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Play Rough by impromptuimaginator


Story Notes:

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I have some ideas for potential follow-ups if this gets a good reaction.

Play Rough

Buneary tunneled through the fresh snow covering the entrance to her burrow and smiled at the view of the setting sun making the icy cliffs glitter and shine.

What a refreshing nap!

She peeked left and right for any trouble. No enemies, no rivals, and, most importantly, no stinky humans.

Her little hill was going uncontested, as always. It was good to be this strong. She had her hill, her tree, her burrow, and her peaceful little life.

That was all Buneary needed. If others weren’t happy with that, she knew how to Double Edge them the old one-two or deal with little pests with a Quick Attack or two.

It was about time to patrol her territory to make sure no one was getting any ideas, but first… dinner!

Buneary snuffled about. The air was cold and crisp, all the better for her talented nose to catch… Aha! Right up there on the icy ledge nearby.

Hop! Hop! Leap! Jump!

Yes! A nice plump Vivichoke, all for her.

“Hey! Mine!” A pest.

A Snorunt on the ledge above, laying claim to her dinner.

Not happening!

Buneary heaved and plucked the Vivichoke off of its roots. She looked up and dared the interloper to do something about it. He was at just the right height for her to hop and kick him in his dumb face, and he knew it.

Snorunt glared and shivered. If Buneary’s fluff could keep her warm, then there was no way an Ice like him was cold in this weather.

She had his measure already. He was nervous. He already knew he was beaten.

Buneary’s ears flicked. Got it first!” she taunted.

Snorunt grumbled and pulled his cloak tighter to himself before walking off.

With a victorious little cry, Buneary plucked a few leaves off the Vivichoke and savored her win.

It was good to be this strong.

Buneary hopped back to her hill, occasionally stopping for a few more bites of her delicious prize.

That’s when she noticed them.


Human footprints. She could tell because there were no signs of claws or paws.

She gulped down the rest of her dinner, and stood at attention, following the tracks with her eyes. That human was a clever one, it had gone around another hill for cover, but she could still see the tip of its silly cap sticking out from behind a snow mound.

The human was distracted. It was watching a few Glalies in the distance.

Perfect. She’d give it a swift taste of what wild pokémon could do, and it would run back to its silly camp.

Buneary crouched low to the ground and approached quietly with gentle little hops, careful not to make the snow crunch.


Her ears swiveled and tilted to catch the noise.

Behind her, by the cracked boulder.

A Lopunny. Male.

Not snow land markings, either.

Buneary scoffed. A forest dweller, all this way out here?

“My human,” the forest dweller said. “Don’t touch her.”

Buneary stood straight and took his measure.

He’d gone through evolution, sure, but he didn’t look that strong.

Forest dwellers were weaklings. They didn’t have the cold wind and the snow to toughen them up. They didn’t have to fight for their dinner; trees would bend over backward to feed them plump juicy berries.

Sure, that one looked hearty and hale, and his fur was smooth and shiny.

And he had a bright, piercing stare.

Strong legs, too.

He may have stood at around three times her height, but he wasn’t that impressive. His stance was all goofy and loose.

She wasn’t scared.

“Try and stop me.”

Buneary made a dash for the human, but the forest dweller cut her off. She shifted her weight and barged into him instead, intent on knocking him off his feet.

It was like crashing against an ice wall. He wastougher than she’d given him credit for. Not as tough as her, though.

Reeling from her headlong charge, Buneary just barely swayed out of the way of a punch. He was fighting like a Machop. That could have been bad.

Typical forest dweller. His aim was poor.

He was open, off-balance, and unguarded, so Buneary went in for a quick attack, and planted her foot solidly into his chest.

He barely flinched.

The forest dweller took another swing, and she dodged at the last second. His forepaw grazed that sensitive spot at the base of her ear.

Buneary shivered. There was no way he’d done that on purpose, was there? Why wasn’t he using his legs?

The human barely paid attention as they traded blows. Buneary kept on the offensive. The forest dweller seemed content playing defense.

What a klutz. Despite his best efforts, he could hardly do more than tickle her, always just barely grazing her.

Not that she was making much progress either. Sure, her hits were landing, but the forest dweller was rolling with the blows and giving no signs of getting worn out.

Her breaths were growing labored. She cursed the little puffs of her breath in the cold air for giving her exertion away.

Buneary heard an unfamiliar call. Some kind of Pokémon she’d never seen—was that what they called a Ponyta?—was duking it out with one of the local Abomasnows.

The human wasn’t even looking at its Lopunny fighting her.

The forest dweller gave her a little smirk.

“You look tired. Everything okay?”

That smug wood dweller. She’d show him.

If quick attacks weren’t doing it, it was time to up the ante.

Buneary worked up her strength and went for the roughest body slam she could muster. She closed her eyes before impact and braced for the inevitable recoil.

She didn’t hit anything. Not even the ground.

The forest dweller had caught her in mid-air like she weighed nothing more to him than an armful of snowballs.

Buneary opened her eyes and found herself leaning back in his arms. He looked back at her with a smug little smile.


She tried to kick at his stomach, swipe at his face, even bite him, but he was holding her out of her own reach. She tried to wriggle out of his grasp.

He was struggling to keep up just a moment ago! How is he suddenly…



… Uh oh.

Buneary flushed under her fur as she realized the situation she found herself in. She put some distance between the two of them, forced her best frown back on, and planted her hands on her hips.

“Just playing with me!? Is this a game to you!?”

The forest dweller smirked, scratching an itch behind one of his long ears. “... Pretty much, You’re cute when you’re not kicking me.”

He let go, and she instinctively went for a kick, only for him to catch her foot with his open paw and tip her over into the snow.

She pushed back up and ducked down for a desperate headbutt, only to meet a bear hug and a faceful of chest fluff.

“I like you,” the forest dweller chuckled. “You’re feisty!”

While Buneary squirmed and struggled to break free, her captor swung her around around and swept her up in his arms. She was powerless to resist him.

He wordlessly called out to his human and held her up like a cute little trophy.

Buneary got to catch a glimpse of the human turning and eyeing them for a moment while its fire-type was giving that poor Abomasnow some real trouble.

The human shrugged and gave the forest dweller what Buneary assumed was a ‘go for it’ gesture.

What now? What did he want? Was he going to hurt her? Knock her out and leave her for the Ursarings? Or maybe he’d shove her in one of those stupid human balls to be his human’s captive.

She instinctively burrowed her face in the nearest soft refuge… only to realize said refuge was the forest dweller’s thick fur.

She began squirming even harder, especially when he took a few steps. Where was he taking her?

“Please don’t hurt me,” Buneary pleaded, again reflexively pressing herself against his chest.

“Shhh,” the forest dweller replied. “If you promise you won’t attack my human, I’ll set you down, okay?”

She nodded and, just as promised, he set her down. He even took a knee, lowering himself closer to her height. He gave her a gentle little push, and she found herself leaning against the trunk of her tree, with his hands still holding her shoulders.

Her instincts were shouting for her to keep fighting, but she knew from experience that would be a waste of effort.

The forest dweller was stronger than her in so many ways. Was this the result of the human’s training? It couldn’t make that big of a difference, could it? He didn’t look like an alpha, though.

He was so powerful, and yet, he was being so gentle. He caressed her ear softly, still pinning her against the trunk.

Buneary’s adrenaline was cooling down, and yet… Another hormone was taking its place.

It hit her like an avalanche. She’d been too busy fighting to notice. That graze against her ear. Those near-misses around her hips and rump. He hadn’t just been missing on purpose. He’d been playing with her, just barely provoking her body.

She quivered at his touch.

“I’ll stop if you want to,” he said.

The tree’s thick trunk was blocking the human from view.

Buneary said nothing as the forest dweller gently cradled her between his body and the tree.

She buried her face into his fur once more and allowed him to carefully nuzzle against her ears.

She pawed against his chest and cooed as his hands began gently exploring her back, slowly creeping lower.

She was afraid, but she was intrigued. His smell was intoxicating.

She’d known males before, but none so strong.

Usually, she was the one seeking out her mates.

It was the first time an evolved male had given her any attention. What was she to him? Just a toy to be played with, or…?

Buneary gasped as the forest dweller shifted and wrapped his arms right around her thighs, lifting her and carefully leaning her back against the tree’s trunk.

She looked down hesitantly and met his piercing gaze looking up at her.

Buneary didn’t resist when he carefully moved her left leg to rest onto his shoulder. She found herself instinctively doing the same with her right.

Her legs were spread nice and wide. With her most precious treasure exposed, Buneary closed her eyes, bracing for his next move.

She was at his mercy. So many of her instincts urged her to kick at his face, bite at his eyes, and disappear into the snow. Her deepest thoughts were of another opinion.

She felt his tongue gently run across her folds and pause, just a little, against her most sensitive spot. He teased her body with gentle little licks and kisses. She was his prize, and he was savoring her.

Buneary writhed and gripped for his ears, lost in his ministrations. Gone was the evening snow and the icy rocks. Gone was the human and the pests lurking about. Right now, it was just her and the forest dweller. Just one body being claimed by another.

He pawed at her behind and pulled back for a moment, pressing little kisses against her inner thighs before going back for more and lapping up her juices.

Buneary mewled and cooed as he inflicted untold pleasures on her. More! She needed more!

She gripped her legs around the forest dweller’s neck, pinning him deeper into her folds. He responded by growing bolder, driving his tongue deep into her body, playing with her insides. He kneaded her buttocks and played with her tail.

She felt her pleasure rising as he drove her to ride his snout, reaching for her most intimate areas. Her little moans rose to a crescendo while he continued to delve into the her depths.

Eventually, her dam broke, and Buneary gasped in bliss, lurching forward off of the tree and collapsing against his forehead as he kept drinking of her nectar.

Her head was still spinning from the exertion when he carefully set her down against the tree. Her legs wobbled as she held to its trunk for stability.

“Wait here,” he instructed.

For some reason, she listened.

Why? Why her? Surely his human could find him some submissive evolved female?

Her thighs were dripping wet, and she felt the cold nip at the matted fur of her crotch. Right, snowfield. She’d forgotten for a moment.

“Here, eat,” the forest dweller commanded.

Buneary opened her eyes. There he was again, sitting next to her in the snow, holding out a few plump red berries she’d never seen before.

She cautiously sniffed the fruit. “What are those?” She questioned. “These don’t grow around here.”

“Relax,” he said, popping a full berry into his mouth and gently rolling it around with his tongue. Buneary reflexively closed her legs. He was teasing her again.

“My human gives me these,” the forest dweller explained. “They’ll give you energy.”

Buneary didn’t think she could trust the human, but she was really hungry. She snatched one of the fruits and stuffed it into her maw.

It exploded into a dance of sweet and tangy flavors. For all the bounty of the snowfields, the crunchy roots, the fresh greens that littered the warmer crevices, and the fresh water flowing down the river, she’d never tasted anything so delicious.

The forest dweller chuckled and held out another, which she greedily snapped out of his paw.

“Tasty?” He asked, through his own mouthful of berry.

Buneary nodded excitedly, forgetting her distrust for a moment.

He rolled around one more berry between his digits. “One left. You want it?”

She lunged for it, but he pulled it just a little out of her reach. Buneary tumbled off balance and collapsed into his lap.

“Oops!” He teased. “Mine, then!”

The berry, her berry, disappeared into his mouth, and he greedily chewed on it.

“Jerk,” she pouted, trying to get up only to find herself sat in his lap facing him.

“You still want some?” He asked, still chewing.

“It’s not like you have more.”

He answered by kissing her.

Buneary’s eyes went wide. Before she could get her bearings the forest dweller dipped her backward and took the offensive, forcing her little mouth open with his own.

She fought back, incensed by his gall. That berry was going to be hers if she had to fight him for it. Their tongues fought around in the berry’s juices and their mixed saliva.

Like before, he was a dominant force, but content to allow her to exhaust herself against his defense.

Eventually, they pulled back for breath. Buneary gazed up to the forest dweller, who smirked victoriously at her.

“You’ve got some berry on your cheek,” he teased. He craned his neck down and gave her face a little lick.

“I can’t believe you just did that,” she huffed, pressing herself against his chest for more warmth.

Buneary adjusted her position. He’d chosen a weird spot to sit, there was a hard root under him, and she could feel it protruding against her rump.

No matter how she shifted or adjusted, she just couldn’t get away from it.

Buneary dared to look down.

It wasn’t a root.

She slowly dared to look back up and found a very lascivious forest dweller looking her in the eyes.

“Are you ready?”

Not do you want it or may I breed you, but are you ready?

Whether physically, mentally, hormonally, or emotionally, she was in no place to resist him, and they both knew it.

Buneary gulped and clung to him tighter. She nodded hesitantly.

The forest dweller’s strong arms scooped her up. The fur on his arms tickled her dripping nethers.

He shifted his position and tucked his legs under him, kneeling for better leverage.

She wrapped her arms around his neck for support, buried her face into his shoulder.

Buneary had presented to males before. She enjoyed a good roll in the snow as much as anyone else, but this felt different. A little scary, but very exciting.

There had always been, in the past, some nervousness about being ambushed by something big and mean in the middle of the act.

Not with the forest dweller. She could tell how strong he was. If a threat showed up, he’d make quick work of it and come back to play with her some more.

He wasn’t going to hurt her, and he wouldn’t let anything else hurt her, either.

The forest dweller shifted his hold and grasped onto her hips. Her rump came to rest in his lap, and his erection flopped against her stomach.

Arceus almighty, what a cock. He was easily twice as hung as the next biggest male she’d ever frolicked with.

She wanted it, and he was going to give it to her.

She followed his guidance and lifted herself out of his lap. He carefully aligned himself with one paw and gave her rump a playful squeeze with the other.

Guided by instinct, Buneary sunk onto his tapered tip. He gave a little hiss as his member pushed past her entrance.

Stricken with a mix of pain and pleasure, she gasped for breath and writhed about while the forest dweller slowly lowered her onto his cock. He held her close to his chest and whispered reassuring little coos in her ears.

Eventually, he bottomed out, gently petting the back of her head while she whimpered and moaned into his chest. She was much too tight for him, much too small. Buneary dared to to pull away from him for a moment and peer down. She could barely fit half of his length.

Seeing and feeling him for who he truly was, getting to feel his toned body and his dominant instincts, she wondered how she’d ever misread the forest dweller so badly.

Not content with holding her in his lap with his hands around her hips, he lowered his head onto her shoulder and let her bury her face in the crook of his neck. His long fluffy ears draped themselves over her body, cutting her from the cold wind.

He held her for what felt like an eternity. Buneary soaked in the feeling. It was warm. It was safe. It was exciting. The forest dweller was beneath her, supporting her weight. He was around her, holding her and keeping her safe. He was above her, sheltering her from the elements.

He was inside her, and she reveled in it.

This was a male who could have marched up to the snowfield’s alpha Lopunny, trounced her in battle, bent her over the old tree stump, and bred her until she passed out.

This was a male who could have had every Buneary in his native forest begging to bear his eggs and lavish him with affection and admiration.

The forest dweller could have had any Buneary he wanted, any Lopunny, too. Females probably threw themselves at him from hills and plains all around, yet, of all of them, he’d chosen her.

She basked in his affection and his touch.

She wanted to become worthy of them, to prove to him he had chosen right.

She wanted to prove she could be a mate worthy of his good judgment.

She wanted to be as strong as him, a true partner.

The whole world lurched around her. The rest of his shaft slipped in all at once, and his testicles, so plump and full, came to rest against her rump. Buneary eyes shot wide and she clung to the forest dweller, desperate to get her bearings through the haze of confusion, surprise, pain, and pleasure.

He felt… smaller to her touch?

Buneary forced her eyes open, only to find out she was no longer Buneary.

Straddling him, with her new, longer legs wrapped around his waist, she was looking at him eye-to-eye.

Two Lopunnies were embracing in the snowfields. Gone was the little Buneary.

“Hi.” The forest dweller greeted. “You’re even cuter like this.” His expression shifted from a smile to a lustful smirk. “I’m going to ravish you.”

Before she could say a word, he drew his cock out of her and plunged it back in, forcing a deep moan from her lungs. She nearly lost her grip and tumbled backward. Her body felt new and familiar all at once.

Gone was the intense care not to hurt her. Now that she’d grown to his measure, he seemed focused on one thing and one thing only: To make sure the first mating of Lopunny’s new body would be the greatest she’d ever had.

She gasped and moaned and clamped her legs tighter around him, reaching for his shoulders for balance. The forest dweller grunted and groaned as her insides clenched around his length. He kneaded her butt in his palms.

Determined to savor the moment, he kept his pace slow, carefully lifting her rump off of his cock, only to allow her to drop down balls-deep every time. Lopunny rubbed her nose against his, lost in his gaze.

“Aaah…” she gasped. “More! Harder! Faster!”

The forest dweller picked up his pace, and dipped her backward, giving himself a better angle to truly fuck her.

She pushed her hips against his, hungry, desperate for more. She was lost in the act, discovering both his body and her own.

It was so much to take in. The forest dweller’s loving gaze, their respective moans and groans, the taste of berries on his saliva, his intoxicating scent, and his body conquering hers.

Lopunny’s voice rose to a crescendo, breaking into sharp little moans, then barely gasps, until finally, she hit her limit. She gripped her arms and legs around her mate one more time, and an ecstatic howl forced itself out of her lungs. After a few more blissful spasms, she dropped limply onto him and he fell backward with her, slipping out of her nethers.

She wasn’t satisfied leaving her mate like this. She wanted something more from him.

Numb in the legs from her orgasm, Lopunny pushed herself backward off of the forest dweller. His rigid member painted a trail of fluids across her stomach and up her chin.

She took him in her mouth, lapped up the mixture of their juices, intent on rewarding him for the pleasures he’d shown her.

It didn’t take long for Lopunny’s ministrations to take effect. She rolled his testicles in her paw and worked her lips and tongue against his shaft, sometimes forcing herself deeper and taking his entire length into her throat.

Her mate threw his head back. “Nnnnh! So good! Ahh! Take your prize!”

His cock began to throb. Lopunny knew how to take a hint. She wrapped her lips around his member and worked her way down the shaft until she was finally rewarded with jet after jet of warm cum.

It was all for her.

Lopunny slowly savored his semen, let it melt down her throat like the finest berry juice, and draped herself over him, lost in the afterglow. The forest dweller, her forest dweller, wrapped an arm around her and pulled her tighter for warmth.

“Wow.” She whispered.

He stroked her back gently without a word.

“Why me?” she asked.

“I told you,” her mate smiled. “You’re feisty. Even when you knew you were going to lose, you never gave up and kept trying.”

Lopunny giggled. Feisty it was. She rolled herself on top of him, resting her chest against his and her head on his shoulder.

Being the strongest on her hill wasn’t good enough anymore. She wanted to be strong enough to deserve her forest dweller. She wanted to be strong like him.

They laid there for a time. The snow didn’t bother them.

A ruffling of feathers and a few lightweight steps in the fresh snow drew Lopunny’s attention. Judging by the forest dweller’s shifting, he’d noticed it too.

The culprit looked to be some garish bird pokémon she guessed was from the coast. He seemed very cranky to be dealing with the cold.

“Oi, Valiant!” the Chatot squawked. “Get your dick back in your sheath and get your ass moving! Kayla says to meet her at camp!”

The forest dweller sighed. He sat up slowly, making sure Lopunny could still rest her head in his lap. “Do I have to?”

So, his friends called him Valiant, huh?

She liked ‘forest dweller’ better.

The Chatot cocked his head to the side and shrugged his wings. “If you want to miss a practice battle, that’s on you, mate, but don’t say I didn’t warn you!”

He gave a few quick flaps and flew off, leaving the two of them behind.

“I gotta go back,” the forest dweller said. “My human’s waiting for me.”

“Nuh-uh,” Lopunny pouted, “You should stay with me.”

“There’s the feisty girl I know,” her mate chuckled, rising and holding out a paw to help her up. “You could come with me if you want. I bet Kayla would like you.”

Lopunny held it and allowed herself to be pulled upright. She looked around her little world.

Her hill suddenly felt very small.

There was no way she’d fit in her burrow, either. She’d have to dig a whole new one.

Also, there wouldn’t be a forest dweller around.

“Fine,” She sighed. “I’ll come along, but I want more of those tasty berries and you’re carrying me there.”

The forest dweller laughed. “Carry you? Sounds good!”

“Wait, wait, I was just kid-” Before Lopunny could finish her sentence, The forest dweller had scooped her up in his arms.

“You know what?” she corrected herself wrapping her arms around his shoulders for balance, “I wasn’t kidding. This is fine.”

Lopunny had to admit that, for all their stupid balls and things, there were some good sides to humans.

They knew how to keep a nice warm fire going.

Also, they carried sweet berries.

The forest dweller’s human, the female called Kayla, was no exception.

She’d welcomed Lopunny around her campfire alongside the pokémon who followed her and had given her more yummy berries and even something the other members of the human’s team called ‘cake’. Lopunny didn’t like Kayla yet. But she did like cake. It was all puffy and sweet.

“I don’t trust you,” Lopunny huffed and crossed her arms, keeping her forest dweller between her and the human. “But I like him.” She gave her best indignant huff. “So you’re going to make me stronger.”

Kayla reached over and tried to pet her. When she recoiled, The forest dweller got his ears scratched instead. He seemed to like it.

“I see why you like her, Valiant,” the human told him. “She’s a cute one. Feisty, too.”

Valiant gave Lopunny a little smirk. “Told you,” he chuckled.

“Oh!” Kayla gasped. “That’s what I should call you! Feisty!”

Feisty snuggled up to her mate and pouted.

Stupid stinky humans.

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