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Affections by Zana An


Author's Chapter Notes:

Memories are all we have sometimes, and the most powerful happy ones are the most treasured for gifting us with a magic we'll keep forever. We look back and it makes us feel good. By keeping our loved ones alive in our memories, we make them immortal as they'll always live in our hearts and minds, as long as they're not forgotten. Amber has memories of such fond moments, and today we'll journey with her through them. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have when writing them.

A Date, Sweet As The Fruit

Thanks for joining for another date with me, and Affections of course. I hope you can enjoy this cuter offering of the chapters so far and enjoy it as much as the others, even if Havi isn't around for this one. 




Chained souls


Chapter 6


~A date,

sweet as the fruit.~.




She remembered it well, only sweet seventeen and how could she not when it was one of the most frustrating yet tenderly eye opening times of her life, her first crush. The day had a light drizzle, not heavy rain or anything, much like most days. It didn't matter in the slightest what the weather was like, come hail or thunder, Amber was ready and in the practice mindset from the get go. Those days she hadn't quite reached her goals and the tight rope fame, was just out of hands reach. Amber was as devoted to her passion as they come, deeply yearning to make her debut. Notably, there was a slight immaturity to her, an angst which came with the territory of most teens.


Lost to the flow of movements, she propelled herself quite benevolently. Throwing an arm here and a foot there, even the odd spin within those fervent jumps. She gracefully practiced her routines along the ground mat full of energy.


“Amber?" his voice shot through loudly. She stopped finishing a slip and half twist, turning her head all of a sudden. “I have someone I'd like you to meet."


“Hmm?" She remembered it like a freeze frame, a moment recaptured as she looked at the Electabuzz for the first time. Something instantly struck out to her about him. Her head tilted to the side a moment to take in the depths of his wonderful zagged stripes pitched on the rich glossy yellows to stand out magnificently, quite the specimen if she did say so herself.


“Amber?" the voice shot at her again, jostling her mind out of her dumbfound stare and forced her to pull her head back promptly in an almost military posture.


“Y.. Yes? Oh sorry I err huh? You were saying?" she asked with little composure as if she may have gotten caught.


“I hope you're feeling okay, you look a little jumpy. Didn't sleep well?" he inquired a little concerned with her stuttering replies.


“I'm absolutely fine, I mean what can be wrong with me, I mean I'm err okay," she said wiggling her toes, neurotic to the core.


“You're acting a little strange, maybe you should have a little time out."


“I'll be absolutely fine. Yup- just dandy. A five min break like you said will do the trick, absolutely," she said, clearly rambling. The thoughts ran through her mind like an expressing train. Even she knew she was well out of character. She didn't get it as her own species held no appeal to her, yet this Pokemon came out of the blue and made her feel something; triggering a tingle in her mind, and those delightful goose bumps to waltz all over her body. She couldn't help it, he was rather dashing.


A Pokemon, attractive? Stop being stupid Amber...


She forcibly cleared her mind of any obscure thoughts that strayed and slowly walked up to Laurel riddled with a new nervousness. Gazing at the creature a couple of seconds she finally greeted the newcomer. “Hi there," she said quickly, and it was as brief as that, then looked up at Laurel apprehensively. “What's up?" she asked, trying her best to act normal.


“Well you've been gagging for a while to get your chance performing in a live show, and I've watched you getting better, and better. I think you may be ready soon, but I'd rather it be a duet. I want you to train, and with him," he said glancing a moment to the left at Electabuzz. “You have the upper hand and he'll need a lot of work but I'm sure you'll be fine."


“But why? I'm ready to go out there now without any partners?" All thoughts of her momentary interest dissipated as she became a little unwound at the seams. She was almost ready and this new obstacle would only delay her debut. The thought of a duet meant so many more additional hours needed to revise her pre-set routine. She had been working hard and now this when she'd almost graduated to the high wire. Laurel had his intentions and they were in Ambers interest. Having fostered her so long she was no different to a real daughter to him. Over time he'd become worried as she had begun stowing herself away and he wanted to bring her out of this hermit's way she'd adopted. Amber didn't see it, she was naive then, maybe even a little rash. “I don't think this will work."


“It will be a spectacle of course little one, the electrifying duo!" he roared with a loud cheer and spin, holding out his enormous top hat. Laurel, always the cheery goofball. He always had that uplifting effect on people. It was easily seen where Amber had picked up some of her quirky behavior at times from. 


Reluctantly she nodded."Okay..."


“Wonderful! Now get to know each other, I'll be back shortly to see how you two are doing." Having been paired together even if Amber prefered to work alone. Laurel had seen something in him.


“Wait, what shall I teach him?" she asked confused, she was no teacher and fairly the novice herself. She wondered why she'd ended up lumbered with him. He did love her and she knew that much. Was it because Laurel cared too much about her to expose her to any danger? A difficult questions to answer but one that seemed to make sense to her, but that of course wasn't the reason.


“Oh, you'll probably figure something out. You're a bright girl. I've brought him to you because he's a marvelous addition, and this gallant pokemon is so full of strength and charisma. He wants to be a star that shines on the high wire, just like you. See you have so much in common already, toodaloo!" he cried, as turned and left, leaving Amber without a clue on how she should proceed. He had exited so hastily as if he'd just dumped him on her.


Electabuzz wasn't hers or anyone else's pokemon but some outsider that had been following the circus town to town, determined to join. The air of mystery only added to her child-like excitement once she got over her disliking to work together. Clearly, the ringmaster had become impressed enough with his dedication and devotion to let him join. She faced the Electabuzz, and scratched along the back of her head gingerly.


Electabuzz just stood there making buzzing sounds, neither knowing what to say as the shroud of silence fell between them. As her eyes searched his body her mind raced to find something to say. Damn I think he's making me weak at the knees, no, no, no, think of work first, okay got it...


Finally she spoke.


“I'm Amber, oh wait you already knew that." She fell silent again. He broke a small smile at her uneasy behaviour, which also made her return a giggle. “Sorry I guess I'm not use to working with anyone or interacting with pokemon much. I get rather nervous." Which was partially true, she always did around strangers and the cute pokemon, but people didn't see this as she wasn't around pokemon all that much.


“Buzz Electa Buzzzz," he said pointing over to her training mat.


“I don't get a word of what you're saying so I'm going to assume you want me to teach you how to flip and stuff like I was a moment ago?" He nodded enthusiastically, his eyes passionate wanting to learn. “Alright but I'm not sure if your body is conditioned enough to do them. Let's see. Maybe we can begin with stretches and some conditioning exercises? Just for a few days and see how you get on?" He was confused, but nodded wanting to jump ahead but Amber was dubious, preferring to stay rigid as she'd seen one too many injuries happening in the past when others hadn't warmed up correctly or weren't ready for a particular move.


She guided him to the mat and it didn't take long for him to discovered he wasn't in the physical condition he thought he'd be as he'd overestimated his abilities. panting away he based his theory on pokemon abilities being superior to hers; or so he thought. He spread his legs trying to part them further as his paws slid wider while she sat adjacent completely with both inner thighs grounded fully spread horizontally.


“Bzzz Bzzz," he cried, at a loss.


“Stay in that position and hold it for a couple of seconds, relax and then into it again for a couple of seconds, then repeat," she said, rather direct. “In a moment when I say, I want you to stand up and shake your legs off, before returning into it but spreading more towards the ground." Amber wasn't rushing him into and intermediate movements just yet, not even novice ones for that matter. Just watching him try made her realise that this would take weeks if not months, which was a daunting thought. As he did this her eyes strayed taking in more of his features, his legs, that exotic zig-zag like tail. Oddly even that struggling grunt he made seemed kind of cute.


During the next few days nothing more happened on her part, . This went on until she finally got him flat to the ground. The way she devised the exercises were broken into flexibility, strength and stamina. She spent time doing all those with him, ensuring he had a solid foundation for when they moved on. This wouldn't be complete without her sneakily eyeing him at every given opportunity and indulging on her hearts fancied thoughts of romance. Ogling him had become complacent, and no session would be complete without doing so.


The memories moved on, from her first crush. A newer fractal burst, and another image played. The day she realised her heart was no longer her own, but his. A day when a crush became more.






A month passed, monotonously, the daily training had made little progress, beyond him becoming more flexible. Not all had been unfruitful as she began to admire his conviction towards the training, the way he would never yield was even inspirational. It seemed he didn't wish to give up still and she didn't mind whatsoever about it taking time as long as she got a good eyeful, but something else had begun to bug her. Also within the time spent, little had been established within their friendship which frustrated her a little, as she did find him, for a loss of better words, dreamy. She had noticed he was too wrapped up in his own goal to pay attention to the fact she was completely crushing on him every day. He had grown on her from the enthusiasm he constantly displayed, but shunned her at the same time for being so blind to her.


Amber peered outside her Caravan on this particular day. Expectantly, as with most days, it didn't come as too much of a surprise to her that it was raining, again. Light showers this time of year were notorious, autumn did always carry it's drizzle over this part of the region. The circus had arrived at a remote countryside town, just shy of a handful of miles outside Saffron city. The reasonably established community was known for it's interesting markets. One could always guarantee to walk away with some unusual item or two, making for a wonderful days entertainment; if not to buy, then to at least see the offerings and carnival games. It was also her chance to see if she could interest him in her.


The town was one of very few casual stops, meaning she could put her feet up and take time out to enjoy herself. Amber had become quite the reclusive little minx and prefered her isolation. Simply, there was no parallel to the calm that solitude brought her, it was something she was content with for the moment. People may have been mistaken in assuming it was from any kind of familial loyalty to depression but more accurately a kindred in peace. This was a bad habit that had bore deeply into her and Laurel had been quite right in pairing her.


She dipped her head back in, reaching across, and picked up a lilac umbrella from the side of her door. It coincidentally almost matched her dress which was a little pink, a simple v neck design and dropped to her knees. She looked at the battered tool in her hands, a little tacky and really had taken some abuse over the last few weeks. She stepped outside closing the door behind her as she popped it open, feeling like a young Mary Poppins. She observed how the spokes looked out of place as she bent a couple of the arms back so it at least provided a little shelter.


She skipped off her platform as her red wellies splashed into the mud, but too thick to really splatter her dress. She wasn't dressed for training at all as she plotted her little plan. She made her way to the tent noticing how strong the smell of the countryside really was during times of showers. Amber even found it a little overpowering and not so pleasant, then again Amber was more a city girl as she prefered the bustle found there.


The red head arrived in the large tent and noticed Electabuzz rummaging around the main practice area, searching for something, and probably to use for training purposes. She stood there just gazing for a while as it had become customary for her to possibly even drool over him as he opened boxes and drawers to the side. Although she could do this all day she had other things in mind knowing her newly acquainted, would be lonely if she wasn't around. It seemed she was his only friend, and the same could be said the other way around.


The change to the daily rosta would probably do them some good due to going at training everyday non stop. She'd arranged for a little fun time out shopping to show him around the stalls she usually visited whenever they passed this way and for her it wasn't often enough.


“Hey Electabuzz!" He immediately stopped and looked up at her, he was so busy in his task he'd not noticed her. He gave a little wave gesturing for her to come over but noticed she wasn't even ready to train. “We're going to skip training today as we're going to have fun in town, sound cool huh?"


The pokemon looked at her tapping his foot and folded his arms across his yellow chest. “Buzzz."


Amber could see he didn't like the idea of skimping out on training. She tried again deviously weaving her words a little more shrewdly to reply. “This is a new kind of training, it's called mental fortification as we're going to test observational skills and train memory. You have to remember all the places we visit. This way it trains the mind to retain routines as you have to remember them in order," she snickered and thought she even sounded convincing to herself.


The pokemon looked at her with doubt to this claim. Amber parted her lips a tiny bit and opened her eyes just a little wider to give them a more innocent look, but she probably looked a little deranged if that. She was still working on her expressions so she could build them into her routines. The girl did finally get them some time later on but at that point in time she either made overly cute ones which leaned too much one way, or creepy ones which leaned to the other, invariably, neither having the desired effects. Amber could say she was proud that she had learned to perfect them, or she couldn't have been so passionate during recent times she'd had with Havi and telling him stories so colourfully.


The Electabuzz caved in, maybe she did get that one right as he dropped what he was doing as he made his way to her.


“Great lets get going," she said in good cheer. The wind seemingly sounded like the lone wolf howling away into the distance as it picked up and beat against the tent sides. The harsh flutters against the tents fabric wasn't enough to deter her from having a great day. She suddenly made a little jump feeling him place his hand into hers. The action came as a surprise as she parted her indulgent giggles to him feeling those treasured goosebumps. Of course his intent was not to woo her, she was only human after all, but for Amber they were Arceus sent. He pointed out and was all set for her to lead the way.






The town was situated on top of a hill with their circus caravans temporarily stationed at the bottom. They had been walking a few minutes against the incline as the raindrops patted over the canopy of stretched material, sending tapping sounds through the umbrella. The wind certainly didn't stop it's assault all the while, sailing her hair this way and that. Finally the umbrella gave as it flipped inside out, mangled already like houndoom's chew toy. She sighed folding it back as the rain lightly took them. Now with no shelter to accompany them, the overhead clouds brooded glumly, threatening to turn this tiny drizzle into a heavily pelting waterfall. As seen as they were more than halfway there they continued strolling up the broken cobbled country path.


She definitely found it cute the way Electabuzz made that marveled expression, glancing at the area as a whole as even being halfway up, it gave a magnificent view. There was a soft haze due to the humidity, which added a nice mystical feeling. “Amazing isn't it?"


Nodding he threw his gaze out, taking in the exuberant countryside, and even for her it was quite the picture. Despite the weather's atrocities, even it couldn't bewilder its beauty. Deep valleys and ravines provided a lush scenery to absorb running far into the distance. The two traced their path around a small bend in the path to get to the market place. Flowers sparsely dwindled in the occasional gusts, laying scattered here and there with their their reds; poppies were always a lovely sight.


“Eeeelecta," he said slowly, still in awe peering around.


“I bet now you're happy you came now, huh,?" she asked with a giddy, triumphant smile. She was trying to impress him, although she didn't know how to, she'd never had a boyfriend before. All the while her lone confidence grew for something bolder.


A little further up the cobbled path they spotted a figure walking towards them. An elder gentry to the residence it seemed and one with a long greying mustache, seeming like a buccaneer of sorts, not that he was. Amber expectantly awaited the fabled Harr. Granted, it was his clothes too that gave of that vibe, completed with brown leathers and old styling.


He smiled on his approach and when close enough greeted her. “Good evening young missy are you new around here?" The quaint little town did have the most pleasant people, all the friendly type.


“Certainly am," she brightly replied with a broad smile as she twirled giving a small bow while passing him. She was certainly one to play for attention at her tender age, sweet seventeen, and already showing the signs of a rising star before even her first outing.


“Quite the performer, hey? Anyway, have fun then. Make sure you visit the market, but get back home early there's a storm on the horizon." He did seemed like he was in a hurry as he paced on by, probably needing to tend to some errand or other. She didn't think much on it.


“Oh you betcha I will," she cried back. She was a little hyperactive at times too, something she lost over the four years but saw so much of herself in Havi. Age matures people, but with Havi she managed to let out her inner child when they played together. Finally Amber and Electabuzz with some relief arrived on the outskirts of the market area. Multiple rows of merchants tailed all the way around and even food stands gave of their pleasing smells. Loud shouts for attention came from here and there while she strolled on by, giving a polite waves as they peddled their wares. Small clusters of people rallied around some popular stores. Hungry punters eagerly wanted the grab the deal of the day and haggled with their coins in the air.


“Isn't this great?" The electric pokemon just shrugged a moment, she knew she'd began to lose his interest. Then, her eyes locked like a hawk on something giving her an idea to win him back.


“Baubles of Doom!" she loudly burst out. The lively girl didn't give him a chance to object as she grabbed hold of her helpless date's hand and marched him over to a small carnival-type game. It was a simple game but one that had her riled up in a fluster of excitement. She reached out excitedly. “Hey Mr hurry, hurry, we're in a rush. Please Mr over here." Amber did show a lot of impatience.


“Hold your Rapidashes, I'm coming..." he said in a deep grainy voice, which was a mismatch for his skinny build. Amber held back the snicker as it's not nice to be rude. The dark bearded man walked over breaking away from the others that wanted a go, it was one of the more popular games around the market. “Yes little lady? Will that be one?"


“No two! One for me and one for my Electabuzz." It hit her she had called him, hers. She couldn't remember exactly if that was the first time she had referred to him as hers or had she done it before. This memory seemed so long ago. She quickly pulled out a couple of coins, letting them eager exchange hands, as she bobbed up and down. “Well here you go then." The man placed several slugs into two rifles mounted on the wooden top.


The Electabuzz just looked at her without the faintest clue what they were doing. She saw his perplexed expression and just giggled. “Don't tell me, you've never played on any fairground games back in our circus or anything?" He simply shook his head.


“Oh boy... Well, watch me, and do what I do and shoot them." Amber lined up her shot as the multi-coloured baubles rolled down a maze like structure made on the opposite end of the counter, they fell until the hit a globe which represent the world. The idea was to shoot them before then got there as the globe was protected via a thick sheet of plastic which the pellets couldn't penetrate.


Once the crosshairs lined she took her shot destroying it in one go, “Wahoo I got one, yeah take that!" she cried out throwing a fist into the air before giving a little clap of joy. She couldn't say she was as excitable as Havi but still close, or was she? It made her wonder.


Her Electabuzz lined up a shot and took it as it flew way off the mark. She gave a little grin. “Not like that silly. Nevermind here." She walked up behind him as she let her hand glance gently around his love handles, feeling shivers descend over her a moment as they passed. She brushed her fingers through his forearm fur trying not to make it too obvious but though her heart would stop beating at any given moment. “You have to ease up." Her fingers soother over his, helping his them take the trigger softly once more. “Just a gentle pressure but don't pull it back yet." She adjust her body as it pressed gently into his back. She could feel the heat building in her face. She released his hand apprehensively before she was washed away in his wave to be able to concentrate at the task to hand. Slowly she pushed the butt of the rifle into his shoulder snuggly.


“Electa Ele, buzzzz." He asked, questionably. The heavy winds once more weren't helping them with their target much.


“Hmm, okay now peer down through the cross hair, and breath in slow deep breaths." She knew she should've have stayed there with him to take the shot.


I'm such a dummy, chicken wuss. Come on, hold him again, I can do it. I need to show him I want him. Just be coo.


“Then when it lines up just below the downward tumbling bauble fire. Okay?" Her body gently pressed to his once more, she clenched her eyes a moment unsure of any negative reaction she may induce from him. There it was, as as wanting as ever, the feeling his soft thumps that beat through his chest against her bosom. She felt fuzzy being so close to him and his own warmth filtering through her fabric making her feel as if she'd melt into a puddle. She couldn't tell if this warm tingle that was rushing through her was his static properties or an effect he'd just had, but neither mattered as it felt wonderful. The rain really had wetted them both through, her hair a mesh of soaked clumpy locks but it didn't bother her, this was... perfect.


He nodded and took his time before he took his shot. It sadly missed, but he had gotten his aim closer now. “See? Much better, now try again? You'll get it this time."


Content with her embrace, She was reluctant to move, but move she did and back to her own rifle. She finished of taking her shots until they all ran out. She missed a few herself and only just qualified for the lowest end plush toy prize.


As the gamekeeper who brought a small plush just a little bigger than her hand, Amber made adoringly big eyes at him as she shook her head and pointed to another. “Please Mr, I wanted that teddy so much, it would have meant the world for me, I have no money to go again and I'm really poor,. I... I want that one. I've wanted one for so long and never manage to save enough. Every few months I pass here I have tried and never gotten it, Please?" She continued to make those impossible to resist puppy eyes and appeared as if she was about to burst into tears. “You remind me of my daddy. So kind." Oh yes, she really did pull that one. Amber almost burst into laughter remembering saying that. She couldn't believe she used her big amber eyes in such a way, and was quite the manipulative girl.


“Okay okay, just don't turn on the water works, people around here get the wrong idea quite easily, there's no telling what they think of me half the time and will assume I did something bad to you... Just take it and go..." He paused a moment at part of her comment. “Hmm. That's kind of sweet, kid. Do I really remind you of your dad?" he asked curiously as he handed the slightly larger teddy over to her.


“Nope not really, but thanks for the teddy anyway," she said victorious with a very broad smile.


“Why you little... nevermind forget it, just scoot before I change my mind."


“Thanks Mr you're the best." This infact was the same tattered teddy that Havi had pointed to the other day.


Amber gave an ecstatic twirl, stretching her arms out, feeling as if she was making great progress with him. She looked into his eyes seeing a joy and excitement there to see more of what this place offered.


She spotted one of her favorite fruit, it was exotic, and had to be shipped from Unova. “Hey, want to try something?" she asked causing him to raise a brow apprehensively to what else she would drag him into. “Don't give me that look you like it." Not other warnings were given as the grabbed his wrist heading towards one of the stalls eying the various delicacies with him in tow.


Once there she looked over to a cluster of small fruits with a dark gold texture. They sold them to the weight and pre-sealed in a pouch for two silver coins. She searched the side pocket of her dress sighing as there was a hole, and she only had a silver coin and a bronze.


Now what.


She did have an idea, as she reached around her waist adjusting her push-up bra to ensure the cleavage was at it's most effective. She undid a couple of top buttons making sure Electabuzz's eyes were fixed looking at all the strange new fruits he'd not come across before. Amber leaned forward placing her hands down and made sure enough was seen to get her the attention from the stall owner.


Soon enough the middle age man looked over in her direction. He was rugged, and not clean shaven with a stocky build, and wearing denim dungarees. She tilted her head to the side, sending a pleasant smile over keeping her eyes wide open to add an innocent look to them. He turned away as he was still serving another customer but she could see his fingers were fumbling with the change.


Gotcha... hehe.


He finished up quickly as he made his way over. “Hey love, what can I get you today?" he asked as his eyes strayed down her neck. She looked at him softly chewing her bottom lip, playing her part.


“How about a bunch of those dates."


“Huh? I'd love to go on a date with you, you're absolutely stunning," she had no idea where that came from but he seemed less effort than she thought he'd be. He continued staring down her top.


“Can you take your eyes out of my ahem... Maybe I should call daddy over." She turned her head having another idea, seeing a police officer parting with some cash over at one of the other stalls. He pulled his gaze away immediately when he saw her point at him. “He gets very upset when men deliberately look down my top wanting to take advantage, yup."


“I'm sorry I just..."


“I didn't ask you for a date, I meant dates," she said pointing over at the fruits. “Oh hmm seems I'm a little short on money." She held her hand out showing him. “Anyway I'll go tell daddy what you did when I get some change of him." Such a well placed lie.


“What? Okay take them, they're on me."


Amber did feel a little guilty and more so if she didn't pay at all. “No take this or I'll tell on you."


“Okay fine, deal." He said quickly taking the coins from her. Cheerily she moved off dragging Electabuzz with her again, to which, he was becoming less bothered by now. He eyed her questioningly.


“What? Oh saying he was my dad?" He nodded a little confused why she would lie.


“Nothing. Just felt like it hehe. Stop being so serious okay. Come on lets go sit over there." Amber didn't know the reason why she used father representations so often. Now older she could see she missed having a real father. It's not that Laurel hadn't been everything she would have wanted her father to be, it's just when she saw children with their real parents it made her wonder what he would've been like.


She took Electabuzz over to the bench and feverishly opened up the pouch sitting down. Electabuzz calmly seated himself beside her. She drew one of the dates out and bit carefully into it then pried it open with her fingers as she removed the pit.


“This is my favorite fruit, it's always sweet, and there's never a bitter or sour one." She raised it to her lip, and slowly ran it along her bottom lip to try get his attention on her with sensual movements. She bit into it again eating half, pretending to be the cool sophisticated lady. She pulled her hand away noticing it trembling.


Nerves don't fail me now, so lame, got to act cool... I've seen these things on the TV so just do it like the stars and it'll be alright.


Her head glanced side to side to for a moment, making sure no one was in face looking. She moved the remaining half to his lips and slowly ran it along his bottom lip in the same way she'd done to hers while her eyes became ensnared within his. The thought of her lips having touched it followed by his was like secretly passing him a kiss that only she knew of. Amber pushed herself closer pressing her body more into his, readying herself for the real thing. Slowly the uneasy girl leaned her head over while he just looked at her with a confused look. As he took it and consumed she felt her head getting lighter as she pushed her quivering lips closer to his and then...


She slipped right of the bench with a soft thud as her rear hit the ground, and worse, she did all this for the kiss and now... I'm a complete dork dork dork... Moron!


Electabuzz giggled reaching down to give her a hand up. She never felt so stupid in her life. Why was she doing all this?


I wish he wasn't so, so, blind!


As he took her hand he paused. Electabuzz looked off into the sky. “Buzz ele ele." Amber wasn't too sure what he was saying but it became clear as the wind grew stronger, blasting through her hair. She took a glance around as people were beginning to quickly shut down their stalls and fastening the hatches. People were rushing here, there, and everywhere like headless torchicks.


Staggeringly, it came as nonsensical that they wouldn't have evacuated earlier or made some provisions considering there was a chance. She knew they were aware as she had been warned along the way ealier that day. Maybe they didn't know it was going to be this bad, but why leave things to fate?


Either way, it wasn't going to be safe soon if she didn't find some cover for them.



End Notes- Thanks for reading this. I apologise for any mistakes as English isn't my main language, and I hope I wasn't too much of a hindrance with my self beta efforts this week. Hopefully I've done okay without a proof reader. I hope you all enjoyed this chapter, and yes this is a younger Amber. I borrowed a little from my character Mechachick to gain a little of her devious side. For those who don't know her, MechaChick is eccentrically over the top, but of course played it right down to be far more subtle with Amber. And for those who missed Havi, he'll be back the next chapter. You've guessed it, next Friday/Saturday.



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    Reviewer: ashoka
    Date:Apr 18 2017 Chapter:A Date, Sweet As The Fruit

    This is a new getaway from the story but a valuable one which is taking me through a journey of why Amber is being like she is. I'm enjoying this finding it interesting and again superb story telling. 

    Electabuzz was mentioned early on and I was curious to how things had happened and her first love. We also see not only glimpses into her past but other issues she had being without parents. She's very sweet and I really like her. Let's see what happens next time. I really wasn't going to read this many chapters today but I'm hooked imo.

    Author's Response:

    You certainly have been busy reading. I'm hoping to catalogue some of her past to show the reader where much of her regrets and insecurities originate from.