AGNPH Stories

Rukario Romance by XD385


The Phoenix in the Viper Nest

Caution. Minor spoilers ahead.

That is, if you can figure it out.

Over the course of a week, Ashton and Chiara made their way across the ocean towards the Kingdom of Rohta. Ashton carefully looked over the note that had the directions to Team Rocket's HQ. The viscount nodded, "These directions are very complex and thought-out. I seriously doubt that their leader was lying about this." Chiara replied, "Truly? Then this will be easier than expected." After several moments of soaring over the ocean, Chiara spoke, "Ashton, land ho!" When Ashton looked ahead, he saw the Kanto region looming on the horizon. "Home at last."

Before long, the duo was gliding high above the southwest area of the Kanto region. It did not take them long to reach Pallet Town. But Ashton asked, "Hold on.... Wasn't Green Mile supposed to be around here? And where's the castle? It should be especially easy to spot!" Chiara replied, "Ashton, it has been 500 years since you left this world. The Kingdom of Rohta has since been disbanded. The town of Green Mile has shrunk greatly and is now known as Pallet Town." Ashton looked around a bit and sighed, "So much has changed. I can't even tell where the castle used to be. Chiara, let's land. I need to check our bearings." The Lugia nodded, "As you wish."

The midget Lugia landed with a light thud. Ashton then hopped off and looked around. Pallet Town seemed somewhat rural as it only had dirt roads and the houses were few and far between. "Cozy little hamlet, wouldn't you say? I think I could get used to this." Ashton said after taking a deep breath of fresh air. That was when he had an idea. "Chiara, do you think we could stop by our home for a moment?" Chiara nodded, "Of course. And it's still where you last saw it. The Crimson estate lies to the west." After checking the location of the sun, Ashton began to head down the road to the west with Chiara in tow.

Ashton and Chiara soon passed by a house with a woman with red hair in a ponytail tending to a garden while a Mr. Mime was sweeping the porch with a broom. At the sight of the Mr. Mime, Ashton called out and waved, "Hello there, my good sir! Are you well today?" The Mr. Mime looked ahead and waved back with a smile, "Mi Mime!" Ashton grinned, "Don't speak English? That's quite all right! Carry on." With that, the woman stood up and asked, "What? Who's there...oh! Ash?!" Ashton took a step back when the woman faced him. She shrieked, "What happened?! You've gotten so big!" She then ran out the gate and up to him to give him a hug, but the viscount made a long jump to the side to avoid her.

"Ash, what's wrong?! Why won't you let me hug you?!" Delia asked at Ashton's evasion of her. He scratched his head, "I'm not Ash. I'm Ashton. Similar name, but still different." Delia gasped, "Oh my, I'm so sorry! Did I frighten you?" Ashton blushed, "No, of course not! But may I ask your name?" Delia smiled, "My name is Delia Ketchum." Ashton nodded, "Ketchum? You must be Ash's mother. My name is Ashton Ketchum. I am your boy's ancestor." Delia giggled, "Ancestor?! You're such a tease! But oh my, what a fantastic outfit! Why don't you come inside. We have some tea boiling and it should be ready soon." Ashton shrugged his shoulders, "Why thank you. I'd be glad to." Delia then called over to the Mr. Mime, "Mimey! Please go make sure that we have enough tea for our guest." After the two of them went inside, Ashton sighed, "Tease? Outfit? It would seem that this generation is somewhat skeptical of the past."

Once Ashton and Chiara went inside, they recognized the scent of tea right away. "Green tea. And maybe some lemon wedges?" Chiara said as she sniffed the air. But Ashton was too busy examining the living room. "Fascinating. Times sure have changed." Just then, he noticed the television. "A wooden box with a panel of black glass?" Ashton bent down and looked at the buttons near the bottom. "Vol, Power?" Curious, Ashton pressed the button. Just then, the sound of music and a woman shouting rang out, "Yeah, now the other leg! One and two! One and two!"

"What the hell?!" Ashton screamed in shock as he jumped backwards and took cover behind the sofa. With a hand on the Flamberge's hilt, he slowly peeked out from behind it. On the television screen was a woman in a spandex suit performing exercises with a pair of other young ladies. "What is this? Some sort of device that shows what is happening in a distant location?" Ashton let go of his weapon and walked back in front of the television. "Now, high kicks! Reach high!" The woman then balanced on one leg while kicking her other leg very high into the air while holding her arms above her head.

"Hm, interesting." Ashton did the same as the woman did and began to flex his right leg. "I could get used to this." Next, the woman began doing handstands. Following along, Ashton stood on his hands and began to press himself upwards. After a moment, he grumbled, "Too easy." He then balanced himself and began to perform vertical pushups with only his left arm. After a minute, he swapped over to his other arm. Just then, Delia called, "The tea is ready!" Ashton smiled, "OK!" He then flipped forward and stood up. But now he had to figure out how to turn the television off. "Maybe if I push that same knob again..." As he suspected, the television turned off. "Now for some tea."

Ashton and Chiara walked into the kitchen and noticed the tea kettle on the table. "Hope you like honey tea." Delia said with a smile as she took her seat. Chiara muttered, "Honey tea? My nose must be rusty..." Ashton took a seat and poured him and Chiara a glass. "Cheers." In unison, the three of them took a sip. Ashton and Chiara sighed as they tasted the new brew. "You like it? You almost look as if you've never tasted honey tea before." Delia said with a giggle. Ashton nodded, "That's because I never have. Must've been concocted over the last 500 years. I really like tea, so I would've noticed if it was created while still alive."

Delia sighed, "You're really working hard to keep up the act. Are you auditioning for a movie or something?" Ashton gave her an odd look, "Movie? What's that?" Delia grumbled a bit, "I'm amazed by how dedicated you are. I'm sure you'll make the audition." Ashton asked, "What audition? Wait a second....." Ashton got up from his chair and walked over to Delia. He closely inspected her face. "Strange..... I could swear that I've seen your face in a portrait at my manor. Are you a direct descendant of my mother or father?" Delia giggled, "I don't see how you could've met me before. But now that I think about it, where were you going?" Ashton replied, "Chiara and I were just heading home. Our manor is located in the forest to the west. At least I hope it is. A lot can happen in 500 years." But Chiara spoke, "It should be fine. Aurora and I made sure that there would be no intruders while we were gone." Just then, Delia asked, "If it's fine with you, may I come with you to see your home?" Ashton nodded, "Of course. It's the least I can do to thank you for this fine tea."

Ashton, Chiara, and Delia set out for the edge of Pallet Town after placing Mimey in charge of the Ketchum household. Once they were at the edge of the forest, Delia asked, "Are you sure this is it?" Ashton grinned, "Pretty sure. I don't remember the town looking like this.....oh, what the heck. Chiara, would you mind flying us over the canopy? I'm sure we'll notice it more easily." Chiara nodded, "Very well." She then lowered a wing for Ashton to board her. Once seated, he spoke to Delia, "Well, are you coming?" Delia gulped, "Are you sure it's safe?" Ashton laughed, "I have never fallen off of Chiara before, so I doubt you will either." He then held out a hand to her. With a hint of fear in her eyes, Delia took hold of Ashton's hand and was pulled up. "Let's go." Chiara began to rise into the air and then flew forward over the treetops.

Over the course of five minutes, the three of them soared over the forest in search of the Crimson estate. Just then, Delia pointed, "Is that it?" Chiara looked to the right and saw the roof of a manor in a gap in the forest. "Yes!" The Lugia swerved and flew towards it. With a gentle thud, she landed before the front gate to the estate. Delia gasped as she hopped off, "Oh my, it's brilliant! Like a scene from a romance novel!" But Ashton simply stared with a disheartened look on his face. He approached the gate and tried to push it open. It shuddered and screeched as the rusty iron bars scraped against each other.

The estate had fallen into neglect throughout the centuries. Ivy now encrusted most of the manor's limestone walls. The spectacular bush sculptures that Cassandra had worked so hard to maintain were now massive heaps of branches. Weeds filled the courtyard and various stone sculptures had crumbled to pieces from the wear of time. The viscount dropped to his knees, "So much has changed..." He then stood up and walked over to what seemed to be a stone monument that was next to the stairs that led up to the front door.

Chiara saw where Ashton was walking to and sighed, "So many bad memories..." Ashton then kneeled in front of the small stone tablet and began to pull vine after vine away. Soon, words could be seen on the stone. "Here lies Serra Crimson, fiancé to Ashton Redford Crimson. Died defending the one she loved. May her regal and fierce heart never be forgotten." Ashton bowed his head, "It's still here. Everything on this tombstone is still readable." He then made his way to the front door, but jumped back at a sudden jolt. "A barrier?"

Chiara stepped forward, "Ashton, this barrier is what has kept the interior untouched by outsiders for the last 500 years. Aurora and I erected it before we abandoned this place after Laura died." Ashton grumbled, "Then that means we can't go inside until Aurora returns." But Chiara shook her head, "No, not necessarily. As long as at least one of the two who created the seal is present, it can still be removed along with someone who the user has a close bond with." Ashton then gave her an amorous stare, "And our bond is as close as they come, right?" The Lugia brought a hand to her face and blushed, "You know it, dear." They then faced the door and brought a hand together. With the other hand, they placed them against the barrier and whispered an arcane chant. Although it seemed that nothing had happened, the barrier vanished upon the completion of the chant. Ashton then pushed the door open and signaled for Delia and Chiara to follow him.

"Hmm. I can't believe that it's not very dusty here." Ashton said as he stomped the rug. Chiara explained, "That barrier was more advanced than the one you and Serenade used. It doesn't just repel solids, but liquids and gases too." Delia marveled at the hall as they passed through. But they stopped just outside Ashton's bedroom. After a moment of solemn silence, he opened the door and stepped inside.

Ashton walked to the center of his room and looked around. He saw the paintings of his eight lovers. He blushed when he saw the picture of Ruby posing while nude. His gaze then rested on his bed, where his many children were conceived. But his gaze then rested back on Zandria's portrait. Ashton then dropped to his knees and sobbed, "Why? Why did you never arrive?"

Chiara walked over to Ashton and asked, "What's wrong? Do you miss Zandria's cooking? I know I do." Ashton replied, "No, it's not that. I miss her entirely. I never saw her after I died." Chiara gasped, "She was not there?!" Ashton sobbed, "No. I haven't seen her for over 500 years." Chiara nodded, "Then that means she still resides in this world. If she has not seen you for 500 years or more, then she'll make her presence known when she sees you again." Ashton wiped his tears away, "Thank you. I suppose it's only a matter of time then. But before we leave, I want to see the Flying Duskull."

Ashton led Chiara and Delia down into the cellar and surprised the young mother with the secret passage. Lighting a torch, the viscount led his lover and guest downwards. But when they reached the dock, Ashton gagged, "All right, what gives?! Someone better own up to this!" The Flying Duskull was still seaworthy, but it had been placed onto solid ground somehow! It now sat high and dry next to the dock. Chiara laughed, "Sorry, but it had to be done."

Ashton turned to the Lugia and asked, "It had to be done? Why?" Chiara explained, "You know how corrosive seawater is. If the Flying Duskull had been left in the water, it would have rotted away over the years. To prevent that, Aurora and I dry-docked it so it would remain safe." Ashton smiled, "I see. Good call." He then turned to Delia, "So, what do you think of your family's private vessel?" Delia staggered back, "M...MY family's vessel?! Are you serious?!" Ashton nodded, "I was not deceiving you when I said that I died 500 years ago. Your son is my descendent. My name is Ashton Ketchum." Delia began to totter as she whispered, "My son's...ancestor....." She fainted and was about to hit the ground, but Ashton ran over to her and caught her. "As I thought. Very skeptical."

Ashton locked the door to the manor after setting Delia down in one of the two guest rooms. "Are you sure that there's enough food in there to last her until we come back?" Ashton asked Chiara. The Lugia nodded, "Yes. Since no air could enter the manor, the foods in the kitchen have not rotted very much at all. She'll be fine if she gets hungry." Ashton nodded, "Good to hear. Now let's go pay this 'Team Rocket' a visit." After letting Ashton board her again, Chiara took to the sky and headed north.

Before long, Ashton asked, "There seems to be a city ahead. Is that Verdant?" Chiara replied, "Not anymore. It's called Viridian City now." Ashton then checked the note, "Good. We need to head west from Viridian City." Chiara then curved to the left as she began to head to the west. Only when they could no longer see Viridian City did they land. And it was right in front of the forest too.

Chiara gulped, "The Dead Forest. Seems appropriate for a stronghold of villains to be here." Ashton then spoke, "Chiara, have you truly forgotten?" The Lugia gave him a puzzled look. "Honestly, does this forest look DEAD to you?" Chiara looked back at the trees and saw that they were lush and full of life. Ashton nodded, "Exactly. Since that night, this forest has been renamed the 'Forest of Rebirth'. Never forget it." He then took the note in hand and walked into the trees with Chiara at his side.

"Let's see here..... The tree to the left...then the one about four trees to the north.....GAH! This is ridiculous!" Ashton groaned as he crumpled the note in his hand. Chiara sighed, "Seems he was being extra cautious. What now?" Ashton looked around and replied, "I have a hunch of where to go." He then began to walk further west and then north. Chiara stayed close behind him. After a short while, they came to a small clearing. Ashton brought a hand to his chest, "This spot..... This is where it..."

Chiara asked, "Ashton, are you saying that this spot here is where..." Ashton nodded, "Yes... This is where I..." Ashton stopped when Chiara pleaded, "Please, don't say it! I don't want to remember that moment! That horrific wound..... I thought I had lost you right there!" Ashton rested a hand on her neck, "You need not be so upset. I came close, but I survived. Still, I admit that I got lucky." Just then, Ashton had an idea. "Chiara, can you scan this area? Something tells me we're close." Chiara nodded and her eyes began to glow a light blue. She looked towards a tree at the edge of the clearing, "Strange. That tree is mostly hollow and is made of metal."

Ashton approached the false tree and examined it. He knocked on it and found it to be metal and hollow indeed. "This must be what the note led to. But what am I supposed" When Ashton pressed his hand against a certain part of the trunk, a rectangular section moved inward and slid out of sight, revealing a button. Without even thinking, Ashton gave it a push. At that moment, a square hole in the ground at the center of the clearing began to open. Soon, a metal platform with a small pole with a button on top waited for a passenger.

Ashton stepped onto the elevator with Chiara. "So what now?" Chiara looked at the pole at the side, "I believe this is an elevator. You press a button and something happens." Ashton took her advice and pressed the button that was adorned with an arrow that was pointing downwards. In response, the elevator began to descend. Once it was a safe distance away, the hatch above it closed, causing rows of lights to come on that were lining the walls in vertical rows. Ashton grabbed the hilt of the Flamberge and said, "We're in the Viper's Nest now. Prepare yourself, Chiara." The Lugia nodded, "I am prepared. Let's get through this together."

Once the elevator reached the bottom of the shaft, Ashton and Chiara found themselves in a metal room with a single doorway. But there were no knobs. "How are we supposed to open a door without a knob?" Chiara noticed the glass panel with buttons next to the door. "Just leave this one to me."

The guard on the other side of the door heard the panel next to him beep. He pressed a button and asked, "Who goes there?" A voice replied, "This is Jessie and James! We have a very important gift for the boss and he is expecting us." The guard nodded, "Oh, right. He's expecting you." He then pressed a button and the door opened. But he was surprised to see no one out there. "What the?" He cautiously stepped through the door and looked from side to side, unaware of Chiara levitating above him and Ashton standing on the wall just above the door with the Flamberge in both hands.

With a swift downward smack, Ashton bopped the guard on the head with the flat side of the blade, making a comical metallic ding and knocking him out. Ashton then hopped down from the wall and looked up at Chiara, "Remember, we're only here for the leader. Avoid confrontations whenever possible." The Lugia nodded, "Understood. Now let's get this over with." The two then headed down the hall. But the guard, just before passing out completely, pressed a button on his comm. device.

A few minutes passed as the duo infiltrated Team Rocket's HQ. There were a few grunts that passed by, but Ashton and Chiara would hide very well whenever possible. Whoever they could not avoid, Chiara would just knock them out with telekinetic mind warping. But suddenly, an alarm went off and red lights flashed along the halls! A voice called out through the intercoms, "Attention all personnel! There are two intruders in the halls! Find and destroy them!" Ashton grumbled, "Not good! Let's hurry!" He then dashed down the hall with Chiara flying after him.

They did not get far before a squad of Team Rocket shock troopers blocked their way in the hall. They were all armed with automatic rifles. Ashton shouted as he charged them, "Stand aside! You're not the ones I'm after!" But they did not listen. The entire platoon unleashed a barrage of bullets at the two intruders. But they seemed to be striking an invisible barrier instead! Chiara was generating a psychic wall just in front of Ashton. Annoyed by this unexpected resistance, Ashton shouted, "I warned you!" When he closed in enough, Ashton performed a very wide slash with the Flamberge, cleaving the entire squad in two. "Thank you, Chiara. But let's keep going! The leader may try to escape!"

Ashton and Chiara continued charging down the hall, slaughtering anyone who tried to stop them. But every time they came to a door at the sides, Ashton looked inside to check if it was the boss's domain. At one point, he ran into a room he really wished he had not.

"EEEK!!! YOU PERVERT!!! GET OUT!!!! SECURITY!!!!" Ashton backed up out of the ladies' bathroom while evading a mess of lingerie being thrown at him. He turned around and nervously blushed, "Um.....that's not the right room." Chiara sighed, "I would say not. But enough of that. Surely this corridor has an end. Let's try going all the way and see where it leads." Ashton smiled, "Good idea. Let's move!"

After disposing of a few more assault platoons, Ashton and Chiara came to a surprisingly large door at the end of the corridor. To their surprise, it opened on its own as they approached it. Ashton threw up an arm as a signal for Chiara to wait for him. He stepped inside with his right hand on the Flamberge's hilt. The room was very large and dome-shaped. It was also very dark. But when he walked a certain distance from the door, it closed! "Ashton, open this door!" Chiara shouted. The viscount ran back over to the door and could not find a way to open it. "I'm sorry Chiara, but I can't find a means to open it. Watch yourself. You're at a dead end right now. Prepare yourself for enemies coming from behind." Chiara sighed, "Very well. Just be careful until the door opens again." Chiara then turned around and prepared herself for a possible attack. "Nowhere to run. I must stand and fight."

Ashton kept his hand on the hilt of the Flamberge as he made his way to the center of the room. "It's too dark to make anything out. And this reeks of an ambush." Ashton soon came to the very middle of the room and waited. "I know I'm not alone. So why don't we cut to the chase?!" A young woman's voice echoed, "Yeah, I guess it was pretty obvious when the door was locked. Right, Butch?" A somewhat raspy voice replied, "Sure does. Something about this guy gives me the feeling that he's no amateur." A third voice spoke next. And it was a voice that Ashton could never forget. "Does it really matter? This little birdie wandered into a snake's den and is about to become our lunch." Ashton shuddered, "No..... Even after 600 years, I could never forget that voice." He then drew his sword and raised, "Stop hiding and show yourself, Night Hawk!"

The same voice asked, "Night Hawk? Who the heck is that? I am the Black Tulip. But you can call me Domino if you want." At that moment, the lights turned on. Standing on a platform at the far end of the room was a young man with green hair and a teenage girl with long golden hair that ended in a pair of unkempt ponytails. Standing between the two was a young woman who bore a striking resemblance to the Night Hawk with blonde hair in curly sides. All three were wearing standard Team Rocket attire consisting of black clothes with white gloves and boots.

"More of you? Stand aside. I'm not here for you henchmen." Ashton said as he began to walk towards the door at the far end. But the three Team Rocket operatives jumped down from the platform and stood in his way. The one called Cassidy chuckled, "Wow, what rock did you crawl out under from? That style is so Renaissance." Ashton grunted, "Don't let my looks fool you. This is no costume." Butch smirked, "But that sword can't be real. Who could swing a real sword around that big? It must be plastic." Ashton merely smiled and made a long jump backwards. "If you wish to live, go away. If you do not fear death, bring it!"

The Black Tulip smiled as she brought an artificial black tulip to her face. "You wanna fight? Fine." She then threw the flower at Ashton like a throwing knife. But before it could reach him, Ashton swung his blade, splitting the flower in two. Butch's jaw dropped, "It's a REAL sword?!" Cassidy gulped, "This is bad. I don't think I can handle him!" Black Tulip then said, "You're right. So go."

Butch and Cassidy asked, "What?! Why?!" Black Tulip explained, "You two have some skill in combat, but I seriously doubt that you can really be of help here. Leave. You'll only get in the way." She then called out, "Hey, swordsman. Let these two go. They're no threat to you." Ashton nodded, "Fine." The two Team Rocket operatives then walked past Ashton and opened the door. But before Chiara could attack them, Ashton called out, "Let them go, Chiara! Just stand watch for reinforcements!" The Lugia growled, "As you wish." After taking one last look at their comrade, Butch and Cassidy ran down the corridor for the closest escape route. Once they were gone, the door closed again, trapping Ashton with the Black Tulip.

Black Tulip pulled out another artificial black tulip. Suddenly, it extended, becoming a javelin! "Let's get started, pretty boy!" Ashton raised his sword, "This is just like old times. I once faced off against someone long ago who looked just like you. Only difference is that she was a sorceress." Black Tulip chuckled, "Pretty ironic, huh? Except this time, it's gonna be YOU who falls!"

Black Tulip made a quick lunge with her weapon, narrowly missing Ashton's face. The viscount countered with a wide swing of his blade, but the slender woman ducked low to the ground and evaded it. She then threw another black tulip at Ashton. The viscount evaded the shot with a very acrobatic backward flip. Black Tulip then used her javelin like a pole vault and threw a number of black tulips at him.

Ashton knew that this barrage would be hard to get around, so he decided to get rid of it. He leaned back a bit, and then threw his face forward and released a massive wave of fire, incinerating the tulips and nearly scorching Black Tulip herself. But the wily temptress landed and threw her javelin at the viscount. Ashton was not prepared and tried to deflect it. But the cold and calculating woman had anticipated this and had thrown her weapon in a way that would cause Ashton to bring his right hand up into its path. The javelin passed through the spot where the Flamberge was resting in Ashton's hand. Separated from its master, the sword fell to the ground and slid a good distance away.

"Hey! No fair!" Ashton turned around to chase after his weapon, but Black Tulip yelled, "Don't take your eyes off the enemy!" Ashton turned around, but saw Black Tulip running towards him with another black tulip in hand, but the stem looked like a dagger. But as she closed in, Ashton reached for something under his cape with his left hand. Once Black Tulip was in range, Ashton pulled out his secret weapon and slashed upwards. There was a spray of blood as the blade cut through the Black Tulip's chest. Her face showed utter disbelief, as if she could not believe how quickly Ashton had pulled his weapon from its scabbard and attacked with it.

Black Tulip fell backwards onto the floor, her blood oozing down her torso. "So fast..... I didn't even see it..." She looked up at the weapon that Ashton had struck her with. It was a middle length sword meant to be held in one hand. But what was truly unusual about it was the design of the blade. It had two blades that separated just past the hilt, remaining only an inch apart. Even more stunning was the color of the metal. It was a beautiful shade of blue. Ashton nodded, "You should feel proud. You are only the second opponent I have ever struck with this weapon." He then sheathed the sword in its scabbard under his cape.

Ashton kneeled down next to Black Tulip and gazed into her eyes. "What? You got...something to say?" Ashton sighed, "Your eyes are cold. Vicious. Every bit as sadistic as the demon I faced so long ago. And yet...I see a heart. You may be just as ruthless as the Night Hawk, but you still surpass her in terms of morality." Black Tulip choked, "You're something else... You strike a fatal blow and speak words of kindness to me?" But she soon smiled, "It was a pleasure, Pretty Boy....."

Ashton watched for a moment after Black Tulip said her last words. He let out a sigh of regret as he placed his hand over her eyes and moved it downwards, closing them. He then reached for a black tulip she dropped and wrapped her hands around it before setting them down on her stomach. He then walked over to the Flamberge and placed it on his back. He then went over to the door that Chiara was behind and found that it opened when he walked up to it. Chiara asked, "Ashton, are you well?" The viscount nodded, "Yes. Go wait at the other end of the room. I need to go get something. And don't mind the mess."

Giovanni waited in silence in his office. He was awaiting the report of the intruders having been dealt with. "This is taking too long..." Just then, the armored door at the front of the room was sliced to pieces! After the fragments fell to the floor, Ashton walked in with the Flamberge in hand. He said nothing as he walked towards the villain. But the heartless Giovanni gave an evil smirk as he pressed a button under his desk.

In four corners of the room, four automatic machineguns popped out of hidden compartments and took aim at Ashton. The viscount looked around in a panic. Giovanni laughed, "You never should've come here, boy." The machineguns then opened fire in a hail of gunfire. After about ten seconds, the machineguns halted their barrage. To Giovanni's shock, Ashton was still standing. Worse, he was raising his sword above him. Giovanni then pressed a button for the guns to fire again. After another ten seconds, the barrage halted again. Ashton, wounded as he was, still would not fall. Blood was pouring from his countless injuries. And yet he still would not back down.

Finally fed up with the boy's defiance, Giovanni pressed the button again and held it down. For the next minute, the machineguns fired a constant stream of lead into Ashton. Only when the sound of clicking was heard did Giovanni release the button. Ashton stood motionless for a moment, and then fell to his knees. Giovanni breathed a sigh of relief, "He cost me every last bit of ammunition. If he was still alive, I would be in trouble right now." Just then, a voice from outside the office said, "Is that so?"

Giovanni froze at the sight of Ashton walking into the room. "But....who did....what are...?!" Giovanni could not stop stuttering at the sight of the boy before him who he had just seen die. With a snap of his fingers, the decoy of Ashton was engulfed by a puff of smoke. When the cloud dissipated, Giovanni stared in horror at the sight of one of his lackeys. Its face was frozen with a look of horror while the body was riddled with bullet holes. "Transformation and Dead Soul Jutsu. Works every time."

Giovanni began to frantically press a button at his desk, but nothing happened. Chiara then walked in, her eyes glowing a light blue. "Don't bother. I'm holding every exit in this chamber closed. There's no escape for you." Ashton then drew the Flamberge and stepped forward. "You see Pokemon as nothing more than a means to make money. You completely ignore the fact that they are people and sell them as if they're mere objects. There is absolutely no place in this world for scum like you."

Ashton smiled as Giovanni backed up to the far wall of the office with a look of sheer terror on his face. Ashton spoke, "Seeing as how there's no place for you in this world, allow me to send you to the one realm where your kind are welcomed." He then raised the Flamberge over his left shoulder. "I'm sending you to Hell!!!" There was a swoosh as the Flamberge was swung through the air, followed by a bloodcurdling scream. A moment later, Ashton asked, "Anyone have a leather sack I can borrow?"

Several weeks later, Ruby was observing herself in a full-length mirror. Now a little over 50 days pregnant, her belly was heavily swollen. She sighed as she ran her hands over herself. She cooed as she felt her child move within her womb. Slowly, Ruby removed her blue pants and cast them aside. As she gazed at her nude form, she began to desire love from her dear fiancé. And when she heard the shower turn off, Ruby knew that she was about to get just that.

Ash yawned as he walked out of the bathroom as it was very late. But when he looked at the bed, he gulped at the sight of Ruby tenderly gazing at him. " you need something, Ruby?" The lustful Lucario murred, "I need some love. So come over here. I know you want me." As she said that, Ash lost his grip on the towel and it fell to his feet. Ruby's mouth began to water at the sight of Ash's member beginning to straighten out until it was curling upwards just slightly.

Ash scratched his head, "I guess you're not taking no for an answer this time. OK, but I'll try to be gentle so I don't hurt the baby." Ruby giggled, "Big Daddy's such a thoughtful boy. Well, don't keep me waiting." Ash walked over to Ruby as she spread her legs. Not wasting any time, he plunged his member into her warm depths. Ruby shuddered in pleasure that she did not feel often. Suddenly, she felt Ash grab one of her breasts as he began to thrust into her. A tiny squeeze caused milk to squirt from her nipple. "Wow, you sure have a lot of this stuff now, don't ya?" Ruby giggled, "I have to feed two babies now. Only natural."

Over the course of several minutes, Ash and Ruby continued to make love. But as Ash felt his member and testicles beginning to tingle, Ruby felt a sudden discomfort deep inside her. Even though she had not yet orgasmed, she could feel a type of liquid flowing down her birth canal. That was when she realized the truth. "Ash, wait! We need to stop!" However, Ash panted, "Too late! I can't...ugh..." Ash gasped as his member began to pump his seed into his lover. Ruby let out a moan of both pleasure and pain as Ash's sperm flooded into her.

Ash let out a sigh of relief as he pulled out of Ruby. But the Lucario groaned, "Ash, do you have any idea what you just did?!" The boy looked at her, "Um, you mean aside from having an orgasm?" Ruby yelled, "I'm in labor! You just sprayed your sperm all over our child! Urgh..." Ruby held a hand to her belly as a contraction hit her. Ash held her gently, "Are you OK?" Ruby panted, "Yeah... It doesn't hurt as much as when I gave birth to Sapphire. I think your seed is adding some lubrication to my insides. I also think that the pleasure chemicals in my body from my orgasm are blocking out some of the pain." Ash held her up with his body while kneeling behind Ruby and holding her legs apart with his hands.

Over the course of several minutes, Ruby pushed her child from her womb. Ash soon saw the head emerge. "I can see him! Um...ya know, he looks pretty cute with all that white stuff on him." Ruby giggled, "You're right! Weird, but true! OW!" Ruby continued to push hard. Soon the baby was halfway out. "OK, I'm moving around to the front." Ash let go of Ruby and climbed off the bed and walked around to her front. He then held out his hands and cupped the baby gently in his palms. With one more groan, Ruby pushed the child from her body and into her lover's waiting hands.

Ash cradled the tiny Riolu in his arms as he sat down next to Ruby. He asked, "Why isn't he crying?" Ruby panted, "Riolu babies are very quiet at birth. It helps their parents hide from potential danger in the wild." Ash then asked, "Do you think it's a boy or a girl?" Ruby took her child from her boyfriend's hands and looked it over carefully. She soon giggled, "Looks like Sapphire's going to be very happy in the morning. It's a boy." Ash leaned over to his son and caressed his wet and sticky head. He soon opened his eyes and looked up at his parents with curiosity and adoration as he was using his eyes for the very first time.

Ruby held her son to her breast and the baby began to suckle. Ruby then turned to Ash and asked, "What should we name him, dear?" Ash began to brainstorm, but she soon stopped. Ruby asked, "What's wrong?" Ash smiled, "Come on! I named you, and then Sapphire! Don't you think it's your turn to name our kid?" Ruby blushed, "Me?! Well...oh?" Ruby noticed that her son had stopped suckling from her breast and was now staring at his father very intently.

Ash lowered his face to his son and reached out with a hand. To his surprise, the boy mimicked him perfectly. Ash then rolled his head to one side. Sure enough, his son followed. Ash then began to make a number complex moves with his hands, legs, and face. His son matched all of them move for move. Ruby was watching the entire time and giggled, "I got it."

Ash looked at Ruby and asked, "You figured out a name?" Ruby nodded, "Sure did." She then looked down at her son and smiled, "Lucash." Ash asked, "Lucash? But that sounds a lot like my own name." Ruby then explained, "Look at how he acts just like you. He makes every move you do. And look at his eyes. They're the same as yours." Ash took a closer look and saw that his son's eyes were a very dark, almost black, shade of brown. The same color as his own. "I can assure you that when he reaches adolescence, he will become a Lucario version of you. Hence the name, Lucash."

Ash could not stop his tears of joy from falling as he reached out and touched hands with his son. "Lucash..... It's perfect." He then threw his arms around Ruby and whispered, "Love you, Ruby." The proud mother replied, "Love you, Ash." Soon, the two lovers fell asleep with their newest addition of their family resting snuggly between them. But while it seemed that there was no one else in the room, Lucy had been watching the entire time while in bed. She blushed, knowing that she was now closer than ever to having a real family of her own.
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