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Guardian of the Chosen One by XD385


Never Ending Nightmare

It was a dark day as Ash and Neo stared at the monstrosity that had formed from the dark mist that had been forced out of Neo. It bore a striking resemblance to Neo, except for the coloration, but it had a dark presence which they knew too well. More than anyone, Ash was baffled and horrified that this demon still existed.

"This doesn't make sense! I know I got rid of you!" The dark figured chuckled at Ash's disbelief, "I see that you remember me very well. Perhaps I should tell you just how I manage to still exist, even after you thoroughly erased me, body and soul?" Neo growled, "I don't see the point, but why not?" The dark Neo chuckled, "Good, good! I was going to tell you anyway, as a final gift before you die."

In the audience seats, Mewtwo whispered to the group, "Latios, Latias, Bayleef, we will have to stop him. The rest of you evacuate now. And please keep the newborns safe." Brock, May, Max, and Pikachu, along with Jessie, James and Meowth, quickly shuffled towards the nearest exit. As Amber and Onyx were being carried in May's arms, they asked her, "Will Daddy and Mommy be OK?" May glanced down at them and grinned, "I know things seem bad, but they'll pull through."

The dark copy sneered, "Yes, I'm sure you deduced right away what I am. I am the Nightmare you destroyed. And I must admit, I truly thought I was done for when you destroyed me in that dark dimension. However, the Shadow energy that composes my body is unique, as a tiny amount of my consciousness exists in every last cell of it. The energy that I killed you with, XD-385, was no exception. However, without some form of sustenance to energize it, my Shadow energy will just linger. Fortunately for me, Ho-oh bestowed upon you her life restoring ash from her feathers, restoring your life, as well as my own. But with me original body gone, I needed a host in order to interact with the world, and I was going to use your body to complete my goals." Neo was already beginning to seethe disgust as he had already sent out a telepathic plea for aid to all Pokemon across the planet, just as he did before.

"However, in the possible occasion that you would manage to force me out of your body, I molded myself down to every last detail and created a new body that is you, only corrupted with Shadow energy. You see, XD-385, I should be thanking you. By allowing me out of your body, something I could not accomplish on my own, you allowed me to become the Ultimate Shadow Pokemon!" By this time, Mewtwo, Latias, Bayleef, and Latios had joined the two of them on the battlefield, but Neo threw back his arm. "Stay out of this one. He's mine."

Ash objected, "Are you serious?! You couldn't kill him last time! What makes you think you can take him this time?!" Neo looked back at his future brother-in-law and smiled while giving him thumbs up. "The only reason he got me last time was because he got lucky and I let my guard down. Besides, no one knows my body as well as I do. This time, I will destroy him. Down to every last cell."

The Nightmare laughed, "HAHAHA!!! And just how do you plan on doing that?!" Neo smirked, "LIKE THIS!" In a flash, he smashed right through the Nightmare's body with a Mega Punch, splattering his entire upper body to pieces! "As I said, no one knows...NO WAY!!!" The pieces of the Nightmare became a dark mist and began to fuse with the lower body. A billowing blob began to emerge from the waist and take on a solid shape. Soon, the Nightmare stood there completely unharmed! "I told you, didn't I? There is no end to this Nightmare!"

As the Nightmare laughed, he said, "Now, let me show you what the Ultimate Shadow Pokemon is capable of!" Sudden, he held out his hand at Neo and shouted, "Shadow Rave!" At that instant, large spikes came tearing out of the ground at Neo! They were a sinister purple, a sign that they were pure Shadow energy. As Neo flew out of range, he grumbled, "Great. Just great. He has access to all Shadow type attacks that have ever existed." The Nightmare shouted, "You can't get away! Shadow Storm!" A massive tornado of swirling Shadow energy formed from the ground and began to approach Neo!

"Darn it! Try this!" Neo went into a Rapid Spin and flew right into the Shadow Storm! "Fool. What do you think you can do as you're torn to shreds?!" However, the tornado began to slow down until it couldn't sustain itself anymore. As the Shadow Storm dissipated, a green spinning blur could be seen, until it touched the ground. "I was thinking, If Rapid Spin could negate a Fire Spin, why not a Shadow type version?" Latios shouted, "YES! That's my brother! I know you have what it takes to send this monster to his grave!"

As the Nightmare stared at the unharmed bioweapon, he asked, "Why?" Everyone stood puzzled, but he asked again, "Why are you so determined to destroy me when our goals are the same? You and I were both created to bring mankind to submission." Bayleef gasped, (Is he trying to make Neo side with him?!) However, Neo replied, "You're right about one thing. I was, like you, created as a weapon to decimate mankind until no one dared to stand against my masters. When they spoke their intentions to use me as nothing more than an instrument of death, my views of humans were extremely negative. I wanted nothing to do with them. I was...XD-385....."

A moment passed while the Nightmare sneered, but Neo's gaze became filled with dedication, "However, when I returned to this world, I couldn't have been luckier as I came across the Chosen One himself. He accepted me for what I am, despite my horrible potential. I learned that not all humans are selfish." Ash was holding back tears as he heard his closest friend speak of his encounter with him. "That is why...that is why I chose to live to defend him. He has become a brother to me, and I have become an uncle to his children. My life as XD-385 is nothing more than a memory now." He then made a fist and held it up, "XD-385 is a name I have cast aside! I am the Ultimate Bioweapon! I am the Guardian of the Chosen One! I am Neo Ketchum!" The Nightmare stood aghast at Neo's display of defiance. "And you, well, you're dead."

With that, Neo charged him with his feet and fists covered in flames! "Don't joke around with me, XD-385!" He fired a volley of arcing Shadow Waves, but Neo ducked and jumped all of them. Soon, he was right up in the Nightmare's face! "I'll make you burn in Hell!" He then slugged him across the face with a Fire Punch and followed up with a Blaze Kick! Over and over, he pounded away as his friends and family cheered him on.

"You say you can't be destroyed as long as at least one nerve cell exists, but what if I burned you down to nothing but ashes, huh?!" Neo slammed the Nightmare away and sent a Heat Wave at him, followed by a burning Flame Wheel! The already dark purple skin of the Nightmare was turning even darker as he was being scorched by Neo's intense Fire type attacks. With three sweeping motions of his arm, Neo crafted the kanji for 'Fire' and launched it at the Nightmare in a Fire Blast!

"You honestly think I'll just let you hit me?!" The Nightmare flew upwards to evade the flames, but was intercepted when Neo Teleported up to him and blasted him pointblank with Blast Burn! However, the slight recoil left Neo open for just an instant. During that instant, the Nightmare Teleported behind Neo and laughed, "Now, you will die just like before!" Everyone below looked on in horror as Neo was about to be slaughtered just like before! "Neo, NOOOO!!!"

"Good bye!" The Nightmare unleashed the same deadly attack that claimed Neo's life several days before! However, as the blast dissipated, no one noticed his body fall. "Hmmm? Where'd he go?" Latias asked. The Nightmare was equally puzzled as he saw nothing remain of the bioweapon. Suddenly, he gagged as something ripped through his chest from behind! "You really should get it through your head that I never fall for the same trick twice." Suddenly, Neo yanked his arm out of the hole, but healed it in the process! The Nightmare just floated there puzzled, "Why did you heal me?" Neo held up a hand and created an orange sphere of volatile energy in the palm.

"Ya know what this is?" The Nightmare searched his memory for knowledge of an attack like this, but found nothing on it. "It just so happens to be Selfdestruct. I just packed the energy for the blast into this handy compact sphere. Get the picture?" Just then, the Nightmare realized what Neo had done when he sealed the wound! With a whimsical smirk, Neo waved, "Bye Bye." Suddenly, the Nightmare exploded in a flash of orange! His pieces fell to earth in smoking piles.

Neo dropped to the ground and dashed at the reforming chunks of the Nightmare with a Dynamic Punch ready. "I won't let you ruin this world!" As Neo leapt at his foe, he saw something shimmer to his left. "Huh? SHOOT!" Neo quickly leaned back as something flew by his face. He jumped back as he had his hand covering his left eye. "Crud...that hurt..." Mewtwo gasped as he saw blood oozing through Neo's gloves. "To make him bleed...what...?" The Nightmare stood up with a long golden runic sword in his right hand, the same one he wielded when he fought against them before.

"I see that you still have a deadly weakness to Shadow energy, despite my temporary union with you, eh XD-385?" Neo quivered with pain, "He's right. I'm having a hard time regenerating my eye. The Shadow energy is interfering with the restoration." The Nightmare roared, "Now die!" He lunged at Neo with sword in hand, but Neo stopped him with a Leaf Blade, catching the blade before it could hit him!

"I've had enough of you!" Neo yelled as he nailed the Nightmare with a Low Kick to the groin. Just like with Ash, this one still hurt! The Nightmare stood there for a moment, a sick look over his face, as he gagged. Neo then scored a Jump Kick to his chin and sent him to the other end of the stadium!

By this time, Neo had regenerated his left eye. "So long! Aeroblast!" Neo fired a heavily concentrated blast of wind from his mouth at the Nightmare, but he had recovered by now and yelled, "Shadow Blast!" He fired a Shadow energy packed Aeroblast from his mouth! The two blasts collided at the center of the field and reached a stalemate as they pushed against each other, creating hurricane force winds which buffeted the action junkies that had braved the danger to remain seated. Eventually, the blasts exploded with great force, canceling them out.

"Darn it. I guess I'll just have to use this." Neo began to gather heat, cold, and lightning energy together in front of him, but gulped when he saw the Nightmare making the same pose. "Shadow Fire, Shadow Chill, and Shadow Bolt? Oh man, now what?!" The Nightmare laughed, "If you think the Big Bang attack is the ultimate in destructive force, think again!" The dark blue, red and yellow energy began to create a black void. "It's now or never! BIG BANG ATTACK!!!"

Neo unleashed his trump card at the Nightmare, hoping that he had gathered enough power for it. However, the Nightmare cackled, "Now you shall see the power of the Ultimate Evil! Shadow Nova!" A dark, almost black, purple wave of Shadow energy was fired and collided with the Big Bang attack! The power was beyond anything Neo had ever encountered and even began to push the wave back towards him! "NO! If the Big Bang attack can't stop this, we're all done for!"

As the world watched through the camera of a lone TV crew who had decided to stick it out, Neo could feel power building up inside him. "Finally. It took you guys long enough!" The Pokemon of the world had responded to his plea and shared their elemental power with him. "This is goodbye, Nightmare! DIE!!!" Neo then dumped every last ounce of his borrowed power into the Big Bang attack, and in an instant, sent it plowing right through the apocalyptic Shadow Nova! Before he even knew what was happening, the Nightmare was engulfed by the Big Bang attack! Neo angled the blast down slightly, which made it plow into the ground and send all the excess energy into the sky with a deafening boom of three colors! Once the blast had dissipated, there was a moment of silence as the world stared at their TV screens in awe and amazement.

"Whoa..... Did I really...destroy him?!" Neo gazed at his hands as he could not believe that he had really triumphed over the monster his master was supposed to have destroyed. "Neo!" Neo turned around to see Ash with a big smile on his face. "That was so cool! You really are the Ultimate Bioweapon!" Mewtwo and Latios had relieved smiles on their faces, as if they had just seen him after falling of a cliff. Bayleef and Latias were equally relieved. Latias even looked like she was going to cry.

Neo began to laugh uncontrollably at the fact that he had completed his master's destiny for him! "HAHAHAAA!!! This is too much! I didn't think I could really do the Chosen One's job for him like this! WOOOHAHAHAAA!!! Oh gut hurts..." Neo groaned as he held his stomach. His friends laughed at his self induced bellyache.

Ash yelled, "Hey Neo! The championship final isn't over yet! Can we get back to the match?" Neo waved at him, "Sure, just as soon as I stop laughing and my stomach stops hurting...ow..." Just then, Neo thought he detected something in the smoldering crater where the Big Bang attack had struck. Just then, someone yelled, "DON'T PUSH YOUR LUCK!!!"

Suddenly, a Shadow Blast shot out of the dust cloud, but something was off. It was narrow and thin. In exchange for accuracy, it had been concentrated into a laser like shot and it was moving at almost light speed! Neo was only just barely able to clumsily dodge the shot by jumping to the side, but he heard something choke a second later. He heard the voice speak again, "Hmph. I missed."

Fearing the worst, Neo turned around to see what the sound had come from. When he saw it, he froze. With blood spilling from the triangle shaped mark, Latias fell to the ground in a puddle of her own blood. "SISTER!!!" Latios flew over to her to try to help her. He shuddered at the sight of the wound. Latias had been right behind Neo when the Shadow Blast was fired at him, only to take the piercing blow right through her chest. Mewtwo, Bayleef, and Neo ran over to her as well. However, Ash was rooted in place as he saw his fiancé on the verge of death, struck down by the monster he should have destroyed when he first had the chance.

Neo pleaded, " don't die! I can heal you...just hold on..." Weakly, Latias opened her eyes and looked around. "Yes. Hang on, Sister. Be strong. We'll..." Latios stopped when Latias looked over to Ash, who was still frozen in place. "My" Her head fell an inch to the ground, and she closed her eyes forever.

" can't die yet! NO!" Neo screamed as he used Recover on the hole in her chest, but the Shadow energy that still lingered was impeding the effects. Latios and Mewtwo joined in, but Ash already knew what her fate was. As his mind reeled in shock, he clutched his head in guilt.

By failing to destroy the Nightmare when he first had the chance, Ash lost Neo, he lost his Guardian, and now, he had lost his one true love. "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!"
Chapter End Notes:I'm so gonna get hate mail for this.....O_o
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