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Vendetta by d_sandberry


The End of a Playful Vendetta

This story features graphic sex of a furry nature. You shouldn't read this if you aren't eighteen, but frankly, I could careless either way. This one's based off of a picture in the gallery, the artist of which's name eludes me, as of now. It's got male-male buttsecks and female-male cock sucking. Leave now if you're offended. Or don't. Either works.

Andrew's Pokémon were torn.

Half of them, namely his Pikachu, Vulpix, and Rattata, all had a great fondness for their trainer, his rather pacifistic methods, and less-than-masculine nature. Sure, they lost battles often due to his lack of competitive edge and rather poor reaction ability, but they'd seen few other trainers that respected and cared for their Pokémon as he. He even bought them all bowls of an odd drink that made one's head dizzy, but contented, nonetheless, on one such occasion.

Inevitably, this leads to the others, Andrew's Eevee, Sandshrew, and Beedrill, who were less than thrilled about being called off from battles when they'd still stamina left to defeat a cocky opponent with. What was a blood-stained maw or broken stinger here and there? Surely it could repaired by their miraculous doctors? The boy defined the term pansy with a flaring, pink, capital "P", and these three grew very tired of it quickly.

And so, for that reason, both sides tended to socialize and associate themselves with their respective group mates, often finding themselves in small skirmishes or petty arguments with the other.

It was during a stay in a cheap hotel across the way from a nearby gym that the mostly pointless war hit a rather unusual fever pitch.

"I'll be gone about two hours, everyone." the fourteen-year-old announced to his rather humble team. For groceries, of course. He allowed all who desired so to leave and go about their own devices in the small park not far from the hotel, knowing that each and every one of them, the iffy one's included, where far too loyal to go off and abandon their trainer.

Three elected to burn off energy: the Beedrill, Roland, with an unusually cheery air about him for his species, the Sandshrew, Banzai, strutting behind the insect as silently as ever, and the Rattata, Keith, mindful of his enemies, but still rather pleasant in his childish disposition anyway.

Now, if you've been paying attention, you'd know that that leaves two Pokémon who were fond of their trainer, and only one who wasn't.

Troy made such was known rather early, strutting around across the floor, tails raised in the air as if he were in a dog show. Strawberry, the poorly named Pikachu, couldn't even suppress her giggling.

And who did that leave? Why, sleepy Eevee boy, Zigil. Laid out on a hazel colored belly atop the sheets of a fluffy bed, he'd figured taking a nap wouldn't provoke any unwanted attention from his potential competitors.

My, my, was he wrong.

Troy, strutting his furry stuff here and there, decided to jump up upon the bed with his 'fellow' fox, maintaining a rhythmic swaying of his hips and tails the whole time. Yes, even as he turned, edged back, worked himself so that his larger, heavier body was over the Eevee's, and eventually began his awkward dance right in Zigil's face.

The thing was, though our small brown fox wasn't quite aware of what was going on, he did catch that strong scent, feel the crimson hairs brush his nose. He batted at the furry butt with a paw in his sleep, fairly softly, mind you. Yet again, Strawberry giggled.

Eventually, as the soft entrance worked its way to bumping his nose, the tails brushing his head again and again, those soft, brown eyes decided it would be wise to open. It's funny, actually, because not only did they get a shock, but so do those pointy ears of his.

"HE-LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" Troy practically howled, raising his bottom into the air and lowering his front, so that his rear really pushed up against his pointed snout.

Surprised was an understatement. Scared fucking straight was about right. Unfortunately, the 'straight' portion of that equation would have to compromise for what would follow.

"You?!? What the...?!? Hell...?!?" something along those lines could be heard around that furry 'Pix butt, Zigil far too shocked to say, or do, much of anything. Not that it really mattered all that much. His pathetic attempts at protesting just blew lots of warm air deep into Troy's entrance, and this alone was enough to make his sheathe began to swell.

But than, in order for his rather unorthodox plan to really work, in order to really mess with the head of his unsuspecting foe, he couldn't be the only one enjoying himself here, today.

"Ziggy, Ziggy, Ziggy!" he mewled, still shaking his rear for all its worth, though now he dropped himself atop Zigil's body, so that the smaller fox couldn't squirm away.

"You wanna have a lil' fun with me and Strawberry, don't you? You like us, don't you? C'mon, don't you?"

Before The Eevee could react with violence, the Pikachu was across the floor and on the bed just like that, smiling mischievously. She placed that thunderbolt tail to his head, and let him knew what was what with a quick, but painful, jolt of electricity.

"Baby boy, don't you act all tough now!" she warned, wagging a tiny finger.

When he was allowed to free his muzzle, but not his body, the enraged Zigil exclaimed, "What the hell do you two want?"

More giggles, obviously, and a cute butt wiggle on Troy's part. "You think, baby boy? I'm gonna fuck you, 'Berry'll suck you. We're gonna have us a good time, today, I can guarantee you!"

Another jolt, this one a little weaker, but sharp, nonetheless, to his forehead, coupled with that high-pitched giggle from the lemon-colored brown striped mouse.

"A good time, sweethearts. Or else. Am I right, or what?"

When Troy spun about, so quick he was a small red blur, and pressed his hot lips to the brown ones of his victim, Strawberry got to work walking over on all fours to tease Zigil's nether region, playfully licking his tightening sheathe, sniffing at the tight pucker hole.

All their toy could do was gasp into Troy's maw, try and retract his tongue as the stronger fox forced his into the brown muzzle, exploring the inside with gusto, and groan in mixed pleasure and anger as he felt a finger force its way deep into his asshole.

The way that red fox nuzzled the side of his cheek every now and again, suckled his tongue, even Eskimo kissed him once or twice, made both pink members emerge rather quickly, and had the young fox questioning if this really just a matter of a silly vendetta... or something more.

Certainly that wasn't the case with the Pikachu, though. All on her mind was that furry brown sack full of warm, sticky juices just waiting to ooze out of Zigil's four inches.

Still, she wanted better access to the pink glory rubbing up against her cohort's, so she decided to take matters into her own paws by probing the Vulpix's pucker with her tongue, provoking a loud moan and a quick escape from his victim's virgin mouth, panting loudly into the air and already dribbling pre onto Zigil's chest.

Getting the message, even if he did so with a playful squeeze of his cohort's tongue with his tail hole, he rolled off his victim carefully, member bobbing, pre splattering the bed sheets here and there, to allow Strawberry to finally get at what she'd been craving.

Zigil moaned and bucked his hips a little as that soft tongue ran a course down his erection, than back up again, and finally around in circles. He was so enthralled by this, pre drooling from the tip like a tiny fountain to lapped up by his hunger attacker that he didn't notice the Vulpix sauntering up behind his head. Somehow, he managed to raise it, and than his body, to the point where their backs were supported by nothing more than the wall where the head of the bed ended.

The odd position didn't conclude until the brown fox sunk down upon the slender Vulpix pole, slowly, slowly, until his thighs almost touched Troy's, and their ballsacks touched one another's. The Vulpix's small knot didn't stretch the virgin hole yet, but he knew it soon would.

Both groaned loud and long, Zigil due to pain, but a few traces of pleasure, and Troy, just for the latter. In fact, a lot of the later. That virgin hole was so tight and warm he couldn't help but spurt more pre deep into it, slickening the passage.

In turn, Zigil couldn't quite hold back more of his tasty seed when Strawberry enveloped his member completely in her maw, sucking lightly.

"Tight lil'... boy...." Troy teased, using his paws to pull the Eevee up on his hot member. He slid him down harder than he started, provoking a practical squeal, and even a muffled giggle. The extra air on his fox pole certainly was welcome, so old boy Zigil didn't mind too much.

Again, he was raised, and again, shoved down, colliding with the fox knot again and again, spurting pre into the mouth of a hungry 'Chu, panting and groaning and moaning into the air with his supposed enemy.

Eventually, it all proved just too much. That sound of their balls slapping together, the small but strong sparks to his member from Strawberry, the knot tapping his entrance again and again.

When he was finally impaled upon the thing, letting out one exceptionally loud yelp, he came deep into Strawberry's muzzle, shooting ribbon after gooey ribbon of Eevee cum again and again. It kind of paled in comparison to Troy's orgasm, splattering the walls of his tail hole with virtually burning hot seed that eventually wound up dribbling its way out of the tight ass and down the Vulpix's crimson ball sack, but was impressive, not the less.

Troy maneuvered the both of them so that they laid on their sides afterward, still tied to Zigil's body, even if said Eevee was unconscious again .He wrapped his paws around his waist and just giggled, nuzzling the side of his face affectionately, enjoying the warmth of his body, the still throbbing member deep in his entrance.

Glancing over at Strawberry, who hadn't enjoyed an orgasm, but had enjoyed herself, nonetheless, Troy asked, in a pant,

"The hell were we mad at him for, anyway?"
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