AGNPH Stories

Rukario Romance by XD385


Days of Rest

Flashes of fiery orange dashed around a vast open field within the farmlands of Ironspike City. Ashton made a quick series of hand signs, "Earth Style: Dark Swamp!" A large puddle of viscous black mud formed before him as it engulfed the green grass. He then made another series of hand signs, "Earth Style: Earth Dragon Bomb!" At that moment, a mound of thick mud rose from the puddle, taking on the form of a large dragon's head. The entity then opened its jaws wide and launched a flurry of mud balls at high velocity in the direction of the flame-coated creature dashing about the field. A boy's voice laughed, "C'mon, Ashton! Keep it coming! This is getting interesting!" The viscount grinned, "That it is, Ash! Come at me! Don't disappoint our audience!"

Spread all around the field were various Riolu and Lucario of the Ironspike clan, watching as the Angel and Devil of the Eternal Flame sparred with each other. Seeing one host of the Eternal Flame in action was exciting enough, but seeing two locked in combat with each other drove them wild. There was a roar of cheering as Ashton and his descendant dueled. The Devil of the Eternal Flame suddenly dashed towards his ancestor as a volley of mud bullets were being launched at him. While weaving around the incoming projectiles, Ash smirked, "Pretty good! Just don't hold....Gwah?!" Ash tripped and fell as one of Ashton's Earth Dragon Bombs hit him in the face, smearing a thick glob of viscous mud all over it. There was an uproar of laughter as the many Lucario and Riolu gawked at Ash's mishap.

Ash tried his best to wipe the mud from his face, but it was surprisingly sticky. He started to panic as he began to have difficulty breathing. Ashton noticed the Trainer struggling and called out, "Ash, are you all right?!" As if to answer him, a blast of fire erupted from Ash's mouth, blowing the glob of mud back at Ashton while igniting and melting it into lava. "Too hot!" Knowing that even the Eternal Flame would not protect him from the searing heat of lava, Ashton clumsily evaded by jumping to the side and falling down. "That was embarrassing..." But just then, Ash dashed over to the viscount and sank his claws into Ashton's lower torso, which was not protected by the suit of armor he was wearing. ".....not him." Ash jumped away as Ashton's body exploded into a plume of flames. "What does he call this again? .....a Fire Clone?" The Trainer then froze as he felt the cold tip of the Flamberge lightly touch the back of his neck. Ashton smiled, "Indeed it was, Ash. And I'm surprised you noticed so quickly too."

Having decided that they had done enough sparring for one day, Ashton placed the Flamberge on his back while Ash retracted his claws and dispelled his cloak of flames, his eyes and Z-shaped markings returning to normal. Once Ash had slid his gloves back on, the audience burst into applause. The Trainer blushed, "I'm not used to this amount of admiration." Some of the Ironspike youths swarmed around the two, asking various questions. "Does your Eternal Flame powers differ from Ashton's?! Why does your cloak have a bushy tail and long ears? Isn't it hot being covered in flames like that?!" Ashton chuckled as Ash started to look annoyed by the slew of questions being asked of him.

As thanks for slaughtering the gang of bandits to the east of Ironspike City, the Ironspike clan insisted on Ashton and his companions staying for at least two weeks to rest. Ash was eager to continue his Sinnoh League challenge, but he decided to go along with the offer. While everyone chose to sleep in a hotel within the modernized eastern half of the city, they mostly spent their time with their new Lucario and Riolu friends in the rural western half.

Ash turned to Ashton as they decided to meet up with their friends and family for lunch. "Ashton, what happened to your cape? Is it supposed to be just two narrow ones?" The viscount glanced behind himself, having forgotten to remove his armor. "Oh, that? No, this is all that remains of it after one of those bandits tore part of it off with an axe." The only part of Ashton's cape that remained was the two sides that hung from under his pauldrons, making it look more like a long blue scarf that had been hidden under his armor. Each strip of cloth was around five or six inches in width. Ash then asked, "You thinking about getting a new one?" But Ashton smiled, "No. This dual-cape look has grown on me. I'll leave it as is."

A familiar aroma floated through the air as Ash and Ashton neared the picnic grounds where they had decided to meet up. Ashton pulled his armor scroll out of the pouch on the back of his hip and unfurled it before pressing his hand against a symbol drawn in it. After being engulfed in a puff of white smoke, his armor had been replaced with his traveling attire. "No need to wear armor to a meal."

Zandria greeted her guests with a toothy grin, "Just in time!" Ash and Ashton were the last to arrive, their friends and family already seated upon blankets spread across the grass. Sapphire waved, "Hi, Daddy! Hi, Grandpa! You have fun training today?" Ashton chuckled as he took a seat, "Indeed. Your father keeps getting better with every session." But Ash's mind was focused on his hunger. He turned towards Zandria and asked, "Mom, is the food ready yet? That sparring session left me starving!" The Zangoose smirked as she worked over a collapsible grill and pot, "Oh my, then I better make sure my boy gets his vitamins!" She then started handing out bowls of stew and plates of grilled foods.

Lucash grumbled as he inspected his meal, "There's almost no meat..." The majority of the food that Zandria had cooked was a wide variety of vegetables. What little meat there was consisted of duck. Zandria smiled, "It can't get any fresher than this. The good people of Ironspike City picked all these veggies just this morning. So you should be grateful they're supplying us with all these good eats." Ruby then scolded her son, "You're a growing boy. You should always eat your veggies." The Lucario child whined, "Do I have to?" Sapphire giggled as she enjoyed her meal, "If you don't, I'll get all the dessert to myself!" Ruby grinned, "Exactly." Not wanting to be left out of an ice cream snack, Lucash reluctantly started eating. But he soon gasped, "Hey! These taste great!" Zandria chuckled, "Doesn't it always?!"

Ash feasted greedily on his meal, pleased by his ancestral mother's cooking. The stew was mostly tomato-based with a few other vegetables mixed in, but numerous other vegetables had been grilled along with the duck, such as corn and carrots. Zandria turned to Pearl while munching on some corn, "I hope you're getting plenty of nutrition for the baby." Pearl giggled, running a hand over her swollen belly. "I'm watching my intake, Zandria. And the little dear should be due in about one month." Hearing this, Lucy crawled over to her and smiled, "Really? It'll be here that soon?" Pearl nodded, "Looking forward to seeing your niece, huh?" The Lucario maiden giggled, "I am, actually."

Rukaria crawled over to Ash after she had finished her plate. Due to his hearty appetite, the Trainer was then starting on his second helping. Rukaria giggled, "Hey. That wasn't a piece of celery you just ate. That was an inch....." The blind Lucario maiden froze as Ash gave her a glare. Since his mouth was full, he did not speak. But his eyes clearly showed that he was not in the mood for any uncalled-for jokes. Rukaria then muttered, "Um..... Never mind."

Once Ash had finished his second helping, he quickly started on his third. But he took his time while chatting with Rukaria. "So, what's it like being back home after so long?" Rukaria sighed, "It's pleasant... It feels like nothing ever changes in this section of town. And I always visit the museum at least once every visit." Ash then smiled, "Plenty of time to see what's changed. It's been only three days since we got here, so we can take things slow." The blind Lucario nodded, "Good point." However, just as Ash finished up his third helping, Rukaria stood up. "I'll be right back. I have an errand to attend to." She then walked away, but Ash noticed the direction she was heading in. (Isn't the cemetery over there?) Worried, he stood up and followed her, being mindful to stay out of her range of vision.

As expected, Rukaria walked directly into the cemetery reserved for the burying of deceased Ironspike clan members. Certain that she was approaching the graves of her friends and family, Ash followed silently. But the Lucario maiden's all-direction vision soon detected him and she turned to face his direction. "Ash...?" The Trainer smiled shyly, "I...uh...saw you heading this way and decided I'd pay my respects too." Rukaria sighed, "All right..." She then led her friend to the four tombstones that marked where her parents, friend, and former fiancé had been laid to rest.

The two friends kneeled in unison before the tombstones, Ash before Materiel's grave and Rukaria before Ruko's. Ash closed his eyes, offering a silent prayer. However, Rukaria only stared down at the ground, her eyes gazing aimlessly. Ash soon detected the lack of sound coming from his friend and glanced at her out of the corner of his eye. She had begun to tremble, tears flowing from her eyes. "Why does it still hurt so much....." Rukaria lightly sobbed. Suddenly, she drew her kris dagger from the fur on her left upper leg. But before she could use it, Ash reached out and grabbed her wrist. "Please... Don't do that anymore..."

Rukaria struggled, trying to break free from Ash's grip. "Let go! It's my life! I should decide how it ends!" But Ash restrained her, "It's not worth it! I know it hurts, but they wouldn't want you to torture yourself this way..." The two struggled for a moment more as Rukaria pleaded, "Just let me... It's not like I can die anyway..." Ash muttered, "I can't. I just can't let you do this to yourself anymore because... I..." Ash then closed his eyes and sealed lips with the blind Lucario maiden, holding her in a warm embrace.

Dropping her dagger, Rukaria shuddered in utter disbelief. Her friend, who she had been initially terrified of at their first encounter, was kissing her. In shock, she pushed him away. "I don't get it...... Why? Why me, of all people?!" Ash replied, "Because I love you..." Those three special words echoed in Rukaria's mind for a moment, unable to believe he had truly spoken them. "But even so..... Doesn't the way I look bother you? My pale eyes? My dull and crimson fur? And even if you accept it, there's no way this will work. I'll outlive you..... It won't last..."

Ash was hardly surprised by Rukaria's shock, considering that she had been through betrayals and centuries of solitude. But he still smiled, "I don't mind the way you look. In fact, I think that red and gray color scheme of your fur looks really cool." Ash's confession caught Rukaria by surprise. "It to you?" The Trainer nodded. He then added, "And you won't really outlive me. Remember how Ashton was revived?" Rukaria gasped, "You mean...when he was revived by the Eternal Flame 500 years after death?" Ash nodded, "Yeah. I'll bet the same will happen to me too. And I promise, even after 500 years, I won't forget you." He then held her hand, "Rukaria..... I love you."

Rukaria remained silent for a moment, still finding it difficult to believe that someone had fallen in love with her after all of her past mistakes. "...why?" Ash replied, "What?" Rukaria then explained, "Why do you love me? What drew you to me?" Ash remained silent for a moment, trying to find the right words. "I guess it started when I first heard about your past. I just wanted to help improve your life after all the pain you've been through. Only now, that compassion has gone deeper..." Rukaria then asked, "And what about Ruby? And Pearl? Do they know?" Ash calmly grinned, "They don't just know. They encouraged me to do it. They care for you too. Like sisters." Rukaria stared down at her hand as Ash held it. ".....Ash. Tell me one more time. Just so I know it's true..." The Trainer smiled warmly, "I'll say it as many times as you want. I love you, Rukaria." The blind Lucario maiden began to shudder as tears filled her eyes. She suddenly caught Ash in a tight embrace, "This is...the happiest I've been in two centuries....." She then gazed up at Ash with a tearful smile, "I love you too, Ash."

The two lovers cuddled with each other tenderly, Ash rubbing Rukaria's upper back with one hand. Soon, the two of them gazed into each other's eyes. Slowly, they joined lips for a brief kiss. When they broke the kiss, Rukaria whispered, "May it again?" Ash nodded, and they kissed again, this time more intimately. Suddenly, Rukaria's belly growled. She blushed, "Um... I guess I didn't get enough to eat." Ash stood up, "I'll go make sure they save you another serving. See you there!" The Trainer then ran off back towards the picnic grounds. Rukaria giggled, sliding her dagger back into the fur on her upper left leg. But just before she stood up, she turned to Ruko's tombstone. "Ruko... I love you... But I need to move on... Someone loves me now. And I can't wallow in despair anymore..." She then stood up, "I hope we meet someday. When this curse has been broken..." Rukaria then turned and left the cemetery, eager for another helping of Zandria's cooking.

That night, Rukaria lied awake in bed. She shared a hotel room with Lucy and Pearl, their light snoring breaking the silence. Rukaria could hardly believe that after so many decades of lonely wandering, she had found love anew. She was equally shocked when she confirmed from Ruby and Pearl that they openly supported her bond with their lover. Just then, a voice spoke in her mind. "Mistress, what is troubling you?" The voice was a familiar feminine tone not unlike that of Soul Calibur. Rukaria replied, "You've been silent for quite a while, Malevolence."

Within Rukaria's body, Malevolence's will resonated. "Much has occurred since you crossed paths with that boy." Rukaria nodded, "Yeah... It's been an interesting journey with everyone." Malevolence spoke, "You fought splendidly during that skirmish a few days ago. And that was a very bold move when you took that attack for Ashton." Rukaria remained silent, but the third soul sword added, "Or was it a different urge...?" The blind Lucario maiden sighed, "Nothing I do escapes your notice... I really did not want to see him die, but I..... I also hoped that I wouldn't survive....." Malevolence sighed, "You are not alone anymore, mistress. After all, you finally found someone who loves you dearly." Hearing this, Rukaria blushed, "I know....."

A moment of silence passed between the two friends, the snoring of Lucy and Pearl being the only sound heard. Malevolence spoke first, "Do you believe he may be the one?" Rukaria nodded, "Thinking back... I really shouldn't have been so timid when we first met. He's been one of the best friends I've known since this curse was cast." She then added, "He's the one. He must be. No human has ever touched me so tenderly." Malevolence sighed, "I am happy for you, mistress." But Rukaria then asked, "Malevolence. May I ask a favor?" The sword replied, "Of course. What do you wish of me?" The blind Lucario maiden spoke, "Should anything threaten Ash, please give me the strength to help protect him." Malevolence replied calmly, "I shall. As I have with you since my birth, I shall watch over him as well." Rukaria smiled, "Thank you, Malevolence. And good night." As Rukaria drifted off to sleep, Malevolence whispered, "Sweet dreams, mistress."

The following morning, Ashton proceeded through the village of huts towards the oldest section of the Ironspike clan's home. "Even after almost a week, I still can't find my way around very well....." But as he scanned the distance, Ashton's eyes spotted a thin trail of smoke rising. "Where there's smoke....." The viscount followed the trail of smoke until it led him to a familiar old dwelling. The sound of a hammer striking metal could be heard inside. Knowing that he had located the place he had been searching for, Ashton stepped inside. He called, "Lady Shield, are you home?" A woman's voice replied, "I am, Sir Ashton! And you're just in time!" When Ashton entered the forge, he found the Shiny Lucario blacksmith hard at work with her hammer.

"Working on various types of tools at once proved to be an interesting challenge for me." Shield smiled as she wiped some grime from her face. Laid out on a bench were rows of several kunai and shuriken. But the Lucario then set what seemed to be a folded metal fan next to them. "I have to say forging these Demon Wind Shuriken was a little tricky at first. Getting them this thin without making them brittle was the hardest part." She then placed two more down. Ashton smiled as he removed the pouch from the back of his hip, "I am most grateful for your services, Lady Shield. And these numbers should suffice." He then began to place his new equipment into his pouch while neatly sorting them.

"I shouldn't run low on these for quite a while, Lady Shield. And they seem to be in pristine condition." Ashton smiled as he returned the ninja tool-filled pouch to the back of his right hip. "Would you expect anything less?" Shield chuckled with a grin as she doused the fire in her forge with water. Minutes later, the two sat at a table while sipping tea. "I hope you are enjoying your time here in Ironspike City, Sir Ashton." Shield smiled as she sipped her tea. Ashton nodded, "Indeed, I am." But he then added, "And it would seem that Ash and Rukaria have become involved." Shield remained silent for a moment, but soon asked, "Involved..... What?!" Ashton chuckled at her shocked reaction, "It seems the two had a long chat yesterday. From what I know, the two are now lovers." Shield soon smiled warmly, "Finally..... I was worried that she would never find someone who would fill that hole in her heart..." She then gazed at Ashton, "My lord, please. Watch over them. Make certain that nothing threatens their bond." Ashton nodded, "You have my word, Lady Shield."

A few hours later, Ashton stopped by the museum once again, curious if he had overlooked anything during his first visit. He proceeded down the central hall, peeking into various exhibits. But when he reached the chamber that displayed mannequins in the form of his twelve children, Ashton found Zandria inside examining her son's armor. "Couldn't stay away, eh?" Hearing Ashton's voice, Zandria turned to face him. "I just can't get over how much like him this thing looks." Ashton nodded, "Indeed. Few could craft a visage of such quality."

Ashton walked around the room, taking in the sights and information. However, Zandria remained in front of the two mannequins of Atlas and Lucash. She sighed, remembering all the days long ago when her son was still a child. Before long, Ashton made his way over to her. "Remember when he got his claws stuck in the curtains?" Zandria snickered, "Yeah. Pulled the whole thing down onto him." The two lovers chuckled, remembering the many antics the rambunctious Zangoose got himself into.

While chatting about the past, Zandria brought up an unexpected question. "Ashton, tell me honestly. Do I look any different?" The viscount replied, "Not that I can tell, no. Why do you ask?" The Zangoose explained, "Not sure... Just feel different lately. Like a little queasy in the morning for a few minutes." Curious, Ashton placed his hand on Zandria's belly. "Hmm..... Too much fur in the way." At this, Zandria smirked, "Too much? I'll fix that." Before Ashton could intervene, the Zangoose brought her hands together and made a hand sign, causing her to be engulfed in a puff of white smoke. Knowing what was coming, Ashton glanced around to see if anyone was nearby. Fortunately, they were the only visitors within the museum at the time.

"How about now?" Zandria asked as the smoke dissipated. Ashton blushed, Zandria now in the form of an anthro Zangoose with a beautiful shapely body. Seeing just how calm he was keeping himself, the Zangoose snickered, "Getting used to this, huh?" The viscount replied, "I suppose you could say that." He then walked behind Zandria and placed a hand on her abdomen. At his touch, Zandria giggled, "That tickles!" Ashton smirked, "I'd love to do so, but please be still." He felt along her belly, checking for anything out of the ordinary. Suddenly, he stopped. "What's this...?"

Hearing Ashton's sudden display of confusion, Zandria asked, "What's up? Feel anything weird?" Ashton explained, "It's small. Right down here." He rubbed his fingers over Zandria's womb. "It's quite small. But even so, I can feel a definite firmness there." Zandria gasped, "There?!" She too pressed her fingers against her lower belly. There was indeed something there. "Ashton..... It can only be..." The viscount asked, "What? You know?" The Zangoose blushed, "Remember that night a few weeks ago? In Jubilife City?" Ashton blushed, "You mean...the night we made love? What about it?" Zandria spun around and tightly embraced her lover, "What else could it mean?! I'm pregnant! We're gonna have another baby!"

Ashton froze. He could scarcely believe that his Zangoose lover, who was a specter, was pregnant with his child. "Zandria... How can this be?" The Zangoose grinned, "I know! Isn't it exciting?! If only Atlas knew he's gonna have a baby sister soon..." But Ashton frowned, "Not that. I'm referring to the fact that you're dead." Zandria understood what he meant and looked herself over. "Come to think of it..... I guess you have a point." Ashton crossed his arms, "You're a ghost. Even though you can take on physical form, shouldn't it be impossible for you to breed now?" Zandria shrugged her shoulders, "I guess there are some things that simply can't be explained. I say that since I can still eat and sleep in this state, we should assume that I can still breed." But she then frowned with a sorrowful expression, "Or is it.....that you don't want us to have anymore children? That this pregnancy is a mistake?"

Seeing Zandria's doubt in her eyes, Ashton sighed. "My apologies. I did not mean to make you think that. I'm merely puzzled by the fact that you can still bear children despite being deceased." He then tenderly embraced Zandria, "Don't get me wrong. I'm very excited that we will have a new child in our lives soon." The Zangoose embraced her lover, "Oh, Ashton..... God, I love you so much..." Ashton then smiled, "I love you too, Zandria..... More than you know..." The two lovers then kissed, their eyes closed. Zandria's long bushy tail swayed, blissfully excited about being pregnant once again.

One week into their stay at Ironspike City, most of the group chose to enjoy some time in a local park during the afternoon. Ash dashed about on all fours, shrouded in his cloak of flames. Chasing after him was Lucash and Shadow. "C'mon, Dad! No fair! Stop running with your hands!" The Lucario child shouted, trying to chase down his superiorly swift father. The Devil of the Eternal Flame laughed, "I can't help it if you're too slow!" He suddenly stopped and dashed in another direction as Shadow tried to blindside him with a Quick Attack. "Shoot! I thought I had him that time!"

Nearby, Zandria was steeping tea while Ashton, Lucy, Chiara, Aurora, and Lucius gathered around. Chiara sighed as she inhaled the aroma, "That smells quite sweet for tea." The Zangoose smiled, "It should be sweet. It's honey tea, after all. But I brought some extra honey just in case it's not sweet enough." She set out a jar of bright orange honey as Ashton extinguished the flames under the teapot. Lucy grinned, "That honey looks exceptionally sweet. I'll have some with mine, please." Chiara nodded, "Mine too. The brighter the color, the sweeter the honey."

Moments later, the six companions sat around the teapot while sipping their tea. Lucy smiled brightly, "Delightful! Such a warm flavor and sweet aroma!" Zandria giggled, "Glad you like it, dear." The companions began to chat amongst themselves, passing the time in conversation. However, Ashton's gaze soon set upon Lucius, who was seated next to him. He thought back to their battle with the bandits to the east of Ironspike City and the moment when he evaded an attack by moving twenty feet away from his assailant in the blink of an eye.

"Lucius. A moment, please." Ashton lightly tapped on the Shiny Lucario's shoulder. Lucius turned to Ashton, "Hm?" The viscount asked, "During that battle a week ago... What was that move you used when you evaded that strike? The Body Flicker Technique?" Lucius gave Ashton a puzzled stare, "Body Flicker? What's that?" Ashton explained, "It's a basic ninja technique where the user moves at untraceable speeds over a distance, usually in a split second." The Shiny Lucario frowned, "I've never been trained in the ways of the ninja. That was just my signature trick. I call it Quickstep." Ashton raised an eyebrow, "Quickstep? Please explain." Lucius smiled, "I just focus my Aura into my feet, which improves my movement. I then just sprint to another location. Due to just how quickly I move from one spot to another when using it, I named it 'Quickstep'. I normally use it just for evading incoming attacks at the last second." Ashton smirked, "The way you describe it sounds almost identical to the use of the Body Flicker Technique. The only difference is that it uses Chakra instead of Aura." The two warriors chuckled, their companions unaware of their conversation.

"No good, guys! You'll have to do better than that!" Ash laughed as Shadow and Lucash panted in exhaustion behind him. "Dang..... He's all about speed in that state..." Shadow wheezed, dropping to his knees in the process. "Man, I always knew you were fast, Dad..... Huh?" Lucash's gaze glanced up as his father passed under a tree. "Gotcha, Daddy!" Before Ash could react, someone dropped right on top of him. "Looks like I win!" Sapphire cuddled with her father, pinning him to the ground while sitting on his back. "Oof... Didn't even see that coming..." Everyone present burst into laughter at Ash's "capture".

That evening, Ashton stepped out of the shower and proceeded into his hotel room with a towel wrapped around his waist. But upon emerging from the bathroom, he found Zandria standing before a full-length mirror. However, she was in her anthro form while seemingly examining herself in the mirror. "Zandria?" Ashton asked, puzzled by what she was doing. The Zangoose seemed to be very fixated on her reflection, as she did not seem to even notice her lover. "Zandria, what are you doing?" Ashton asked again, this time a little louder. Zandria noticed his voice and promptly turned to face him. "Oh... Evening, Ashton." The Zangoose seemed to be lost in thought, pondering something.

Ashton's eyes traced Zandria's beautiful body, from her shapely hips to her bountiful breasts. But his admiration was cut short as the Zangoose turned to face the mirror again. "What's wrong? You never were the kind of person who frets over one's appearance." Ashton asked, puzzled by his lover's behavior. Zandria replied, "Yeah, I'm not. It's just that..... I feel like something's missing." She then faced Ashton and asked, "Ashton, tell me honestly. Do you think I'd look better with"

Zandria's question caught Ashton by surprise. He had never once imagined that Zandria would take an interest in having actual hair on her head. His eyes glanced at her scalp, her long furry ears sticking straight up. Her right was covered in white fur while the left was covered in pink as a part of her natural pink zigzag fur patterns. Zandria asked, "Is there a style you prefer?" Ashton crossed his arms, "To be honest, I simply can't picture you with hair on your head. But if I had to choose....." He then closed his eyes and thought a moment longer, "I would have to say.....long." Zandria's ears twitched, "Long hair? How long?" The viscount shrugged his shoulders, "I don't know. Just long. You decide." The Zangoose smirked as she tried to picture herself in her mind. "Long hair..... Beautiful long flowing hair..... All the way down to the base of my tail..... My god, that's gorgeous." She then proceeded to make a hand sign of some sort, but slowly separated her hands. "Now that I think about it, maybe I can just will myself to do it now." Zandria then closed her eyes, a blinding light beginning to emanate from the top and back of her head while steadily flowing down her back like glowing syrup.

A moment passed as the light receded. "So, what do you think, Ashton?" Zandria smirked as she spun around, the long trail of light now solid as she showed it off. Long flowing hair now covered the top of Zandria's head and reached down to the base of her tail, not unlike Sapphire's. However, while the hair was a vibrant red, it steadily turned white near the tips. The red hair parted at her forehead, her ears sticking up out of it.

"Ashton, I asked for your input." Zandria tapped her foot impatiently, waiting for an answer. However, the viscount could only stare at her while he stood transfixed. Even so, his body seemed to be reacting to Zandria's beautiful form as his manhood steadily became erect, throbbing painfully while pre ejaculatory fluids oozed down it. Smirking, Zandria swaggered over to her lover. "I know just how to wake you up, handsome." Wasting no time, the Zangoose threw her arms around Ashton and pressed her lips against his for a deep passionate kiss. The viscount steadily came out of his trance, kissing his lover and mother of his child back, their tongues swirling together in love. Zandria also wiggled her hips teasingly, pressing her smooth belly against Ashton's hardened member and her large breasts against his smooth chest.

The two lovers broke the kiss, gazing lazily into each other's eyes. Zandria was the first to regain her bearings, smirking as she pushed Ashton backwards onto the bed. "Huh? What's happening?" Ashton glanced around, somewhat confused from being knocked down so suddenly. Zandria pounced upon him, pulling him down to the edge of the bed. Once Ashton's lower legs were off the bed, Zandria got on her knees and wedged his erect member between her bountiful furry breasts. "Here's something I couldn't do before. Hope you enjoy it, Ashton."

Holding her breasts at the sides, Zandria pressed them firmly against Ashton's manhood, squeezing it between them. The viscount gasped, "My god...! So...soft!" Ashton shuddered, his back arching in pleasure. Zandria smirked, "Then wait until I try this." The Zangoose began to lift and lower her breasts while still encompassing Ashton's manhood. The viscount panted and groaned, overwhelmed by the sheer level of pleasure he was feeling. "Your wonderfully soft breasts..... And that silky smooth fur... I... I can't hold out against them for long!" True to his word, Ashton's member began to throb as he rapidly neared orgasm. "Whoa! Hang on!" Zandria leaned forward and clamped her mouth over Ashton's member. Seconds later, Ashton gritted his teeth as he had an explosive orgasm, his seed flowing into Zandria's mouth.

(There's so much! Good thing I can't suffocate anymore.) Zandria quickly swallowed as Ashton's sperm flooded into her mouth. It took a moment for the viscount's orgasm to subside. Once she was certain that Ashton had completely relaxed, Zandria released her mouth's grip on his manhood, gasping for air. "I can't remember the last time you had one that powerful." Zandria then crawled over to her lover and lied next to him, smiling lovingly. "Of course, that means our baby got quite a bit of extra nutrition just now." Ashton panted, a glazed look in his eyes. Zandria giggled, knowing that he was probably unaware of what she was saying. With a little effort, the Zangoose managed to get her lover under the covers. She then climbed in bed after turning off the lights. "Sleep tight, hun." Zandria gave Ashton a tender kiss on the cheek, prompting a warm and peaceful smile from him as he rapidly drifted off to sleep.

The following morning, Zandria and Ashton decided to reveal Zandria's pregnancy to their companions. Upon being told, Ash grinned, "I guess this means I'm gonna have a baby brother in a while, huh?" The Zangoose nodded, "You bet you are. Only my hunch is that it's gonna be a girl." Everyone then chose to throw a baby shower for Zandria. Even though it was supposed to be a day of appreciation and relaxation for her, the mother-to-be herself insisted on handling all of the food preparations.

A picnic was held in a local park for Zandria's friends and family. Along with traditional party games, Zandria did all the cooking onsite. The only exceptions were the baked goods, which she had to do indoors due to a lack of outdoor ovens. There were cookies, cupcakes, and homemade Swiss rolls. For lunch, she had made fresh salad, homemade chili mac, a variety of grilled veggies with barbeque sauce on the side, and freshly-brewed lemonade. In order to make certain that it would be enjoyable to the younger guests, such as Lucash, Zandria made the chili as mild as possible while retaining a somewhat spicy flavor to it.

Rukaria enjoyed several plates of each of the provided foods, starting with the salad and moving on to the chili mac and veggies. The carrots were especially tasty when grilled. Ruby and Pearl joined her, chatting amongst themselves while enjoying the meal. Before long, Ruby asked, "So then, have you and Ash had some fun in bed yet?" A moment passed, Rukaria now enjoying a Swiss roll or two. Pearl added, "...that question was for you, Rukaria." Hearing her name, the blind Lucario maiden asked, "Hm? What about me?" Ruby asked again, "Have you and Ash had some fun in bed yet?"

Ruby's question caught Rukaria unprepared, nearly choking on her Swiss roll in the process. "What?! You don't mean...?" Smirking, Ruby nodded, "You know what I mean. Have you made love with him yet?" Rukaria blushed, "You.... You want me to?" Pearl giggled, "Well, you're like a sister to us. And we want you to be happy. Or is it that you don't love him?" The blind Lucario sighed, "No... I do love him. I really do. It's just really don't mind?" Ruby nodded, "It's not uncommon for male Lucario to have more than one mate at a time, so it's fine by us that Ash has more than one lover. That's why I never minded when Pearl came along." The two sisters then caught Rukaria in a double embrace. Touched, Rukaria sighed, "Thank you... This is the closest I've ever gotten to having real sisters..."

That night, Rukaria gathered her courage and proceeded to Ash's hotel room. Ruby had stepped out earlier, but had discreetly left the door open a crack to allow Rukaria access to the room. Sneaking inside, she closed the door behind her. Ash was nowhere to be seen, but running water could be heard coming from the bathroom. Upon entering the bathroom, Rukaria found the place filled with steam. Ash was humming a tune as he bathed in the shower, a cloud of steam all but obstructing Rukaria's view through the glass door.

"Here goes nothing..." Rukaria muttered quietly as she opened the glass door to the shower and stepped inside. Ash was busy washing his hair, forcing him to keep his eyes closed. Knowing that he would likely need the soap after rinsing his hair, Rukaria grabbed the bar of soap and waited. Sure enough, Ash began to reach about, searching for the bar of soap. But he soon felt it being held out to him from behind. "Oh. Thanks." But seconds later, the Trainer froze. "Wait..... Who's in here?" He promptly turned around and found Rukaria staring at him with a deep blush. "Um... Hi?"

Having seen Ash nude for the first time, Rukaria was naturally embarrassed. Her eyes slowly scanned his body, starting at his legs before settling on his manhood. She then gazed up at his torso and stopped at his face. He then asked, "Um... What're you doing in here?" Rukaria blushed, "I... Um... Would you mind if I help wash you?" Ash shrugged his shoulders, "Uh... Sure." He then handed the soap to her and sat down. Rukaria then began to scrub his back, taking care to not be rough.

Minutes passed as Rukaria washed Ash. The Trainer finally asked, "Tell me something. Why did you come in here?" Rukaria sighed, "You know I love you, right?" Ash reached over his shoulder and touched her hand, "Yeah. And I love you too." She then added, "And now that I know what you really look like, I find you to" This compliment made Ash blush. "Whoa... Really?" Rukaria nodded, "I don't use that term often." She then gulped, "But the main reason I'm here is because I....want you to....." Rukaria then leaned forward and whispered, "...mate"

Ash froze, becoming warm in anxiety. "You...really want to?" Rukaria nodded, "Yes.... I love you, Ash....." A moment later, Ash turned around and caught Rukaria in a warm embrace. "If that's what you want, then I'll gladly do it." Rukaria gasped, "Really?!" To show that he was being sincere, Ash kissed the blind Lucario maiden deeply, surprising her as his tongue reached into her mouth. Rukaria quickly felt her fear dissolve, embracing the boy she had come to love and kissing him back.

After a moment, the two lovers broke the kiss. During the kiss, Ash became quite aroused, his manhood standing erect. Rukaria blushed, "I'm nervous..." Ash held her hand, "Don't be. This isn't my first time. I know what I'm doing." He then noticed that she was still wearing her red vest and gray pants. "Hey, why are you still wearing those in here?" Rukaria giggled, understanding his confusion. "Oh, these aren't clothes. I'm all fur." Ash then helped her up, "Oh. I get it. So, how should we do this?" Slightly nervous, Rukaria staggered back and leaned against the wall. But Ash smiled, "Wait... That gives me an idea!" He then walked over to her and picked her up slightly, keeping the Lucario pinned against the wall.

"Ash, are you sure this is fine?" Rukaria asked, bewildered by her position. Ash held onto her upper legs from below, "Trust me. But hold onto me, just in case." Doing as she was told, Rukaria threw her arms around him, holding onto him tightly. But she suddenly gasped as she felt something stiff and warm enter her. Soon, Ash stopped. "Rukaria... You're still a virgin?" The blind Lucario maiden nodded, "Yes... I know it sounds ridiculous, having lived as long as I have, but I never mated with anyone before..." The Trainer then asked, "Do you...want me to continue?" Rukaria closed her eyes, "Please... Go ahead... Be my first..."

Slowly, Ash pushed into Rukaria, breaking her hymen. Being no stranger to pain, the Lucario only shuddered slightly. Once she felt Ash push into her as deep as he could go, she pleaded, "This feels good... Please continue." Ash nodded, "OK. Let me know if it hurts." Steadily, Ash thrust into her, being careful to not lose his balance and slip on the wet shower floor. Rukaria began to pant, having never experienced sexual pleasure before. "It feels strange....but so wonderful too...." Due to her inexperience, Rukaria felt her first orgasm building quickly. "I... I feel something.... It feels like...." Clutching Ash tightly, Rukaria howled as her climax hit, her inner walls convulsing around Ash's member while soaking it with her juices.

Once her orgasm had subsided, Rukaria began to relax. "That felt so wonderful..." But Ash panted, "Don't relax yet. I'm not done." Ash's thrusting began to speed up, his member beginning to throb. Knowing what was about to happen, Rukaria folded her legs over his lower back. "Please... Inside me..." Ash gritted his teeth as he pushed in as far as he could. Seconds later, Rukaria shuddered as she felt a wonderful warmth fill her womb, Ash's seed flowing into her. "This is...even better..."

Once Ash had finished depositing his seed into his lover, he gently lowered Rukaria to the floor. He panted, " you, Rukaria..." The blind Lucario smiled as tears flowed from her eyes, "I too, Ash..." The two lovers kissed tenderly, bathing in the afterglow of their lovemaking. Ash soon brought a hand to Rukaria's lower belly, rubbing it gently. "Next time you go into heat, would you....?" Rukaria glanced down at her belly, but soon frowned. "Rukaria?" Realizing her expression, the Lucario quickly smiled, "Absolutely, Ash. I... I always wanted a family of my own." The Trainer embraced her tightly, "Then let's wash up first."

A short while later, Ash slept in bed with Rukaria by his side. But the blind Lucario slowly caressed her lower belly, shedding a tear. "I... I want to have a child someday..... But that's an impossibility..." She then gently clutched Ash's hand, "I love you... I can only pray that we can start a family someday... If fate is forgiving enough to allow it..." She then steadily fell asleep, dreaming of the family that she would never have.
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