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The Eon Squad

The Eon squad

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Sashi shivered as she felt the cold breeze on her fur.
"Good thing Leon warned us about this... I never would have expected the temperature to drop this much..."
"Well it's only natural for the weather to be like this as high as we are right now..." Cath replied. The group was now walking uphill next to a stream, as they seemed to be approaching a big mountain, its top covered with white powder.
"These warm clothes really feel great!" Eevy smiled. Since she didn't have fur, the cold weather hit her harder than the others.
"I'm glad they do..." Sashi smiled.
As they continued walking, they heard a frightening scream, followed by a splash. Everyone turned their attention to where it happened, and in the distance they could see a young Sneasel at the edge of the stream, opposite of where Sashi and the others were.
"Oh no!" Sashi gasped as she saw the head of another Sneasel - the mother - appear above water. "Help!" the young Sneasel called. "My mom can't swim!" he added, as the mother's head went underwater. "Mom!"
"We gotta help them!" Sashi called, and grabbed for her belt. She took off Dragonair's Pokeball, and was about to throw it, when suddenly they heard another splash, coming from a little bit further ahead, and for a few seconds silence followed. Sashi was unsure of what caused that second splash, and was about to continue her attempt to rescue the Sneasel, until her head popped up again, this time with another. Everyone gasped as they saw what had saved the Sneasel.
"Thank you Misses Vaporeon..." the Sneasel son said.
The Vaporeon girl smiled as she put the kid's mother on shore, then got out of the water herself.
"No problem, kiddo..." she replied.
"That's... A Vaporeon!" Eevy said.
"Yeah..." Sashi said.
"Thanks... I thought I was a goner..." the mother smiled, coughing a little bit.
"Next time, be more careful when searching for food..." the Vaporeon said.
"I will..." the mother replied back, and then she and her son disappeared into the bushes. The Vaporeon smiled, as she slowly pushed some of her dark blue hair off of her face. Even though she just came out of the water, she was still wearing clothes. She wore a blue shirt and pants, with no shoes on her feet. She pressed some water out of her clothes, and as she did so, she noticed the group watching her across the stream, and stopped, then softly gasped.
"A... An Espeon? An Umbreon too?!" she said. Sashi and Brian gulped, feeling a little uneasy. "Wait there!" she suddenly called, and then jumped back into the water. At an incredible speed she swam through the current all the way to Sashi, and climbed on dry land. She then got up, and looked at Sashi. "Yes, an Espeon!" she said.
"Ehhh..." Sashi replied.
"And an Umbreon too!"
Brian remained silent.
"This is so awesome! I can't wait to tell-"
"Excuse me?" Sashi interrupted.
"Yes?" the Vaporeon said.
"Who are you?"
"Oh!" the Vaporeon said, slapping her forehead. "How could I forget? My name's Elana, and a proud member of the Eon Squad..." Elana said.
"'Eon Squad'?!" everyone repeated.
"Yeah, it all started a few weeks ago actually... We didn't always used to be the Eon Squad, especially because the way humans thought of Anthro's, even though we showed sign of helping them..." Elana said, then looked past Sashi. "Speaking of which... What's she doing here?" Elana said, referring to Eevy.
"She's here because I want her to..." Sashi said. "You got a problem with that?"
Elana looked at Eevy, then at Sashi, and then smiled, shaking her head.
"Not at all... In fact, I think it's wonderful that a human is traveling with Anthro's... It shows that they are starting to accept us... That's also the reason why we founded the Eon Squad... Ever since an Anthro called Sashi is traveling the world, training Pokemon and doing other heroic stuff, the humans have started to like Anthro's..."
"Sashi?" Sashi repeated, grinning slowly.
"Yeah, she's the whole reason why we started what we're doing now!" Elana smiled.
Sashi chuckled. "Glad I could help..."
This caught Elana's ears.
"Ex...cuse me?" Elana said, cocking her head slightly.
Sashi stuck out a hand, and smiled.
"Hi, I'm Sashi..."
At that, Elana's jaw dropped, before her face lit up. She then took Sashi's hand and shook it wildly.
"Oh... my... GOD!" she squealed, making Sashi chuckle.
"This is incredible! This is amazing! This is... This I gotta tell-" she began, then stopped. "Better yet, I'll show her!"
"Show who what?"
"Show you to Tia.." Elana said.
"Who's Tia?"
"Our leader... She's-" she began and stopped again. "Ask for yourself when we get there...That is, if you're not..." Elana began, then slapped her forehead again. "How could I forget?!"
"Forget?" Sashi asked confused.
"You're a Pokemon Trainer, right?"
"Ehh... yeah?"
"That means you're probably too busy to meet Tia... Am I right?" Elana said, her face showing a sad expression.
"What? No, of course not!"
"Yeah! There's always time enough for Training Pokemon!" Sashi smiled.
"So you'd like to come?"
"If it makes you feel happy..." Sashi replied.
"You are SO awesome!" Elana smiled, and Sashi could only blush slightly in reply.

Elana led the group up the stream some more, which was great since it was just where Sashi had planned on going. Suddenly, Elana stopped, and took a right, disappearing into the bushes. Silently, Sashi followed, and the rest did so too.
"Is this the way to your headquarters?" Sashi asked, pushing a twig out of the way.
"Headquarters? We don't have such a thing..."
"You don't?" Sashi asked confused. "But... you're the Eon Squad, right?" and Elana nodded, "Every Squad has a headquarter..."
"Not us... We roam the world, looking for Pokemon to save..."
"That's cool!" Sashi smiled.
"Thanks... Though it's nothing compared to what you've done... Saving Pokemon is one thing, but defeating infamous evil organizations..." Elana said.
Again, Sashi didn't reply.
Elana then led the group through some bushes, and Sashi could now hear chatting. A few seconds later they cleared the bushes, and came to a clearing with a campfire, and around it were a Jolteon Anthro, and two others Sashi didn't recognize. One had blue fur and two, long pieces of blue hair hanging down her head, but short hair hanging down the back of her head. The other was green with a leaf sticking out of her forehead, and short, curly hair hanging down the back of her head. And while the blue one was only wearing a T-shirt, the green one was wearing a thick coat and gloves. It was obvious to Sashi what their Pokemon Types were. The Jolteon looked up, and smiled as she saw Elana approach.
"How'd it go?" she asked.
"Super, I was able to rescue the Pokemon in time..." Elana answered. "Oh! And look who I found!" she added, pointing behind her at Sashi. The Jolteon looked behind Elana, and gasped softly.
"Could you be..." she began, before Elana finished with a "Yup!"
Instead of acting the way Elana had, the Jolteon smiled, got up, and approached Sashi.
"It's an honor to meet you, Sashi... My name's Tia..." Tia said, reaching out her hand. Sashi smiled, and grabbed it, shaking it up and down.
"Thanks..." Sashi replied.
"So take a seat and have something to eat!" Tia smiled, and Sashi nodded in reply. Once everyone was seated, Tia got up. "Allow me to introduce everyone," she said, pointing her arm at Elana, "You've met Elana the Vaporeon, there's Sandra the Flareon, and these are the newest additions to our team; the Glaceon Keira and the Leafeon Lilly..." Tia said.
"Glaceon and Leafeon?" Sashi replied, confused a little.
"Yeah, they're two of the newest Eevolutions..." Tia smiled.
"You mean...?" Sashi began.
"They were discovered not so long ago in a place not far from here..."
"Even you?" Sashi asked Lilly, and she nodded. "But you're a Grass type, right? Don't you hate the cold?"
"I do, but Keira and I have been together for a long time, and she made me this coat..." Lilly said, smiling at her friend.
"That's cool!" Sashi smiled as well.
"It's not such a big deal..." Keira said, blushing slightly.
Lilly chuckled.
"You always act like that!" she said, and then turned to Sashi, "She may say it's not such a big deal, but it is to me, and I'm grateful to have something like this done for me..." she smiled.
"I can imagine..." Sashi replied.
"So you're two new Eevolutions, huh?" Eevy suddenly asked, her eyes sparkling.
"Ehh... yes?" Keira said, taken by surprise a little by the enthusiastic way Eevy asked this.
"That is so awesome!" Eevy replied, and soon she was asking dozens of questions about Leafeon and Glaceon. Sashi chuckled.
"Is she always like this?" Elana asked.
"Just with the Eevolutions..." Sashi replied. "You see, Eevy's team consists out of all the Eevolutions... Well, not counting these two... She's got Jolteon, Umbreon, Vaporeon, Flareon, and their child Espeon..."
"Wow, she must really like our kind..." Elana chuckled.
"So how did you guys meet?" Tina asked all when Eevy was done asking questions... for the moment.
"Well, it all started..." Sashi began, and explained about how she met Eevy, Brian, Cath and finally Kyra. She explained about all the things they did, the adventures they had and the people they met.
"Wow, you've been through a lot more than we first thought..." Tia said.
"Yeah, it's not easy being me..." Sashi nodded.
"I bet... How do you keep surviving these dangerous times?"
"Ehh... I guess I never gave up, no matter how bad the situations looked... and, of course, my friends... I couldn't have done anything without them..."
"I know how you feel.." Tia smiled, "Without my team, we could never do the things we do now... Like - for example - today, you saw how Elana saved those Sneasel... None of us is as experienced in swimming than she is.."
"So each one of you use your... you know..."
"Our Pokemon type to help people?" Tia finished, and Sashi nodded, "Yeah... They've really helped us in many tough situations.. Which brings a thought into my head... I know you two are busy with being a Trainer," she said to Sashi and Brian, "But what would you say if I asked you to join our Squad?"
"What?" Sashi and Brian replied surprised, making everyone turned their attention to them.
"With your bravery and history of heroic acts, I'm sure you two would be a great addition to the team!" Tia smiled.
"Besides, all that we miss are an Espeon and an Umbreon to make the Eon Squad complete with all Eevolutions.." Sandra said.
"Yeah... That's true..." Sashi nodded.
"So what do you say?" Tia asked.
"I don't know... It's great to be able to help Pokemon when they're in trouble..." Sashi began.
"Is that a 'yes'?" Tia asked.
Sashi thought about it for a few seconds, but then shook her head.
"I'm sorry... As much as I'd love to help, I couldn't quit being a Trainer... It would make all the time I've spent in training and defeating Gyms go wasted... And besides," Sashi said, petting Espeon's head, "I couldn't leave my Pokemon, who've helped me through the toughest times, could I?"
"You won't have to... they can stay and help..." Elana said.
"True... but what purpose would an Eon Squad have if they used Pokemon instead of their own abilities?"
"Ah... I see..."
"You have a good point..." Tia nodded, "And as much as I'd like to have you on my team, I cannot force you to..."
"Thanks.." Sashi smiled.
"And I'm guessing the same goes for you?" Sandra asked Brian.
"Yes... Like Sashi, I can't leave my Pokemon... Nor these two.." Brian said, nodding at Cath and Kyra.
"Why would you leave us?" Kyra asked confused.
"It's the 'Eon Squad'," Cath explained, "And we're no Eevolutions..."
"Correct..." Brian nodded.
"I see..." Tia said.
"I'm sorry.."
"Don't be; I understand it completely... I can't take you away from what you are..."
"I think I have an idea..." Cath suddenly said.
"Really? What idea?" Sashi asked.
"If they're looking for an Espeon anthro, why not ask Yazmin?"
"Yazmin?" Sashi said, a smile slowly spreading on her face.
"You mean the one you met before you beat Team Rocket?" Tia asked, and Sashi nodded.
"She's used to reaching places none should..." Sashi chuckled, "So I think she'll be a great addition..."
"Alright, how can we contact her?"
"She's staying at Darren's Daycare... I'll give her a call..." Sashi replied, grabbed her cell phone, and walked off.
"So you have all Eevolutions, huh?" Elana asked.
"Well, apparently not all.." Eevy said, nodding at Keira and Lilly.
"True, but you have a Vaporeon?" Elana asked.
"Yup, her name is Vapora..."
"Why did you give your Pokemon nicknames?"
"Just like you have a name.." Eevy replied.
"I see... Can I see them?"
Eevy smiled, "I guess there's no harm in that..." she said, grabbed her Pokeballs, and threw them into the air. "Come on out everybody!" she called, and at that, all Pokeballs opened, and every Pokemon that was inside appeared on the ground, catching everybody's attention. All Eon's looked up at their surroundings, each noticing their own anthro form. "Everyone, this is the Eon Squad..." Eevy said.
"Nice to meet you all..." everybody said, and the Eon squad returned the greeting. At that moment Sashi returned.
"I made the call, told her about you guys.."
"And what did she say?"
"She liked the idea.." Sashi began.
"That's great!" Elana smiled.
"Though this way she'll have to leave her boyfriend..."
"Oh..." Elana said, her smile fading.
"Yeah... she was hesitant about doing that, being together for so long, but said she was gonna ask his opinion and call me back soon.." Sashi replied.
"I like the idea of gaining an Espeon in our team, but I don't like separating two loved ones..."
"I know... We'll just have to wait till Yazmin calls back to see what happens next..." Sash said, and looked at the Eon's. Eevy noticed her, and smiled.
"They wanted to see them, so I called them out..."
"That's a great idea... better yet, why don't give all our Pokemon the chance to stretch their legs?" she said, grabbing her Pokeballs.
"Good idea!" Brian smiled, and grabbed his. The others soon followed, and called out their Pokemon.

The next few minutes everybody relaxed or ate some food as Sashi waited for Yazmin to call back. Just as they thought everything had quieted down, a sudden howl caught everybody's attention.
"What's that?!" Eevy asked, grasping for her ears. Sashi and the others looked around to find the source of the howl, when suddenly something burst through the bushes, rolling a couple of times over the ground until coming to a stop. After that, it didn't move, as all the Pokemon slowly approached what looked like a small dog.
"It's..." Yen gasped, when suddenly an Arcanine, growling loudly at its new surroundings.
"It's a Poochyena..." Sashi said.
"What's going on here?!" Tia called.
"This is none of your business!" the Arcanine spoke, "So get out of the way, or I might have to attack you!"
"We're not going anywhere!" Ninetales growled, as she and all the other Pokemon stepped in front of the hunted Poocheyna, when suddenly, Yen stepped in front of them.
"I'll do it..." he said, growling softly.
"Yen?" Alora asked confused and worried. "Why?"
"Because this is personal.." Yen replied, and suddenly leaped forwards, opening his mouth wide, preparing a Bite attack.
"Hehe, by the looks of it, you're not that strong, but, just in case..." Arcanine smiled, opened his own mouth, and shot a Flamethrower. Yen quickly turned his body slightly in mid-air, narrowly escaping the flames, surprising both the Arcanine and everybody else as he dug his teeth deep into Arcanine's neck. Arcanine yelped in pain, closing his eyes tight as pain surged through his body, momentarily paralyzing him, giving Yen the time to use his Sand attack, blinding Arcanine.
"Gah!" Arcanine growled, shaking his head hard, trying to get the sand out. Yen smiled, readied himself, and then leaped again, using his Tackle attack, hitting Arcanine in the head, knocking him back.
"Whoa..." Sashi said.
"That was amazing!" Alora cried, running up to Yen before nuzzling him gently. Instead of acting cheery, he gave a quick smile to Alora before turning his attention to the Poochyena. He walked over to it, and slowly nudged its head. It slowly stirred, and groaned softly, before opening its eyes.
"Hey.." Yen smiled.
Suddenly the Poochyena got up and jumped back, growling softly.
"Whoa.. Calm down! We're not here to hurt you!" Cath said, holding her hands up in defense.

"Who are you?!" the Poochyena asked, taking a step back when Yen slowly approached her.
"Calm down, Celia... it's me..." he said.
Celia's eyes widened a bit.
"How do you know my-" she started, and then cocked her head slowly. "Are you..."
"Yep..." Yen smiled.
"Poochy?" Celia asked, and Yen nodded.
"Right at the first try, as always, sis..."
"Sis?" Sashi asked confused.
"You really are Poochy... But... How? You were a Poochyena when you left home..."
"I evolved!" Yen smiled.
Celia's confused mood rapidly changed into a happy one.
"That's.. so awesome!" she cried, her face filled with joy as she slowly walked up to him and nudged his head. Yen laughed and copied her move, making everybody smile. "How-how did this happen?"
"It's kinda of a long story..." Yen replied.
"Then start at the beginning!" Celia smiled.
Yen chuckled.
"Alright..." he said. "But first I'd like to introduce you to my Trainer Sashi..."
"Ah, so you're the one who Poochy was so fond of?" Celia asked.
"I guess so.." Sashi smiled.
"I remember he mentioned meeting someone in the woods.. He usually doesn't approach strange people or Pokemon because he's afraid.." Celia giggled.
"Aww come on, sis, I wasn't afraid, I was just careful... Besides, that was back when I was younger.. I've grown up now..." Yen chuckled, blushing slightly.
"I know, I'm just teasing ya.." Celia said, nudging Yen's leg. He just lifted it, and rubbed his paw over Celia's head.
"Anyway, after our mom had given you directions, he had trouble keeping his excitement in, and the next morning, he was gone... I had a hunch he had gone back to you.." Celia smiled.
"Hehe, yeah... Anyway, this is Eevy, Sashi's mate... Her team consists only out of Eevee evolutions.. She's got Jolty the Jolteon, Umbro the Umbreon, Flara the Flareon, her mate Vapora the Vaporeon, and her child slash mate of mine Alora.." Yen said, nodding at Alora, who had just appeared by his side.
"Did you say... mate?" Celia asked, eyes widened. Yen just nodded. "Wow... You're gone for a few weeks and you've already found a girlfriend?" This made Yen blush slightly, nodding once again to his sister's questions. Celia looked at Alora, and smiled. "And a really pretty girlfriend you found..." she said, making Alora blush this time.
"Thanks..." she said.
"Just telling the truth.. but promise me one thing," Celia said, closing in on Alora, "Please take good care of my brother.."
Alora chuckled. "Of course, I will..."
"Hey... I can take care of myself, you know, I'm not a cub anymore!" Yen laughed.
"But you are still my little brother.." Celia smiles, nuzzling Yen. He smiled.
"But now I'm bigger.."
"Minor detail...." Celia chuckled. "So what exactly was it that got you bigger than me?"
"Well, right before I left mom and you to Train with Sashi, I met Eevy's Pokemon Eevee.. We didn't exactly meet with a proper introduction... The first time she and I met face to face, we literally met face to face!" Yen laughed.
"Well, head to head, but it doesn't matter.." Alora chuckled.
"You can imagine, meeting like this doesn't really make best friends, and she was pretty mad at me for a while... On one occasion, I was trying to talk to Eevee, but she wouldn't let me near her... Not long after that, I suddenly felt an unknown feeling when looking at her, and then learned that feeling was called love... And I didn't want to have this feeling if the person I was feeling it for didn't return it... But after a while her mother gave me some tips that I could use to try and get her to change her thoughts about me.."
"What did you do?" Celia asked.
"I gave her a present.."
"What kind of present?"
"One every girl loves; flowers.. But it was pretty hard to obtain..."
"Why's that?"
"Well after I found some flowers, a Beedrill appeared.." Yen replied, and Celia gasped. "He told me they were his 'flowerzzzz'.." Yen added, rolling his eyes.
Celia chuckled.
"So what'd you do?"
"I asked him if I could have a few, but he said no, and then attacked me.. I had no choice but to flee.." Yen said.
"And the flowers?"
"I still had a few in my mouth, so I tried holding on to them as I was trying to run away from him... I then got hit by one of his Twin Needles, but because of the adrenaline running through my body, I didn't take any notice of it.. Luckily for me, the Beedrill was paying so much attention on me he wasn't watching where he was going, and flew straight into a tree.."
"Haha!" Celia laughed, making everybody smile. "Good for him!"
"I was able to get the flowers to Eevee, but when I arrived, she was asleep... so then I just laid the flowers down in front of her, so it would be the first thing she'd see after waking up, and waited for that time to come..."
"Awww.. that's so sweet..." Celia smiled.
"Yeah..." Alora smiled too.
"So what happened then? Did you two confess your feelings for each other?"
Alora chuckled.
"Not yet... after I saw what he did for me, I realized that he was different from what I thought he was, and I told him we could be friends... Our Trainers were then challenged to a fight, and they picked us to battle against a Heracross and Bellsprout... But then Poochy started to act really funny around me... Of course, I knew all about love back then, but I wasn't sure yet if he was in love with me or not... But I found out really fast..."
"Well during the battle, I was fighting the Heracross as she was battling the Bellsprout... She managed to take her down, while I was having a hard time with the Heracross... He realized how weak I was, and saw that Eevee was pretty tough... so he changed opponent, and unfortunately was a little stronger than her..." Yen said. "He attacked her hard, and she was about to lose..."
"After knocking me unconscious, the Heracross was going to use a Brick Break attack on me, and as you might know, Fighting type attacks are really effective on Normal types..."
"But I wasn't going to allow him to hurt her even more than he already had..."
"What did you do?" Celia asked.
"With all the strength I had left in my tiny body, I got up, and used a Tackle attack on her, causing her to get out of the way of the attack..."
"But Heracross had already started his attack, and it now got a new opponent..."
Celia gasped.
"But... Fighting type attacks are also very effective on Dark types!"
"I know.. and I was hit pretty bad..." Yen said softly.
"After that the fight was ceased... and he was given time to restore..." Alora said. "By that time I too awoke, completely unaware of the things that had happened... But Espeon soon told me everything.. About how he took the hit, and that really got me wondering whether it was love or not.. so I stayed by his side until he woke..."
"And that's when you told her?"
"Eventually, I did.." Yen chuckled.
"Awwww... that's cute!" Celia said, making both blush slightly. "But.. how did you become a Mightyena then?"
"I'm getting to that part...Not soon after I had confessed my feelings for Eevee, our Trainers were attacked by some evil organization called Team Magma, says Sashi.. They kidnapped her, separating me and Eevee from them.. So we went looking for them.. eventually we found them.. We suddenly heard a loud noise and saw this big beam of fire coming out of the sand.. I thought it looked cool, so I went to look, when suddenly Sashi and the others get pulled out of the hole by Moltres.."
"You saw a Moltres?!" Celia gasped.
"Yup." Yen smiled.
"No way, I don't believe you.." Celia grinned, "You're making it up; Moltres is a legendary Pokemon!"
"It's true.. We were trapped in Team Magma's base, and Moltres saved us all by carrying us out.." Sashi replied.
Celia looked at Sashi, and then at Yen.
"It was.. When I saw Sashi, I was so happy, I ran towards her, but from out of nowhere I was suddenly attacked by one of Team Magma's evil members.. She took me and threatened to hurt me.."
"How'd you get free?"
"Eevee saved me.. Against Eevy's orders, she attacked the woman by jumping on her head, digging her claws deep in her head, causing her to let go of me.. After that, we ran as quickly as possible back to Sashi and the others.. but the woman soon sent her Mightyena after us.." Yen said, lowering his head slightly.
"Then Poochy did something I'll never forget.. Without thinking of his own safety, he turned, and tackled the Mightyena right in the head, giving me the chance to escape.." Alora said.
"So you're saying he risked his own freedom to help you get away?" Celia asked, and Alora nodded. Celia looked at Yen, and smiled. "I never imagined you doing such a thing.."
"Well people, as well as Pokemon I guess, can do strange things when they're in love.." Yen blushed.
"Unfortunately, the Mightyena was much stronger than me, and it didn't take long before he attacked.. I got hurt badly, and fainted.. I don't remember anything of that time, so Alora will continue the story.." Yen said.
"The second Poochy fainted, I ran over towards him, not thinking of my own life as I was worried about his.. I got to him, and he was lying on the ground, not moving.. I tried to wake him, in the hope he would get up again.. but after a few minutes, nothing had happened.. I don't know what happened next, but the way I felt then is indescribable.. I'm sure you'll discover that same feeling yourself one day.." Alora said.
"What is it? Is it love?"
"No.. it's the feeling of evolution..." Alora answered.
"You evolved at that moment?"
"Yes," Alora nodded.
"But I'm confused... I've heard of the Eevee evolutions from my mother, and I thought Eevee's could only evolve into Espeon by the love of their Trainers..."
"That is correct.." Alora answered.
"Then how'd you.."
"My love for Poochy was strong enough to give me the chance.." Alora replied. "I thought Poochy had died, and that was the last thing I wanted.. I felt angry at the Mightyena for hurting the one Pokemon I love, so I knew I had to do something about it, and the only way to do that is to hurt him as much as he did Poochy.. And so I did..."
"Wait... you attacked a Mightyena?"
"And defeated it as well..."
"You, a Psychic type? From a Dark type? How?" Celia asked with eyes open wide.
"I guess the power of love is stronger than anything.." Alora smiled.
"So what happened then?"
"After I defeated the Mightyena, I ran over to Poochy to see if he was okay or not.. To my surprise he wasn't dead, but just unconscious... Or as Trainers say; he had 'fainted'.. So I asked how he could be returned to normal, and Sashi explained everything.. She used a Revive on him, and that got him back to consciousness..." Alora smiled.
"That's awesome.." Celia smiled as well.
"After he had recovered enough, he woke up.. And, well.. things got awkward then.." Alora said.
"Why? What happened?"
"He looked around, but couldn't find me..."
"But weren't you right next to him?"
"As an Espeon... He didn't know I had evolved, so he was looking for the Eevee he fell in love with..."
"So I explained to him I was that same Eevee, and in the beginning he didn't believe me.. But later on, he finally found out the truth... and it kinda shocked him a little..."
"What? Why?"
"Well.. He thought I had changed into something else.. something different... And sure, I had changed, but only in appearance... and size.." Alora replied. "And the size thing was probably what troubled him the most... I mean, I had changed into a big Espeon, while he remained to be a small Poochyena... Things didn't go well at that time, and I decided that it would be best to spend some time apart so that he could try and get used to my new form.."
"Oh Pooch..." Celia said, "That's not the way to treat a lady after something big like an Evolution..."
"And how would you know that?" Yen asked, eying her.
"I said 'something like'.. It doesn't have to be an evolution.." Celia chuckled.
"It's okay Celia.. I understood his reaction.. after all, it was my decision..." Alora said.
"So go on with the story.."
"Okay, so not long after Sashi and the others had defeated the Team Magma, we continued our journey, and soon met another Anthro, a Sneasel Anthro named Aaron.. He was out to find Sashi, who had caused a lot of humans to change their minds about Anthro's, and was exited when he found her.. They took a break and talked things over with, releasing us out of our Pokeballs.. I decided to take a nap, but after a while I was awoken by a thumping sound.. When it wouldn't go away after I tried to get back to sleep, I decided to check out what the source of the thumping was.. I followed the sound, and then noticed Poochy, who was training himself against a tree, trying to get stronger so that he could evolve, hoping that would win my heart over once again.."
"Awwww, that's so sweet of you!" Celia said, nudging Yen, making him blush.
"I.. guess..." he could only say.
"I thought the same thing, and approached him.. And we talked.. He thought I didn't love him anymore because I said we would spend some time apart, while I thought the same about him, that he didn't love me anymore because I changed into an Espeon.. We both said that wasn't true, and made up.. And I promised I'd help him train..."
"Awww.. You two really belong together.."
"That's very nice of you to say that..." Alora said.
"Yeah.. thanks sis.." Yen said, petting her head.
Celia smiled and closed her eyes.
"So what happened next?"
"Well, not long after we put the team magma thing behind us, their archenemies Team Aqua got word of it, and designed a plan to get hold of the Legendary Dog Pokemon Suicune.."
"Don't tell me you met it as well?!" Celia asked.
"We didn't, but Sashi and the others have..." Alora replied.
"Wow.. You seem to attract some big stuff, huh?"
"I know.." Sashi chuckled. "And so far it's only been bad stuff.. Well, except for Eevy.." she added, laying her head down on Eevy's shoulder.
"But they got through it unharmed.. well, physically.. And soon we arrived in a place called Sylver town, where we took a big, long break from all the events that had currently happened to us.." Alora said. "But while our Trainers were relaxing, Poochy and I decided to try and find a way to make him stronger.. Unfortunately, being this far on the journey, the wild Pokemon were stronger than the little Level 13 Poochy was back then.. So we explored Sylver town a little, and soon came across an old abandoned house, which caught Poochy's attention.. He mentioned something about seeing something, and ran over.. I followed him, but saw nothing... I then said we had to find a good place to train him and get him to master the attack Bite, which could help him in times of need.. But before I was able to finish my sentence, I suddenly felt a powerful aura around me, freezing my body completely.. Not soon after that I was lifted off the ground, and pulled into the old house.." Alora said, slowly falling silent, her head lowered a bit. Yen noticed this, and continued the story for her.
"I didn't know what was going on, and I'm pretty sure she wasn't either.. so all I could do was to try and get into the house to save her from whatever was causing her to float into the house.. Unfortunately the door was shut tight, probably locked... but I finally managed to get it open, with the use of my Tackle attacks.. Inside were dozens of Gastly and Haunter, bodyguards of their leader Gengar..." Yen said.
"A Gengar?" Celia gasped, and Yen nodded. "Man, those are tough Pokemon.."
"I know.. Anyway, there I stood, face to face with the ghost Pokemon. They all mocked me after they found out I was only level 13.. It got me so annoyed, I made - what I believe is - a rookie mistake against these kind of Pokemon.. I tried a Tackle attack on a Gastly, but instead hit the wall behind it.. This only caused them to laugh harder.. But I showed them!" Yen grinned. "That's the first time I used my Bite attack.."
"Oooooh, that'll teach them to mess with ya!" Celia smiled.
"Yeah, it was really a change of mood.. I was felling pretty good when I realized I could defeat ghosts with my new attack, and didn't hesitate in using it, soon defeating a Haunter as well.."
"Cool!" Celia said. "I didn't know you were that strong!"
"Neither did I." Yen chuckled. "I felt really confident, but that all changed when they used the attack "Destiny Bond" on me.." Yen said, hearing Celia gasp.
"That's a horrible attack!"
"I know... but I got out.."
"I fled, using my special ability "Run Away".." Yen chuckled.
Celia laughed.
"Man I wish I could have been there at that moment; I would've loved to see the faces of those Gastly and Haunter!" she managed to say during laughter.
"I'm pretty sure they didn't like it.." Yen laughed as well. "After I escaped from them, I climbed another stairway, and finally reached the top of the house.. I saw a door, and knew that was where they were keeping Alora.. So I went in using a Tackle, and saw the Gengar with Alora.." Yen said, and fell silent just like Alora had earlier.
"What? What's wrong?" Celia asked, noticing the silence all of a sudden.
"He was-" he began.
"Yen, I don't think you should discuss this with her.." Sashi interrupted, whispering into his ear.
Yen was silent for a second.
"Why not?" he then asked.
"Isn't she a little.. too young for these kind of-" Sashi whispered, but was suddenly interrupted herself.
"I can hear you you know.." Celia said, making Sashi's head turn in surprise.
"I have a great sense of hearing, and I am so old enough for these kind of things.. After all, I am older than him.."
"You are?" Sashi asked, and Celia nodded, "Oh, I'm sorry.. it's just.. your size is what made me think you were younger..."
"Just because I'm a Poochyena doesn't mean a Mightyena is automatically older..."
"Understood.." Sashi nodded, and looked at Yen, "Continue.."
"Thanks.." Yen said, and looked back at Celia. "What I was trying to say was; he was.. raping her..."
Celia gasped louder than any time before.
"Oh my god... You poor thing.." Celia said, slowly nudging Alora and placing a paw on her body.
"Thanks.." Alora said softly. "He felt my spiritual energy, and decided I would become his mate..."
"That's stupid.." Celia said.
"Yeah.. But luckily for me, Yen was there to save me.." Alora said.
"The minute I saw Gengar with Alora I told him to get off, but he wouldn't listen.. So I attacked.. but before my attack could hit, he countered it with his Lick attack, hereby taking me down.. I had used up almost all of my energy against those Gastly and Haunter, I was exhausted.. but I felt my mission was more important than rest.." Yen said. "As I was lying on the ground, unable to get up, the Gengar continued to rape Alora, continuing to hurt her.. I just couldn't let that happen.."
"So... you..." Celia began, her eyes lighting up.
"I did.. I finally evolved.." Yen smiled. "Fighting those Gastly and Haunter must have raised my level so much I was able to.."
"That's so awesome! And cool! And romantic!" Celia cried. "Evolving just for the purpose to save the one you love! If this doesn't prove you two belong together, I don't know what will!"
"That's so sweet of you to say that..." Alora smiled.
"Ha! Made you smile!" Celia said.
"So there it is; the reason I evolved.." Yen said.
"That's so awesome! Mom would have been so proud!" Celia said.
"Yeah talking about her, does she know you're all the way up here?" Yen asked, eying his sister.
"Not really.." Celia said, her ears lowering.
"You know you shouldn't be anywhere far from our home!" Yen barked.
"Says the Pokemon who sneaks out of his den against his mother's wish just to play with me.." Sashi said, making Yen's ears drop as well.
"Yeah but I'm not her.. She's the obedient one.." Yen replied.
"Am not! I can be disobedient when I want to! I've been outside our den multiple times!"
"I didn't see you when I went to talk to your mother.." Sashi noted.
"That's because I was hiding inside all the time.." Celia said.
"Because mom told her to.." Yen chuckled. "Celia has always been a good listener.. Although she never listened to me.."
"That's because you never say anything important.." Celia chuckled.
Yen sighed, and placed a paw on his sister's head, massaging it softly.
"You know I'm just worried about you, right?"
"I know.." Celia said.
"So just go home, where it's safe.."
"I... can't..." Celia said.
Yen looked puzzled at her reply.
"Wha... what do you mean?"
"I can't go home anymore..."
"Why not?"
"Pooch.. Let me tell you the reason why I'm all the way up here.." Celia started.
"O-okay.." Yen said, sensing trouble was coming.
"A few days ago.. we were just minding our own business.. mom had just gotten back from finding food, when suddenly.. a big bang was heard not far from our den.. Mom went to investigate, telling me not to move while she was gone.. I stayed, and waited while she took off.. For several minutes there was nothing but silence.. And I got curious.. I went outside, and looked around, and suddenly saw a lot of smoke in the air.. I went to it, and finally ended up at a big, white building.." Celia said.
"That must be Yuuki's lab!" Sashi gasped.
"I-I guess so.. I could see a big hole in the wall, but didn't have time to check it out, because I heard voices and hid.. I wanted to turn and run home, but something caught my attention.. I heard a voice say 'what do you want to do with this Mightyena?' that stopped me dead in my tracks.. I turned again, and approached the voices.. I couldn't believe what I saw.. The Arcanine that was chasing me before.. was standing next to mom.. She was lying on the ground, not moving.." Celia said, tears slowly appearing in the corners of her eyes.
"What? Mom?! What happened?!" Yen gasped.
"I don't know!" Celia said, closing her eyes, tears now freely crawling down her cheeks.
Yen was speechless.
"Who could do such a thing?" Sashi asked.
"I don't know.. I didn't have time.. to find out who they were because.. because the Arcanine heard me and ran to me and.. and.."
"And?" Yen spoke.
"Mom.. then called... calling for me to run.. run away.." Celia barely managed to say, before pushing herself against her brother. "I miss mommy!"
Yen pulled a paw around his sister, and held her close as she cried.
"She must've run all the way here, being chased by the Arcanine.." Sashi said.
"That's terrible!" Eevy gasped.
"We must help them find their mother back!" Elana said.
"I feel the same way, but.. we don't know where to look.." Tia said, lowering her head slowly, before raising it again as all could hear a rustle in the bushes. Everybody got up, slightly terrified of what was about to come.
"There they are.." the low voice of the Arcanine spoke, appearing out of the green, followed by a second creature. "That's the one who attacked me.."
That's when the creature stepped out of the bushes, making Yen gasp loudly.

To be continued...

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