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Odd, isn't it? by MockeryLloyd445


Author's Chapter Notes:

Stormy's first encounter with Zero. Although, it takes a turn for the worst

Stormy meets Zero

Stormy was keeping himself busy inside his bedroom, fixing up a drawing of a feather. While his mother was just talking and chatting away with her friends, the Salandit had time by himself, since that always kept Sadie occupied.

His mother was a social animal, since the sudden disappearance of his father whom looked at Stormy as a disappointment. As a way to cope with this, she often made friends with other Pokemon and was happy all the time.

Upon hearing laughter roar into the dining room and living room, Stormy heard faint footsteps coming towards his door. "Alright, I get him down here," he heard Sadie's usual calm tone. Knocking a few times, Sadie called his name.

"Stormy, there's someone downstairs who would like to meet you! He's just dying to see you!!"

The fuck? He thought as she finished that last part. Exactly what business does Stormy have that pertains to her friends? He didn't even want to find out where Sadie met them, or even interact with them.

Setting aside his drawing, Stormy hopped off the bed and walked out into the kitchen, where a tall, lanky Pokemon had been sitting in one of their chairs. He was a Zoroark, no doubt, and he looked as if he were rich.

Instead of a fancy-looking tuxedo, he wore a dark purple suit. It was buttoned all the way and ended at the chest fluff, hinting something could be going on. Could this be his mom's boyfriend, and could he be his stepdad in the near future?

To rub salt in the wound, the Zoroark carried a suspicious grin, where he seemed as if he wanted to attack any minute. His eyes were an aggressive shade of red and it was scaring the Salandit boy.

"Stormy! I would love to introduce you to Zero. He tells me he's an S-Class Chaos Hunter who works with the Galarian hero, Blister the Cinderace."

"Oh, hi," he said shyly, rubbing his arm feverishly. "I'm Stormy. I live here." Suddenly, Zero grabbed onto his hand roughly and shook vigorously. Upon introducing himself, the Salandit felt sick.

Man, he's got a strong grip! Immediate thoughts had rushed into his brain as he was being released from the mighty claws of the Zoroark. Getting himself back into shape, he stared nervously at both his mother and her friend.

"He's such a riot, isn't he, son?" Sadie asked, chirping and laughing. Nodding pathetically, Stormy gently clasped onto his hand to ease the pain. It was nearly squeezed into purple blood as he took notice of the deep blue lacerations on his palm.

It hurt so bad, causing him to since as he slightly touched it. "Yes, he is. Anyway, I'm going to my room," he began, quickly retreating back to his cave. Slamming the door, Stormy flew into the sheets of his bed, curled up with his Dragonite plushie, and rested a little.

Feeling scared about a grown man he had come into contact with, Stormy knew what this could possibly mean - his mother was going to replace his deadbeat dad, and this supposed "partner" might as well be a new addition of assholes into his life.

Images of the Zoroark came flooding in like a pack of hungry Mightyena, clogging his mind with fantasies and memories of whatever was planned for him and Zero. Would this be fatherly love, or just a regular friendship? Sure, he wanted his mother to be happy with whoever she chose to be with, but with a handsome devil?

Sadie must be really lucky to meet him. Could he possibly leave her with anyone else? Stormy blushed immensely, causing him to start getting hard. Feeling his orange lizard dick hit the zipper area of his shorts, he quickly covered it up with a spare pillow.

Shit! Why is HE so damn hot!? He's so tall, handsome as hell. Mom must have been blessed by Arceus to have a sweet piece of ass like him...

Taking notice to his little tent, Stormy reached his hand to unbutton himself. The small hole that strapped the button had been swiftly removed as he disconnected the seam, and unzipped it. He revealed his twice as big orange cock, standing upright. 

Since no one was watching, he began to slowly move his hand down to touch it slightly, but flinched when it twitched. It was leaking precum, meaning he was getting himself ready. Whilst his mother was still distracted in conversation, Stormy was starting to get down on himself.

Massaging the tip a little, his fingers were getting wet with the stuff, and he had begun to Jack off for pleasure of Zero, the first person he had met besides Sadie. Using only one hand, Stormy knew this was too much for his simple body to handle, causing him to break the silence of the bedroom. 

He let out soft, whimpering moans as he thrusted himself into the palm of his hand in rhythmic fashion, simply to beat off this sudden rush of adrenaline. That damn Zoroark is still inside his head, causing him to become even more aroused than before. 

With his free hand, Stormy motioned it underneath his shirt, caressing and rubbing his torso. He then moved it down to his entrance, and stuck one finger inside. He went on to two, three, and all five of his little talons to further satisfy his undying burst of lust. 

Stormy tried his best to keep his voice level low, as in not to alert his mother. As he loosened his sphincter with the use of putting his fingers inside his body, he started rapidly moving hand across his member, in desperate hopes to cum faster. Silently howling in pleasure, Stormy blew his load.

Semen flew into his hand, and directly onto his face and shirt, staining it with his own seed. Some of it shot into his eye, causing temporary blindness. Panting softly, Stormy finished his little process, and looked puckered out after that ordeal. 

Witnessing it all, he started getting worried about what his mom will see if she walked in right now. All he did was masturbate to thoughts about her friend, and it wasn't always a bad thing. "I should clean up," he told himself as he got up and walked to the rolls of tissue paper he had laying on his shelf.

Chapter End Notes:

My first story on this website. Don't expect this to be updated at some point, since I am very lazy.

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