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Midnight Urges - Story for Kyoushiro by silentspirit94


Author's Chapter Notes:

The first and only chapter for now. Might make more if requested enough.

Midnight Urges

It was just another night for everyone in the quaint two story house in the middle of the suburbs. The area was quiet, though that was fairly normal due to it being almost midnight. Everyone was asleep, including the birds who had fallen silent earlier in the night, a cool breeze having forced some of them south already as winter was fast approaching. Only the very rare car made any form of noise as it travelled down the local roads this late at night, in this small town just outside of Goldenrod City.

Inside the house the occupants were asleep, the sole human in the house being the teenage trainer who was asleep in his bed. He was turned towards the window, his blue sheets covering all of his body except for his black hair covered head. Curled up at the side of the male was Vera, the smallish female espeon who was fast asleep next to her master. She had a fairly nice pokemon bed next to her masters bed, with a pretty comfortable pink cushion to sleep on at that, but nothing quite compared to cuddling up to her warm trainer. The inside of the room was dead silent, save for the soft ticking of a clock on the wall opposite the bed, the closed door helping to keep the sound out.

A few rooms down the hall on the right was the room that the human's other pokemon could be found in, the door to the storage room slightly cracked. Inside the male espeon was twitching and kicking a hind leg in his sleep, a bit of drool hanging from his muzzle and the frantic twitching of his paws indicating he was having a good dream. But for anyone still doubting this fact, the raging erection that was slowly dripping pre down the underside of his most sensitive parts was a pretty dead giveaway as well. His eyelids were twitching quite a bit as well, showing he was either close to waking up, or looking around quite a bit in his sleep.

A quick look inside his mind revealed just what was going on. There he was, forepaws wrapped around a quite lovely and soft umbreon's neck, her head thrown back as she lets out a long moan of pleasure. The source of this is the espeons length pistoning in and out of her hot sex, her tight folds dribbling her liquid arousal all over his dick as it made pleasant "Schlick"ing noises each time it moved in and out of her. The excess drips from her folds and his dick every time it exits, adding to a puddle of clear fluids beneath the females rump. He grunts loudly as he squirts a bit of pre inside of her pussy, his orgasm fast approaching.

He could feel it building up, the feeling starting in the base of his dick and extending to the tip of his ears as he moans out loudly, thrusting in and out of her faster and faster as he leans down and bites the back of her neck. His teeth penetrate her skin a little bit, causing a few drops of blood to roll out as he marks the dark type eeveelution as his own with his mark. This causes her to cum fairly hard around him as her walls squeeze his dick tightly, beginning to almost pulsate around it as a flood of her juices splatter his crotch and utterly soaks him, the female letting out a loud howl of pleasure. This was it, he was going to cum! He gives her a few more hard thrusts, feeling his balls draw up to his taint as he takes a few deep breaths. Here it comes! Just a few more thrusts, and he will...

"AH!" he yells as he wakes up with a jolt, finding himself laying on his back like he had been except for one thing. He HAD been laying on the dresser above him, it seeming that in the middle of his wonderful dream he had rolled off right before he could climax. He lets out an annoyed growl as he looks down between his hind legs, the espeons length twitching a bit as if giving him a greeting, a bit of pre drooling from his tip and already beginning to gather in his belly fur. He lets out a frustrated sigh as he rolls over, deciding that letting it go away on its own would be better than wasting the energy he doesn't have to spend 5 minutes trying to finish himself off. It usually ends badly for him anyways, either popping his back painfully trying to get it into his own muzzle, or the pain in his foreleg from trying to stroke himself off usually killing his boner, or if he is lucky leading him to a fairly weak and nowhere near as wonderful orgasm.

He finally lets out a defeated sigh as he pushes himself up onto his feet, deciding that while he is up he might as well go get something to snack on. He walks through the cluttered room, dodging stacked up boxes and a large grand piano that he figured must have cost a fortune, only to be left rotting away in this dusty room. He was only in here because he couldn't sleep with his trainer, and because the other humans that lived in the house wanted him to stay out of their rooms at night. Plus the quietness was kind of nice, now that he thought about it as he finally reaches the door to the room. He leans in and presses his nose between the doorjam and the door itself, using it to push it open enough for him to fit through, his body going through the gap opening the door a bit more with a soft creak.

Now that he is out of the room he slowly makes his way down the hallway, looking past the bannister to see the chandelier dangling from the ceiling and over the foyer. He makes his way past the bathroom and his masters room on the right, making an immediate left there as he reaches the beginning of the staircase, slowly taking each step as he makes sure not to apply too much weight onto eaach of the creaky stairs. He continues with his slow pace as a normally 10 second journey takes a good 30 seconds, though he does eventually reach the base with a soft thud, having succeeded in not making a sound. He looks back up the stairs for a moment before turning back, the foyer to his right and the way he needs to go to his left. Ahead of him is the family room, which contained a pair of couches and a large TV on top of an oak stand. He makes his left and walks along the wooden floor, reaching the edge of the wall and making one last left.

He now found himself in the kitchen, walking past the island in the center to go to the large silver fridge, using psychic to open the door and gazing upon its contents. The various junk foods, cheeses, and liquids that made up its inventory uninteresting to the male, and the wide variety of meats would be noisy to prepare. He instead focuses his gaze on the plastic bag filled with relatively fresh berries, levitating it out of the cold storage device and placing it on the floor in front of him with a soft crinkle. He reaches inside of it with a paw, pulling out a ripe, fresh pecha berry and smiling a bit. He places it on the ground and takes a bite, the crisp berry making a satisfying squishing noise as its sweet juices coat the tip of his muzzle, letting off a soft purr as he chews and swallows the delicious piece of fruit in his maw. He levitates the bag back into the fridge and promptly finishes off the rest of the berry, leaving a small puddle of juices on the ground that he quickly laps up, not wanting to waste a single bit of the delicious fruit.

With a satisfied murr he turns and begins to walk out of the kitchen, quickly having to sidestep to avoid the island as he usually did. The pesky rise in the middle of the kitchen would always get the jump on him, having ended up with a face full of stained wood many times before he remembered it enough to start avoiding it. He pauses in his journey out of the kitchen to look back, closing the door to the fridge before he forgets to do so. At this he turns and finishes his journey out of the kitchen, walking past the family room once more and reaching the stairs. He gazes up the long flight, crouching down a bit and launching himself upwards as he uses his feline like flexibility and jumping ability to propel himself upwards a few stairs at a time. He quickly reaches the top and takes a few steps, having done it fairly quietly before the loud chime of the clock downstairs makes him jump a bit. He gazes over to the much smaller and silent clock on the table in the loft to his left, seeing that it read 12:00 AM as he shakes his head.

Something about seeing that it was this late causes him to let out a quiet yawn, stretching his forepaws out to stretch a bit before jumping at an unexpected feeling between his legs. It appears even after his journey downstairs and his brief snack his erection had failed to go away, a quick peek between his fores back at his hinds confirming this as he gives a loud sigh. He begins to wonder what he will do about it when an idea creeps into his mind, looking over to his immediate right and seeing his masters door. He knew that inside that room his wonderful sister would be resting, probably in the same spot snuggled against their trainer as he smiles a bit at the thought of what he was slowly persuading himself to do. It would only take a few more moments of thought before he decides on what his course of action will be, slowly approaching the door as the gem on his forehead begins to glow.

Click... The doornob turned slowly as he uses his psychic once more to open the wooden barrier between him and his masters room, the door creaking out softly as it slowly swings open before the male. He slides inside of the opening that he just made, now inside of the room as he looks around, suppressing a soft chuckle as his guess at where his sister was located was confirmed. He looks around, only the soft ticking of the clock making any form of noise as he focuses his sight on his prize. The moonlight illuminated his objective perfectly, casting its pale glow onto the sleeping pair as he eyes his sleeping sister. With a very soft purr he slowly approaches the bed, the carpet muffling his footsteps as he gets closer and closer to the bed, rearing back on his hind legs once he reaches it and placing his forepaws on the covers above. He leans up, taking advantage of her close proximity to the edge as he takes the side of her ear in his mouth, biting it softly and tugging it some with a playful growl.

Vera immediately wakes up at this, though the touch is quite familiar as this is how her brother usually wakes her up when he wants something from her. Instead of jolting awake she slowly opens her eyes, yawning a bit and tugging her ear free, rolling to the side to look at him tiredly as she closes her maw from her yawn. "Shen... What time is it...?" she asks, half in a daze as she looks into her brothers eyes with her own tired ones. Shen immediately leans in, licking across her muzzle playfully and giving her a wink, murring gently. "I have a bit of a "problem" sis... And I need your help taking care of it." he says, dropping his paws down from the bed and looking up at her from the floor. Vera sighs at this, knowing full well what this problem he is referring to is, having helped him with it many times before, but rarely this late at night! She gives a soft grumble as she drops down from her warm spot, stretching a bit once she impacts the ground quietly as she looks back, making sure her trainer is asleep before turning back to him. "Fine, I will help you. But it will come at a cost first." she says, gaining her own sly grin as a blush spreads across her face.

Shen grins big when his sister says this, knowing what her "price" entailed as he moves over to her, nosing her cheek a bit as he moves her over a bit. "Well then, take your position, and I will begin." he says, waiting for her to do so. Vera immediately nods and takes a few steps forward, lowering her front half to the ground and raising her rump in the air, swaying her forked tail off to the side as she looks back at him with a growing blush. This causes her to give him a wonderful view of her tight, squeaky clean tailhole, and better yet, the object of his desires. There it was, her pink colored folds, nice and dry as she was not in the least bit aroused, something that he would have to do himself as he moves closer and closer to her. Soon enough Shen's muzzle is inches away from her cunny, leaning in and taking a whiff of her clean, feminine scent, which had a twinge of lavender to it which the male had always found quite attractive. With a soft purr he lets his tongue flick out, swiping it across her clit and upwards along her folds, all the way to its base as everything was backwards due to her position. Vera tenses up a bit with a slight gasp as a result of this, her scent immediately beginning to grow a little stronger as she gives a shuddering whine.

Shen's ears flick forward as a result of this whine, quickly "Shhh"ing her as he gives her a playful wink. "Let's not wake Ian this time. He wasn't very happy the last time I had you screaming." he says, talking about their sleeping trainer as his words cause Vera to blush pretty hard. She responds by pressing her cunny back against his muzzle, shivering some and beginning to purr softly. "Keep going..." she says, though she has to suppress an eep as Shen quickly begins with the job he had at hand. He splits her folds apart slightly as a result of each lick, his rough feline tongue swiping along her inner folds and over her pussy hole with each pass as his light purring sends soft vibrations down his tongue. This get's Vera's juices flowing quite quickly, having not been serviced in a while as her cunny and pussy lips quickly begin to grow slick with her arousal, giving soft mewls of pleasure every now and then.

Vera lets out a very quiet groan as she feels his tongue along her folds, going wide eyed when he suddenly presses his tongue to her hole and slides it inside of her. She lets out a very quiet gasping moan as her walls wrap around his tongue, squeezing it hard as her cunny has only been taken once, by her brother when he had taken her virginity long ago. His tongue presses into her silky walls, the roughness of it sending pleasure coursing through her body as he begins to roll his taste muscle around inside of her. Every time it runs along her upper walls she presses her hips back against his muzzle with a quiet groan, lowering her head and beginning to pant softly as he services her with precision. His tongue rolls along her walls for a few moments before he pushes it back and forth inside of her, extracting low mewls and moans of pleasure from his sister as he puts his many times having done this for her during her heats to use.

It would not take much of this before Shen would see her hind beginning to tense a bit, the production of her juices increasing from a slight dripping, to almost a drooling effect as they coat his tongue. He could feel his sisters walls getting a bit tighter around his tongue. This combined with her desperate, yet soft moans and the sound of her claws catching in the carpet made him raise a brow, wondering how close she was getting as he chuckles, having hatched a plan. Vera on the other hand could absolutely tell, feeling a burning in her loins as it feels like its spreading from her cunny to the tips of her ears and paws, panting hard as she shakes and shivers from his tongue. She was close, really close, her hips beginning to sway back and forth into his muzzle as she bites her forepaw to muffle herself. "Nnnnff... Shen... I... Im gonna.. ahh..." she tries to warn him, Shen grinning big as he suddenly pulls his tongue from her cunny. This earns a whimper from Vera as she looks back at him, trying to grind against his muzzle to achieve orgasm and frowning when she see's that he has pulled it away a few inches.

"W-Why did you stop?" she asks, a bit of anger and frustration in her voice as he grins big at her, juices dripping from the front of his muzzle where it had been pressed against her pussy. "Simple. I don't want you all gaspy and too sensative for whats going to come next. Last time I licked you out all you did was lay there and pant for my part of the fun." he says, although it was only once out of many times, it was enough for him to want to exact revenge. Vera immediately begins to whine a little bit in protest, knowing how her brother gets as the thought, even though she just had his muzzle between her legs, was enough to make her blush quite a bit. Her long needy whine is suddenly cut off though by the feeling of something beneath her tail, letting out a gentle eep of surprise when she feels her brothers rough tongue at her backdoor.

Shen chuckles softly at this eep, having decided to take this time to help prepare his sister for what at least he knew was about to come. He is accomplishing this by tracing his saliva and juice laden tongue across her tailhole, dragging his taste muscle along the musky ring of flesh in nice, slow circles. She of course was clean as a whistle, inside and out, as was he but that did not matter much now. His tongue slides along her ring, prodding at its center as it gives a light twitch in response to the pressure his tongue against her anus creates. Vera coo's out, glad to feel stimulation while at the same time shivering at the feeling of something not normal on her backside. She presses back against the tongue hungrily though, her ass loosening up a bit in response to his lickings as the feeling soon becomes relaxing in nature, though the fire in her loins was slowly backing down as she began to catch her breath.

Vera's eyes suddenly widen though when she feels his tongue slide inside of her, whimpering out and lowering her head with a soft pant as he begins to coat her much tighter tailhole with his saliva, making her all nice and slick. He only does this for a few seconds though, his eagerness to make his sister squeal beneath him on par with his intense need to unload his pent up balls inside of her tight ass. After a few swirls of his tongue inside of her he pulls his tongue free, a line of saliva connecting his tongue to her twitching hole as he moves forward. Before Vera can say a word she feels Shen pushing her closer to the wall, beginning to reveal the rest of his plan as he had decided he was going to make things interesting by trying a new position tonight. Nice and horny, Vera cooperates without a sound, pressing against the wall a bit as he moves around to her front. "Place your forepaws on the wall." Shen says quietly, watching as she pulls herself up against the wall with her paws, spreading her hind legs apart and curling her tail to the side on her own, understanding what Shen wants.

Shen murrs a bit as he walks behind her, seeing herself all nice and presented, her cunny dripping her arousal onto the ground and her tight tailhole on display for him, nipping her tailbase with a grin as he looks at his heavily blushing sister. Without a sound he places his forepaws on her shoulders, using her for balance as he climbs up on her back, only to place a paw around her throat and pull back some to allow him to stand at an angle over her. This really displays their height difference as he looks down at his slightly smaller sister, licking over the back of Vera's head briefly as he slides his length up between them. Vera gasps out and murrs as his cock slides along her pussy lips, her juices making it nice and slick in fairly short order as he shivers at the feeling. He makes sure to get himself nice and slick before adjusting more, drawing his hips back which allow his length to trail up her rump, soon sliding under her tail and causing his tip to press against her tight pucker. Vera eeps at the feeling, hesistating for a moment before pressing back against him, Shen pushing forward as well as he slides his other paw to hook around her hip in true feral fashion. "Mmm... You ready, sis?" he asks, getting a soft "Y-Yes," from her in return.

With this soft conformation of her approval he slowly pushes his hips forward, going wide eyed as he feels her wonderfully tight rump surround his length, suppressing a groan as he slides inch after warm, thick inch of espydick into her tailhole. As he does so she lets out a muffle groan of pleasure and discomfort, the act still a bit weird feeling at first even though they practice it quite regularly. Regardless of the feeling though she lets out a murr at the feeling of his length giving a twitch and leaking a drop of warm pre inside of her, soon feeling Shen press his hips to her rump as he fits her ass quite nicely due to his larger size. He holds there for a moment, giving her a few courtesy moments to adjust to having him back there before taking advantage of the slickness caused by her own juices and his tongue a short while ago. He slowly slides his length back to his tip, only to push back inside of her all the way to the hilt with a low groan, it muffled a bit through gritted teeth as he feels her clench her ass around him, listening to her suppresed groan of pleasure as well. This time instead of pausing though he immediately pulls back, starting his slow thrusting pace.

It would take mere moments for Shen's length to start dripping pre regularly inside of her, his dream and his licking of his sister having made him quite sensitive, this showing as he does not take nearly as long as usual to increase his thrusting pace a bit. His length twitches about inside of her, causing it to grind all along her innards as she shudders against him, pressing back against each thrust as he pushes his length in and out of her rump. He leans in and bites at the base of her ear, using it to muffle his moans while allowing her to hear them at the same time, earning a gasping whine followed by a low groan from his sister as she can feel the fire in her loins beginning to build up once more. Vera gives a slight buck back against him as she begins to dribble her juices down her hind legs, his balls smacking just above and along her cunny causing them to get a bit wet as well, the excess dripping down to accumulate in the carpet beneath her. Her legs begin to wobble a bit, the pleasure making her a bit weak as she tilts her head back, her breath rate beginning to accelerate.

Shen is not faring much better, his sensitivity combined with the tight warmth of his sisters rump was doing a number on him, his cock beginning to throb slightly and give slight squirts of pre into her ass. This makes her eyes lid at the feeling as she feels him begin to fuck her at a moderate pace, his length sliding in and out of her once or twice a second now as their light gasps and eeps are replaced with the sound of his balls smacking her and their low groans of pleasure. They were fairly thankful that their trainer Ian was a heavy sleeper, as they had grown just loud enough to where a light sleeper would have definitely woken up by now, if not from their noises but the smell of his sisters arousal combined with his musk combining to form an interesting scent in the room. Shen's panting begins to grow harder as he can feel a familiar pressure beginning to build in the base of his length, his orgasm beginning to build up slowly as his balls draw up a tad bit. He can feel his sister is growing close as well, Vera giving a muffled moan as her tailhole begins to pulsate with her rapid heart rate, her walls growing tigher around him and giving random hard clenches that draw out muffled moans from the male, her pussy drooling onto the carpet as she lets out light gasping squeaks and groans with each thrust. "Mnnff... Nh.... Shen... Im..." she gasps, trying to speak quietly.

Shen however barely hears her, releasing her ear and biting the scruff of the back of her neck as he screws his eyes shut, barely able to contain his own groans as he can feel his sister shaking beneath him and her wonderful clenches around him. He can feel her struggling against her wobble legs, her body shaking hard as he is trying to concentrate on his own growing orgasm. Thats why he is pretty much taken by surprise when he hears her inhale sharply, her eyes snapping open wide and her eyes rolling back a little bit as she lets out a groan that he quickly has to muffle with his paw. Vera's tailhole squeezes down on Shen's length, her hips bucking back against him before her ass begins to shake. Her tailhole spasms around him as her pussy clenches a few times on nothing, only to flex before squirting her hot, slick juices all over his furry balls, soaking them to the core as her tailhole contracts hard with the squirt. She groans out into his paw, unable to control herself as her tailhole loosens briefly, only to contract again as a second less powerful squirt coats their inner thighs and absolutely soaks the carpet beneath them. This cycle releases itself as she begins to drool against his paw, Shen gasping and letting out muffled moans into her neck fur as these feelings quickly push him to the edge.

Vera's orgasm is almost finished after the few seconds it takes for Shen to reach his own, her breath heaving and desperate as she quivers, struggling to hold him and herself up. Her legs felt like jello as her squirting reduces to slow, spaced out spurts of cum that only serve to make a mess of her rump. As she begins to come down he growls out, letting out a muffled cry of pleasure as her relentlessly squeezing tailhole milks him to full completion, his hips meeting hers forcefully a few more times before he presses them to her ass hard. His own eyes flutter and screw shut as he bites her a bit harder, not enought to break the skin but enough to leave a mark there as his hips begin to jerk against hers wildly. His length throbs hard inside of her dryly a few times, his balls drawing up full before his dick begins to squirt rope after hot, thick, sticky rope of his espeon cum deep into his sisters rump, drooling hard against her as his hips jerk with each frequent squirt of his cum. His heart races against her back as he begins the long process of emptying his quite full balls inside of her, his sister letting out a low groan into his paw as she feels the warm fluids filling up her rear.

They both remain in this passionate embrace of pleasure as he fills up her rump with his thick cum for a good 15 seconds, having quite a bit to unload inside of her as how long and heavy his arousal has been definitely contributes to the length of his orgasm. By the time he finishes he is left a panting mess, feeling a bit of pressure around his length from the amount of cum he has stuffed inside of his little sisters rump. He wiggles his hips a bit before he eeps, releasing her neck as Vera whines and collapses beneath him, her legs finally giving out as she is completely exhausted from the rough pounding and teasing she has just gone through. They both lay there, Shen remaining on top of her for now as he enjoys her tightness around his spent length, now idly drooling his seed inside of her as he lets out a content sigh. He leans in and begins to groom along the back of his sisters ears, listening to her purr softly as he begins to let out his own purr as well. "Mmm... Thanks sis... I feel much.. better now!" he says, listening as Vera lets out a low murr and a soft giggle. "N-not a problem..." she replies, panting just a bit as she tries to recover, feeling fatigue quickly setting in. "You made quite.... a mess... You're gonna have to... clean that up." she finishes, speaking of her rump, not the large stain of her juices on the floor.

Shen chuckles at her reply, beginning to feel his own tiredness beginning to take hold as he pulls out of her ass. This creates a satisfying "pop"ing noise when he does so, seeing his cum begin to drool from her tailhole to join the puddle of her juices in the carpet, most likely going to stain it and definitely making quite the mess. He inhales the cocktail of scents in the air before rolling Vera's spent body onto her side, snuggling up next to her and wrapping his forepaws around her gently. He leans in and licks across her nose, hearing her giggle and seeing her blush heavily as her eyes begin to lid. "I love you, Vera." he says, nuzzling against her and pulling her close. Vera nods and nuzzles into his chest as he does so, cuddling up to him and enjoying the heat he gives off. Her fatigue quickly takes over as she falls asleep in his grasp, only able to mutter out the words "I love you, too." before passing out. Shen smiles big as she does so, laying his head on top of hers as he lets his own tiredness wash over him, his eyes slowly closing. He cant help but laugh softly at how their trainer will react when he finds them out in the morning, though he does not care much, falling asleep and cuddling his sister now that he has satisfied his Midnight Urges.

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