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Playtime For Officer Jenny

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Title: Playtime For Officer Jenny
File Name: playtime_for_officer_jenny.txt
Author: Ghastly
Rating: XXX
Size: 30KB
Type: lemon - evil
Action: Misty-MMMMMMMMFFFF, NC; Misty-Jenny, NC; James-MM NC;
Jessy-MM, NC; Misty-MM, NC;
Added: 12-17-99
Read by: Countersync
Description: Pikachu is injured, while getting medicine Misty is raped by
a biker gang. Then she is arrested by Officer Jenny, paddled
/ teased, and thrown hot into a cell. There she and the
rockets meet the meat of 6 sailors.

Here you go gang, the long awaited 5th story in the "Playtime" series

ing: Evil Hentai. Don't Read If You Don't Like This Kind Of Stuff //
// Bondage-NC-Spanking-Oral-Anal-Group-Trans-Prison Sex
// Repost, Archive, Distribute Freely.

Playtime For Officer Jenny -- by Ghastly

Misty lay naked and sobbing, feeling as dirty and used as the discarded
mattress she was upon. She had long since lost track of which members of
the Puritan City Bike Gang had used her so roughly in this grimy alleyway
and how many times each. The fat one nicknamed "Tiny" had just finished
using her body. Hey lay heavily upon her panting before heaving his
bulk off her tiny form and shouting out "Next!"

The gang laughed and Tara slapped Tiny hard on the ass as she took her
position above Misty. She adjusted the straps that held her cruel dildo
in place then leered at the young girl. "Remember me baby?" she said
with a forbodding sneer. "Two holes down, one to go," she laughed as
she flipped Misty over onto her stomach. The dildo slid easily into
her tight young ass. The cavity was lubricated with the cum of countless
assailants. Tara began slamming into the girl without mercy, the young
girl's screams filled her with sadistic pleasure.

How could Misty have forgotten her, of all her rapists Tara was the most
cruel. She was the first to take her, plowing into her tender vagina
with the violence of a car crash. Later, after her gangmates had used
the young girl for a while Tara forced her strap-on down Misty's
ravaged throat choking her to the point that the girl nearly passed out.
Misty pondered what could make a person such as this. Did the events of
her life create her thus or was she just born cruel.

"Someone wanna shove a cock down this bitch's throat and shut her the
fuck up?" Tara asked retorically.

"Don't have to ask me twice," said Oil Slick, a greasy, skinny youth
with a bad complexion. He yanked Misty's head up by her topknot then
slapped her hard across the face. "Open up bitch, dinner time."

Misty's screams were sufficiently muffled by the assaulting cock. The gang
members circled her, stroking themselves men and women alike. They
her with their rough words and their penetrating leers burned into her
vulnerable flesh. She had no idea how much longer her torment would last.
When one member of the gang would withdraw spent, another would quickly
take their place. They seemed to feed off the cruel energies of each other
and it would not be long before a tormenter would return to assault her
again with renewed vigor.

"Why did I try to take a shortcut through this alleyway?" Misty asked
herself as she remembered the chain of events that lead to her current

She was walking through the forest with Ash and Brock on their way to
Puritan City. Pikachu had run off ahead of them with an eager and
playful excitement. The trio had rounded a bend in the path when they
found the pokemon laying on the ground, tangled in a strange bush.
It's breathing was laboured and it was barely conscious.

"Pikachu!" cried Ash as he rushed over and craddled his fallen pokemon in
his arms.

"Leech Burr!" exclaimed Brock.

"What's that?" asked Misty her voice showing deep concern.

"It's a rare type of plant. The burrs attach themself to the pokemon's
fur and slowly leech the pokemon's energy. Ash we've got to get
Pikachu to a Pokecentre right away," Brock explained.

Ash scooped up the pokemon and began to run as fast as his legs
would carry him towards Puritan City. By the time the trio arrived
Pikachu was unconscious and barely breathing. They handed the injured
pokemon to the centre's Nurse Joy. Their urgency was such that Brock
didn't even flirt with the attractive young nurse, but he did take note
of a curious black leather choker, almost like a dog collar she was
wearing, and the shiny brass tag that dangled from it.

"We haven't much time," said Joy in a commanding voice. "The burrs must
be removed and quickly."

"What do we do," Ash pleaded as tears flowed freely down his cheeks.

"The only thing that can remove a Leech Burr is a special medicinal
said Joy. "We haven't any here but there are two pharmacies in town that
might have it. The problem is they're on opposite ends of the town and
our phone system is out of order. Two of you will have to run to
the pharmacies and see if they have the shampoo."

"Misty and I will go. Ash, you stay here with Pikachu," Brock volunteered.

Misty nodded in agreement and the pair split the groups' money between them.
They got directions from Nurse Joy and were quickly on their way. Not far
from the Pokecentre Misty saw an alleyway and figured it would shave
valuable minutes off her journey. It was a decision that would prove to
be dangerously wrong.

Halfway through the dark alley Misty was confronted by a gang of a dozen
youths. Eight males and four females, that seemed to materialize out of
the shadows. They indroduced themselves as the Puritan City Bike Gang
and told Misty that she must pay a toll to pass through their turf.

She choked and began to gag as Oil Slick's cum sprayed down her throat.

"You just fuckin' swallow that bitch," the youth commanded in a threatening
tone as he withdrew his penis from her mouth. He shook her head by her
hair then slapped her again across the face.

Misty was too tired to struggle any longer and passively took the punishment
the gang dealt her. This was nothing like the dark fantasies she
This was even more cruel and terrifying than her assault by the ghost
pokemon she had encountered some days ago. She knew not what dark forces
motivated her tormentors but she knew whatever it was, it was well beyond
simple sexual gratification. They stabbed at her with their cruelty as if
trying to stab to death some personal demon that haunts their existance, as
if Misty's pain would ease the daily pain of their own miserable lives.

"Freeze!" a female voice blared through the alley.

Misty raised her weary head and looked over to see Officer Jenny straddling
her motorcycle, a megaphone in her hand. She collapsed to into the mattress
and shuddered as she felt Tara's strap-on withdraw from her. "Thank god,"
she thought, "it's finally over."

Officer Jenny dismounted her bike and approached the gang slapping her
baton into the palm of her gloved hand. "Just what have we got here?"

"Nothing," said Tara. The other gang members cast casual, questioning
glances at one another shrugging their shoulders, their cruel expressions
replaced with ones of choirboy like innocence.

"I suppose that poor young girl there is nothin?" Officer Jenny pointed
the tip of her baton at Misty and narrowed her eyes a Tara.

"Oh that, well that I can explain. She's a whore. We paid her 50 bucks
for a quick gangfuck. You can check the pockets of her shorts," Tara
offered and indicated a pile of clothes that lay on the ground. "I
think you'll find the money there.

"No," Misty protested, her voice too weak from exhaustion to be heard.
"It's not true," she croaked, "not true."

Officer Jenny cast a hard, questioning glare at Misty as she walked
over to examine the girl's discarded clothing. She produced some folded
bills from the pocket of the shorts and counted them. "Fifty bucks
exactly," she said. "I guess your story checks out. You're free to go with
a warning. You know the town's position on prostitution. If I catch you
with a whore again there'll be hell to pay."

The Puritan City Bike Gang left the alley in haste, bowing and thanking
the stern law enforcement officer as they passed her. Officer Jenny
glared at them as they left. The last to leave the alley was Tara.
She paused briefly to turn and look at Misty one last time. Their eyes
locked coldly and Tara licked the bottom edge of her upperlip like
a hungry preditor then bolted out of the alley to join the rest of her gang.

Misty heard the slow steady click of Officer Jenny's approaching boots
striking the cold hard pavement. She closed her eyes and sobbed.
Officer Jenny squated down and looked at the poor girl's face. "I don't
recognise you," she growled. "You must be new in town which would explain
why you're not familiar with Puritan City's tough prostitution laws."

"No," Misty protested, her voice full of dispare. "You don't understand,
I wasn't..."

"Shut your filthy whore mouth you slut," Officer Jenny yelled as she
grabbed Misty by her hair and shook her head. "You don't talk while I'm
talking, you got that? I am the law in this town. I am judge, jury, and
exicutioner. Understand?"

Misty nodded her head, too terrified to speak.

"We're a tolerant people here in Puritan City but we won't put up with
whores." Officer Jenny's voice oozed with spiteful venom. "Now get up,
I'm taking you downtown."

"Please," Misty begged, "I can explain everything."

"I said 'shut up'!" yelled Officer Jenny as she yanked Misty forcefully
to her feet by her hair. Misty screamed and grabbed the officer's wrists
for support.

Once on her feet Misty was forced against the rough brick wall, her legs
were kicked apart and her hands were pulled painfully behind her back
and handcuffed together. Misty offered nothing more than whimpers and
sobs in protest.

Jenny looked the girl up and down admiring her tight, young body. She
noticed the semen that slowly trickled down her inner thighs and
snorted with disapproval. "Well I sure as hell don't want to take you
on my bike in this condition. You stay here, and if you know what's
good for you, you won't so much as blink before I get back."

Misty kept her eyes focused on the wall ahead of her but strained to hear
what the officer was doing. She heard her walk over to her motorcycle
and rumage through the saddlebags. Officer Jenny returned shortly.

Misty gasped as she felt the law enforcement officer's hand on her shoulder
and nearly lost her balance as she was forcefully spun around to face her
captor. She looked down at the items held in ther officer's hands, a
thick, heavy black leather collar with a leash. She closed her eyes in
shame as Jenny slipped the collar around her neck and fastened the leash.

"C'mon," Jenny ordered roughly, "It's time for a little walk."

She yanked sharply on the leash and Misty nearly stumbled over, unable to
use her bound hands to steady herself.

"My clothes?" Misty asked in a tiny, timid voice.

"Oh don't worry, I'm not going to leave the evidence behind," Officer
Jenny answered with a cruel, short laugh as she scooped up the pile
of clothes in her hand. With the clothes retrieved she lead Misty by
the leash out onto the early evening streets of Puritan City.

Misty flushed with embarassment as she was lead naked through the crowded
streets. She could feel the gazes of the men, women, and children she passed
falling upon her naked flesh. Her face flushed red everytime Officer
Jenny would yell out to the crowd, "Make way, whore coming through. Make
way for the whore."

Misty mentally chastised herself as she began to feel the stirrings of
sexual arousal from the humiliating jeers and leers of the passing crowds.
Now and then she would shudder as a hand would reach out from the
passerbys to quickly pinch, or grope, or stroke her young flesh.

She was lead naked through the town to a large square in the centre of
the city. The city hall stood at one end of the square and the police
station across from it. In the centre of the square stood a raised
stone platform. Atop the platform was a set of heavy wooden stocks, the
type Misty had only seen in history books. Misty was both thrilled
and horrified at the prospect of being left naked in those public stocks.

She stumbled up the stones steps, nearly dragged by Puritan City's
Officer Jenny's forceful yanks on the leash. She was taken to a standing
set of stocks. Her hands were uncuffed and she was allowed a few moments
to rub her wrists before her head and hands were held captive in the stocks.
Her feet were spread wide appart and held tight in chains set deep into
the stone platform.

Misty opened her eyes briefly to look upon the crowd of curious people
that had begun to gather before her. They murmmered to one another
in excited tones some of them pointing to the captive girl and laughing.
Misty moaned in frustration as she felt her clit begin to throb and
tingle. She tested the bonds that held her and though her wrists were
small and her hands slender the heavy wooden stocks held her tightly.

"People!" Officer Jenny called out and the gathered crowd quickly
fell quiet. "We have a whore here in Puritan City. A WHORE!"

The crowd went wild and yelled "whore" shaking their fists angrily
in the air.

"Since the founding of this great city, prostitution has been illegal.
It has also been one of the most strictly enforced laws in Puritan City.
Today I arrested this newcomer, this whore, for engaging in acts
of prostitution in a filthy alleyway."

Misty cast a pleading glance at the gathered crowd as they jeered and
taunted her. She saw a group of people begining to force their way through
towards the front of the crowd. She recognized them instantly as the
members of the Puritan City Bike Gang. They assembled before her and Tara
gave her an icy, cruel stare as she blew Misty a kiss. Misty shuddered
and closed her eyes in shame.

"We all know the punishment for prostitution?" Jenny asked the crowd,
not expecting an answer. "The whore is sentanced to a public flogging
and a night in jail."

The crowd gave forth a deafening cheer as Misty screamed in protest.
Officer Jenny walked back and forth infront of Misty holding high over
her head in both hands a thick, long, leather paddle. Misty looked at
the cruel instrument with fearful anticipation.

"Twenty stikes of the paddle," yelled Officer Jenny as she took up position
behind the bound girl.

The crowd roared with approval each time the heavy paddle came down to
strike Misty's unprotected bottom. Tears poured down the young girl's
contorted face, twisted in pain and humiliation. Misty screamed until
her throat was hoarse.

The assaults came in an even, unending metre and Misty was physically
and emotionally exhausted by the time the paddle struck it's 20th blow.
Her ears pounded as the crowd screamed in an excited frenzy. She was
left bound and sobbing on display before the crowd for what seemed
like an eternity before Officer Jenny finally came forward and released
her from the stocks.

Before she was lead off into the jail house Misty was turned around
so that the crowd could see her red bottom. The display was greeted
with laughs and cat calls. She stood there trembling for several minutes
before being turned around again and lead by her leash through the crowd
towards the jail. The crowd pressed tightly around her and she felt
countless hands grope her tiny body.

Inside the police station the frenzy of the crowd was silenced.
Misty felt an eerie uncertainty as she was swallowed by the dark
orderly quiet so deeply and profoundly contrasted by the bright chaos
outside. She was lead past past the neat rows of desks into the back
of the station, down a corridore and to a brightly lit, clinical room.
Her hands were once again released from the cuffs only momentarily
before she was bent over the table in the centre of the room and each
of her limbs were chained to one of the table's legs.

Misty closed her eyes and almost drifted off to sleep as she listened
to Officer Jenny's movements in the room. She heard the sound of
a bucket being filled with running water and gasped when she felt a
warm, wet sponge slide down the small of her back.

"Shhhhhhhh," Jenny whispered softly in her ear, "just relax. Let's get
you cleaned up."

Misty let out a sigh as she enjoyed the gentle sensation of the spounge
bath that washed away the day's abuse. She could hardly believe that
the person bathing her was the same person who had so roughly treated
her earlier. She was shocked to hear Officer Jenny's sweet voice
humming a soft tune as she worked the sounge over her sore, tired body.

The soap had a slightly bitter, herbal smell that both relaxed Misty's
senses and soothed her bruised body. "There, feeling better?" Officer
Jenny asked as she brought the spounge down the back of Misty's
slender legs.

"Mmmmm," Misty sighed in agreement, "yes, that feels very nice. Thank you."

"See," Jenny whispered in her ear, "I'm not such a monster now, am I? At
least not all the time." She bit Misty's ear playfully then let her lips
fall softly along her tiny neck. Misty shuddered at the sensual pleasure
of this attention and let out a tiny moan.

Officer Jenny returned the spounge to the bucket then took the bucket
and emptied it in a basin outside of Misty's range of vision. Misty
strained to hear what was going on out of her view. She heard a drawer
being opened and the contents being shuffled about. The drawer closed
and she soon heard some loud rubber snaps like that of rubber gloves
being put on. She listened as Officer Jenny approached and gasped
as she felt a slender finger coated in a cold, slippery lubricating
jelly begin to probe her tiny slit.

"It's okay," Jenny reassured her prisoner, "It's just a cavity search."

Misty was startled to hear herself begin to moan as the finger entered
her hot, moist vagina. It slid in and out, in and out, probing in deep
gentle circles. Officer Jenny smiled as she watched her captive begin
to squirm and struggle with her bonds as she probed her helpless body.
With one finger deep in the girl's pussy she used her thumb to pinch
and stroke Misty's throbbing clitoris.

Misty bit her bottom lip and moaned out loud, her face flushed as she
became embarassed by her arousal.

"Does that feel good?" Jenny asked coyly. Misty simply nodded in response.

"Do you want me to stop?" Jenny asked again. Misty shook her head.

"Good, because you look so hot tied helpless, squirming on my table that
I don't think I could bring myself to stop even if you wanted me to."
Jenny smiled as she began to pick up the pace of her gentle probing.

Misty began to moan loudly without concern and her moans encouraged
Jenny to explore her more deeply. "Oh please," Misty pleaded.
"Oh please, I'm so close," she cried as she tried her best to buck back
against the intruding fingers.

"Are you going to cum?" Jenny breathed into the young girl's ear.

"Oh yes," Misty panted. "Oh please, I'm so close," she whined as she
ground her quivering sex against Jenny's fingers.

"Good, that's how I want you," Jenny whispered as she withdrew her hand.

"No!" screamed Misty in protest. "Please, no, please, I'm so close.
Please don't stop. Please, I'm so close."

"You're a little whore, arn't you?" the officer asked in a deep, sultry

"Yes," whined Misty, "I'm a whore. Please mistress, let me cum. Please,
I want to cum. Let me be a whore. Please mistress, let me be your whore."
Misty begged without shame as her body squirmed with frustration.

"Oh, you will be," Jenny said with a sinister little laugh as she left
the room and turned off the lights. "You will be."

Misty began to cry as her body screamed to her it's aroused frustration.
She lay there in the dark, bound to the table and squirming. She tried
to grind her sex into the smooth surface of the table but her actions
only served to heighten her excitement not relieve it.

"Please, mistress," she begged aloud, "please don't leave me like this."

The minutes passed like hours as Misty lay there crying and whimpering
on the brink. Alone in the dark her body seemed to overpower her with
it's own sensations. She begged for any stimulation that would
relieve her from her agony.

Her heart skipped a beat when she heard the door open and the lights
flicked on. "Please, mistress, is that you? Please release me?" She

"Time to go to your cell," Officer Jenny responded in a stern voice
that held no trace of the sensual gentleness that was there only
minutes ago. "Let's go," she commanded as she released the girl from
her bonds. Misty's hands instantly dove for her clit as she desperately
tried to relieve her frustration. Her hands were slapped away by Officer
Jenny and she was sternly rebuked.

"Just what do you think you're doing? You're in my house now bitch and
I own your ass, your tits, and your cunt. You don't touch yourself
unless I say so, you got that?" Officer Jenny yelled as she fixed
the girl in her icy glare.

"Please, please let me..." Misty sobbed but was interupted by a smart
slap across the face.

"It's time to go to your cell, now let's go or I'll drag you by
your pretty red hair," Jenny commanded.

She meekly followed the officer down the corridors to her cell. It
was a simple room, not what Misty had imagined. Instead of bars it
had a heavy solid metal door with a small window set in the top.
Officer Jenny fumbled through her keys until she found the one to
open the lock. The door opened silently and she shoved Misty roughly
through the door.

Misty landed hard on the floor and turned to look from where she
lay sprawled to see the heavy door slam shut. She sat up and began
to cry.

"Well look who's here," a familiar female voice said.

Misty spun around suddenly realizing that she was no longer alone in the
room. There laying on the upper bunk was Jessie dressed in a short
skirted highschool uniform. Misty was happy to see a familiar face
and began to wipe the tears from her eyes.

"So what are you in for?" came another familiar voice from the lower
bunk where James lay, dressed in the same girl's school uniform.

Misty ran to hug him and Jessie came down from her bunk to sit beside her.
Misty told them the story of how she got there.

"I wouldn't worry too much," Jessie reassured her as she hugged the
girl close and stroked her smooth, naked shoulders. "I'm sure Brock
got the medicine for Pikachu, and no doubt they'll call the police
to report you missing. You'll be out in the morning."

"What are you two in here for?" Misty asked as she gave their
girl's school uniforms a curious glance.

Jessie and James took turns explaining the details of their failed attempt
to break into a pokemon trainer's school for girls. They had been found
out and were arrested for trespassing. Meowth had gotten away and would
return in the morning with their bail no doubt.

Misty looked at James with a puzzled expression and asked, "but didn't
they... search you?"

"Oh yes," muttered Jessie with a frown, "the strip search."

"I kind of liked it," giggled James.

"Then why did she put you in here with us if they know you're a guy?" Misty
was confused.

"Who knows, and who cares," said James with a dismissive wave, "I'm
not complaining."

Just then there was a clank at the cell door and the trio turned to
see the door swing open. Officer Jenny stood in the open doorway.

"Heads up my prettys," she laughed, "I've got some new cellmates
that are eager to meet you."

The trio gave a collective gasp as six huge sailors entered the cell.
The men were covered with the muscles and scars of a life of hard work
and they smelled of the liquor of a hard night's R&R.

"You kids have fun now," Officer Jenny laughed as she shut the door.

The sailors stood before the frightened trio, devouring them with their
hungry eyes.

"So, how should we divide these little bitches up?" asked the largest
of the sailors, a tall black man with long dreads and a tattered
red T-shirt that was stretched tight across his massive chest.

Jessie, James, and Misty had no questions about what fate the night
held in store for them. They clutched each other tightly, their
wide eyed faces clearly displayed their fear and anticipation.

Jessie became determined to maintain as much control over this situation
as she could. She gathered her courage and boldly stood to confront the
randy seamen.

"Show me your dicks," she commanded.

"Wha!?" the sailors exclaimed in shocked unison.

"I said show me your dicks. I want to see them now. Do it!" Jessie
ordered, her eyes shooting daggers at the bewildered men before her.

The sailors gave each other confused looks then laughed.

"Let's do what the lady says," laughed one large bald one who looked like
he could have come off the bottle of a popular cleaning product.

The men quickly unzipped their pants and produced their throbbing,
veiny members. Misty and James gave a tiny, excited shriek, neither
had in their lives seen dicks so large and thick. Whatever shock
Jessie felt she kept well hidden. She walked down the line of men
studying each cock that stood erect before her like soldiers for

"You," she said grabbing the cock of the large black sailor in the
red shirt. "And you," she said grabbing the cock of a shorter, sailor
who had a youthful face and tossed blond locks. "You two will do.
Come fuck me." She led the bewildered men by their cocks to a corner
of the room. The men gave each other nervous glances, uncertain how
to procceed.

Jessie dropped to her hands and knees then looked up at the men.
"Well what the fuck are you waiting for, a written invitation?
You, Blondie," she commanded impatiently, "get that meat of yours
down here where I can suck it. And you, make yourself usefull and
get back there and start fucking me."

The two sailors looked at each other with wide eyed, almost frightened
expressions. They broke the tense moment with a loud nervous laugh
and took up their positions as ordered. This was going to be an interesting
night, they each thought.

The other sailors watched for a moment and began to laugh before turning
their attention to Misty and James who were huddled together on the

One of the sailors, a tall, lean, dark skinned man of indeterminant
ethnic background spoke in a deep, almost melodic voice. "Well,
the good officer tells me that one of you fine 'ladies' has a
little something special. I can tell that it's not her," he indicated
Jessie who was busily occupied in her corner of the cell.

"And you, young lady," he said letting his eyes rove up and down over
Misty's firm young body, "are most definetly a young lady. So that just
leaves you."

The man walked over to James and thrust his hand under his skirt. James
gave a startled shriek as the sailors rough hands grasped his penis in
a tight grip.

"That's the one I'm looking for," laughed the man, "my friend and I
are very interested in getting to know you."

James looked over at the other sailors and the large bald one winked
back at him and blew him a kiss. With a quick fluid motion the tall,
dark man lifted James up over his shoulder and carried him off to a
corner of the cell. James shrieked and giggled like a schoolgirl.

The remaining two sailors slowly approached Misty, their faces twisted
by cruel, sinister grins.

"I don't suppose you two would just like to cuddle?" Misty giggled

Officer Jenny sat before the videophone in her office. It had taken her
some time to make her connection as the receiving party's videophone
had been temporarily down. The screen displayed the soft, pretty face of
Nurse Joy. Officer Jenny was pleased to hear that her prisoner's friends
were fine and that their Pikachu would recover. The one named Brock was
able to make it back with the medicinal shampoo in time to save the pokemon.

"You can tell those two that their friend is my guest for the night
and they can come pick her up here in the morning," Jenny leaned back
in her chair. "And Joy, you are to come here immediately once your
duties at the Pokecentre are over."

"Yes mistress," Nurse Joy responded coyly.

Officer Jenny smiled as she hung up the videophone. She looked at the
pile of bills that lay beside it. "It's amazing how much money
some people will spend for a night in jail." she thought to herself.
She reached over and flicked a switch on the videophone's monitor
and watched the scene of events taking place in the cell just down
the corridore play out for her.

She licked her lips as she slid her fingers inside the front of
her panties.

The End.

[Coming Next: Playtime For The Hellfyre Society]



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