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I'll Smash You, Bro by ellie_the_joeykhan


The First Chapter

            It was a small apartment on the 3rd floor of the building, on the western-most side of the apartment complex. Perfect for a young, single, somewhat lazy Torracat. Leo didn’t complain about how dingy or cheap his apartment was. Living room, bathroom, kitchen that fell into disuse in favor of the local pizza delivery service, and a bedroom. It was all Leo needed in terms of living space.


            The young Torracat was alone that evening. Sitting on the sofa, half a re-heated pizza sitting on a plate next to him his hind legs sat up on his coffee table, video game controller in his front paws, and his favorite game, “Ho-Oh’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle” running at full force. Despite how undexterous his paws were, they were practically flying across his controller as he used his main, a yellow-maned Colt Pokemon called KelDio, to lay the smack down on his foe, who was practically unrecognizable amid the particle effects emitted as Leo delivered the final blow in a stylish flourish.


           As Leo’s character let out his victory cry, (“WRYYYYYY!”), the Torracat retained a deadpan expression. “I want KelDio to suck my blood and end my life,” he muttered to himself. Leo was about to move on to his next opponent when a knock at his door caught his attention. Immediately, the Torracat realized who it was knocking. “Crap, was that really tonight?” Quickly, Leo turned his Pikastation 4 off, cleaned his sofa off a little, and walked to the door, where another knock was heard. Leo opened the door to find a Brionne standing on the other side. “’Evening, Pisces.”


            “Hey there, Leo,” the Brionne said with a smile. He turned his head a little to try to see past Leo. “Oh, Sagi isn’t here yet?”


            Leo shook his head. “He’s definitely on his way, though,” the Torracat replied. “This was his stupid idea, after all. Please, come in.” Leo stepped aside, allowing Pisces to awkwardly scoot his body inside Leo’s apartment.


            “I wouldn’t exactly call Sagi’s idea stupid…” the Brionne replied. “I mean, we’re all great friends, none of us have boyfriends, we’d all rather have one… and let’s face it, things are boring among the three of us anyway.”


            Leo huffed and rolled his eyes. “I really don’t think betting ‘platonic sex’ on a video game is the right cure for boredom…” he remarked.


            “Oh, cut the kid some slack,” Pisces said with a smile. “He’s going through his second breakup this year. We’re his friends, so we should help him. Besides, you not only agreed to this, but agreed to do it at your place.”


            “My place was the only place we could do this in,” Leo replied. “Sagittarius and I would likely drown if we went to your place, and I’m likely to burn his place to the ground just by standing in it.” The Torracat sighed. “But you are right, I did agree to this shit…”


            Pisces chuckled and patted Leo on the back. “Don’t you ever get tired of being edgy and depressed, Leo?” the Brionne asked. “Lighten up a little.”


            Leo rolled his eyes again. “Alright, fine,” he surrendered. “But only for you, Pisces.” Suddenly, Leo blushed and looked away. “Er, that is to say… because you asked so nicely…”


            Pisces tilted his head curiously and was about to inquire about this sudden reaction when a loud “THUNK!” caught the attention of both Pokemon. They turned around to find a Dartrix wearing a black backpack plastered against Leo’s window.


            “Looks like Sagi finally made it…” Leo sighed as Pisces tried to stifle a giggle. The Torracat walked over to the window as the Dartrix removed himself from the window and started flying in place, making room for Leo to open the window. “You know I have a door, right Sagittarius?”


            “I know,” the Dartrix replied as he flew in through the now open window and landed gracefully. “But I thought your window was open.” He then rubbed the back of his neck. “Kinda forgot that Flying-types can’t see glass, though… Anyway! Hi Leo, hi Pisces.”


            “Hey there, Sagi,” Pisces replied with a smile.


            Leo rolled his eyes. “Hi Sagittarius,” he said in a monotone voice.


            With a smile, Sagi whipped his backpack off his wings and set it down on Leo’s couch, quickly opening it and digging through its contents. “Alright, pretty sure we’re clear on the rules for tonight, but I need something to talk about while I’m setting everything up, so…” The Dartrix rose up from his backpack, a small tablet device held in one wing, and a box of some type with a slot through the middle that looked like it was designed to hold said tablet. “I’m gonna explain the rules again while I work.” Sagi set the box down on the coffee table in front of the sofa and slid the tablet inside. He then quickly turned around and started digging through his backpack again. “The name of the game – which I came up with, both the name AND the game – is ‘Smashing Bros.’ The way it works is easy.” Sagi pulled several cords from his backpack and began connecting the box and Leo’s TV with them, before returning to his backpack. “A group of friends who are okay with touching each others’ dicks gets together and plays Super Smash Bros. Any iteration is fine, but I brought the Nincado Switch version because it’s easiest to fly with. That said, controllers. I’ve got four Jigglycons and two Probopass controllers. Anyone?”


            “I only play with the Probopass conroller,” Leo replied.


            “I’ll take the same,” Pisces added.


            Sagi sighed as he pulled out two normal-seeming controllers and handed them to his friends. “I play better with the Jigglycons anyway…” the Dartrix muttered as he pulled out a pair of small stick-like controllers, holding one firmly in each wing, his dexterous feathers curling around them both. He then got to work powering his game console on. “While that loads, the rules. In laymon’s terms, winner tops, loser bottoms. With each loss the loser suffers, they have to give progressively more intimate pleasure. One loss, you give a hand- paw- wing- or flipper-job, depending on what you have. Second loss, you suck the winner off. Third, winner gets to bend you over. Lose four times, and not only do you have to pleasure every other foe in the game however they see fit, but you’re out for the rest of the game. If you so choose, though, you’re free to come back and, ahem, ‘partake’ in someone else’s fourth loss. So, are we clear? Or do you need me to turn that by you one more time?”


            Leo rolled his eyes. “I was clear on the rules the first time you told me,” the Torracat deadpanned as he took a seat on the right-most side of his couch. “A week ago. And I was no clearer every time you told me since.”


            “Sounds good to me,” Pisces replied with a soft smile as he sat down as well, on the far-left side.


            “Alright, then!” Sagi said as he plopped himself down between his friends as the game started up and he navigated to the character select screen. “Let the games begin!”




            “Sagi, I’m asking you this as a friend,” Leo commented with his paw firmly pressed against his forehead and his eyes closed. “Did you even fucking TRY to play that round?”


            “I swear to you, I did!” Sagi replied with a pout. “Though… I guess tonight was a pretty weird night to try learning how to play Spearo, huh? He really does play a lot differently than Phox…”


            Pisces set his controller down and started tapping his flippers together nervously. “So, um… I won, so… does that mean…?”


            Sagi smiled and turned to Pisces, who was blushing somewhat. “Just relax, Pisces,” Sagi said, his beak curled into a soft smile. “It’s just a wingjob. I don’t have to get fancy if you don’t want me to. I can even say ‘no homo’ if you want.”


            Pisces shook his head and leaned back a little, presenting his slowly-rising cock to Sagi. “Y-you don’t have to do that, Sagi,” Pisces replied. “The no homo bit, I mean. Please do refrain from any of your ‘fancy stuff’ though…”


            Sagi nodded in understanding and leaned in closer to Pisces’ now-erect, approximately 5-inch cock, (actually rather long, relative to the Brionne’s height), reaching up and gently running his feathers along its surface, causing it to throb once and making Pisces shudder softly, his blush growing hotter. Sagi gently wrapped his feathers around the Brionne’s oblong dong and started making slow, gentle stroking motions.


            “N-nhhh…” Pisces moaned as that wing caressed and stroked his cock. He tried to relax a little, but this was an experience so new to him. Pisces wouldn’t admit it, but he was actually a virgin. He’d never done anything like this before. Feeling those warm feathers run up and down his cock, which had never been touched by anyone but the Brionne himself before, how Sagi, experienced as everyone knew he was, expertly ran his feathers over every drop of precum that leaked out of Pisces’ tip and rubbed it along the Brionne’s cock, making every stroke of those feathers so much smoother. Pisces shuddered continuously, and his cock began throbbing harder and harder.


            “S-Sagi…!” Pisces tried to moan, but it was too late. His balls tightened, and the Brionne let out a powerful moan as the first ropes of his sticky seed shot out of his cock, right onto Sagi, who had his face too close to his handiwork at the time, so the cum shot onto the Dartrix’s face. Sagi blinked once, surprised at how quickly Pisces had finished. At first, he opened his beak to try to catch the flying ropes of seed, but this eagerness didn’t last long as another rope of Pisces’ cum shot out and onto Sagi’s hair. The reaction was immediate.


            “NOOO!” Sagi shouted as he suddenly stumbled back from the Brionne he was just pleasuring and started trying to wipe the seed out of his hair. Pisces ignored this, caught up in his own orgasm still going on, and Leo wasn’t even paying attention, having gotten bored and starting a new round of the game with AI opponents. “I spent all morning on my coiffure! It’s ruined now!” The Dartrix quickly dug through his bag and pulled out several odd-colored bottles, combs, and brushes. “Leo, I have to use your bathroom. It’s an emergency!”


            “Go ahead,” the Torracat replied with a shrug, barely even paying attention to the panicking Dartrix.


            “Thank you,” Sagi replied with a nod before rushing to the bathroom, carrying his hair products in his wings, and slamming the door behind him.


            A bit after that, Pisces sat up, his orgasm finally having subsided. “You don’t have to clean that if you don’t want to,” Leo said to the Brionne, still not looking away from his game, but obviously indicating the remaining Brionne seed that missed Sagi’s face.


            “Er…” Pisces panted, looking down to see his cock still drooling the last little bits of seed. He reached down and scooped it up with his flipper and licked it up. “What happened to Sagi? I kinda zoned out.”


            “Oh, the usual,” Leo replied. “Go ahead and pick your controller back up so we can play a round or two without Sagi’s game in effect. He’s gonna be in the bathroom a while.”

Chapter End Notes:

I apologize for puns.


...Doesn't mean I'll stop.

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