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The Angel Hunts the Devil

As the sun rose over the city of Altomare, Ruby began to stir as the sunlight shone upon her face. She soon sat up and let out a yawn. The young Lucario mother rubbed her eyes as she gathered her surroundings. "Mmm... Such a nice morning. A great start for our last day in Altomare." She then smiled as she looked at the other side of the bed, "Morning, dear." But Ruby then stared at the ruffled sheets as she saw that Ash was not next to her. "Strange... Did he wake up before me?" She shrugged her shoulders, "He probably just went out for breakfast in a hurry. I know how much he likes to eat." Ruby then brought a hand to one of her breasts, "And I need to feed Lucash too." She then left the hotel room and made her way to the next suite over.

After giving a few knocks, Ruby waited as someone answered the door. Ruby smiled, "Morning, Lucy. Did the babies sleep well?" Lucy smiled, "Good morning, Ruby. And yes, they are just waking up." At that moment, Ruby noticed Lucash gazing sleepily around from his bed. Ruby then walked over to him and took a seat on the bed next to him. Ruby caressed his little head, "And how's my little boy feeling?" Lucash yawned, "Kinda hungry..." Ruby smiled and held his face to her breast. She then let out a sigh as Lucash began to suckle. Lucy giggled, "Even though he looks like a young boy, it's easy to overlook the fact that he's still a toddler."

Down in the lobby, Pearl and Shadow waited for the rest of their companions to come down. Pearl asked, "Where do you suppose Ash is? He's usually the first one down." Shadow shrugged his shoulders, "Don't look at me. Maybe he decided to sleep in today." But just then, they heard a bell of sorts as the elevator came down. When the door opened, Shadow and Pearl had to suppress a laugh as they saw Ashton, Zandria, and Chiara tightly wedged into the cramped elevator. Zandria growled, "Whose idea was this?" Chiara blushed, "My apologies... I knew I am smaller than most Lugia, but I suppose I'm still just a little too large for these tiny elevators." Ashton groaned as he struggled to escape the elevator, "Next time, we'll use this thing separately."

After a brief moment of pushing and shoving, Ashton and his two lovers managed to pry themselves free from the cramped confines of the elevator. After regaining his composure, Ashton asked, "Good morning, Pearl. Shadow. Are you well?" Pearl smiled, "How polite. The two of us are just fine." But Zandria then asked, "Hold on..... Where's that handsome boy of mine? Isn't he usually up by now?" Shadow replied, "I was about to ask you the same thing. Are you sure you didn't see him up there?" Chiara grumbled, "No, and we checked by his hotel room while we were at it..." Ashton spoke, "Let's wait for everyone else to join us. One of them must know."

After several more minutes, Ruby, Lucy, Lucash, and Sapphire came down on the elevator. But when they stepped off the elevator, they quickly noticed the others giving them concerned stares. Ruby asked, "Something wrong?" Pearl gave her sister a worried gaze, "Is Ash not with you?" Ruby gasped, "He's not here?!" But Ashton then spoke up, "Hold on. Maybe Latias knows. And she should be here anytime." Ruby gulped, "She better know....."

After enjoying some breakfast, Chiara turned and spoke, "Here she comes now!" At this, everyone turned and watched as the lovely young Eon Pokémon flew in through the open doors of the hotel. Latias smiled, "Good morning, Papa!" Ashton nodded, "Good day, Latias." At this, Ruby spoke, "Where is he?" Latias gave Ruby a baffled look, "He? Who?" At this, the young mother stood up and shouted, "You know whom I'm talking about! Where is my boyfriend?! Where is Ash?!" Latias could feel a tinge of panic in Ruby's voice. She replied, "You don't have to get so upset. I know where he is."

Ruby's expression changed to one of great relief as she gave a hopeful grin, "Really? And where is he?" Latias was silent for a moment as she was worried of what the truth would bring. Chiara asked, "Is he well?" Latias nodded, "He was just fine when I last saw him." Pearl then asked, "That's good to know. Now where is he?" Latias sighed, "He's.....on his way to Sinnoh."

Everyone gave Latias a confused stare. Ruby spoke, "Sinnoh?! But we were due to leave for there today! I know he was excited about taking part in the Pokémon League challenge there, but why would he just up and leave without us?" Shadow then spoke, "If he's in Sinnoh, then all we have to do is catch up to him." But just then, Zandria stood up, "Hold on..." Chiara asked, "Something wrong?" Zandria then looked upwards and eyed a ceiling ventilation shaft cover. She replied, "Just a hunch..." At that moment, the Zangoose became a cloud of spectral mist and floated up and through the gaps in the cover and up through the shaft. Ashton, Chiara, and Latias looked on in shock at what Zandria did. Chiara brought a hand to her chin, "Some sort of spectral power...? Most peculiar..."

A few minutes later, the bell of the elevator chimed again and everyone watched as Zandria emerged from it in her natural Zangoose form. And they recognized what she was carrying in her arms. But before she could speak, Ashton spoke in a voice that was slightly louder than usual, "Since when could you do THAT?!" Zandria asked, "Do what?" He replied, "That! How did you turn into a puff of smoke?!" Zandria laughed, "Oh, that?! I've been able to do that for the last 400 years at least. It's one of the perks to being a specter." Latias giggled, "Right... I forgot that you're dead." But Zandria laughed, "More like 'undying'. I won't leave this world until I'm good and ready!" But just then, Sapphire asked, "Grandma, aren't those Daddy's things?" Zandria was reminded of what she was carrying and nodded, "Yeah. I got suspicious and checked his hotel room. And he left behind all of his supplies. Including Aurora's Poké Ball."

There was an eerie silence as everyone saw that Ash had left behind everything he had, including his critically important Pokédex. And to make matters all the more disturbing, he had left even without so much as a Pokémon to battle with. Shadow gulped, "This doesn't add up. There's no way Ash would forget something as important as his supplies." Ashton crossed his arms, "Even so, we do know where he is. Since he's in Sinnoh, all we have to do is go there and find him." He then turned to Latias, "Latias, are there ferries to Sinnoh here?" She nodded, "Yes, and the ferry to Sinnoh docked here just a little while ago. But it'll take time for them to refuel and restock the ferry. It won't be ready to set sail until this evening." Ruby then demanded, "Who cares?! We need to go after him now!" But as Ruby made a run for the door, Ashton grabbed her by the shoulder, "Easy there. We have no choice but to wait. I doubt the crew will let us go early just for the sake of one boy." Ruby then looked up at Ashton, "But.... He... He might be..." Ashton shook his head, "You know what he is capable of. If attacked, he can defend himself." Ruby sighed as she bowed her head. But Ashton then added, "And besides, don't we have one last day here? Let's just enjoy our time here until the ferry sets sail." He then turned back to the others, "Let's meet up at the harbor this evening. For now, just enjoy yourselves." Ashton then walked up alongside Ruby, "I would like to have a word with you. Come." He then led the Lucario out of the hotel and down the street.

A short while later, Ashton and Ruby were taking a cruise around Altomare in a gondola. As he watched the scenery pass by, Ashton grinned, "I'm glad to see that some methods of transportation haven't gone out of style in my absence." He then glanced to his side at Ruby, who still seemed sick with worry. Ashton asked, "Are you really that worried about him?" She nodded, "More than you know." Ashton then reclined a little while adjusting the Flamberge's position. He asked, "Why are you so devoted to him?" She then gave Ashton a harsh glare, "Is there a reason I shouldn't be?" Ashton gulped, "I didn't say that. I merely wish to know why you are so devoted to him. What draws you to him so?"

Ruby sighed, "He was the first boy I ever met after my evolution who showed me kindness. It's only natural that he would be important to me." Ashton spoke, "So you were returning the debt?" Ruby continued, "I around him. And I assure you that was a very rare feeling for me at the time. In my clan, I was neglected, ridiculed, and otherwise mistreated for a decade. I'm amazed that I was able to endure it for so long. Ash... He... I owe him so much..... And I want to be there for him. Always..." Ashton then turned to her and spoke, "He was the first real friend you ever had. Am I right?" Ruby gave a silent nod. Ashton then smiled, "I will make sure you two are reunited." A moment went by before Ruby gave him a disheartened glance, "You...mean that?" Ashton nodded, "I swear it on my duty as a knight." Ruby then gave Ashton a gaze of sincere gratitude as she threw her arms around him. "Thank you. You're a very good man." Ashton blushed, "Easy there. I'm a happily married man."

After traveling down the canal a while longer, Ruby asked, "Now that I think about it, how many children did you have?" Ashton grinned, "Try not to be too surprised, but I had twelve in all." Ruby yelped, "WHAT?! Twelve children?! How many lovers did you have?" Ashton blushed, "In all? Nine." Ruby blushed, "Is that so? I don't think Ash could handle that many women. It must've been very tricky and there must've been quite a bit of jealousy." Ashton chuckled, "No, not really. It helped that the girls saw each other as sisters. And they accepted that if they could not marry me, starting a family with me was the next best thing." Ruby giggled, "I can see why. You have the same kind of naïve charm that Ash does." Ashton brought a hand to his face, "Charm, eh? Must be hereditary..." Ruby let out a good laugh at Ashton's embarrassment.

Later that day as the others enjoyed their last day in Altomare, Ashton made his way to the secret garden and stood before the Soul Dew. "Latios. Are you there?" A familiar voice replied, "I am, Father." In his eyes, Ashton could see a translucent Latios floating before him. "What brings you here today? Isn't it about time for you to leave?" Ashton nodded, "I'll be heading for the harbor soon. I only wished to speak to you one last time before leaving." Latios smiled, "Well then, let's have it. What do you wish to speak to me about?" Ashton walked to the stone railing overlooking the pond below and leaned against it, "Several things."

Latios asked, "I wasn't really watching, but how did Latias handle the news that she and Ash are related?" Ashton shook his head, "Not well, I'm afraid. She was even begging me to grant them my consent so they could get married." Latios snickered, "To be honest, I think those two would make a fine couple. After all, their relations are very distant. Dozens of generations apart, I might add. I'm sure their children would be perfectly healthy. And who would believe that a human is related to a Latias in this day and age?" Ashton let out a loud laugh, "You have a point there! They can't be punished for incest if no one knows that they are indeed related!" But Ashton then added, "But even then, Ash is already taken. He's already a father of two." But Latios asked, "But what about you and Aunt Ruby? And Aunt Cassandra and all the others?" Ashton bowed his head abruptly and muttered, "Point taken..."

After several more minutes of chatting, Ashton looked to the sky and saw that the clouds were a pinkish orange hue. "It's getting late. I must be going." Latios spoke, "Take care out there, Father. I sense great dangers out there." Ashton nodded. But after taking a few steps, Ashton paused and whispered, "I will find a way to bring you back, my son." Latios sighed, "Father, I already told you..." But Ashton added, "I swear it. Even if I have to hunt down Ho-Oh herself." Latios was silent for a moment before speaking, "Very well. Just promise me this." Ashton then turned to face his son. "Promise me that you will not get yourself killed in the process." Ashton nodded and embraced his son, "I will honor your request." Latios smiled, "Take care, Father. I will watch over Latias in your stead." The viscount then turned and ran to the exit of the garden as Latios watched him. "Be safe, Father..... Latias cannot bear the pain of losing you again..."

After running through Altomare without stopping for several minutes, Ashton finally reached the docks and was relieved to see that everyone was present as well. Ashton asked, "Am I too late?" Chiara shook her head, "Not at all. We have another ten minutes before they set sail." Latias then smiled, "And all the tickets have been punched! We can go after Ash any time!" But Ashton shook his head, "Actually, Latias..... I think you should stay behind for now."

The Eon Pokémon shrieked, "WHAT?! WHY?!" Ashton replied, "Someone needs to stay here and watch over your brother. Please..." But Latias cried, "No! I've been apart from Ash for too long! I want to stay with him!" Ashton sighed and placed both of his hands on her shoulders. "Didn't you hear me? I said 'for now'. I didn't mean forever." Latias asked, "W...what?" Ashton explained, "Once Ash's challenge in Sinnoh is completed and we return to Rohta, I will come here and take you home with me." Latias gasped, "Really? Back to the Crimson estate?" Ashton nodded, "Yes. And you'll be pleased to know that it is exactly as you remember it. So please... Be patient and wait for us." Latias was silent for a moment, but nodded, "All right, Papa. I'll be a good girl and wait. Just promise me that you won't let anything bad happen to Ash. He's my little brother, after all." She then glared at Ruby, "And you better love like I would. Got it?! Don't you dare do anything to break his heart!" Ruby gulped, "You don't have to worry about that! I'm Ash's mate for life!"

After boarding the ferry and waiting for it to set sail, Ashton looked down at his daughter as the ferry began to pull away from the docks. Latias waved, "Come back someday soon, Papa! I love you!" Ashton smiled and waved back, "That's a promise, my child! Don't lose faith in me! I shall return!" Latias remained at the docks until the ferry was completely out of sight. She then looked around for a second to see if anyone was within earshot. She then brought her hands to her mouth and shouted towards the sea, "I'M SERIOUS, YOU FLOOZY!!! YOU BETTER ALWAYS LOVE HIM!!!"

That night, Ashton stepped out of the shower in his cabin and draped himself in a robe. The means of operating the shower was very similar to the bathtub back at the Crimson estate, so Ashton had no trouble understanding it. But as he stepped out of the bathroom, he noticed Zandria seated upon his bed. She smirked, "You sure look sexy in that robe. I wonder if you still look the same under it as you did 600 years ago." Ashton gulped, "I assure you that I am virtually unchanged. You won't find any difference!" Zandria giggled, "I'm just joshing you. I already saw you in the shower. And your body is just as succulent as memory serves." Ashton blushed, "You could've asked..."

As he examined his equipment and weapon, Ashton asked, "Zandria, you are a ghost now, right?" Zandria replied, "A specter, to be precise." Ashton nodded, "Yes, a specter. In any case, do you still have a physical body?" Zandria looked down at herself, "Well...yeah. I may be no longer alive, but this body of mine is very physical. I'm even still able to eat, sleep, and do just about everything I could in life." But Ashton then approached her and took a seat next to her, "I see. But are you still capable of breeding?" The Zangoose gave Ashton a suspicious stare, "Come again?" Ashton blushed slightly, "I asked if you bear children?"

Zandria was silent for a moment, but her baffled gaze soon became one of great lust. Ashton began to sweat, "What's with that stare?" Zandria's only response was a tackle as she pinned Ashton to the bed. She then began to shower him in kisses. After a moment, she gazed down at him with a loving expression and asked, "Are you still capable of giving me a child?" Ashton gulped in nervousness. Zandria caressed his face, "Make no mistake. I would love to have your child all over again. Assuming I'm still capable, that is." Ashton smiled, "Then I would love to give you another child." The two lovers then pulled in close for a kiss. But Zandria then made some distance between their faces and shook her head, "Not just yet. Life on the road is no place to raise a newborn Zangoose. Let's wait until we get back home before we try." Ashton nodded, "I see your point. Very well. We shall try whenever you're ready." Zandria then leaned against his chest and purred, "Mmm... I wonder if Atlas would be jealous?"

Past midnight, the sounds of Kricketot filled the air around Sandgem Town in Sinnoh. It was a simple night of peace. But that all changed when a volley of electricity arced across the treetops. A moment later, a Pachirisu bolted from a forest with a panicked expression on her face. Her cheeks still sparked electricity after using a desperate Discharge. She looked around for a moment to confirm if her attacker had lost her. But just when it seemed that she was safe, something leapt from the trees above her and came down with claws extended. But the Pachirisu noticed at the last second and used Quick Attack to evade the strike. The attacker barely missed, plunging its claws into the ground.

Once the Pachirisu had gotten some distance between her and the creature that had targeted her, she finally got a good look at it. The creature vaguely resembled a Zangoose, even though she had never actually seen a Zangoose before. But the creature gave off a fiery glow, as it seemed to be covered in a layer of flame. But she froze in raw terror as the creature turned and faced her with its cruel pink eyes, its toothy jaws oozing saliva in hunger. The creature was hunting, and the Pachirisu was its prey.

The Pachirisu turned and fled while using Quick Attack to try and stay ahead of her pursuer. But she could soon hear the heavy footsteps as the creature chased after her, the sound of its heavy breaths drawing closer with each second. After a minute of running, the Pachirisu smiled as she soon recognized her surroundings. She was nearly home. But just when she thought she was home free, something grabbed her from behind and shoved her to the ground, causing her to slide for a moment. The Pachirisu then looked up and began to panic at the sight of the creature of flames gazing down upon her, its tongue licking its lips as it anticipated its feast.

As the beast prepared to sink its fangs into its quarry, a sound caught its and the Pachirisu's attention. The two looked around and soon saw a pair of smaller Pachirisu perched at the opening of a cavity in a tree high off the ground. They seemed to show great worry for the Pachirisu the creature had pinned under its hand. It was then that the beast realized that the Pachirisu it had caught was the mother of the two children in the tree. The Pachirisu bid a tearful goodbye to her children, as she knew that her fate was sealed.

The Pachirisu closed her eyes and prepared for the pain. But instead, she felt the creature release her. She looked up and saw the beast back away as it held a hand over its eyes while sobbing. She took the opportunity and ran up the tree and to her children. She nuzzled them lovingly, relieved that she was reunited with them. She then looked back down at the beast and saw that it was starting to lumber away. While she was glad to have survived, the Pachirisu mother could only wonder what the creature was who had spared her at the last minute. And why.

However, as the beast walked away, a Staraptor perched atop a nearby tree watched silently. It had been hunting that Pachirisu before the creature of flame showed up, unknowingly protecting her from it. But while it could now catch the Pachirisu as she stood near the opening in the cavity of the tree she resided in, it instead felt that a creature the size of a Zangoose would make a much heartier meal. It then took to the air and flew after the beast.

The Staraptor glided after its prey while keeping its wings still to avoid making a sound. When it came within range, it went into a slight dive, causing it to accelerate for a Brave Bird attack. The Staraptor aimed very carefully for the base of the creature's neck. If it hit just right, the blow would snap its neck, or even decapitate it entirely. But just as the Staraptor was about to strike, the beast stopped and quickly looked over its shoulder at its foe with one eye. The Staraptor immediately saw a type of raw primal fury and even a diabolical presence in the wrathful pink eyes of its prey. The predatory bird let out a shriek of sheer terror as the beast extended its claws. A second later, the sound of flesh being cleaved was heard, followed by a small object rolling away from the beast of flame. When it came to a stop, the Staraptor's eyes gazed skyward as its face had been permanently frozen in an expression of fright.

As the beast gazed down upon the beheaded corpse of its attacker, it pondered what to do with it. At this, the creature's belly rumbled. Knowing that it could not ignore its hunger, the beast unleashed a burst of fire upon the corpse. After a moment of roasting the corpse, the beast relented. Most of the feathers had been incinerated while the body itself was a dark brown. A delightful aroma filled the air, causing the beast's mouth to water. Wasting no time, it sank its teeth into its prey and began to feast.

Somewhere to the northwest of Eterna City, a lone Lucario leaned against a tree with a wooden staff in hand, possibly in meditation. Atop the staff was a bright blue gem while a blue ribbon of sorts fluttered in the breeze just below it. The Lucario was clad in a mage's attire, with a slightly pointed hat and a robe that were a very deep blue. Resting near its feet was a small glass lantern that flickered in the night. But suddenly, the Lucario glanced up abruptly. It whispered, "What is this.....presence?"

Another Lucario dropped from the trees nearby when he heard the Lucario speak. "What has happened, Oracle?" The Oracle replied, "I have seen something that, until just now, had been beyond my vision. It walks among us. It is now within Sinnoh." The scout asked, "Is it.....dangerous?" The Oracle nodded, "Very. Perhaps just as much so as the Angel of Doom." The scout shuddered, "You...are serious?" The Oracle nodded, "Yes... As much as I regret to admit it."

The scout dropped to a knee, "Sir, where is it? We must slay this demon at once!" The Oracle replied, "I...cannot say... My vision grows cloudy." But the Oracle added, "However... This demon may not be a threat." The scout asked, "What?" The Oracle explained, "This demon is half sorrow, half blood thirst. Its nature seems to be split in twain. As of now, its path does not yet seem to be decided. It may become a new champion to this world and help protect it from the evils that wander it. Or it could become the same as the Angel of Doom, and unleash hellfire upon the world." The scout nodded, "I see. I shall alert the Alpha female nonetheless. If you will excuse me, sir..." In a flash, the scout vanished. But a few seconds later, another scout emerged from the trees. "My lady, is what you just spoke of true?" The Oracle nodded, "It is. And it is our duty as the Skydiamond clan to destroy all demons that would unleash ruin upon this world. Of course, this demon may not be a threat after all. It is too soon to say."

The scout spoke, "Even if this new demon is not a true threat just yet, it would be wise to stay alert for it. Please remain on the lookout." The Oracle simply nodded. But as the scout walked away, he asked, "By the way..... Why do you never correct those who mistake you for a man?" The Oracle shrugged her shoulders, "I have more important things to tend to." The scout turned and walked away, "If you say so..."

The Oracle looked at the night sky as she pondered the new demon she had detected. "Such an ancient and terrible evil within a pure and tender heart..... What is this unspeakable horror that sleeps, waiting for the proper time to awaken?"
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