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Forest of Fucking by loki_115


Fucking in the Forest

Mongol wanders through the forest, alone. the fading light makes it harder to see, but he flutters onward.

Out of nowhere, groans echoed through the forest, loud enough to catch Mongol's attention.

Eyes wide with curiosity and alarm, he quickly looked from side to side, trying to see where the voice came from. "H-hello?" his voice wavering with fear.

"Just what I needed!~" a rather feminine voice called back. By the sounds of things, she seemed to be heading his way.

Her voice was sweet, but something about it chilled him. then the scent hit him, heat. he ordered his legs to run, his wings to beat, but he stayed stuck like Gigalith.

A blue tinted stark naked Serperior made her way out of the trees and seductively placed her hand on his chest.

"Look, I need some help with heat. What do ya say?~"

he froze under her touch, despite her hand being warm, his spine went erect, as did his erection. "Um..." he didn't move, only look at her, her scent making him relax a little, but eve with a naked beautiful female there, he was still nervous.

Pressing her bare and massive bosom up to his chest, she whispered into his ear.

"Name your price.~"

A goofy smile crept across his face, as did a massive blush. her breasts felt so soft, "C-could I Imp-pregnant-te you?" his voice shook, and his cock throbbed, many weeks of pent up loads making him want to pour himself into her depths.

"I'm in heat. That goes without saying.~" she said, grinding her dripping lips on the bulge in his pants.

he shuddered in pleasure, feeling her nether lips on his head. "then will you be my mate?" he had no idea why he said that, but he couldn't take it back.

"Only if you make a real demand.~"

"r-real demand?" a drop of sweat fell down his face. come on Mongol, you're losing her. he knew he needed to do something, but he couldn't think of what.

"What do you want to see me do?~" she asked, giving his cheek a sensual lick.

he shook., "I'm going to make you my personal bitch, fuck you every day whether you like it or not." he grabbed her shoulders, and forced himself down on top of her. pinning her arms in the grass as he looked into her eyes.

"Then fuck me!" She yelled desperately, popping her ass up for her new Alpha.

He put his claw on her ass, and grabbed his cock, guiding it to her slit. her lips were warm, and just prodding it told him she would be tight. he smirked, "yeah, who's your master." he jammed himself in, her tight walls hugging him, preventing more than half of his meat spire from penetrating her at first. He moaned in pleasure at her walls vice embrace.

"Master!" She gasped as Mongol force 8 inches of dragon meat into her soaking snatch, slowly dribbling for his viewing pleasure.

Her drooling pussy aroused him greatly, and he felt like that sight, and her breasts and face, made his cock grow another inch inside her. he pressed his lips to hers, and brought himself down, forcing himself deeper into her as his tongue invaded her mouth.

Wrapping her tongue around his, and her arms and legs around his body, she held him as hard as she could, desperate for another inch of thick dragon meat.

He had bedded a few females, but none as aggressive as she was, and he liked it. He pulled out, then slammed back into her, another inch pushed into her vent. her arms wrapped around him, and he felt her legs constrict his waist, and he liked it.

She broke the kiss, saliva hanging between their mouths as she taunted him. "Fuck me like a real man. With your whole fucking dick!~"

he gritted his teeth, "grrh, ok bitchy..." he pulled all what way out, so his flared tip tugged at her lips, trying to stay in. "you asked for it." he jammed himself fully into her, his cock pushing into her as deep as he could, he though it would kiss her womb. "I'm gonna show you how a real man fucks a girl!" he pulled back, and repeated.

Screaming in ecstasy, she came the moment her broke past her cervix, thoroughly lubing his length as she pull him into another sloppy kiss.

Her scream hurt his ears, but he didn't, or rather couldn't complain, as she dragged him into a kiss. his tongue wrestling with hers. her cervix parted as he punched through, and her walls contracted on him as she came, his massive male meat keeping all her love fluid inside her. he moaned into her mouth as his cock leaked preseed into her womb

Her eyes lit up with lust as his virile and potent seed dripped into her womb, teasing her by refusing to quench her heat. Remedying this problem, she forced Mongol's hips down with each thrust.

Her taking control surprised him. to increase their pleasure, he met her, but ket from climaxing, while he wanted to impregnate her, this felt too damn good to stop now. each thrust want as different angles, adding pleasure. His virile musk filled the air, mingling with her sweet heat scent.

"Give it to me! Impregnate me like your bitch!" She gasped as his scent began to intoxicate her.

that was the last straw for him, his bent up orbs unleashed a torrent of cum into her receptive womb. his pleasure skyrocketed as he pumped load after load of fertile dragon seed into his new bitch's fresh cunt. he held her down, looking down on her as her womb was filled.

Her tongue hung out of her mouth as her eyes rolled back. Between his load, the impregnation, the dissipating heat, and her own orgasm, it was fucking heaven.

he moaned, knowing deep within her, his essence made its way to her eggs, and made her a mother. he kissed her, not erotically, but lovingly.

His new bitch cooed back, toning down into a tender kiss.

he got onto his back, pulling her on top of him as they shared a lover's embrace.

He lay with her on top of him, his softening cock still inside her, keeping his cum from leaving. His tongue reached into her mouth to play with hers and he intertwined his claws with her.

I minute passed off her coiling and slithering her tongue around his before she separated.

"You know... I am your bitch now.~"

He smiled, "Good, now..." he raised his eyebrows, giving her a sly look. "...What are you going to do for your new master?"

"I can still think of three ways to please you.~" she responded huskily.

"Just tell me what you want first.~"

He thought for a moment, consciously making his cock rise a little inside her. "maybe you should think of something, after all, if you're my bitch, you should know what a master wants." he gave her ass a playful smack.

"And Master wants my ass.~" she purred back before rising off of his tummy shaft. Turning around, she lowered herself down, working his meat between her ass cheeks and slowly running her buns up and down it.

He smiled, feeling her plush rear hot dogging his cock, "you're a fast learner."

"Only the best for Master.~" Erika moaned as his seed lubed up her ass. And made it a bit of a mess.

He laughed, feeling his seed smear on her ass cheeks and leaking from her pussy.

She gasped and twerked her ass, thoroughly milking the softly pulsing flesh between her cheeks.

his mind went numb, his cock still sensitive from his climax, came again, his seed landing on her ass and lower back.

Erika let out a pleased moan as Mongol marked her yet again. Withouts wasting time, she told Mongol to get up as she laid down, placing her breasts between her forearms.

He got her idea, and straddled her chest, laying his massive dragon meat between her breasts, his head still leaking cum

They were then sandwiched between her mounds and she moved them up and down. "Oh yeah. i've been waiting to wrap my girls around something thick. Hope your cock enjoy its new home, cause I ain't stopping til you feed me a bunch of cream~"

She pursed her lips tighter and began to suck thoroughly letting her cock swim in her oral slot.

He liked her attitude, he will enjoy dumping another load on her. "if you want more, just play with my balls." he thrust through her bosom.

Shakily holding her tits together, she reached up and groped his sack, slowly massaging and squeezing them.

his orbs were still very heavy and full. his cock, lubed by cum, glided pleasurably between them. her hands massaging his sack was a heavenly feeling.

"Hold onto these.~" she said, referring to her tits. Both of her hands were on his sack know, each gently massaging their respective orb.

He gladly accepted, massaging her large orbs with his hands, loving their feeling. her double handed massage was doing wonders, his head was in the clouds with pleasure, his only thought was to continue fucking the sweet tits below him.

Thoroughly polishing and licking the head of his shaft, drool started sliding further down the dragons meat.

Her tongue cleaned his head, licking up his cum, and he was glad she was. "so, how does it taste?"

She slowly lapped up the mess on his tip and opened her mouth to show her swishing it around like the slut she was.

"Yummy~. Have something thicker for me?"

He loved this, he never found sluts too attractive before, but this sexy snake had changed that whole view. "keep working my nuts and yeah."

She continued to bury her face into the valley of her chest, working overtime for it.

he pulled out, then pushed back in, working himself deeper into her mouth. her mouth felt so warm, he would enjoy fucking her face in the future.

"Give it to me..." She moaned into the head of his cock, her hand desperately working for a taste.

her moans vibrated through his cock, pleasuring him immensely. "HERE IT CUMS!" he then ejaculated down her throat, pulling out to shoot her face with his strong blast of seed.

Like it was vital nutrients, she sucked it all down. She looked like she got back from an Ando Hiroyuki bukkake shoot, and she fucking loved it.

Her face looked so adorable, covered in cum, and her lips wrapped around him pole, sucking every drop out of him.

She smirked and looked up at him with bedroom eyes, pulling off his cock with a loud pop.

Those eyes made him have a many orgasm, making another shoot land on her face.

With a wink, she picked her lips and spoke up again."I'm still hungry.~"

His eyes widened, "Yeah, I think that's all I got." he was drained, in body and balls.

"Awww...." Erika whined, slowly worming out from underneath him.

He felt light headed, and fell backwards, laying on the ground, exhausted.

She got onto all fours and began to slowly crawl up to him, rubbing her face against his hot meat.

The pleasure was so intense, he squirmed under her ministrations. "s-so good..." he leaked more seed

She slowly licked the underside, taking a whiff of his masculinity.

He jumped a little, and his cock twitched gratefully, his mind numb from pleasure.

She moved down his shaft and began wrapping her tongue around his balls, enjoying the musky scent of his shaft.

"m-more..." was all he could say in his state

Wrapping her tongue around the base of his tool, she rose up to the tip, and slowly guided it into her throat.

her tongue snaked around him, and drew him into her mouth. enveloping him in warmth and pleasure, moaning in satisfaction, "yes...more..."

Eyeing him with sexual deviance, she sunk completely down to the base, giving it a warm, sloppy kiss.

Her oral pleasure was extraordinary, and his oversensitivity made him edge, his eyes rolling back.

Drooling onto his cock, she began to swallow, making a nice, rolling sensation for him.

He shuddered in pleasure, cumming down her welcoming throat

Erika closed her eyes and stayed where she was, content with his throbbing manhood.

He throbbed in her mouth, emptying himself for the third time

Cooing in delight, she pulled off of Mongol's shaft, decorated in her saliva. She laid down next to him, slowly rubbing his chest.


__________________________Several months later________________________________

Mongol walked through the forest, looking around.

His sexy serpent of a wife wrapped her arms around him, pressing her jugs against his back.

"I got a surprise for your back home.~"

Her felt her breasts press against his back, and shivered. "Ooh...I cant wait to see it honey." He kissed her cheek.

She extended the kiss a bit longer, grinding her body against him.

His massive cock began to rise. "Stop teasing."

"Or else what?~" she teased and gave his sac a squeeze before heading home.

He moaned from her touch, then followed her. Smirking, "Because you wouldn't like me when I'm teased in bed."

Erika smirked back and opened up the door for you.

"Just sit down on the couch.~"

He was confused as to what she was planning, but he sat down, his cock knocking his legs as he walked.

She leaned over him from besides the couch, and without warning, she bit him, leaving him paralyzed on the couch.

"Ow." He felt his muscles lock up, save for his mouth and eyes. "W-what's going on here?"

She slowly reached around him, stroking his hot length as Emily came out stark naked.

"I need to teach her... mmf... to worship this big, fat dick..." she gasped, getting wet just from thinking about it.

Mongol moaned, his cock reaching full length. Her words helping, and his naked daughter made it throb with want.

Erika let go as Emily dropped between his legs, suckling of his massive pair, and entranced by her father's musk.

"Look at that between you legs... so powerful your daughter would worship it like a mindless whore.~"

His breathing rasped with pleasure, "Yeah, yeah..." He'd been pent up a while, and her mouth felt so good, he was oo lost n pleasure he didn't hear.

Emily stood up, rubbing her face against it as she rose to the tip.

He almost came from the sight of his daughter rubbing against his cock. "Make daddy feel good baby."

She was drooling over it as she put the tip in her mouth.

Her small warm mouth felt so good. "Oh yeah...You love daddy big fat cock, don't you?"

She looked up at him with a hungry looking in her eyes and sank down her father's meat pole.

He moaned loudly. "You little slut..."

She continued her lustful assault on her father's shaft, sinking deeper than he expected.

He moaned, her mouth felt so good.

Soon enough, she reached the base.

He was impressed with her being able to take him fully. he throbbed happily in her mouth. "Good girl."

"Come on, give that sweet, whorish girl a taste of what made her.~" Erika whispered, squeezing your pent up balls.

He twitched. "Oh yes dear, I wouldn't want to deny her,"

Erika continued to massage his massive sack while Emily pulled back to the tip, jerking off his drool coated member.

He moaned his wife and daughter both pleasing him, he couldn't have had it better. He felt his sack stirring, about to release it pent up load.

"Let it out.~"

He couldn't resist it, and then came, his load was thick and massive.

Erika joined the party between his legs as her tongue wrapped around his hefty balls, force feeding his daughter in loud, sloppy qualities.

He felt his cum shooting into his daughter's mouth, his balls not seeming close to being empty.

Emily finally pulled off, drenched in her father's load.

He smiled, seeing his cum on his daughter, "Did you like?"

"L~love it!" She panted.

He smiled, "I know you did."


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    The Wild-Card!
    Reviewer: Captain_Dragonuv
    Date:Oct 30 2016 Chapter:Fucking in the Forest

    Eh... ALthough it's good to see multiple stories being put out, I feel they are all a bit rushed...


    And not to mention, how were we to tell if these characters are feral or anthro in body-type?

    Sorry to say, gonna lose a point here with this one...

    Reviewer: Beluinus
    Date:Nov 15 2016 Chapter:Fucking in the Forest

     It was hot, but there were quite a bit of noticable spelling errors, and way too many ~.  It's harder to find a better way to put lust and adoration into text than just adding ~ to a sentence, but it works out a lot better in the end. 

    Reviewer: abd33
    Date:Nov 13 2023 Chapter:Fucking in the Forest

    the story should've ended before the time skip