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Kiss By A Rose by r3tr0_1987


Author's Chapter Notes:

Johnathan's sister Sarah is tasked with looking after Lucario while he's away. However, Sarah has a surprise in order...

Sarah's Gift

I watched as my Trainer drove off, thinking about the good times from the other night. Sarah said she had a surprise for me. My member was aching, ready for action, heat month. I walked into her bedroom to see her in lacey lingerie, black with red strings. "Lucario I'm a Pokémon nurse, I know how you feel right now. Let me help you." She got down on her knees and started licking my cock. I was very hard and very thick, she started sucking on it. Her throat and mouth felt so warm and velvety, yet moist around my dick. Unlike Johnathan, she took her time. I felt happy to be alive. I put my paw on the back of her head and pushed deep into her throat, she gagged. I figured her reflexes would get the better of her sooner than later. Her throat kept expanding to accommodate the tip of my penis. I got a warm feeling between my legs.

After a minute of deepthroating Sarah, I finally filled her mouth and throat. "Mmm I love the taste, so salty yet sweet at the same time." I couldn't help but blush in deep crimson. Then she laid on the bed, legs spread out, I knew what to do. I spread her cheeks and started licking her clitoris, then I pushed my canine tongue deep inside her, licking her G-spot, making her roar in europhic pleasure and squirt her sweet juice everywhere. I continued eating up her insides and drinking her juices. "O-oh y-yeah, more!" and I did do more, I pulled my tongue out and licked her pussy. She moaned her appreciation as I continued to eat her out. I continued to lick her insides as she moaned and screamed for more.

I then stopped licking her and got myself in position, she was still in a missionary style position, so I laid on top of her as I pushed in to deepen the penetration. Then I pulled out and rammed back in as hard as I could. She roared as I ravaged her insides. I repeated the slamming for about a minute, destroying her pussy. Then as slowly as I could, I slid the rod of meat in and out of her. "Mmm f-faster, harder" I complied as I picked up the pace, making her moan and scream as I slid the meat in and out. A wet slapping sound filled the room. Her pussy was wet, warm and tight, I was rock hard and long and thick. We fit together so well. I kissed her and wrapped my tongue around hers. I continued thrusting as she continued moaning, we continued fucking. Her mouth was pressed against my muzzle. As we continued I felt pre dripping out of my penis. This provided even more lubricant for her and me. Then, repeating what I did earlier, I pulled all the way out and slammed myself back in, smashing into her G-spot and massaging her clitoris all at once.

Then I pushed so hard I squeezed the knot in, I came explosively. I released my pent up load. I continued thrusting with the knot inside as pressure built up inside her. I pulled the knot out and cum leaked onto the bed. I then continued thrusting, with even more lubrication than before, sliding my thick meat in and out of her pussy, sperm dripping from her. I then got down on my knees and started licking her pussy again, tasting my own semen as well as her vaginal fluids, both of which were very sweet and tasty. I pushed my tongue deep inside again, licking and devouring everything inside, including my semen and her juices.

"L-lucario, I love y-you..." I blushed and felt pre drip from my tip. She laid flat on her back as she held her arms around me and began to make out with me. She held me in a passionate tongue flicking kiss. “Sarah, thank you…”.

“No problem Lucario, just helping a Pokémon in need.”

“Did I need this?”

“You were probably unbearably horny, of course you did!”

“Let’s get back to it then, shall we?”

“Sure! You want to flip me over or nah?”


I laid on top of her and slipped my meat inside, making her moan a little. I licked her neck, and she tasted of vanilla, sweet, sweet vanilla. She laughed as I lapped my tongue on her neck and face, licking her clean. I then started thrusting as slowly as I could bear, gradually picking up the pace. Sliding my meat in and out, I made sure to apply as much pressure as I could to the upper walls of her vagina, stimulating her clitoris and G-spot at the same time. She moaned uncontrollably, as did I. I felt semen shoot up my rod and into her. She screamed at the warm gooey feeling. “You’re very tight.” I said

“Thank you, it’s all for you!” She said.

I continued thrusting, again. She started screaming in europhic pleasure. I stuck my tongue out and moaned loudly. I couldn’t believe this was happening all in the same week, first Johnathan and now his sister? It felt so good, I wish all three of us would just get together and fuck.

“Hey, Lucario, why’d you stop?”

“Oh.” I blushed in deep crimson.

“What’s wrong?”

“I was thinking of Johnathan” I felt my face getting hot.

“Oh, I understand, when you have feelings for someone they don’t go away, I get it.”

“It’s not just that, I was thinking what it would feel like if we all fucked together…” My face was probably tomato red.

“Lucario! I’m his sister! I can’t do that! Can’t I?”

“I don’t see why not.”

“Fine, I’ll think about it, but for now let’s continue fucking ourselves, ok?


I started up again, and so did she. We continued until Johnathan got back, whom I didn’t notice was watching in the corner of the room jerking off.


“I figured your ‘surprise’ would involve sex, so I arrived an hour early to find I was right.”

“Umm you’re not mad are you?” I asked

“Mad? I could never be mad at you two. But it would have been nice to tell me Sarah…”

He came up and planted a quick kiss on my muzzle.

I was filled with satisfaction.

Chapter End Notes:

I got tips from my friend on how to write fics, hope this ones even better than the last...

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