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Brotherly Bluff by conformal_invariance


Chapter 1


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Disclaimer: Yes, that's correct. I don't own Pokemon. I believe Nintendo and Game Freak are the ones you'd need to speak to about ownership. However, I digress. This story contains graphic written sex between three male individuals, two of which are underage, and two of which are related. I did always find incest interesting...

I'm getting straight to the business on this one.

Brotherly Bluff
By Conformal Invariance, the Parrot of Physics

He moved away from the door slowly, and stepped quietly back to his room, shutting the door as he went in, adjusting his pants a little. The Raichu took a seat on the chair in front of his computer and turned it around, undoing the button on his pants and pulling down the zipper, kicking the worn jeans to the closet. All that was left to take off were his boxers, with a still very prominent bulge within them. He removed them swiftly, tossing them to the closet, and looked down at his hard yellow cock as it slid from his sheath, pulsing gently against the fur of his belly, a bit of precum smeared around the head from the removal of his clothing. Allis gently ran his paw fingers along his cock, taking a sharp breath in from the tickle-like sensation. The Raichu then gripped the base of his length and held it upright, his breathing a little erratic.

Allis then held his cock firmly, and gave it a couple of slow pumps, hips giving a small twitch, and some precum bubbling out from the tip of his cock. He was just about to really get started until he heard the door to his room open and the voice of Aleh; "Hey, Meri sent me in here to get a CD, he said you... oh!" The look on the Quilava's face seemed to be a mixture of interest and horror, a red blush appearing underneath the tannish fur of his cheeks. Allis was freaked out, not sure really what to do. His younger brother's friend had just walked in on him when he was just about to jack off, and now there was a very eerie silence. However, this silence was interrupted by Meri stepping into the room, music blaring on his headphones. Once the young Pikachu caught sight of his brother's yellow cock, the music stopped, and now an equally bright blush was being shared by all three of the pokemon.

Allis finally gathered himself together and relaxed against the back of his chair as best he could, giving his shaft a squeeze and his brother an indifferent look. "What are you gonna do, Meri? Just stare, like your friend Aleh? Geez, you grade school kids are so stupid." muttered Allis, pumping his cock a few more times. Meri and Aleh looked at each other, then Aleh reached back with his leg and shut the door, moving his paws to cover his crotch and the slightly visible bulge that was there. Meri shook his head a few times, dismissing it all as just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Besides, it wasn't like he'd never seen his brother's cock before. The silence continued for a couple more seconds, then Allis spoke up again. "Come on! Are you two gonna leave already? If not, make yourselves useful and suck my cock or something."

Even for Allis, this was a risky move to attempt to get these two voyeurs out of his room. The Quilava stepped forward, scratching the side of his head idly, blush still flaring on his cheeks. "I... I remember learning how to do that from my stepbrother... if you want, I will." Allis managed to not seem as surprised as he actually was inside at that, and Meri looked as though something just scared the hell out of him. Aleh had called the Raichu's bluff, and now, he wasn't left with that many options, since his good judgment was currently being clouded by his arousal at the moment, more precum dribbling down the underside of his cock. "Uh... yeah, sure. Go ahead, Aleh." mumbled Allis, who unintentionally spoke what he said in his mind. And with that, Aleh began to discard his clothing; first pulling his shirt up off and over his head, revealing more tan colored fur on his chest, and dark blue fur on his back. He then removed his pants, showing a pair of simple red underwear with a bulge in front. Those also came off quite quickly. Both Meri and Allis couldn't help but look over the Quilava's body, from that shy face, down to the tan fur of his chest, and lower to the pink tip of Aleh's cock poking out from within his tan sheath.

Meri was truly the one who was unsure what to do, stepping back and shakily pressing a paw on the door handle, even though it was painfully obvious the Pikachu was aroused by the tenting in his sweatpants. Aleh stepped in front of Allis and got onto his knees, gently nuzzling against the soft white fur covering the Raichu's sac. Allis tensed up at the nosing down below, removing his paw and now gripping the arms of his computer chair as he looked down at the eleven-year old beginning to nuzzle the base of his cock. Aleh breathed in deeply through his nose a few times, taking in the musky scent of the eighteen year old's cock before he extended his tongue and dragged it slowly up the underside.

This provoked a sudden hipthrust from the Raichu, whose cock spat out a little more pre for the Quilava kid. Meri was now resorting to watching oddly, nonchalantly running a paw over the bulge in his sweatpants and giving it a squeeze every now and then as well Alleh swished his tongue from side to side, slid it up and down, and gave the tip of the yellow cock a small suckle, removing the precum that had accumulated there. The Raichu hesitantly put a paw on the Quilava's head, then slid it under his muzzle and lifted it up so he could speak. "Hey... hold on.. Meri! You wanna try? Aleh can tell you how to do it right." Aleh removed his head from Allis' cock and moved to the side a bit, his own pink cock having slid out a bit more. The Pikachu wasn't sure what to think.. After all, his brother was asking him to give him a blowjob, basically. He could have left at that moment, but his own arousal and near-insatiable curiosity led him to start removing his own clothes.

Just like his brother, Meri was lithe, but he lacked the more fit form and the white chest fur, which was instead yellow. His cock also shared the same colour as his brother's, a bright yellow, but was only about two and a half inches long compared to his brother's four. However, it seemed that his shaft was just about as thick as his brother's, almost three-fourths an inch in diameter. The sight of his naked sibling, even though he had seen it before, took Allis' breath away for a moment, and brewed a unique feeling in his stomach. Meri moved next to Aleh and got on all fours, and taking a deep breath, moved forward and dragged his tongue along his brother's cock before the Quilava told him what to do, placing his paws on the Raichu's thighs. This nearly caused Allis to jump out of his seat, but instead he tensed up and managed to gently pat his younger brother on the head, resisting the urge to grab the Pikachu's head and force his cock into his mouth.

Aleh merely blinked a couple of times, this incestual scene turning out to be oddly arousing for him, and reached a paw down to caress his erection, which was nearly three inches in length. Then, he had an idea, and slipped behind Meri, moved his thunderbolt-shaped tail out of the way, then pressed his tongue up against the Pikachu's tailhole. Meri turned his head around as a shudder ran through his body from the wet tongue pressing under his tail, and Aleh looked up and gave him a smile. "Don't worry, it won't hurt or anything... just keep on doing what you were doing, since you... seem to know what to do." said the Quilava, giving a kind of half-wink before going back to lapping at Meri's tailhole.

"Hmmm.." pondered Allis, scratching the base of one of his brother's ears. "How DID you learn what to do, Meri?" he inquired, now slightly relaxed and not as tense as before, even with his little brother's head at his cock. Meri looked up, and blush that had faded a bit on his cheeks flared up again around the red circles there. "Uhh... Pokeboy magazine, the one with the Smeargle centerfold..." Allis blushed a little himself, and pat his brother on the head just as the Pikachu ran his tongue up the length of his cock, his body becoming rigid once more at that feeling. Meri gripped the base of his brother's cock firmly and gave it a squeeze, then held it upright and moved his head up a bit, then taking the head of the yellow cock into his muzzle and sucking gently on it. As some more pre spilled out onto his tongue, Meri took a few seconds to enjoy the strange flavour, beginning to slide his tongue all over the head of Allis' cock, slowly moving his muzzle down a bit.

Even with all this going on, Aleh ignored his erection and continued lapping over Meri's tailhole, now beginning to lightly press on the ring with his tongue a bit. Seeing as though that probably wouldn't work, Aleh spit on one of his paw fingers and pressed it gently against the virgin rear, feeling the resistance as he attempted to get his finger inside the Pikachu. Meri didn't look back this time, and attempted to relax as much as he could for the invading digit, his own cock getting a bead of precum at the tip. Meri felt his brother's paw continue scratching the base of his ears, flicking each of them in turn. He then slowly lowered his head a little more, taking a little more than half of Allis' cock into his muzzle, continuing the languid motions he'd been doing. Meri also let a paw drift down from his brother's thigh, tracing a pawfinger over the white ballsac, giving it a gentle squeeze. Allis sighed softly, managing to relax himself a little once again, feeling pleasure and warmth spread outward from his brother's ministrations on his cock.

Aleh finally managed to push past the Meri's constricting anal ring with his finger, wiggling it about inside of the younger boy a bit before slowly starting to pull out, which was a little hard, looking up to Allis and raising a finger in question, "Excuse me, Allis? Where's your lubricant?" The Raichu snapped back to reality at the moment, coming out of the pleasure daze and pointing to the cherry wood dresser nearby. Aleh nodded his thanks and moved to it, then opened the dresser and shifted through the articles of clothing until he came upon a couple of pictures bound to a bottle of lubricant with a rubber band. He pulled off the rubber band and set the lubricant aside, looking at the pictures for a second, his mouth slightly agape. One picture was of naked Sneasel kid about Allis' age, on what looked to be Allis' bed, his black furred body covered with cum; none of it seemed to be his, as the Sneasel's ebony length was still fully erect. Meri had told him about how that kid, whose name was Edgar, had came around a lot last summer, and now Aleh knew why. The other picture was of Allis and Edgar sharing a deep kiss, with Edgar's black cock buried almost fully in the Raichu's rear end, Allis' paw gripping his own cock tight, although they seemed to be in a different room, which looked like an attic.

A voice broke Aleh out of his small trance; "If you're wondering... uh.. I took the first picture after I won a bet with Edgar... mm. The second picture was taken by.. Ifir, a Wartortle.." mumbled Allis, his words coming out a little slower as Meri lowered his head again, finally taking the rest of his yellow cock into his muzzle, but it was apparent that the Pikachu was paying attention, his ears swiveling a little. Aleh scratched the side of his head a bit, reaching down to retrieve a bit of pre that had dribbled down his cock with a finger, licking it off. Aleh then moved behind Meri again, opening the bottle of lube and putting a bit onto his finger he used previously, then smeared it liberally around Meri's tailhole, then tried pushing in again. Unlike last time, he slid in a lot easier, and without waiting, began to pump his finger in and out of the Pikachu's rear at an even pace. Meri stopped his tongue motions for a bit, attempting to adjust to unique feeling of a lubricated digit sliding in and out of his tailhole. It didn't take that long, though, and Meri began to lift his head of his brother's cock until only the head remained in his mouth, then went back down, timing the bobbing of his head with the pumping of the finger in his rear. Allis was being driven wild by it all; the small, warm, and wet mouth moving up and down on his cock, and gentle fondling of his sac, and it was being done by his brother! Even so, he began to feel the beginnings of a climax brewing in him, and painfully pulled his brother from his cock, Meri looking at him confusedly along with Aleh.

"Hey.. Meri? You want me to fuck you?" asked Allis quite bluntly, and with that, Aleh pulled his finger out of Meri's tail hole, shifting to the side. The Pikachu looked around, seeming a little evasive, but then smiled weakly and nodded. "S-sure.. Just be careful, Allis... it's supposed to hurt." Aleh smiled a little and pat Meri on the back. "Don't worry, Meri. Your brother's cock should actually fit in pretty well now that I've loosened you up a bit. Now, if my stepbrother was going to mate you, well.. Your tailhole would be sore for a couple of days, like mine was." Allis stood up and walked around, gesturing for Meri to move back a little, then gave Aleh a weird look. "You got fucked by your stepbrother? Isn't he a Mightyena?" asked the Raichu, taking the bottle of lube on the floor and squirting some into his hand, then spreading it over his cock and pumping a few times to make sure it was slick. The Quilava blushed a bit, but nodded. "Yes, that's right... nearly knotted with me.. God, that hurt." Meri looked back at Allis, first at his lubed shaft, then up to his face. "You don't have a knot, right?" he asked, just to be on the safe side. Allis laughed a bit, and shook his head. "No, I don't. It would have already shown itself with your treatment if I did. Anyways... are you ready, Meri?" The Raichu positioned his yellow length at his brother's tail hole as he asked that, placing a paw on Meri's back. Before he could respond, Aleh took the lube on the floor, squirted some into his paw, then gripped Meri's cock, lathering it with lubricant.

Allis would have said something had he not guessed the Quilava's intentions, but Meri gasped loudly, thrusting his hips forwards a couple of times, a few sparks shooting out from the red patches of fur on his cheeks. Aleh then worked himself underneath Meri, who was absolutely quite unsure of what was going on at the moment, and wrapped his legs around the Pikachu's waist, lining up his tailhole with the smaller yellow length. "A-Aleh! You want me.. To fuck you?" inquired Meri, looking down to his friend, who merely nodded and slid his paw behind the Pikachu's head, pulling him into a kiss. At that moment, Allis found it the best time to push his cock fully into his brother, who in turn was moved forward, his cock sliding into Aleh, the Quilava and Pikachu both moaning in their kiss. Allis also moaned, albeit not quite as loud, leaving his cock inside Meri's tailhole until he was sure it didn't hurt him.

Both the younger boys eventually pulled out from the kiss, and Meri looked over his shoulder at Allis, who asked, "Well, are you okay? Do you want me to keep going?" The young Pikachu merely nodded, then turned back to Aleh and was pulled back into another kiss. Allis grinned a little, then began to pull out, waiting until just the tip of his cock lingered inside his brother's rear, then pushed back in, a shuddered moan coming from his throat. Aleh had gripped his cock with a paw, pumping it slowly while his other paw caressed the back of Meri's head, twining his tongue with the Pikachu's inside of his mouth, an occasional moan slipping out from both of them. Allis began to sat a rhythm for his thrusting, since he was the one also pushing his brother forward so that his cock slid into Aleh. He found a tempo that he liked and stuck with it, wiping off his forehead with a paw as he continued thrusting into Meri's tight rear.

Lucky Meri was experiencing pleasure he'd never felt before; not only was his cock being pushed into the heated confines of his friend's rear, but his brother's cock was also sliding in and out of his tailhole, which served to increase the feeling even further. However, due to his inexperience, he could feel his climax approaching a lot sooner that either Aleh's or Allis'. The Quilava's paw wasn't following the rhythm of the thrusting; it was going a lot quicker, the pink shaft giving occasional spurts of pre onto his chest. Aleh and Meri finally broke their kiss, panting loudly, Meri's body shuddering with pleasure as Allis' cock bumped into his prostate a couple of times, his climax almost overwhelming him at that instant, but it just went back to lingering lightly in his belly. "I.. I don't think I can last much longer.." whispered Meri, his shaft spurting some more pre into his fiery friend. Aleh traced a paw alongside Meri's cheek and smiled, kissing him on the nose.

It seemed Allis had been doing this for quite awhile, since he merely seemed to be enjoying himself quite a bit, not panting loudly like the two boys. He was also angling his thrusts, but just a little, so that his cock occasionally struck against Meri's prostate, sending a shivering moan out of the Pikachu's throat. "Damn... I'd.. have never thought this would happen, eh, Meri?" he asked, grinning widely. His brother kissed Aleh on the nose, then turned his head back, nodding. "Yeah... I'd have never thought.. Uh!" his talking was interrupted as the Raichu's cock struck that sensitive nub of flesh in his rear, and his climax rushed over him with no warning, shooting a jet or two of thin cum into Aleh's rear.

Aleh groaned loudly, closing his eyes tight as he felt Meri cumming in his tailhole, his paw jacking off his cock with a fury speed now, bringing his own climax to him soon after Meri's, his pink length throbbing for a second, then shooting a single, thick spurt of heated Quilava cum onto his chest. Allis took this as a cue to speed up his thrusting, now pounding into his little brother's tailhole, a few grunts slipping out from the pleasure. Meri felt like collapsing at the moment, but stayed on all fours, letting Allis continue to thrust into his rear, although the pleasure felt kind of awkward now. The Pikachu looked down to Aleh, and pressed his lips to his friend's again, hearing his brother groan loudly and give a few final thrusts into him, a warmth spreading through his rear as Allis' cum spilled into him, the Raichu panting heavily, wiping his forehead off again. Once he had finished, he pulled out of Meri's rear and sat back, the Pikachu also doing the same so Aleh could sit up.

"Well.. that.. was fun. I'm gonna go take.. a shower. I'd.. ask you two to come with me, but I have to go to Ifir's house with Edgar in half an hour, and don't have any more time for sex." said Allis, retrieving the lubricant and standing up, moving over to his dresser to hide the lube again and remove some clothing. "You two can go in after I'm finished." mumbled the Raichu, opening the door and heading off to take his shower. Aleh and Meri looked at each other, a little winded, but still happy. "Heh... I can guess what he's doing over there..." whispered Aleh to Meri, nudging him in the side. Meri tilted his head a bit, fanning himself with a paw, and responded, "Oh... oh! I understand... I guess it's natural for us electric mice. Hey... you think Alexander would do this with us?" The Quilava blinked a few times, and shrugged. "Dunno... guess we'll find out later, huh?"

Both friends laughed.


This story is the product of watching a strange TV show. Strange, yet true...

Even so, I hope you enjoyed this.
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