.”

“Why?” the fairy worried.

Psh, I was coming down from some pretty powerful painkillers and I thought Dillon was attacking me with a potion bottle,” Sophie shrugged.

“Heh, well my bladder was full and Anthony jostled me and I wanted him to know that I didn’t appreciate that,” Vix added nervously. “That and I didn’t much care for male trainers back then.”

“Something to do with Dillon? I know he was your trainer before, but I don’t know the whole story.” The Mawile asked as she sat up.

“Yeah, but I’d rather not go into detail since Anthony doesn’t want me antagonizing him,” the fire type dismissed.

“Yeah well if it doesn’t work out with Anthony don’t be afraid to hit me up,” Sophie said with a wink. Vix cleared her throat as she sensed the utter shock and disgust from Lucy as the Mawile shamelessly flirted with her.

“I… am flattered but, I don’t foresee my relationship with Anthony ending,” she rebuked.

Haha right cause you’re a Delphox and you’re blind, ahahaha!” the deceiver Pokémon callously laughed.

“That’s not funny,” Lucy squeaked in defense of her friend.

“No it’s hilarious!” Sophie roared.

“Let’s go Lucy,” Vix growled.

“Stop laughing,” the fairy growled.

“Oh, am I sensing some hostility from the weak little Floette?” the Mawile sneered.

“I am not weak, I floored that Tyrunt and no one helped me!” Lucy shouted.

“Oh, ho and the fairy has bite,” Sophie continued to sneer. “Let me guess, close call? Scored a crit? Or did you evolve to catch the little guy off guard? Heh I floored him with two Play Roughs.”

The tiny Floette started to shake with rage as the Mawile continued to mock her.

“You don’t have to listen to her Lucy, let’s just go,” Vix tried.

“I am not weak,” Lucy breathed.

“What’s that? I didn’t quite catch that.” The steel type teased.

“I’m. Not. Weak!” the Fairy screamed. Vix felt a very familiar wave of psychic energy surge from the tiny fairy. The Mawile flinched when she saw the purple wave of energy pour from such a tiny source, but the attack never struck her as the black form of an Umbreon intercepted it.

“K-Kris?” Lucy balked.

Sh-Shh!” the dark type hissed. “Get down!”

The Floette looked past the Umbreon to see a dim light shining down a distant corridor. All the Pokémon fell into a deathly silence until the light moved away.

“Lucy, Vix, go back to Anthony, Sophie go back to Dillon.” Kris commanded. The Umbreon turned away from the startled Mawile for a moment before leveling her crimson eyes on the Pokémon. “Sophie, if I catch you treating my friends like that again I am not going to stop them when they snap.”

“Steel type, Umbreon that pathetic little attack wouldn’t have hurt me.” the Mawile spat.

“Perhaps, but that blast would have knocked you into full view of that Breeder agent.” Kris finished as she left the steel fairy alone in the dimly lit cave.

“Lucy,” the umbreon spoke in a hushed tone as she caught up to her friends

“I know I screwed up,” the fairy sighed.

“There are others who can appreciate your kindness, Sophie isn’t one of them,” Kris cooed.

“Yeah…” Lucy nodded.

“Thankfully that wasn’t a Breeder agent,” Vix observed.

“I didn’t know that, Lucy didn’t know that and Sophie doesn’t need to know that,” the dark type huffed.

“I see,” the Delphox observed.

“I hate this stupid cave,” the Floette grumbled.

“Hopefully we won’t have to stay in here for much longer,” Kris agreed.

“Why can’t we just teleport out?” Lucy asked.

“Because there is a teleport restriction for all incoming traffic for Shalour City, if it isn’t an emergency we will have to walk,” Jugo added. “However I have not sensed any Breeder agents since last night.”

How can you be so sure?” the Floette puzzled.

“I actively scan for human minds, then when I find one I read for intention and purpose as well as mental wellness. Then I scan recent memories and cross reference…” The Alakazam monotone until he was cut off by an exaggerated yawn from the Delphox.

“Wow fascinating, while I can do all that when I find a human with clear intent I just place a tiny psychic mark on their mind and when I ping with Extrasensory they show up quite clearly,” Vix smiled. The elder psychic type face palmed at the over simplified approach of the Delphox.

“Did you, did he just face palm?” Vix laughed. “Look I know you got a brain like a super computer but I like being practical.”

“Psychic marks can be removed by stronger psychic types,” Jugo groaned.

“Yeah if they know it’s there, mine are practically invisible except to me,” the fire type beamed.

You two are nerds,” Kris remarked. The Alakazam simply sighed while Vix started to cackle.

“Oh I’m going to go wake up Anthony,” the Delphox gasped as she tried to recover from laughing.

“Don’t worry about it, I’m already up,” her trainer called. “Now what’s with all the laughing?”

“Oh Kris called me a nerd,” Vix giggled.

“Why am I not surprised?Anthony chuckled.

Alakazam,” Jugo called as he tapped on his trainer’s tent.

Is it safe tah move out?” Mary’s tired voice droned.

“Ala…” the psychic Pokémon huffed.

“No ah didn’t sleep,” the female ranger replied as she emerged from the tent. “Don’t worry about me, ah’ll rest when we git out of this durn cave.”

“It seems that you have come to the same conclusion that I have, the way out is clear at least temporarily,” Helen announced.

“So we are in the clear to get out of here?” Anthony asked.

“Only to Shalour City, and once you get out you must not return to this cave,” The Mismagius enlightened.

“Sounds good ghost…” Mary yawned, “Ah’ll go wake up Tony, Jugo be a dear an’ help out with breakin’ down the tents.”

“’kay I’ll start breaking down our tent, Kris go wake up Dillon and Vix can you break out something for everyone to eat?” the teen spoke. The entire camp was pulled up in a matter of minutes with the help of Jugo and Blair.

Okay, this is basicly going to be a sprint to the finish line so everyone return all unnecessary Pokémon,” Tony announced before he turned to youngest trainer. “Sorry Anthony but you’re going to have to return Vix, she might be fast in battle but traveling she’s slow.”

“Vix are you…” Anthony started when the Delphox cut him off with a smile.

“I’m alright with it, besides I occasionally have to dust out my ball from time to time,” she jested.

“Heh, alright then,” the teen smiled. “I’ll leave out Kris and Lucy since they both can heal.”

“Good,” the ranger nodded. “Anyone else need to change their line up?”

“I’m good with Goon,” Dillon spoke as he gestured to his Golbat.

Ah’m all good with Sparks,” Mary added. Anthony looked to the female ranger to see her holding a small black and yellow Pokémon.

Emal!” the Emolga chirped.

“Fair enough I’ll go ahead and radio in so we don’t go running into a line of Arcanine expecting a rush from the triple B,” Tony finished. Once the Ranger finished his transmission the party set out at a brisk run for the Shalour city exit of Reflection Cave. Wild Pokémon scampered out of the way of the group as they ran. Few gave a few displeased grunts and growls but none dared to attack.

“Almost there!” Tony called as he pointed to the exit where early morning light streamed in to the final chamber, but the group skidded to a halt when a lone figure stepped into the light. Every Pokémon that was out readied attacks at the sight of the short unknown figure. The being seemed to notice the group behind it and turned revealing a muzzled face and chest spike.

“Kris, Lucy hold your fire!” Anthony commanded when he recognized the Lucario’s shape. The steel type gave a curt bark and two other Pokémon stepped into the cave entrance.

“Return your Pokémon,” the Lucario commanded. Both Tony and Mary gave sighs of relief as they did as they were told, but the two younger trainers exchanged confused looks.

“Return your Pokémon you two,” the rangers hissed.

“Lucy, Kris return,” Anthony swallowed.

“Goon,” Dillon beckoned.

“Good, the Arcanine will escort you out,” the Lucario spoke. The two flanking canine Pokémon stepped farther into the cave and guided the humans out into the open sea air of Shalour city.

“Please deposit your pokeballs in the provided trays and wait to be cleared.” The fighting type instructed. Anthony noticed that while the Lucario spoke its mouth didn’t move.

“Are you using Telepathy?” the teen asked.

“No, I’m using my aura to communicate,” the steel type explained as he followed the group. “Now if you would please present you trainer cards to my aids, I would like to get you processed as quickly as possible.”

“We’re not Breeder agents,” Dillon spoke nervously.

“Perhaps but we will confirm that when we get you processed,” the Pokémon replied coolly.

“Detective Aker, you already know we aren’t Breeder agents,” Tony groaned.

“Sorry Tony but I gotta play by the book; you know how tight the chief holds my leash.” The Lucario shrugged.

“Detective?” Anthony muttered.

“Yes, my name is Detective Aker, I am overseeing the Breeder case but between you and me I think the Chief is setting me up to fail.” The Pokémon grumbled.

Why are you a detective? Who’s your trainer?” Dillon asked. The Lucario blew a long sigh at the ginger’s question.

“Because the Pokémon right’s law allows me to be employed if I am able to communicate with humans, and as for my ‘Trainer’ I am technically my own trainer.” Aker explained.

“What does that mean?” the older teen continued to question.

“It means that his old trainer gave him his pokeball and registered him as a free Pokémon.” Anthony added. “It’s in the Pokémon right’s law.”

“Thank you, it is truly a rarity to see a Pokémon trainer so well educated on the Pokémon right’s law,” the Lucario sighed.

“Vix had to help pull in money as I recovered from a Malamar attack, and my uncle helped write the labor portion of the law, so I have a very good understanding of it.” The teen explained.

“Who’s your uncle?” Aker asked.

“Simon O’kai, he’s the foreman over in the mine at Anistar city,” Anthony added.

“I see, well I am holding up my aids so I’ll let you all get processed and interviewed,” The Lucario concluded.

Vix found herself free of her pokeball in a tiny room.

“Greetings,” she heard in her own tongue.If you could take a seat we can get your interview out of the way.”

The Delphox fumbled around until her paw found a hard metal chair and she took the seat.

“Where’s Anthony?” she asked.

“He is being interviewed by one of my aides,” the gruff voice answered.

“Who are you?” Vix continued to question.

“I am Detective Aker, I am overseeing the Breeder case, though in light of recent events I think the Regional Guard will get involved here very soon,” she heard. “Now to continue with this interview. What can you recall of the Black Ball Breeders?”

They’re ruthless, and they care nothing for Pokémon,” the fire type answered.

“How did they pursue you?” Detective Aker continued.

“They found us in Geosenge, I think they were watching the memorial and waited for Anthony to find his parents.”

“I see, and how did you know that they found you?”

I… I foresaw it I think, like a feeling that something bad would happen if I didn’t act,” Vix explained. “I know that being blind has affected how I perceive the future but…”

I have no experience in future sight so I cannot grant advice on how it works,” the Pokémon sighed. “However I do know that it isn’t admissible in court.”

“Anyway,” the Detective said after a short moment of silence.How are you feeling? No doubt running from the BBB is a harrowing experience.”

I think that’s an understatement,” Vix lamented.

“What do you mean?”

“Look I don’t care if you judge me or not but I am in a relationship with my trainer Anthony and the triple B have made it no secret that they think that what Anthony and myself share is some kind of perversion,” the Delphox huffed.

“How far have you two gone in your relationship?” Aker continued.

“We’ve experimented a little but we haven’t delved into full blown sex yet,” she shrugged.

“I see, and what kind of experimentation?”

“Oh stuff like Anthony is a little ticklish or I like my feet rubbed.

“That is rather tame,” the Detective remarked.

“I’ve been very keen to not push Anthony into things he is uncomfortable with,” Vix laughed nervously. “We’ve also agreed to not cross that line until after he is at least sixteen.”

Okay, any reason why?”

“Protection, I’m allergic to the shot that takes me out of my heat.”

That is understandable, I believe I am finished with my questions, do you have any questions for me?” the detective offered.

“Yeah, can you arrange for me to get a shower and a haircut?” the Delphox asked desperately.

Hm, yes I don’t think that will be a problem.” The Pokémon smiled

Anthony waited in the lobby of the Pokémon center while his team went through the same interview he went through. Most of his team had already returned but Vix and Kris were still with the Lucario detective.

“How’s your leg doing Luthur?” he asked idly as he waited.

Hm,” the Lucario shrugged before letting out a long sigh as he stared at his cast bound leg.

“Heh I know, casts suck,” the teen laughed as he pulled the steel type into a loose hug. “But you only got one more month with it on, and after that we can start training that leg up and get you ready to battle again.”

Luthur smiled and returned his trainer’s hug.

Heh, we might even be able to get your aura abilities trained up and who knows, you might be able to start talking like Detective Aker.” Anthony continued, but before his Lucario could reply a small throng of trainers noisily entered the center.

“Really are you sure there is a region wide travel ban?” one of the trainers balked.

“I got the alert on my phone,” another voiced. Anthony absently pulled his own phone out only to see it’s battery was dead. He took a few minutes to root around his pack to find his charger. When he finally found it and powered his phone it came to life with missed calls and alerts from the Reginal Alert System. Before the teen could start reading the alerts his phone began to ring with a call from his uncle.

“Hello?” he answered.

“Where are you!?” Simon’s voice sounded from the other end. “I’ve been trying to call you for hours!”

“Sorry I just got to Shalour city and I just now realized my phone was dead,” the teen replied.

Are you still traveling?” his uncle asked.

“No I just got the RAS and according to Tony we’re going to hunker down here in Shalour,” Anthony answered.

“Good,” Simon sighed.Say hi to Korrina for me and stay out of those caves okay?”

“I will, I’ll see you when all this is over,” the trainer affirmed.Bye.”

Anthony hung up the phone in time to see both his Delphox and Umbreon walking towards him.

“Hey girls,” he greeted.

“Hey Anthony, what’s going on?” Vix asked after she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Travel restrictions,” the trainer muttered into her ear before taking a deep whiff of her fur. “You smell great, I take it they gave you a bath?”

“Yeah and they trimmed my ear tufts. How do they look?” the Delphox beamed.

“They look adorable,” Anthony gushed as he inspected the fire type’s much shorter ear tufts.

“Good, I’m keeping them like this,” Vix smiled.

“Whoa turn on the T.V. quick, Diantha is holding a press conference,” one of the patrons announced as she looked up from her phone. One of the nurse’s aides stepped to the television and turned it on.

“… hoped that this issue with these narrow minded individuals would resolve itself but I see now that isn’t the case and so with a heavy heart I am hereby closing the Pokémon League until these Terrorists are brought to justice.” The Kalos Champion spoke as she stood before the ruined entrance of the Pokémon League.

“There’s been another bombing,” The female trainer gasped. “I hope no one got caught in the blast.”

Anthony!” Tony called as he entered the Pokémon Center.

“Over here,” the teen droned.

“I am assuming you heard about the region wide travel ban?” the ranger asked.


“Not the smartest move from our illustrious Champion but right now she’s just a glorified puppet for the Kalos government.” Tony huffed.

“So what do we do from here?” Vix asked.

“I got a few connections here; I can probably hook us up with an apartment or two.”

“It would be wise to share apartments,” Anthony nodded. “I can pitch in for rent. You know, help out at the Pokecenter and stuff.”

“I’d like to help out as well,” the Delphox added. Tony sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

“I appreciate the offer but that won’t be necessary,” the ranger explained.

“Tony, I am not going to be sitting around doing nothing for Arceus knows how long while you do all the work,” the teen retorted.

“Alright, I will admit, it could take a while for this travel ban to be lifted and the extra income can’t hurt,” Tony relented.

And that is the end of chapter 17, not an exceptionally long chapter but it does set up for a rather important time skip. I’m not going to tell you how long it’s going to be until the next chapter is out, but it is official this is the first major mile stone for Catch a Fennekin by the tail.

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    Reviewer: catsithx1999
    Date:Sep 18 2016 Chapter:They who started a Civil war

    Ok this has been a great read. Very fun and exciting. A nice twist to me that is having Anthony wirh only one leg. Also making vix blind at one point. Adding hurdles of reality to them besides rhe normal stuff. 


    I do like also how you have about the whole breeding with humans is possoble to an extent.


    Over all i find little wrong with thia story. Such as errors and such. I hope to read more when you have time to write more.

    Reviewer: catsithx1999
    Date:Sep 18 2016 Chapter:They who started a Civil war

    Ok this has been a great read. Very fun and exciting. A nice twist to me that is having Anthony wirh only one leg. Also making vix blind at one point. Adding hurdles of reality to them besides rhe normal stuff. 


    I do like also how you have about the whole breeding with humans is possoble to an extent.


    Over all i find little wrong with thia story. Such as errors and such. I hope to read more when you have time to write more.

    Reviewer: catsithx1999
    Date:Sep 18 2016 Chapter:They who started a Civil war

    Ok this has been a great read. Very fun and exciting. A nice twist to me that is having Anthony wirh only one leg. Also making vix blind at one point. Adding hurdles of reality to them besides rhe normal stuff. 


    I do like also how you have about the whole breeding with humans is possoble to an extent.


    Over all i find little wrong with thia story. Such as errors and such. I hope to read more when you have time to write more.