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Boarding School of Yaoi by ninjatommy21


Story Notes:

The first few chapters are a few years old.

Chapter 1

Boarding School of Yaoi
By: ninjatommy21

Chapter One
The Letter

An average sized Pikachu sits quietly on the floor of a large bedroom. Behind him lays a bed, the covers that live on top of it, are currently sprawled out on the floor below the Pikachu. The room is a mess, toys scattered in various spots. Cluttering up the floor they reside on. A closer inspection at the Pikachu shows that his fur is darker than normal. His eyes are grey, but a second look and they are green. He takes in a deep breath, his lungs expanding to fit the accommodation. He then breathes out; exhaling the oxygen he took in. The door to his right swings open and he turns to face the intruder. A lone Raichu stands, inspecting the room. “Tom.” A female voice erupts from her lips telling us this Pikachu’s name. “Didn’t I tell you to clean this room about an hour ago?” she questioned. “Yes. I’ll get to it later tonight mother.” His voice squeaks only faintly audible. “Tom. Here. Mail!” She walked over to him and handed it over. “Thank you.” He beamed a small smile as he rarely ever got mail. As she left he was fumbling it in his hands. Yes, it was indeed addressed to him. He moved his fingers over the opening. He slowly opened the letter with care. He knew any mail he got had to be important, he didn’t have any friends who sent him anything. He lifted the letter from the envelope and unfolded it.

Dear Thomas Sparrow,

We have carefully selected you to come to our school, Marlin’s Boarding School for Boys. We sincerely hope to see you in the new approaching year. If you do indeed choose to attend our lively school, simply be present at Maklin City Train station on Sunday, May 30th, before 12:30, as 12:30 is the departure time. We have quite a lot to offer, but, I’d like those to remain as secrets till the right time comes.

In grace,
Marlin Forre
Marlin Forre

Within a period of just five hours, Tom had read and reread the letter ten times. “In Grace.” He finally blurted out. He rubbed his head as he starred at those words. “Well.” He looked at his door. “Maybe I just might be able to make some friends.” He smiled and stood up. He knew the only way he could get his mother to agree with this, was if he did as he was told, and that meant he had to have a clean room in an hour. The first thing he did was make his bed, and then he went around the room collecting the various items that had preoccupied the space. And within the hour, his room was spotless, turned from a hens coop, to an OCD patient’s house. He smiled at his work, he had accomplished his goal, and now he would go to his mother and present the letter. He walked to the door and it opened, a little Pichu walked in. “Seth, I told you not t…….” He paused as Seth ran over and hugged him suddenly. It was unlike him to do things like this. “Heh. Hey you okay lil’ bro?” he asked in a whisper. But Seth remained silent. Then Tom jumped, not into the air, but onto his toes at the sudden feeling he received from his lower regions. He quickly looked down to see his little brother looking back up at him. In his little brothers hand was his sack. “Big Bro, while I was cleaning my private I touched mine and it felt wonderful. I wanted to share it with you.” He said innocently. The way he said it made Tom blush, his yellow fun and red cheeks made it nearly impossible to see it, but it was there, and his cheeks got even redder. Tom sat down on the floor and stared at Seth. He didn’t know how to respond, he was so confused. He had never masturbated, and so even the feeling was new. He realized that he was seeing images of him and his brother, and that those images spurred his cock to start growing. “Big Bro. What’s this?” Seth asked as he took hold of the red meat. Tom gulped as the wave of pleasure washed over him. “It’s the same thing you pee out of.” He answered, hoping his brother would stop asking questions. “But why’s it so big then?” Another question asked by Seth. “Well….” Tom tried to think of something quickly. “You know how you felt when you touch your sac, well after a while of that your private gets big because…” He paused and bit his lip the continued. “It wants to be happy.” He finished. “How do you make it happy?” Seth questioned. “Well, you, ummmm….” Seth giggled. “Show me.” He gulped once more, it would be his first time masturbating, and in front of his little brother. His brother watched him with his small pupils, they were so cute, and he wanted to hug his little brother. Then he decided he would show him, but only because it was his little brother, he would never do this for anyone else. So he groped his own cock and watched his hand. He figured that all he had to do was move it up and down. And so that’s what he did, all while his brother watched. With each up and down movement he felt more pleasure and something new. It started in his sac area, and as he went through his movements, it worked its way up. He closed his eyes and thrusted into his hand as he let loose one, two, three strings of his white cum. The first splattered on his face, the second on the carpet, and the last landed on his little brother. Tom lied back in exhaustion and panted. His little brother rubbed the white stuff off, he was interested in the substance, and so he licked it. He thought the taste was salty, but rather delicious. “Big Bro, White Pee is good.” He announced. Tom looked up; he remembered one of his talks with their mother. “Oh. No it’s not white pee. It’s called Sperm.” He said before laying his head back down. Then he processed what his little brother said. “You ate it?” He sat straight up and eyes the young Pichu. “Try it!” Seth demanded. Tom gulped and moved his finger through his fur where the cum was. He watched it with a little interest, what if it did taste good. He closed his eyes, and opened his mouth. He then lowered his finger into the hole and closed his lips tight around the finger. He pulled out, sucking on the yellow fur. His eyes opened wide, it was good. “You weren’t lying lil’ bro.” He said with a smirk. Tom stood. “I’m going to go wash up now.” He set the letter on his bed and quickly headed to the bathroom. Seth walked to the letter, and read it the best he could. He only understood one thing, and that was that Tom was leaving. Tom entered the door back into his room and Seth ran at him. He wrapped him in a hug and cried. “How….. Could…. You………………………” He sobbed into the pikachu’s fur. Tom gulped loudly. “Seth…” He looked down at his little brother and picked him up. “Please forgive me. But I wish there was a way I could take you with me. But the letter is only for me. And mother would never allow it anyway.” He said holding him in his arms. Seth buried his face into the fur on Tom’s shoulder and continued to sob loudly. Tom rubbed the Pichu’s head. “You’ll be okay without me. You might even get to have this room all to yourself.” He spoke hoping to encourage his little brother. But it all failed in the end, so he set him on his bed and grabbed the letter. Then he walked out of the room to talk to his mother. “Mom!” He called as he walked through the house. “I’m in the kitchen.” She yelled back. He made his way to the place where food was cooked and stored. “Mom. That letter you gave me. It was for a private all boys’ school. I was invited.” He spoke with confidence. He handed the letter to her for proof. She read over it quickly and nodded. “And you want to go right?” He nodded in response to her question. “Well May 30th is in two weeks. And the city you need to be in is about three days walk from here. And what about your little brother?” He gulped as she finished what she was saying with a question. Yes, what about his little brother? Then she spoke once more “You know your Father would never approve.” Tom looked at her then his feet. “So. He’s never here in the first place. He doesn’t pay any attention to me. If he was here more, I might actually be able to say he hates me.” He stated it loudly. His mother gasped. She brought her hand up and slapped him across the face. Tom stood still, a few tears dropped from his eyes, and then more. And then he was weeping in silence as he almost always did. The front door opened and a male Raichu entered. He walked to where the female Raichu and the Pikachu were. “What’s going on?” He asked his wife. “Tom doesn’t care about you and thinks you hate him.” She said while not taking her eyes off of Tom. The male Raichu looked at Tom, his eyes full of anger. He grabbed Tom’s left ear, causing him to yelp. The Raichu dragged him off to their bedroom, leaving the female to finish cooking. Along the way Tom was struggling and trying to get free. “Get in there boy.” The Raichu said as he shoved Tom into the room. He closed the door behind him and looked down. Their room was much bigger than Tom’s, big enough for the two of them and all their stuff. Their bed was in the middle of the room against the wall directly away from the door. To the left was a window looking outside, it was covered with black blinds. A big dresser sat next to the window, displaying a big mirror. The closet was to the right, along with various other items. “You think I hate you.” He yelled as he looked down at Tom. Tom sniffled a few times and kept quiet. “ANSWER ME!” He screamed at him. Tom sat on the floor in silence. The male Raichu picked him up and tossed him on the bed. He went to the closed and shuffled through a few boxes. Tom ignored him; he figured he was looking for something to spank him with. He felt his ear being yanked and he yelped, and as his opened his mouth a red plastic ball was pushed halfway into his mouth. It had straps on it, which were now around his head. It registered in his mind that this was a sex gag. He was lifted up into the air and when he came back down he was on his father’s lap, facing away from him. He looked down and saw his father’s cock was fully erected and Tom knew what his father planned on doing. “Don’t think of this as Rape, you’ll want more.” His father whispered into his ear. Then he spoke. “And I don’t hate you; this should prove that I love you.” Tom was lifted back up and slowly placed back down. His father stopped lowering him at the point where his tip touched Tom’s anal hole. Tom made a small whimpering noise through his gag. “It might hurt a bit at first, but don’t worry Tom. It’ll feel wonderful. I promise you” his dad chuckled after he finished. He then continued to lower Tom until their hips met each other. Tom sniffled once from the pain. A tear slowly streaked its way down his face only to be stopped by his father’s tongue. “No tears now.” He said softly into his ear. Tom felt himself being lifted back up, and slowly his ass was emptied, all the way till just the tip was still in. “I hope you ready son. Now we’re going to get a little faster.” And just as he finished he pulled Tom down with more speed then when he started. Their hips met, and at that moment Tom was hard, not that he wanted to be of course. A second later and Tom was back in the air, no rest this time as his father brought him back down. And up, and down, repeating the process with more speed and strength. Tom watched his cock bounce, and the pre spill from it. Tears lined his face, and each one was always caught by his father. His father was also leaking pre into him as his vigor increased. Tom closed his eyes hoping it would end soon, but only to his surprise he found himself being pleasure by his father. The first moment his cock was touched his eyes shot open to the sight of his father jacking him off. With every up, his father’s hand went down, and every down was matched by an up. That’s when Tom noticed there was no more pain in his rear, only warmth and what he could only describe as pleasure. He let a few more tears go, but they were tears of something other than pain and sadness. Tom closed his eyes again; he actually liked it all. A few more ups and downs at the regular pace, and then his father slowed down, but made them heavier humps. Then he slammed Tom down, pushing his cock as far up as he could, all while he let loose streams of his thick cum. The cum shot against Tom’s prostate, and Tom clenched his cheeks together and came as well. His dad chuckled as he saw Tom cum. Tom felt the cum run out of his rear, and could see it flow onto the bed. His dad pulled the gag off and Tom coughed. His father spun him around, both cocks now soft and hidden away. Tom looked down and blushed. “Did you enjoy it?” He asked. Tom sniffled and rubbed his eyes. “Yes” he admitted. “I don’t hate you Tom. It’s just I have such hard days at work. I get frustrated, and I’m so sorry that I take it out on you.” He brought Tom into a hug. Tom hugged back and buried his face into the Raichu’s fur and cried. “Tom. It’s okay.” The father softly spoke, hoping to calm him down. Tom looked up into his father’s eyes, and the Raichu wiped away the tears. “I’m sorry Dad. I didn’t mean to say that.” Tom sniffled. His father smiled, “I know. I know Tom.” Tom nodded and looked down at his father’s fur. “We should clean up, right?” he asked. He nodded, and stood up, still holding Tom, as though he was still a little child. He carried him to their bathroom that was right outside the door. He set Tom in the tub and ran some water. “Hope you don’t mind taking a bath with me. It wouldn’t be the first time.” Tom watched him the whole time, “No, I… I don’t mind.” Once the water had filled the tub, the Raichu climbed in and faced his son. He grabbed the wash and squirted a little in his hands. “Close your eye.” He said and then applied it to Toms head. He rubbed it through the fur, and slowly moved it around. He made sure to get the cleaner throughout Tom’s fur, all the way to where his body met the water. “Could you Stand Tom?” He asked. Tom stood and he continued, making sure to clean his rear free of the cum. When he was finished he told Tom to sit. Tom sat and the Raichu used a small cup to rinse the suds off his son. “You can open your eyes now.” He spoke. Tom opened them up slowly to make sure they didn’t have any of the cleanser in them. “Mind washing me up?” his father asked jokingly. Tom took the bottle and repeated the process with his father, but he had to make sure he cleaned the cum from his father’s groin area and his legs where the cum dribbled down. “Thanks Tom.” The Raichu said when Tom had finished. The two climbed out and dried off at the same time, with the same towel, passing it back and forth, and teasing each other by playfully rubbing against each other’s sacs as they passed the towel. When their fur had been completely dried Tom opened the door and walked out with his father. He walked to the kitchen where dinner was just being served. “Looks like you two had a talk, but also looks like you both decided you needed to be clean.” His mother said eying them. Seth walked over to Tom and hugged him again, “If you go Tom, can I go with you?” His little brother asked. He titled his head and did his best to look cuter than ever. Tom bit his lip and went to answer. “Where?” His father suddenly asked. Tom grabbed the letter off the table and slid it to the male Raichu who quickly read it. “You want to go to a private school?” He asked. Tom nodded. “I didn’t even sign up for it or anything, they’re inviting me, so it has to be free too.” Tom looked at his mother. “Please. I promise to visit every chance I have.” He then turned to his father. He would return, he loved his father, and wanted to have more fun with him, and Seth. “We’ll talk about it after dinner Tom, while Seth is taking his bath.” His father said to him. Tom nodded and looked at his plate. Tonight they were eating something his mother loved cooking, Pecha Berry Soup. He took his spoon and dipped it in the soup; its main contents were pecha berries. But there were other things in it. Tom ate his soup at a fast pace, eager to be done. Once he was finished he stood up, pushed in his chair, walked over to the sink, and placed the bowl in. He walked to the kitchen and sat on the couch. He was excited that he might actually get to go. When everyone else was done, Seth was sent to take his bath, and his two parents walked into the room. They took a seat on either side of him. “I’m glad you two worked out your problems. And Tom, I love you too, just don’t think I’ll ever show it in the manner your father did.” Tom blushed; she knew what his father had done. “And you should have come to me when Seth started asking questions, not show him what you did.” Tom’s face got redder yet. She hugged him and he hugged back. When they were done hugging she smiled. “So do you think we should let him go hun?” she asked his father. “Why not, he’s a good boy, he’ll behave.” He ruffled his hand through Tom’s fur on his head. Tom nodded, “I promise to be good. And come back whenever I can, so can I? Please” he begged his mother. “Fine, you better behave.” Tom jumped up figuratively and shouted “Yay!” His father smiled and grabbed him. “How about me and you go have some more alone time?” He asked, though it was more of a demand. Tom giggled as he was lifted, “Sure daddy.” He responded. The male Raichu carried Tom to Tom’s room and set him on his bed. “Wow, you’ve cleaned up well.” He said as he was amazed. Tom smiled. “Thanks, I cleaned it today. So what do you have in mind?” He finished speaking with a question, and he hoped the answer had to do with what his eyes were staring at. Tom was watching his father’s cock, he knew that what they were going to do was something involving it, and the main clue to that, was that it was slowly growing. Tom’s father grinned, “Why don’t we try out your mouth” he said. Tom’s eyes widened, his father wanted him to give him a blowjob. “But, I don’t know anything about that.” Tom said. His father chuckled, “This will be your first lesson.” Tom blinked wondering what he meant by his first lesson. Was there something he knew that Tom didn’t? “Just do what you think is right.” Tom nodded. He jumped off the bed just as his father sat down. Tom kneeled before the cock as though it was royalty. He looked into the eyes of his father and watched them. He licked his lips and went back to looking at the pulsing, red organ. He licked it from base to tip causing his father to shiver in pleasure. He licked it again for taste and found he liked it. He breathed in heavily through his noise and let the strong musky smell fill his nostrils. His father chuckled as he watched him. Tom loved the smell, it actually turned him on. And slowly his cock began erecting. He wrapped his maw around the cock and slowly went down, taking about half the cock in his mouth. “Don’t try taking more than you can handle.” Tom moved up to the tip and back done to the halfway point. His father murred, “Good boy.” He praised. Tom continued to bob up and down slowly speeding up, but never going past the point where his saliva was. A few minutes later his father was panting, enjoying this as much as Tom. Tom stopped and pulled off to take a big breathe. He saw a small amount of pre form at the tip and licked it. It tasted wonderful to him and he hoped there was more where it came from. Tom went back to bobbing up and down. His dad rubbed his head softly as he continued to mur loudly. Then he grabbed Toms head and held it still as he came. He had to hold himself back so he didn’t thrust into Tom’s throat and hurt him. Tom gulped down what he could and quickly pulled up. Letting three long and thick strings of cum splatter on his face. Tom looked up at his father and smiled. “That was fun.” He said with a smirk. His father chuckled and lifted him up. “I bet it was. I’m glad you like it.” He then licked Tom clean and brought his lips to Tom’s. Tom’s eyes widened from the unexpected kiss. He didn’t know how to react to it. So he sat still and let his father play with his tongue. Then his father pulled away and a string of saliva connected his father’s tongue to Tom’s lips. The saliva broke and Tom blushed again. “Dad. Today has been great. Whenever I come back for breaks and everything, could we um. Ya know, do this again an…..” before his finished asking his question his father kissed him again. This time Tom figured he would do what his father did. And kissed back, letting their tongues play with each other. Tom wrapped his arms around his father as the two kissed. When the kiss broke both tongues were hanging out of their mouths. A long and thick saliva string held to the two. Tom buried his face into his father’s fur once it broke. “I…. Love you dad. I promise I always will.” He spoke. He felt his head being rubbed and knew it was his father. “I know Tom. It’s late, why don’t you get some sleep. I’ll see ya in the morning” Tom grinned and looked at his bed. “Okay. I guess sleep is good. I’ll dream of you.” He stated. “I’d expect nothing less Tom.” Replied his father. He laid Tom down softly and smiled. He covered him up to his waist and left. Leaving Tom alone, though he just smiled as he shut the door. A few minutes later it opened again, and entered Seth, the little Pichu. “Big bwo, can I sweep with you. Pwease,” he begged at the edge of the bed. Tom picked him up and slid him under the cover. He smiled and the two fell asleep in each other’s arms.
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