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Highway Robbery by Anonymless


Chapter 1

Highway Robbery
By Anonymless

Besides the soft ripples of her tongue piercing the surface of the water, the lake was calm and still this Tuesday afternoon, and the Salandit could gather her refreshment undisturbed by the denizens of the forest. She raised her head from the water and licked her lips, her tail flicking about. Enough, for now.

Turning back the way she came, the black salamander Pokemon crawled through a shortcut between the bushes and reached the wide, sanded path where humans liked to tread. Some rays of light still passed through the cloudy sky and distant chirps echoed through the canopy above. There was a swagger in her gait as she continued down the middle of the path, but her eyes were carefully scanning the gaps between the trees.

She stopped, noticing a movement in the distance. Sure enough, one of the humans had arrived. Sitting down on her hinds, she waited for him to pass the corner and get to the open space in front of her. The human was draped in animal hides and the prison devices hanging from his waist made his intentions clear.

"Huh? What's that?"

The human took a step back, their eyes meeting for the first time. He pulled out his Pokedex and aimed it towards her, causing it to recite some bits of information on her species.

"A Salandit..." He looked back at her and reached for his belt. "All right! Flygon, let's go!"

The ball flew through the air and hit the ground, releasing his Flygon companion from confinement, and it let out a fierce battlecry. At the same time, she prostrated herself and raised her tail into the air, swinging it around. The striped appendage began to exude a purple fog which dissolved into the air soon after.

"Flygon, use Mud Slap!" the human said, pointing at her.

The Flygon didn't respond; instead, it simply stared at the Salandit, mouth open. Even after repeating the command, nothing seemed to happen between the two.

"What's the problem, Flygon?" The human looked towards the salamander, which was still releasing its strange fog. Then, he began to feel it as well. "Ah..."

The Salandit stopped, and stood back up on her hinds, smiling. Her two opponents were stopped dead in their tracks with stupid looks on their faces. She began to move closer, crawling towards the Flygon.

Suddenly the Flygon sprung into action, grabbing her in his claws and taking a long breath from her scent. The dragon was getting increasingly aroused, a little red tip poking out of a slit in his nethers. He then brought her down to his growing erection and began to rub her body over it, provoking a light groan from the smaller Pokemon.

The Salandit's fiery warmth did wonders for the Flygon, and she helped along by licking the underside of his shaft while it continued to grow. Soon enough his cock had become larger than herself, and his lustful motions rubbed the length across her whole body. She suckled at the tapered head of his penis, slurping up some of the pre that had begun to dribble.

The Flygon pulled her up on the fully erect cock, separating her legs with his claws. The salamander grinned with satisfaction as her entrance made contact with the tip of the beastly shaft. Though it was really large and thick at the bottom, the tip of his cock was small enough that it was able to fit into her with relative ease.

Holding her firmly, the Flygon pressed her down upon the shaft, forcing more of his length into her and causing her to moan. The teasing sensation of her walls around his tip drove him wild with lust, and he began to thrust into her, pushing her up and down on the large cock in a steady rhythm.

Each time the Flygon pushed her back down on his dick he was able to fit a little more of it inside, to her delight. After a dozen more thrusts he was stretching her out to an impossible degree, with about half the dragon's cock going into the tiny Pokemon and both of them panting heavily. His claws held tightly on to her sides while she bounced up and down at an increasingly rapid pace.

The Flygon made a powerful thrust and let out a loud cry as he came. His dick was pressed in as deep as it would go and shot spurt after spurt of seed into the Salandit, right into her womb. She clasped her belly during the climax, feeling the slimy throbs of the Flygon's dick through her own body. After five of the spurts the seed started spilling out of her pussy and making a puddle on the ground.

The Flygon continued to hold her still even after the orgasm had faded, his cock buried inside the Salandit while she murred in joy. It was only then she took a glance to her side and saw the human staring at them, close by with a raging boner in his pants. Perhaps he had been standing there the whole time.

The Salandit smiled, and beckoned for him to come closer. While he got up close, the human began to unzip and pull down the pants, revealing his very hard dick to her. The penis was so near that she could lean in and lick upon its head, even while she was still penetrated by the Flygon and stretching her pussy on his huge shaft.

The human put his left hand on the back of her head and pushed the head of his dick into her mouth, and she began to lick all around it, circling the glans and digging underneath the foreskin, savoring the strong taste. It wasn't entirely clean, but that was part of the fun.

The Flygon moved back a bit so she was spitroasted in between the two males, suspended in the air by the dragon cock in her pussy. The human began to hump her in the mouth, pushing his dick into the back of her throat. She relaxed her jaws, doing her best to avoid scraping him with her large teeth.

This continued for several minutes, the Salandit enjoying her time as the center of attention. After a while, the Flygon began to go soft and pulled her off his dick, causing a gush of cum to pour out of the fiery salamander. He gave her over to the human, who held her in both hands and kept fucking her in the face, his balls slapping the bottom of her snout.

The human pulled out, holding the Salandit in the air for a moment. A string of saliva dripped from her mouth, and she smiled at him. Then, he flipped her onto her back, aiming his dick at her pussy, which was still drenched in the Flygon's cum. He adjusted his position, placing his head directly against her waiting entrance. Then he pushed it in.

The Salandit moaned, feeling the human's cock slide right in, his entire length going inside effortlessly because of the lubrication Flygon had provided for him. He began to thrust, fucking the Pokemon while embracing her with his hands. Now it was the Flygon's turn to watch, completely still while the salamander had her fun.

The human went all the way in with each push, their hips slapping together repeatedly, her tail rubbing against his balls. It continued for several minutes, until the human too was about to reach his peak, ramming his cock in the Salandit while she was lost in pleasure. He kept thrusting into her even while his orgasm arrived, so absorbed in what he was doing that he continued on while bursts of cum erupted from his cock and splashed against her already-soaked insides. After a few more thrusts he pulled out and ground his dick over her crotch, ejaculating over her belly and face. The Salandit moaned, closing her eyes and opening her mouth wide while the cum rained over her. When the human had fully emptied himself, she opened her eyes and marveled at the results of their session.


Another thirty minutes passed before the human finally recovered from the enchantment, and he looked around himself in confusion. The Flygon stood at his side, and seemed equally confused about the circumstances.

"W... what just happened?" The trainer blinked and rubbed his face. There was no one else in sight. "Did the Pokemon escape?"

The Flygon nodded.

"Oh well. At least we're still in one piece. Let's keep going to the next town."

He recalled the Flygon to its pokeball and continued down the path, alone, noticing that it had gotten quite a bit darker since they departed.

"Man, I feel exhausted. I could really use some rest after this... I'll see if they have a room in the hotel." He reached for his right pocket, and his walk slowed down to a stop. "Wait... where the hell is my wallet?"


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