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Playtime For Ash's Pokemon

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Title: Playtime For Ash's Pokemon
File Name: playtime_for_ashs_pokemon.txt
Author: Ghastly
Rating: XXX
Size: 25KB
Type: lemon - evil
Action: Ash-Brock-Misty, C; Misty-Pikachu-Squirtle-Bulbasaur, NC;
Added: 09-13-99
Read by: Racso
Description: After Ash and Brock teach Misty another lesson, they leave
for supplies with Ash's pokemon out to protect and entertain
the naked Misty.

// Warning: Evil Hentai. Don't Read If You Don't Like This Kind Of Stuff
// Bondage-NC-M/M/P/S/B/f-Oral-Spanking-Anal-Mast-Group-Pokestiality
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Playtime For Ash's Pokemon -- by Ghastly

Misty sat around the embers of the morning campfire with her new lovers
Ash and Brock. She felt a little embarassed at the fact she was nude
but she was also thrilled at the way her tiny naked body had completely
captured the attention of Ash and Brock. The three of them enjoyed the
fresh, tangy blueberries that Ash and Brock had found in abundance
earlier that morning. None of them realized that Pikachu, still a little
shy about being around the undressed Misty, was watching the trio from
the bushes.

"I'm stuffed," said Misty as she put her bowl down on the ground and
patted her firm, flat tummy. "Do any of you guys want to finish my

Brock put down his bowl of berries and took up a very stern expression
as he clicked his tounge disapprovingly and placed his hands on his
hips. Ash and Misty each gave Brock a puzzled look.

"Young lady," Brock admonished her, "Ash and I worked very hard to
gather those berries. You finish your bowl."

"But... but..." Misty responded in a confused tone, "I'm not hungry,

"Then I'm afraid I'm going to have to punish you," said Brock.

Ash smiled suddenly realizing what Brock had in mind. Misty covered
her mouth with her hands and gave Brock a wide-eyed expression of
fear. "MMmmmm, I can't wait to find out what he's got in mind," she
thought to herself.

"No, please, please," she pleaded. "I'll finish my berries now,
please don't punish me." She immediately retrieved her bowl and
popped a few of the juicy berries in her mouth.

"Please don't punish me 'sir'!" Ash corrected her as he and Brock
stood together.

"P... please don't punish me sir," begged Misty.

Brock went to Misty's backpack and retrieved her suspenders, the only
item of clothing she had left after their encounter with the
ghost pokemon. He approached Misty then barked an order at her.
"Stand up, bitch!"

Misty trembled at Brock's harsh words but more from excitement than
from fear. She wordlessly obeyed her master and coyly attempted to
hide her nakedness with her hands.

"Hands at your sides, slut!" ordered Ash. "Your masters take
pleasure from viewing their most prized possession."

Misty's heart melted. She felt dirty and humiliated by the way Brock
and Ash addressed her during their sex-play but it turned her on
more than anything she could imagine. The thought of being their
"most prized possession" made her feel so very special and filled her
with a sense of pride. She immediately brought her hands to her side
fully exposing her slender body with it's subtle, soft curves.
Her nipples became instantly erect and she felt a moist heat rising
from her sex.

"I'm sorry sirs, please I'm sorry," she said nervously still not sure
what the two had in mind but secretly eager for her punishment.

"You've always loved the environment, haven't you?" asked Brock.

"What?" Misty was puzzled. "Um... yeah, I guess. But what does that
have to do with..."

"Don't question your masters, whore!" snapped Ash as he grabbed one of
her firm young nipples and gave it a twist.

Misty shuddered at the severity of the sensation and let out a loud
moan. "Owwww, sir, I'm sorry sir." She bowed her head and avoided
her masters' sinister glares.

"Go hug that tree," Brock ordered her indicating an ancient oak tree that
stood at the edge of their campsite. Misty did as she was ordered even
though she didn't understand what Brock had in mind. Ash was equally
puzzled by Brock's order but he had faith that whatever his friend had
in mind it would be good.

"After all," Ash thought to himself," he's older than me so I assume
that means he's had more experience in these things than I have.
I hadn't even seen a girl naked until that night with the ghost

Brock went around to the other side of the tree and ordered Misty,
"Hug it tighter, bring your hands closer together. Show this
tree how much you love it. Hug it with your legs too. Show this tree
what a slut you are."

"Yes sir," Misty obeyed as best she could. The tree was very old and
large and she could barely bring her hands together. She put her legs
around the tree as best she could without losing her balance. The
rough bark of the old tree pressed uncomfortably against her silky
white skin.

"That will do," said Brock in a tone of cold approval. He then grabbed her
wrists and bound then tightly with one band of the suspenders. He tied the
end of the other band to a branch overhead pulling her arms up slightly.
Misty let out a soft whimper of protest. Next Brock grabbed one of
her ankles and lifter her foot up along the side of the tree. Misty let
out a startled shriek as she almost lost her balance. Brock tied that
foot with the other end of the strap that was tied to the tree branch.
When that leg was firmly secured Brock reached for the other. Again Misty
shrieked as she lost all contact with the ground. The final strap end of
her suspenders was tied to her foot. Misty was bound helplessly to the
tree. Struggle as she might there was no way she could escape.

"Oh man," said Ash under his breath, "that is so awsome!"

Misty began to whimper and moan. Her arms and legs ached slightly from
the odd way in which they were suspended. She felt completely powerless
and helpless and this thrilled her. She heard Brock unbuckle
his belt.

"Now, I'm going to have to teach you why you shouldn't insult your
masters by not eating what they provide you with." he said in a very
stern voice.

Brock lashed out with his belt and struck Misty sharply across her
tiny round buttox. The forest air echoed with the sound of Misty's

"Please master, please," she cried as she tried to turn her tear soaked
face towards Brock, "I promise I'll be more appreciative from now on."

"Oh I'm sure you will be," said Brock as he struck her again with the

"How can I be enjoying this so much?" Misty asked herself. The spanking
hurt but the pain wasn't more than she could stand and she thrilled
at the humiliation of being bound and spanked by her masters and at the
tingling, stinging sensation that played on her bottom between
strikes. She liked the feel of her tears rolling down her cheeks and
she was turned on by the sounds of her own cries.

Brock gave her six more strikes with the belt and as Misty hanged there
and bawled uncontrollably he told her, "Now understand that your masters
only punish you because we care for you. We want you to be the best
little whore you can be. Sometimes we will have to teach you harsh

"I... I understand sir," she cried. Her heart soared when she heard
Brock tell her that he cared for her but she felt a slight shame as
she admitted to herself that she wished her punishment would go on
just a little more. She squirmed and twisted in her bonds but more
from arousal than an effort to escape. She sobbed heavily as she
caught her breath.

"Perhaps you'd like a turn," said Brock as he handed his belt to

Ash had been watching Misty's punishment with wide-eyed amazement.
His hard cock was straining almost painfully against the confines of
his pants. "Would I!" he exclaimed as he eagerly took the belt from
Brock's hand.

He took Brock's position behind Misty then paused to run his hands
across her bottom, fascinated by it's deep red colour and suprised
at how warm it was to the touch.

Misty gave a gasp of pleasure as she felt Ash's hand on her sore
bottom. She was also happy that her punishment would continue a
little longer.

Ash stepped back and swung the belt. His enthusiasm and inexperience
caused him to bring the belt down much, much harder than he had
intended. Misty gave out an ear-splitting, gutteral scream that
nearly left her hoarse. She began to cry more loudly than Ash had
ever heard her cry before.

Brock approached Ash and whispered to him, "Whoa, Ash, take it
easy. That was a little too hard."

Ash went over and rubbed Misty's sore bottom soothingly and whispered
in her ear, "I'm sorry Misty, I didn't mean to hit you that hard. It
was an accident. I guess seeing you like this made me a little too
excited. To be hounest I almost came in my pants right there and then.
Do you want me to stop?" he was genuinely concerned for his friend.

Misty sobbed, her eyes were tightly shut and she bit her bottom lip
hard to keep from screaming. She waited awhile then shook her head
and said loudly, "No master, no, I want you to punish me, I want
you to make me a good slut you can be proud of." She felt a strange
mix of pride and power over her situation. She was proud that she
could stir such passion in her lovers and power in the fact that if
she called it off they would stop.

Ash though for a moment then said, "if you ever want Brock or me to
stop something we're doing, just say the word 'sakura' and I promise
we'll stop, okay."

"Y... yes, master, I understand," she sobbed, "you can continue
teaching me my lesson sir." Misty was touched deeply by Ash's
tenderness and realized that no matter how rough he might get
during their sex-play he and Brock really loved her.

"That's a good idea," said Brock as Ash stepped back and prepaired
to continue Misty's punishment.

He brought the belt down again, much softer than before and Misty
cried out. Four more times he belted her tiny soft bottom then
stopped to admire its bright red glow.

"That was too cool," he chuckled to himself and reached down and
adjusted the hard-on that was pressing uncomfortably against the
front of his pants. He looked down and saw a tiny wet stain
of pre-cum on the front of his jeans. He looked up and over
at Brock.

Brock had his pants pulled off and approached the sobbing girl
bound mercilessly to the giant, ancient tree. Misty gave a tiny
shriek when she felt the tip of Brock's cock brush against her
hot, wet, hairless pussy. "Oh sir, what are you going to do with me?"
she asked coyly.

"Your whorishness has aroused your masters," he said letcherously as
he rubbed his cock up and down along her tiny pink slit. "What do
you suppose we should do about this?" he asked her.

"Use me, sir," Misty pleaded, thrilled at her power to excite her two
friends, "use me for you pleasure sir. My body belongs to you to use
as you please."

"Right you are," said Brock as he thrust his penis savagely into
her tender young cunt.

Misty gasped at the suddeness of the attack and began to pant heavily
as Brock pumped her harder and harder. Her arms and legs ached from
her bound suspension but the pleasure Brock's fucking was giving her
rendered her pain moot. As Brock picked up the pace Misty's pants
turned to loud moans and groans.

"What are you?" Brock whispered into her ear.

"I'm whore, a slut," Misty cried out between passionate screams.
"I'm your fuck-toy, master, use me for you pleasure. Your fuck-toy
wants to please you, master, fuck me for your pleasure. Fuck me
hard." she begged.

Brock began to growl and grunt in a very primal way as he savagely
pumped his young friend with this thick, throbbing cock. His bestial
utterances excited Misty completely. Her moans of pleasure turned
into load screams of passion. She grabbed the tree tightly as she
came over and over again. She felt Brock's teeth bite gently but
firmly on the back of her neck as he growled with his own intense
orgasm. She felt his cum filling her inside. Brock leaned
heavily against her, exhausted by his conquest of her sweet young
body. Misty purred softly as she felt his warm body resting on
hers as his softening penis slipped from her cum-drenched pussy.

"I'm so happy to have pleased you, master," she sighed "May
your fuck-toy be so bold as to beg a favour?" she asked.

Brock kissed her gently on her cheek and said, "anything my
dear, sweet slut."

"My arms and legs are so very sore. May I please be released from
my bonds?" she asked in a meek, demure voice.

"Certainly," answered Brock. He rested a moment then took his
weight off her and carefully untied her.

Misty rested on the ground and rubbed the stiffness from her limbs.
She was tired from her punishment and she leaned back against the
tree. Brock sat down beside her.

Misty looked over at Ash who had stood nearby and watched Brock
as he roughly took her tiny, tight pussy. Ash had his pants down to
his knees and was stroking his hard, young cock. Misty crawled over
to him with the look of a hungry preditor in her eyes.

"I'll prove to you I've learned my lesson and will eat with
appreciation what my masters offer me," she said as she kneeled
before Ash and hungrily sucked his throbbing cock into her mouth.

Ash gave a loud groan of pleasure as he felt his dick slide into
her soft, eager mouth. Although she had little experience sucking
cock she had often fantasized about pleasuring her friends orally.
She worked Ash's cock with the expertise of someone with far more
experience. She loved how it felt to have a cock in her mouth
as she ran her sweet little tounge around his glans then down along
the underside before once again taking as much as she could into
her mouth and sucking hard upon it. It didn't take long for
Ash to lose control. He grabbed her roughly on the sides of
her head and began to furiously pump her face in short, quick
jerks. Misty gave a few moans of excitement as Ash fucked her
face. She reached down with one hand and began to finger her clit.
Ash exploded in her mouth and Misty almost choked on his cum but
was careful to swallow everything her master offered her.

She was burning with renewed horny desire as Ash withdrew from
her mouth. "Master," she pleaded, "may I please continue to
pleasure myself?" her body twitched and squirmed with the intensity
of her desires.

"That would be so cool," said Ash as he watched Misty continue to
masterbate herself.

Brock got up, having been rejuvinated by his brief rest and
the view of Misty going down on Ash's cock. He came to get a
closer look at this new show.

Misty looked at her two lovers through hooded eyes, her cheeks
burned with the humiliation that she was a slave to her own
desires as she shamefully masterbated infront of her two friends.
She closed her eyes and began to moan as she fingered herself.

Brock's cock was once again hard and he began to stroke it as he
watched Misty pleasure herself. He loved the way her cheeks blushed,
the way her sweet, soft lips parted sensuously as the soft moans
of pleasure escaped from her mouth, the way her tight young body
glowed with sweat. He couldn't take his eyes off her.

Ash too found himself becoming hard once again aroused and he began to
furiously stroke his hardening cock.

Misty's eyes were tightly shut as her moans built to a crescendo of
passionate screams. Her entire body shook with the intensity of
her orgasms. She felt somethine hot and wet hit her face and tiny,
budding breasts and looked up to see Ash and Brock, standing over
her, pumping their cocks with their fists and shooting their load
all over her. She came again as another blast of hot cum hit her
tender body. She was thrilled at the dirty humiliation she felt
as her friends came on her prone, masterbating form.

The Ash and Brock fell to their knees, beathless from their
orgasms. Misty fell to her back and whimpered with post-orgasmic
satisfaction. They rested for a moment then returned to the stream
to bathe once again.

Pikachu took advantage of their absence to leave the bushes and
enter the camp. "That was so strange," he thought, "It looked like
Ash and Brock were hurting Misty, but she seemed to like what
they were doing. I wonder why that is? Humans are strange

A short while later Ash, Brock and Misty returned to the camp,
arm in arm and laughing at some joke the three alone shared.
Pikachu shyly averted his eyes from Misty's naked body.

"That's cute," laughed Ash, "Pikachu is blushing."

"Pika pika!" the pokemon angrily replied.

"It's okay, really," said Misty as she patted the pokemon on
the head, "see, I'm fine with Ash and Brock seeing me naked,
so I'm okay with you seeing me naked too."

"Don't you think I'm pretty?" she teased coyly.

"Chuu," answered Pikachu shyly as he looked up at Misty.

"Speaking of naked," said Brock, "we should do something about that.
As much as I'd like to stay here in the woods with you like this,
we'll eventually have to go into town. A diet of blueberries could
get pretty boring after awhile."

"Yeah," agreed Ash, "and I think all our splashing in the stream has
scared away every fish within miles of here."

"Why don't you stay here at camp and Ash and I will go see if we
can scout out a town nearby. We'll pick up some supplies then come
back with some new clothes for you." said Brock as he gathered
up his backpack.

"I don't know," Misty said, "being alone and naked in the woods
seems kind of scary." Misty was both thrilled and terrified by
the dark fantasies she briefly played in her mind of her being
discovered by a group of horny, hostile men, alone and naked with
Ash and Brock miles away. She felt an excited tingle growing in her
groin and wanted to go somewhere private and masturbate.

"Don't worry, I'll leave Pikachu with you," said Ash. "and
Squirtle and Bulbasaur too. They'll protect you."

"Kaa!" agreed Pikachu with a nod.

A few minutes later Ash and Brock said goodbye to Misty and the
three pokemon. "Take good care of Misty," he called to his
pokemon, "Keep her entertained, we may be awhile."

Misty waved to her departing friends. The pokemon looked at her
then at each other.

"Why is Misty naked?" Squirtle asked the others in the language understood
only by pokemon.

"I don't exactly have all the details," answered Pikachu, "put I think
it has something to do with this haunted cabin we encountered last night
in the woods. They all went into it and a long time later they all came
running out, scared witless, and Misty was naked."

Squirtle and Bulbasaur gave each other a curious look.

"Well what the hell are we supposed to do to entertain her while
Ash and Brock are gone?" Bulbasaur asked in a serious, annoyed

Misty watched the three pokemon as they chattered to each other in
a secret language she could never understand. She went over to sit at
the dieing campfire and poked at the embers with a stick.

"Well, I've got an idea what she might like," said Pikachu as he
told his friends of the events he had witnessed that morning
and his plans to entertain Misty in Ash's absense.

"Are you sure she'll like that?" asked Bulbasaur as he looked over
his shoulder at Misty.

"Trust me, she's a super-freak," said Pikachu.

"Super-freak?" asked Squirtle.

"She's super freaky," Pikachu reassured the pokemon.

"Well then let's get the show on the road," said Bulbasaur.

The three pokemon turned together and marched towards Misty.

She looked up from the fire she was playing with at the three pokemon
lined up before her. He scratched her head puzzled at the serious looks
on their faces. "What's up guy," she asked, "is something wrong?"

"PIKACHU!" shouted Pikachu to his friends.

Vines whiped out from the blub on Bulbasaur's back and wrapped tightly
around Misty's wrists and ankles. "BULBASAUR" the pokemon yelled out
as he pulled tightly on the girl's limbs and hoisted her spread eagle into
the air.

Misty let out a load scream of terror, "No!" she cried, "Bulbasaur, Pikachu!
What are you doing? Stop!"

"Bulb-a-saur!" barked the pokemon as he sent forth another vine. It circled
around Misty then struck her on her tender bottom.

Misty shrieked and began to cry, "No please, don't do this guys, please,
please stop." She tried to struggle but Bulbasaur's vine's held her
in an iron grip. Her pleas were met with more lashes from Bulbasaur's
vine. Tears of fear, pain, and humiliation flowed freely down her
cheeks and onto the dusty ground below.

Pikachu was the next to assault the bound and helpless girl. He leapt
into the air and pinched her tiny young nipples tightly in his little
fingers, holding himself to her with his grip. His tail darted between
her legs and came to rest against her little, swollen clit.

"Pi! KA!" yelled the pokemon as he let loose a gentle electric shock
through his fingertips and tail. Misty screamed and writhed as the
electricity roughly stimulated her small breasts and tender, sensitive
clit. Again and again the pokemon assaulted her with electric shocks
of varying intensity. Misty screamed and cried as she begged the pokemon
to stop. But they kept up their cruel torture of the bound girl.

Then Misty felt something else that made her eyes open wide with fear,
Bulbasaur's vine that was previously spanking her had found a new way
to busy itself. She felt it slowly probing between her red, battered butt
cheeks. She let out a scream of protest as the slender vine slipped in
past her puckered anus. "No please, stop!" she begged, "not there!
Please not there!"

She shuddered and gasped as she felt the slim vine wriggle it's way deep
into her bowels farther than any cock ever could. The sensation of the
vine squirming inside her was unlike anything she had ever felt before.
She began to moan and groan as her body betrayed her to the pleasure
of her assault.

Pikachu continued to stimulate her with tiny electric shocks, making her
bound body shake and tremble while Bulbasaur held her fast and pumped
his snaking vine in and out of her tight little ass. Misty cried out
with pleasure and shame, her tear streaked face contorting wildly with
her screams.

Then Pikachu lept down from her body. Misty gave a little whine of
protest as she looked down at the pokemon gathered below her. Bulbasaur
continued to rape her little ass. He pulled her legs further apart
with his vines and Squirtle stepped forward to take up a position
immediately below the helpless pokemon trainer.

"Squirtle!" he gurgled as he let loose a powerful blast of water from
his mouth. The water came up hard between Misty's legs, swirling around
furiously in her vagina and against her clit.

Misty screamed passionately at the sensation. "This is so much better
than the 'shower massage' we had back home," she thought to herself as
she succumbed to orgasm after orgasm.

Her body shook and spasmed uncrontrollably as she screamed passionately
with each orgasm. Finally she slumped in Bulbasaur's iron grip, exhausted
and spent. Squirtle stopped his attack and Bulbasaur pulled his vine from
her ass. She let out a moan as the bulbous tip slipped out past her
tight sphincter. She sobbed uncontrollably as tiny waves of pleasure
continued to flash through her body.

Bulbasaur withdrew his vines and Misty collapsed in the muddy puddle
that had formed below her.

"Chuu? Pika pi?" asked Pikachu in a concerned voice.

Misty wearily raised her head and looked over at the worried pokemon,
"I'm okay Pikachu, I'm okay." She then laid her head back down in the
shallow mud puddle, too exhausted to care about the dirt.

"Bulba bulba saur, saur." said Bulbasuar as he nuzzled against her thigh.

Misty rolled onto her back and sighed with satisfaction enjoying the
soothing sensation of the cool, wet mud on her burning bottom.
"Thank you, thank you" she purred to the pokemon that were gathered
around her. "That was unbelievable."

After a short rest she got up. She walked over to each pokemon and planted
a sweet, soft kiss atop each of their heads. Each pokemon flushed with

"I'm going to go take another bath," she told them. "You guys can go play
in the woods if you want. I'll be fine."

She smiled as she watched the three pokemon scamper off into the forest
to play. She rolled in the mud, laughing and enjoying it's cool, slick
feel on her naked flesh. Then, after a few minutes of such wanton pleasure,
she got up and went to the stream to bathe yet again.

THE END... for now :)
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