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Hidden Resort by Vulpsis


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DeWitt and Mawille have some privacy in the hot springs

Chapter 1

Billy's legs marched forward up onto the large hill. He didn't want to climb it, his sore feet screamed with pain with every step as the steep slope made the experience all the more tiring but he was sure to see some kind of lodge or town if he reached a high enough view. His Pokemon were also making the trek with them. Outside of their pokeballs their arms held valuable gems that they salvaged from a cave three days ago, and that was two days after the last time he had any actual rest. His team consisted of a Riolu holding a bandana behind his back like a sack, a Dewott that simply dragged the gems using his trainer's white shirt as a bag and finally his Zoroark, who held the stuff between his arms across his tummies ached and rumbled for food, their arms sagged from fatigue and wanted to drop the miscellaneous nuggets, pearls, shards and stones they found in the mystical cave. He had struck it rich and thought he and his team would never have to work again... but fate was cruel. What good were the treasures if they hindered him and his team by weighing them down in the middle of nowhere?
As he climbed on up his Riolu and Dewott were about to follow behind before their trainer, who held a backpack in his arms due to a broken strap, turned around.
"You guys stay down there, let me check if there's anywhere nearby for us to cash this stuff." His Dewott and Riolu gladly dropped the pretty treasures onto the grass below before letting their butts fall as well. The two massaged their sore legs as the star of the team, his Zoroark, tilted his head with a scowl on his face. Billy understood the fox's frustration and knew his role as his trainer was growing increasingly strained with each passing day. If he didn't find anything now his Zoroark's patience would not last much longer.
"...If there's nothing still we'll have to leave the stones behind." Dewott and Riolu turned their heads with a look of surprise while Zoroark's piercing scowl remained unfazed. "No point in making all of this tougher for us if the stones won't help us. If we want to find shelter soon we'll have to drop all the dead weight..."
"Starting with you..." The Zoroark said in his natural tongue. Riolu and Dewott clearly understood him but Billy wasn't sure if his words were encouragement or not. He'd like to think it was. He continued his trek up the hill, each stride as painful as the last as his muscles ached in protest. (Please... we need to find something...) He thought pleadingly (A town, a center, someone's home... please!)
When Billy reached the top he cried out an audible sigh before falling forward onto his knees. He laughed, genuine tears falling across his cheeks as he raised his arms up, dropping the bag. It was a mansion, a large old school Japanese oriented mansion. It was more than that, the large signs showed that it was a private retreat! It didn't matter what the cost was though, Billy was sure he and his team can pay for at least a day with all these stones! Even better, they can at least point to the next possible rest center for them and he can call a cab or limo, whatever the wealthy used to transport to here! When he turned around he saw Zoroark looked up with impatience and a tapping foot as Dewott and Riolu looked up in curiosity.
"H-hurry... we found something! We're saved!" Zoroark smiled as the two smaller critters jumped back up to their feet and scooped up the dropped treasures! The promises of rest and relaxation were finally coming true!
Billy peeked his head in as he opened the door slowly. The floors were made of a nice polished wood with a receptionist desk. He stepped inside, small traces of dirt falling from his dirty outfit as his team followed closely behind.
"Hello?!" Billy called out as he stepped forward, arms full of the many high valued treasures. His voice echoed in the desolate building as Riolu and Dewott walked around to observe the waiting room. The two left the makeshift bags on the floor before Riolu jumped up onto a waiting room chair that was made of fine black leather. He leaned back with a pomf as he rested his seemingly heavy skeleton against the comfort of the chair. Dewott ventured off to the right and observed the koi pond that housed many different types of Pokemon fish. Zoroark watched in disappointment as Dewott dunked his head inside the refreshingly cold water, many of the other fish looking up at him in a cranky manner from having their home disturbed.
Billy waited a few more moments before shouting again.
"Hello? I was lost and was hoping if you can give directions!" He raised his hand to use an amplifier
"Or maybe we can spend the night!? I don't have cash but I can pay in gold nuggets or shards and stones! Hello?!" Again, no response. Zoroark began to tap his foot again impatiently which prompted Billy to venture forward. The receptionist desk seemed to have been abandoned for some time, the PC was off and there was blank paperwork in large stacks.
"Maybe it's closed? I should look around for guests..." Billy stated, talking more to let his prized fox know. Zoroark thapped the back of Riolu's head, prompting him to get off and search as well.
"Come on guys, let's look for someone. And stop annoying the fish Dew" He said before dropping his treasures. Dewott, who was dunking his head once again, raised it with a satisfied sigh before shaking himself and splashing Riolu before heading off as well. Riolu rubbed the back of his head before trying to shield himself from the water. He looked up with a pout before hopping off.
"Good idea, let's split up Zoroark!" Billy said in a positive tone as he noticed all his Pokemon began to walk around. Zoroark merely shook his head disappointingly as he entered a hallway. Zoroark went on to an alternate path where paper thin doors slid open rather than swing. He would knock gently on each door before opening it only to find luxurious albeit empty rooms. Billy sighed and headed towards the opposite direction where the mansion seemed to transform into a marvelous garden where the hallway had no walls to the side. Nature grew wonderfully around this place, The garden had an abundance of grass Pokemon, trees and random flowers.
Riolu and Dewott took the north passageway where a soft red carpet decorated the center of the hallway. There were bathrooms this way along and showers, clearly they were meant for communal gatherings. Dewott tried to run inside and turned on one of the showers only for a reluctant Riolu to turn the faucet back off and drag him away.
"Come on, the sooner we find someone the sooner we can relax." Riolu urged.
"Ugh... my skin is so dry though! You don't know how dehydration is for a water Pokemon!" Riolu sighed as he dragged Dewott by the hand and lead the way to the final door at the end of the hallway.
"I know, I'm tired too! But soon we can rest and do whatever we want as soon as we..." The two stood quietly as they heard giggling... girly giggling coming from the room at the end of the short hallway. Riolu looked up at Dewott who stood over him to slide the thin door open. Thick steam clouded their vision as they leaned forward. The room had no roof and had a rocky formation with a large hot spring in the middle. The two were enticed forward by the females' giddy voices... they spoke in a Pokemon's tongue which implied they weren't humans and they sounded quite young...
"There hasn't been anyone new for a month now, I doubt anyone's going to check in"
"I know, but Salem has been watching those soaps for too long... She's getting used to being away from the desk. That's probably the reason we haven't had anyone register." Riolu heard footsteps and realized one of them were coming their way.
"Dewott! Move back!" He urged with a whisper as Dewott tried to do the opposite and lean in further.
"Just a little more... Ow!" Riolu stomped the water type's foot to get him to move back only for the door to slide open all the way. Riolu ended up tripping back against Dewott who also slipped backward from the sore foot and the pup's weight. They looked up and had their fears confirmed. A naked, wet Mawille looked down at them with a curious blink. Riolu smiled nervously as Dewott offered a hesitant hand shake. For a couple seconds nothing happened... the Mawille took a few moments to realized what was happening before she swung her large hanging maw around to cover herself while her face flashed an embarrassed red.
Zoroark was reaching the end of the hallway until he heard a quiet yet constant noise. He stepped further, ignoring the other rooms for now and picked the sound of two people talking. As he neared the end he could hear the noise coming from inside the last room to the right. He placed his head right against the door to try and eavesdrop on the two until he heard a third person... and children?
"Children love Robo-Dour! Only for ages 4 and up..." (Someone is watching TV...) He finally realized. Before he can get back up from leaning against the door it suddenly slid open and Zoroark fell forward from his awkward position only to be blocked by something soft and bouncy... then he realized what had just happened. His eyes looked up, a human female was looking down. She wasn't wearing a shirt at all, her blonde hair hung loosely behind her as her grey eyes fixated on the Zoroark's embarrassed eyes. He was expecting a yell, a scream, something! But instead... she smiled as she saw his pointed snout and face rest between her well bequeathed bosom.
"Visitors I see..." Suddenly their little staring contest broke as they both looked away, a innocent young scream echoed across the empty hallways...
Billy stepped inside the garden in the hopes of finding someone sleeping or resting in a way that blocked out his voice. He stepped over scurrying Oddish and kept his distance from curious Parasect as he looked around.
"Say um... any of you know where I can find someone?" He asked the plant Pokemon. They continued to stare questioningly without offering an answer. Billy sighed once more. "Thought so..." Just when he was going to retreat back to the passageways of the mansion he began to smell something intensely sweet. It made his stomach rumble as his mouth watered, the sensation of biting into a lush, juicy berry filled his mind as the alluring aroma distracted him... "What smells so..." Before he can finish his sentence a scream broke out. His momentary daze broke as his head turned toward the direction of the shout. "Oh no..." He only took a single step before he felt a thin green vine coil around both his legs and pull him back like a captured fish. Billy fell forward, his hands covering his face reflexively as he turned around to see the assailant. However thick blue spores distorted his sight and he quickly felt the urge to rest his eyes... to snooze out underneath the warm sun. All he could make out was that she had white skin, leaves for a dress and red eyes.
Billy woke up and felt his lips burning from being so dry. He tried to moisten them up with his tongue only to realize that the pink muscle was as dry as paper as well. He got up quickly only to feel his head spinning from the sudden motion. He laid back down and looked around, his eyes squinting from the light that a television was broadcasting.
"About time you woke up. From what I gathered from your Pokemon, you've been looking for shelter for a week now."
"Huh...?" Billy held the side of his head with a hand as his vision cleared up. There, the former Sinnoh champion sat on the edge of his bed. He finally got all the way up and saw that the large screen television in his room had been playing. "Where... where am I?"
"You've stumbled upon a resort dear. It's okay, you can stay for a bit to relax before heading off again. To be honest it was getting quite lonely, having no guests aside from the staff here."
"Team...? Team... oh! Where's my team?!" He shouted as he got up out of the bed. Cynthia got up as he overthrew the blanket only to giggle when he saw that he was only dressed in his underwear. Billy quickly threw the blanket over himself when he discovered this. Cynthia opened a nearby drawer and left a pair of his now clean jeans onto the bed before she turned off the television with a remote and used the same one to light up the room.
"Relax, they're being fed as we speak. You can probably do with some food too. Come on, don't be shy." Cynthia stretched her arms, she wore a pair of short black summer shorts and a black blouse the clung to her feminine body as her chest stuck out in a provocative manner. Billy tried his best not to stare but could feel Cynthia's gaze pierce his facade.
"A-alright... thanks a lot for letting us stay"
"Not to worry, but you should really talk to the owner. I trust those... gems will be used as payment?"
Billy followed Cynthia as they walked past the receptionist room and past the hallway where the garden acted as scenery. The moon was shining a dim pale light on the garden as many of the grassy Pokemon slept. Cynthia lead on as Billy's pace slowed, he noticed a pair of red eyes out into the distance, the starer looking with a cloak of shadows hiding her figure. Cynthia noticed Billy's Delay and turned around.
"I see you've met Lilligant already..."
"Lilligant?" Billy asked as the piercing red eyes closed and seemingly disappeared into the darkness.
"Yeah, she thought you were trying to break in and knocked you out. She was really sorry when she found out that you were just looking for someone else."
"Oh... I guess that was who I saw before I dozed off..." Billy rubbed the back of his aching head, just thinking was giving him a headache.
"Come on, the food is getting cold."
When Billy and Cynthia entered the room he saw his Pokemon sitting at the large circular table. There were no chairs, everyone sat on their knees as they chowed down on the food. Each plate was different, some had typical Pokemon treats but his Pokemon were being served delicious home cooked food. Riolu waved with a drumstick in each paw at his trainer. Dewott took a second from nibbling on a large Karp to smile up at his trainer. Zoroark merely raised an eye as he slurped up soup from a wooden spoon, the fox eating modestly compared to the other two. Billy laughed as he sat down at an empty spot, Cynthia soon sitting next to him. He heard the Pokemon chatting and laughing as they ate on, others at the table included a Kirlia, Mawille, Lopunny, Gothorita and a Gardevoir who also greeted Billy with a smile and a wink.
"It's finally nice to meet you Billy..." Billy tilted his head as he looked around, he heard the voice but knew it wasn't Cynthia.
"What's the matter? Never spoken to a Pokemon before?" Cynthia asked as she smiled at Billy.
"I'm sorry for the accident earlier... My name is Salem. I am the owner of this humble establishment." The Gardevoir raised her hand and gestured to herself. Billy was finally able to put two to two together and bow his head respectfully.
"Oh? A Pokemon owning this establishment? I didn't expect..."
"Hehe, it's fine. I'm surprised you managed to find this location. It's very well hidden... although this wouldn't be the first time fortune steered you well."
"You mean the treasure? Oh man... it was almost a curse. Me and my team were lost so I..." His Zoroark interrupted.
"You did nothing but stumble around and get lucky. If this place wasn't here you would've killed us all." Riolu and Dewott paused, Billy looked up at his Zoroark who ate another spoonful before getting up. "I'm going to my room." Billy didn't know what he said, he didn't have the faintest idea. But he knew that it wasn't something pleasant since the mood of the group died down and his other two Pokemon paused from their meal to watch Zoroark go.
"A-alright... good night Zoroark?" Was all Billy could reply. Cynthia watched him go before she got up as well.
"Your Zoroark seems upset Billy... what did you do?" Billy shrugged as he looked towards his other Pokemon whom also shrugged.
"I see... Well Billy. You had a rough experience." Salem said with still lips. "Is there anything you would like from the kitchen?"
Once the group finished with their meals everyone headed off to their respective rooms. Billy, Riolu and Dewott had their own rooms right next to each other but the three decided to laze around in the garden, Riolu laid in his master's arms as he petted the cute pup while Dewott floated on the surface of a small pond nearby.
"Well we really hit the jackpot finding this place... think about it. For the rest of our lives we'll be living in luxury!" Riolu murred in his grasp as Dewott gave off a happily agreeing nod. Billy chuckled as the sound of kriketune and the occasional owl filled the background.
"I just... I just hope Zoroark will be around for it too. Had him since he was a Zorua and... well he was my first! Without him I wouldn't of been able to meet you two!" Riolu feebly tried to fight off his master's arm as he began to tickle the pup. Dewott raised his head and began to splash at the two whom raised their arms and got up and away from the water. As they played, a solitary grass type hid behind a tree, watching the three goof around. The Lilligant watched as Billy and Riolu attempted to splash Dewott back by using their hands at the pond's edge. Soon Dewott would swim up to them and nuzzle against his trainer who suddenly seemed unfazed by water as he hugged back. (He really does care about his Pokemon...) She thought to herself. She stood there, watching them until they decided that it was late and head off to their rooms for the night...
Riolu slid open his door with a yawn before noticing Dewott coming out of his room with a towel draped around his waist.
"What are you doing?"
"I'm off to the showers! I've been wanting to go all day but because of Zoroark I couldn't. Now that he can't stop me, I'm finally going!" Riolu chuckled and shook his head before heading into his room.
"Whatever. By the way, you look ridiculous in that towel".
"You're just mad because I'm living the life!" The two chuckled before Dewott headed off towards the showers. Inside the pearl white room he hung his towel up before standing underneath a showerhead and turning the nozzle for hot. Dewott sighed happily as felt the steaming water spray across his sore and tired body. He hummed for a bit as he massaged his arms and legs before lathering soap across his aquatic figure. His hands traveled across every inch of his surface before he finally stopped and focused on a certain region between his legs...
"Ah... Mary..." Dewott envisioned the Mawille... her wet body as she left the hot spring... the way she hid her exquisite body behind that tantalizing maw... The way she smiled and joked with him at the table, her crimson red eyes so full of life...
He didn't notice the door opening as he continued to feel himself, his arousal sticking out in plain view now as he imagined her eyes full of lust, her maw moving away inch by inch to expose her body before she got on her knees and...
"I thought you said you wanted to skip the hot spring tonight Lilith... yet here you are... getting... ready..." Dewott flinched in place before turning his head. There stood Mary... both her hands raised up and covering her surprised face as she peaked with one eye opened. "O-oh my god! I'm so sorry... I thought... I mean usually me and..."
"I-it's not what you think!" Dewott stammered before he turned around to hide himself. Mary turned around too but also let out a tiny giggle. "I guess this is payback for what happened earlier... huh?" Dewott joked as he turned off the water.
"Y-yeah I guess..." Mary replied. "Is it okay to... turn around?"
"Um... yeah." Mary did swing around and noticed the Dewott hiding himself. She smiled warmly before noticing the nearby towel and grabbing it to hand to him. "Thanks... um... I know this is an awkward time to ask... but you wanna take a dip in the hot springs?"
Dewott sighed as dipped in, his body REALLY appreciating the pool of steamy water as fragrances and spices enhanced the experience. Mary dived in after him, giggling at his reaction before raising her arms around the edge and letting her body sink in as well.
"I REALLY love taking a dip at night... I know it's unhealthy taking a dip so many times a day but there's just nothing to do around here..."
"I would love not doing anything for a change... I've been traveling and battling for months now without a break. I'm just glad those days are over..."
"Wha? What do you mean?" Dewott raised open an eye and saw Mary looking at him with an inquiring gaze.
"Well now that we struck it rich my trainer says we can do nothing but relax for the rest of out lives"
"Relaxing is so boring though!" Mary protested as she swam across the spring to rest next to Dewott. "All we do here is relax, relax relax. We barely get any customers and even then I'm only busy around lunch and dinner time! You don't realize how much free time you get until that's all you have! I've watched every show, ready every book and had every hobby!" Dewott raised an eye at Mary as he rubbed the back of his head.
"Gee... I didn't even think of that..."
"You should still journey! Whenever I dip in I always like to imagine myself traveling as well! Solving mysteries, finding relics and helping people!" Mary looked up at the moon with a sparkle in her eyes as she spoke of her fantasy. Dewott couldn't help but look down and appreciate the view he had next to him. Mary was obviously sick and tired of this place but more than that... she had ambition and dreams. And to see her dreamy eyes glisten as she looked up at the night sky...
Mary didn't take long to notice what Dewott was looking at. She looked up at him, a minor confused gaze before a familiar rosy color began to fill her cheeks.
"Mary... you're so beautiful..." She said nothing as Dewott's hands held her close against him. Their eyes closed gradually as they leaned in closer, their lips meeting as they embraced in a small kiss. The smooch was then quickly followed by another... then another as their lips parted and their tongues intertwined. She moaned in the kiss as she felt Dewott's hands carress her yellow and black body within the spring, his fingers moved elegantly as they traced her outline before stopping on her cute plump rear.
"Oooh Dewott..." Her body figuratively melted from inside and out, the idea of being caressed and loved by this... this experienced Pokemon who was hardened by his journey! She could feel his muscles as he spreaded and raised her legs, their chests meeting as she felt his warm meaty organ rub across her puffy entrance. Her large maw acted as a cushion between her back and wall, the Dewott was acting so manly and sudden with her that it made her heart beat painfully fast like a drum. Dewott gripped his shaft and guided it inside her tight slit as Mary's hands wrapped behind his neck and forced him in for more kissing. She gasped and moaned as he finally managed to guide the tip inside, her insides clenched and throbbed constantly in timing with her heart beat as the Dewott pushed his hips against hers. Their bodies remained afloat in the spa as Mary hissed out in painful ecstasy.
"Should... I stop?" Dewott asked, aware of the pained sounds she was making...
"No... Don't stop... fill me up... please I... I need a man finally..." Before he could ask for reassurance Mary interrupted him by pulling him back in and stuffing his maw with her tongue, the Dewott's body acting on instinct as it pressed against her. His cock slipped inch by inch, rubbing and spreading her walls along the way until finally his entire manhood was stuffed inside. The two remained locked in that embrace for several moments, Mary's fleshy insides massaging his member in a slight elegant way as their tongues wrapped around for the entire duration. When Dewott pulled back he also pulled back his hips, only to push right in with a second more powerful thrust. Mary's head shot back as her body was greeted with the painfully blissful sensation of finally being claimed... of being used by an experienced male and to be filled with his lust. Dewott paused for a few more minutes before thrusting into her again... and again and again. Each thrust was met with a quiet squeak of fulfilled pleasure, Mary tried to keep her voice down to keep others from hearing. Dewott wasn't making it easy for her though, he was finally fulfilling his own fantasy and planned to take advantage of every second of this moment. The surface of the spring swayed and splashed as Dewott's arms wrapped around her midsection and held her close, his aquatic body was perfectly suited for their setting as his body rocked and forth against the steel and fairy type's body. Her moans heightened with each push, her heavenly voice yearning for more with each push. His manhood throbbed in ecstasy as her insides clenched around it and massaged every inch of his tasty red member. His blood pulsed within as he felt the temptation to release his seed inside grew in intensity with each passing moment.
"Mary...I-I'm about to..." Suddenly Mary's eyes widened as she began to push him away/
"N-No! Stop!" Dewott tried to fight back at first, his chest easily pushing back her resisting arms, but he regained his senses and pulled back. The orgasmic pressure then quickly died away as the two caught their breath.
"Wh-what's wrong?"
"I-I don't want to get..." Dewott nodded his head, understanding what she had meant. As much as the two wanted to admit it... they couldn't finish inside. Not when they both would be separated soon... "I-I'm sorry..." Dewott chuckled before he planted a smooch on her forehead.
"It's okay..."
"Let me make it up to you..."
"You don't have to..." Suddenly Mary's maw came to life and showed off the impressively large tongue, gushes of viscous sasliva drooled from the the sets of steel teeth.
"I insist... I promise it'll feel really good~"
Dewott cried out Mary's name silently into the night as she watched her 'prey' writhe around inside of her second large maw. The two remained in the Hotspring, Mary relaxing like before as Dewott's lower half was inside the maw that was hidden by the steamy spring water. Her large tongue playfully slathered across between his legs as thick gooshy fluids spurted around every inch, her fleshy insides playfully swallowing and massaging his total lower half.
"Aren't you glad you said yes?" Almost as if to tease him the Dewott felt his body sink deeper into the maw, only his head was above the spring's surface now as he held back a surprised moan.
"Y-yesss..." Mary giggled to herself before she suddenly had an idea.
"Hey... look at me..." Dewott looked over, his face blushing from all the stimulation as Mary raised a hand and began to suckle and lick her digits in a slow and sensual manner. "You taste so good right now... I can't help it. To taste a real man... it makes me so hot..." Mary's smirk widened as the hand went into the spring and somewhere unseen. Dewott watched as her body sunk a bit into the water, Mary's eyes closed as she began to moan in pleasure... "Down here..."Dewott's body suddenly sunk even further. His head was pulled under the water, the maw closing just right below his neck as he opened his eyes and saw her hand fingering her freshly penetrated pussy. His body tingled with desire as he felt the maw wrap tightly around his body, the warm sticky fluids bathing and coating him as soft flesh massaged every inch of his body. But most of all, it was the swallowing that was getting to him. The rhythmic clenches was intensifying and speeding up... almost as if she was eating him! An air bubble escaped as Dewott noislessly groaned out in pure bliss. He could hear her hungry maw swallowing him, savoring his flavor all over... he couldn't... he couldn't/
"Mmmm Dewott..." Mary shivered as she felt her body spasm all over. Inside her maw the water Pokemon released squirt after squirt of his fertile seed into her large tasting tongue and maw. She slipped into an orgasm as she savored the thick salty flavor... the flavor of a hard manly Pokemon so ready to give her everything she wanted. Dewott's body tingled as the orgasm seemed to brought his entire body into a sensual trance. After being rejected twice the aquatic Pokemon had a LOT to offer, his cock spasmed against the walls of her maw as her massaging flesh drew out the duration of his orgasm. With the last spurt Dewott can feel the maw thankfully loosen. He floated back up to the surface with ease only to be forcibly pulled back in by the Mawille for another tongue exchanging kiss...
Cynthia stood outside of Zoroark's door before any of what happened with Dewott and Mary occurred. She had been concerned with Zoroark since supper and was hoping to talk with the Pokemon to see why he was upset. It was clear he and Billy didn't have proper communication and she felt compelled to help him, especially after their embarrassing introduction. Plus... there was something more to him than the others. He was different, and had some kind of need to make himself dignified and stand out. When Billy was knocked out he insisted that the team, including himself, waiting to see if he'd wake up even though it was clear that he would... at least until Cynthia could hear their hunger and insisted that she would watch Billy while they ate. But then all that concern was thrown out the window when Zoroark saw Billy... why? Her hand grabbed the handle... she was determined to find out.
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