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Franz by franzfloatzel


Story Notes:

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Chapter 5 contains a sexually explicit scene between two male Pokemon. All other chapters are PG.

Chapter 5: The Smooth Seas Never Vanish amid The Waves of Life.

The two Pokémon let the kiss continue on, lips interlocked and a paw shared between them, equally clasped together as they embraced, the warmth of one another becoming far more apparent than that of the open flame at their sides.

Franz would be the first to bring his head back, not longer lidding his eyes, noticing that Hisoka had opened his own and was still posing that soft smile at him, causing his muzzle to raise up into a brighter grin than before. "Eheh... I... I've heard of kissing before, but... never did it until now..."

The Zangoose expanded his expression of happiness as well. "...I shared a couple with my mate in the past... it's been so long, and... and... and it just felt so right with you, Franz..."

"Yeah, Hisoka, it... it felt more than just right to me... it felt... good..." The Floatzel let another chuckle come from him, opting to press his lips to the other male's again, the two pulling back with redness painted all over their contented expressions, and not a care that they could be seen by each other. "You know... I was only really taught the basics of affection... not who I should be affectionate with, but how... if that makes any sense..."

"Back with my clan, they always that said feelings... are better expressed than held back... there were other pairs like me and my mate that were... were the same gender... I... I think I'm feeling those same feelings, that I had so long ago..." Hisoka raised the paw not currently gripping the Floatzel's up to his face, holding his head. "...with you, Franz..."

Franz brought his smile up another octave, and his blush followed suit, the Floatzel's tails thumping the cave floor as his heart thumped away only a tad quieter in his chest. "I'm... I'm so glad for that... and I'm so glad I'm showing this affection to you, because you deserve it... and I'm elated to know you believe I deserve yours as well..."

The Zangoose's singular tail was swirling through the air behind him like an energetic cloud in the sky, lowering the paw on the other Pokémon's face down to his shoulder, rubbing along it gently. "You do... truly, you do. I want... I want to give you so much more..."

"I do as well... we... we could give each other more, Hisoka. Here and now..." Franz used his own unoccupied paw to slide Hisoka's ears out of his hoodie, then pull it back, holding the side of his head with his paw, bringing the end of his muzzle up to his lips once more, the two detaching their hands and then caressing each other's fur.

Hisoka was the first to bring his head back this time around, looking up at the Floatzel with hopeful eyes, mouth having drifted away from a smile as a question lay unanswered in his mind. After a moment of hesitation, he posed that very same question to him. "What... what more could we give each other..?"

Franz needed a moment, eventually deciding what the answer was, and the fact that the Zangoose did not reach the same conclusion in the time it took him to had caused the blush already over his muzzle to intensify to its full capacity. He was going to have to be the one to say it... "We... we could... we could... could share an intimate moment..."

" Franz, you want to... you think we should..?" Hisoka couldn't quite outright say the exact thing either, even if he understood fully that Franz was implying intercourse by his suggestion, about as breathless as the Floatzel was looking at him earlier.

"Yeah... yeah, I think... I think we should... we both... we both clearly have strong feelings here, and... I'd be so delighted for you to be my first, Hisoka..." The Floatzel's redness had diminished slightly, and the tightness of his embrace had gotten noticeably lighter as well. Though, both would return to their fullest force as the Zangoose squeezed him with both his arms, the two males having their tails swing wildly in happiness.

"Franz... you're going to... going to be my first as well, and... I just... I couldn't be more happy with that..." Hisoka, thankfully, did have a semblance on where to go from here. Like Franz, he had been taught the fundamentals, yet never had given nor received an intimate touch before in his life before tonight, save for a few kisses once shared by him and his mate. He eased his way out of the embrace and handled the removal of his hoodie himself, placing it off to the side, far from the reach of harm of the rain at the exterior of the cavern or the fire in it's interior. The Zangoose then pressed his back against the cave wall, watching as Franz lined up next to him and did the same, grasping his hand once again. They both splayed their legs, letting their intimate bits out into the open air, yet choosing to lock lips again rather than get their first glances at them.

The Floatzel and the Zangoose kept their gazes on each other as the kiss came to an end, Franz speaking up only a moment after it had ended. "Going to be... a bit overwhelming to feel someone else's hand in areas that usually are supposed to stay to ourselves, isn't it..? Eheheh..." Hisoka quietly chuckled as well, smooching his cheek before he would continue. "We have to start somewhere, though, so... so you can do what you'd like... take a look, a touch... wherever."

"And you may do the same as well, Franz," replied the male beside him. Gradually their visions would be poised at what like between each other's legs. Hisoka sighted the tan-furred genitals of the Floatzel, a lengthy sheath sitting above his testicles, which were plump, well-rounded, and enough to shift the white fur over his face to a burning red hue. Franz would get a look at a stouter sheath with a more rounded exit at the top, his sack about as fattened as his own. Upon getting their first intimate looks at each other, the males began their growth out of their sheathes, the Floatzel's tip being rather slim, his shaft seeming to widen as he grew more erect, while the Zangoose's had several barbs unfurling as it extended outwards, the shape of the shaft following up the almost entirely pointed tip being cylindrical. The Pokémon silently agreed to detach their hands and reach for their erections, Franz letting out a lengthy exhale as Hisoka gave off a shaky one, their digits trailing over what was available to them and stroking at what came out as their sheathes were in the process of being vacated.

Arms crossing over one another, their paws took gentle grips on their manhoods, running up and down along their lengths in alternation, erections developing right into each other's hands. Of course, it being their first experiences with anything this intimate before, they would experiment, gripping and rolling their digits over their testicles, stimulating their tips and shafts at different speeds and changing the pressure of their grasps as they did so, all the while increasing the heaviness and pace of their breaths. Hisoka would be the first to let off a moan, an airy call of pleasure directed at the Floatzel touching him, preceding the appearance of a gleaming bead of precum at his pointed tip. Franz drew his paw back once it was dampened by the sticky substance, sniffing at the digits, giving him a whiff of the male's musk, then drawing the dirtied digits into his muzzle to lick it off before returning it to Hisoka's member, the action's consequence being a low moan of his own and a droplet of precum sliding out from his own tip. The Zangoose grew too nervous to do the same, and chose to work the fluid into the tip it came from, slicking it.

Hisoka's manhood was the first to be fully exposed, extending out into the Floatzel's paw, every inch of it being looked over and prodded at now, digits running over the barbs present at his sharp tip and slightly down his shaft. Fluid poured out in several more orbs that shined as the light of the fire at their side touched it, and Franz lifted them away at every opportunity, lapping it off of his digits each time, lasting until he decided to present the dampened fur to the other male and got a lick of his paw from the Zangoose, who let loose another breathy moan after he had gotten a taste of himself. Hisoka was more keen on taking the next droplet of precum that was pushed out of the Floatzel's thin tip, dragging his tongue across his own digits with an utteration of pleasure rumbling out of his throat, a purr rolling smoothly out of his vocal chords like a wave in the ocean when Franz accepted a taste of himself offered by Hisoka's scarlet-furred paw. The exchange was enough for the Floatzel's arousal to finally be at its zenith.

The Zangoose watched with baited breath as a bulging shape made itself apparent at the base of the other male's length, hiding beneath one final layer of his sheath, then rolling out to unveil itself in one fluid motion. The Floatzel's knot did not extend to the sides all too much, only somewhat fatter than what the bottom of his shaft would be if it widened at a consistent rate down the length of his manhood like the segment before it. Despite the slight subtlety of that mass, Hisoka shifted his attention to it immediately, stroking right at the rounded edges, making Franz give off a breathy moan of his own, wrapped up in the sensation of the touchiest portion of his member. After a few moments more of this stimulation, their arms ceased movement, eyes trained on each other while trying to catch breath from the tension welling up in them as the act continued. They were restless, and whatever came next, they needed to move into it at once.

Hisoka clenched his eyes shut and brought his arms around Franz, gently guiding him down so that his back was resting against the earthy cavern floor, pushing his twin tails to the side, out of reach of the open flame, lying atop him and feverishly bringing their lips together, their arousals coming into direct contact with each other, tongues invading each other's mouths as their hips began to roll instinctively, grinding each warm, firm mass against one another to gratify themselves further, muffling moans into their partner's maw near constantly. The dripping from their tips had nowhere to go except on the other male, slathering their genitals and the fur around their thighs in fluid, similar to how they were bringing their saliva into contact with one another inside their mouths. Eventually, those tongues retracted back into the maws of whoever had possession of them, and the Zangoose sat himself up atop the Floatzel, sitting just above his waist, his soft testicles resting on him, the length above it rigid and shining with how slick it was, his bushy tail brushing up against an identically slathered shaft. After regaining his breath, Hisoka leaned forwards, pressing his paws into the chest of the male underneath him, back end lifted with the cottony feel of his tail now gone.



That was the only exchange of words their lustful minds could process. Franz raised his paws up from the ground and attached them to the Zangoose's hips, looking up at the male looming over him with his rear raised up, nodding to let him know he was ready to proceed. With a nod in return, Hisoka looked back to begin aligning the Floatzel's tip with the centerpoint of his back end, getting assistance from his partner beneath him in the form of the guidance of his paws. He lowered down enough to where he felt the tip of the Floatzel's manhood touching at his rear entrance, sending a shiver through his core. Franz rubbed at Hisoka's sides to reassure him, then held on to his waist, prepared to be pushed inside his tailhole. Shaking legs brought the rear end of the Zangoose downwards, to the point where the insertion was nigh, and a slight bit of pressure more was necessary for it to occur. Franz gave him the pull needed to make it all happen, and his tip found its way into a cramped and astoundingly warm place as Hisoka gasped out, mouth hanging open while bringing himself further down his length.

Franz clasped his eyelids and teeth together simultaneously, unable to suppress a grunt from his nose as every single part his shaft inside the Zangoose was squeezed, his paws losing the pressure they once had on his hips, only loosely holding on while acclimating both himself and Hisoka to the brand new sensations they were experiencing. The male on top whimpered out, attempting to lift back up gradually, then clenching his jaw while pushing down once more, not sinking in the length of the other male any farther than before. Franz had his breath and grip restored, untightening his eyes and jaw to see the Zangoose straining, now putting focus on assisting the motion until it became easier for him. Hisoka pulled his teeth apart and shifted his gaze to the Floatzel beneath him, a gentle smile being cast down as his legs steadied their quaking, the grin being matched by his partner as soon as the motions became more fluid for the both of them.

Further and further the firm length of the Floatzel was pushed into Hisoka's anus, the force and pace of the action increasing gradually as the depth in which his member sunk in did, the only noises present being the crackling of the adjacent fire, the wet sounds of the act itself, and the breaths carved into sounds of pleasure on occasion as they kept going. The Zangoose's legs found their rhythm, allowing his hips to roll while pumping the warm mass into and out of his tailhole, nearing the knot at the Floatzel's base as time went on and his sack bumped against the abdomen of the male on the bottom, precum dripping onto his chest in a thin strand that seemed endless as they continued. Franz had his instincts kick in on occasion, thrusting upwards into the pleasurable place right above him before long, drawing whimpers out of Hisoka in greater quantities.

"Haah... hnnnh... Franz... I, I feel like... I can feel something... trying to... trying to wash over me..."

"Mmmh... me too... nngh... it's almost there, Hisoka, keep going..."

The intensity of the hip motions of the male on top became inconsistent as the two approached their climaxes, unable to focus energy properly with the pleasure welling up inside them, about to overflow. Franz ceased his thrusts upwards and paid attention to helping Hisoka along with his new, unstable rhythm, bringing his hips a farther distance upwards before guiding them down to have his rear entrance make contact with the top of his knot. The Zangoose shuddered at each touch that part of his manhood made to him, trying to build up and tap into extra force as the urge to slip the mass into his body only increased.

"Annngh..! Franz... it's right there... mmmh... ahn..!"

"I... I can't hold back... unnnh... Hisoka..!"

The final exchange of words was soon forgotten and drowned out by the raw sounds of their act coming to a close, the smacking of hips and thighs reaching its highest volume, and Franz found himself practically yanking Hisoka down with as much strength as he could while making those last few motions along his length pulsating needily, until at least they could no longer be brought back up. The rounded mass of the Floatzel's knot spread the Zangoose's rear entrance aside in order to enter it, the sensation being enough to topple Hisoka over the edge and make a sharp, whimpering cry out as his barbed shaft throbbed in the open air and fired lengthy ropes of his thick cum over the Floatzel's chest, the substance clumping to his fur as the Zangoose was now sitting fully on top of Franz, who was presently being clenched by Hisoka's tailhole, yowling out with pleasure as he bursted inside of him, coating his insides in white warmth.


The morning after, the duo had discovered that the rain had ended, the fire next to them was dwindling, and that they were dirtied, tied together, and absolutely adoring the last night despite the fact they had no time to acknowledge its extraordinariness before passing out in the position they had been intimate with each other in. Following lengthy minutes of the two getting up from the floor as if they had to relearn how to use every muscle again, and promptly washing off in the nearest, cleanest puddle caused by the rainstorm the night prior, Hisoka had slipped his clothing back on, and the pair was restoring their spent energy with the ripened berries that they found to be flourished by the rain.

"Uhm, Franz," began Hisoka, speaking in between bites of a Lum berry, "did we ever discuss what's going to happen next..?"

The Floatzel finished chewing a bite of his own of the identical type of fruit, pondering the answer while he didn't have any food in his mouth. After a few moments, he shrugged slightly and responded. "I figure I'm just going to get the urge to wander around again... though... I doubt I could ever forget the location of this forest anymore."

The Zangoose seemed to be pleased by the answer, nodding with a smile raised on his face, even with his cheeks stuffed with berry chunks. After finishing the bite, he gave a chuckle, something he couldn't recall doing for the longest time. "Heheh... I know you won't, Franz. Know you're not leaving yet, but... I wish you happy and safe travels."

"And I wish you find a nice life here in your home, as I hope I may one day find a good home for myself."

Hisoka plucked another Lum berry from the nearby bushes, slicing it in half with a claw and passing one piece over to Franz. He raised up his portion and proposed a toast. "To home?"

The Floatzel nodded, tapping the two halves of the fruit together. "To home."

They popped the fragrant berry into their maws, and it certainly seemed to be sweeter than the ones they had beforehand.

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