AGNPH Stories

Rukario Romance by XD385


Sapphire's Special Surprise

The feel of a bustling metropolis began to descend over the travelers as the view of Oreburgh City steadily grew in the distance. "OK. That's where the first Gym is?" Ash asked. Shadow nodded, "I confirmed it from a Trainer who had just won a battle there." The Trainer smirked, "All right then! I'm way behind schedule, so we're heading straight to the Oreburgh Gym! You remember the way, Shadow?" The Lucario nodded, "Not a problem. Just follow me." Everyone unconsciously hastened his or her pace ever so slightly.

Not long before reaching Oreburgh City's northern gates, Ash shuddered as he felt Pearl brush her tail against his lower back. He gulped, "Something up, Pearl?" But as he glanced down at her, Ash noticed a faint blush on her face. She was also gazing up at him out of the corner of her eye with an amorous smirk. Thinking it was just her flirting with him, Ash returned his gaze to the road before them. But he soon noticed Shadow steadily increasing his distance from Pearl while displaying a nervous expression. Lucash too was minding his distance, as he seemed to be unwilling to get very close to his aunt. Ash then whispered to Pearl as a possibility came to mind, "Pearl, what's up? Are you in.....heat?" The sultry Lucario maiden smiled lustfully, "Exactly."

Ash blushed as he felt Pearl lean against him slightly. She sighed, "I just started to feel the first telltale burning sensation an hour ago. I'm finally ready." She then swooned while she rested her hands on her lower belly, "It's finally going to happen. I'll have a beautiful little baby of my own at last." Ash gulped before whispering, "Are you really sure you wanna do this?" Her response was a tight grip on his hand, "A thousand times yes. I want to become a mom. But will you be the one to make me one?" The Trainer nodded with a sincere smile, "I never lied about loving you, Pearl. If it's my baby you want, it's my baby you'll get." Pearl sighed blissfully as she rested a hand on her lower belly. "Me with Ash's baby.... Hee...! I'm getting so excited!"

It did not take long for them to reach Oreburgh City's northern gates. Ashton shuddered slightly, "There it is again. This overwhelming presence of activity." Ash then clenched his fists, "Oh, there's gonna be plenty of activity once I get inside that Gym. Where to, Shadow?" But just before the Lucario could answer, Ruby butted in. "Ash, I just remembered something important! Your Gym challenge will have to wait." The Trainer groaned, "Wait?! Why?! What could be so important?!" Ruby was about to say something, but her gaze shifted to Sapphire for a few seconds. "Um... I'll tell you when we get to the local Pokémon Center. All right?" Ash reluctantly nodded, "All right. We'll relax for a bit at the Pokémon Center first. I think I could use some washing-up after all this time anyway."

Not much later, Ash walked into the local Pokémon Center with his friends and family behind him. He turned to Ruby, "Now, what was so important that we had to make a detour away from the Gym?" Before Ruby answered him, she reached into Ash's backpack and pulled out some loose change. "Just a second." She then turned to Sapphire and handed the change to her, "Would you go get your father something to drink? He's parched after that long walk." Sapphire smiled, "OK! I'll be right back!" The beautiful Lucario girl walked off in search of a vending machine. Ruby smirked, "Since I didn't tell her exactly what to get, she'll probably take her time choosing." Ash cocked his head to one side, "Why do you want her to take her time with this?" The young mother replied, "So we can discuss what to do tomorrow. Sapphire's birthday is almost here!"

Everyone present glanced towards Ruby as she mentioned a special word. Pearl gasped, "Sapphire's birthday? It's tomorrow?!" Ruby nodded, "I only just remembered today. But yeah. Sapphire turns one year old tomorrow. So we need to get things ready for her!" Zandria smirked, "Leave the cake to me!" But Ash then asked, "Hold on! Do we even have the money to buy her presents?" In response, Ruby reached into Ash's backpack and pulled out an envelope. "Remember this?" Ash took it in hand and found that it was filled nearly to bursting. When he opened it, he gasped at the sight of large sums of money inside. "Ruby... Where'd all this come from?!" The young mother smiled, "That's my bonus from working at that strip club back in Lilycove City. I used a little of it since then, but there should be more than enough for us to get Sapphire some gifts." The Trainer chuckled, "With this much, we could probably get her a brand new car! Not like she's old enough to drive it, mind you."

Ruby handed out some of her money to Zandria, "That should be enough for the cake ingredients." The Zangoose nodded, "I'll be careful to not end up giving all of you a sugar rush." She then gave some to Pearl, "Make sure you get something for her that she'll like." The Lucario maiden smiled, "Not a problem. I know her well enough by now." But Pearl then whispered to Ash, "Looks like our little session will have to wait." The Trainer blushed, "Um... Sure. No problem." Ruby then took Ash's hand, "You and I will go shopping together." Ash smiled, "Sounds good. You coming, Lucash?" The Lucario child grinned, "OK! Let's go get Sapphire's presents!" Just then, Lucy turned and noticed Sapphire walking down the hall towards them. She whispered, "Don't look now, but the birthday girl is coming this way." At Lucy's words, everyone present acted as if nothing had happened. Sapphire then held out a can to her father. "Sorry. I didn't know what to get. Is fruit punch OK?" Her father smiled, "That's OK with me. Thanks, Sapphire."

Moments later, Ash left the Pokémon Center with his lover and son by his side while Zandria and Pearl headed off in search of effective shopping locations. But a short while later, Ashton brought a hand to his chin as he began to think. Noticing Ashton's thoughtful expression, Rukaria asked, "Something on your mind, Sir Ashton?" The viscount muttered, "Mmf... That's no good..." The blind Lucario then tapped him on the shoulder with the Hyup Do, "Sir? Something wrong?" Feeling the touch of Rukaria's weapon, Ashton glanced down at her, "Hm? Yes?" She replied, "What's wrong? Is it about Sapphire?" The viscount nodded, "Yes... In a sense, she is my granddaughter. So I feel it would be best for me to provide her with a gift. The only problem is that I do not know what she would enjoy." Rukaria brought a hand to her chin as well, "Hmm... You have a point. And I don't know her well enough to offer a suggestion..."

Rukaria and Ashton stood beside each other while lost in thought. The two even comically mirrored each other's movements as they pondered what would make for a proper gift for Sapphire. But after a moment, a devious grin crept across Rukaria's face. She giggled, "Sir Ashton, I just thought of something that Sapphire will surely like." The viscount smiled, "Really? What?" But the blind Lucario motioned for him to follow her, "Come with me. I have a hunch of where to get one." Taking her word for it, Ashton followed Rukaria outside.

After a short while of looking around, Rukaria stopped outside of a rather unusual store. Ashton asked, "Is this it?" Rukaria nodded, "Yeah. They sell them here." She then whispered, "I...uh...don't feel comfortable about going in there, so I'll tell you what it looks like." The viscount kneeled down to her as the blind Lucario whispered in his ear. "...long and pink... Flexible and made of rubber..... And it kind of looks like..... WHAT?!" Ashton stood up with a mildly disgusted expression on his face. "She's only one year old! Are you certain she will really know what to do with something like that? Will she even want it?!" Rukaria giggled, "Trust me. She will adore it. I'm a girl too, so I know how she thinks to a degree." The viscount gulped, "...If you say so. I'm taking your word for it." He then stepped inside while Rukaria waited outside the store. She giggled to herself as she watched Ashton stare at some pornographic magazines. He muttered, "They actually make stuff like these?" He then shook his head in disbelief as he walked down the aisle, browsing for what Rukaria described to him.

Elsewhere in Oreburgh City, Ruby led Ash and their son to a local department store. She smiled, "We'll surely find some things here that Sapphire will like." Once inside, Lucash grinned, "Wow! They have lots of stuff here! Where do we start?" Ash replied, "Go wherever you want. Just make sure you're sure Sapphire will like what you get her." Ruby then took Lucash's hand, "You stay with me. We'll look for Sapphire's present together. What about you, dear?" The Trainer smiled, "I'll go look around on my own. We'll meet up back at the entrance." The three of them then went off exploring the store, trying to find the right gift for Sapphire.

Not long after beginning their search, Lucash and Ruby came to a clothing section of the store. Upon glancing around, Lucash pointed, "How about one of those, Mommy?" Before Ruby could turn to look, Lucash had grabbed a sling bag and carried it over to her. It was a bright shade of orange. "Do you think Sapphire will like this?" Ruby brought a hand to her chin. The sling bag was almost identical in design to the one Kazeerah always carried over her shoulder. She muttered, "Come to think of it... Orange compliments blue. It'll probably look good on her." She then took the sling bag in hand, "I think you picked out a very good gift, Lucash." The Lucario child grinned proudly, "Heheh..."

With Lucash's gift for Sapphire in hand, Ruby continued searching for anything that her daughter would like. But after a moment, her ears perked up at the sound of some sort of bell. "Some sort of song?" She then headed in the general direction of the music and came to an aisle with various music boxes lining the shelves. Standing at the end of the aisle was a little girl holding one of the many music boxes. The constant ringing that Ruby heard was being emitted from the music box the child was holding. Lucash smiled, "That sounds really pretty." Ruby's gaze soon turned to the music boxes that lined the shelves. Curious, she took one in hand. After winding up the key that was sticking out of the side, she released her grip. A gentle chime began to play as the box slowly opened. On a rotating tray at the center of the box was a pair of tiny figurines. One was a Beautifly while the other was a Butterfree. The two figures rose up and down while slowly spinning at times, giving the impression that they were dancing. Ruby smiled, "So charming... She'll surely like this." Once the song had completed and the music box had closed, the young mother took it in hand and headed back towards the store's entrance with her son by her side.

Elsewhere in the department store, Ash was searching about without having a firm idea of what to actually purchase. "Guh... I never was good at getting gifts for girls... I don't even know where to start." But after some time wandering around the store, Ash came to a section that specialized in jewelry. His eyes perked up, "Wait a second... All girls love jewelry!" Smiling, he began browsing the shelves. There were expensive watches, bracelets, necklaces, rings, and many other types of jewelry. "My eyes are starting to see stars. I've never seen so much shine before." But after a moment, the Trainer stopped at the sight of something being held inside a glass display case. "Whoa... It's perfect!"

That evening, Lucy and Chiara helped out with wrapping Sapphire's presents. Chiara muttered, "I honestly have to wonder what Ashton was thinking when he bought that..... Perhaps he was drunk." Lucy glanced over at the Lugia, "Hm? What did he get?" But Chiara blushed, "...I would rather not say. But I will let Sapphire be the one to decide whether or not she should keep it." The Lucario maiden gulped, "Uh... All right?" She went back to wrapping up Ruby's music box and placed it inside the orange sling bag that Lucash had picked out. "A present within a present." She then turned to Chiara, "What about the cake?" Chiara replied, "Zandria will begin baking it early in the morning. She says she's planning something special for this one."

In his hotel room, Ash was taking a shower. "Man, this feels a lot better than I thought it would. Come to think of it... It's been a month since I last washed up! No wonder I feel so grimy." But unbeknownst to the Trainer, a pair of lustful red eyes was peeking through the shower curtain. And a moment later, something soft pressed against Ash's back. "What the... Who's there?" A voice replied, "Just me, honey." A hand reached past Ash and gently fondled his manhood. The voice murred, "I've been waiting a long time for this. Go on and get hard for me, baby. We have a pup to make." Ash gulped, "Pearl... Now?!"

Ash shuddered as his member lengthened and hardened, his erection growing. Pearl sighed, "Oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about." She then walked around to Ash's front, "Looks like you're all ready, hun. Shall we?" Ash glanced down at the beautiful Lucario before him. She had removed her yellow vest, revealing her bountiful breasts. Her face was filled with a deep blush. Pearl grinned, "I'm all yours, Ash. How should we do this?" But the Trainer backed away nervously, "Um... Actually..." Pearl smiled longingly, "Yes, hun?" The Trainer gulped, "Um... I was wondering if we could.....wait until tomorrow? I still have some things to do to get ready for Sapphire's birthday party. Is that all right with you?"

Pearl sighed at Ash's hesitation to mate with her. "But... I've been waiting for this day for months! You can't begin to imagine how much I've desired to have a child of my own with you! Please, Ash!" She stepped forward and gazed up at him while on the verge of tears, "Let's not put this off any longer! Please, let's start a family! Tonight!" But the Trainer smiled, "Pearl, I love you. And I would be honored to start a family with you. But I just want to wait until tomorrow. Your heat isn't gonna end tonight, is it?" The Lucario maiden paused for a moment before replying, " heat will last for a week before it ends on its own." Ash then dropped to one knee and embraced her, "Then there's nothing to worry about. Tomorrow night, I'll give you the baby you've always dreamed of. That's a promise." Overcome with emotion, Pearl tightly embraced the boy she loved and whispered, "I love you, Ash... I love you so much..."

With a yawn, Sapphire awoke as the sun shone high above Oreburgh City. As the Lucario child rubbed her eyes, she glanced over at a clock nearby. "...huh? It's...past noon?" Unbeknownst to her, Sapphire had been exposed to Sleep Powder while she slept, causing her to sleep more heavily than normal. As she climbed out of bed, Sapphire noticed a note affixed to the door. She promptly examined it. "....the lady at the front desk?" Following the directions on the note, the Lucario child made her way outside the hotel room and towards the elevator.

Upon reaching the ground floor, Sapphire approached the hotel's front desk. She then spoke to the receptionist, "Um... I was supposed to talk to you? My name is Sapphire Ketchum." The receptionist nodded, "Oh yes. Miss Ketchum. You are to proceed to the lounge. You are being expected." The Lucario child bowed thankfully before heading off in search of the lounge. Upon finding it, she knocked on the door. When she did not receive a reply, Sapphire peeked inside. Much to her surprise, the room was pitch-black inside. Cautiously, she stepped inside. "Hello...? Anyone here? Am I supposed to be here?" A second later, the lights came on as numerous voices shouted, "SURPRISE!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SAPPHIRE!!!"

Once her eyes had adjusted to the light, Sapphire glanced around to find all of her friends and family surrounding a long table in the center of the lounge. Many balloons of various colors floated around the room. The Lucario child asked, "What is this?!" Ash laughed, "Don't you know?! It's your birthday, Sapphire! You were born on this day one year ago!" Sapphire blushed, "It' birthday today?" Lucash nodded, "Yup! Just like Daddy's a month ago!" Sapphire then smiled sincerely, "My own birthday party? I'!"

At the center of the table sat a grand cake that Zandria had baked. Having been removed from the oven a short while ago, it still radiated small amounts of heat. The cake itself was made of a dark chocolate batter while the icing was a sweet vanilla. Zandria grinned, "First thing's first. Blow out the candle and make a wish!" Having witnessed her father blow out the candles on his own birthday cake, Sapphire stood before her cake. Standing atop the cake was a lone candle molded into the shape of the number 1. The wick was sticking out of the top. Zandria looked towards Ashton, "Care to do the honors?" The viscount smiled, "Gladly." He then pointed one finger towards the candle's wick and muttered, "Fire Style: Ember Dart." At his words, a tiny flame was launched from his fingertip and struck the wick, igniting it. He then looked towards Sapphire, "Go ahead and make a wish." The birthday girl closed her eyes for a moment as she thought her wish over. Chiara spoke up, "Don't take too long. The wax will melt into the cake." A few seconds later, Sapphire opened her eyes and blew out the candle. As a thin trail of smoke rose from the candle's wick, everyone present applauded. Sapphire smiled with a blush, "Don't ask what I wished for. It's a secret."

As Zandria began to cut the cake, Lucash carried his present over to Sapphire. "I got this for you, sis." In his hands was an orange sling bag with a fairly long strap. Curious, Sapphire pulled the strap over her head with it hanging on her shoulder. The bag itself rested against the side of her hip. Sapphire smiled, "It's comfy, and the orange looks good on me." She then dropped to her knees and gave her little brother a warm embrace, "I love it, Lucash! Thank you!" The Lucario child blushed as he grinned, everyone laughing at the situation.

Ruby turned to Lucy, "Hey, where's the one I got for Sapphire?" The Lucario maiden smiled, "I placed it inside the bag." Sapphire glanced down at her new bag, "Huh? Inside?" She reached into the sling bag and pulled something out. "Huh? A present inside my present?" A small box was wrapped in wrapping paper that was covered in an ivy print of green vines. Ruby smiled, "That one's from me." Sapphire then set the box down on the table and carefully began to remove the paper. The wrapping paper revealed an oval-shaped box with a porcelain finish. "What is it?" Sapphire looked towards her mother. Ruby pointed, "Give the key a few twists and find out." As instructed, Sapphire began to rotate the key that was protruding from the side of the box. Once it became difficult to rotate the key further, Sapphire released her grip. At that instant, a gentle chime began to play as the top of the box slowly opened, revealing two figurines in the form of a Beautifly and Butterfree. Sapphire's eyes lit up as the two figures spun in unison as if dancing. The birthday girl grinned, "A music box! I love it! Thank you, Mommy!" Ruby grinned happily, "Be sure to listen to that whenever you can."

Once the music box had played itself out and closed, Sapphire returned it to her new sling bag. Pearl smiled, "I'm next!" Sapphire's aunt handed out a fairly flat present that was a white box tied by a red ribbon. "I hope my sister's little girl likes what I got her." Pearl winked at her niece. Curious, Sapphire removed the ribbon and lifted the lid from the box. "Huh? Is this...?" Sapphire reached into the box and pulled out what seemed to be a long sleeveless dress. Pearl smiled, "I paid a visit to a local tailor for this. I only hope I got the measurements right. You like it?" The birthday girl held up her dress to her body to measure its length. Ruby smiled, "It looks just like that dress I wore during that cruise from Lilycove City, only longer." Ash blushed, remembering how the sides of Ruby's legs were uncovered up to nearly her hips, "I remember that. You looked awesome in that dress." Another difference was that Sapphire's dress was a vivid sky blue. Sapphire grinned, "This looks so good, I gotta try it on!" A second later, Sapphire's blue shorts and yellow vest were tossed into the air. But before anyone could actually see anything, Sapphire was clad in her new dress. The cloth reached as low as her shins. There was also a hole in the middle of the dress on the backside, allowing Sapphire's tail through. The dress was also able to stretch well enough to accommodate her bountiful breasts without sacrificing comfort. She grinned, "This feels great! Thank you, Aunt Pearl!" But as she looked around at everyone, she noticed that some were giving her odd stares. "Um... Is something wrong?" Ashton gulped, "Sapphire... Are you...wearing any undergarments?" The birthday girl gave her ancestor a puzzled gaze, "What are those?" Sapphire's nipples were straining against the fabric while there was nothing concealing her womanhood, allowing some of her friends and family to see it at certain angles. Pearl chuckled, "I also got you some panties and a bra for it. Make sure you wear them along with anything that is NOT your usual vest and shorts." Sapphire quickly glanced at the box her dress was previously in and saw a pair of white panties and a white bra resting in it. "Oh... Um... I'll try to remember to use them."

After slipping on her new undergarments with Chiara's aid, Sapphire turned to her father while still clad in her new dress. Before she could say anything to him, Ash smiled, "Don't go thinking I didn't get you anything. It's right here." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small flat brown box that had not been wrapped. Aurora smiled, "That design... It looks like those used in jewelry stores. Is it a new watch?" Ash merely smirked, "You'll find out in a second." He then handed the box to his daughter, "Happy Birthday, Sapphire." Curious of the contents, Sapphire removed the box's top. But upon doing so, she gasped. Aurora asked, "What is it? Something hideous?" But Sapphire remained silent for a moment as she examined what was in the box. Resting atop a thin sheet of cotton was a blue sapphire pendant about the size of a large coin, cut into a hexagon shape and fitted with a golden frame. An equally golden chain was attached to the top, allowing it to be worn like a necklace. Sapphire soon turned away from her friends and family, hiding the jewel with her body as she removed it from the box.

Ruby raised an eyebrow, as her daughter seemed to be hiding her gift from everyone's eyes. She turned to Ash, "What did you get her?" He gulped, "I thought she would like it... Sapphire, what's wrong?" But the Lucario child replied, "J...just a minute..." After a moment, everyone watched as Sapphire's hands reached to the back of her neck, clasping two ends of a golden chain together. She then slowly turned to face her companions, their eyes fixated on the beautiful pendant that rested against her upper chest. Pearl turned to Ash, " an amazing gem. You really outdid yourself this time." Sapphire, tears in her eyes, walked towards her father and embraced him. "Daddy... I love you... It's beautiful..." The birthday girl's proud father smiled, "I knew you'd like it. My little Sapphire."

Ashton stepped forward, "I think I'm the last one." In his hands was a long narrow present wrapped in blue paper. At the sight, Sapphire smiled, "Thanks, Grandpa!" But as the viscount handed his gift to his descendant, Chiara gulped, "Oh dear... Should I intervene?" Lucy asked, "Why? What did he get her?" The Lugia brought a hand to her face as she blushed deeply, "I can't bring myself to say it....." Nearby, Rukaria was snickering quietly, waiting to see the looks on her companion's faces once they saw what rested inside the box. As Ashton took a seat, Sapphire quickly removed the wrapping paper, revealing a simple brown box. But once she opened it at the top, the Lucario child's eyes went wide, "Um... What is...this?" Ashton replied, "Rukaria recommended that I get it for you. Apparently, it is something women use frequently." Baffled, Sapphire reached into the box and lifted the gift out. To everyone's shock and bewilderment, Sapphire was holding a bright pink rubber dildo.

At the sight of what his daughter was holding, Ash turned to Ashton with a disgruntled expression, "Ashton... What the heck is that?!" The viscount shrugged his shoulders, "To be honest, I don't know. I simply picked out what Rukaria instructed me to." Lucy brought her hands to her mouth in embarrassment, "Good lord... I know she's grown up fast, but I don't think she's ready for something like that..." Rukaria was struggling to not laugh just yet as Ruby began to crack her knuckles. "Ashton......" The young mother growled with a hint of disgust in her voice. Hearing the sudden aggression in her tone, Ashton turned towards her, "Y...yes?" She then snarled, "Are you trying to turn my little girl into a perverted slut?!" The viscount remained silent as he merely stared at Ruby with a puzzled expression. At that point, Chiara spoke, "Ashton." When Ashton looked towards her, the Lugia spoke one word. "Run." No sooner than that word was said, Ruby jumped over the table and threw her fist towards Ashton's head. He managed to jump out of the way at the last second, Ruby's fist bowling over a chair instead. "Ruby, cease this assault! I was told she would like it!" But the young mother pursued the viscount out of the lounge, "No excuses!" As the two vanished from view, Rukaria fell over laughing, her hands gripping her stomach. With a disturbed expression, Pearl looked down at the blind Lucario maiden and muttered, "Rukaria... You're the devil."

Minutes later, everyone present at the birthday party began to enjoy Zandria's cake while playing classic party games. "Whoa! That was a close one, Shadow!" The Lucario removed his blindfold to examine his work. As they were playing the classic game of 'Pin the Tail on the Donkey', Shadow had tried his luck and found that his aim was off by only half an inch. "Heh. Not bad." Rukaria stood up and took a tail in hand after tying a red blindfold around her head. Ash did not recognize it at first and asked, "Hey, where'd you get that blindfold?" The blind maiden replied, "Oh, I've had this for years. I normally only wear it when I fight so as to protect my eyes." She then turned towards the poster on the wall. But instead of slowly fumbling towards it, she quickly walked over to it and pinned the tail directly on the target. Lucash applauded, "Great job, Rukaria!" But Ash then brought a hand to his chin, "Um... Wait. Did you see what you were doing there?" The blind Lucario removed her blindfold, "Of course. I see the world around me with my Aura, even if there is something covering my eyes." Pearl laughed, "So you COULD see! That means you're disqualified!" Rukaria groaned, "Come on! I was following the rules... Eh?" She then turned to the lounge's entrance as Ruby returned with a satisfied expression. "Any cake left?" Rukaria promptly pointed towards the birthday cake, where Zandria was cutting another piece. But moments later, Ashton returned to the lounge with a noticeable black eye. He frowned, "Was that...truly necessary, Ruby?" The young mother scoffed, "Serves you right. Be thankful I didn't rough you up more!"

As Sapphire's birthday party began to draw to a close and the sun began to set, Pearl suddenly grasped Ash's hand. The Trainer turned to face her, slightly startled. But when she gazed into his eyes most lovingly, Ash understood what it was that she was trying to tell him. He took Pearl's hand between his own and smiled, "OK. Let's get started." Without a word, the sultry Lucario proceeded to the elevator of the hotel with Ash by her side. But as the doors closed and the bell rang, Sapphire began to ponder the strange odor that had been emanating from her aunt. However, Pearl's pheromones had begun to trigger strange urges in Sapphire's brain that the Lucario child could not begin to understand. But there was one question the pheromones caused Sapphire to ask herself. Curious, she tapped her mother on the shoulder. Ruby turned to face her daughter, "Yes?" Sapphire then asked, "Mommy..... Where do babies come from?"

The question Sapphire asked was the last thing Ruby ever expected to hear out of her daughter's mouth. She hesitated before replying, "W...why are you interested in where babies come from?" Sapphire shrugged her shoulders, "I don't know..... It just popped into my head right now... But...I wanna know." Ruby brought a hand to her chin, wondering if her daughter was old enough to handle the truth behind reproduction. But as she thought, Ruby recalled that her sister was now in heat. And she and Ash were nowhere to be seen. A sly smirk crept across her face, knowing exactly why they were not present. She then turned to her daughter, "Well.... OK. I'll show you myself where babies come from." Excited, Sapphire grinned, "Oh goodie! When do we start?" But the young mother took her child's hand and led her to the elevator, "Right this way. You'll be getting a hands-on experience of it."

In their hotel room, Ash and Pearl held each other in a gentle embrace. The Trainer smiled, "It's finally gonna happen now, isn't it?" Pearl sighed, "Yes... My body is finally ready. But are you ready, hun?" Ash smiled warmly, "Yeah. I love you, Pearl. And I would be honored to give you a baby." Pearl's embrace only grew tighter at those words. She grinned in glee as she felt her burning womb throb, knowing that sweet relief was within reach. "Ash... I can't take it anymore! Come on! I need you inside me now!" The sultry Lucario took a step back and yanked her yellow vest over her head, revealing her well-endowed breasts. "Please! Make love to me! Make me a mother!" Ash took a step back at Pearl's almost fanatical approach. In his mind, he could almost see cherry blossom petals falling around her. He smiled compassionately, "All right. Just give me a sec." Not wasting any time, Ash quickly proceeded to remove every scrap of his clothing. Pearl blushed at the sight of her lover standing nude before her, "Just as impressive as the last time. Now then..." But before she could tackle Ash to the bed, Pearl's ears twitched as she heard the hotel room's door open. When the two lovers turned to face the intruder, Ruby grinned, "Looks like we're just in time!"

Ruby quickly turned and locked the door as Ash and Pearl blushed deeply in embarrassment. "Ruby?! What're you doing here?! This is a private moment!" Pearl shouted in frustration. But to Ash's horror, he found his own daughter staring at him with an expression of bewilderment. "....Daddy? Is this...what you look like down there?" The Trainer's hands quickly reached down and covered his manhood, "Don't look at me there! You're too young!" But Ruby calmly explained, "Just relax for a minute. There's a reason why I brought Sapphire up here." His face a deep red, Ash grumbled, "What is it?" The young mother continued, "Sapphire asked me where babies come from. And knowing that Pearl is in heat, I knew that this would be a perfect opportunity for her to witness the act in person." Sapphire then asked, "But...does that mean you..." After a moment, Pearl sighed, "...yes, Sapphire. Your father and I were just about to get started on making a baby."

Sapphire blushed at Pearl's confession. "A... A baby?! Really?!" Ash nodded silently in agreement. The Lucario child's eyes glanced at her aunt's bare chest and her father's nude body. She then asked, "Mommy, do they have to take their clothes off to make a baby?" Ruby nodded, "Yes. It wouldn't be possible with them in the way. Do you not want to watch if they don't wear their clothes?" Sapphire glanced back at her aunt and father for a moment before turning to Ruby again, "Yes... I want to watch." Before Ash could object, Ruby spoke up, "Hey. It's her birthday, so she gets what she wants. Think of this little reproduction lesson as a gift from all of us. All right?" Knowing that there was no changing Ruby's mind once she had decided on something, Ash nodded, "Fine. She can watch. But that's it. No touching." Sapphire nodded, "OK, Daddy. I'll be a good girl."

Ash and Pearl faced each other as Ruby and Sapphire sat nearby. Pearl glanced down at Ash's manhood and smirked, "We may as well get you ready. Take a seat, hun." As instructed, Ash sat on the bed while Pearl kneeled before him. Sapphire whispered as Pearl began to fondle and lick Ash's member, "Why is Aunt Pearl licking that thing? Does it taste good?" Ruby smiled, "Not really. It doesn't taste like much. She's doing that to prepare it for their lovemaking." Sapphire gave her mother a confused gaze, "Lovemaking?" The young mother nodded, "It's a common term for the process of making a baby. It's called that because it is a powerful showing of love between two people. Look." Sapphire watched as Pearl tenderly caressed Ash's manhood, being ever so careful to pleasure him the best she could without rushing him. In response, Ash gently caressed her head and ears, a loving smile on his face as he looked down at her. Sapphire smiled, "They really do look like they love each other. I get it now." A moment later, Pearl stood up, allowing Ruby and Sapphire to see Ash's now erect manhood. Sapphire gasped, "It grew! It looks bigger now!" Ruby nodded, "That's because it is now ready for the act of lovemaking. It needs to be properly stimulated first. It is called a penis, but other terms include 'member' and 'manhood' among others. Every boy has one." Ash smiled at Pearl, "You ready for the baby you've always wanted?" The Lucario maiden smiled with a tear in her eye, "You already know the answer by now."

Pearl proceeded to lie down on the bed while Ash got on his knees. But before he decided to enter her, he reached down between her legs. "Ash? What...ooh!" Pearl gasped as her lover touched her moist lips. "It feels a lot hotter than the last time. I guess it's called 'heat' for more than one reason." Sapphire then stood up, "What is it? Let me see!" She then stepped over to the bed and tried to look between her aunt's legs. The Lucario giggled, "All right, don't get pushy. Here." Pearl turned herself towards her niece and spread her legs wide. Between her legs and inside her thick blue fur was Pearl's swollen vagina. Sapphire sniffed the air for a second, "That smell... It's so strong now. Is that where it's coming from?" Ruby nodded, "Yes. When a girl goes into heat, she produces pheromones as a sign to other boys. It'll stop once her heat cycle has passed or she has mated with someone." Sapphire then looked towards her mother, "Will I go into heat someday?" Ruby brought a hand to her chin to think. She soon replied, "I honestly don't know. You're half human, so maybe not. It's too soon to say for sure." Pearl then pleaded, "Please, no more waiting! Sapphire, give us some room!" Startled, the Lucario child backed away quickly, as did Ruby. Pearl then smiled towards Ash, "You know what to do, hun." The Trainer nodded, "Yeah. Let's get started." A moment later, he positioned himself at Pearl's entrance, but soon plunged inside her, hilting himself to her.

Pearl let out a shriek of ecstasy as she felt Ash plunge into her hot depths. "Oh.... OH!!! That's it! Don't stop now, dear! You know what I want!" Ash nodded as he began to thrust, "I haven't forgotten. But let's not rush ourselves." His thrusts were slow, but firm. Sapphire's eyes were wide in amazement as she watched her father make love to her aunt. "Um... What are they doing?" Ruby replied, "They are making love." Sapphire turned back to her father and aunt, "So... This is all they need to do?" But her mother shook her head, "No, not quite. Now, you saw your father's manhood, right? It needs to be stimulated in order to produce a certain substance, which will then create a baby within Pearl's womb." Sapphire then asked, "Um... And what will come out? Is he going to p..." But Ruby interrupted, "No, not that. It will cause him to produce a milky white substance called sperm. And when that gets inside Pearl's womb, it will make a baby." Sapphire smiled, "It's that easy?!" The young mother nodded, "Yes, but it takes time. A boy can't produce sperm at will. He needs to be stimulated for a while in order for it to happen. Just watch."

As they made love, Ash gently gripped Pearl's bountiful breasts in his hands. The Lucario maiden sighed, "You really know how to make a girl feel good, sweetie." Ash chuckled, "I've had plenty of practice. Anything you'd like me to...mmph?!" Before Ash could complete what he was going to say, Pearl pulled him close for a kiss. She threw her arms around his neck and held him close, kissing him deeply in passion. Ash bushed as he closed his eyes and pressed into the kiss, his tongue dancing with Pearl's between their mouths. They both tasted of chocolate and vanilla from the cake they had eaten a short while before. As they kissed, Pearl's legs reached up and folded over Ash's lower back, holding him close to her. Soon afterward, Ash's thrusting began to speed up considerably. Ruby gasped as she came closer to the two lovers, "This is it! Watch closely!" Curious, Sapphire too came closer and watched closely. Suddenly, Ash stopped thrusting into Pearl and hilted himself to her without moving. Sapphire felt herself blush as she saw some movement in her father's testicles as his sperm began to flow. Pearl embraced Ash tightly as her body was wracked with orgasm. But a second later, she felt the most wonderful sensation she had ever experienced as Ash's seed flowed into her womb. Tears began to fall from her eyes as the burning heat inside her rapidly subsided. She blushed in love and pride. For so long she had sought the perfect lover. And now, in two months time, she would at last have a beautiful child of her own.

Ash broke the kiss as he panted in exhaustion, Pearl's legs releasing him from their embrace. As he pulled out of her, a thin trail of white sperm connected the tip of his member to Pearl's swollen lips. Sapphire gasped, "It's white... That's sperm?" Ruby nodded, "Yes. And now that it's inside Pearl's womb, she'll be having a baby in sixty days or so." Pearl slowly brought a hand to her lower belly, basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking and the knowledge that she would eventually become a mother. Sapphire asked, "Aunt Pearl? Are you really gonna have a baby now?" The Lucario maiden smiled proudly, "Yes. In about two months, you're going to have a cute little cousin." Ash then crawled over to Pearl and asked, "Are you all right, Pearl?" She turned and smiled at him, tears of joy still flowing down her face. " you, Ash..." The Trainer responded by reaching out and holding his lover in a tender embrace, "I love you too, Pearl." Sapphire brought a hand to her chest as her mouth bended into a warm smile, a tear flowing from her eye. "It' beautiful..."

A short while later, Sapphire stripped herself of her new dress as she prepared to bathe for the night in her hotel room. But as she stepped into the shower, the Lucario child noticed something that she had all but forgotten about. Ever since she had watched her father impregnate her aunt, there was an odd moistness between her legs. But as she thought of her father's manhood, another image appeared in her mind. She stepped out of the shower and grabbed her new rubber dildo from her new sling bag. Upon closer inspection, it was virtually the same shape as her father's member, albeit slightly larger. "Maybe..." With her dildo in hand, Sapphire stepped back into the shower.

Curious of the moisture around her womanhood, Sapphire reached down with her spare hand and touched herself. She gasped, "It weird..." However, she soon found that she could not stop herself. Her finger continued to caress her moist virgin lips, a deep blush beginning to fill her face. "Feels weird....but...can't stop..." Sapphire began to pant, her legs buckling from the pleasure as she sat down. She then took the time to glance down and notice the size of her own breasts. They were just as full and round as those of her aunt. Perhaps even more so! Sapphire dropped her dildo and touched her left breast with her empty hand. She was amazed by just how soft it was. Softer than any pillow she had slept on. She then tried squeezing it, moaning as the soft flesh heaved under her touch. "So good...." Sapphire's fingers on her other hand soon plunged inside her flower, prompting a loud gasp of pleasure from the Lucario child. "It's so good!" But her eyes soon glanced down at the dildo at her side. "It kinda looks like.....Daddy's?"

The more Sapphire stared at her dildo, the more it reminded her of her own father's manhood. "Will it feel the same as...?" Curious, she took the dildo in hand and positioned it at her wet entrance. Cautiously, she slowly pushed it inside her. Shocked by how large it felt, Sapphire gasped, "It's huge! So...big!!!" Ever so slowly, Sapphire pushed the dildo deeper inside herself. "So...lovely.... Can't stop..." Once she had gathered her confidence, Sapphire began to thrust the dildo into her warm depths in a steady rhythm. She panted feverishly as her vision began to blur. But as her first orgasm began to near, Sapphire began to feel as if the dildo was moving independent of her will. As if it was no longer just a toy anymore. In her eyes, she could almost see a boy thrusting into her. "Whoever you are....don't stop...please..." In her eyes, a face began to appear before her. The Lucario child gasped, "Huh?! You're..." At that instant, Sapphire's inner walls clamped down hard on her dildo as juices pulsed from her womanhood. "Daddy!!!" Sapphire howled as her first orgasm wracked her body, filling her with unprecedented bliss.

Sapphire lied on the floor of the shower, having nearly fainted from her very first orgasm. Her body burned in the afterglow, too weak to move at all. "So good... Thank you, Daddy..." But as her strength returned to her, Sapphire sat up and saw that there was no one around. Just her dildo, which was soaked in her own juices. "It felt so good... Is this what it's like to make a baby?" As she stood up and turned the shower on, a warm smile crept across Sapphire's face, "Maybe I'll have a baby too someday."
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