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Working in the New Toy - Remake by Scy Storm


Story Notes:

This is a much longer and much detailed remake of a story written by Scion Umbranos that I reviewed on AGNPH. I said I felt the urge to redo it, and Scion told me I could if I wished. So I just couldn't help it. I liked the premise and sex scenes of the original story, and wanted to see it freaking long. ^^;

Working in the New Toy - Remake


Pokemon Fan Fic Lemon
By: Scy Storm

AUTHOR'S NOTES: A refashioning of a story made by Scion Umbranos, based off a dream, it seems. The current story is short and lacking in description, and all that stuff, and Scion allowed me to remake it into more of my fashion. :D Which means, long and freakin detailed. There are easily several differences from the original, but I think I will keep it in first person, since I haven't done a big first-person past-tense story in a long time. So yes, enjoy! :) Hope you like what I did, Scion. ;) ALSO GABE YOU ARE SEX AT PROOFREADING

INEVITABLE DISCLAIMER: Plenty of M/F sex in this one, as well as a little M/M mixed in, and a bit of violence, but not huge. So yes, you have to be 18 and stuff, and whatever, etc, omg, wtf, bbq.

"Ohhh... gods... Don't stop..."

I expressed my pleasure to the faceless form before me, working over my eager member. Though faceless, I say her, because she had said words to me. She had giggled, made feminine noises. But I saw no form. Only a pure black silhouette, canine in shape like me, but I just couldn't be sure. But she was very good with her mouth, working it over my Umbreon maleness like I had never felt. In fact, I had never actually felt that. Is it really that good? It had to be a dream. "You taste so good, baby..."

It was her voice again. It sounded so ghostly, so... otherworldly. But it was easy to assume that, considering she was a shadow. It was a bit hard for me to watch lying on my back, but I just couldn't move. Had to watch. She giggled again, so cutely, as her tongue worked over the sides of my member, going back up to the head and lightly wrapping around it. My cock oozed liquids onto her tongue, before she downed me in her mouth again. Her paw then rose, and as if her paw was a beckoning sign, my knot swelled. She rubbed it. Oh man... My knot swelled big in no time. Her paw... Not even my paw feels that good. I'm gonna cum. Oh god I'm gonna cum so hard... ..huh? What was that? A twig? She disappeared. There was light...

I KNEW it was a dream! I was still in the clearing, I think. My rings illuminated brightly. It was the same clearing, only now, the sun was almost completely down. But she was no longer there. I looked to where she stood, and she was gone. I felt like falling over. Looking down, I was a little aroused from the dream. Not too surprising, but, I was far too disappointed to paw off. I just let it go away as I tried to go back to sleep, but, it wouldn't work. She was on my mind. She wouldn't go away. I wasn't going to sleep, so I stood up and stretched.

Then I heard it again. Another twig snapping. It was an obvious sound, right behind me. My ears jerked upward and moved my illuminating light, and I spun around. It's a trainer. A girl. She knew I was wild. I barely had time to gauge what she looked like: All I noticed was a belt full of Pokeballs. Except for one, which was just tossed out of her hand. I braced myself for a fight, but the ball only kept rolling, until a matter of inches in front of me, when it exploded into light. I leapt back away from the flash and growled loudly, my face twisting in my anger. But then, I lightened up almost instantly.

A most gorgeous specimen appeared from the fading light. Another Umbreon. A female. Her rings glowed bright like mine, but were pink in color, and her red eyes stared me down, with a look of determination. And after a moment, she smiled. It was like she sensed how frozen I was. My legs couldn't move. My mind was a mess. She raised her face and murred softly, her pink rings pulsing bright once. The glow seemed to pierce my body and go into my brain, dulling my thoughts, only to have them sharpen once more into her. She was in my head now, sparkling and shining like a goddess. And then she spoke. "Come here, big boy..."

That voice! That was the same voice I heard in my dreams! I thought I was hearing things. No way could she have been the shadow that appeared to me in my dream. But I couldn't deny her. My legs started moving again as I stumbled my way towards her. She didn't move. I kept walking until I was right in front of her, our noses almost touching. I stared into her eyes, and I couldn't look away. She had compelled me this close, compelled me into a trance. I didn't even notice her trainer stepping up beside me. I didn't notice her take up a Pokeball. The girl of my dreams then smirked, and spoke again, above a whisper. "Stupid males..."

And that's when something collided with the back of my head. The Pokeball. I was hit by a white light and absorbed into nothingness. My body immediately tried to fight it. I tried to break out. I tried to shift my concentration. But I couldn't. She was still on my mind, infecting my senses and keeping me from concentrating. I couldn't break out, no matter how hard I tried. And then I heard a loud noise echo around me. The Pokeball had fully locked. I was caught. I belonged to the trainer now.

Pokeballs aren't too bad a place. I mean, they're mostly nothingness, but, after a while you can form the nothingness into a simple environment. And I did, though it was hard. It seemed like I was at it for hours, and it all stopped when I was released from the Pokeball. I looked up. It was still nighttime, and the sky was dotted with stars. I couldn't have been in the ball more than an hour. I looked at my surroundings, and I recognized where I was. It was a building not far from the clearing I was caught in. An old man and an old lady worked there and took care of trainer Pokemon. I was there, alright, but I was -inside- the fencing. As I turned my head and followed the fencing I was in, my eyes ran into black fur.

I jumped backward in surprise, but focused, and I saw her. The Umbreon. She was smirking at me. That same smirk she wore when I was caught. I growled loudly. She was the one that got me into this! Her smirk was taunting me! For some reason, she was no longer on my mind as the image of a goddess. She wasn't sparkling with divinity. Now she was an enemy.

I rushed at her with teeth bared, but then something hit me, a flash of light, but this time it was not a pokeball. I fell on my face, twitching, and then tried to stand up. I managed to stand up, partially, before my muscles locked up. I couldn't move anything except my head. I managed a loud angry growl, the rage inside me boiling. "Let me GO!!" I yelled.

She didn't care for my anger, or my scream. She casually strolled up to me so she was right out of my reach. Not that I could reach for her anyway. "I don't think I can, cutie." She said to me.

Her voice... Yeah, the same from my dream. I didn't know if my mind was still playing tricks on me and changing her voice, but, it didn't matter. I was too angry with her. "Let... me GO!!" I repeated, growling amidst it.

She sneered a little, and stepped forward, swinging her paw and slapping me good across the cheek. I fell to the ground, and groaned. She could really hit. And her claws got my cheek a little. She moved in front of me and sat down, just staring down at me. "You better calm down." I heard her say.

I looked upward and snarled with my upper lip pulled back, and that made her hit me again. Once again I groaned. The other side of my face had hit the ground from that one. "I said calm down. Understand?" She said to me, annoyance in her voice.

I grumbled a little as I raised my head. I wanted to rub the side of my face, but my legs and paws still wouldn't move. I then had to yelp when her jaws bit down on my ear. "I said do you understand?!" She said, slightly muffled from my ear.

Her teeth grinded together, making me yelp again, but I managed to stammer out, "Y-Yes! I get it!!"

She grinned a little, and got off of my ear. "Good. I don't want to hurt you. Again, anyway." She explained.

Those words were a little confusing, but I passed them off. She probably could do a lot worse if she wanted, and I could handle a few nicks. I got a surprise quickly when she started licking where she had bitten down on my ear. She hadn't penetrated my skin or anything, but the act was... sweet. She used a paw and rose my head up, and I had to hold myself back from biting her paw. I resisted the urge, and she lapped her tongue over the cuts she left on my cheek. They immediately were soothed almost completely. "Sorry about those claws... You feel better now?" She asked, sitting back.

I nodded a little and looked at her curiously. She turned rather concerned and sweet after being so mean to me, a complete turn around. But I guess that all was her way of getting me to calm down. Thinking back, words alone probably wouldn't have calmed me down anyway. She flicked her tail as she looked at me silently for a moment, before she asked, "What's your name?"

I tried to move out of my sudden paralysis, but I still couldn't, so I just tried to remain sane. "It's... Rings." I told her.

She stood up and started walking around me after I told her my name, speaking to me again. "Rings, ay? Well Rings, congratulations on getting caught by our trainer. Now you get to be our new toy."

I blinked once. 'Our?' She said 'our.' Wasn't she alone? It was only her, right? Well, she must have read my mind, because she passed by my face, brushing her tail under my chin using it to push my head to the right. My gaze was forced to look at way, and I perked my eyes when it passed over an Eon, then another, and another, and then the fourth. There sitting in a row were the remaining 4 Eevee evolutions. I had not noticed them before, so I assumed they must have moved there while I was quarreling with the Umbreon. The Eons were all girls, except for the Vaporeon at the end. Though he seemed kind of feminine to me for some reason, the sheath between his legs was obvious. I didn't think into it too much, party because I looked at the Jolteon and realized she was the reason for my paralysis. She was grinning at me a little, one of her paws sparkling a little. It was holding me in the thunder wave. I grumbled a bit, but was silenced when the Umbreon batted my nose with her tail. "Now now, it was necessary, don't go grumbling." She says.

I sighed a little, but silenced my annoyance. I looked over each of them a little before turning up to the fellow Umbreon. "You said... 'toy.' What do you mean by that?" I asked her.

She grinned widely. "I'm glad you ask."

Her head flicked in a gesture toward me, and the Flareon and Vaporeon walked their way to my downed body. They pushed me to onto my feet and sat to either side of me, their bodies pressing to me and their paws holding onto my fur. It was then I felt the electricity come off of my body. I could move again. As soon as I tried, I realized they were pinning me down, and very effectively. They were definitely stronger than I was, much like the Umbreon, and didn't want me going anywhere. I struggled to get away from them, but I couldn't. They looked like they weren't even putting effort into the pins. I wasn't surprised. After all, they did belong to a trainer, and couldn't -all- have been caught in the wild like me. Probably raised from Eevees.

My anger flew into me again, and I was about to bite the Vaporeon, but before my jaws could even open all the way there was a hard swat to my rear end. I yelped loudly and looked behind me, to see the Vaporeon's large tail raising back up, ready to swat again. He must have saw the bite coming a mile away. The tail waved a little in the air in a "no-no" type of motion. I moved my head back and sighed a little in defeat, then relaxed myself. It wouldn't be worth fighting 5 trained eons. They could have been champions, for all I knew.

I stayed still as I felt another presence approaching behind me. Before I could look back to see what was going on, my head was lifted a little by the Flareon's paw, and her lips were pressed to mine. I could feel my face heat up with blush, but I was compelled to kiss her back, closing my eyes. I did. Kisses have always been one of the most enjoyable things to me, but I never got them often, so my mind wasn't about to let that one go. She did after a few moments however, murrs sounding out of both of us as my eyes opened again.

I had neglected the presence behind me when the Flareon started kissing me, but now I could feel it again, this time underneath me. I looked down to see the Espeon laying beneath me. She smiled at me, very cutely, almost innocently, right before the two ends of her tail began tickling over both sides of my sheath. I gasped, and felt my blush burn brighter, my eyes staring down at her as she released a very innocent-sounding giggle. How she managed that, I'm still not sure.

The two tailends wrapped around my sheath just a little and stroked up and down. I could feel my member inside filling with blood and growing stiff, causing the pouch of fur to swell in-between the tailends. I couldn't help but shiver to the feeling of it all. This whole situation turned very sexual, and I was surrounded by pretty Eon girls. Well, and the Vap. I was in disbelief.

Another presence then came up behind me, and I knew it was the Jolteon, since the Umbreon was sitting in front of us watching. And she was obviously enjoying it by the wagging of her tail. A spark on my rump caused me to yip into the air and jerk my tail upward in reflex, exposing my backside to the Jolteon behind me. She just chuckled at me, and began licking my tailhole. Shivers went up my spine, but I'm not sure if it was because I had never been rimmed before, or if it was mostly because her tongue was popping lightly with electricity.

By that time my cock was growing, but it reverted to sliding out like a bullet from of the licking. A bark from the Umbreon then ended it all, causing the other four to slowly move away from me. They were all smiling in amusement, but looking around at them, I could see the slight disappointment and regret in their faces. They loved playing with me, but they left me standing there confused, with my cock standing full and twitching below me.

I turned and looked back at the Umbreon, who stood back on all fours and started to circle around me once more. I could see her head moving, with her eyes trailing over my body and admiring every little detail. The smile on her face told me everything about what she was seeing. My blush, which had been receding slowly, fired up again, and I stood perfectly still for her. The thought of this pretty girl admiring my form was causing my arousal to grow. I felt a drip from the tip of my cock as I attempted not to shiver in excitement.

She ended up in front of me again, looking back at me with a smirk, and rubbing her tail against my face. The pink ring of her tail went over my nose and under my chin, the tail petting me in the chin before flicking upward at my nose as she kept walking forward. It was then that a scent in the air hit me, and I knew at once it was hers. I felt my spine shake as I begin to walk forward, slowly following her, my cock bobbing underneath me with every step.

I can remember how strong the scent was, and how sweet it smelled. It can remember how it filled my mind with wonderful thoughts, and made my maleness throb harder. I focused my eyes and watched her walk a few more stops before she stopped and looked over her shoulder at me, staring at my eyes, her glance as inviting as her wide-legged stance. She wanted me. She wanted my cock inside of her.

Though my instincts and my cock wanted me to leap on her and start going, something compelled me to go slower than that. Maybe it was because I had never mated. I continued to gently pad over the soft ground to her, until my nose went up against her vaginal slit. I rubbed it up and down softly. Wetness seeped onto my muzzle from the small rub and her scent filled my nose. I inhaled it eagerly. It was such a sweet smell, but going that close allowed me to also pick up on the slight bitterness in the scent. But I liked the bitter smell almost more than the sweet one.

My tongue darted out of my mouth then and slid up the lips in a short stroke. The flavor of her wetness exploded all over my maw. Even now I can think back to the moment and get a faint taste of her on my tongue. I couldn't help myself. My tongue lapped at her in broad, incessant strokes, until my ears focused enough to hear faint moans coming from her. It was her way of telling me she was beyond ready, aside from the glazed-over stare she was giving me since the licking started.

I hopped up onto her body, my chest landing on her and my body scooting upward over hers until my cock pressed against her rump. My forelegs latched around her body, etching into the groove between her hips and stomach and holding snug. They fit perfectly, and her body felt very nice under my paws. I murred gently from the hold as well as the feeling of my cock moving toward her entrance and pressing against it. But that's when I stopped, and just stood there. I felt like I was waiting for some signal from her to continue. But why? One pump forward and I was inside. Why was I waiting?

That's when I felt strange. My body was stirring with an odd feeling, and the air around me was weird. I looked up and realized that our body rings were glowing oddly, filling the air with pink and yellow tones. I watched them for a moment, pulsing on and off, their patterns getting more similar with every pulse, until they all went off and pulsed back to a glow at the same time. They began pulsing in sync, in perfect harmony, the air around us pulsing in a gentle shade of orange from the yellow and pink light mingling.

I felt like that was the signal: Our rings pulsing together. That's when my hips moved, and I pushed inside of her. Both of us moaned in unison. I felt my member squeeze into her tight confines, so tight, but also an easy slip-in, from how aroused I had made her with my licks. Her walls seemed to be pulling me in, swallowing me, making sure I couldn't leave. My paws twitched around and gripped her sides hard when all 5 inches of me was deep inside of her, feeling strangled, feeling like something had been wrapped around my maleness tight several times. Odd, I know, but it was one of the best feelings I had ever experienced.

She continued to stare back at me with glazed eyes, panting a little in arousal. Her stare beckoned me forward. I squeezed her sides as my hips drew back and started pumping into her body. Her head went back facing forward as she took it, moaning out to me. I groaned, my cock leaking liquids into her body like a faucet. I began to pound her harder, almost angrily, my balls slapping against her body with an erotic sound every time I drilled into her.

She didn't seem to mind how hard I was doing it, so I didn't bother stopping. I wasn't even sure if I could. It felt so immensely good. Her insides were so tight, and seemed to squeeze tighter randomly. I remember hearing her call out my name in her moans, causing me to pound into her even harder. And even then she moaned louder. I lost myself to my senses, my head resting down on her as I panted and spat out gasping moans, my hips going back and forth as fast as I could make them, my speed assisted by all the liquids I had emptied into her. And that was just precum.

The sounds of our mating seemed to echo everywhere and travel far into the distance. Thinking back, I wonder how many wild Pokemon heard it and were watching. I bet they enjoyed the show. I was enjoying it heavily, as my smallish knot had swelled up above my sheath and was slamming against her lips. She moaned so needily for it as it ground against her. My cheek pressed to her back and nuzzled a bit as everything in my body told me to tie her.

It took a moment, but it found the right mark and popped into her body. Almost immediately, I felt her lose it. She came around my tied member, and I froze up. What was already tight was tighter, and what was already wet was wetter, and warmer. I cried out loud atop her and threw my head back as my cock spasmed a bit, and began to pump my cum into her. She cried out so happily to me when I began, and it felt like another climax rocked her body, squeezing and massaging me, milking me of everything she could.

I don't think I've ever orgasmed that much before that day. I pumped so much cum I felt like my body was emptying of fluids. As it began tapering off, hers was ending, and her front end fell forward to the ground. I was forced to fall forward with her, my knotted cock driving deeper into her body as my climax ended. I was panting hard, like her, and our rings faded from a mega brightness to no glow at all. It was amazing. My virginity had been taken, and I loved every second of it.

I laid still atop her as we both panted so hard and tiredly, our bodies damp with sweat. A slightly poisonous sweat that our breed can secrete, especially during sexual activity. A thought occurred in my mind then. I felt as though she may want more from me. I raised my head a little and nosed at her fur a bit, and started licking at the sweat she was secreting by her neck. During a mating, the sweat acts like a sexual stimulant for the male Umbreon.

She giggled a little and murred weakly to my licks as strength swelled in me. My limbs - especially my back ones - regained all their feeling. I growled a little and pulled my hips backward, managing to pop my knot out of her. I always thought my knot wasn't as big as it should be. But that day was when I realized it was a bit of a blessing. My seed oozed out of her some as I pulled my cock out of her, which immediately twitched and snapped back to arousal thanks to the sweat I licked off of her.

The Umbreon remained in the same position, front end laying on the ground with forelegs splayed and hips in the air. Wetness from our liquids surrounded her well-used pussy, and I can remember blushing bright at the sight of it. She turned her head back to me, her eyes half-open and the grin on her face huge and happy. My eyes trailed over her body idly. It was then that I truly realized her beauty. A bad time to realize it, considering I had just mated the hell out of her. After a few minutes, she flopped her hips down to the ground and laid there on her side. "He's all yours..." I heard her say.

Excited loud murrs sounded out of the Eons behind me. Before I could turn my head all the way, the four of them surrounded me again. Multiple scents of arousal filled the air around me. All four of them must have enjoyed my mating with the Umbreon immensely. The Espeon once again slipped under me, and I looked down to meet her eyes. She grinned at me and pressed her body up against my hard cock. I gasped and moaned, her own moan sounding out simultaneously. I felt how wet she was and couldn't help myself, my hips driving downward and impaling her body with my maleness.

I smiled, but then got a surprise as a presence leaped on my back. I barely had time to react when I felt a thick warm appendage being pushed into my tailhole. I yelped in surprise and also in some pain, looking upward to see the Vaporeon male smiling at me. He drove his hips forward and shoved his cock deep inside of me. His hips contacted with mine. I cried out loudly, my body shaking as I tried not to tear up. This was yet another new feeling, a painful one, but... so pleasurable at the same time. The pleasure was growing tenfold as I was full of a cock larger than mine, and also had a second female good and full.

The Vaporeon pulled his hips backward and begin to mate me. I remember quivering hard and moaning loudly at being mated by a male, something I never thought would happen. I didn't freak out, however, and instead started to move my hips with him, thrusting my cock into the Espeon below me and spilling pre liquids into her body. The two Eons with me moaned loudly in the pleasure. Then a third joined into the mix: The Flareon. She stood herself in front of me and raised her tail, showing me her wet and eager sex point-blank.

I took the hint, and moved my head forward, pressing my muzzle to her lips and digging my tongue inside of her. She tasted a lot different from the Umbreon. A bit spicy, in fact. But it was so good. I lapped deeply into her body. The triple pleasure I was feeling was driving me to an early orgasm, but I held it back, using the Vaporeon's rhythm to help drive myself into the Espeon. I felt the Vaporeon's precum spread all throughout my innards now, and it felt incredibly good, and also allowed him to take me smoothly and quickly.

My own liquids emptied freely into the Espeon, who squeezed my fur a little and moaned so loudly in pleasure. It made me drive into her harder, my knot grinding against the outside of her sex and making her moan crazily. Her face then moved upward, and she began to nibble on my neck. I groaned and shivered. It felt so good. So erotic. And a little ticklish, but there was no way I was going to stop her with my muzzle full of Flareon.

The moans of the three echoed through my ears, which twitched about. I felt so incredible, my loud moans muffled by the Flareon I licked her insides crazily, not sure what I was doing since I had never performed oral on a female, but she seemed to be enjoying it. The triple pleasure was making my orgasm creep up on me again. I tried to fight it off again, but I quickly found myself unable when the Espeon below me cried out and squeezed my cock in climax. I cried out, muffled, into the Flareon and shoved my cock downward, unloading my second orgasm of the night into the kitty.

The Espeon purred and nuzzled up at me a bit as we climaxed together, my warm seed splattering against all her walls. My climax had also caused my tailhole to squeeze hard on the Vaporeon, but I didn't notice how much of an effect it caused on him until he groaned and spiked me good, his knot pressing to my tailhole but not tying. My eyes widened as his slightly chilly cum started shooting into me. I blushed big and shivered in bliss. The cum inside of my body was almost as good as the feeling of the cock pounding it previously. My climax ended with the Espeon's as the Vaporeon filled me with his juices.

I was panting nicely, but I managed to re-focus my concentration and continued digging into the Flareon's insides. She moaned so happily for me, the volume of her moans getting louder as I tried to get my tongue as deep as I could. In the process, my nose pushed hard against her and started to rub her clitoris, unknown to me. It caused her to yelp out and squeeze my tongue hard. I paused as her cum began to spray at my muzzle and into my mouth. I winced a little, as it was almost sizzling with how hot it was. But it cooled quickly, and gave my taste buds one hell of a spicy treat.

When her innards let go of my tongue, I pulled it out and lapped at her lips to clean them up. She murred happily, and stopped me by turning around, licking at my muzzle and cleaning it of her own juices. I smiled to her and panted. All of us were resting from the climaxes we just had. It was a rest I was glad to have. I felt the Espeon move away from my body, my cock dripping with our liquids. The Vaporeon's cock also slid out of my body, making me shiver. I took advantage of the rest time and sat down. That was when the Flareon stopped licking, and I was barely seated for a few seconds before I was pushed and forced onto my back.

I yelped a little and looked up to see the Vaporeon's member above my face, feeling his paws holding my sides. He pressed his cock up to my nose and rubbed against it, smearing some of his cum around and filling my nose with his musk. I enjoyed the smell a lot, and murred up to him, blushing as my tongue licked his cock once. I knew what he wanted me to do. I opened my mouth, and he grinned down at me, sliding his cock backwards and shoving it in.

The big member forced my head to lay back, and I gagged a little as he pushed all 6 inches inside, the knot 'kissing' my lips as the meat resided partially in my throat. I took it surprisingly well, especially when he began to move his cock back and forth, fucking my muzzle. I started suckling on the tasty member, eliciting pleasurable growls from the water-type. And not a moment later, I felt my own shaft engulfed by a fiery warmth, making me groan loudly over the thick maleness in my mouth.

I knew from the sizzling that the Flareon had just impaled herself. I managed to turn my eyes and see her doing it. She kicked her head back and moaned loudly, and began going up and down, riding on my cock with vigor. I felt a few new feelings out of that experience: How hot she was around me, and also a female riding me like that. A quadruped on his back cannot hump. I was unable to do anything but lay there as my cock was slammed onto repeatedly. Not that I minded, of course.

I could feel the Flareon's pussy slam against the top of my knot repeatedly, but she wasn't trying to tie with me, just wanted to pleasure the hell out of me. And it was working, as my cock was already starting to shoot pre into her. I had never been that horny before, still ready for sex after 2 orgasms. Was it from all the exposure, or did the Umbreon's sweat have anything do with it? I mean, I had never actually licked up a female Umbreon's sweat in the midst of a mating for the sexual high. I assumed that must have been it.

My arousal went up another set with I saw a purple tail darting around a bit behind the Flareon, and soon afterwards, a tongue was caressing all over my balls. I groaned into the Vaporeon's cock as I could feel the Espeon suckling on one of my orbs, her paw playing with the other while her tongue swirled around the one she sucked on. The feeling caused me to squirm much under the three Eons and shoot more precum into the Flareon femme.

The Vaporeon was squirting his chilly precum into my throat and moaning above me. Something in me grew eager to get the fellow male off. I started suckling harder on him, my tongue darting and licking at the tip of the water-type's maleness when it passed within reach. I brought my forepaws up to his body and put them onto his knot, holding onto it as it moved back and forth with his thrusting. I remember his knot seemed oddly small for a canid, much like mine. A completely random thought in the midst of all the pleasure.

My paws massaged the knot and squeezed it a little. Loud moans came out of the male as he pumped at my muzzle faster, feeding me more and more of his preseed. I tried to focus on pleasuring him, but it was getting harder as the Espeon would not stop suckling on my orbs, switching on and off, and the Flareon was flexing tighter around my cock. Her forepaws came down and took a hard grip on my chest to brace herself as she started slamming down on me pretty hard. I found the grips to be rather erotic, but not nearly as much at how hard she rode me. It almost was painful.

It wasn't too long before my treatment drove my fellow male to the edge. His slightly chilly cum started spraying in a copious amount. He kept thrusting gently at my muzzle however, so his cum shots shot all over my throat as well as in my mouth. I didn't stop him as I kept suckling, my suckling swallowing some of the cum gradually while the rest lingered, a little bit dribbling out of my closed lips. When he stopped cumming, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and fell backwards, panting.

I murred loudly and took a large gulp, drinking down the cum. I found it to be really delicious, smiling big to the taste. My smile was cut off when I winced, and groaned loudly, the Flareon riding me hitting her end. She slammed down to the top of my knot and squeezed good as her juices ran down me, her body and her insides almost doubling in heat. It was too much for me, as my paws gripped onto her forelegs and my cum pumped hard into her insides. Orgasm number 3.

We held onto each other and gasped into the night air as our orgasms ran their course. My hips twitched about against my will, my body trying to buck into her. We both panted when the climaxes stopped, and she looked down at me, smiling big. Her paws let go of my chest and slipped away. She then raised her hips off of my cock, moaning a little and leaving my maleness to flop around wetly, her pussy dripping juices onto my body. I blushed, but murred loudly to the erotic feeling of our hot juices hitting my belly.

The Espeon then made her presence known again, placing her hips above my head. She looked between her forelegs and whimpered at me. I nodded a little, and I obliged her, but in an odd way: I shoved my forepaw into her pussy. I'm not sure what compelled me to do so, but that's what I did. It startled her, but she moaned happily. I started to finger her with my digits, and thrusted my paw a little like a cock. I could feel a lot of juices inside her, and knew that a lot of them were mine. But I didn't care.

I listened to her moan and watched her move herself back and forth on my moving paw. I grinned to myself, and then let out my own moan as my cock was engulfed again, this time by the slightly chilly innards of the Vaporeon. He had sat on my member and shoved it deep in his tailhole, letting all the juices left behind on it act as a lubricant. I looked over to him, seeing his cock resting on my belly. He looked down at me, his eyes looking lustful as he started to ride me, paws holding my chest gently.

I groaned and pushed my head against the ground. Tailholes don't have all the retracting muscle feelings that's pussies have, but I felt as though they are much tighter. My body was shivering much because of the sudden temperature change from hot Flareon to cool Vaporeon, but I quickly calmed down. Some dripping then landed on my chin, and I looked up, seeing Espeon juices dripping down from the work of my paw. Almost immediately, I moved my muzzle upward and started lapping at where the juices were dripping from, continuing to work with my paw. The Espeon was by far the sweetest tasting girl I had tasted so far.

The kitty moaned down happily at me as I began licking to add to the treatment. She was still watching me from between her legs as well. I then felt the Vaporeon's paws leave my chest, and another presence get on me. I looked to see the Flareon lay slightly atop me, murring loudly. She then cried out loud in pleasure. I realized the Vaporeon was now mating her, on top of riding my cock. This was so incredibly erotic.

I panted and shot much pre inside of the Vaporeon's jerking body, and tried to focus my attention on lapping at the Espeon, my paw going at her quicker and fingering inside. She must have been really sensitive to this kind of treatment, as she entered another climax only moments later, soaking me with juices and leaving plenty to drip down into my mouth. I let them go as I lapped them up hungrily, letting out little growls. It was so good. I dare say she rivaled the Umbreon female as far as taste goes. I felt like such a lucky fox.

She moved away from me once her climax was done, flopping down and purring loudly, raising her head to watch the threesome that remained. The Flareon dropped down snug atop my chest when the Espeon was gone, moaning in delight at being taken good by the water-type behind her. She looked down at my face, and before I knew it, our kiss from earlier was resumed, only it became much more passionate.

I closed my eyes and melted into the bliss of the kiss, both of us moaning loudly from the pleasure we received from the Vaporeon. I felt the Flar's tongue shove itself into my maw and yank at mine. Acting on thought alone, I wrapped my tongue with hers and rubbed all over. She seemed to be doing the same. It made the kiss that much sexier as it went on, my two paws wrapping around her back and holding her. I didn't care how wet my one paw was, and I don't think she did either.

While this all went on, I could hear the loud moans of the Vaporeon. He knew how I felt, being taken by a cock while I was pumping into a female. The female he was driving into moaned quite loud into my maw and shivered greatly. I knew she had climaxed. I felt her hot cum drip and run onto my belly, and I smiled big amidst our locked muzzles. She abruptly stopped the kiss as her climax slowed to a close, and she panted. And then, she moved away, sliding off of the Vaporeon's cock and laying elsewhere to rest.

It was just myself and my fellow male. We were both panting hard with throbbing cocks as he grinned down at me. Without the Flareon to concentrate on anymore, he started riding my cock with a cum-thirsty vigor. I moaned so loudly, wanting to drive my cock into him like a monster, but I remained at his mercy on my back. I did, however, strike up another idea. I murred to myself and smiled big at him. Then, using my canid flexibility, I bent my torso and brought my mouth to his cock. I drove my muzzle over a couple of his inches and started suckling as hard as I could, eager to get him off. And also to have more cum in my belly. I could taste the Flareon all over the cock as well, which was just magnificent.

My movement clearly surprised the water-type, but he groaned so loudly, not letting up on slamming down on my cock as he partially thrusted at my suckling muzzle. I groaned freely and muffled over the flesh, going crazy with my tongue. I wanted to feed on the fellow male again so bad. And I felt my fourth orgasm coming. I got a bit of a surprise when the Vaporeon paused momentarily, and then slammed hard enough on me to get my knot inside his body. My eyes jumped wide open. And we both came.

I quivered wildly as my tied cock unloaded its cum into the fellow male, and another of his chilly loads went down my throat. We were both moaning crazily, my moans interrupting my concentration and causing some cum to run out of my mouth and onto my fur. But I didn't care. Not a bit I kept suckling, licking, swallowing, until the liquid stopped coming. And then my own stopped spewing into the water-type.

I took my mouth off his cock and straightened out my body, flopping backwards and panting hard. He flopped down atop of me, panting pretty hard as well. We locked eyes and murred happily to each other. His eyes looked pretty glazed and satisfied. I bet mine did too, but he would have to tell you that. He started to kiss me, albeit weakly. But I returned it as best I could. I let his tongue go into my mouth and lick around, hearing him murr happily as he took in some of his own chilly taste. It was a sweet moment.

I can't remember exactly how long the Vaporeon snuggled against me and remained tied, but it was longer than the others. I had a feeling he just wanted to rest with me. But a grunting from another made him pull himself off. We both groaned a little when my knot popped out of his body, since it was a bit harder than yanking it out of one of the girls. But at least it came out, otherwise I probably would have been tied to him all night.

I watched with blurry eyes as the Vaporeon walked away from me. I used my forepaws and rubbed my eyes a bit and blinked several times until they were back into focus. I soon realized why the Vaporeon left me, as the only Eon to not get into the fun stepped over my body: Jolteon. She looked down at me, her eyes burning with absolute need. I felt a drip drop down onto my cock. She had sat back and watched everything. I knew she must have been crazy for me. But why was she doing it alone? The other 3 ganged up on me.

Once again, it was like the Umbreon was a mind reader, as she said something aloud that answered my inner questions. "Jolteon here will give ya a good time, Rings... She's got a little trick..." She called out to me, chuckling a little afterward.

I heard weak chuckles out of the other Eons as well. I just laid there and blinked in confusion, and then felt the Jolteon sink herself down on my cock, which somehow was still aroused and throbbing. We both moaned loudly, and she smiled down at me, stretching the smile into a big grin. She started to ride me up and down like the Flareon and Vaporeon did, but, she was doing it faster. And faster. Faster still...

I widened my eyes and looked down at her body riding me as she was becoming a blur. My muscles locked up and my paws gripped her forelegs. It was... incredibly intense. My cock was being pummeled like no pussy, tailhole, or even masturbating paw could do on their own. My voice cried out and moaned into the air, or at least I thought it did. My noises sounded kind of broken as my body was in overload from this feeling. I felt myself approaching climax really fast. Then I felt the click of orgasm. ... But nothing happened. I thought I had hit climax, but nothing came out.

I gasped out and whimpered to the Jolteon. I tried bucking my hips in vain. My climax wasn't happening. It felt like it was going to, but I wasn't cumming. This was part of her trick, on top of this insane speed that only electric-types can muster. I kept whimpering, moaning loudly as I felt very hard squeezes to my cock. SHE was climaxing! Her paws came up and squeezed my chest hard as she grunted and cried out through clenched teeth.

This was unlike losing my virginity in several ways. It was unlike being molested by 3 Eons at once. I laid there underneath this piston of a Jolteon, feeling on the edge of climax, but not reaching it. She came again. I was thrashing underneath her, my claws piercing the skin of her forelegs a bit. I quickly tried to retract my claws, not wanting to injure her. My body was in ecstasy, and a wide state of confusion. I couldn't move, yet I was twitching. I felt like I couldn't breathe, but I was moaning and whimpering.

She climaxed again. That as the third time. Her body dripped sweat onto me and popped with electricity. She was making the excess electricity flow to her eyes and ears, away from my body. I'm not sure why she did this, but at the time, I didn't care. I was locked in a state of ecstasy and I couldn't get out. After her third climax stopped, I wanted to climax more than anything. My whimpers were loud, and my claws were curled so they wouldn't pierce her skin. My body wouldn't let me retract them.

I soon noticed that she was staring at me. Her teeth were no longer clenched shut as she groaned freely into the air, looking at my eyes, and grinning. I looked back at her with what I think was a desperate, pleading look. It's what I tried to muster. She just chuckled a little, and moved her head back. I felt her super-speed riding get a lot harder, and then in one fell swoop, she drove herself onto my knot, and stopped completely.

That was it. As soon as that super-speed ride stopped, my cock exploded. She hit me with a fourth climax as my own spewed like a train wreck into her body. I screamed into the air with her. It was my fifth and by far my hardest and plentiful orgasm of that entire night. Her paws scraped my skin and fur a bit as she held me tight and took in my orgasm. Our bodies were still, aside from her walls working against me, and my occasional twitch. Then after what seemed like an eternity, both climaxes ended.

All my muscles relaxed, and I went completely limp there on the ground. I panted like I just ran a marathon across the continent. She laid atop of me, our fur damp with our own sweat, some of her own running down her nose. She panted pretty hard as well, looking at me with a tired smile that looked a bit sweet. I looked back up at her, and stared, my mind giving in to confusion again. I managed to spit out a weak word. "H-...How?"

She just winked at me. Then, she yanked herself off of my knot and member. I barely made a noise as she did so, then watched as she turned and lapped her tongue over my member, cleaning up the mess both of us made. I could barely feel it. My cock felt numb. I managed a weak little moan by the time she stopped, and laid down nearby me.

I flopped over on my side, tired of being on my back. My body was going numb. I felt so weak. I wasn't sure if I could even stand. I had just gone through five orgasms, on top of many other things, like getting three male orgasms pumped in me. The night was insane. But I wasn't dreaming. It was real. No way it was a dream. They used me like a toy; Like the Umbreon had dubbed me. I officially knew what she meant.

I heard a few little giggles, as the rest of the Eons padded up and joined the Jolteon. They all laid around me in a protective manner, also a little snuggly. I also assumed they didn't want me to escape. Of course, I didn't think I could even try. The Umbreon came up last, and grinned down at me, running a paw over my face. "See what I meant?"

I managed to raise my face up slowly, and nod. I opened my mouth a little to speak, but nothing came out. I was losing it. She giggled, and murred down at me. "Come on... What do we say?"

The world was darkening, but I mustered up what little energy I had, wanting to show my appreciation, even in a very minor way. I gave a submissive little lick to her paw before I spoke, and passed out. "Th-thank you..."

I think I'm gonna like being a trainer's Pokemon.


Pokemon and Cities/Locations all Copyright © Nintendo & Game Freak
Characters/Locations used without permission
Characters and Original Story © Scion Umbranos, used/rewritten with permission

~ Scy
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