AGNPH Stories

Rukario Romance by XD385


The Cursed Maiden

"Rukaria?" Ash asked as he looked upon the strangely-colored Lucario maiden who was cowering before him. She nodded, "Yes.... Now please, leave!" However, as he looked at her pole weapon, a thought passed through his mind as his pain from a short while before filled his heart as doubt began to overwhelm him. He asked, "You hate humans, don't you?" Rukaria stuttered, "W...what?" Ash began to approach her, "Then maybe you can do me a favor." As he came closer, Rukaria pointed her weapon at him, "What do you want?!" But just before he reached her, Ash stopped just in front of her weapon. A few seconds later, her grabbed the pole just below the blade and angled it towards his heart. "Now...kill me."

Rukaria tried to pull away from Ash, but his grip would not release. She screamed, "What are you doing?! Let go!" But the boy replied, "Go on! Do it! Put me out of my misery!" The Lucario strained for a moment before shouting, "For the last time..... LET GO!!!!!" She braced her legs and gave a strong swing to the side, pulling Ash with it and slamming him into a tree nearby, stunning him enough to let go of her weapon. Rukaria then reversed her grip on her weapon and thrust the blunt end of the handle into his belly, causing him to hunker over in pain. She then gripped her weapon normally and placed the flat side of the blade against the side of his head, just before using it like a lever and slamming him into the ground face-first. She growled, "Keep your hands off my belongings."

Ash groaned as he recovered from his sudden beating. "Oof..... You really know how to use that." He then climbed to his knees and looked over at the Lucario, her pale eyes watching him warily. She asked, "Why did you do that?" Ash paused for a moment before glumly replying, "I don't wanna talk about it...... Just forget I did that. Please." He added, "I'm sorry. I've just been through a lot of pain lately..." Rukaria remained silent for a moment, but soon stood her weapon up next to her in a casual stance, "All right. I'm no stranger to pain, so I get what you're saying. You also don't seem to be lying." Ash slowly climbed to his feet, his hand holding his stomach where Rukaria had poked him. "Um..... Just curious, but why do your eyes look that way? They're really pale instead of red." Rukaria sighed, "I'm sure you can guess. I'm blind."

Ash went wide-eyed at Rukaria's claim. "Oh..... Wait! How did you hit me with that staff thing if you couldn't see me? Or how did you even know I was there?" She replied, "I use my Aura to see the world all around me. Only over the years, my vision has been amplified to the point where my sight with my Aura is superior to my sight through my eyes." Ash asked, "Superior?" Rukaria nodded, "I can see all around me. Up, down, left, right. I can even see past various objects. Although I'm not sure what my total reach is...." Ash smirked, "Really? Then how many fingers do I have behind my back?" Ash hid his two fists behind his back and extended a few fingers. Rukaria replied, "Seven." Ash flinched, "Try this then!" He began to quickly change how many fingers he had extended behind him as Rukaria counted. "Five. Nine. Two. Six. Ten." Ash chuckled, "Yep. Those are some good eyes you've got......I mean Aura!" Rukaria let out a giggle at Ash's efforts. She smiled, "You know..... This is the first time I've had a good laugh in a long time."

Once he had stopped laughing, Ash asked, "Um... I don't want to bring up painful memories, but why did you.......poke yourself with that spear thing?" Rukaria looked at her weapon and replied, "You honestly don't know? I was trying to kill myself." Ash paused for a moment before asking, "...Why?" She sighed, "You wouldn't believe me, even if I told you." Ash then asked, "Do you.....want me to try?" Rukaria shook her head, "You can't help me." He then asked, "But what if you were to cut your head off? No one can survive that." Rukaria gave Ash a surprised glance, "I was never able to actually try that..... I can't get that kind of angle with this kind of weapon." She then held out her weapon to Ash, "Please. If you really wish to help me, take my head."

Having just been given a request to kill her, Ash replied, "Wait a sec. Are you sure you want me to go through with this?" She nodded, "I am a true immortal, so I doubt it will really work. But since I've never been able to get that kind of angle, it wouldn't hurt to try." Ash frowned, "Do you really want me to kill you?" She nodded, "Nothing would make me happier. I've lived long enough. If you have any kindness in your heart, you will fulfill this request." Ash hesitated before speaking, ".....All right." Rukaria then kneeled before him and smiled, "Thank you." Ash stood just behind her with Rukaria's pole weapon in hand. He adjusted his grip to make sure that the blade was just the right distance from him for the killing blow. After slowly making a practice swing towards the back of her neck, Ash reached back and took a swing. A second later, there was the sound of the blade striking metal. Ash looked down and saw that the blade had stopped at the fur on her neck. Upon closer inspection, he found that the fur on her neck had become as stiff as iron and unusually bristly. He gulped, "Dang! You weren't kidding!"

Rukaria sighed, "So my body works to prevent injuries that result in instant death from even occurring....." She stood up, tears building in her eyes. Ash could see how upset she was and patted her shoulder, "Hey... I'm sorry I couldn't give you what you wanted. Let's try talking about other stuff to keep your mind off the bad stuff in your head." Rukaria nodded, "OK...." Ash then looked at her weapon again, "So...uh... What do your call this thing? Some kinda spear?" She shook her head, "No. A long-handled sword. It is a Do, a type of long-handled sword originating from southeastern Asia. This particular design is a Hyup Do." Ash looked it over, "It's really pretty. Looks like something you'd see in a museum." Rukaria smiled, "Thanks. I made it myself." Ash glanced at her, "You made this?! But it's so......pretty!!! You're good at this!" The Lucario giggled, "Thanks. I was trained to be a blacksmith, so I know all about forging blades."

Ash grinned, "Can't believe you made such a cool weapon. Here ya go." But as he handed the Hyup Do back to her, the long handle bumped against the side of Rukaria's upper left leg. As it made contact, a metallic clink was heard. "Huh?" Ash looked down at the sound. "Did you hear that?" Rukaria nodded, "Oh, that." She reached into the fur on her leg and pulled something out of it. Ash stared wide-eyed, "Um......what's that?" In her hand was a dagger with a slightly curved wooden hilt and a narrow blade with wave-like grooves along the blade. Rukaria replied, "This is a Kris. This was the very first weapon I ever successfully crafted. It's not much use to me in battle, but it has some sentimental value to me." Thinking it was made just for practice, Ash reached out to the blade. But Rukaria spoke up, "I wouldn't. It's still quite sharp." He pulled his hand away at the warning, "Oh. Thanks for the heads-up."

As Rukaria slipped her dagger back into the thick fur on her upper left leg, Ash asked, "Um..... Do you have any pants?" Rukaria shook her head, "No. I'm all fur." Ash then bluntly asked, "May I check?" The Lucario gave him a stern glare at this, causing Ash to realize that he asked a very straightforward and perverted question. But she soon nodded, ".......go ahead." Ash then slowly caressed her upper legs, feeling her thick grey fur. He then moved on to her chest, feeling the crimson fur that covered it. He soon began to reach for her breasts, but stopped, eyeing the Hyup Do warily. But Rukaria whispered, "Go ahead... Please." Ash hesitated for a moment before gently running his fingers along her breasts. Rukaria shuddered at his touch, letting out a gasp. He then gently cupped her breasts, which were at least C-cup in size. He then tenderly squeezed them, causing Rukaria to sigh in enjoyment.

As he released his grip on her, Ash asked, "Um... Don't take this the wrong way, but why did you want me to touch you like that?" Rukaria bowed her head, "It's very long since I last encountered a human who did not want to enslave, harm, or take advantage of me. I wanted to find out if you were as gentle as I suspected. And you are." She took one step forward, then staggered over to him suddenly before clutching his arm, "Please don't go away! I've been alone for so long!" Ash gulped, seeing that the Lucario maiden was on the verge of tears. He asked, "How long have you been alone?" Rukaria sniffed as she held back her tears, "I lost count a while ago..... I think 200 years at most."

Ash's eyes went wide at Rukaria's confession, "200?!" She nodded, "I was not lying when I said I am immortal. It is my curse..... Just as my blindness is..." Ash asked, "A curse? What did you do to deserve that?" She explained, "I was young and naïve. A human deceived me into aiding him in what he claimed were acts to help his sickly daughter. But they were terrible crimes against the world. For my role in these vile acts....... I was punished..." Ash's only reply to this was a tender embrace, "Oh man..... Cursed with blindness and immortality? That's awful..." Rukaria asked, "Why do you pity me? Even after all I have done?" Ash replied, "You said it yourself. You were tricked into doing those things. Besides, don't you think 200 years is enough punishment for that?" Rukaria remained silent for a moment before speaking, "It has been a very long time since I've met a boy like you... A very long time indeed....." Ash then asked, "Sorry if this brings up painful memories, but who was that guy? The one who tricked you?" Rukaria sighed, "It's been so long..... I can't recall his first name off the top of my head...... But his last name...yes. It was Pedina. I don't know whatever became of him."

A minute passed before Ash asked, "Rukaria, I need to get back to my family. Would you like to come with me?" She frowned, "Are they human?" Ash shook his head, "Only one of them is. And he's a great guy. All the others are Pokémon." Rukaria nodded, "Then I should feel right at home. Please. Show me the way." Ash took Rukaria by the hand while she hoisted the Hyup Do over her shoulder with her spare hand. "The others will like you for sure. Let's get going." He then began to head west with Rukaria by his side.

After walking a good distance, Ash and Rukaria made it into Sandgem Town. Ash wasted no time in returning to the hotel they had been staying at. As he stood before the front door, he turned to Rukaria. "Wait here for a minute." He then pulled the door open and stepped inside. But only a few seconds after the door closed behind him, Ash came flying backwards out the door with something holding onto him! Rukaria watched in shock as Ash was tackled to the ground. Holding onto him was a female Lucario and a female Zangoose. The Zangoose cried in relief, "My god, don't you ever pull something like that again, boy! We love you and you know it!" The Lucario squeezed him, "Don't ever think like that again... None of us hate you. I even want to have your baby, darn it!" After he caught his breath, Ash patted the Zangoose on the head, "I'm fine, Mom. Ruby got through to me." He then made the Lucario look up at him before giving her a kiss on the cheek, "I didn't forget. I'm not gonna die anytime soon. And I'll make sure you get your baby someday."

After the two ladies got off of him, Ash stood up and turned to his new friend. "Mom, Pearl, I need to introduce you to someone." The Zangoose looked over her shoulder. "Well, who's this? That's an interesting color scheme you have there." The Lucario turned to face Rukaria and raised an eyebrow, "What a strange set of colors. Who are you?" Ash spoke up, "Let me. Mom. Pearl. This is Rukaria. I found her while walking around in the forest to the east. Rukaria, this is Pearl. She's from the Hoenn region. And this is Zandria. But I just call her 'Mom' since she's like a mother to me." Rukaria bowed, "Um..... It's a pleasure." Zandria smirked, "So, found another lovely lady, huh? That's my boy!" Rukaria blushed, "Another?" Ash brought a hand to his face, "Don't mind her... My mom's a bit of a pervert." Pearl then reached out and shook Rukaria's hand. "I hope Ash was nice to you. He's a really sweet guy. And I'm never wrong about these" Her eyes noticed a slight discoloration on the left side of Rukaria's belly that was barely noticeable. She pointed, "What's that? A stain?" Rukaria frowned as she looked away slightly, "A scar..... And don't ask, OK?" Pearl nodded, "All right... Sorry if that brought up unpleasant memories... But cheer up. You're in good hands."

Once in the lobby, Ash found all of his companions waiting for him. But before he could even greet them, Lucy dashed into him and threw her arms around him like a lasso. "Lucy...!" Ash tried to pry her loose, but she would not let go. She did not even speak as she squeezed him around the waist. Kazeerah walked over to him and smirked, "Ya gave her a good scare. No wonder she's so clingy right now. Ya feelin' better, kid?" Ash nodded, "Yeah..... Man, I feel stupid for scaring you guys like that... I'm really sorry..." Kazeerah merely gave him a big grin and ran a hand through his hair, "Don't beat yerself up. Just don't do it again. Yer like kin to me now." Ash chuckled, "Thanks, Kazeerah. I won't let that happen again. I swear." He then reached down and rubbed the back of Lucy's head, "Hey, I'm sorry about that. My head's back on straight now." The Lucario maiden slowly looked up at him, her eyes bloodshot and swollen from crying. Ash flinched at the state she was in and sighed, "Dang, is there anything I can do to make it up to you?" She whispered, "Just...don't do it again... Please..." Ash smiled and kissed her on the nose, "It's a deal."

Once Ash had reassured everyone that he had gotten over his suicidal urges, he proceeded to introduce his new friend. "Everyone, I want you to meet someone. This is Rukaria. I bumped into her while I was.......taking a walk to clear my head. She looks different from other Lucario, but she's a nice girl." Chiara smiled, "It is a pleasure, Miss Rukaria. I do hope you enjoy our company." The Lucario maiden shyly nodded, "As do I." Just then, Ash asked, "Wait... Where's Ruby?" Ashton replied, "Apparently, she had something to get ready for. She wanted to not be bothered until tonight." Pearl then leaned against him, "It's something the two of us came up with. I'll let you know when the time is right." Ash nervously gulped, "Uh... I guess I'll wait..." But while Ash and Pearl had a good laugh, Rukaria stared at Ashton and the large sword on his back. (That face... The hair... That sword..... Could he possibly be......him?)

Later that evening as the sun began to set; Pearl led Ash up to their hotel room. He asked, "So what has Ruby been up to since she got back?" The Lucario smirked, "Step inside and see for yourself." She held the door open for him and walked inside behind him, closing the door in the process. The room lacked windows, so it was very dark inside. Ash spoke up, "Ruby, are you there?" At this, a lamp turned on. Ash blushed at the sight of his lover standing nude, her blue shorts lying beside her feet. She smiled, "Relax, dear. Tonight is a night just for you." As Ruby finished speaking, Ash shuddered as he felt two soft and round objects press against his back. Pearl set her hands on his shoulders while pushing her bare breasts against him, "We both know you have been through a terrible ordeal. And we want you to understand that you are still loved." Ash was silent as Ruby took his hand. "This way, dear." She led him into the bathroom, unaware that Lucy was peeking in on them in curiosity.

Pearl rubbed Ash's shoulders as he slipped out of his tattered clothing, "Are you planning on swapping out those old rags for your new set of clothes?" He replied, "Not yet. I don't feel like I'm out of this slump just yet." Ruby then took his hand, "Then let us help you with that." She then led Ash into the shower, which had been turned on ahead of time to let it warm up. Pearl whispered, "Ready for some love?" But before she could close the glass door, a timid voice spoke up, "Um... Wait!" The three looked out into the bathroom and stared at Lucy, who had removed her vest and shorts. "May I...join you...?" Ash blushed, "Lucy..." Ruby asked, "But... Are you sure you really want to join in? This isn't just a bath to wash up. We are doing this for Ash. He's been through hell recently, and we need to make sure he knows he's loved." Lucy blushed, "I know... I want him get over the pain... To know he's not alone..." There was a moment of silence as Pearl and Ruby looked at each other. But Ruby soon smiled, "All right. You may join us. This will be a special task between sisters." Lucy grinned, "Thanks. I feel like it would be wrong to ignore Ash in this troubling time."

The three Lucario ladies kneeled around Ash as they washed him with a special type of fragrant body wash, a concoction with aromatherapy-like properties. Lucy rubbed Ash's back while Pearl tended to his legs and arms. Ruby tenderly washed Ash's face and front while whispering gentle words to him. Ash kept his eyes closed as he took in his lover's reassuring words. "Feel our touch. It is soft and tender. We know you love us dearly. And we want you to know that even after all that has happened, we feel no anger or spite towards you. Know that you are wanted. We love you. Need you. We do not wish to see you suffer. We want you to live. To stay alive so you can be loved by us. Please..... Do not deny us that honor. Stay with us. Stay so we can continue to love you." At Ruby's words, Ash began to silently sob as tears cascaded down his face and were washed down the drain with the water that was dousing him. Pearl then spoke, "Let the tears flow. Let out all your sorrow and regret. Let it leave you so you will not be burdened later on. Move on and accept our love while leaving behind your doubts and fears. You fear we fear and hate you, while in reality we love and adore you. Do not let your fears push us away. Reach out and let our love for you sink in, washing the pain away."

Ash only continued to silently cry as the three Lucario continued to tenderly wash him while being as gentle as possible, moving their hands slowly. After a few more minutes, Ash brought his hands to his face and cried harder. At this, the three Lucario embraced him from three angles. They gently nuzzled him, breathing gently to calm him. Ash soon looked up at Ruby as she gazed at him with her beautiful red eyes. She too was crying. She whispered, "Let me bring you relief. I'll purge you of all of your remorse..... My darling." She then closed her eyes and sealed lips with Ash. It took only a few seconds for him to submit to her advance and closed his eyes too, drinking in her presence as he pressed into the kiss. But as they kissed, Ruby's spare hand reached down to his groin and began to gently fondle his manhood. It did not take much for it to become hard and stiff, his erection growing rapidly.

Pearl could see what her sister was doing and decided to aid her. She cupped Ash's testicles in her hand and focused her Aura into her palm, causing it to radiate into him. Ash's breathing began to become erratic as his arousal grew, his manhood beginning to throb while his testicles darkened with blood. As the two sisters pleasured him, Lucy was watching. While embarrassed, she could not turn away from what was happening in front of her. Almost subconsciously, one of her hands reached down to her groin and began to caress her womanhood. After a moment more of fondling, a groan came from Ash's throat as his manhood throbbed, shooting several potent splashes of his seed against the shower walls. His orgasm quickly subsided as Ruby broke the kiss. She smiled, "Do you feel loved?" Ash panted for a moment before gasping out an answer, "Yes...."

Pearl embraced Ash, "You've done so much for us. It's our duty to make sure you don't forget our gratitude." Ruby then noticed Lucy with her hand reaching for her flower. "Something wrong, Lucy?" The Lucario maiden came to her senses at Ruby's question and pulled her hand away, "Um..... I have no idea what you mean." But Ruby smirked, "Don't lie to me. I saw what you were doing. You had a little 'itch' that you needed to deal with." Lucy blushed madly, "No! I just..." But Pearl then spoke up, "I wonder... Do you have a crush on Ash? Do you think he's sexy?" Both Ash and Lucy blushed at this. Lucy cried, "No! We are just friends! Very close, but only friends!" Ash nodded, "Yeah... Just friends."

Ruby sighed, "Fine, sorry for assuming. But still, I can see that you are aroused and need to take care of that. And holding your body back is bad for you." Lucy blushed, "But... I don't..." Ash gulped, "Um... Would you like me to help with that?" Lucy gasped at Ash's proposal and shouted, "NO! Absolutely not! I don't want that thing inside me!" But he replied, "Not like that! I meant... Do you want me to help.....pleasure you?" Lucy only stared at him as he looked away, embarrassed. She then asked, "Just to pleasure me?" He only nodded at her question. Lucy remained silent as she thought it over. She then whispered, ".....Just this once." Ash looked at her, "Huh?" She spoke again, "All right. I'll...let you pleasure me, but just to get this thing out of my system. And that's it! We're never doing this again! Understood?!" Ash nodded with a sheepish grin, "Clear as crystal!"

Lucy walked over to Ash and sat down with her back to him. He started to reach past her, but withdrew his hand as if uncertain. But Lucy whispered, "Do it.... Just get it over with." Ash whispered into her drooping right ear, "I'll be gentle." He then began to trace his fingers down her slim yellow belly, prompting a shudder from her. He then gently caressed the lips of her womanhood with his fingertips. Lucy let out a gasp at this treatment. Ash then asked, "Should it?" Lucy was gripping his arm with one hand, her grip very shaky. Fear was holding her back, but she whispered, " gentle..." Ash then slowly began to push two fingers into her flower, causing Lucy to let out a loud gasp as her eyes went wide while she arched her back. Ash gulped, "Does it hurt?! I'll stop now..." But Lucy panted, "No... It's all right. There's no pain." He then slowly began to push in and retract his fingers while trying to pleasure his friend. Lucy shuddered at the new sensations she was feeling, almost afraid that it was not right for her to feel this level of pleasure.

Ash steadily sped up his poking, mindful of any protests Lucy might give him. But she only lightly gasped in pleasure the whole time. As her orgasm began to draw near, she began to let her mind wander. She could almost see herself mating with a shadowy person, the body covered in blackness. Moments later, she arched her back as a loud groan came from her mouth, her inner walls clamping down on Ash's fingers. In her mind, she saw her "lover's" face for just an instant. Her eyes rolled back in her head as her womanhood convulsed, her juices soaking Ash's fingers in the process. During her orgasm, Ash held onto her with his spare hand, trying to keep her from falling over. As her orgasm subsided, Lucy's body became lax as she fell back against Ash's chest, her eyes half closed. Ruby asked, "Feeling better?" Lucy mumbled, "At least...I'll have no trouble falling asleep now....."

A few minutes later, Ash carried Lucy into the bedroom and laid her upon the bed before covering her with the blanket. Pearl asked, "So... Is the pain gone?" Ash gave a very grateful glance at the two sisters and smiled, "Yeah... Thanks." The two sisters reached up and planted a kiss on his cheeks. Ruby smiled, "Never forget what we said. You will always be loved." Pearl and Ruby then made their way out of the room. Pearl then asked, "It's still a bit early for bed. Come on down to the lobby if you want some ice cream." They then closed the door behind them, leaving Ash with Lucy.

Lucy sighed in relaxation as Ash sat beside her. He asked, "Just that one time?" She lazily nodded and yawned, "Just that one time." Ash then asked, "So... You don't...masturbate often, do you?" Lucy nodded, "Yeah... I try not to feel that kind of love for anyone. So there's no reason for me to pleasure myself like that. Although..... That time was a weird exception." Ash gulped, "Still friends?" Lucy nodded, "It's all right. We're still friends. Besides, you did me a favor. I'll have no...trouble getting" Lucy slowly nodded off to sleep as her exhaustion took over. Ash grinned as he looked at her, thinking she looked adorable in her sleep. But before he stood up, he glanced back at her for a moment. After a minute of contemplation, Ash placed a tender kiss on her muzzle. "Sweet dreams, Lucy." He then quietly slipped out of the room and headed down to the ground floor to join his friends and family.

Not long after falling asleep, Lucy began to dream. But her dream quickly began to take a turn for the intimate as her memory of the shower resurfaced. A dark, yet gentle, figure stood before her and tenderly embraced her. The gentle displays of affection intensified into deeply romantic actions. Lucy felt the male figure enter her and began to rut her slowly and lovingly. She felt no fear. Only comfort as someone now loved her dearly and truly. She could feel her pleasure rising. But just before her climax could hit, her right arm lashed out as if possessed by another. A second later, there was a splash of red. Lucy looked up at her lover in horror, her own right arm impaled through his chest, the normally blue fur a golden yellow color. Her gaze trailed up her blood-soaked arm and fell upon the face of her victim. After a moment of observing just who she had murdered, Lucy awakened with a frightened scream.

Gasping for breath, the Lucario maiden quickly looked her arms over. She breathed a sigh of relief to find that they were black and blue, as they had always been. Even better, there was no sign of any blood on them. She calmed down slightly, but was still haunted by the face of her lover and victim. Lucy held her hands to her head, "No no no, I can't let that happen! I can't let that kind of bond form..... Not even with him....." She slowly relaxed as she lied back down. "I must be strong... I must not forget...." With tears flowing from her eyes, Lucy fell back into a peaceful slumber.

The next day, Ash and his companions began to head north to Jubilife City. He asked, "Why are we going to Jubilife?" Chiara smiled, "So you can get your Trainer spirit back. It IS called the 'City of Joy' after all. I can't think of a better place for you to get out of your slump." But as they walked, Rukaria kept glancing over at Ashton. After several quick glances, he finally noticed her staring at him and asked, "Something wrong?" Rukaria frowned, "No, nothing. It's just.....I can't help but feel like I've seen you somewhere before. Your hair and face... And especially that sword. It seems so familiar, but the answer is on the tip of my tongue. Even your name sounds familiar!" Ashton shrugged his shoulders, "I really don't know what to say. Maybe you just heard of me somewhere." Rukaria frowned, "Maybe..... Do you have any nicknames? An alias, perhaps?" Ashton replied, "If you want my given birth name, it is Ashton Redford Crimson. But I would prefer it if you did not call me that....." Rukaria grumbled, "I know I've heard that name before..... Is there anything else you've been called?" Ashton calmly replied, "There are a couple of titles I've been given. One is Vulcan Warrior and the other is Angel of the Eternal Flame."

At the mention of Ashton's prestigious titles, Rukaria stopped dead in her tracks and even dropped the Hyup Do. Upon noticing her stop, everyone else stopped and turned to face her. She muttered, "No.....freaking......way....." Ashton cocked his head to one side, "What?" Rukaria raised her voice, "There's no way you can be the Angel of the Eternal Flame! He died 500 years ago!" Ashton smiled, "So you've heard of me?" But Rukaria grumbled, "I'm not convinced. If you're him, you're gonna have to prove it!" Ashton chuckled, "All right then. Name something he had and I'll see if I have it too." Rukaria smirked, "Z-shaped scars under his dark brown eyes." Ashton pointed to his eyes and the scars underneath, "Check." Zandria snickered, "This is gonna be good." Rukaria continued, "Raven hair in a spiky style that is both wild yet refined." Ashton ran a hand through his hair, "Check." Rukaria brought a hand to her chin, "Um... A custom zweihander with a flame blade design." Ashton grabbed the Flamberge's hilt and took his sword in hand, "Check." But Rukaria then grinned confidently, "AND he could wield it in just one hand." But Ashton calmly smiled before quickly swinging the Flamberge around several times with just his right hand, "Check." As he placed the Flamberge on his back, Rukaria smiled, "Pretty good, but there's no way you'll have this one." Ashton stared at her defiantly as he waited for her challenge. Rukaria then shouted, "The legendary Sword of Salvation! Soul Calibur!"

Ashton took a step back at her claim, but soon smiled, "The spirit sword, you say?" Rukaria smirked triumphantly, "Yes. And there's no way you can have it." At this, Ashton's left hand began to trail behind him. "Hmmmmm, I'm afraid you got me. I can't say I've ever heard of the..... Hello? What's this here?" He then gripped the hilt of a sword on the back of his hip and drew it from its scabbard. "Oh, my apologies. One Sword of Salvation. Check." But Rukaria could only stare at the beautiful blue double-bladed sword in Ashton's left hand. " it? The spirit sword? The holy weapon that slew the evil Soul Edge?!" Ashton frowned, "I must confess I never once expected that you had heard of the two soul swords, let alone that I was in possession of one. How do you know of me?" But Rukaria shook her head, "All right, fine. So you somehow managed to get your hands on Soul Calibur. But there's no way you can have access to this last characteristic of the Angel of the Eternal Flame." Ashton slid Soul Calibur back into her scabbard, "And what is it?" Rukaria smirked as she explained, "Wings. A pair of magnificent wings composed of flames that flickered in a rainbow of colors. And eyes. The same fire-red eyes of the phoenix herself."

Ashton remained silent at Rukaria's final challenge. But he soon closed his eyes and smiled, "I normally only use this ability when needed. But just for you....." A second later, flames began to emerge from his back while expanding. As the flames took on the shape of wings, they began to burn with many colors. Once the wings of rainbow flames had expanded to full size, Ashton opened his eyes, which were now just as red as Ho-Oh's. "Wings of rainbow flames and the eyes of Ho-Oh herself. Check." However, Rukaria could only stare in silence at the viscount as he stood before her. She soon muttered, "I.....can't believe what I'm seeing..... It's you... It's really you!"

Ashton smiled, "Indeed. I am the Angel of the Eternal Flame, wielder of the Flamberge and Soul Calibur. I have's with that stare?" Rukaria was now staring at Ashton with her pale eyes wide open, almost like an excited little girl. He gulped, "I'm not so certain I care for that look..." At that instant, Rukaria dashed over to him and grabbed his hands while jumping up and down like a kid suffering from a major caffeine overdose, "Ohmygodohmygodohmygoditsyouitsreallyyou!!!!" She then began climbing all over him at high speed with Ashton's eye twitching nervously. "What the devil.....?" Ash snickered while trying to hold back his laughter, "Oh man, looks like you've got a fangirl, Ashton." The viscount shouted, "A WHAT?!" Chiara laughed, "It's a term for any girls who have a deep, even fanatical, interest in something or someone. Usually a celebrity or popular franchise." As Rukaria continued to climb all over him while talking too fast to understand, Ashton snapped as he shouted, "SHE'S LIKE A BAD ITCH!!! GET THE HELL OFF ME!!!" He finally managed to grab her and threw her away from him as hard as he could. But the instant she was back on her feet, Rukaria made a mad dash for him. Ashton then frantically shouted, "STAY BACK!!!" But as soon as he said that, Rukaria came to a sudden halt as she sat down on her hindquarters, her tail wagging excitedly.

After a moment, Ashton realized that Rukaria had done exactly as he had told her to. "Um.....good." But as he watched her stare at him with her pale eyes, he spoke, "Er..... Stand?" As instructed, Rukaria stood up on her two feet. Annoyed by her behavior, Ashton commanded, "Would you mind explaining that.....outburst of psychotic behavior? And for the love of god, SPEAK SLOWLY." Rukaria slowly collected herself, "Um.....right. Sorry about that. It's just that I've never met a living legend who died long before my time." Shadow spoke up, "The way you were swarming all over him looked like you worshipped him." Rukaria blushed, "That's because we kinda do......" Ashton raised an eyebrow, "We? There are more of you?" She nodded, "Yes. My entire clan. The Ironspike clan."

Ashton gulped, "An entire clan of obsessed fanatics...?" But Rukaria shook her head, "No, not quite like that. I just...couldn't contain my excitement. Sorry if I freaked you out." Ashton then grumbled, "Apology accepted. Now tell us. What do your clan members know of me?" She smiled, "A great deal, to be honest. When word came to us of a man who had defended his kingdom and vanquished a great evil, we were captivated. But what truly amazed the Ironspike clan was the new level of understanding between humans and Pokémon that his actions brought. Even as far as Sinnoh, the effects of his influence brought great changes in society. And out of respect, the Ironspike clan gathered, researched, and documented as much information on him as possible so that his memory and his heroic deeds would never be forgotten. An entire archive rests within Ironspike City that tells of his life, the lives of his eight lovers, and their children. That man, that hero who changed the way humans and Pokémon coexist, is you. Sir Ashton of the Knighthood of Rohta." Rukaria then kneeled before him, "It is truly an honor to meet you, my lord."

Ashton paused for a moment as his mind processed what Rukaria told him. "An entire clan documented my life...?" Kazeerah whistled, "Dang, Ashton. The more I hear about how tough ya are, the more fired up I am to spar with ya!" He replied, "Patience, Kazeerah. I'm not in the mood." Ash then asked, "You're from Sinnoh, right? Where is your clan?" Rukaria replied, "They reside within Ironspike City, several miles southeast of Oreburgh City. It's to the east of Jubilife City." Chiara nodded, "I've been there before, although I do not recall any archives. They must've begun to gather information after my visit. We should stop by and see what has happened there." Ashton grumbled, "Fine, fine, I'll go. But if they try to mob me, I'll fly away."

Before they could continue, Rukaria turned to Ashton and asked, "May I ask a favor of you, Sir Ashton?" He replied, "You don't need to use honorifics when addressing me, but yes. What is your request?" She then asked, "May I.....hold Soul Calibur in my hands?" Ashton smiled, "That's all? Of course you may." He then drew the spirit sword from her scabbard and held her out to Rukaria. "Be gentle with her." As Rukaria took Soul Calibur into her hands, she gripped the hilt with both hands. "So this is what it's like to hold a holy weapon..... Amazing..." After a moment of holding the spirit sword, Rukaria handed it back to Ashton. But as he returned Soul Calibur to her scabbard, she spoke, "Young master, a moment." He paused, "Yes?" The spirit sword explained, "As that maiden held me, I sensed a.....bizarre presence within her." Ashton replied, "Malfestation?" Soul Calibur spoke, "I am uncertain. Whether the presence is fell or pure, I cannot say."

After releasing his grip on Soul Calibur, Ashton asked, "Rukaria, is there're not telling us?" She replied, "Er...what?" Ashton explained, "Soul Calibur sensed another presence when you held her. Something within you. Are you possessed or something?" At this, Rukaria planted her face in her palm, "Of all the... How could I forget?!" She then smiled, "I'm so sorry! I need to introduce her! Just a moment." As everyone watched, a strange silver liquid began to emerge all over Rukaria's body as if she was secreting it from her pores. Sapphire smiled, "It's so shiny!" But Shadow spoke, "Is it quicksilver?" The strange liquid began to gather into Rukaria's right hand and grew larger as more of it converged on the same spot. After reaching a size that was comparable to the Flamberge, the mass of silver liquid began to compact and solidify. Once the liquid had become solid, the mass had taken on the form of a large silver sword. And just above the hilt was an eye staring out from it. The sclera was black while the pupil was yellow. A noticeable black aura could be seen billowing around the sword. Zandria gasped, "The color is different, but..." Kazeerah spoke, "Whoa, sweet sword ya got! Where'd it come from?" But as Ashton watched, a cold sweat began to trickle down his face. Rukaria noticed and asked, "Ashton? Why do you look so frightened?" His only reply was, "No..... Impossible..... You can't....." He then reached behind him and quickly drew Soul Calibur from her scabbard, which quickly grew and crystallized into her purest form. Ashton shouted, "What must I do to send you to oblivion, Soul Edge?!"

Ashton made a furious dash toward Rukaria with Soul Calibur in hand, the sword in her hand identical in form to the completed form of Soul Edge that had been wielded by the Azure Knight. But a feminine voice spoke, "Soul Edge?!" Just before Ashton could lash out at it, the sword in Rukaria's hand suddenly lunged forward and got up in his face with its eye glaring at him. It then growled, "How dare you mistake me for that soul-devouring abomination!" As he received a most unexpected scolding, Ashton dropped Soul Calibur and began to walk backwards with the strange silver sword constantly glaring him in the eye, Rukaria trying to keep up as if the sword was pulling her along. "Am I really that difficult to differ from that evil monstrosity?! When was the last time you even laid eyes on it?! Are all humans so quick to mistake identities?! How could you even..." As the silver sword continued to scold him without stopping, Ashton gulped, (Of all the possible indignities. I'm being mouthed off to by a sword...)

After a good two minutes of scolding, Rukaria finally shouted, "Malevolence, please! Behave yourself!" The strange silver sword finally ceased its tirade and allowed Rukaria to take control of it again. The Lucario maiden spoke, "Please mind your manners. This is the Angel of the Eternal Flame himself. He who wields Soul Calibur and vanquished the evil Soul Edge." The silver sword gasped, "Truly?! My apologies, young master. I now understand why you mistook me for that vile creature." Ashton replied, "My god... Your voice. You sound just like..." Rukaria smiled, "Soul Calibur? That makes sense. I guess this sword could be considered a sister sword to Soul Calibur." Ashton spoke, "Sister sword?! Just what is it?!" Rukaria nodded, "Right, sorry. This sword is an old friend of mine. Her name is Malevolence."

Ashton took a closer look at the sword in Rukaria's hands. "Malevolence? Hmmm... Unlike Soul Edge, her composition seems to be more metallic than crystallized." Rukaria nodded, "True. As I'm sure you saw, she is contained within my own body. Malevolence is composed of my own Steel type cells." Ashton whistled, "Pure steel? Simply amazing!" Ash then spoke, "Did you make her yourself like the Hyup Do?" Rukaria shook her head, "No. Malevolence was created in an attempt to create a fusion of the two soul swords. The form of Soul Edge with the spirit of Soul Calibur. So I guess you could say that she is a third soul sword."

Ashton asked, "May I hold her?" Rukaria nodded, "Please." She then held out Malevolence and allowed Ashton to take her in hand. He then reached down and picked up Soul Calibur in his other hand. He then looked back and forth at the two swords. "Hmmmm..... While Malevolence does not give off a truly holy presence, she does have a mostly benevolent presence. If she is indeed an attempted fusion of the two soul swords, I have to say that her creation was a sound success." Soul Calibur then reverted to her small metallic form as Ashton returned her to her scabbard. Ashton handed Malevolence back to Rukaria, "I apologize for that case of mistaken identity. I'm afraid I've been seeing quite a few ghosts from my past recently." Malevolence replied, "I understand. It is an honor to meet you, young master." Rukaria then asked, "Malevolence, would you please sleep for now?" The sword replied, "As you wish, mistress." The sword began to liquefy and soon engulfed Rukaria's body before seemingly vanishing as she was absorbed back into the Lucario's body.

Ashton brought a hand to his chin, "A most unusual sword. She seems to use you as a host, similar to Soul Edge." But Rukaria smiled, "Maybe, but it's a beneficial relationship. She's been the only real friend I've ever had that never died and left me. I'm never alone, thanks to her." He nodded, "I see. Anyway, we should be going. Jubilife is a long walk, right?" Rukaria nodded as she retrieved the Hyup Do. As the group continued to head north, Zandria giggled, "That was a first. Since when does a sword do the talking?" Ashton grumbled, "Oh shut up. I'll never be able to live that down..." Lucash let out a laugh, "What's wrong, Grandpa? That was hilarious!" Ashton sighed, "Whatever you say, Lucash. Whatever you say....."

Not far from the group within the trees, a pair of red eyes was watching. They focused on Lucy as she remained near Ash and Kazeerah. A voice muttered as the owner of the eyes smirked, "I've finally found you, pitiful maiden." It then continued to move north along with the group, being careful to remain undetected.
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