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Keeping Warm by epicpoke


Keeping Warm

The college life was a good life. I was pretty much one of the only people in the world these days that actually focused on studies for a profession, as maybe 99 out if 100 people generally became trainers in their teenage years, if not sooner. Because of my academic effort, a vast majority of the professors I had were pretty lax with the work they assigned.


Now, most people would take the resulting free time to train pokémon or catch them, but travelling the globe to fight other people was never my cup of tea. So I spent the many hours I had free on reading, playing videogames, programming, or exercising. Like I said, the good life. I lived in my own apartment funded by some cash I won in a lottery one or two years back, and though I worked only on weekends, I made $13.25 an hour and worked the six to nine graveyard shift, so money wasn’t necessarily scarce, for a student, anyways. Yes, I lived an easy, quiet life void of any excitement, that is, until one particularly cold January evening.


All the local news stations said that this was going to be the coldest week on record. Normally, this wouldn’t mean much to me, but the apartment’s heating was on the fritz again and I never got around to buying a space heater. Instead, I just grabbed a few extra blankets on my last visit to my parents’ place. Despite this, I still felt chilly. I kicked the blankets off and decided to take a walk to a local coffee shop, the only place a guy could pick up a hot cocoa this late. While I was grabbing my coat, a thought flashed through my mind, or rather, an emotion: worry. Strong and simple. I couldn’t think of a reason behind this, so I just scratched it up to remnants of a dream I forgot and stepped into the hall, then outside. My face and the top of my head were instantaneously bombarded with freezing rain. I lost my bearings for only a split second, but that was enough to send my feet into a slipping frenzy on the ice below me and send my ass straight onto the ground.


I rolled to prone, rubbing my lower back and wiggling my toes, assuring myself that I did not damage anything too important. Another wave of worry assaulted my head, chilling my insides where the frosty torrent could not. The foreign emotion was replaced with my own equivalent. I knew enough to know that either I was going a tad insane, or some psychic pokemon was real close. I slowly got back up, using the building’s wall for support. I looked around, trying to spy anything, and my eyes found that the anything I tried to spot had spotted me. Two crimson eyes peered from the lawn. Intrigued, and more than a little nervous, I got low and put out my hand, palm inwards.

I may be canine, but I am not a dog.

The words came from the back of my head. Obviously, this was the creature sending spikes of worry. Pokemon with psychic abilities were, by nature, dangerous to anything sentient. I had to be careful not to anger it.

“What are you, then?”

The polite question would be ‘who are you?’, and my most recent name was Lucas.  A lucario.

Lucario were incredibly uncommon, even on their native continent of Europe. I thought this one got loose from some fanatical collector.

“Where’s your trainer? They shouldn’t leave you out in this weather.”

His gaze quickly became a glare, and in an instant, I was facing up with my back on the ice again. Lucas was on my chest, and pinned my arms to the ground.

Don’t ever insult me with notions of capture! I have seen enough of it to know exactly what the nightmare entails. No freedom, no hope.”

I could feel his emotions as well as my own. He was angry, but incredibly scared. As I struggled to catch my breath, I realized why. He was soaked quite visibly to the bone. I could count his ribs. In addition, either his spikes had not grown in properly, or they had been filed down to mere mounds of bone. He was near defenseless, and an actual fight between us would result in a defeat. He knew as much.

“I’m sorry, I meant nothing by it. You clearly are too clever to ever be caught, in any case.”

His face softened, and the anger and fear both were briefly replaced with mild pride a sharp twinge of remorse. He let out a hot breath, and collapsed on top of me.

“Lucas? Lucas!”

I couldn’t leave him out here, and there were no pokemon centers for miles. I did, however, have a revive or two lying around.

Thankfully (and sadly), Lucas was quite light despite his strength and I was able to sit him down and gently dry him off. I left him on the couch with the warmest blanket I had and I put a few others into the clothes dryer to heat up. While I waited for those, I rummaged around to find a revive.

By the time I found it, the blankets were warm, so I grabbed those as well. When I got back to the living room, I noticed how Lucas looked in the light. That tell-tale blue and black fur pattern on his face, the psychic antennae-like probes, and his ears all softly shone. He groomed himself well, it seemed. I carefully unwrapped the blanket that I had tucked him in with, cautiously as to not hurt his already frail body. I gently enveloped him into a new, warm blanket, unintentionally stroking his soft fur. I could see why even casual pokemon trainers would keep a lucario around. I pulled out the pill-sized revive and opened Lucas’s mouth, carefully laying it on his tongue. As the medicine began to work, he began instinctively chewing it. His eyes slowly opened, red as ruby.

Wh-what did you do to me? Let me go!

He started struggling, though his lack of strength was plain to see.

“Calm down, you’re going to hurt yourself! You fainted, from cold or hunger, I don’t know, but I brought you in.”

Why can’t I move?

“It was 8 degrees out, you were sopping wet, and you’re starved. If you want out, I’ll just take back my things and-”

No! …Sorry. For everything. I just got out of a mess, and I can see you’re a good person.

“Do you want to talk about that ‘mess’?”

No, thank you.”

How about food? What do you eat?”

He looked away for a moment, and I could literally feel his embarrassment. I looked on, confused, and feeling his shame.

Anything you could eat, I suppose.

I nodded and swiftly got to work. A nice chicken noodle soup would start making things as right as rain, no pun intended.


It had been a few days since I took Lucas in. He still said he felt cold, so I just stuck with one blanket at night and gave him the rest. Though I was by no means overweight, I was not skeletal. He needed the warmth. Day after day, I’d wake up, cook breakfast, go to my classes, come home, cook dinner, read, run, go to bed. Before, I mostly lived on microwaved goods and played video games, but Lucas couldn’t hold silverware without making a mess and he needed hot food, so feeding him took up a lot of time. I never complained, though. Either his emotions were bleeding into mine, or my sentiments of caring for another were genuinely positive. Life was busier, but still good. Maybe even better.


From time to time, while I lay in bed, listening to Lucas’s rhythmic snores from the couch, my heart would skip a beat and I would get… aroused. Lucas seemed to be prone to naughty dreams. I tried to push the feelings away, but they were powerful, bestial dreams, so I often could not resist the urge to pleasure myself. Occasionally, the dreams would even change mine. One dream seemed to occur more than others.


It started in a field. Seeing as it was Lucas dreaming, I was always viewing this from his perspective. Moonlight doused every grass blade in silver fire. A smell drifted through the warm night air. I never could put my finger on exactly what it was, but it was incredibly familiar. Lucas would have spotted movement in a dense treeline, and run towards it at breakneck speed. Rushing through the wood, he always caught the prey, some obscure figure, blurred by dream mist, and went straight for the neck. The dream always stopped there, as the excitement would wake me. Lucas still slept as I shivered the night away, his heavy breaths, musky smell, and emotions of arousal spreading through my apartment like wildfire. I sat mortified wondering if the experience reached my neighbors on multiple occasions.


One night, just before a holiday weekend when I would get two days off work, Lucas had the dream again. The field, the light, the forest, the prey, same old same old, as it had been for a month. This time, however, I finally recognized the smell: my apartment! It stood out against the smell of grass and decaying leaves. The prey didn’t seem as blurry this time, and I got a good look at… myself. Heart hammering, I watched in horror as Lucas brought his mouth down to my neck and-


I awoke, feeling a heavy weight on my chest.

You were having a nightmare

Lucas sat on my ribs, eyes and mind full of concern.

“I’m fine. A dream never killed anyone.”

But cold has. You’re trembling.

I didn’t even notice the tremors that shook my body.

“I’ll live. Go back to sleep.”

Lucas climbed further upwards on my body, put his paws next to either side of my head, and leveled his glittering eyes with mine.

I’m cold, too. I’ve never experienced a night as frigid as this. Huddling for warmth would be efficient.

I realized he was correct. It had been minus three degrees when I went to bed, and dropping. I didn’t know if he had ulterior motives, but I didn’t have a choice.

“Alright, but get all the blankets.”

He did so, and after stacking all of them one by one on top of me, he slid into my bed, and got real close.

Do you dislike me?

The question was unexpected to say the least, especially in the current situation.

“Not at all. What gave you the idea?”

You’re still scared, and not from just that nightmare. You seem afraid of me.

I guessed that deep down, that was true. After all, he was about to bite into my jugular in his wet dream! I explained as much to him, and he seemed shocked at first that his dreams leaked into mine, but then his eyes lit up.

I wasn’t going to bite you. Watch.


He rolled on top of me, pinning my arms. He had regained his strength; I could not escape if I wanted to. My heart tried to break free of my chest as I felt his hot breath on my neck, a misty harbinger of my doom. His head got closer, and closer, ever so slowly as I awaited the lethal bite that never came. Instead, I felt a gentle, warm, moist stroke of his tongue creep up over my chin to just below my lips. His maw opened wide, and he tilted his head into an awkward kiss. His paws released my wrists, and wrapped around my head. I couldn’t help but feel the same. The lust and love I felt did not belong to only him. I began caressing his body, softly moaning into the kiss, and he began to return the favor. Our tongues danced and I was able to feel every muscle in his body pulse with primal instinct. I felt something hard and hot poke my own growing member. He was a bit bigger, being canine, and the red member tapered on one end while sporting a bulb near the base, above two symmetrical blue furred balls. Lucas pulled back from the kiss and turned onto his back. He reached his paws down and removed my boxers, exposing my groin. I leaned up on the head rest, and he gave my face on last lick before descending. My penis was already soaked in precum, so we did not have an incredible amount of resistance when I slowly slid into him. However, his gasp showed that I had hurt him a bit.

“Hey, I don’t want this to be a bad experience for you. Be gentle to yourself.”

Oh, thanks. May we… switch to a more natural position?

I allowed him to carefully guide me onto my knees, him under me, doggy style. My manhood never left his tailhole. He reached back with a paw, urging me further in. I slowly began to thrust, gasping at every second being inside his soft, warm anus. We moved in tandem, a gentle rhythm for some time before I picked up the pace, going faster and deeper. The room was filled with the sounds of our breathing, his moaning,  a soft squishing, and the muffled impact of my flesh to his fur. I continuously stroked him for a while while doing this, but he stopped me and stopped pushing back.

Hold on for a second. Pull out.

I followed his directions and he moved on to his back, presenting his ass and his member.

Okay, lie down on me, and continue.

I descended and did as I was told. He wrapped his paws around my back and put me into a vicegrip. We began kissing again, though horniness kept our faces from being completely dry. After a good deal of time, he broke the kiss and began thrusting his member across my lower abdomen as I thrusted into him. His breaths became rapid, and he let out a loud growl as he sprayed his hot seed on my chest and under my chin. His orgasm made his walls tighten around my member, and I came in him. I fell on him, and the two of us lie in each other’s embrace, our smells mingling. We were like this, each breathing heavily for about ten minutes under the blankets before both of us hardened again.

May I try being dominant?

I never saw myself as a bottom, but I couldn’t help but feel that I owed Lucas.

“Okay. Please, be careful…”

Don’t worry, I’ll go slow.

We adjusted ourselves and each other, exploring our bodies in the process. His paws ran along my neck, chest, and hips. My hands navigated their way through his deep, soft, blue fur, examining every well defined muscle. Lucas mounted onto my back, and I felt his hot tip probe my hole. I got on my hands and knees, preparing for what would come next.

You ready?

“Yeah. Slowly, please.”

I awkwardly reached back and gripped his thighs softly. We simultaneously inhaled, and he started to slide in. I felt my walls stretch and I unintentionally clenched. I let out a short gasp at the pain.

“Hold on, hold on. We need more lube than just sweat and semen.”

Lucas said nothing, but I felt him shift on my back, lowering his head to lick the back of my neck. Still holding on to my left side and keeping his member in me, he reached around to grab my cock, stroking it lovingly. My arms weakened and I trembled at the sudden stimulation. Nothing I could do would stifle my moan. He continued to thrust into me, albeit with a good deal of more care than earlier. The pain subsided and was rapidly substituted with pleasure. My arms gave way and I was now  resting on them, head down, ass up, as he humped and stroked my member to a rhythm. He was pushing me over the edge, but he himself was not too far. I let out a guttural moan as I came, soaking the bed sheets and getting a bit on my chest. In nearly the same instant, he let go of my penis and gripped my sides, pulling himself  into me as deep as his knot would allow. He let out one more growl before filling my insides with his hot seed. Burst after burst, I could practically feel myself swelling. After ten seconds of near constant ejaculation, he exhaled deeply and we both relaxed. We made one Hell of a mess in the bed, but I could wait until morning to shower and do laundry.

I love you, Lucas.”

I love you, too.

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