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Rukario Romance by XD385


Sisterly Bonds

"So the Zangoose could cook? I bet I could've learned a few things from her." Brock grinned as he listened to Ash tell the group about Ashton's eight servants. "But do you think he'll really be OK? I don't think it's possible for one guy to take on Team Rocket on their home turf." May spoke, a hint of worry in her voice. "Don't worry about him. If he could take down something that a tidal wave couldn't, then nothing can stop him!" Ash laughed as they continued on to Mt. Pyre, even though they were not entirely sure of its location.

A breeze blew at the group from behind. But when that happened, Shadow froze. Max noticed the Lucario stop suddenly and asked, "Uh, Shadow? You got a cramp or something?" With a look of panic on his face, Shadow looked over his shoulder and shuddered, "We've been discovered....." With that, a flash of cobalt blue dropped from the trees and dashed towards the group.

"Get outta here! I'll handle this!" Shadow screamed as he charged the assassin. In a flash the two Pokemon collided, Shadow slamming the intruder in the gut with a Mega Kick. The intruder was thrown a good distance away by the sheer force of the blow and dropped to one knee. The creature was a clearly female Lucario that bore a slight resemblance to Ruby, except she had the three trademark spikes on her chest and hands.

The Lucario groaned, "Ow... What the heck was that for, Shadow?!" The former hunter growled, "Don't play dumb with me! If I let you get away, Ash and Ruby will OW!!!" Shadow was cut off as someone brought a heel drop on top of his head! Ruby's voice yelled, "Back off, Shadow!" The hunter groaned while rubbing his head, "Why? If I don't do something, she'll kill you and your loved ones!" Ruby gave him an unexpected grin, "Don't jump to conclusions. She would never harm me." The bold lady stepped forward and looked at the female assassin, who had brought herself to a standing position. As they stared at each other, the two ladies looked as if they were going to start crying any moment now. Finally, Ruby broke the silence and spoke, "So good to see you again, Pearl." With that, the two ladies ran forward and held each other in a tender embrace, shocking everyone who was watching.

Cautiously, Ash made his way over to his girlfriend while leaving Sapphire with Brock. Once he was near the three Lucario, he asked, "Ruby, I thought everyone from your clan wanted nothing to do with you. What's going on here?" Ruby replied, "Pearl is the only member of the clan who ever showed me kindness after my evolution. She's also my big sister." This completely blew Ash away. "Wha...she's your sister?!" He then turned back to the group and called, "Hey, it's OK! She's cool! Come here!"

Everyone approached the three Lucario while trying to keep their guards up. Pearl noticed their cautious faces and let go of Ruby. "Oh please, you guys don't have to be so uptight! I'm grateful that you kept my little sis happy after she left." Lucy asked, "Sis? Ruby is your sister?" Pearl smiled, "You even named her?! That was so nice of you! Oh? You don't seem all that familiar." Pearl walked over to Lucy and took a quick sniff of her scent. "Hm, I thought so. You're definitely not from my clan. Where you from?" Lucy simply replied, "Sinnoh." Pearl scratched her head, "Sinnoh? Never heard of it. It's not important anyway."

Ash took Sapphire back from Brock and held her out to Pearl. She was surprised at the sight of the little Riolu and asked, "Well, who's this little cutie?" Ruby spoke up, "That's your niece. Her name's Sapphire." Pearl's face went blank for a second as she looked back at Sapphire. Soon she grinned, "I can't believe my own little sister beat me to finding a husband and having a kid." It was then that she realized something. "Now that I think about it, who IS your husband, sis?" Ruby giggled, "Who's the hunk holding my baby?" Ash blushed at that compliment.

Pearl looked back at Sapphire and looked up at Ash. "You? You're my brother-in-law?" Ash replied, "We're not married yet, but yeah." Just then Pearl got an amorous gleam in her eyes and she leaned forward a bit, narrowing the distance between their faces. Ash began to sweat nervously and asked, " something on my face?" Pearl murred, "I know a good man when I see one, and you're the best one I've seen yet." Max, Brock, and May burst into laughter at Pearl's observation of Ash. She then looked back at Ruby and asked, "Would it be all right with you if I borrowed him for the evening?" Ruby laughed, "Yeah right! Try that and I'll slug ya one!" Pearl then threw her arm around Ruby's shoulder, "I gotta say, I like the new you!"

Ash spoke to Sapphire, "You want Aunt Pearl to hold you?" Sapphire reached out with both arms to Pearl. "Oh, does someone want some loving?" Pearl giggled as she took her niece into her arms. "Hi, Auntie Pearl. You look just like Mommy!" The proud aunt replied, "That's because your mommy and I are sisters." The two cuddled for a bit before Ash asked, "Uh, how did you get the name Pearl? Sounds a lot like a pet name to me." Shadow replied, "I can explain that. Our clan names each member upon evolution from a Riolu into a Lucario. We are named depending on our personalities, habits, and unique interests. For example, I was named Shadow because I liked hiding in the darkness and am very proficient at it." Ruby then asked, "What about you, sis?" Pearl explained, "I got my name for being a well-rounded fighter and being the most physically attractive female of the clan. You know, like a pearl." Brock added, "I gotta say, that name really suits you." Pearl looked at him and noticed that his gaze was angled down at her chest. "Uh, you're not bad, but you're not on the same level as my sister's man." Brock suddenly became glum and sighed, "At this rate I'll never get a girlfriend."

As the group continued on down the road, Shadow asked, "Pearl, how has the Blackflame Six been doing since my defection?" Before Pearl could reply, May asked, "Blackflame Six? What is that?" Ruby also asked, "I heard that title on occasion before I left the clan as well. Who are they?" Everyone else listened in as well. Pearl explained, "The Blackflame Six are the top six warriors of our clan. As the title of the platoon name says, our clan is known as the Blackflame clan. The squad consists of me, Shadow, and four others. The leader of the squad is the Alpha male himself." Ash gasped in awe, "Whoa, you're a member, Shadow?!" The Lucario grunted, "I was. But not anymore. I guess they should be called the Blackflame Five now." Pearl chuckled, "Funny you mention that. The Alpha male decreed that would be the new name right after you left."

Max asked, "Since you have a name Pearl, what are the names of the other four members?" Pearl smiled, "I'd be happy to tell you. First there's Hawkeye. He's like the sniper of the squad. Next there's Titan. He's really tall for a Lucario and can endure an avalanche. Another one is Silent Fang. He specializes in speed and sudden attacks. I'm a balanced fighter and excel in close and midrange combat." A moment passed before Brock asked, "And what about the fifth member?" Pearl stopped and sighed, "I really don't want to have to describe him. Are you sure you want to know?" Shadow gave her a stern gaze, "They have the right to know. He's the one who is responsible for your sister's suffering."

Pearl stayed silent for a moment before speaking. "The last member is the Alpha male of the clan. He calls the shots on nearly everything that goes on in the clan. He's been in command for about two decades. It was he who decreed that the value of a Lucario would be based entirely on its three spikes. His abilities are great enough for him to hold his own against the other five members of the Blackflame Six. His name is.....Tha...Thana....." Pearl seemed to be struggling to bring herself to say a name, but something was holding her back. Shadow then spoke, "If you won't tell them, I will." Pearl objected, "No, I'll say it. His name.......Thana... His name is...Thanatos."

An eerie silence descended upon the area at the name of the Alpha male of the Blackflame clan. A cold sweat trickled down Ash's face, "His name is...Thanatos?" Max gulped, "Thanatos is the personification of death. And that guy has the same name?" Shadow spoke up, "It fits him surprisingly well. If you refuse his orders, you must either leave the clan or die. He seems to have the wellbeing of the clan in mind for most of his actions, but he rules them with an iron fist." Ash shuddered, "Sounds like a total monster. I don't blame you for leaving them, Ruby." She replied, "I'm just glad I waited so long to leave. If I had left a day earlier, I probably would've never met you."

Pearl went on, "No one really knows how he came to power. But since the overall prosperity of the clan has been doing well with him in charge, no one objects to his methods. But that may be partially due to his arrogant nature. He thinks he can do whatever he wishes and that no one has any right to object." Just then, Lucy seemed to be having a nervous breakdown. She was shuddering greatly while hyperventilating. She whispered to herself, "Arrogant..... Just like him....." But she came to her senses the instant Ash laid a hand on her shoulder. "You OK, Lucy?" She shook her head and gave him a slight smile, "Sorry about that. I'm just hoping I never have to meet that guy."

Pearl continued to travel with the group while catching up on lost time with her sister until that evening, when they set up camp for the night. She was especially impressed with Brock's cooking and quickly out-ate everyone. Even Ash had a hard time keeping up with her appetite. Brock laughed, "Wow, I take it your clan doesn't eat like this very often, huh?" Pearl let out a belch and replied, "Nope. We know how to cook with fire, but we don't have access to such a wide array of ingredients. I wish I could eat like this every day. But I really need to get back to the clan. If I don't return soon, they'll send out a search party." May sighed, "Well, if you ever see us again, don't hesitate to say hi!" Pearl smiled, "Thanks, I will. But first, I gotta make sure none of your scents are on my body. And just to be thorough....." Pearl then grabbed her yellow fur at the bottom. At least it SEEMED to be fur. With a quick yank, she pulled her "fur" over her head and held it in one hand. At that instant, Brock whistled, "WOOO YEAH!!! TAKE IT ALL OFF!!!"

Pearl was startled by Brock's sudden outburst and looked around. Brock's nose was bleeding profusely while May was covering her face in embarrassment. Max looked like he had fainted and Pikachu was trying to avert his gaze. Ruby was laughing fit to kill while Shadow was trying to keep himself under control while struggling to keep a straight face. Lucy seemed just as embarrassed as May, but Sapphire, being as innocent as she was, simply stared in curiosity. Ash was also suffering a nosebleed and was trying to pinch his nose shut to stop it.

"What? You never saw a Lucario without her vest?" Pearl asked. What seemed to be a vest made of yellow fur hung from her hand. Her actual fur was blue all the way around and down to her tail except for the very front of her torso. From the top of her chest to her waist, Pearl's fur was that familiar yellow. Her chest spike was snuggly sticking out between the top of her breasts, which were somewhere between C and D cup size. But due to her thinner fur underneath her vest, her breast's nipples were plainly visible.

"Pearl...would you please put your vest back on? I don't feel very comfortable around nude people..." Lucy asked while trying to not look directly at her. Pearl blushed and replied, "OK, if you insist. But first..." She dropped her vest and leapt at a very startled Ash, knocking him down. In just a few seconds, she had removed his jacket and black undershirt. Ruby shouted, "Pearl, you better not do what I think you're planning!" Pearl looked over her shoulder and grinned, "I know! He's your mate, not mine. Just relax." Pearl slid backwards a bit, allowing Ash to sit up a bit. He asked, "So...uh.....what's up?"

Pearl gazed very amorously into Ash's eyes. She sighed, "I'm jealous. If only I had found you first. But I don't mind. You really are one heck of a hunk though." She then threw her arms around Ash's neck and held him close. "Feels really pleasant, right?" Ash blushed as he felt Pearl's delicate breasts press against his chest. The texture of her fur was smoother than Ruby's and was starting to turn him on. He embraced Pearl and held her tightly. The Lucario sighed, "Doesn't take much to get you to open up, huh? You're a real sweetheart." Ash snapped back into his senses and blushed, "'s just..." Pearl covered his mouth, "Don't say anything. You have a big heart. I'll bet you're a regular chick magnet." Ash chuckled, "Brock said something like that several days ago."

Pearl let go of Ash and began to stand up. But not before she gave him a little kiss on the cheek. "Sexy. That's what you are." Ash blushed very heavily as everyone burst into laughter. All except for Sapphire and Lucy. Sapphire did not understand the term "sexy" while Lucy quietly giggled. She definitely thought that Ash was a handsome boy, but by no means thought he was sexy.

"I guess I can use the stuff while wearing my vest." Pearl muttered as she slid her yellow vest back on. Just then, Max asked, "Wait a sec. I thought Lucario only have shorts. Where'd you get the vest?" Pearl giggled, "It's not just shorts! You never know what we'll get until we evolve." Brock asked, "You mean those clothes aren't made from your dried out birth sac?" Pearl gave the breeder a strange look, "Don't tell me that theory's still going around. A Lucario's clothes only appear upon evolution from a Riolu. They don't wear anything as a Riolu. And you have no way of knowing what you'll get until you evolve. Sometimes it's shorts, sometimes it's vests, sometimes it's both and sometimes it's neither. When a Lucario does acquire clothing upon evolution, the clothing is really a second layer of fur that somehow separated from the body, creating a removable piece of clothing that has the feel of cotton." Ash then looked at Ruby, "You have shorts, but no vest?" Ruby shook her head, "Nope. Just these shorts." Pearl then stood next to Ruby, "You can tell the difference just by touching it. Try it." Ash nodded and walked over to them. He first ran his hand over Ruby's blue shorts. They felt smooth and soft. He then ran his hand over Pearl's upper thigh. It definitely felt like fur, fine and clean. He then looked over to Shadow and asked, "What about you, Shadow? Which do you have? I don't remember you taking off a vest at that hot spring." Shadow scratched his head, "I thought I felt some lag there. I actually have both. I just forgot to take my vest off." Ash then looked at Lucy, "And you, Lucy?" She smiled, "I also have both."

Pearl looked up and saw that the sun was setting. "Looks like it's about time for me to get going. But first, could you give me a hand with this, Ash?" Pearl pulled out a special plant root. May asked, "What's that?" Pearl explained, "It's a type of root that produces a liquid that negates all scents from whatever it is applied to. It wears off after a few hours and all foreign scents are removed by that time. The host also begins producing its unique scent at that time as well. With this, I'll cleanse myself of any foreign scents that have been spread to me. Wouldn't want the clan to discover that my sister was still alive, right?" Ruby nodded, "Good point. Let me give you a hand there." Pearl replied, "Thanks, sis." Ruby added, "I have a name now, you know. It's Ruby." Pearl giggled, "OK. Thanks, Ruby."

Once Ruby had finished applying the tonic to her sister, Pearl waved goodbye to her friends. "Hey, Ash. You make sure my sister stays happy. And when you figure out the date, let me know when the wedding is! Oh, and if you're looking for Mt. Pyre, keep heading west and head south when you reach a fork in the road. But before I go.....YAH!" Pearl came sailing into Shadow and slugged him with a Force Palm! "That's for trying to kill my sister and for kicking me today! You better behave while I'm gone!" With that, she turned and ran off into the woods, leaving Shadow gripping his stomach in pain. Sapphire asked, "Are you OK, Mr. Shadow?" Shadow groaned, "No worries. I deserved that. Ow." Ash grinned and said, "Heheheh, I like your sister, Ruby." Ruby smiled, "She's a real doll. She's obsessed with finding the perfect man before choosing to settle down. She won't settle for anyone but the best."

That night, everyone was fast asleep in their sleeping bags while Shadow stood watch, his stomach slightly sore from Pearl's Force Palm. At around midnight, he noticed Ash climbing out of his sleeping bag. "What's up? Can't sleep?" Ash replied, "Uh, I gotta go. OK?" Shadow smirked, "OK. Just don't go very far." Ash nodded and headed off into the woods. But as Shadow watched Ash walk away, he failed to notice Ruby slink off into the woods as well.

"Hooo... That's better." Ash said as he pulled his pants back up. But just as he turned to head back to camp, he heard Ruby's voice. "Have a minute, dear?" Ash turned and saw his lover in the bushes. "Something wrong?" Ruby sighed, "Kind of. But it's not me." Ash was puzzled, "Then what's wrong?" Ruby replied, "It's Lucy." Ash had never suspected that there was anything wrong with Lucy. She seemed to be emotionally distraught at times, but there did not seem to be anything of significance wrong with her. But it was clear that Ruby knew something about her that Ash did not.

"What's wrong with her? Is she sick?" Ash asked, clearly worried about what Ruby was referring to. She spoke, "Ash, do you remember how my eyes looked when we first met?" Ash was surprised, but remained silent. Ruby went on, "Lucy refuses to say anything about why she left her clan, but I can tell that her reasons were extremely similar to my own. Her eyes show the exact same kind of suffering that I experienced. You see, she is the same as me."

Ash asked, "But why are you telling me this?" Ruby sighed, "Ash, do you love her?" Being honest, he replied, "Well, I really like her. I don't want to see her hurt or sad. But I don't think I'm in love with her." Ruby sighed, "Ash, even though neither of you loves each other like I love you, Lucy needs you just as much as I do. If you ever start to find yourself feeling for her like you do for me, please tell her." Ash was shocked and asked, "But I thought you didn't want another woman with me!" Ruby explained, "Lucy is the same as me, so she needs you just as much as I do. If I were to deny her from you, it would be like denying myself. Please, Ash. If you and her fall in love, don't let our love stop you."

Ash gulped, "But.....are you sure?" Ruby smiled, "I know I was a bit jealous at first, but I see Lucy as the little sister I never had. I want the best for her, even if it means sharing my husband with her. Besides, it's not uncommon for male Lucario to have more than one mate. Don't let it bother you." Ash scratched his head at Ruby's request and sighed, "OK. I don't love Lucy like that right now, but I might fall in love with her if I have enough time. I'll tell her if that happens." Ruby shed a tear of gratitude, "Thank you. Let's get back to camp. Oh, and Ash?" Ash looked at her with a concerned look. "Don't tell Lucy that we had this discussion tonight." Ash grinned, "You got it! This is just between you and me!"

The next day, the group had come to the fork in the road that Pearl had told them about. A path separated from the road to the south. But before they got very far, the sound of a tree branch suddenly snapping rang out, followed immediately by a shout. "Oh crap, not this!" The rustling of leaves was heard as a thick branch hit the ground that seemed to be dead and rotten. Following after it was a male Lucario, who hit the ground headfirst.

"Dang.....that one hurt. Just my luck to land on a rotten branch. Huh? YOU?!" The Lucario jumped up at the sight of Ash's entourage. They quickly noticed a strange anomaly on him. From his shoulders down to his black forearms, there was a strip of black fur. Shadow groaned, "Not you again. At least you won't be such a pain to deal with."

Ash asked, "You know this guy, Shadow?" The Lucario replied, "You heard about him yesterday. His name is Hawkeye." Ruby gasped, "From the Blackflame Five?!" It was then that Hawkeye noticed Ruby standing behind Ash. "Shadow, you said you destroyed her! Don't tell me you....." Shadow growled, "So what if I spared her?!" Hawkeye growled, "Of all the..... I never even dreamed that you would betray us." Shadow roared, "Don't tell me what to do! I had my reasons! I was a fool to think that anyone who disobeyed the codes of our clan, regardless of reason, was deserving of death! Now scram!"

Hawkeye shuddered as Shadow took a step towards him. "St-st-stay back!!! I'm warning you!" Shadow smirked, "You always were afraid of me, right? You know you can't possibly hope to kill me in hand-to-hand combat. I'll tear you to shreds." At this, Hawkeye dashed into the trees and seemed to disappear. "Heh. Coward." Ash then asked, "That was Hawkeye?" Shadow nodded, "Yeah. But we better get moving. I'm pretty sure Mt. Pyre isn't far from here."

About � a mile away, Hawkeye perched himself at the top of a towering tree. He caught his breath, "That was close. I never could stand against Shadow like that. But from here....." He then held out his left hand. The black strip of fur along that arm began to glow blue as his Aura was channeled through it. What seemed to be a longbow formed entirely out of Aura now rested in Hawkeye's left hand. It was then that the strip of black fur along his right arm began to glow blue. As he reached his right hand out and gripped the bowstring, a bolt of his Aura formed. "If Shadow wouldn't do the job, I'll just have to do it myself."

Hawkeye focused carefully and could make out Ruby in the distance. As he drew the bowstring back, he grinned, "Childs play." But a second later, he noticed a large blue beam of light coming towards him at high speed. " that....?" It was then that he realized that Shadow had sent an Aura Sphere directly at him! "NO FAIR, YOU FILTHY TRAITOR!!!" Hawkeye screamed as the blast roared through the treetop.

Shadow smirked, "Got 'em. Now we don't have to worry about him alerting the rest of the clan." Ruby laughed, "Nice one, Shadow. Never thought I would see a pair of the original Blackflame Six square off against each other." Shadow grunted, "Hawkeye's close combat skills are mediocre at best. He could never hope to bring me down." Ash spoke, "OK, but the ferry for Mt. Pyre's just ahead. Let's hurry before it sets sail!" But unknown to the group, Hawkeye dangled from a tree branch by one leg. "Why me? Why did it have to be me who had to face Shadow?"

The group had narrowly managed to board the ferry before it could leave. Even right after leaving the dock, Mt. Pyre's summit could be seen in the distance, just peeking up over the water. "Shadow, what kind of place is Mt. Pyre?" Brock asked. The Lucario replied, "From what I know from the rumors, it is a place where the disembodied spirits of Pokemon that are no longer of this world linger. Our clan even sees it as holy ground. So I believe it would be wise to be respectful of their final resting place." Ash sighed; knowing that it was fully possible that the spirit of at least one of the six servants of Ashton may be resting there.

That night, Hawkeye stood before the Alpha male of the Blackflame clan, the hulking Titan at his side. Pearl had also been summoned for an important meeting among the Blackflame Five and was watching from behind a thicket. She could tell that by Hawkeye's panicked expression that it involved Shadow, as he was the only person who could frighten him.

"My chief, I encountered Shadow this afternoon. He was in the company of the traitor that he had claimed to have destroyed." The Alpha male growled, "Shadow? He lied about that? Why? He would never betray us. Few have such an unwavering sense of loyalty that he does." Hawkeye added, "I am 100% certain that he has severed his allegiance to us. He attempted to kill me when I tried to slay the nameless traitor." This piqued the Alpha's curiosity. "He defended her?"

Titan spoke up, "Wait a second..... Was there a human with him?" Hawkeye replied, "There were four humans with him, but one seemed to be standing especially near him. He had the attire of what we know as 'Trainers' and seemed to be ready to call out a command at any time." The Alpha male grumbled, "So that's it." Hawkeye asked, "Sir? Whatever do you mean?" The Alpha explained, "That Trainer. He must have captured Shadow and brainwashed him. There can be no other reason of why Shadow would betray us. What is more... That nameless female. I'm certain that this Trainer captured her and most likely raped her. She may be worthless, but she knows the codes of our clan as well as all other members."

The Alpha frowned, "Yes, this Trainer is the true threat. He is the cause of Shadow's treachery." Pearl gasped as she overheard the Alpha say this. (Sis, no..... They wouldn't really...) The Alpha asked, "Hawkeye, where are they now?" He explained, "They seemed to be heading towards Mt. Pyre at the time I encountered them. They have likely reached it by now." The Alpha muttered, "Clever. All acts of violence there is taboo. Even if we did pursue them there, we would not be able to strike him down without risking angering the spirits that rest there. We will have to wait for them to return to this area first."

The Alpha male growled, "This Trainer will soon learn the price of turning our clan members against us. As soon as he leaves Mt. Pyre, we will hunt him down and slaughter him." A sinister voice chuckled, "Excellent. I can't wait to feel the texture of human flesh at the tips of my spikes." The Alpha spoke, "Compose yourself, Silent Fang. He's out of your reach for now." He replied, "I know. The more time it takes for the prey to come into view, the more satisfying the kill." The Alpha turned to Titan, his right and only eye shining a crimson red in the moonlight. "Titan, you will serve as lookout at the water's edge for now. We will swap positions every two hours." The burly Lucario nodded, "Understood, Thanatos."

Unbeknownst to the other four, Pearl held her hands to her chest in fear and dread, knowing her sister's lover had been marked for death. "What do I do? What can I do? Sis.....forgive me....."
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