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Bully by omegazer0


Story Notes:

This fic is based on a bit of a stockholm syndrome and domination/submission between the characters. I decided to make two alternate versions of the first chapter, so pick whichever you like. Hope you enjoy it.

Author's Chapter Notes:

Orchid and Auron's relationship reaches a breaking point and, after dire circunstances, and they both show each other their true feelings.

(Orchid goes top in this version)

Chapter 1 - Present (Orchid Tops)

Well, my name's Orchid, I'm a Nidorino and this is the story about my childhood bully.

That was Auron, a Lairon. The biggest bully around town and my personal nightmare for the last few weeks. He's been all over me ever since I caught his attention in a bad way while he was trying to impress some other kids, but that's another story.

I'm just a weak and stubby Nidorino, so there's nothing I can really do against him. He's stronger and way bigger than me.

It's been about a month of pushes, tackles and beatings all dedicated to me so It's been getting awkwardly personal. Well...I Tried to avoid him since then by taking the long way home, a quiet riverside road around the district.

It worked.

For about 2 days.

This time, he somehow tailed me before I got home, and now he's chasing after me like it's some kind of game.

I was running as fast as my legs could take me, darting through the dirt road as I tried to outrun him., but Auron was absurdly fast for his size and I could hear him stomping right behind me. And then, after making me run halfway through, he tackled me hard and we crashed, rolling down the small hill and into the grass.

I tried to scream for help but he quickly pinned me down on my back, pressing his weight on my chest and muffling my voice with one of his paws. The Lairon was almost twice my size and dozens of times heavier, due to his steel carapace.

I could feel my eyes starting to tear as I looked up to see his wide grin, his steel mask hiding the rest of his face.

 "Going somewhere, fatty?"

He presses painfully harder, making me scream once more, though only a muffled sound could escape. I was already crying at this point.

- "Why is he so mean to me?" - I think to myself, struggling under the Lairon's grip.

The spikes on my back made it extremely hard to lay back comfortably and even harder to move in any way. I was powerless against him.

"You know it's no use fighting back, worm. No one's going to help you. So, how about you behave nicely and I won't have to make you bleed like last time?"

I shudder, thinking back to the last time Auron beat me. I was sore for days, and he picked on me even more then, knowing I was hurt. I nod, my short arms tapping on his, helplessly.

He smiles and I feel his weight out of my chest, allowing me to breathe again, then he slowly takes his claws away from my mouth. He looks down at me, still pinning me under his body as I wipe my tears in panic.

"W-what do you want?"

I stutter, his eyes sparkle with a mix of curiosity and malice.

He slowly reaches for my face, making me flinch, but he just rubs my cheek with one of his clawed fingers, gently making his way up until he grasps my horn.

"You know damn well what I want, little Orchid."

My eyes open wide and I start to squirm but he holds me down firmly.

Utter fear takes hold of me. I DO know what he wants.

"Please! No..."

My voice fails as the tears run down my face once more, but he holds my horn with a tight grip.

It was the only really dangerous part of my weak body and it kept the other bullies from messing with me, but it was useless against his tough hide, and there was also the fact that he was completely immune to my poison.

He knew all that, and also that it is quite sensible to any touch, and I could feel him running his claws on my horn, as if teasing me to struggle again, but I keep myself still, afraid that he might get violent if I try to resist.


Auron becomes more serious, hesitating for moment before he leans in close to my ear, and whispers.

"I promise it'll be... Nice.  Just relax."

He doesn't have his previous smug tone anymore, which makes me both glad and nervous.

From that angle, all I could see was his body looming over me, his blue eyes fixed on mine. I can feel my body shaking in fear as he shifts over me, still holding my head in place as he brings his hips forward to my muzzle. Soon, I become uncomfortably aware of his body forced on me, the first thing I smell is his musky scent, just faint enough to be noticeable.

With his strong thighs holding me down, I can feel that his underside scales were much softer than his outer scales and the hard steel carapace covering his back and face, especially around his belly and...

I swallow, and muster up the courage to face what was right in front of me.

His slit was just a few inches away from my face.

Auron seemed to notice my gaze and I feel him squeezing my horn and pulling me closer.


I look up at him, tears rolling down my eyes.

"You heard me. Lick it!"

He bursts, shoving my face into his crotch, my muzzle rubbing on his slit and filling my nostrils with his strong smell.

My mind is a mess, I don't want to think about what I was about to do, I just don't want to get hurt. I close my eyes, and slowly open my mouth and let my tongue out against his scales. It felt cold, and dry against my tongue, but as soon as I touched him, he let out a gasp and jerked against me.

I give him a few more short licks as I search about until I find his slit, taking a deep breath before letting my tongue dig inside. I feel his warm, softer flesh spreading as I push my tongue further. The taste is strong and salty, and gets stronger as I dig further, his tight hole somewhat resisting my intrusion.

I slowly pull out, breathing again, before pushing deeper until my tongue touches something hard blocking the way. This time, Auron outright moans and I feel his whole slit squeezing me as I remove my tongue from him. I open my eyes, greeted by the sight of his dark-red cock peeking out of his slit, pulsing and growing larger with each passing second.

I feel a light tug on my horn, and I look up at Auron's face. He was breathing hard and loudly, and he looked down at me with a primal, needy eyes.  

My mind is hazy and I feel a rush of weird feelings and thoughts

- "Did I do that to him? Was he really... Desiring me that much?" -

Auron suddenly looks away as he notices my stare, and twists my horn downwards so I do the same.

"We're not done yet...worm." He tries to sound cocky but he was clearly flustered by it. "Get back to work."

I squeal under his grasp, but soon raise my paws to rest them against the Lairon's waist, trying to show him I was ready to keep going, and to support myself against him. I focus back on his cock, which was now twice as big, still just a couple of inches peeking out of his slit but half as thick as my stubby arms, and leaking a drop of pre halfway down his shaft.

I sigh and lick my lips, realizing his taste still stained my mouth.

Carefully, I lean closer, twisting my head sideways and wrapping my lips around the base of his cock, letting it rest gently against my tongue. His cock's taste was way stronger, the taste of another male's arousal was somewhat imprinted on my instincts and I knew I would never forget  it.

Auron groans, and I can feel him twitching and jerking his hips forward, rubbing his cock's smooth underside against my tongue as it pulsed and grew larger. I started moving my head upwards, giving his shaft long, wet slurps as I made my way up to the tip.

Every now and then I felt him spew a bit of pre on my tongue, and I did my best to swallow it all without complaint. I could feel he was trying to hold back and not hurt me. He still held me by my horn, but it was a gentle grasp now, somewhat pleasant in a way.

As I kept going Auron started to get more vocal, groaning constantly as he humped my face. I peeked up and saw him panting with his mouth wide open and his eyes closed, almost drooling in pleasure.

For some reason, I was... Happy he was enjoying this, maybe because if he likes it, he won't want to hurt me afterwards.

I imagined he was probably fully grown right now, it was too big for my mouth so I could only fit about half if I tried but It grew extremely thick as it neared the base. Auron's huge cock throbbed hard whenever I suckled at his tip, and I made sure to focus my tongue on that sensible spot, whenever I could .

Suddenly, just as I let his tip pop off of my mouth and was making my way down back to his base with a thick line of saliva and pre connecting us, he whipped his tail and put his paw on the side of my face to pull me away.

I froze in place as he jerked his hips on the air and his cock spurted a thick jet of cum that nearly missed my face, falling into the grass.

The second jet came right after, just as massive as the first and hit the same spot, but I wasn't as lucky with the third.

His cock twitched and spew his warm seed right on my face, leaving a long trail from my muzzle to my ear. The next couple of spurts fell all over my body, marking me with dozens of lines of his cum.

Auron let out a long moan as he came, whispering something that sounded like my name, but I was too shocked by his sudden climax to be sure.

He is still breathing hard as he looks down on me, but I just stare blankly at my own stained body laying under his as the weight of what just happened settles in my mind and tears run down my cheeks.

"Orchid...I'm..." He frees my horn and places a claw on my chin, turning my face to his.

His eyes reflect emotions I've never seen in him before.


And Regret.

He seems to be trying to say something, but his mouth just opens and closes in vain and I just stare in shock, unable to hate him for what he did or even fear him anymore.

The world then blurred away as he held me tight.

And kissed me.

Then I finally started to feel something again.

It was warmth, his warmth.

He awkwardly touched my mouth with his, slowly and kindly pushing himself into me. It was very brief, as if he was afraid of hurting me further, and as he backed off I could see the sorrow in his eyes.

Then I reached my hand to his neck, gently holding his head with my claws right under his chin. He started to say something, but I just kissed him back, for longer this time. I don't know why I did it. I had every reason to hate him. To try to run away and never see him again.

Instead, all I could think about was this kiss.

His wet tongue pushing into my lips, touching my own.

The low growls he made everytime he pulled me closer to him.

His warm breath huffed on my face whenever we paused our kiss.

The pleasantly smooth scales on his chin and neck, vibrating with the sounds of his throat under my touch.

All I could think about was Auron.

Finally, he held my arm in his claws, breaking our kiss as he got off me and stood on my side our faces still a few inches away.

"I'm... So sorry, Orchid."

I felt him licking my cheeks hesitantly. It felt weird, especially after we just kissed.

Then I realized he was cleaning his cum from my scales.

Auron started carefully licking the trail from my muzzle. I closed my eyes and let him work, a few licks of his huge tongue were enough to remove any trace of cum, though it left me a bit wet.

As soon as he finished on my face he started licking his way down my neck.

I let out a short yelp  of surprise. There wasn't anything there but he kept licking and growling with a dominating tone until he reached the side of my neck and nibbled on it.

I couldn't hold back the short moan that came to my throat as he toyed with my neck and the strange warmth spreading through my body.


This felt different from what he did before. It wasn't like he was having his way with me by force or making me do anything.

This time it feels like I belong to him.

I opened my eyes and looked down at him.

I tried to hold back my arousal as I watched him lustfully play with my body. I could feel his claws scratching my sides softly and holding me in place as he worked.

Auron just seemed to be in some kind of trance, lapping at my scales, rubbing his snout against my belly as he sniffed me, his warm body pressed lightly over mine as his tail swinged lazily behind him.

I started rubbing my own slit against him without really noticing, biting my lips to hold back my moans. After what seemed like hours he finally stops, looking up at me. Our breathless panting filling the awkward silence. As he lifts his body, I can see my own erection between my legs.

He seemed...surprised, And maybe confused, as if he didn't really expect me to react like that.

I look away from his gaze in shame.

It was embarrassing and confusing. I've never felt that way before , not for males, and especially not for him. Was that just a reaction to his touch?

Auron rolls on his side and lays next to me, and I can feel him gazing at me as I rested on my back.

"Here... I can help you with that..."

I get up and turn my head to face him and the sight nearly makes me fall back to the ground. He was raising his hips with his tail lifted upwards, giving me a clear view of his legs spread wide with his still half-erect cock dripping between them.

Auron was presenting himself to me...Just Like a female would.

I feel my cock twitch harder and my heart run wild at the thought.

"Come...I'll tell you what to do."

His voice sounds imposing like always but the lustful look he gives me over his shoulder betrays him, the same needy eyes as before.

He wanted me to breed him.

I make my way to him, my mind cloudy with lust and my cock throbbing hard underneath me.


Auron swings his hips slowly, making a big drop of pre hanging off his cock fall to the ground. I quickly get my paws on top of him, gripping his hips as I pull myself closer, feeling the soft skin of my cock slide against his smooth scales.  

Immediately, I feel the Lairon shifting his body underneath me, reaching a paw underneath himself as he supports his body with the other. I gasp as something touches my cock, rubs it for a moment then squeezes it against a slick and hot surface. Auron's body vibrates with a pleasant growl and I realize he's rubbing our cocks together.

My Nidorino cock wasn't as big as Auron's, and not nearly as thick, but it had a somewhat more appealing curved form. It also had a few small, soft spikes near the head, quite sensible to any touch. I wonder if he can feel them as my cock slipped on his.

His grip was tight enough that I could feel every throb of his cock as he carefully milked my pre with his paw, smearing it on his own.

Finally, he lets go off our cocks with a sigh.

"I'm ready....Orchid."

Auron shifts under me, lowering his rump.

I don't need to see his face to know he wants this....Looking down under his tail, I can see a tight asshole twitching eagerly, just a few inches from my shaft.


I clench my teeth, aligning my tip with his ring as I push steadily forward against the resistance of his muscles and break inside.

Auron muffles a short cry, and I freeze in place.


"I'm fine...don't stop."

He peeks over his shoulder and I can feel his tail rubbing against my side, reassuring me. I smile, shifting my legs and laying more of my body over his back and holding one of his back spikes for support.

"Here I go."

I close my eyes, focusing on the blissful sensation of my cock surrounded by his tight warm hole,  spreading slowly as I push it deeper into him. It felt easier with each thrust, shoving more and more of my length inside until my hips smacked against him and Auron let out a surprised yelp.

I had hilted him.

I stood there, claws digging on his scales with my cock shoved all the way inside him as I drooled with pleasure.


Auron's voice was faint and shaky, and I could feel his large body quivering underneath me everytime I moved.

"Breed me...Now."

Instinct took over as I moved my hips. Slowly at first, but steadily building rhythm, short and slow humps making way for longer and stronger one's.

Auron didn't seem to care if anyone could be around. He thrashed and clawed at the ground, moaning whenever I hilted myself into him. His legs quivering every now and then whenever I hit his sweetspot. I held myself tight on his back, humping him viciously as I felt my climax near.

This time I could hear it clearly. He was moaning my name.


I came, spewing stream after stream of my seed inside him while I felt the larger male collapse underneath me with my cock still buried inside him.

My foggy mind embraced the feeling of joy that came afterwards and I laid there, panting for a few moments until I finally managed to pull myself out. Auron was still underneath me, his own climax spewed all over the grass as he laid on his side, panting.

Finally, I crawled down to the grass next to him and rested my head on his chest, filled with no desire other than to lay down beside him and sleep.



"I hated how you can read me so easily when no one else can."

Auron spoke, in a sad tone, as he gazed at the sunset. We were sitting atop one of the hills just outside of town, close to the place where we just... mated hours ago, watching the sunset together.

"I never had any friends. No one trusts me. They all think I'm creepy, that's why I act tough and pick on everyone. I hated how you could make friends even though you're not smart or strong."

I was laying down by his side, resting my head lazily against his shoulder. Apparently, if you can avoid a Lairon's harder scales and spikes, he's quite comfortable and soft to lay on at some spots.

" But most of all...I was afraid you'd find out I'm just lonely and sad and...I just...I crossed the line this time..."

Auron choked, and a tear rolled down his cheek from under his mask.

There's more to it than just that. I know he didn't do this out of spite.

To his surprise, I lean closer to his face and gently lick the tears.

"I...know you didn't really want to hurt me like this..."

I whispered, nuzzling on his neck for a moment.

"You...know? How?"

Auron asked, confused as he kept sobbing.

"Your eyes. That's how I know how you really feel. Doing that hurt you a lot, didn't it?"

He keeps silent, looking away from me.

There is more.

I reach my hand to his face, claws scraping slightly on his mask as I make him look back at me.

"You didn't want that, right? You didn't want to...rape me."

My voice comes out a bit too rashly.

Auron shuts his eyes and his tears start flowing down once more.

"Orchid....I'm so sor-"

I quickly place a claw over his mouth.

"Because you wanted me...You loved me and didn't know what to think, how to..."

I stop myself before I torture him further.

Auron's shaking and sobbing, his eyes shut as if he couldn't face me anymore after all that's happened. I lean forward and kiss him again, as deeply and passionately as I can, until he finally opens his eyes.

"I love you too, Auron."

I whisper, breaking our kiss and resting on his warm embrace until he finally looks down at me.

The golden sunset light reflecting upon his deep cyan-blue eyes showing me a spark of the most beautiful emotion I had ever seen upon his eyes.


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