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A Bet's a Bet by Neos8


Chapter 1

A Bet's a Bet

“ Tyrantrum use dragon rush!”

the gruff badger trainer commanded. The hulking dino roared as he charged the growling feraligatr named Sharptooth on the opposite end of the battle field.

“ Alright, two can play that game! Sharptooth use ice punch at full power!”

Said a black anthro version of Sharptooth named Alan shouted as he was more than prepared for this. The reptile pokemon stood and clenched his right fist as it began to be immersed in a bluish-white glow that expelled ice crystals. Tyrantrum was charging head long at the pokemon not realizing that he was more than ready. The badger laughs as he thought that the move would not be powerful enough as the tyrantrum was already closing the distance quick.

“ HAHAHA that will never be powerful enough to even stop my tank of a pokemon!”

the boasting badger shouted as tyrantrum was about to collide with Sharptooth. Alan smirked as he was waiting for the right time to act.

“ GOTCHA! Do it Sharp!”

Sharptooth held his left hand up just as tyrantrum connected and with his strength stopped the rushing pokemon as he slid back a few feet. Both tyrantrum and his trainer were stunned as the blue gator not only stopped the dragon rush, but with one hand to boot!

“ Bu-but how?! How could a feraligatr stop a heavier pokemon like tyrantrum?!

The badger asked while standing dumbfounded as Sharptooth grabbed tyrantrum's nose.

“ Cause he was better trained!”

“ Fe...ral tor tor!”

Alan said with Sharptooth agreeing as he punched tyrantrum with a right hooked ice punch. The hit was strong enough to send the pokemon flying into a nearby tree knocking him out cold.

After a friendly hand shake and making sure tyrantrum was well, the two trainers bid each other farewell leaving a slightly richer Alan and a more confident Sharptooth.

“ Well that was a good way to finish off the day wouldn't you agree?”

Asked Alan as he and his prized pokemon rested in the nearby pokemon center. Sharptooth roared as he flexed and showed off in front of his trainer. Alan threw a pillow at said pokemon who caught it in his maw.

“ Don't get too cocky that could've happened the other way. So stop thinking you're the better pokemon.”
Alan said as he stripped into just boxers as a grumpy pokemon spoke to him in his pokemon language.

“ Ferali li gator ral ral!”

“ Oh so you think you are unbeatable huh? Well then tough guy......prove it.”

Alan demanded as he stood with his hands on his hips.

“ Pick the sport and place!”

Sharptooth got nose to nose with his trainer and pointed out to the pool and spoke.

Rali ral ( swimming race) fer fer gator! (right here, right now!)

Sharptooth barked as he waited for a response. Alan backed up abit as he wasn't expecting Sharptooth to choose quickly as he stepped back.

“ You're on! One lap and the loser does what the winner wants for tonight!”

Alan said think he was going to beat his pokemon and put him in his place. The feraligator laughed as thought his trainer will beat him. A few moments later, both we're standing on the end of the pool as they looked at each other with a competitive smile.

“ Rali feral ral! (good luck!)”

Sharptooth teased as he was waiting for his trainer to say go.

“ You too big jaws!”

Alan retorted. As he readied, he shouted go and off they went. Alan was giving it his all as he was a expert swimmer, but no match for a well suited water pokemon as Sharptooth. The pokemon came up beside the black gator and winked as he swam faster to the other end of the pool and back towards the finish as Alan got to the end and was swimming back. Sharptooth tagged the wall and quickly jumped out and did a small victory dance while Alan crawled out panting as he should've known better than to mess with the best.

“ Fine you won, I lost big whoop!” he grumbled as he was going to grab a towel only to be stopped by Sharptooth. He waved a finger from side to side as he grinned.

“ Ral ral raalll (ah ah ahhh) “

He said as he pulled Alan to the secluded outdoor couch. Alan was wondering what the pokemon was thinking as he plopped onto the couch facing him. He lifted his feet up to the trainer and pointed as he spoke.

“ Feral feral ter gator gator, ral rali ral ral. Gator ral ral ter fer gator rali! (A bet is a bet and for the winner, I want my feet rubbed. I have been walking all day and they need some lovin!)”

Alan blushed abit as he was ordered to rub his pokemon's thick and strong foot paws. Secretly the gator had often fantasized about how they would feel......or taste as he would fap and imaging them rubbing against him or grinding against his cock. Not to mention, he liked to be dominated by someone strong like his Sharptooth, but felt that it was a taboo to mate or date a pokemon (even though he was fluent in the understanding of poke speak). Alan was suddenly brought back to reality as loud smack of Sharptooth's tail made contact with the wood flooring beneath them.

“ Gator? Ral tor? (Hey are you ok?)”

Sharptooth was a bit concerned as he made a tall order despite his feelings for the young gator before him. He stood up and walked over to see the slightly blushing Alan shake his head before he felt his trainer's paws on his chest. Alan looked down as he started to feel the blood rush to his head while gently pushing the giant croc back into the couch and knelt down before him.

“ Y-yeah buddy I'm fine. Just wasn't expecting something like this from you is all.”

Alan said shyly as he continued.

“ I was expecting you to demand things like wait on you hand and well.......foot and bringing you food while you lounged around.”

Sharptooth chuckled as he felt his trainer's fingers rub his left foot paw starting with the toes and working his way down. was thinking that, but what he saw a few nights back at their campsite, he REALLY wanted this more.

[ A few nights earlier]

Alan and Sharptooth were resting before going into the next town and slept early. Though Sharptooth noticed his trainer leaving the tent late that night to probably “ relieve” himself, but when he noticed he was taking too long he went to look for him. Using his nose he scented out his trainer and followed suit to make sure he was ok......that or he needed a longer relief. When he got closer to Alan's location, he smelled something in the air coming from area where Alan's scent led him only to not only find his trainer, but the scent that lingered was his musk as he was jacking off.

Sharptooth quickly hid as he blushed deeply seeing his trainer masturbating. He couldn't believ- well he could cause guys needed it, but he often wanted to see Alan do it he was more than a good friend to him, he loved his trainer. Wanting nothing more than to see him happy and to care for him as he did when he was a totodile. Even hearing his name called out and about his........FEET?!

Coming back to reality, sharptooth was enjoying the treatment Alan was giving him as he saw the blush he was showing. He also had begun to blush as he was at least happy that Alan was holding up his end of the bargain without much of a fight or argument. He thought of one more thing that might make it more....beneficial. Alan was still rubbing as he couldn't help but be embarrassed that he was tending to his feraligatr like he was, but at least he was enjoying the demand as he was getting aroused from touching the strong and yet soft reptilian feet he desired to play with.

“ They are really thick and even with him sliding back on them, they aren't as rough. So nice.”

He said as he enjoyed the rubbing. It was then that as he was about to tend to the right foot, Sharptooth rubbed his foot into Alan's snout. And wiggled his toes.
“ Rali raa gator tor tor feral. Tor..... fer al ali “tor” ra ra? Ra li? (that was really a nice foot rub Alan. Now.... could you “clean” them? For me?)”

Sharptooth asked as he looked away blushing and waiting for an answer. Alan was shocked as he asked to “ clean” his pokemon's feet. Could he be dreaming? Was he hallucinating? No it was real as Sharptooth tapped his head crest with a toe claw and stroked it making him snap from his thoughts as the feraligatr murred.

“ Liiiiii? (pleaaase?)”

Alan looked at Sharptooth as he saw him look back blushing. Alan felt a bit of sweat form on the feraligatr's foot paws as he was a bit nervous. Alan was getting hot under the collar as he was panting.

“ Tor? Gator ro gator fera rali? (Huh? Are you hot my trainer?)”

Sharptooth asked as he rubbed the smooth side of his tail from Alan's clothed crotch to his chest causing the gator to stiffen. Sharptooth used his toe claw to pop a button as he murred again.

“ Ferrr.... li ra raaal. Feerrrrrr ral i ri gator Fer aligator fe li. (Well.....take them off. Sooooo you can cool off. Be naked like me.)”

The feraligatr suggested as he wanted to see his trainer like he was that night before when he found him. The black gator only responded in a lusty huff as he rubbed the big gator foot on his chest.

“ I-i'll let you do it.....with your feet. Y-you are the winner after all.”

The gator replied as he felt the strong toes and claws flex on his clothed chest. Sharptooth was having a hard time trying to not jump and hug his trainer right then and there, but he flexed his toes more on his chest. Alan's heart was beating harder for the pokemon to feel it. Sharptooth was having the same effect as he used his middle toe to easily pop the buttons on the shirt all the way down and exposing the nice body the trainer had. It was then the feraligator licked his chops as he pressed his foot paw over the chest with speaded toes. A deep growl echoed from him as he went over the nipples as he used the other foot to remove the right sleeve and then switching to do the other side.

“*muuuurrrrss* ( Finally I can finally enjoy your body closer. Even if you like my feet only.) “

The pokemon thought as he wanted and hoped that Alan will return his love besides being ordered to do it. At the moment he was enjoying the love he received and than was enough. Alan was panting onto the current foot pad as he removed his boxers to be fully nude in front of his more wild counterpart. The sudden removal of his boxers released his musky arousal as a bit of his cock peeked out. The bigger feraligatr smiled as he rubbed his left foot paw into his face.

“ Ferali rali. ( now “clean”) “

The feraligator demanded as he grinded his foot pad into Alan's snout with a smile. Alan gently let his tongue roll against the thick skin and panted more. The taste was earthy and feral. The sweat was an add on as they have had berries earlier and it made his foot paws sweet.

“ Oh a-arceus sharptooth's feet! They taste wonderful.”
Alan thought as he lathered the left foot paw in his saliva. He even took each clawed digit and suckled on them. He was so into it that the black gator drooled as he was in heaven. He couldn't admit it to sharptooth, but he always wanted to fondle his toes and to taste them. He was slowly dripping pre onto the wooden deck as he enjoying the lickings very much.

He didn't notice that sharptooth was aware and let the tip of his tail catch some as he rubbed each toe until they dripped in sweat and saliva. With the left done sharptooth took the dripping foot paw and rubbed it on the side of Alan's head as he rubbed the other in his face for the same treatment. He was more than happy to oblige as he immediately licked and rubbed his tongue hungrily in each groove and crevice of the pokemon's toes. He gave it the same treatment and took a longer time as he wanted to enjoy them more.

“ Ra.... raaa li. Fer fer gator li gator gator. ( Yes.....that's it. Lick them my sweet gator trainer)”

Sharptooth said as he wanted to make sure that this lasted. He used his tail to rub against Alan's peeking cock and groped the area causing Alan to whimper as he dripped more pre onto the tail tip making it slick for sharptooth to get better friction. Alan panted as he tried not to hump against the persistent tail of his pokemon. He was loving it all as he felt sweat and saliva drip off the other foot paws as he rubbed into it and getting flustered.

“ have such tasty feet. And Ahh you k-k-keep doing that I won't last long!”

Alan said as he was oozing pre more as sharptooth was making sure that the cock never fully emerge. How sharptooth wish that Alan would love him like he wanted. How he would show him his love even though they were different. He didn't care as he would only love his trainer. Even if wasn't understanding his 'scent'.

“ (Oh arceus just let time stay slow for just a bit longer)” Sharptooth begged as he pleasured his trainer. With his efforts, Alan wasn't going to last long. Alan couldn't stand the treatment as he was bucking soflty as he was just enjoying the smell of recently licked foot paws. He closed his eyes as he murred. Feeling the impending orgasm approaching. Sharptooth could smell it as he rubbed the licked foot on Alan's back and took the other and groped his throbbing organ. The black gator moaned as he felt the thick pads grind onto his confined length and felt the pre covered appendix invade his maw and undulate like a tentacool's tentacle. The taste of his own pre and the sudden grinding sent Alan over the edge as he arched his back and came hard into sharptooth's foot paw as sharptooth poked his tongue out.

“( That's it my trainer cum hard into my sole. Enjoy the feeling that I will do only for you my trainer.)”

Sharptooth thought as he wiggled his toes getting the gator's cum between them. After what seemed like an eternity the black gator's orgasm subsided as he was released to relax. As looked up at his pokemon, he saw sharptooth hold his now cum drenched foot dripped over his face before the feraligatr dipped a claw into it and sniffed.

“Fer fer.......ri gator feral RAL gat or? (My my.......was my trainer THAT pent up?)”

Sharptooth asked as he licked the cum off his claw. He enjoyed the taste as he placed it back in front of his trainer.

“ Ri ral li raaa. Feral li gator. ( You've made a mess. Clean it up)”

He damanded as he wiggled his toes. Alan blushed as he began to clean the dripping cum off as he tasted his cum. He murred as he cleaned the cum off and relaxed as he was picked up by his pokemon and shuddered as sharptooth cleaned his slit of the sticky cum. Alan wanted him to stop as someone could see, but he was still weak cause of the recent predicament. Sharptooth even dipped his tongue into his slit to get the last bit of trapped cum as he made Alan moan. After he was done he hugged his trainer tightly and murred.

“ Ra Raaaa Ra. ( I love you.)”

Sharptooth said to Alan as he blushed deeply. He didn't care if he won't see my love, but he loved him deeply as he grabbed his clothes and walked him back to the pokemon center without anyone seeing them.

(I hope that one day he will love me back. But I can wait.)

the feraligatr thought as his trainer was still too weak to try and fight his way out of the pokemon's strong grip. After placeing Alan in bed, he curled up with him and nudged him tenderly as he dreamed of the day his trainer and friend......

would become his mate.

The End

Chapter End Notes:

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    Reviewer: ninjatommy21
    Date:May 26 2015 Chapter:Chapter 1
    It was an interesting quick read. I'm looking forward to seeing more from you.

    Personally I wouldn't have added the pokemon dialogue, seeing as the trainer can understand him. Maybe if it was only there when the pokemon was near another trainer. Otherwise it seems repetitive and trivial.

    It wasn't explained as to how he could understand his pokemon, but honestly a direct explanation wasn't needed. Knowing he was an anthro pokemon himself was very valuable to that.

    All in all. I enjoyed it.

    Author's Response:
    thanks for the review and true the dialog isn't needed but its fun to make it up as i go along ^w^