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Playtime For Ghost Pokemon

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Title: Playtime For Ghost Pokemon
File Name: playtime_for_ghost_pokemon.txt
Author: Ghastly
Rating: XXX
Size: 23KB
Type: lemon - evil
Action: Ash-Brock-Misy, NC;
Added: 09-07-99
Read by: Racso
Description: Possessed, Ash and Brock make a sex slave outta Misty.

// Warning: Evil Hentai. Don't Read If You Don't Like This Kind Of Stuff //
// Bondage-NC-M/M/f-Spanking-Oral-Anal-Group-Demonic Possession //
// Repost, Archive, Distribute Freely. //

Playtime For Ghost Pokemon -- by Ghastly

Ash, Brock, Pikachu and Misty found themselves wandering lost, deep in
the dark, eerie woods as night began to fall. They came to the edge of a
wooded gully and looked down at the spooky, abandoned log cabin that lay

"What do you think, should we spend the night there?" asked Misty.

"Not a chance!" said Ash. "That place looks haunted."

"Pi pikachu!" agreed Pikachu

"Besides, I like sleeping under the open skies." said Brock nervously.

"Boys!" snorted Misty, "You're all such babies. What are you afraid of?
We've got pokemon to protect us." With that she produced a pokeball from
her backpack and spun it on her fingers. "Oops!" she exclaimed as it
slipped from her hand then headed down the slope and through the open door
of the quiet cabin. "My Psyduck!" she screamed as she ran down to retrieve

"Misty, wait!" Ash ran after her. "It could be dangerous in there."

"Don't leave me here alone." said Brock as he nervously bit his fingernails
and followed.

"Pika pi pi chu." said Pikachu determined to wait outside until the rest
returned. He wasn't foolish enough to go inside a strange building in the

Misty slowly entered the cabin. "It's so dark I can hardly see." she said.

Ash followed her, "Hurry, get your pokeball and then let's get out of here.
This place is creepy."

"Let me see if I can't find a flashlight." said Brock as he searched through
his backpack.

Unseen above them a Haunter and Gengar watched the trio that had just entered
their home. It had been a long, long time since they had last had visitors
and they were determined to entertain their guests.

An eerie glow filled the cabin. Ash, Brock, and Misty looked above, frozen
with terror as the Haunter and Gengar descended through the ceiling.

"Gengar" said the one pokemon as it slipped into Brock's body. Brock's
eye's began to glow a frightening green.

"Haunter" said the other pokemon as it did the same to Ash.

Misty began to back away from her two friends who she realized were now
possessed by ghost pokemon.

"Where are you going Misty?" said Ash in a terrifying, icy tone.

"We just want to play." said Brock. "Don't you want to play with us?"

"Stay back. Please, stay back." stammered Misty.

Suddenly the long cold fireplace sprung to life with flame bathing the
room in a deep orange-red glow.

Misty spun around, distracted by the fire and this gave the possessed
Brock the opportunity he needed. His hand snaked out with super-human speed
and he grabbed Misty by her wrist. Try as she might Misty could not break
the impossibly strong grip. She swung with her free hand and struck Brock
with full force squarely in the face. He didn't flinch.

"No." she cried. "No, please don't. Don't hurt me, please." she pleaded.
Her eyes were as wide as saucers, her face pale from fear. She barely had
the strength to stand.

"Hurt you?" Brock hissed menacingly. he wrenched her around and held her
arm painfully in a "chicken wing" hold. "Oh we're not going to hurt you."
he said as he moved her to the centre of the room.

"We just want to play." said the possessed Ash. He grabbed her small
yellow t-shirt in both hands and ripped it from her body, laughing
an evil, terrifying laugh.

Misty cried in humilation and fear as she stood there. Her tender, tiny
young breasts were covered only by the straps of her suspenders. Despite
the fire the room was icy cold which caused Misty's nipples to become
hard as little pebbles and extremely sensitive.

"I think I can put these to better use." said Brock as he grabbed her
suspenders and yanked them from her. Grabbing her free hand he brought it
around behind her back and tightly bound it to the other. "There, that should
help keep you from getting carried away while we play." he said.

Without the suspenders to support them, her shorts dropped softly to the
ground. "You won't be needing these." said Ash as he gathered them up
and threw them into the fire where they blazed brightly. "And incase you
think of trying to run before we've had our fun," he added, "I'll take
these too." He removed her shoes and they quickly followed the shorts into
the fireplace.

Misty sobbed uncontrollably she had never felt so helpless and humiliated
in all her life. She knew there was nothing she could do to escape her
fate. The possessed Brock and Ash had super-human strength and speed.
She also knew what her fate was. She was going to be raped, of this there
was no doubt in her mind. The best she could hope for was that her rapists
would be quick and gentle. She stood there shivering with fear in
the cold room, naked except for her white sweat-socks and white cotton
panties with tiny pink and blue flowered print. She had often fantasized
about being naked with Brock and Ash, together or one at a time. Many times
she would silently masturbate as she lay huddled in her sleeping bag
watching Ash and Brock as they slept. She would fantasize that they
would wake up and find her pleasuring herself, then they would take
her, willing or not. Now that her fantasy was about to become a reality
all she wanted to do was run and hide. She felt so ashamed and guilty
as though by fantasizing about it she had somehow forced the situation
to become a reality.

"Hmmmm, the panties are cute. But they've got to go." said Ash as he
grabbed the front of her tiny underwear. Brock took his cue and grabbed
the back and the two of them lifted hard together giving Misty the
mother of all wedgies.

She screamed out as the thin cotton material worked it's way up between
her butt-cheeks and through the hairless slit of her pussy. Although they
could have easily shredded the undergarment, Ash and Brock took their time
enjoying their play-toy as it squirmed for them. They pulled this way and
that and Misty groaned and moaned as the fabric worked it's way roughly
over her tender little clit and puckered anus. Although terrified and
humiliated she also began to feel excited. Her body began to tense
and tingle and her moans turned from moans of protest to moans of pleasure.
Her many experiences masturbating had taught her that orgasm was just around
the corner. Just when she thought she was about to explode Brock and Ash
both pulled up hard on the panties, ripping them from her body.

"Noooooooo!!!!" she screamed, but in her mind she could not tell if she
was screaming in protest of the humiliation of her violation or in protest
of they fact that they stopped just before she was about to have an
orgasm. She slumped to her knees and panted heavily. Her arms were being
pulled painfully up behind her back by Brock who had his iron grip fastened
around the suspenders. But Misty was too tired to protest and just hanged
there sobbing.

"I don't think she's having fun." said the possessed Ash.

"Maybe we should give her some fun." said Brock. He sat down and continued
to hold her bonds in one hand. She sat there between his legs and could
feel his hard-on pressing against her back through his jeans. With his
free hand he reached around and began to play with her tiny breasts,
tweaking and stroking and pinching the nipples. Misty moaned involuntarily
then weakly protested, "No, oh please no. Please no, don't. No more, please."

"I think she's having fun now." said Ash as he got down before her
and tightly gripped her thighs. He forced her legs apart roughly though
she didn't struggle. She knew struggling would do no good. "Let's give
her more fun." He leaned forward and slid his tounge up and down and
inside her cute, pink, hairless slit.

She moaned deeply as his tounge flicked past her swollen clit. "Why?
Why?" she pleaded. "Oh please don't do this." she begged. Her protests
only served to further entice her tormentors. Brock leaned around her,
still holding her bonds, and took one of her tiny, hardened nipples into
his mouth. He began to suck, nibble and flick the little bud with his
tounge while Ash sucked hard and furiously on her clit. It was more than
Misty could stand. Never in all her experiences masturbating had she
ever felt anything so good. Her mouth still voiced pleading protests
but her body had now completely betrayed her. Her hips bucked frantically,
grinding her tender young pussy into Ash's face. Her body writhed with
never before experienced pleasures as Brock's tounge expertly worked it's
magic on her tiny sensitive nipples. Then, when she thought she could
stand no more her body was rocked by an explosion of orgasm after orgasm.
She cried out uncontrollably and unintelligably as the intensity of the
orgasms built. Then collapsed, exhausted into a dream-like state, half
asleep, half-awake.

"I think she had fun." said Brock.

"I think you're right." said Ash.

"Now it's our turn." they both said together.

"No... no more... please... I can't take it anymore... please no more."
Misty feebly protested, her body was wet with sweat and her face wet
with tears of humiliation. "I just can't... please... let me go."

"That wouldn't be fair." said Ash.

"You've had your fun now we have ours." said Brock.

Brock released his grip on the suspenders that bound Misty and laid her
gently on her back. He knew she was too weak and tired to try to escape.
he and Ash then undid their pants and slid them and their underwear down
past their knees. Misty looked up at the two throbbing erect penises.
She had never seen a real one in her life and her eyes took it all
in. Their shape, their texture, their colour. She studied them up and

"I think she likes what she sees." said Brock. "I think I'll give her a
close up look."

He knelt over her head and thrust his raging hard-on at her mouth. She
clamped shut and tried to turn her head away as he smeared his pre-cum
all over her lips. "We can do this nice, or we can do this nasty. It's
your choice." he said.

Realizing there was nothing she could do to stop them she surrendered
her sweet little mouth to his large violating penis. Her lips wrapped
around it and she was careful not to graze it with her teeth fearing
a nasty reprisal should she accidently bite him. He fed his cock down into
her mouth until she started to gag then he backed off. "Work it with
your tounge my sweet cock-sucking whore."

Misty found herself getting excited by his dirty talk and began to run her
tounge up and down the underside of his throbbing cock.

"Oh baby," moaned Brock, "this little slut was born to suck cock, wern't
you. I'll bet you've been dreaming about this all your life."

Misty closed her eyes and began to cry in humiliation but she also felt
thrilled by Brocks rough words. "Am I slut? Am I a whore? Have I really
been dreaming of this?" she questioned herself. Her pussy began to tingle
with excitement. She wished her hands were free so she could reach around
and relieve her frustration as Brock forced her to pleasure his cock.

"My turn." said Ash who had been watching Brock rape Misty's face. "I want
some of this."

He knelt between her legs then lifted her bottom up off the ground so that
the back of her thighs were resting on the top of his. Her tight little
pussy was lined up perfectly to be violated by Ash's member. Although
not as thick as Brock's, Ash had a long, slender cock. He slid forward
then plunged his cock quickly into her pussy which was soaked with
his saliva and her own female juices.

Misty gasped as she felt the sharp pain of Ash's brutal penetration of
her virgin pussy. She tried to scream out but her protests were muffled
by the cock that was pumping her face.

"Suck it up, whore." yelled Brock, "suck it up."

The pain quickly faded and was replaced with pleasure as Ash rythmically
pumped his cock into her tight little hole. She began to moan and
groan which gave a very pleasurable sensation to Brock's dick.

"Oh, yeah, you're loving it arn't you, you little whore. You like having
a cock in your pussy and one in your mouth at the same time. Don't you
fuck-slut. You want to cum, don't you, you dirty whore. You want us to
rape you until you cum don't you. Suck that cock, slut. Suck it deep."
Brock hissed at her as he began to tense up.

Misty tried not to fuck back but her body betrayed her again. Her
hips began to buck wildly as Ash pumped her faster and faster. Her moaning
became deeper and longer and her tounge worked like mad on Brocks dick
as she sucked him for all she was worth.

Brock was the first to cum, spraying the back of her throat with his
thick cum. She still sucked frantically at is cock as it began to soften
in her mouth, milking every drop out of it. She let out of whine when
he took it away from her then flushed with embarassment. She tried to
protest as Brock went and sat down to watch Ash fuck her.

"Please Ash, don't do this. Please let me go. Stop, please Ash." she pleaded
but deep inside she prayed he would ignore her. Then she felt it again,
that undeniable build up that means an orgasm is on the way. She pleaded
more frantically with Ash to stop as tears streamed down her face.
Ash began to growl like a wild animal as he pumped her harder and faster
going deeper with every stroke. Misty continued to whine, beg, and plead
right up until the orgasms took her. Ash came like a rocket at the same
time. When her orgasms stopped she felt Ash's softening dick slip from
her pussy. "It's over," she thought, "it's finally over." She gave a deep
sigh, partly of relief and partly of satisfaction.

"Please let me go." she looked over at Brock and pleaded. Then she saw
something that made her cry again. "Oh no... no... no... oh please no....

"What can I say," said Brock as he stroked his new hard-on. "Watching you
come like that got me in the mood for more."

"Oh please, no. I'm so tired. Please just let me go. You've had your fun,
let me go now." Misty begged.

"Let's try something different." Brock flipped Misty over onto her stomach

"Oh please, no, stop." she protested as she felt Brock's thick penis
enter her vagina from behind. He took four or five strokes then withdrew.
"Can it be over so quickly?" Misty wondered.

"There we go. All nice and slick." Brock said as he admired his shiny wet
tool. He reached down and grabbed Misty's firm young butt-cheeks and
spread them apart. Suddenly she realized what he had in mind.

"God no! Please not that! Please not there! Oh god please no! Not that!"
this time there was no doubt in Misty's mind. Her protests were 100%
genuine. She definetly did not want to be sodomized.

"Hold still you slut. You're my fuck-toy and you'll do what I want."
Misty kicked and struggled against Brock. "Fine then, if that's the
way you want it, that's the way you'll get it." Brock grabbed her
suspenders and yanked her painfully to her feet. He dragged her by her
bound arms over to one of the support beams for the cabin's roof.
There he fastened the one end of the suspenders to a coat hook on
the beam which forced her to stand bent over. Brock removed the belt from
his pants. "Now I've got to teach you how to behave like a proper slut
and not to spoil my playtime."

Brock swung the belt through the air just for effect. Misty's eyes opened
wide in fear. "No please, I'll be good, I'll be good. No please don't.
Don't do that. I promise I'll be a good girl. Please! I'll be good girl."
she frantically pleaded.

"We're beyond that now." said Brock as he brought the belt down hard on
Misty's white round bottom. A thick red welt rose on her soft flesh as
she screamed. Again and again the belt came down and Misty pleaded for

"Tell me you want me to fuck you up the ass." ordered Brock.

"No please, not that." complained Misty between heavy sobs.

Down came the belt two more times and Misty screamed out at the
top of her lungs, "Fuck me, fuck me up the ass. Please I want you
to fuck me up the ass. Please fuck me up the ass. Please, fuck me.
Fuck me. Fuck my ass. Please Brock, fuck me up the ass. I want you.
I want you to fuck me up the ass. Oh please, do it. Fuck me up the
ass." Misty bawled uncontrollably realizing she had been completely
broken. There was nothing she would refuse them now, nothing at all.

"There," said Brock, "Now was that so hard?" he asked.

Misty just hanged there sobbing. "Just to show you how nice I am,
I think we don't need these anymore." Brock untied her hands. Misty
stood up and rubbed the feeling back into her sore wrists then gingerly
began to sooth her battered bum.

"Come now, no time to waste. Down on all four." commanded Brock.

Misty silently obeyed him. Brock got behind her then spread her
legs and ass then looked down at his dick. "Oh no no, this won't
do at all." he said. "My dick is completely dry. It would be cruel
to dry fuck your asshole on your first time." Brock moved around
to kneel before Misty's face. "Be a good girl and wet my dick for me."

Misty readily obeyed and began to lick all over Brock's dick. She tried
to slather as much saliva on his dick as she could knowing the wetter
it was the easier it would be on her when he fucked her tender ass.

"I think that will do." said Brock, looking down at his wet tool with
satisfaction. He once again took up position behind her and spread
her cheeks apart. His slick penis was pressed up against the puckered
opening of her tight little ass and Misty began to hyperventilate with
fear and anticipation. "This will hurt less if you push down like you're
taking a dump." Brock warned her.

He began to force his cock into her tight little anus. Misty let out
a long, loud, gutteral grunt as the head of Brock's cock slowly pushed
past the muscled ring of her tight opening. "Uuunnnnnnnnnnnngh!"
She tried to push down like Brock had instructed her but it still burned
as he entered her. She felt the head pop past her sphincter and Brock
slowly forced the rest of his shaft deep into her bowels. Misty groaned
loudly as each inch entered her. The pain began to die down and was
being replaced with a sensation that was almost pleasurable. When
Brock was buried in her ass up to his balls he began to slowly stroke in
and out of her. Misty moaned and groaned with each thrust as she closed her
eyes tightly and let the tears fall freely down her face onto the dusty floor

"Man, that looks hot." said Ash as he began to stroke his cock.

Misty opened her eyes and looked over at Ash as he began to pump his fist
up and down on his cock. Without realizing she was doing it she opened her
soft, sweet mouth invitingly and began to lick her lower lip with the tip
of her soft tounge. Her teary eyes pleaded for Ash's cock even if her words
did not say so.

As if sensing her desire, Ash wordlessly positioned himself infront of her.
She greedily sucked his cock into her mouth and began to moan loader as
Ash and Brock pumped in and out of her in rythm. One would go in as the other
would go out. She thought it was like she was impaled on one giant cock that
came in her ass and out her mouth. The rythm started to build faster and
faster and so did Misty's excitement. "Oh my god," she thought, "can I cum
from being ass fucked? Am I really that big a slut? Am I really that much
of a whore? I want to cum!" Ash and Brock broke rythm and both savagely
attacked her at each end with their cocks. Misty began to weep out loud as
she felt her orgasm approaching. Then Brock reached around under her and
began to massage her clit as he savagely raped her ass. This was too much for
Misty to take. She screamed out in pleasure as her body lost control
with orgasmic delight. Ash pulled out and sprayed her face with his cum
and she wept uncontrollably. Brock thrust deep and hard into her then
pulled out and came all over her ass. She fell to the floor dizzy from the
intensity of her orgasms, not caring that she was covered in the cum of
her two friends who themselves she realized were the victims of
ghostly possession. She looked up and watched as Brock and Ash both
fell unconscious to the ground. Gengar and Haunter floated gently up out
of their bodies and disappeared, giggling, into the roof. As the fire
burned out the trio quickly gathered their stuff and ran as fast as they
could from the house. Pikachu followed, confused as to what took them
so long and why Misty was naked.

They didn't stop until they came to a clearing by a stream. The full moon
was high in the sky and bathed everything with a mystical silver light.
they set up camp and bathed in the stream. To tired to eat Ash and Brock
put poor Misty to bed. They looked down on her as she lay there peacefully
breathing the deep breaths of slumber. Brock stroked her soft
red hair.

"Do you think there are anymore haunted houses like that one in these
woods?" Ash asked Brock.

"I dunno." he responded looking at Misty's soft, angelic face. "But..."
he started,"but I kind of hope there are." he said quietly.

"Yeah, me too." said Ash.

"Me three." thought Misty to herself as her fingers silently rubbed
her sensitive, tender little clit.

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