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Friends Forever by yin


Chapter 1

ok, here it goes... my first request ever...

Friends Forever

It was sunset in the forests east of Cerulean City as a group of pokemon played by the river. The pichus usually gathered there everyday along with two of the tribal pikachus to learn the techniques of using electricity. Most of the pichu were getting the hang of it except for the two who often stood in front of the class. The two lived within 100 ft of each other and often got into trouble together. As usual, they told stories during this riverside class only for the pikachu elder to call the out. "Haraya and Tea! Get up here now!"

The two pichus quickly ran forward and bowed. "It is always you two goofing around during class. Don't you want to become powerful pikachus so that we can maintain our territory here? We don't have the power plant to use anymore and so we can't let the other species prey on us here. Now since you two can't keep your mouths shut, you will have to clean out my tree for the next three weeks." It was nothing new to the pair and so they nodded in respect before returning to their spot.

On their way back to the tree they lived in, Haraya spotted delicious fruit on the ground. "This is just my lucky day, Tea. A nice juicy apple is just what I need to eat today. No more of those bitter berries that grow in this area." Tea just sat back on her little rear and smiled. She found Haraya so adorable in his eagerness to get the apple almost forgetting to tell him of the net that was going to sweep him up. "Uh, Haraya, that is obviously a trap." But she spoke too late as the pichu already reached the apple. She waited for the click but nothing happened. He strolled back laughing as he chewed on one side of the apple, offering her the other side. "Now how did you do that?" wondered the puzzled pichu.

"It was too obvious, Tea. You don't think I'm that stupid do you?"
"Is that so?" Haraya took the apple back and tossed the whole thing into his mouth. Too bad the apple was too big for the pichu's mouth as he gagged on it. Tea quickly pulled it out, shaking off the saliva. "Ugh... like I said, you aren't too bright." Haraya felt too embarrassed to respond that time. They finally reached the tree and bade each other good night.

"Hi honey, how was practice? I heard you and Tea were flirting with each other again," said the pikachu in the room. Haraya started to blush, "Come on mom, I wasn't flirting!" His mom went up to hug him. "I don't really care if you flirt with her, I now sooner or later you will. So, how was lessons today?" Haraya turned pale as he recalled what his mom said last time. >I am tired of misbehavior at lessons. I don't like the idea of having you and Tea go and clean that strange Pikachu's tree. If you ever misbehave in that class again, I will have to tan your behind, you understand?<

"I got punished again and have to clean headmaster's house for weeks with Tea," Haraya looked to his hind paws. He knew what was coming...his mom growled softly as she placed him over her knee. "This is the fourth time this season that you have done this. For this, I have to punish you." She immediately barraged his rear with multiple strikes of her paw while soft, built up into a burning pain after 5 minutes. He didn't cry but he whimpered a lot once she was done. His rear was quite red and it hurt for him to sit. "Go to your bed...there will be nothing for dinner tonight for your disobedience. I am sure Tea will get the same thing soon enough." She sent a few small sparks at Haraya, signaling that he better he to his room now. "I'm sorry Mom," he said quietly as he rushed to his room in fear of more punishment.

The next day, Haraya woke up to see the light shine directly into his eyes. "Darn, the trees are losing their leaves again. is almost my birthday again. I am almost 14 (Chu years are a bit different) now and still unable to not knock myself out when using electric attacks." He rose to his hind paws and got out of his leaf-covered bed. "Mom, I am heading for headmaster's to clean his house!"

"Haraya, please use the front door this time..." but Haraya already dove out of his home and onto the ground, landing perfectly and waving cutely at his mom before scurrying over to Tea's tree. His mom couldn't help but smile; it was hard to get mad at that adorable face.

"Tea, wake up!" She woke up to the loud noise of her friend. "I'm getting up...sheesh, don't yell, my head hurts." She had a habit of staying out late hanging out with some of the other species in the area. Sometimes, Haraya would join her, but since he got in trouble in home, he couldn't go yesterday. "Tea, did you stay out yesterday?"

"Nope, I got stuck cleaning everything in the tree yesterday. My Dad flipped out after that happened. It was quite crappy, actually." Soon, Tea sprang down next to him landing on her front paws and rolling. "I haven't gotten that landing yet. Now, Headmaster is waiting for us." The two pichus ran up the hill passing by beautiful flowers and pokemon of all types. There were some elekids playing around. "Hi Haraya and Tea! Get into trouble again?" shouted a pale-colored one named Gauss. The two pichus blew raspberries at him before continuing on their way. "Hey! You don't wan t me to pull your tongues out now," shouted Gauss.

"Why do we always get in trouble together?" asked Tea hypothetically. Haraya wasn't one for getting those hypothetical questions and so spoke anyway. "It's our way Tea. We get into trouble together, we get out of it together and best of all we grew up together." Haraya looked into her eyes as he was running along side her. "Hmmm...something is different about you today..." said Haraya absentmindedly. "Did you get a cute new bow?"

"I have had this bow for three years, Haraya. I got it in a raid on the Cerulean market. What is the matter with you?" Then she stared at him almost blankly. Something seemed different to her. She wasn't sure what it was but when she looked into his arbor-colored eyes, she blushed slightly. " look...different today, Haraya. Sleep better?"
Haraya rubbed his still warm rump. "Not quite. My butt is still warmed from my mom's paw..." He rubbed his rump again not noticing that tea caught a quick look at his small furry sack hanging down. She blushed and turned back just as he was turning to run the rest of the distance. She ran after him to the headmaster's place.

"Alright students, since you lack the respect for my lessons to stay quiet, we will use your available energy to clean this entire oak tree from the top which extends about the other trees all the way down to its roots. You have until sunset which is about six or so flux (about 45 minutes a flux). Now, you better do it well or you will repeat everyday." The headmaster grabbed his girls and left the tree.

"Headmaster can't keep to one is a shame," grumbled Tea as she used water to wash away weird looking fluids in his bedroom partition. Haraya walked in and saw the puddle of stuff. He wafted the smell and suddenly felt strange. It gave him the same feeling he got when looking at Tea. He didn't notice himself getting hard initially until the pressure of his legs being together notified him. He quickly dashed away out of sight. "Where are you going Haraya? Help me with this puddle!" Unfortunately, he didn't pay attention to the way he was running as he ran right into a wall crushing his penis against the bark then passing out from the pain.

When he woke up, he saw Tea hanging over him shaking him awake. "You ran your hard-on into the wall, not a bad size one at that." She laughed when he turned red with embarrassment. "Anyway, now that you are awake, let's finish cleaning this filthy house. Haraya nodded and limped away to another room. Tea was blushing too as she had seen the wonderful Pichu cock. " is so freaking hot in this tree. Does this place even get air?"

Haraya meanwhile cleaned out the waterhole near the top of the tree. A waterhole was a place for tree dwelling pokemon to drink from as it was pure rainwater. It was certainly much safer than the river which was frequented by predators and trainers alike. "This is the cleanest part of this tree. He cleaned off the algae from the top of the waterhole climbed back down to help Tea with the main quarters. "So's the progress here?" he asked, sliding down a vine of the tree.

"More of that weird fluid is here. And guess what, there is a human camera here." She pointed to a large apparatus that barely fit in her paws. "He's been taking pictures of things. I thought he hadn't taken anything according to the logs of the raid." Haraya took the camera out of her paws and carried it down the tree and stashed it in a bush. Tea leaned her head out of the main quarters. "What are you doing? We will get in trouble again!" she said in a shouting whisper. "I am taking the camera and looking at the pictures. I am sure that the Elekid Gauss can do it for us. He has a dark cave and all the chemicals for doing it..." Tea would have argued some more but she felt a flash of warmness on her body that made her squirm a bit. Haraya noticed that and looked at her, his head cocked sideways. "Is something the matter?" He sniffed the air...there were a few scents in the air, most of them familiar. "Is that same fluid in here too?" But then he smelled something different, something fresh. He glanced over at Tea and saw a puddle near her legs where she sat. "Oh my god Tea, you are sitting in the fluid!" Tea sprung up and quickly wiped it off. She was blushing madly as she ran out of the quarters.

Haraya shrugged and dipped his nose in the remaining fluid from where Tea sat. "This is what I smelled before. I remember smelling it before when I was talking to Tea." He felt his cock getting stiff. "Crap..." He looked around and started to touch the throbbing member. He shivered at the touch. All ha could think of right now was his childhood friend. "Goddamn, I gotta get out of here." He lapped up Tea's fluid and ran out, his tasks complete. The two friends never said a word to each other on the trip back home, only shooting glances at each other in a game of cat and mouse, trying not to be caught staring at each other.
In the middle of the night, Haraya jumped out of his room and called Tea out. "We are getting those pictures done. I have the berries to pay." Tea got out of her nice warm bed and scurried down her tree. On her way down, the male Pichu looked up at the hot chu and smiled: He was enjoying the view of her cunt. She was probably playing with herself this night as her lips were a bit flared. "Ok, let's go for it. We will get it developed at Gauss's photoshop cave." Haraya took the camera out of the bush with his max and scurried with Tea close behind.

When they got to the cave, they saw the pale looking elekid peering at some of his pictures. They were of offbeat things like magikarp spawning, Elekid twins beating down an Abra and a Pidgey swooping down to eat a Caterpie. "So you have the camera?" said Gauss under his breath. He was eerily hunched over the red light he had learned to emit from his hand as he went to work on developing his photographs. " yes, Gauss," spoke Haraya shakily. Gauss was known for creepy packrat behavior yet his was a bit too weird for rural pokemon. The elekid popped out the film and started developing it. "Be back in a flux ..." uttered Gauss. The two quickly left the cave and headed for the river.

The river reflected the moonlight so nicely only interrupted by dead leaves floating on the surface. The two sat there leaning on each other, unaware of what they were actually doing. "Haraya, this night is so beautiful." She nuzzled into his shoulder. Haraya played around a bit with her ear. "I wish it could last, uh, Tea, we have known each other almost since birth. We grew up with each other and remained good friends all this time. More seemed to look different. I know that I looked different to you as well based on some of the looks you gave me. So my question is..." Haraya suddenly lost his nerve. "...what is the question, Haraya?" asked Tea inquisitively. Haraya scratched the back of his head and sighed. "Never mind..." Tea shrugged and leaned against his chest fur as the two continued to admire their surroundings for the rest of the waiting period.

"Here are your pictures." Gauss handed them the envelope, grinning in the red light. "You guys have interesting habits with the voyeurism and all. Have a nice day and drop off the berry you promised me." Haraya put the ultra rare starf berry down and left with Tea.

"Well what are those pictures?" Tea peered into the envelope and blushed. In it was the source of the fluid. "Pictures of two female pikachu fucking in the bathroom, pictures of the headmaster and his assistant having sex with this chick in the main quarters, and pictures of an orgy from before...what a pervert," Tea sneered. Haraya put the pictures back in the envelope and tucked it away under a tree. "I will check the rest out later. I will head home now." Tea waved bye to her friend before scurrying over to her house.

The next day of practice was much the same as last except the two paid attention this time. However, they did manage to sit down at the river and cuddle with each other, not really caring for what their peers had to say about it. They never knocked themselves out with their attacks and soon got their punishment cut to one more day. During break Haraya wanted to ask her the question again. "My question you want to be...mates?" He tensed up awaiting a rejection of his idea, but it never came. Instead, Tea locked lips with him. "Sure...I was waiting for you to ask..." Haraya felt so happy that he had to control himself from having sex with his friend right then and there. She giggled seeing him flush red.

The two held paws as they went back home but this time going to Tea's place first. "Hello sir," said Haraya as he looked at Tea's towering dad. "I am in love with your daughter and I want her to be my mate. May I have your blessing?" The pikachu leaned down and peered into Haraya's eyes. The pichu under observation was beginning to get nervous until the older Pikachu picked him up and hugged him. "Take care of her or I will kill you before a minute passes." Haraya gulped and nodded.

Next was him mom's place. "Hey honey bun, I always knew you two would eventually become mates. But you know that means you will need to find a tree of your own soon" She kissed Haraya and gave the two food. Tea sat next to Haraya's mom and talked with her about a place with good trees. "Tea, take good care of this boy...he is a trouble seeker at times." Tea nodded and looked at her new mate playing with a butterfree outside. "He will be fine, madam (a word of respect). I'll keep him out of trouble."

Once again the two pichus headed out for their headmaster's house to clean up whatever filth would be present. They chased each other about through the trees running in the general direction of their headmaster's place. However, this time they weren't alone. Tea heard a twig snap and signaled to Haraya telling him to stop. "Why?" he whispered. "Because I heard a twig snap ad a weird dragging sound," she replied. Soon her face turned pale with horror as she saw the stalker slowly crawling up the tree. "Haraya, jump over here! It's an ekans."

The pichu turned around and saw the ekans near striking distance. He jumped over to where Tea was, panting. "That thing... (pant)... can climb trees? We have to run." Tea took off holding onto Haraya and scurrying through the bushes with the ekans close behind. "Tea, it's gaining on us!" Tea just concentrated on running, but she saw the river up ahead. "We can't run anymore..." said Tea.

Haraya turned around and saw the ekans laughing while hissing. He felt trapped but had the need to defend Tea. "Stand back, my mate, I'll skin him now." Before she could say a word, he lunged at the hissing predator. "Thunderbolt!" he launches a large attack that connected with the ekans, but it didn't back down. Haraya was shaken from his own attack, so he couldn't avoid a slam attack from the ekans.

"Haraya!" screamed Tea as he crashed into a tree. He pried himself off the ground and stumbled forward launching another thunderbolt attack. This time, he missed and got wrapped by the ekans. Tea ran at the ekans at this point and bit his tail. "Hissss!!!" it said in pain as it let go of Haraya's body. He could barely stand up now. Tea carried Haraya to the side and went to fight the ekans. She tried quick attacks but to no avail as the seemingly slow snake swirled around her attacks. "Alright, then I will use my thunder wave!" She struck the snake with her attack and it seemed to work. Tea picked up Haraya who was groaning in pain and ran away from the river to a clearing in hopes of finding some of the pikachu searching for berries.

When they got there, there were no pikachus in the fields, just a few oran berries. She fed some to Haraya to get his strength up and they took off back to the woods. However, they saw a larger ekans appear with the ekans that had chased them before. The smaller ekans hissed at them. The two pichus wouldn't be able to handle two ekans, so what were they going to do? "I'm scared, Haraya; I don't want to die." She whimpered a bit as Haraya held her close. "I'm too tired to try to use my thunderbolt again...that little ekans took my energy away." So the pichus stood there trembling awaiting their fate until they heard a buzzing sound.

"My customers are not for food," said the buzzing creature they realized was Gauss. "Gauss!" shouted the pichus. The elekid came out of the bushes with both fists electrified. He landed on top of the larger ekans and proceeded to maul it into submission. "Bzzzrrttt!" he cried as he continued his rapid attacks. Haraya and tea just stood there as a little elekid manage to clobber two big snakes. "Are you guys alright?" he said, breathing hard. The two pichu nodded. "Alright then, go back home or something because that bigger one ate your headmaster. I got pictures." He gave an eerie smirk and walked away picking his camera up. Haraya had to stop himself from opening his mouth in shock. "I didn't know he could be like that. But he saved us so it doesn't matter. Right, Haraya?"


They decided to check out their headmaster's old place. No spills, but there were leaves all over the place and a few hairs from the headmaster's apparent struggle with the large ekans. "Tea...we could have died today not really even experiencing the meaning of mateship." She just leaned in to hug him and kissed him gently. "I don't want to die without mating with the one I love." Haraya flushed a bit as he felt his hard on begging to be let out of its sheath.

Tea stood up and took him to the soft pile of leaves that was their headmaster's bed. "I want you to take me, Haraya, take me now." Haraya was more than ready to oblige as he began caressing his love. She mewed at his soft touch and rubbed his small furry sack. The little pichu moaned at the touch as his member began to poke out of his sheath. "I love you so much, Tea...ever since we were kids, we were destined to be together." She looked down at his three-inch member that throbbed in need.

"Like I had said, cute boner," she groped his balls and slipped her maw onto his member. He stroked her tail as she continued to suckle on his dick. He loved the feeling of her warm maw on his pink flesh. It felt so much better than masturbation by almost tenfold. He was so happy to have built up the courage to propose to her and was reaping the benefits. He didn't last long as he blew his load into her mouth yanking on her tail a bit in pleasure. "That was... amazing. How did you learn how to do that?" asked Haraya as his first orgasm of the day rushed over his body, threatening to knock him into a state of wanton oblivion. Tea giggled as she licked his cock eliciting more moans. "That was my very first time ever. I was that good?" Haraya widened his pleasure into a huge grin. "Actually, it's because we are virgins that I cam so fast. You aren't too skillful." Tea leered at him and motioned her head to where she had her paw. "Come on, Tea, I'll make it up for that bad-timed joke." Tea got up and made him kneel down. "Ok, then lick me there," she said, barely able to stifle her laughter.

The male pichu blushed and sniffed her area a bit before licking across her lips. She shuddered in delight. Noting her positive response, he continued licking her nether lips and even started to play with the little mound that appeared before his eyes. He poked at it and got moans out of Tea. "Hmmm, that's it, rub my clit..." She stroked his ears as he did what she commanded, rubbing her clit tenderly with his paw that was moistened by the nectar that was slowly flowing out of her virgin cunny. Haraya felt a bit bolder and decided to nibble on her clit. What he got was a gush of her fluids as she came. Haraya's eyes open widely as the sensations he experienced the day he dipped his nose into her puddle the other day. He got hard almost immediately as he lapped up the juices.

" are so tasty, Tea. Wanna taste?" He soaked his paw in her juices and moved his paw so that she could lick it. "Must be the berry I eat that has this tasting good. Now take me like I asked before." She put her face down on the bed while extending her rear up. Haraya didn't need any invitation, but remembering that she is also a virgin, he slowly pushed in, enjoying her whimper when his cock rubbed against her clit. He eventually reached the barrier his friends talked about when describing their first times. "Are you ready, love?" asked Haraya staring down at the cute face of his mate. "Go ahead, Haraya. Make it good and as least painful as possible."

He nodded and broke through her hymen. She winced a bit at the pain so Haraya stopped to let her cool down a bit. She wiped the little tear in her eye. "Go on Haraya. I'll be fine" He started thrusting in slowly to establish a rhythm and to soothe the pain she felt. A little blood dripped from her cunny mixed in with some of her fluids. She wasn't in pain anymore. Instead she felt a rise in pleasure as Haraya drilled into her tight pussy, gliding across the very sensitive walls of her canal. She moaned in rhythm of his grunts as her thrust into her. They went on for almost ten minutes of new young love before Haraya and Tea experienced their first orgasm together as mates. They of course knew the ceremony would wait until they became pikachus but it didn't matter.

They bought the tree and took up residence where their headmaster used to live and added some security features to avoid his fate. From what we heard, the two eventually evolved on the same day and had the ceremony with Gauss, now an Electabuzz being the cameraman at the wedding. Things went well for them, best friends since the crib and forever.

OK....i hope the ending wasn't too cheesy

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