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Ashes of Amigo by DarkType


Author's Chapter Notes:

Amigo gets to see firsthand how pokemon with physical bodies get it on with the help of a friendly Psychic-ice type.

Autumn Showdown

It's been a couple days since that little snafu but I can't get it off my mind. The thoughts. The sensations. So strange yet... inviting. The memory sends shivers down my spine... but why does it still turn me on?

The rival trainer is staring me down. I've got my human skin on and I'm ready to rumble. The waning fall sunlight is kissed by a little cold as he presses the button on his pokeball. “Go Rodger!”

The creature standing before us now is maybe as tall as his trainer. The long, red robes sway over his lithe form, offsetting the bruise-colored skin in such a way it almost seems to glow. Thin, high cheekbones add nobility to his quiet, dark eyes. His long, flaxen hair is pulled back in a high pony tail. It's a Jynx and he's handsome. I'm sorry to have to do this.

I pull out my pokeball. “Amigo- showtime!”

Amigo fades in from the nothingness taking the form of a humanoid shape seemingly cut out of the world around him like a paper doll. A small grin spreads across his face in crackling red light. Rodger the Jynx looks at me, then his trainer. I can understand him, even if all his trainer hears is “Jynx!”

“What... uhhh... what am I supposed to do?”, Rodger asks out loud.

Amigo begins to silently laugh. Rodger can see through my illusions. He knows what I am. Must be my thought patterns or something. That's a psychic for you. They're, well, psychic. The trainer points in my direction.

“Go get 'er!” Rodger nods then charges. “Lovely kiss!”

“Shadow ball!” I shout.

Amigo places his hands together and begins to focus. He then slowly draws his hands apart leaving an area of inky blackness in the space between. Rodger is coming hard and fast! Amigo flings the ball at Rodger, but the surprisingly fast fellow skips to the side! Amigo missed, and Rodger keeps on running... right past Amigo and up to me. With a smile that makes me melt, he kisses my lips.

“Hi.”, I hear him think to me. “I know this isn't a daycare, but I guess it'll do...”

His hand has slipped down my side, resting on my hip. Oh god. I lose my focus. My illusion fades as he kisses me again, lips lowly parting as his tongue flicks through sending a shiver through me. Not the cold- it just feels so good. My lips part to join his, teasing his tongue. Rodger's other arm wraps around my upper back. Oh yeah....

The trainer stares blankly, blinking for a few minutes. He stares at the pokeball in his hand, then looks at Rodger, then me, then Amigo. Amigo's laughter breaks the silence. Audible sound is a rarity with him, but it's music to my ears. Rodger's lips slip away from mine trailing small kisses down my throat leading to my breast. He nuzzles the fur on my chest. “Mmmm... warm...”

I was already kind of hot before this, now I'm on fire! Light me up, ice-boy.

The trainer just sighs and walks off to sit on the other side of a tree. Thanks for the privacy. Amigo fades away softly, but I can still feel him there like a change in the air. He's got our back. It's safe.

A smirk slips across Rodger's face as his thoughts drift into mine again, “I see you're feeling the same way I do. Good. So, how would you like me?”

I shift my weight slightly to loosen his grasp, then slide down his body, pressing my chest against his form as I slip to his waist. I nuzzle his thigh. Those robes are thick, but I can still feel where his erection is. “Oh, I'm thinking I'll start with a few licks and move on from there.”

Rodger smiles down approvingly. I reach up and carefully brush away the robes. A soft male musk reaches my nostrils as the thick, veined shaft comes into view. The coloration seems a little darker than the rest of him, the first drops of pre-ejaculate shimmering like morning dew at the tip. My tongue flicks over the skin, so pale against his darkness. Hmm... soft taste of sweat. He's a fighter and it shows.

Rodger hmmms softly in his throat. You like that, don't you? Yeah, you do... My lips wrap around the tip, tongue flicking over it's rounded shape. That's it. Let me taste you... He moans gently as I let the shaft slide deeper into my mouth. I feel it's shape with my long, thin tongue. Every vein pulses gently with it's own internal heat. So this is how they stay so warm up in the snows! Damn those lucky females getting all of this to themselves.

I feel the first twitches followed by a soft gush. He's pumping out into my throat, the sweet-saltiness splashing the back of my tongue. I suck on it gently. Having to maintain that body heat must take extra sugar. Mmmm... I like sweets. Rodger's hands stroke my head hair as an unusual sensation comes to me.

I can feel a soft, enveloping warmness cooler than my genital flesh. A wet, velvety tongue is sliding up and over. Oh, so smooth over every fold and ridge. Oh god, he's projecting what he's feeling with a time delay! I can't hold back. I feel the tension already there. I shudder as I begin to release. A gentle suction meets my every throb. The thoughts aren't mine but I hear them all the same, “Oh yes, please drink it all! I am honored to be so cherished!”

My body shivers as I feel the first twinges. It extends through me, starting deep inside as my vaginal muscles contract. I come with him, moaning in my throat. I can feel my own voice's reverberations echoing though his body, reflected back to me. It's like two waves crashing into me... and I am swept away into bliss. After a few moments, I very carefully let him slide from my lips, trailing a little saliva and seminal fluid down my chin as he leaves. We're both panting. A thin dew of sweat is forming. Dear god I haven't felt so hot in forever. I reach down and touch myself, feeling my own wetness as I delicately tease the folds.

Rodger tilts his head slightly to get a better look, crouching down. “Want help with that?” he whispers.

I nod and sit down on the ground. I lay back and spread my legs to give him full access. He crouches between my knees, stroking my labia with a fingertip. His mouth hangs open in a small circle, admiring the way the pale, ashen pink skin parts the dusty grey fur. “So pale...”

He kneels down, placing one hand on my thigh and the other on the earth. His thick, short tongue feels hot against my flesh as he takes one long, slow stroke before stopping to breathe in my scent. His breath feels so dry and warm as it ruffles my lower fur. I shiver inside again. I begin to feel what he is experiencing: my warm, mossy scent smells like summer nights and longing. He licks my silken folds again and I taste like cooling days, fresh pumpkins and hidden desire. His thoughts slide though me, “How long have you been wanting...? Yes... tell me... let me feel your desire.”

It has been a long time. Amigo was just a ghastly and I wasn't great at human form yet. He was young and handsome and I... I was in need. His nearly glowing orange fur was soft against me, his scent was musk and fire. I practically threw myself on him, and he gladly accepted the attack. The emboar fell beneath me, hands roughly feeling my breast. I ground my crotch against his and felt a slow, steady prodding sensation come up from behind. I smiled and reached beneath me, steadying the shaft as I slipped it up between my legs. Now straddling his penis, I gently rubbed my vagina up and down the length of his shaft, my fluids combining with his hot form to fill the space between us with wet heat.

I broke from my memories and shuddered with a soft moan. Rodger was licking me in rhythm to the stroking motions I made in my memory! Unngh! Yes! Rodger mentally poked me- he wanted me to continue.

I was hot and panting. His body was like a flame, but I couldn't put away. I carefully wriggled his long shaft inside of me. Almost instantly I felt the temperature change. It was like the blazing summer sun spreading from deep between my legs, rubbing against every internal ridge as he thrusted. I shivered as I reached orgasm, my meager gush not enough to quench his fire. He began to speed up. I bounced up and down his shaft in long strokes, doing the best I could to keep up. My mind was a blur as he snorted smoke and small embers. With a deep, throaty cry he pulled me down with one hard motion, forcing himself as deeply as he could go. I was flooded by burst after burst of thick semen so hot it almost was painful. In my desire-addled state, however, I didn't care. I came one last time just for him.

When I came back to the present moment Rodger was smiling. Three fingers were knuckle deep, probing the upper walls of my vagina. He had found my G-spot and was kneading it in a steady rhythm. I had been subconsciously thrusting against his hand and was on the verge of orgasm. He leaned over me, his body pressed as close to me as he could while still allowing his hand space to move. “Come for me.” he purred into my ear.

I feel the tensions well up, clenching down about his fingers as my internal muscles begin to unleash in wave after wave. Every spasm seems to pump just a little more fluid out of me. Every kneading motion of his fingertips seems to urge me on. My mind slips away from me as I look into those dark eyes. He looks just as far off as I feel. Wait... he... I bet he's feeling what I am feeling....

As the waves subside Rodger collapses beside me. I feel his head on my breast as his fingertips glide gently over my still very sensitive vagina. I moan softly, then nuzzle the top of his head. Yes... thank you... “You're welcome.” his thoughts slide gently though mine. He is sleepy.

After a few minutes the trainer comes out from behind the trees. Rodger is half asleep on my chest. The trainer pushes the button on the pokeball and Rodger fades away. The trainer rubs his forehead, looking at me with a mix of confusion and embarrassment.

“Well.. I usually train one town over from here. I guess you're welcome to come visit us if you're ever in town. Errrhhh... thanks? And Goodluck?”

The trainer slowly walks away. Poor guy. All of this must hurt his head. From nearby I hear a familiar snicker. Amigo rematerializes. He words feel almost like he is playfully poking me as they enter my mind, “Having fun?”

I feel embarrassed, but I still smile. “Yes. I... err... you watched?”

Amigo nodded. One not-eyebrow raised on his face. “Is mutual licking and touching a common practice?”

I realize he couldn't hear our thoughts. He was just watching us! I laugh a little. “Yes! I mean, no- I'm not laughing at you. Anyway, licking and touching are very common. We like to use our hands and lips to make each other feel good. “ I smile up at Amigo from my seat on the ground.

Amigo blinks, then furrows his brow. Amigo tilts his head a little. He is at least confused, if not disturbed by this. Oh dear, no wonder he is disturbed! Isn't one of the first attacks a Ghastly learns Lick?

“You physical beings sure have strange mating rituals.” he comments before helping me to my feet. We then start the long walk home.

Chapter End Notes:

Fun facts about Pokemon: psychic types can project thoughts and share sensations. Many can also read the thoughts and memories of those around them. At higher levels this can become very targeted allowing a psychic to shut themselves off for awhile or to hold a detailed conversation with a single person that can only be heard by them.

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