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Seiren's song by loki_115


Story Notes:

This was a roleplay i did on sofurry with one of my friends, and i do actively roleplay there so if you'd like to, feel free to join me.

Seiren's Song

Outside of the Siren’s Song’ club, Mongol walked around, wanted to see his beloved wife, Seiren.

Seiren was preparing for her dance. She took on Arabian-styled clothes, all revealing as it's the custom in the night club.

Mongol wanted to watch her show, and maybe a private one later.

Seiren swayed her hips as she walked towards the well-lit stage.

His cock stirred at her sight, oh how he wanted to bed her, and what he would do to her there.

She grabbed the pole, kissed it, then pressed her bust against it before greeting the audience.

Smiling, he took a seat, seeing another of his girls there, but he was here for his wife. Normally he would try subtlety, but now his cock was hardening under the table.

Seiren relaxed against it, letting her boobs grind against the steel as she slid down to crouch.

His cock hit the table, making it move. He really struggled to control himself right here.

"Mmm~" She hummed sensually, letting the crowd enjoy every piece of her body, and it loved her.

Mongol's urges gradually began to get the better of him, he found himself standing up, fixed on her.

Seiren licked her lips and swayed her plump butt at the crowd. People took photos and leaned to reach for those buns. She playfully wiggled her rump just out of their hands reach.

Jealousy made Mongol's tail snap at one of them, as if to say 'hands off'. He wanted to walk up on that stage and take her where she stood.

"Everyone can have a piece, if you can catch it~" She giggled and stuck that big rear out even more, making it look bigger than the rest of her body. Nosebleeding and horny Pokemon would have climbed on the stage if it wasn't for the three hulking security guards making sure that never happened.

Mongol stood, his toes and cock twitching, he was so eager to fuck his wife's brains out, but he couldn't right now, as the guards were present. Never would he have imagined a girl who attracted so much attention would fall for him, he would have to wait for either the show to end, of the guards to leave.

One of the lusty watchers managed to tap her butt, and she gave her a wink. Then she pulled her ass back and returned to her pole dance.

Under the table, Mongol dragon tailed them subtly.

Seiren finally finished her performance by taking off her bra and throwing it to the audience. Her massive breasts jiggled free, captivating every watcher.

His eyes widened, and that set him over the edge. With the strength of a rayquaza on steroids, hepushed aside the guards, and grabbed his wife, her back on his chest, kissing and feeling her up.

"Eek!" She yipped loudly. One of the guards, a towering Emboar, grabbed Flygon by his antennas. "You, boy, just got yourself one-way ticket outside!"

Using dragon tail again, he knocked the emboar aside, running on pure adrenaline, he couldn't think logically, all his thoughts were on doing whatever he wished to with Seiren.

"W-who's...!?" She couldn't see clearly. The Emboar yanked him off her and holding him in bearhug proceed to just carry him out. "Another lusty guy who couldn't keep it in his pants!"

Mongol was mumbling angrily under his breath in incoherent phrases.

Seiren gasped in relief, then looked at the dragon being carried by the guard. "Mongol? Is that you?"

"Resilient bastard!" Emboar groaned

"Garfle...shluffle..." Then he heard her, "Yes, It is me." He tried to wiggle out of his restrainer.

"H-hey, let him go. I was expecting him!" She told the guard. "Is that so? Well, the way I see it, he assaulted you." Emboar growled, intimidating her. "I know that's the guy. He's hotheaded, I know."

By now Mongol's raging hormones had calmed down, "She's my wife, bacon-head."

"What was that? Bacon head?!" He tightened his grip, about to squeeze the air out of his lungs. Seiren stopped him with Hypnosis. "He comes to lady's room!" She said with a sensual tone, and Emboar repeated. "He comes to the lady's room" He then put Flygon on his shoulder and carried him to her room.

Laughing, "Since when can you do that?" He spanked her with his tail fan.

"Eep!" She jumped, holding her ass "I'm Psychic, silly~" She giggled. Emboar followed her orders blindly, and finally just dropped Flygon on the floor in her room, then - As she commanded, went to his house to think what he had done.

Mongol chuckled, "you're just full of surprises aren't you?"

"I learned that from a movie. Didn't expect that, I bet!"

"Right about that. That why you're so popular, everyone is your hypnotized mind slave?" He asked jokingly.

"Nope. I don't want to face Father Anton."

"I hope that guy isn't your real father." Grabs her with his tail, and pulls her closer while closing the door.

"Nah, she's father in a sense he cares fo- Eep!" She got suddenly pulled towards him.

With a lascivious smile, "That good." He pulled her into a hug, his massive cock already hard, and throbbing against her thigh.

"Oh... oh...~" She looked down, and blushed.

Seeing her face, "Is that just your usual red color...or...something else?" Mongol joked.

"Haa haa, real funny!" She teased and slapped him in the face playfully.

"Hey, is that anyway to treat your husband?" He grabbed her ass, squeezing it, then slapping it.

She would have teased him more, but she got a slap on the butt first. "Is that how you treat a lady? Slapping her butt~?"

"Oh don't ask like you didn't love it, remember last time?"

"You should learn manners~"

Mongol rolled his eyes, "Then why didn't you speak up last time?"

"I don't remember anymore. Does it matter?"


"Well then..." She turned around to face him, her arms around his waist. "Are you waiting for a free round~?"

Rolling his eyes, and his cock throbbed against her, "What do you think, after all, can't you just mind read me or something?"

"I could, but you're so obvious!" She teased and laughed.

That was it, he couldn't resist any more. Tackling and punning her on her back to the bed, his cock throbbed just above her panties.

"Oh my~!" She laughed. "Did I anger you~?"

"No, aroused." his grabbed her sides, shoving his cock between her legs, its hot red flash throbbing against her toned stomach.

Seiren let out a loud yip, threw her legs back and squirmed, wanting more.

Smirking, he tore her panties and bra off, "Who's your master?" He groped her from behind.

With her moaning and panting, she gave him a lusty expression, and taunted. "Not you~!"

Narrowing his eyes, "Wrong." He spanked her.

"Eek!" Her butt itched and jiggled, a pink handmark left on it. "H-hands off.. the merchan-dise!"

"I am your master, my sweet." He picked her up, and turned her around. Sitting with his massive appendage standing.

She stuck her tongue out for him, and fondled herself to keep her breasts "protected"

Smiling, his tail sneaks up behind her, pushing her face and breasts first onto his cock. "Don't worry sweetie, I'll take good care of you later." One of his claws rubs her massive rear, then sliding a claw across her pussy lips.

Seiren shuddered first, then squirmed and moaned, ticklish. "S-stop that! That tickles~!" His claw made her squirt.

Whispering in her ear, "that's the point." He pushed his cock between her bust. "Now service you master." Pushing a claw in quickly then removing it just as fast,

She yipped and jumped, then responded with another slap on his cheek "You are a dirty boy~! You should be put in a cage and never let out~!"

"Maybe I should do that to you." He kissed the side of her face.

She blushed at the thought, but kept her acting up and kissed him back more ferociously.

Grabbing her breasts, "Now how about you use these beauties?" His tail snaked to her slit, teasing her.

She squirmed, tickled, but her tits worked their magic.

Smiling as he felt her soft, voluptuous breasts surround him. "Good girl." He teased her.

Seiren smirked at him while slow-ly rubbing him with them.

His cock throbbed with pleasure.

She went slowly just to tease him further. She pretended to go for a licking, but then backed off it.

Growling impatiently, he spanked her with his tail.

Seiren yelped loudly, her butt itching. "Hey, that's mean~!"

"So is teasing your husband." He replied calmly.

She shook her butt and kept teasing him while tittyfucking him. "But you like it~"

"True, but I like fucking you more."

"Aww, but I don't want to~"

Chuckling, he pushed her head towards his cock.

"Omph~!" She started to suck on his meat rather enthusiastically.

He shuddered in pleasure, he never got tired of the mouth.

Seiren rubbed him slowly and gently with her boobs.

He moaned quietly, "Good girl..."

"Am I a good girl~?" She winked.

"Oh yes you are, when you listen."

She giggled. "I listen to Papa Anton. Not you, customer~"

He spanked her.

She yipped and called him a pervert.

"That, coming from a stripper, is rich." He burst out laughing.

She used Psychic to "grab" his tail and yanked. "That's not nice~"

"Neither is that."

"Look who's talking now, after slapping pretty lady's butt~" She giggled.

"Touche." He pushed her head back onto his cock.

Seiren had a victory smirk on her face as she sucked it like no tomorrow.

Mongol shuddered and moaned. "Oh...Yes..."

"Mmm~!" She enjoyed herself.

He throbbed and leaked a drop of preseed into her mouth.

She drank whatever she got enthusiastically, and lusted for more.

Her mouth sucked him well, he gave her more.

"Gonna cum~?" She asked through telepathy. She certainly looked thirsty.

He nodded, unable to verbally reply.

Seiren winked and kissed his cock's head.

Her teasing made him shake. Grabbing the back of her head, he forced her to deepthroat him as he roared pleasure.

"Mmm..~! Mmm!" She enthusiastically waited for her "drink".

He thrust into her mouth rapidly, his cock throbbing as he came, delivering his hot, pent up load into her mouth.

She closed her eyes and let the warm spunk fill her mouth.

He held her there, for over a solid minute he pumped cum into her mouth, moaning.

Her mouth had started to leak sperm, no matter how much she swallowed. But she like it regardless.

Smiling as he saw her unable to take all of it, "More then you can manage, dear?"

She gave him half-lusty, half-mean look, clearly saying "Oh, I can take MUCH more than this!"

He laughed, "Oh don't worry, there's MUCH more than that for you."

"Oh, really? You look too tired~" She kept the teasing attitude, and gave him a surprise kiss on the nose.

Narrowing his eyes, he took out a potion and downed it. His erection immediately springing up.

"Oh my... what's that?" She looked at his meat coming back to life, surprised and intrigued.

Smirking, he pulled out on for her, "Try it yourself."

"Can I?" I did feel thirsty, still. So I took the potion and drank it.

Smiling as she drank it, little did she know, it was a highly potent aphrodisiac and fertility enhancer.

"Tastes great~!" She licked her lips.. then suddenly yipped and twitched in place.

"Feeling...Odd?" He laughed, teasing her pussy.

"A-aaah!" She moaned very loudly, getting extra sensitive and starting leak from her pussy, a lot. "S-so... it feels..!"

Mongol laughed loudly.

She began to vigorously rub herself, both pussy and tits, losing herself in lust.

Mongol grabbed her arms, keeping her from touching herself.

She squirmed against him "I-I need to..! I must!"

Shaking his head, "No no no."

"Please!" Her cheeks were burning and her body wanted his cock. "Fuck me! Please!"

Smiling, "If you insist." Grabbing his cock, he lined himself up, thrusting a few times, intentionally missing and sliding across her pussy to tease her.

She moaned very loudly from the extra sensitivity, and arched her back. "M-more!"

At her request, he jammed himself fully into her pussy, her belly bulging from the massive size.

She howled, seeing clouds when her body gave in to the pleasure.

He pulled out, and then back in, punching past her cervix. "I am going to fill you so well, I don;t think you'll ever be able to go back."

"W-w-we'll... see~!" She had taken rough males before, this was nothing new. But every time it was intense.

"I wasn't talking about the size." He pulled back, then slammed back in. "Or the roughness."

"I know!" She boasted, still moaning and shaking.

"And just." He thrust in, pull out. "Did I." Thrust in, pulled out, "Mean?" He thrust into her extra hard then.

"Aaaah! You're... so rough!" She kicked the air as a reflex.

"I know." He pulled out, and then began to jackhammer her pussy as hard ass possible, moving his hands to her toned stomach, able to feel each time his cock made her bulge.

Her eyes rolled back and her moaning grew even louder. She was about to lose consciousness.

He slowed, wanting her to be conscious for what he was about to do to her.

" you're rough!"

He pulled out so just his tip was in, and pulled her close so their chests were touching, "I know." He thrust back in, all the way, past her cervix and his heavy balls slapped her ass.

"EEEEAAAAH!!" She screamed, cumming a heavy load of juices from her pussy.

He kept up, ramming her full force. "You like this don't you, you love my nice big cock inside of you, you little slut?"

"YES!" She answered quickly before returning to moaning.

He spanked her ass hard, his massive cock pulsing inside her, about to blow.

Tears, either of joy or pain, formed in her eyes and she begged him to finish.

He was about to blow, but he stopped mid thrust to tease her more."What do you want from your master?"

"I-I... I-I-I want... m-my Master's glorious cum!" She whimpered, but got the words out.

"And why do you want it?" He pushed in slowly, dragging out her teasing.

"B-because I love my Master~!"

Smiling, pulling out slower. "Good girl." when he was out, he shoved back in, his cock in her womb. Roaring in pleasure as he burst inside her, his cock pumping his potent, virile seed into her fertile womb.

Seiren, feeling the pleasant river in her womb, filling her, couldn't hold her consciousness.

He pumped gallons of thick, his seed into her, her womb had to expand to contain it all. He also had to pull out a bit to make sure it all stayed in.

*Swirls appeared in her eyes and she collapsed on the bed, with leaking pussy and bulging belly*

Mongol's cock throbbed inside her, moaning and roaring in pleasure, there wasn't a doubt in his mind he had impregnated her,even now, her belly looked many months pregnant from the sheer amount of cum. He loved that sight.

....... *Seiren Fainted.*

Still inside of her, he picked up and carried her to his bag. In his bag of tricks, he fished out a large plug. Carefully pulling out of her, he quickly plugged her pussy up before any of his precious seed came out. Carefully placing his wife on the bed next to him to the could rest, together.

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    Reviewer: Captain_Dragonuv
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    Ooh momma.... Where to begin... Welp, pretty decent, asiade from--once again--poor formating.

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    Again, low score, but that just means it can only get better!