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A Day on The Farm by Captain_Dragonuv


Chapter 1

As the sun rose up over the hillside for begin its long arc through the daytime sky, a clutch of Torchic began to wake up and exit their coop, followed by their Combusken mother, while the father of the small flock found his way to the top and crowed loudly, signaling to everyone the arrival of sunrise. Nearby a couple of Psyduck were startled awake and almost flipped over in the pond, shaking the sleep from their eyes while getting laughed at by a few migrating Swanna with a little Ducklett giving a shake of its feathered tail. A few Mareep were already grazing in the fields, bleating to each other as the meandered about. Joining them in the fields were a couple of Gogoat with a Skiddo, the kid already jumping around and nosing at the stalwart father. Over by the barn were some Tarous and Miltank, with some Tepig starting a morning mud-bath with their Pignite mother flopped on her side still. The smaller pen nearby housed a few Buneary, mostly for show, as if to complete the ‘old farmer’ cliché. The occupants of the farmhouse were waking up and readying for morning chores, though made and enjoyed a quick breakfast. Once dishes were cleaned up, the husband and wife went to get the feed ready for the larger livestock while the younger ones got the food ready for the others, then they all went to feed and tend to those that needed it.


By midday, the Miltank had been groomed and milked, the Torchic all fed, the Combusken’s eggs ‘collected’, the overly fluffed up Mareep rounded up--with help from twin Herdier--and getting their wool sheered, slop fed to the Tepig and Pignite, the pen of the Buneary cleaned out and restock, mud sifted and soaked in a little more, water for the livestock refreshed, and lastly the stables cleaned out. A honk of a truck horn got the attention of the farmer’s wife, who went to greet the driver. After a brief chat the driver drove on to the stables and opened the door of the trailer, coaxing out a rather frail-looking Ponyta. The burning mane of the foal was barely ablaze, and it looked as though it had a cold of some sort. Luckily, as evident by all the other fire-type livestock, the farm knew just how to handle himself with those supposedly hot-headed, dangerous Pokémon. By the time the foal was settled in the farmer finished bailing hay and came over to give a quick once-over. After giving the driver an estimation of time needed for a full recovery, the driver and farmer shook hands then went their separate ways, the Ponyta giving a whining braying as the drive pulled away.


As the afternoon progressed into evening, the Ponyta slips into some kind of depression, until some panicked yelping could be heard. The farmer and his wife were chasing after a wild Braixen that had snatched up one of the Buneary while three Fennekin underlings were attacking the Torchic, another Braixen going after the Combusken. The fiery pony started to kick and bray its protest until one of the farmer’s children came up and unlocked the stable door, the horse bolting out and making a run for the farthest fire-fox, giving it a firm bash with its snout, causing it to release the frightened bun. The two fire-types began to square off, the fox hissing and growling while the bun hid behind one of the pony’s hind legs, being mindful of those hooves. Whenever the fox made a move, the pony stomped a fore-hoof in warning, then as one of the other foxes made a break for it, the Braixen lunged, only to get caught by the brunt of a head-butt provided by one of the Gogoat, giving the Ponyta a chance to around, gently grabbing the bun by the scruff of its neck and running back to the farmhouse. The larger fox shook its head then ran to catching up, running under the Ponyta and try and steal back the cowering bun, but in doing so had crashed into the pony’s chest, getting knocked to the ground then trampled on, skull crunching as the Ponyta didn’t stop.


At hearing the loss of its partner and mate, the other Braixen yipped loudly, the Fennekin rushing over, but not before a loud gunshot rang out. The farmer had grabbed his rifle and was--for the moment--shooting blanks to scare off the fox-family. The plan had worked, as the surviving Braixen called for the Fennekin to run away, though it wasn’t a fruitless effort, as the Braixen had managed to capture and kill one of the Torchic chicks. The four vanished into the woods with their prize; another meal for the--now smaller--family. The farmer and his wife went to retrieve the Buneary from the Ponyta while the kids made sure the other Pokémon were okay. Just about all the farm’s Pokémon were okay, save for the Combusken hen. The Braixen had managed to injure a wing before getting driven off by the rooster. They didn’t even seem all that bothered by the loss of the one chick, going back to pecking at the ground for seeds and grains. The Buneary were huddling each other while the Tepig and jumped around and rolled in the mud, trying to coax the mother Pignite to play. The Mareep were unscathed, and the neighboring Gogoat and Skiddo were now settling down, the young one jumping around still.


As the sun began to sink over the hills the farmer made dinner while his family herded up the remaining livestock, the Tarous and Miltank wandering into the stables for the night, with the Ponyta following close behind. Once they were all locked up for the night, the Combusken rounded up their chicks into the coop and the last of the farm’s Pokémon went down for bed, the family all gathered around and ate supper and cleaned up the house a little before going down for bed, everyone on the farm being lulled to sleep with the aid of the Kricketot and Kricketune in the woods, the hooting of a Noctowl sounding off its awakening.

Chapter End Notes:

Suprisingly short compared to my other work, but as a one-shot deal, I think I'll be happy. Might go back and flesh out a little more, but that's a big might...

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