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Breaking and Entering by thatshamelessone


Story Notes:

This is my first fic here so feedback on what could be improved is welcomed. No need to flame though. If you do..... Well, in the wise words of Johnny Storm, Flame on.

Chapter 1

You are Mewtwo, a genetically cloned Pokémon of legend, created by humans to be used by humans. Or at least that would have been the case, hadn’t you decided to rebel against your creators, murdering most of them during your escape. Now you reside in a cave located somewhere in the outskirts of the Kanto region.


 Luckily for you the nearest human settlement is Cerulean city, which is miles from your location, and not many humans venture this far from their own territory so you don’t usually have the misfortune of meeting many of them.


 Yeah, saying your feelings for humans were nothing but distain would be an understatement, but honestly you considered them justified.


 You will admit, most of the humans you have met around here were nowhere near as relentless and cruel as the ones who had tormented you during your days in confinement, however these ones, these, ‘Pokémon trainers’ as they call themselves, wanted to capture you for their own methods of Pokémon battling which, in your opinion, made them no different then your would-be masters.


You sit in silence in your miserable looking cave with nothing but the occasional pitter-patter of water droplets falling from the stalactites decorating the ceiling. You plop a couple of berries into your maw that you scavenged nearby. While chewing the fruit a smile creeps onto your face while you enjoy the bitter, but also rather sweet, tasting snack. Your fleeting moment of happiness is quickly sponged when you hear the familiar screech of bike tires outside your cave’s entrance.


 “Mewtwo! You there?! I’ve come back for a rematch!” A voice calls from outside.


 Your eyes scrunch shut in annoyance, cheeks still full of fruit. Ugh, you actually recognize that voice now; it’s him, Graham, Grant? Ugh what was his name again? You should probably consider remembering it at this point. Hell he’s kind of earned it, what with how many times this dimwit dragged his sorry rear back here for beating after beating.


 “Mewtwo! It’s me, Grey! You still chillin’ here!?..."Uhh, I guess you wouldn’t be saying anything if you weren’t though.”


 You roll your eyes. This Grey thing was a bit of a dullard, about as smart as a garden snail actually. The few human trainers who have found you here had been stubborn at first but once they were beaten a handful of times defeat eventually wore them down and they stopped returning realizing they valued their lives more than their pride.


 All but one….


 This Grey thing, this…. human worm, never gave up. No matter how many times you put him and his brainless slaves in their place he would show up within a weeks time to challenge you again. Humans pissed you off, no doubt about that, but this particular human infuriated you in a way no other, not even your creators for that matter, ever could! Getting to your feet, you cracked your neck, preparing yourself for yet another fight.


 The trainer’s form eventually came into view. Dressed in a baggy, dull gray hoodie with a white undershirt beneath accompanied with a crooked hat of the same color atop his head, leaving faint hints of his unkempt brown hair poking through the front. His shorts and shoes were of course, the same color of said jacket and hat.


 Now, you don’t wear clothes, so you wouldn’t know exactly, but you were 87% sure that fucking idiots dress like this. Well, at least he looked the part. Grey’s eyes widened, and that stupid smile of his wormed its way on his face.


 “Hey Mewtwo, its been awhile! (Four days is not awhile) How’ve you been?”


 “I have been getting better, until you showed up.” You make sure the scowl on your face is as defined is possible. “Why do you return? Have I not humiliated you enough? No one, especially some human guppy, will ever be able to match the power I posses!” You kind of wish you could communicate physically instead of telepathically. It would be much more satisfying to yell with your lungs.


 The trainer scoffs to himself. “Heh, well I’m glad to see your still the same grumpy, mutant, purple, hairless, telekinetic feline I left here.”


 Such insolence. You’ve just about had it. Should you kill him? You’re pretty sure not even other humans enjoy his company.


 “You are starting to try my patience you sniveling little insect. Go home, while I’m giving you the chance that you don’t really disserve.”


 Grey just smiles at you.“Sorry bud, but I just can’t do that yet, not until I finally capture you and make you mine. Once I do, this is gonna’ be the best 21st birthday ever.” Grey giggles like a little schoolgirl.


 Technically it would be his only 21st birthday but whatever, you can already feel a migraine coming along, so you should just get this over with as quickly as possible. Grey has now reached into his pocket, pulling one of those red and white spherical capsules into view.


 “GENGAR, I CHOOSE YOU!” Grey throws the capsule into the air, as it bursts open into an array of bright light, reveling the ghost Pokémon before you. You chuckle to yourself.


 Guess he didn’t learn. At least he remembered type advantage so you’ll give him points for that. However that wouldn’t be enough to save him.


 “Gengar use dark pulse!” making the first move Grey’s Gengar goes on the attack releasing a dark wave of energy towards you.


 “Childs play” you taunt raising your paw deflecting it with your telekinesis.


 “Gengar shadow ball!” Grey shouts. The ghost Pokémon volleys out another wave of energy spiraling into a sphere before sailing towards you. Smiling at this weak attempt at strategy, you volley your own shadow ball to meet Gengar’s, both balls of energy exploding on impact.


 As your vision clears of purple shade and dust, you use psychic to nail the Gengar directly, sending it flying behind its trainer into the cave wall.


 Grey looks bewildered by the sudden loss. Returning Gengar to its capsule, a smile once again creeps onto Grey’s face.


 “Well can’t say I’m surprised, you’re stronger than last time. Guess I know what I’m getting myself into now. I hope your ready because this is where the real battle starts.”


 Pulling forth another capsule, Grey gives it a quick peck with his lips on the button. “Countin’ on you buddy.” He throws it, again bursting into bright light, reveling a large Dragonite.


Despite how you felt about the whole Pokémon training thing you were quite impressed actually. You didn’t expect Grey to have a Pokémon like this at his disposal. Readying yourself you prepared your next plan of attack.




 Almost immediately the Dragonite is on the move, charging towards you, Claws alight in a bright energy. It begins slashing away at you with vigorous speed. You dodge Dragonites attacks one after another albeit just barely.


 One of Dragonite’s claws sails directly towards you. With little time to react you block the incoming assault. With one hit, then two, you use your arms to absorb the attacks with barrier. However the force of the blow throws you further than you thought, slamming your back into the wall behind you. Briefly winded, you struggle to regain your footing.


 Gasping to regain your breath, you couldn’t believe how strong Grey was able to get this Pokémon, to push you, Mewtwo, most powerful and feared Pokémon back. Turning your attention back towards your living room now battlefield, Grey’s Dragonite is already closing the distance between you two, preparing to finish the job.


 “No, not now, not ever…” you mumble to yourself. Raising both paws you emit a powerful psychic blast. Dragonite, taken aback by your sudden rejuvenation, attempts to dodge your attack but clips one of its wings in the shot. Roaring in pain, Dragonite hurdles through the air, still propelled by its momentum.


 “HA! YOU LOSE AGAIN HUMAN!” You spit, readying a shadow ball to secure your victory on the limp Dragonite sailing towards you.


 As your attack is about to make contact with your victim, you are unaware of Greys shit-eating grin.




 At first you are confused at the sudden command from the human. That was all Dragonite needed as it soars by your head fixing its gaze on you. Still using its momentum, Dragonite rotates mid-air, swinging its tail into your blind spot, right behind your neck. In a flash of pain you find yourself on the other side of your cave, slumped against the wall.


 “WOOOHOOO!!! ALRIGHT WE GOT EM’ NOW DRAGONITE!” Grey cheers from across the room.


How? When? Where-…. You look up, rage evident in every detail on your face. How did a human, this idiot in particular, push you so far? You clench your paws, digging at the dirt beneath you. You pull your knee up, get to your feet, and stare at the still celebrating human. You’ve defeated humans far more competent than this loser. So why? How is he stronger? How is he-


 … No. Its not that he’s physically or mentally more competent then those you have fought before. He’s just stubborn, unable to accept defeat. All those times he’s spent fighting you he’s been wearing YOU down waiting for the opportunity where you were so confident in your battles with him that you would let your over confidence get the better of you and take that opportunity when you lowered your guard and strike.


You fix your gaze on the human, still cheering and doing some sort of reverse walking motion occasionally grabbing his crotch.


 “But you’re still an idiot.” You sneer as you rush with all your might past the unsuspecting Dragonite and towards the human. Greys eyes meet yours while in the middle of his premature victory dance, eyes widening at the realization that you were not in capitated.


 You swing around the human, grabbing an arm and twisting it behind his back electing a yelp from the surprised trainer. The Dragonite roars in rage seeing his partner threatened and begins to charge towards you.




You lower yourself to Grey’s ear. “Return your slave to its confinement.” You order the human. Hesitant at first Grey realized the situation he was in and sighed in despair. Still holding Dragonite’s ball, Grey raised his shaking arm.


“Dragonite…return.” A red laser shot at the dragon Pokémon, dematerializing it into the glow, and returned to the sphere.


 “Good boy.” You whisper, grabbing the capsule from the human’s hand as well as his backpack, hoisting them in a telekinetic grip.


 “Cheater!” The human bellows at you while stomping his foot on the ground. “I had you beat and you knew it!”


Tired of his yelling, you physically grab the collar of the trainer’s shirt pulling him within breathing distance.


“You listen here and you listen good human.” you speak with a seething tone. “I will never EVER, become a mindless servant to your kind EVER again. I am a proud Pokémon, unlike so many who let them be slaves to humanity, to do what YOU desire, not once thinking about what they want. I desire my freedom so much so, that I will do whatever I can to ensure that I keep it!”


 The now fearful human looks at you, not knowing what to do next. “I never thought I would get so close to being captured by humans again, by YOU!” “YOU WHO IS BY FAR THE DUMBEST AND RELENTLESS CREATURE I HAVE EVER FOUGHT! You spin the trainer around grabbing both his wrists in your paws holding him up to eye level.


 “I WILL NEVER SERVE YOU! NOT NOW, NOT EVER!!!” you drop the terrified human back on the wet cave floor as he immediately scrambles to get to his feet. You stop him, placing a foot firmly on his chest, pushing him on his back.


 “If anything, my dear Grey, humans such as yourself should be serving me, doing what I want! I can fight strategically without a trainers help and I got more power than most Pokémon could ever dream of.”


 A smile worms onto your face as you stare at the petrified trainer beneath you. Bragging about yourself was a pleasant new experience, and letting this annoying human know it was even more satisfying. You started to feel strange, a new feeling arising that you’ve never felt before. Happiness? Excitement? You couldn’t put a finger on it but it felt good.


You bend over, foot still firmly placed on the trainers chest. “And I can do what ever I want, to you….”


 Grey closes his eyes waiting for the worst to come. Did you want to kill this trainer? To the contrary of how you sounded right about now, No you didn’t. No, instead of killing this human you were going to teach him a lesson, teach him to give up… teach him somehow…. to finally submit to you….


 You smile down at this Grey thing. “I will show you what a true ‘Pokémon Master’ looks like.”


 That…. Came out strangely….’ You thought to yourself. As you ponder, you began to feel a bizarre itch near your nether region.


 Looking down, you are surprised at yourself to see your member at half-mast poking over your belly. Wow. Humiliating and terrifying this pathetic human is…… beginning to sexually excite you?


 Oh boy…


 It doesn’t take long before the frightened trainer notices your growing shaft standing at full attention. At first Grey is confused, embarrassed and then scared once more. Way more.


 “Wha- what are you going to do to me?” Grey asks in a cautious tone. You look as surprised as your captor before a deviant smile replaces your look of confusion. You kneel down to the shaking form beneath you.


 …”Well, since you broke into my home, I’m going to break into you.”………..


 You begin to stroke yourself. Your not entirely sure how to go about pleasuring your self with this human, you never really considered it, what with being all alone in your life with not even experimenting with basic social skills before. But this wasn’t about mating; it was about proving a point.


 It was about power.


 Instead of probing the humans mind for answers, you went with your instincts, pulling the trainers head towards your member, pressing the tip to his lips.


 “Hey, No! What are you doing!? Are you serious right now!? Grey attempts to move his head away from your cock, causing it rub up against his cheek. Try as he might, you were clearly stronger than him so forcing his head back into position was a simple task.


 “Gragh, just accept your punishment like a man you human worm!” You pinch Grey’s nose shut forcing him to open his mouth in order to breathe. Taking the opportunity you shoved your length down his gullet electing a gag from the young human. You glare back down into the boy’s eyes.


 “Watch those teeth you miserable wretch, or ill reconsider letting you leave here alive.” Unable to speak obviously, Grey just stares back at you. However being a psychic type, you know he understands and is forced to obey your orders.


“Now get to work, I won’t ask a second time boy.” You pat his cheek lightly in a sort-of loving way. In response the defeated trainer reluctantly begins to bob his head on your shaft, slurping and gargling all the way attempting to get used to something he has obviously never done before.


“Come now, you can do better than that!” you flick off that stupid hat of his and grip a paw full of his hair, and in one push, shove his head to your cock’s base.


“Gugh, guak!” Grey gargles


“Oooooooooh ugh, yeah that’s it, right there!” You throw your head back, tail raised upwards behind you as it arcs above your face. The trainer continues his rhythm up and down your member until you decide to experiment a little further with him.


 “Now… don’t forget to tend to the rest of the set.” You chuckle pulling the human’s head off your phallus and gesturing to your testicles.


 “You sick fuck.” Grey deadpanned. With no other option the human complies. Bringing his face under your shaft, the human gets a waft of your overpowering musk, recoiling for a second.


 “Do I have too?” he cautiously asks.


 The look on your face gives him his answer. Sighing Grey brings his face to your fat purple plump family jewels. Albeit reluctantly, he sucks one of your two veg into his mouth, taking a moment to sample your flavor.


 “You know kid, had you showed up a hour later I would have had these bathed for you” You cackle. Grey doesn’t share your sense of humor. All you can see is his right eye clamped shut, sucking on your balls while your shaft rests over the left side of his face.


 You had to admit you were really enjoying yourself right now. Not once had you ever felt such joy. Not even killing those humans who experimented on you and sinking that god-forsaken hellhole to the bottom of the ocean gave you this much pleasure. But dominating this human in such a lewd way made you feel a special kind of power, something just deeply satisfying.


 You groaned as Grey continued to work your sperm purse with a bit more vigor. Realizing this technique was losing its luster you telepathically command the shamed human to stop lapping at your sex. You were ready to give him the main course.


 You flip the human on his chest. “Whoa! What are you-“ before he has time to finish his sentence, you firmly grasp his head once more, forcing him face down reducing the rest of his sentence into muffled confusion.


Your eyes wander down his body, hooking the spherical fingertip under the waistband of his shorts. You have loosened your grip on the boy’s head and he manages to look over to you through the space between your fingers.


 “Oh my god… Don’t do it man!”


 The trainer pleading falls on deaf ears as you begin to pull the hem of his shorts up and over the humans exposed derriere. You chuckle once more.


 “My you have a fat tush..” you tease the boy some more. “ Someone’s been feasting his wait in fatting foods, tsk, tsk, what would your mother say?” You grip his left butt cheek giving it a little jiggle.


 Grey is looking rather red right now. “Eh! Shut up! I can’t help it if everything I eat goes to my ass!


 You give him a smug smile. “Well then, better put that cute lil’ buttocks of yours to good use.” Grey’s eyes briefly close.


 “Oh no.”


 “Oh yes.” you bring your paw up to the vulnerable cheeks before you and give them a firm ‘smack’ upon the unsuspecting trainer, causing him to let out a yelp.


 “H-hey listen!” “I’m sorry dude!” “I-I didn’t know you wanted- wanted to be alone so badly!“ “Come on! I get it now, just let me go and I’ll be out of your hai- ummm, sight!”


 “Sorry human, there’s no room for diplomacy in this situation anymore.” You begin spreading Grey’s cheeks, exposing his puckering anus. “However, I may find some room in here.”


Terrible sex talk aside Grey was losing his mind. Don’t think he ever thought a Pokémon would take advantage of him like this. Slowly you positioned yourself behind the human, bringing forth your throbbing member until it was hot-dogging in between the human’s cheeks.

What you did before the inevitable surprised even you. You lean in, and give the trainer a light kiss on the ear. Grey knows not what you did.


 “Wait, wha-“


 You plunge into the unsuspecting human, hilting him in one fell swoop.


 “GAAH!! WHAT THE FUCK!” Grey bellows, legs flinging into the air.


 Slowly, you bring yourself back up, savoring every whine escaping the human worm’s maw. Oh yes, you like this.


 No. You love this!


 You bring yourself back down as fast as before, the sounds of your lavender thunder thighs slapping against his significantly smaller human ones echoing through out the cave.


 “NO MEWTWO DONO YAMATE!” Grey cries out, still flailing his legs beneath you.


 Excellent! You’re rigorous assault on his anal canal has broken him enough and is now causing him to start spewing some strange gibberish language! It must be working! Soon, he will submit to you!


 “Ugh! Yes! That’s right human filth! Know your place! Face first on the ground serving me with this pathetic body of yours!”


 Grey is unable to reply on account of him being to busy with biting through the hem of his hood draped over his shoulder, trying his hardest to fight through the pain. You continue to pump into the human’s backside with more vigor as time goes by.


 Grey continued to whine under your thrusts, while you, on the other hand, wailed into the air with a primal roar of pleasure. You look down, your human captive lying limp on the ground with eyes rolled back in his head as his grunts of pain began to dissolve into ones of pleasure.


 You feel a pressure building up in your loins as your impending climax draws near.


You pull your member from the shaking human’s anus, electing a low growling moan from the human as his cock spurts seed on the ground between his legs. Throwing your hand off your opponent, now cock sock, you wrap your tail around his neck, hoisting him on his knees to face you.


 “Open that mouth, clean your anus from my phallus, and finish me off, now.” You order.


 Grey slowley opens his mouth as you bring his head back on your cock with your tail, pumping it back and forth yourself. You feel the pent up seed stored in your balls for as long as you had conceived it, eject into the human’s maw.


 Rope after rope cakes the inside of your slave’s throat, causing him to hack and gag as he struggles to drain it into his stomach. Once spent, you pull your pride and joy from the trainer’s violated gullet. You release a sigh of relief.


 You felt light as a feather, all your angst and frustration melted away in a blissful euphoria.


 Keeping your grip on him with your tail, you look down to the defeated human, arms crossed, with the largest grin on your face.


 “So human, what have you learned today?” you speak calmly.




 “Y-you” Grey begins.


 “Yes?” You say impatiently.


 “Are my Pokémon Master…” Grey sighs, eyes glazed over, lost in his own ecstasy.


 “Very good” you chime in, patting the human on the head like a baby Growlithe. Grey wipes your baby batter off the sides of his mouth, standing on his shaking legs, making his way to the exit, struggling to keep his balance after what he had just endured.


 “Now leave this this place and spread the word of what fate awaits anyone who should come here.” You demand, sternness returning to your voice.


 “However…..” You add.


 “You will return here by my command when I need to… relieve myself of boredom once more.” You chuckle, tail swatting your human on his ravaged behind. “I will telepathically contact you when that time comes.”


 “Yes” Grey replies nonchalantly, pulling his now stained shorts back up.


 “Yes what?” You correct him.


 Grey turns to look at you with a goofy grin on his face.


 “Yes, ‘Master’.”






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    Reviewer: Captain_Dragonuv
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    *interlaces fingers, emulating Mr.Burns* Excellent...


    All honesty, not my prefered cup of tea for a couple reasons. BUT! Keeping my personal preferences at bay, I will say this was a rather nice read. Not often does one find a story written in 2nd-person. And it can be so easy to slip up in doing so. You managed to pull this off with only a few minor spelling/grammar mistakes--to which I offer my help with proofreading.


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