AGNPH Stories

Rukario Romance by XD385


Aura Within

"Daddy, did we really have to go all the way around Pewter City?" Sapphire asked, certain that her father was trying to avoid the place. Ash nodded, "Sorry, but yeah. I really don't want Brock to see you as you are now. Now that he has a girlfriend, having her see him go nuts over you could wreck his chances at finding his one true love in the long run." Having evaded Pewter City, Ash and his friends and family proceeded south. "But I like his cooking!" Sapphire whined. But Zandria laughed, "Why bother with his cooking when mine's the best around?!" 

Before long, the group entered the vast Viridian Forest. Remembering his close calls during his first journey through the forest, Ash promptly warned his companions to beware of any Beedrill or Weedle they may happen upon. However, Ashton seemed to have his mind elsewhere as he slowly glanced around with a dreamy expression. (It's still here somewhere... Will we find it?) But as they walked, someone watched from the shadows. As the group passed his location, he drew his sword from its scabbard. 

At the sound of the rustling of leaves, Ash promptly turned to face the source of the sound. Leaping towards him was a boy of similar height with sword raised high. "Hiiiiiiiiiiiyaaa!!!" But just before the assailant could split the Trainer in two, there was a metallic clang as Lucius jumped in front of his friend and swung his own sword. The assailant's weapon flew through the air and landed blade-first into the ground nearby. Clearly startled from the sudden counterattack, the assailant fell backwards onto his rump. With a cautious scowl, Lucius raised the tip of his sword to the boy's face. "Care to explain what that was about? Do you hold something personal against my friend here?" The boy was clad in old-fashioned samurai armor with a horned kabuto helmet atop his head. On his back was an old butterfly net. Seeing the armor, sword, and oddly-placed net, Ash raised an eyebrow, "I know I've seen this guy somewhere before..... Who are you again?" The boy gawked, "Unable to remember me despite my unique attire?! Seems you really are just a novice after all!" In response, Ash barked, "Novice?! I've... Huh? Wait..... Novice?" He pondered the insult a bit more deeply before snapping his fingers, "How could I forget? Samurai!" 

Lucius sheathed his sword once he came to understand that Ash and Samurai were not enemies. "An old friend of yours?" Ash nodded, "Kinda. He really got on my nerves at first." Samurai retrieved his sword, "I pray your skills as a Trainer surpass your memory. I have been honing my skills since our encounter three years ago. I am far above the Samurai you faced then." Ash nodded, "Yeah, I'll bet your Metapod's evolved by now." The armored child held out a Poké Ball, "Indeed, it has. Shall we test how much your skills have grown since we parted ways?" Much to Samurai's surprise, Ash shook his head, "Believe me, I'd love to have a battle with you. But we're in a hurry to get home. And it's a personal reason, so don't ask for the details." Samurai put his Poké Ball away, "I understand. It is said that good things come to those who wait. But I will remain amused in the meantime. Newcomers pass through this forest frequently, so I always have new opponents to test myself against." However, Ash pointed at the boy with a smirk, "You might not think it's a good thing when it happens. Next time I come through here, I'll knock your sandals off!" Samurai growled, "Is that a challenge?! So be it! Next time we cross paths, a battle it is!" The boy then ran off, leaving Ash smirking in pride. 

As the group headed south while listening to Ash tell of how he caught his original Caterpie and Pidgeotto, and the ridiculous fear Misty had towards the poor Caterpie, Ashton began to glance around as if he had detected something. Lucy noticed Ashton come to a stop after a moment and asked, "Something wrong, Ashton?" The viscount turned to the east, "Do you hear that?" Lucy listened carefully, her acute sense of hearing listening for any sound. "It sounds like running water." With a dreamy expression, Ashton began to walk towards the trees. "As I thought." The rest of the group noticed Ashton walking off the main path and stopped. "Where ya going, Grandpa?!" Lucash called out, his ancestor not giving any sort of a response. Zandria muttered, "Is he heading towards... No way..." The Zangoose ran after her lover, "If he's going where I think he is, you'll want to tag along and see it too!" 

Minutes later, Ashton found exactly what he was expecting. A familiar stream flowing through the forest. "I'm almost home..." In a trance, the viscount broke into a run. "I can smell it... Mother is preparing dinner! I haven't been home in so long! Perhaps Father will let me spar with him." Before long, Ashton burst into a familiar clearing, a humble cottage standing in the center. "It's just as I remember... Mother! Father! I'm home!" Chiara's voice asked, "Ashton, what are you doing?" Her lover replied, "I'm just happy to be home after so long. I can hardly wait to taste Mother's cooking." But as he took a step forward, the Lugia grabbed him and gave him a good shake. "Snap out of it! Ashton..." The viscount looked behind him, seeing a disheartened expression upon the scholar's face. "It has been 500 years. Your home is..." Remembering the current date, Ashton turned to face his original home. At the sight of his parents' cottage now that he had awakened from his trance, Ashton dropped to his knees, hardly able to hold back his tears. While the cottage's outer walls still stood, much of the wooden structure had rotted away over the centuries. The roof was gone, a few trees now growing up out of it from somewhere inside. "It's gone... My home is... I hardly even recognize it anymore..." 

Puzzled by Ashton's sorrowful tone, Ash patted his ancestor on the shoulder, "What is this place?" The viscount solemnly replied, "This is my home... Where I spent my childhood..." Ash then asked, "Why are you getting all choked up? You still have your own place back home. And it's a lot nicer than this thing." At this, Ashton shouted, "Don't you get it?! This is where my most precious memories are! The home of my youth! I spent more time at my own estate than I did here! Which made..." He then stood up and approached the cottage. "That made all the time I spent here all the more precious." He then placed his hand against the wall, "I remember walking in, greeted by the scent of wood all around me. The scent of smoke rising from the chimney when the seasons grew colder. The sweet taste of pure spring water from our well. My mother's delicious home cooking. The feeling of peace and tranquility of sleeping in the middle of a lush forest, surrounded by nature. These...." Ashton then collapsed onto his side, "Those were some of the happiest days of my life..." 

The group helped the distraught viscount to a sitting position. Ash frowned, "I'm sorry if I upset you. It never occurred to me just how great living here must've been to you. I'm sure I would've loved it too if I had the chance." Ashton wiped his tears away, "It's fine, Ash. Those days are long gone, but the memories remain." Chiara then sighed, "Ash... That wasn't all. I gave birth to my son in this cottage. This place is important to me as well." The Trainer blushed in embarrassment, "Oh man, sorry! I didn't mean to insult this place!" The Lugia chuckled, "Apology accepted, child." Ashton then stood up and walked around to the other side of his former home. Standing where it always had been was the well where he always got his drinking water from. The wooden roof that stood over the well to prevent leaves and other debris from falling in was in unusually good condition for having endured the elements over five centuries. The wooden pail and its rope seemed to be in pristine condition too. "Did someone restore this?" Ashton asked, puzzled by the quality of the structure. Ash replied, "Maybe Samurai found this place and fixed it up during his spare time. He built his own cabin, so he knows how to work with wood." The viscount took the pail and lowered it into the well, "Bless him." Moments later, he pulled it back up and drank deeply from the spring water. He sighed, "As pure and fresh as I remember..." Once he drank his fill, he proceeded to serve the water to his companions to quench their thirsts from their journey. 

After resting for a time, everyone prepared to depart for Viridian City. However, Ashton sighed, "Go on without me. I shall be along shortly..." Reluctantly, the rest of his companions walked out of sight through the forest. When he was certain he was alone, Ashton stepped inside the remains of his childhood home. He let out a sigh as he entered what was left of the kitchen. A tree had grown from where the central table had been. Much of the wooden cupboards had rotted away. "The rooms are empty... We removed the furniture upon leaving with Mother..." He proceeded to the dining room. The viscount could almost smell his mother's cooking. When he entered his bedroom, Ashton found that the wooden frame of his bed had collapsed into a pile of darkened timber. As there were already plenty of beds in his manor, it was unnecessary to bring anymore in. A flowering bush had grown in a corner. In his parent's bedroom, Ashton was surprised to find flowers growing out of the rotting remains of the bed where his father had died. With tears building in his eyes, Ashton smiled, "Like a tribute... It respects his memory..." 

Ashton entered the kitchen one last time before leaving to reunite with his companions. The earthen stairs that led into the basement were still intact. Curious of the state of the guest rooms below, he slowly walked downstairs. Due to being underground and mostly untouched by the elements, the guest rooms were hardly any different than when he last laid eyes on them. A musty smell like that of a long-sealed cellar filled the air. Inside the guest rooms, the furniture remained in fairly good shape from being shielded from the elements. Even so, there was moss growing over much of the structures. In a few rooms, several Metapod rested silently, awaiting evolution in the safe and concealed location. In the room where Chiara gave birth to Ashton's son, Winston, the viscount fell onto the dusty bed backwards, shedding a few tears as he longed for days long past. "I want go back to the way they were....." 

Days later, the group arrived in Viridian City. Ashton glanced around, "A great city just to the south of the Viridian Forest... Is this Verdant?" However, a voice replied, "Not quite. This is Viridian City." The viscount froze, "That voice..... Ha! I should've known!" Ashton spun to his right, seeing a boy who seemed to be about Ash's age. He had spiky brown hair and was clad in a white lab coat. "Hm? That's some odd attire. Certainly not what I would expect from a duelist." However, Ruby growled, "You again? Are you here to insult my weight?" The boy grinned nervously, " Look, I know I was a jerk. I know I was! I'm sorry, OK? Really!" Ash asked, "You're sorry? Seriously? You're not pulling my leg, are ya?" The boy nodded, "Dead serious, Ash. Really. For everything I've done to you, I apologize." The Trainer smiled, "Apology accepted, Gary." 

Before the two former rivals could catch up on lost time, Ashton grinned, "How long has it been since our last duel? 540 years? 560?" Gary raised an eyebrow, "Huh? Duel? Ash, who is this guy?" Ashton took the Flamberge in hand and pointed it towards the boy, "Come now, no need to feign ignorance, old chum. Now, draw your sword. For old time's sake!" Seeing the massive blade right in front of his eyes, Gary became blue in the face. "L...look, man. I...uh...I've got nothing you would want." The viscount laughed, "Nice try, Garyson. All I desire with you is a duel. Now, have at thee!" He thrust his sword towards Gary, but the boy jumped out of the way. He then began to run as Ashton chased him around. "What's your problem?! Leave me alone! Ash, get this guy away from me!!!" Ash and his friends and family howled in laughter as Ashton chased his 'rival' through the streets, Gary screaming like a little girl on occasion. 

Minutes later, Gary managed to sneak back towards his old friend. Ash asked, "Man, are you OK?" Gary panted, "Yeah... I think...I lost him in an alley... What's his problem anyway?" Ruby giggled, "Don't mind him. He's not right in the head sometimes." But Ash then asked, "Gary, what's with the lab coat?" The boy replied, "I've kinda retired from being a Trainer. What I really want to be is a Pokémon Researcher like Gramps." Sapphire asked, "Gramps...?" Ash explained, "He means Professor Oak back in Pallet Town. He's Gary's grandfather. You remember him. Right, Sapphire?" But upon hearing the name of Ash's daughter, Gary stared at the beautiful young woman. "Ash... Is this the same one you.....?" Ash silently nodded with a proud grin. After staring up at Sapphire for a moment, Gary glanced at Ash and blushed, "Your daughter's hot, Ash. Can I date her?" Ash snickered, "After your first impression with her?! I don't think she'll ever agree to that!" Gary frowned, remembering when she bopped him on the nose the day after she was born. But just then, a voice shouted, "Thought you could hide from me, Garyson?! Fleeing from a duel is shameful to a knight!" Gary glanced behind him, "OH CRAP!!!" The young researcher made a mad dash away from his former rival with Ashton in pursuit. Ruby giggled, "You think we should tell him?" Her lover replied, "No way. This is the perfect way to pay him back for all the insults he gave me." 

That night, Ash prepared for a shower in his hotel room. As he started to bathe, he heard the rustling of clothing just outside the glass door. "That you, Pearl?" The newly-evolved Genetrix giggled, "Yes, dear. May I join you?" Ash closed his eyes as he began to wash his hair, "Of course. How could I deny your company?" The Genetrix replied, "I knew you'd say that." Once she stepped inside, Pearl began to rub her lover's back with soap. "Thanks, Pearl. Could you get my front too?" Ash asked. Pearl replied with a smirk, "Absolutely, love." However, instead of applying soap to his torso, Pearl reached past him and gripped his manhood. "What the?! Pearl!" Ash shouted, not prepared for such an advance. The Genetrix whispered into his ear, "Why don't we have some good clean fun first?" The Trainer remained silent, nervous at his lover's lustful behavior. Understanding his wariness, Pearl whispered into his ear, "Don't be so surprised, dear. Pregnancy is known to increase a woman's sex drive." Ash gulped, "But...Pearl..." The Genetrix blushed, "No buts, dear. Your child's mother needs relief. Relief that only you can give her." 

Ash was forced to turn around as Pearl rotated his body to have him face her. "I'm not just in the mood for you. I'm also itching to try out my new body, dear." She then held his head to her chest, his face buried in her breasts. Ash mumbled something, but his voice was muffled by the Genetrix's soaked fur. Pearl smiled, "Go ahead, dear. Drink up. I'm still lactating from my last pregnancy." Ash blushed and pulled back, "You mean.....Hope's?" The expecting mother nodded solemnly, "Yes..... Please don't let our daughter's milk go to waste." Ash nodded, "All right. I just hope it tastes fine." He then brought his lips to Pearl's left breast and began to suckle. After a moment, he paused. "Hey, this is some tasty milk. Really creamy flavor." Pearl giggled, "It should be. A mother's milk is always the sweetest." 

Once he had drunk his fill, Ash slipped behind Pearl and embraced her. "It still feels kinda awkward when you're taller than me." Pearl replied while tickling his male equipment with her tail, "It won't be that way forever, right? You'll be taller than me eventually. And besides, I'll always love you regardless of how you look. You little cutie." Ash replied with a gentle embrace, rubbing his hands over the Genetrix's belly. Pearl closed her eyes and placed a hand over her lover's, smiling calmly. "Shall we start, dear?" Ash replied, "OK. But let's do it in a way that I can reach you there." Pearl responded by lying down on the shower floor, which only barely had enough space for her to lay herself out completely. "I'm all yours, dear. Come and get me." 

Ash could hardly restrain himself as he cast his gaze upon the beautiful woman who was now carrying his child within her. His erection spoke for him as it throbbed occasionally for release. "Pearl..... Man, you're as beautiful as ever." The Genetrix giggled, "It was your love that allowed me to become this." Ash nodded, "I know. And I'm glad I helped you get over your depression." A second later, Ash felt Pearl tickling his feet with her tail. "Well? Shall we?" Understanding that she was getting impatient, Ash got down on his knees. "You bet."

The two lovers joined hands as they gazed into each other's eyes. Soon, Ash plunged his manhood into Pearl's waiting flower. The Genetrix arched her back in surprised pleasure, "Oh, honey....! You..." Ash shuddered as he felt his lover's warm folds envelop him. "You feel so hot... Maybe a little swollen?" But he soon felt Pearl fold her legs over his back. "Don't stop now, dear. Just don't hurt the baby." The Trainer nodded, "Got it. Let me know if I'm being too rough." 

Over the course of twenty minutes, passionate moans filled the steamy bathroom. "Pearl... Your body only got better with evolution!" Ash gasped, thrusting hard into his lover's welcoming depths. The expecting mother blushed, "You still....feel just right inside me. Oh, Ash..." Before long, Ash groaned loudly as his orgasm hit, spilling his youthful seed into his lover. Pearl's eyes rolled back into her head her insides quivered, milking the father of her child the best she could. Out of strength, Ash collapsed on top of the Genetrix, both panting in orgasmic bliss. Pearl soon stroked her lover's face, "I love you, hun." Ash replied with a smile, "I love you too, Pearl." Minutes later, they regained their strength and continued bathing together before falling asleep in each other's arms in bed a short while later.

Over the next few days, Ash and his friends and family headed south towards Pallet Town while being mindful of Pearl and Zandria's advancing pregnancies. Upon reaching the outskirts of his hometown, Ash asked, "You think Mom will mind your new look, Pearl?" The Genetrix grinned, "Oh, I doubt she'll mind. She's a sweet woman." But as they approached Ash's house, Lucario, who spoke little during the journey, asked, "Ash, will your mother mind me?" The Trainer smiled, "I'll explain everything to her. You leave everything to me." The ancient Aura Pokémon nodded, "I trust you..." 

On their way home, Ash and his companions passed what seemed to be a construction site. Zandria whistled, "Whoa, that looks like it's gonna get pretty big. A new family must be moving in." The wooden frame of a rather large house stood in an area that was less than a block away from the Ketchum household. "Either that's gonna be a mansion, or a normal house with lots of people living in it. But who would build something like that way out here in sleepy little Pallet Town?" Ash scratched his head as he observed the construction going on while walking by. 

Ash spotted his mother gardening in the front yard with Pikachu setting tulip bulbs in the tilled soil. "Mom, I'm back!" Hearing her son's voice, Delia sprang up and glanced around. She then noticed Ash burst through the front gate and ran over to her. "Ash?! I never expected to see you come home so soon!" The mother and son embraced each other tightly with Pikachu running up his Trainer's clothes and perching upon his shoulder. Ash grinned, "I missed you too, buddy. And you, Mom." 

"Um... You're Ash's mother?" An unfamiliar voice asked. Delia turned to face the owner of the voice and saw Lucius standing at the gate with the rest of his companions. "Oh my. I see a few unfamiliar faces mixed in." Ash smiled, "Yup. I've got some more introductions to make, Mom." Lucius stepped forward, "My name is Lucius, Mrs. Ketchum. I am the elder brother of Lucy here." However, Lucy replied, "I have no memory of him, so don't take that assumption too seriously." But Delia grinned, "If he is your brother, he is quite a refined young man. I would feel very proud to have a brother like him if I were you. Although...that is a very unusual color scheme you have, Lucius." The Shiny Lucario chuckled, "It's just a different color pattern I was born with. I know that there are surely more Lucario like me." 

The next new arrival to step forth was Rukaria. Delia gasped, "Red and gray? And what beautiful eyes." Rukaria, not expecting such a compliment, blushed, "I seldom get compliments to my eyes..." Ash smiled, "This is Rukaria. I met her near Sandgem Town in Sinnoh." The blind maiden smiled, "A pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Ketchum." Delia nodded, "Likewise, Miss Rukaria. that just a prop?" She pointed to the long-handled sword in Rukaria's hand. The Lucario chuckled, "No, it's quite real. It's my personal weapon. Made it myself. Don't worry, I'm careful with it." Ash's mother gulped, "So I see. Just be extremely careful with it while indoors." 

Before anyone else could say anything, Zandria came forward. "So, you're my boy's mom, huh?" Delia glanced down at the Zangoose, "Ash, is this Zangoose yours?" The Trainer chuckled, "Nope. I'm hers!" Zandria laughed, "Heard good things about you! Nice to meet you." She promptly shook Delia's hand. But the confused mother raised her voice slightly, "Just a moment! What do you mean YOUR boy?! He's MY son!" Ashton stepped forward, "I can explain that. You see, Zandria was one of my lovers over 500 years ago. And we discovered that Ash here is a direct descendant of her. That makes her his ancestral mother." Ash grinned brightly, "Yeah, she's like a second mother to me. I hope you don't mind that, Mom." But Delia shouted, "But how can a Zangoose from 500 years ago still be alive today?!" Zandria chuckled, "I'll gladly show you."

Zandria extended the claws on her right hand as Delia took a step back. The Zangoose then raised them, "Watch closely." Before anyone could stop her, the specter drove them into her own head. But upon impact, she burst into a puff of white mist. Delia stood aghast, not sure of what happened. Seconds later, the mist came together and took on physical form. "You see now? I can't be hurt, even by my own hand, if I'm already dead. I'm a ghost. A specter, to be precise." Delia's face went blank for a moment, likely from shock that she was listening to the ghost of a Pokémon talk to her. Zandria noticed and spoke up, "Hey, it doesn't mean I'm all creepy now! I'm pretty much no different in this state than I was 500 years ago! I can eat, sleep.... I'm pretty I even breathe too, even though I probably don't need to anymore." Delia nervously smiled, "Well, you don't give off a creepy presence, so I think I can deal with that. Just be good to my son." Zandria responded by giving Ash a firm embrace, "No worries there. He's my son too, after all."

Before anymore introductions could be made, Delia's gaze fell upon Pearl. "Ash, who...or what is this?" The Genetrix giggled, "Don't recognize me, do you? I'm not surprised." Delia recognized the voice immediately. "You're....Pearl?! What happened to you?!" She replied, "Believe it or not, I evolved. I'm what is called a Genetrix now. I think it's a female exclusive evolution for Lucario." Delia giggled, "Well, you're most certainly taller now. And much more feminine now." Pearl smiled with a hand on her belly, "If you think I look feminine now, just wait until my baby bump shows." 

Delia, hearing Pearl's words, squealed, "Oh my goodness, you're going to have a baby?!" Pearl smiled warmly, "I am. And Ash is the father." Ash blushed deeply with a huge grin, "To be honest, that's why we're here. To wait out Pearl's pregnancy." His mother smiled, "Then I'll get everything ready for the little dear." However, Pearl's expression darkened, "Um... I don't want to ruin the mood, but..." Delia asked, "What is it, Pearl? You can tell me." Pearl sighed, "This is my second child. My first....." Delia brought her hands to her mouth, "You don't mean....a miscarriage?" Ruby nodded, "Yeah... She was stillborn in Floaroma Town in Sinnoh. We buried her there too..." Delia whispered, "Oh my god..." Ash sighed, "We buried her in the middle of a flower field. We named her Hope." Delia smiled solemnly, "Hope Ketchum... Rest her soul..." But Pearl smiled, "The loss of her nearly crippled my will. But your son's love saved me, Delia. I'm grateful for him. Very." After drying her tears, Delia nodded, "I'm grateful too. I also pray that your next child will be just fine."

As Delia conversed with Pearl a moment longer, Sapphire reached out to Pikachu and smiled, "Hello again, Pikachu! Wanna have another tea party?" Pikachu, still not the least bit interested in Sapphire's girlish play activities, winced and ducked behind Ash's head. Responding to the voice, Delia looked towards Sapphire, "I don't recognize you. Who are you?" Sapphire giggled, "Grandma, it's me! Sapphire!" At this revelation, Delia's jaw literally dropped open. Her eyes slowly scanned his granddaughters beautiful womanly from her feet to her face. "Sapphire..... How old are you?!" The Lucario maiden giggled, "I turned month ago?" Seeing that Delia was on the verge of fainting, Ruby pinched the woman on her wrist. "Yes, that's Sapphire. I know she's still a kid, but just remember that Pokémon mature more quickly than humans. Lucario are technically adults at one year of age." Calmed slightly from Ruby's explanation, Delia nodded, "Oh... I see. But my goodness, Sapphire! I can't believe how beautiful you are! I'm even jealous!" The Lucario child giggled, "Jealous? Of me?!" Nearly everyone present laughed.

Lastly, Ash stood near Lucario. "I have just one more person to introduce, Mom." But Delia asked, "But I already know Shadow." However, Shadow, who was standing just outside the gate, spoke up, "Actually, I'm over here." Delia glanced back and forth between the two Lucario, shocked to see that they were physically identical. Ash laughed, "Mom, they look the same, but this Lucario is one I just met a little while ago. And his name is Lucario." Delia then asked, "A Lucario who is named Lucario? But isn't that confusing?" To her surprise, a man's voice seemed to echo everywhere to her. "That has been my name for as long as I can remember. And I am pleased to make your acquaintance." Lucario dropped to one knee and bowed his head. 

Delia gazed down at the humble Lucario and blushed, "Oh dear, I seldom meet such a gentleman. Please, you don't have to bow to me." The ancient Lucario stood up, "Forgive me. Force of habit." But just then, Ash remembered, "Oh, right! Mom, what's up with that house being built over there?" Delia replied, "House? You mean the one being constructed a block over?" When her son nodded, Delia smiled, "Oh, that's your house! At least it will be when it's done." Ash asked, "Wait.... Seriously? MY house?" Delia smiled, "Don't think I don't know what happened! I could hardly believe when Chiara brought all that money home! I deposited most of it in a savings account for you, but I used some to have a house built for you! This house is just far too small for you and your growing family." Ruby asked, "Then the reason the frame is so big is because its gonna be for a big family? Our family?" Delia nodded, "Oh yes. Not a mansion, of course. But it will be just right for you all. Although it will take quite a while to finish. So until then, feel free to call this place your home." Ashton added, "If there is not enough room, there are several guest rooms at my home." Rukaria grinned, "I'd love to see your home, Sir Ashton." However, Delia asked, "Surely you must be tired after all that walking. Would you like any refreshments? Maybe a hot meal?" Nearly everyone was somewhat tired and rather hungry and followed Delia inside. But before they could, Ashton stopped Chiara, Ash, and Lucario. "Just a moment, you three. We still have something to do." 

A short while later, Ashton stood at the rusty iron gates of his estate. Lucario asked, "Is this your home? While large, it quite a bit of disarray." Ashton replied, "I assure you that while the courtyard is an absolute mess, the interior remains in pristine condition." Once in front of the large oak door to the manor, Ashton tapped the brass knocker against the door several times. Moments later, the door was answered by a very surprised James. "Ashton! What brings you home so early?!" The viscount replied, "We're home on personal business. It will be a couple of months before we leave. Have things been well since my departure?" The former Team Rocket operative nodded, "Nothing out of the ordinary, sir." Ashton smiled, "Good to hear. Now, please excuse me. I need to get to the study." The viscount then led his three companions down the hall towards the study.

Ashton stepped into the quiet study with Lucario, Chiara, and Ash behind him. "Hmmm... Still smells of information." Once they were inside, Chiara reached into a wooden chest in a corner. "If memory serves..... Yes. Here it is." Her eyes began to glow a faint blue as she levitated a very thick tome out of the chest with telekinesis. The book was in very poor physical shape, with faded writing and the pages looking like they could fall out at any time. Ash coughed as a thin layer of dust was blown off of it in his direction, "Man, that thing looks ancient." Ashton nodded, "Indeed. I believe the last entry was made by my grandparents. So this book has likely not been touched since before my birth." Chiara set the tome down on a desk nearby and once again used telekinesis to open it as gently as possible for fear of damaging it. Lucario gulped, "So...this book has information on Sir Aaron's connection to you?" Chiara nodded, "It is the only possible source of information that could possibly have it." 

One page at a time, Chiara flipped through the book carefully, reading every name she saw. "Argo.... Christina..... David..... So many people in your family, Ashton." Nearly thirty minutes passed before Chiara reached a page that caught her eye. "Wait... Is this...?" Hearing the Lugia speak up, Ash, Lucario, and Ashton gathered around her. On the page was a faded illustration showing what seemed to be a man wearing blue attire and a hat that seemed very familiar to Lucario. "That's.... It's him..." Ashton then read aloud a small strip of faded writing. "Aaron..... Known to many as the Hero of the Wave..." The viscount then took a step back, "I can hardly believe it. My the Hero of the Wave?" 

Lucario gazed up at the ceiling, hardly able to believe what he had discovered. "So... My master..... My friend's Aura lives on in you two..." Ash replied quietly, "Yeah... I'm surprised too... I mean, being descended from someone like Ashton is cool, but from such an awesome hero like Aaron too?" Ashton smiled, "I feel honored... Perhaps all my strength came from him." Lucario in turn replied, "Then my duty is not yet over." He then turned to Ash and smiled, "My duty as his friend and follower continues as your mentor, Ash. As I promised, I will train you in harnessing the power of Aura." Ash grinned, "Awesome! I can hardly wait! Maybe I'll be as awesome as Sir Aaron someday!" Chiara giggled, "I would not get my hopes up that high. Sir Aaron is a big name to live up to." Lucario chuckled, "Oh, I am aware of that. But I am certain he has potential. Our training begins tomorrow, child. Be prepared." Ash clenched his hand into a fist, "I'll be there. But let's go home and get something to eat. I'm starving after that walk from Rota!" 

Later that night, Ashton relaxed in his favorite chair while looking over some scrolls that Master Koga gave him long ago. He soon sighed to himself, "Even though they are gone, the remnants of my friends remain in the form of text." But soon, someone knocked on his door. "Ashton, you alone?" He recognized the voice of Zandria. "Yes, I am. You may enter if you wish." However, he did not take his eyes off the scroll as Zandria entered and locked the door behind her. "Ashton, I have a surprise for you." At this, the viscount raised his head and looked straight ahead at her, only to stare in absolute astonishment. Seeing his expression, Zandria smirked, "Like what you see?"

Zandria swaggered towards Ashton, having taken on her humanlike form. All she was wearing was black lingerie, leaving most of her body bare. However, the most noticeable feature on her was her swollen pregnant belly. As Zangoose are normal somewhat stout, her pregnancy was harder to notice in her normal state. But now her unborn child's growth was obvious as she now looked past five months in her pregnancy. The expecting Zangoose swayed her broad hips sexily, her long fluffy tail swaying behind her as she approached the man she loved. Once standing before Ashton, Zandria bent forward and tickled his chin with one finger. Her long reddish pink hair draped over her shoulders, a single lock of hair hanging down between her eyes. "Well? Does the mother of your child look sexy or what?" 

Ashton slowly came out of his trance, his eyes now looking down through Zandria's sizeable cleavage. "Zandria..... My god, you're as beautiful as ever." The Zangoose giggled, "You better believe it, honey. You're the only man I'd ever allow to see me like this." She proceeded to give Ashton a quick kiss, causing him to blush. "I still cannot fathom how you became so skilled in shape shifting magic. You must have a natural talent for it." The Zangoose grinned, "500 years was plenty of time to improve." But when she stood up straight, Zandria noticed Ashton eyeing her round pregnant belly. He blushed as he smiled, "What is it about pregnancy that is so beautiful?" Zandria smiled warmly, "Because it's where new life forms. The result of our love." The viscount reached out and gently ran his hands over his lover's belly. Zandria purred softly, feeling her unborn daughter move within her at her father's touch. "Oh, honey... Our daughter is gonna adore you." Ashton replied by holding his ear to her belly, hoping to hear his child's movements. 

After a few minutes of adoration, Zandria blushed, "Ashton honey, stand up please. I wanna kiss you." Ashton did as he was told without a word, only to have his face gently held in Zandria hands. The Zangoose closed her eyes and sealed lips with the human man who had won her heart centuries ago. Ashton responded by embracing her tightly, his eyes closed in passion. The two lovers began to kiss most passionately, occasionally moaning together. Ashton's hands fumbled around under Zandria's long hair and unclipped her bra. The Zangoose purred, knowing that her man wanted her badly. She slowly broke the kiss and took a step back as her bra fell to the floor, her large furry breasts completely exposed. Ashton gently caressed them, finding that they were abnormally soft as they were full of milk. Zandria suddenly stripped Ashton's shirt from his body and turned her back to him. Knowing what she wanted, Ashton stepped forward and folded his arms around her, his hands on her belly. Zandria purred as she beamed a peaceful smile, gently grabbing her lover's wrist as she closed her eyes and nuzzled him gently. "I love you, Ashton.... God, I love you so much..." The viscount whispered back, "And I adore you, Zandria... I adore you...and our child." A single tear fell from the Zangoose's eyes as she reveled in her lover's adoration. "I can't wait to meet her... And Ashton? I think I'll stay in this form most of the time from now on. I've really grown to love it. And....I want to give birth in this state." Ashton smiled, "That sounds wonderful, dear. I look forward to it. Our little girl is going to be so beautiful. Just like her mother..." Zandria blushed deeply, "Oh, you tease." She then playfully smacked him with her tail. "Before bed, meet me in the bathroom in ten minutes. I have a surprise for my little girl's daddy." Ashton blushed deeply with an excited smile, "Absolutely. I'll be right there."

The next morning, Lucario waited patiently in an empty meadow near the outskirts of Pallet Town. "Anytime now..." Minutes later, he could make out a form running towards him. A familiar voice shouted, "Did I keep you waiting, Dad?!" The Lucario chuckled, "No, though I am still getting used to being called that." Ash stood before his old friend and ancestral father, "OK, I'm ready." But Lucario nodded, "Just remember that Aura manipulation can take months or even years to perfect. This isn't something that can be achieved after just a day of practice." Ash smirked, "Yeah, I thought so. But I'll give it my best anyway." The Aura Pokémon laughed, "That's the spirit! Let's begin."

Master and pupil sat down while still facing each other. Lucario explained, "As you likely know by now, Aura is simply the life-force of all living creatures. It is replenished through rest, but the average body contains large amounts of it. As you are descended from both Sir Aaron and myself, you likely contain unfathomable amounts of Aura." Ash chuckled, "Aw, come on. You're flattering me." Lucario then spoke, "As we both know, you already have some experience in harnessing your Aura." But Ash replied, "Yeah, but the only time I got any real results was when I was wearing Aaron's gloves. I couldn't do much on my own." Lucario nodded, "Indeed. Those gloves amplify ones Aura manipulation to match that of a master's. However, as we cannot remove those artifacts from Rota, you must learn to improve your own Aura manipulation skills while relying on your own power."

Lucario stood up and held his hands a short distance apart from each other. "I will demonstrate first. Observe closely." His hands began to glow blue with his Aura as an orb of his life energy began to form between his hands while steadily growing. Ash watched the display carefully. Lucario then thrust his hands outwards, launching the Aura Sphere into the sky. "That is one of the most basic forms of Aura manipulation. Forming your Aura into a sphere. Now, do the same." Ash nodded and held his hands a short distance apart. Lucario explained, "The key is to not force it. Merely guide it to where it needs to be." Ash remained silent as he focused intently, trying to manipulate his Aura in any way he could. 

After a few minutes, Ash sighed, "It's no good... I've got nothing." Lucario frowned, "I can see. Your Aura skills are severely underdeveloped. You have a long road ahead of you." Ash grumbled, "I'm more human than Lucario. If I was more Lucario than I am now....." At that moment, an idea flashed through the Trainer's mind. "More? Hey, maybe if I..." He then closed his eyes after removing his hat. "More? What do you mean?" Lucario asked, puzzled by Ash's actions. Soon, flames began to enshroud Ash's body as if summoned from nowhere. The cloak of flames soon took on a familiar form, with two straightened ears on top of his head and a long bushy tail extending from his spine. When Ash opened his eyes, they were an inhuman shade of pink. "OK, now I'm ready." But he quickly noticed the startled expression on his mentor's face. "Um..... What's with that freaked out look?"

Lucario stood ready for any signs of hostility, fearing that Ash had become possessed by a fire demon of sorts. "Dad, it's just me! I'm still Ash!" Lucario came to his senses and asked, "What..... What is this?! Is it some latent power?" Ash explained, "I guess you can call it that. It's an effect of my Eternal Flame. I think it's a gift from Ho-Oh." Lucario gasped, "The phoenix? Hmmm... Judging by the ears and the tail.....and those eyes and facial markings... Yes, your Zangoose traits are certainly more dominant now." But Ash smirked, "And if my Zangoose blood is more dominant now, maybe my Lucario blood is too!" 

Ash brought his hands close together once again and began to focus. Much to the surprise of his mentor, an Aura Sphere began to form between his palms. "I'm doing it... I'm actually doing it!" In moments, a complete Aura Sphere rested in Ash's grasp. However, a voice spoke, "I see we're already seeing some progress." Ash and Lucario turned and saw Ashton standing a short distance away. Lucario asked, "May I help you?" But the viscount smiled, "Oh, I'm not here to intrude. I just decided to watch out of curiosity. I seldom see Aura being used for anything." Lucario nodded and faced Ash again, "Now then, launch it. An Aura Sphere is no good unless you can strike an enemy with it." Ash gave a confident grin and thrust his hands skyward. But after a few seconds, nothing happened. His Aura Sphere remained in place between his palms. "What the... Don't tell me I STILL don't have enough focus!" But as Ash tried several more times to launch his Aura Sphere, Lucario stared at the ball of Aura between his student's hands. "Perhaps..... Perhaps launching it as a projectile is not necessary." Ash asked, "What do you mean?" Lucario held out his hand, "Allow me to try something."

As Lucario channeled his Aura to his palm, a sphere of Aura began to form in it. While not quite as large as the average Aura Sphere, the sphere was still somewhat larger than a Poké Ball. Lucario then began to glance around, as if searching for something. Ashton asked, "What are you looking for?" The Aura Pokémon replied, "A boulder or some other sturdy and large object. I wish to try an experiment." The viscount smiled, "Allow me." He quickly made a few hand signs and planted his hand on the ground. "Earth Style: Terra Shield." A tall slab of bedrock promptly shot up out of the ground. "I think this should suffice. Bedrock is quite sturdy." While somewhat baffled by Ashton's apparent use of earth magic, Lucario nodded and approached it. "I recommend you both stand behind me. I do not know what to expect." Ash and Ashton did as they were told, getting behind Lucario. 

Uncertain of what to expect, Lucario thrust his sphere of Aura into the Terra Shield. Upon impact, the sphere exploded much like a bomb, the explosion being projected in the direction Lucario's palm was facing. The blast was so potent; the Terra Shield was utterly obliterated. Lucario, Ash, and Ashton stared in disbelief. Quietly, Lucario muttered, "That amount of Aura was less than the amount needed for an Aura Sphere, yet it struck with the same amount of force. Perhaps even a little more..." Ash smirked, "Guess I don't really need to learn how to use Aura Sphere if I can use this. I think..... Yeah. Seeing how it explodes like that, I'll call it the Aura Bomb." Ashton nodded, "Seems like a fitting name." But Lucario spoke, "Wait. I wish to try another experiment. Ashton, do you have anything you can throw?" The viscount glanced around and looked at the pile of rubble where his Terra Shield once stood. He walked over to the pile and picked up the largest stone he could find. "I suppose this will do." Lucario then faced Ash, "I want you to try to throw an Aura Bomb at that stone when he throws it." Ash nodded and quickly formed an Aura Bomb in one hand. "OK, go long, Ashton!" The viscount nodded and threw the stone as hard as he could into the air away from his companions. Ash, having thrown Poké Balls dozens, if not hundreds of times during his first three years as a Pokémon Trainer, had little difficulty aiming at his target. He threw a perfect pitch as the Aura Bomb collided with the stone. Upon impact, the Aura Bomb exploded violently, destroying the stone in an instant. He laughed, "Oh yeah, it's outta the park!" But another familiar voice called out, "Nice pitch, Ash! That's my boy!" The Trainer turned to face the source of the voice, recognizing it as Zandria's. "It was a piece of cake," His face turned red with a blush as he saw his ancestral mother approaching them. 

Zandria was still in her humanoid form, having taking a strong liking to it. However, she was now clad in a pair of blue jeans and a green sleeveless shirt with an unusually tall collar that was not quite tall enough to be a turtleneck. She wore no shoes due to the shape of her feet as she was standing on just the balls of her feet. Her shirt was stretched by her large lactating breasts while her round pregnant belly stuck out somewhat. Zandria snickered, seeing her own son blushing at the sight of her, even under his cloak of flames. Lucario was equally enamored, his eyes fixated on her beautiful body. The Zangoose snickered, "Looks like my milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard."

As Zandria approached her son and his mentor, they were quick to notice a picnic basket hanging from her arm. Before they could ask, she explained, "Thought you two would be pretty hungry while training out here, so I brought you some goodies. Made them myself." Ash grinned, "Anything you make is awesome, Mom." But he then asked, "Wait a second! What's up with your body?! Why do you look like that?!" The Zangoose giggled, "Why not?! I've grown to like this form!" But Lucario asked, "Have you always been able to do this?" She explained, "Only for the last 600 years or so. It's a little tricked I learned from a kitsune long ago. And since I like this form so much, I've decided to keep it. Is that a problem?" Zandria waved her long mostly reddish pink hair, showing just how happy she was with it. Ash blushed, "Uh... I'm not complaining. You look awesome like this." Zandria grinned broadly, "I knew you'd say that. Now, you two enjoy your lunch while Ashton and I discuss dinner. Come along, dear." The Zangoose grabbed her lover by the hand, prompting a nervous grin from Ashton.

Ash and Lucario sat beside each other and feasted on a pair of submarine sandwiches and bottled lemonade. Lucario smiled, "Your mother has good taste in sandwiches." Ash nodded, "You can always count on Mom to come up with a tasty meal." But as the two ate, Ash brought up a difficult subject. "Dad... Um... I don't know a better way to ask this, but..... How did you remember what happened between us before it even happened?" The Aura Pokémon frowned, "You I remembered what happened to me in the Tree of Beginning a millennium before it even occurred? I...can only guess the answer to that." Ash explained, "Chiara said it may have been a time paradox. That what happened in the Tree of Beginning caused a ripple effect in time that sent your memories to you in the past." Lucario crossed his arms, "Perhaps... But the Tree of Beginning is in actually a living organism. It has a mind. Perhaps.... Just maybe... It sent my soul into the past as save Sir Aaron and live my life out peacefully... Of course, I doubt we will ever know for certain..."

That evening, Ashton was reading in his bedroom when he heard tapping on his window. "Hm? Someone there?" He promptly approached it and looked outside. He noticed what seemed to be a blue pole with a golden knob at the end. "Is that who I think it is?" He opened the window and looked down. Rukaria stood below the window, holding her Hyup Do upside-down just above the blade. She waved, "Good evening, Sir Ashton! May I come in?" The viscount replied, "So long as you behave yourself! I'll get the door for you." The blind Lucario maiden ran around the manor to the front door, nearly tripping several times through the massively overrun courtyard. By the time she reached the front door, Ashton was already waiting for her with it open. She asked, "Would it really kill you to straighten this place up a little?! It's like a jungle!" Ashton grumbled, "This is what happens after 500 years without trimming. It can't be helped. Though I may have a way to fix that in time."

After placing the Hyup Do in the manor's armory for safekeeping, Rukaria proceeded to explore the home of the illustrious Vulcan Warrior to her heart's content. Occasionally crossing paths with Jessie, James, and Meowth, her fascination with her surroundings gave them the impression of a young child. From the kitchen to the cellar to the Flying Duskull's underground dock, Rukaria left no chamber unobserved. "Truly magnificent... It's every bit as impressive as I expected..." 

Rukaria's last stop was none other than Ashton's bedroom. She knocked first to be polite. Ashton's voice replied, "You may enter." Upon entering, Rukaria smiled, "You have a fabulous home, Sir Ashton." The viscount replied, "You are welcome to roam my home at your heart's content. Just try to not make a mess." Rukaria bowed and began to look around the room, observing the Flamberge hanging on the wall and the eight paintings of his lovers. But while Rukaria was taking in the sights, Ashton was eyeing her abdomen curiously. 

"Your eight lovers are very beautiful, Sir Ashton." Rukaria said with a smile. Ashton nodded, "They are. And I love each of them very much." However, he then asked, "Rukaria, did something happen to your abdomen?" She asked, "Abdomen? What do you mean?" Ashton approached her and pointed, "There a round patch of fur that seems compared to the rest." He pointed to a slight discoloration on the left side of her abdomen just above her waistline. The crimson fur was a slightly deeper hue, but was barely noticeable due to its small size. Rukaria sighed, "That is..." Her hand reached down and parted her fur over the spot, revealing a round scar in her flesh. 

Ashton tenderly touched Rukaria's scar, "It's perfectly round..... What is it?" Rukaria replied, "A Nidoking......over a century ago. He tried to rape me. I managed to kill him in self defense, but his last attack....." A tear fell from her pale eyes, "It punctured my womb... Afterwards.....I never had another heat cycle. I can't have children because of it..." However, a familiar voice spoke up, "I may be able to mend it, if you would let me." Chiara stepped into the room, having overheard from just outside the doorway. 

"You...can heal me?!" Rukaria asked in surprise, long believing the damage to her uterus to be permanent. The Lugia nodded, "After Serenade's death, I took in all the knowledge and skill she left behind in her findings. I believe my medical skills are about on par with hers." But her expression became stern, "However, she never attempted an operation to heal a wound like yours, so I have no knowledge of how to approach it. If something goes wrong, you may die... Are you sure you wish to try?" Rukaria frowned, as if insulted. "Have you forgotten? I can't die, even if I wanted to." She then pleaded, "Please... If you can heal me, do it! I..... I don't want to be alone anymore....." Chiara nodded, "Very well then. Come with me." She then faced Ashton, "I will use the bathroom for the operation. Please let the others know." Ashton nodded, "I will. Just be certain to lock the door, just to be on the safe side." Rukaria followed Chiara down the hall, having never been so full of hope before since being cursed. 

Upon locking herself and Rukaria in the bathroom, the Lugia scholar reached into her bag of medical supplies and pulled out a jar containing a sparkly blue powder. "Naturally, the first step is to render you unconscious to prevent you from feeling any pain." Rukaria pointed, "Is that...Sleep Powder?" Chiara nodded, "It is. I always keep a supply of it handy due to its efficiency." She then blew a small amount towards her patient. "Breathe deeply." Rukaria did as she was told and inhaled deeply through her nose. But upon taking a full breath, she fell backwards into the bathtub with a thud. Chiara stared, not expecting the Sleep Powder to take effect so quickly. "Good thing she is immune to concussions." 

Chiara chose to keep Rukaria in the bathtub to allow any blood that would be spilled to flow down the drain. Once her body was spread out, Chiara took her scalpel in hand. "The most effective means to gain access would be a vertical incision..." She pushed the small blade into Rukaria's flesh and made a vertical cut. "Now, the uterus should be.....what?!" Mere seconds after the cut was made, Rukaria's flesh mended, leaving not even a scar behind. "Well, this presents a problem... How can I perform surgery on her if the incision closes as quickly as I make it?" 

Over and over, Chiara cut Rukaria's belly open down the middle. And every time, the cut would heal within seconds. The Lugia grumbled, "It's no wonder she never succeeded in mending it herself..." After a moment of contemplation, Chiara glared at Rukaria's belly with scalpel in hand. "If this does not work..." She made a very quick cut and immediately used Psychic to hold open the incision. She then made four more incisions to allow Rukaria's belly to open much like a cupboard. All the while, Chiara's eyes glowed a faint blue. "I can feel the flesh trying to close... I must not lose my focus..." 

After parting some of Rukaria's muscles, Chiara found her womb. "I can only imagine the savagery of the blow..." Rukaria's womb was heavily collapsed, less than half its original size. The fallopian tubes had been sealed off with scar tissue that had formed long ago, preventing her eggs from reaching their destination. Chiara muttered, "This will take some time..." With her scalpel, Chiara effectively cut the uterus in two and stretched out the two halves as far as she could before allowing them to heal. Over and over, she repeated the process, the chamber becoming larger and larger with each attempt. The Lugia scholar smiled, "It would seem that we are making progress." 

Hours later, Rukaria began to awaken from her slumber. But she soon noticed someone tightly gripping her hand. When she turned her head, her eyes met with Ash's face, who seemed to be smiling in relief. His first words were, "Are you feeling OK?" Rukaria replied, "A bit tired, but I feel fine." His grip on her hand tightened, "Good... When I heard you were having an operation for something, I got worried..." Flattered by her lover's concern, Rukaria blushed, "Oh, Ash..... You should know I can't die.... Wait! How did it turn out?! Am I healed?!" She sat up, finding herself in one of the Crimson estate's guest rooms. Chiara was standing nearby with a confident smile. "Yes, you are. Your injury was.....tricky to mend, but your uterus is back to normal size." 

Hearing Chiara's words, Rukaria brought her spare hand to her belly. "I..." Tears began to fill her eyes, having long given up on ever being able to have children. "Chiara... I am in your debt..." The Lugia smiled, "Think nothing of it, child." The blind Lucario maiden then burst into tears and threw her arms around Ash, who embraced her gently. "It's OK, Rukaria. You're all better now." She replied, "I know... I'm just so happy....." The Lucario then looked Ash in the eye and asked, "Ash... Next time I...go into heat...may we.....have children?" Ash, not expecting her to be so direct, blush deeply. But he soon smiled, "Yeah... I'm all for it. We'll make it a night to remember." Rukaria's only response to Ash's reply was a deep passionate kiss, shocking the young Trainer. 

Meanwhile, Ashton had gone to the armory to check on his suits of armor. But when he opened the door, he was met with an unexpected visitor. "I hope you don't mind me admiring your keepsakes, Sir Ashton." The viscount grinned, "Lady Shield. An unexpected, but pleasant surprise." The Shiny Lucario maiden smiled, "I just had to take a look inside your home. It is an honor to be here." Ashton nodded with a smile, watching as the Lucario blacksmith examined his armor. But as she eyed the suit of armor he had worn during their battle against the bandits east of Ironspike City, she was quick to notice a design flaw. "Sir Ashton, I have found a significant problem with this armor." Puzzled, the viscount took a closer look. From the bottom of his cuirass to the tops of his greaves, there was no armor whatsoever. His lower abdomen and hips were completely unprotected. 

Ashton winced at the sight of perhaps his favorite suit of armor's only weak spot. "With a weakness like this, how did I survive for so long?" Shield nodded, "Indeed. If a heavy and sharp enough blade were to strike you there, you just might be torn in half. However, I believe I can fix that." She then faced the viscount, "A fauld should be the perfect addition. I can forge it without trouble. Consider it a gift, Sir Ashton." With a smile, Ashton took the Shiny Lucario's hand, "You just might save my life someday. Shall I fly you home so you can get to work at once?" Shield's eyes lit up with excitement, "A flight with you? Truly?! Yes, please!" Ashton chuckled as he led his friend out of his home so he could take to the sky. 

Over the course of a week, Ash and his new companions, Rukaria, Lucario, Ember, Lucius, and his Gligar, grew accustomed to life in peaceful Pallet Town. Before long, each newcomer had developed their own routines. Ember would spend much of her time playing and exploring with Lucash while Gligar would train with Pikachu under Ash's guidance. Lucius and Rukaria would spare daily, sometimes with Ashton, training themselves for battle with their weapons. And every morning and evening, Ash would train with his ancestral father Lucario to improve his Aura manipulation skills. But every night, he would bathe with Pearl, who would daily check for movement in her womb to insure that her child was alive and growing. 

Nearly two months later, Pearl was bathing in the shower with Ash by her side. Her belly was bloated to full term, her breasts swollen with mother's milk. She sighed as Ash gently rubbed her firm belly, "Honey, I've been feeling contractions for the last hour. Be ready. Our baby will be coming before long." Ash blushed, "You got it. Would you like to give birth here?" The Genetrix smiled, "The warm water would probably help and would feel soothing to the baby. I think I will do it here." Ash nodded and continued to wash his lover gently, frequently rubbing her large pregnant belly and lactating breasts. 

Roughly twenty minutes into their shower, Pearl felt a sudden change of pressure in her belly as a splash of fluid gushed from her womanhood. "Oh boy..." Ash asked, "Something happen? Is the baby coming?" Pearl nodded as she placed her hands on her belly, her flesh shifting as her unborn child stirred within. "It is! And the baby's moving! Oh my god, it's really happening!" Pearl cried joyously as she felt her child still moving inside her, proof that it was alive and about to be born. Ash helped his lover sit down, "OK, the moment of truth! You know what to do, Pearl. And I'll be right here for you." The Genetrix blushed, "Oh, honey... I love you so much." 

Pearl spread her legs as wide as she could while Ash stood ready. Feeling mild pain, the Genetrix groaned, "I think...this is a little more painful this time..." But Ash held her hand, "I know it hurts, but it'll be over soon. Just think. In a little bit, we'll see our baby." Tears of bliss filled Pearl's eyes despite her pain, "Yes..... The one thing I want most..." She closed her eyes and groaned as she tried to push the child from her body. Soon, Ash smiled, "The head is out! Just a bit more!" With one last push, Pearl felt the mass leave her body. She smiled warmly at the sound of a puppy whimpering. Ash grinned broadly as he picked up their child, "It's a boy, Pearl. We have a son." 

After regaining her strength, Pearl sat up and gazed ahead at the tiny Riolu pup in her lover's hands. The shower of warm water was washing the birth fluid off at a rapid rate. "Dear... Give him here..." Ash nodded and handed their child to his mother. The Genetrix watched her child look up at her with dark brown eyes. "" The Riolu cooed as he nuzzled his mother's face gently. Pearl, overwhelmed with joy, held her son to her chest and sobbed. Ash sighed, understanding that she needed a moment alone, and left the bathroom to spread the news. 

A short while later, Pearl clothed herself and carried her son downstairs. She could hear a cluster of voices speaking at once. "I'll bet your father called everyone over to..." Upon entering the living room, Pearl was met by the faces of all her friends and family. Ruby grinned proudly, "So, my big sis finally had her pup! Let me see the little darling!" Pearl's sister ran over to her and gently reached out to her nephew. The Riolu pup reached out to her curiously. Pearl whispered, "That's my sister. Your Aunt Ruby." Ruby nuzzled her nephew gently, "Do you have a name yet?" Pearl replied, "I was thinking along the lines of something bright. Something warm and loving..... Wait..." The Genetrix kissed her son on the head, "Sol... That will be his name." 

Delia was cooking at her best in the kitchen as she pulled out her best recipes for Pearl's baby shower. Meanwhile, Lucash and Sapphire were playing gently with their half brother. Sapphire wagged her tail, "Little Sol is so adorable! And he's so sweet!" The Lucario maiden giggled as Sol gnawed on her finger. Lucash grinned, "I guess I'm not the baby brother anymore. Right, Sol?" From behind the mass of friends, Lucy watched in tears as the newborn played with his siblings. (No matter how many times I see it, a baby and its parents always move me to tears...) 

Zandria gave Ash a hug around the neck, "You must be proud." The Trainer nodded, "Yeah... I was worried Pearl wouldn't be able to move on, but.....I really can't describe how happy I am for her that she's finally got what she always wanted." However, Zandria suddenly gasped as she brought a hand to her belly. "The little one is getting pretty restless." Ash glanced down and stared at his ancestral mother's massive belly. She looked as if she was already on her ninth month. "Mom... Is it gonna happen soon?" The Zangoose smiled warmly, "You bet. I'd say in at least a week. You ready to meet your little sister?" Ash blushed, "I never had any brothers or sisters... I'm pretty excited about this." 

The following afternoon, Ashton was standing at the point between his manor's iron gates and wooden door. At his side was Aurora. "Ready?" He asked, his hands becoming engulfed in flames. Aurora nodded and raised a wall of water above the manor and the courtyard walls that towered over the forest around it. Ashton then launched two massive waves of fire in both directions between the manor and the walls, the water barriers preventing them from reaching his home or the surrounding forest. Upon reaching the end of the path, they curved and headed down the sides, and then once again at the back until they collided. All the while, the overgrown mess of vegetation burned fiercely. Aurora remained focused, keeping the fire from reaching anything it should not. Several minutes later, Ashton faced the Suicune and gave her a nod. In response, she made the walls of water fall upon the burning courtyard, extinguishing the blaze in seconds. In the place of the terribly overgrown garden of vines and weeds were blackened timber and scorched plants, steam rising from the ground. Ashton smiled, "Not much to look at, but at least we can start anew. Thank you, Aurora." The Shiny Suicune smiled, "It was no trouble, dear. I only pray this garden can still be returned to its former glory. Perhaps only then Cassandra's soul can rest in peace." 

After clearing the courtyard of excessive foliage, Ashton proceeded to the armory within his home with Aurora by his side. Once inside, he examined his favorite suit of armor and a recent addition to it. Aurora noticed it too and asked, "I do not recall that fauld being there before." Nestled between the greaves and cuirass was a sturdy steel fauld that bore the same shade of blue as the majority of the armor. Ashton smiled, "Lady Shield forged it for me. Without it, I would have a glaring weak spot on my lower torso that I simply cannot afford during battle." The Suicune muttered, "Shield...? Oh, yes! The blacksmith of Ironspike City! She did a splendid job, I must say." 

Ashton and Aurora headed to the study to read more of the Crimson family's origins. As he very carefully handled the tome containing his family's history, Ashton smiled to himself, "I can still hardly fathom being descended from Sir Aaron. What an honor." But soon, a thought passed through Aurora's mind. "Ashton, may I ask you a favor?" The viscount turned to face her, "Of course. What can I do for you?" The Suicune blushed, "Zandria... Could you...make me more like her? That is to say, her body type?" Ashton gulped, "You...want a body that is Zandria's right now?" When Aurora nodded, Ashton looked down at her feet. "I certainly wouldn't mind, but...I do not believe your paws are flexible enough to cast that shape shifting spell." Aurora giggled, "I am aware of my body's limits. That is why I asked you." The viscount grumbled, "Well..... I suppose there is a way. Come with me."

In his bedroom, Ashton rummaged through his cupboard of ninja tools. "Shuriken...kunai...paper bombs.....OH NO!" He quickly disarmed a paper bomb that was on the verge of detonating. "Close call. Anyway, paper bombs...smoke bombs...steel wire... Ah, here we are. Paper seals." Ashton took out a single slip of paper that was rectangular in shape. Aurora watched as he also reached into his art supplies and brought out a calligraphy brush and black ink. "Now then, what type of body do you want? The same type Aura has?" Aurora thought back to when Ashton showed her the beautiful form of their daughter. "Yes... That is just the kind of body I'd like." Ashton then took the brush and inscribed a type of pattern onto the seal, but left a round blank spot directly in the center. He made a hand sign as he imagined the form of his beautiful daughter. With the image clear in his mind, Ashton pressed his palm onto the seal. There was a small puff of white smoke as the ink instantly dried with a new symbol appearing in the blank spot in the center. He then stood up and stepped back. "All you have to do is step on it." With a nod, Aurora walked forward and set her right paw onto the seal. Upon contact, she was engulfed in a large plume of white smoke. Ashton looked on in curiosity, eager to see his lover's new form. But as the smoke cleared, Ashton's eyes went wide. Aurora asked, "Did it work...? Oh my, if you're staring at me with that expression, something must be different." Aurora's body was now that of a humanoid Suicune that was nearly identical to her daughter's. However, there were a few differences. Her long flowing mane was a deep shade of blue instead of lavender and the hexagonal crystal on her forehead remained unchanged unlike Aura's diamond-shaped crystal. Ashton muttered, "I forgot the spell only changes forms and does NOT provide clothing..." Aurora looked down at herself and found that she was completely nude. But what caught her eyes was the pair of large breasts on her chest. Ashton pointed, "Strange... I do not remember Aura being this well-endowed." But Aurora smirked as she held her new breasts in her hands, "Perhaps that's because she is not a mother." She then began to squeeze and fondle them. "Mmmmmm..... I see why Zandria prefers her current form over her feral one. These are quite pleasuring to the touch." She then sighed, "I wonder what it would be have a child in this state?" Ashton blushed deeply, imagining her with a large round belly on her beautiful frame. The Shiny Suicune then placed her hands on her lover's shoulders and gazed lovingly into his eyes, "Dear... When we return from Sinnoh, may we have another daughter?" Ashton blushed deeply, "You are sure of this?" She nodded, "Yes. I want to know what it's like to be pregnant in this form. To give birth. And to hold my child in my hands. And..." Aurora then sighed, "I must admit that I miss my daughter..." Ashton replied by embracing her tenderly, "Very well... We shall have another daughter. I only pray I am able to introduce her to her big sister someday." Aurora held her lover close, "Ashton... Thank you..." But the viscount then chuckled, "Now, go find Zandria and ask her to teach you how to reverse the spell. You shouldn't have any trouble now that you have opposable thumbs!" 

Nearly ten days later, Zandria was bathing in the bathroom of the Crimson estate. All day, her belly had been almost constantly shifting due to her unborn child's movement. As she relaxed in the bathtub, Zandria placed her hands on her round pregnant belly. "Mmmm... Little Anabel is getting impatient. I can hardly wait." The expecting mother soon sighed, "Oh, Atlas... I wish you could meet your little sister." No sooner had she said that, Zandria felt her water broke. "Oh boy... Wait..." She quickly stood up, "That's weird... There's no pain this time. Heh, I guess being dead has a lot of perks." 

Zandria gently rubbed her belly as she pushed. Without any pain being generated by the birthing process, the sensation of her child slowly sliding down her birth canal actually felt pleasant. "Mmmmmm... That feels nice... Almost feels like Ashton is.... Ooh!" Zandria quivered, "My god... It feels like Ashton's inside me! Come on, Zandria. Don't orgasm while having your kid..." However, the further down the baby went, the more pleasurable the sensations became. "Oh man... Who knew giving birth could feel...this good......" Finally, just as the child was halfway out, Zandria moaned in orgasm as her womanhood spasm. The contraction of her muscles helped the baby slide out fairly quickly as it fell into the bathtub with a splash. Zandria panted, "Whoa... I'll bet that's a first... Oh no! My baby!" Zandria quickly reached into the bathtub and picked up her child. "Anabel? Are you all right?" The baby Zangoose coughed and spat after choking on water. But she soon gazed at her mother with big pink eyes. Zandria smiled warmly, "Anabel... 600 years and we finally meet." 

Ashton, curious if his lover needed anything in her delicate state, knocked on the door to the bathroom. "Zandria? Is there anything I can get you?" The Zangoose replied, "Yes. You can get your butt in here and say hello to your daughter!" Ashton winced, "What?!" He opened the door promptly and found Zandria sitting in the bathtub while cradling a newborn Zangoose in her arms. She slowly turned and gave her lover a warm smile, "Anabel is finally here." Ashton slowly approached his lover and daughter and kneeled next to the tub. "Anabel..." Zandria nodded, "Your first child in this lifetime." Tears began to cascade down the viscount's face, his hand reaching out to his daughter. The tiny Zangoose replied by wrapping one hand around his finger. "I..... I had forgotten what it's like to...have a real family... 500 years is such a long time to wait..." Zandria placed her hand on Ashton's and smiled, "It is, dear. It really is. I've been waiting a long time for this day. I only wish Atlas was here to see his sister." 

Less than an hour later, all of Ashton's friends and family had gathered in the ballroom to see his newborn daughter. While initially overwhelmed by the large number of people in one place, Anabel slowly became more confident. Ash smiled brightly as he watched his baby sister take her first steps under the watchful eyes of her mother. However, unlike most Zangoose, Anabel's legs were about as long as her arms. Shadow noticed and nodded, "Hm. I guess the state Zandria was in determined her daughter's body structure." Ruby giggled, "If that's true, just imagine how cute she'll be in a few years!" Shortly afterwards, Ash reached out and gently picked up his baby sister. Zandria smiled, "This is your big brother, Anabel. His name is Ash. Be nice to him." Ash, having always been an only child, saw his vision become blurred by tears. Soon, Anabel reached up at his face with her tiny hands and muttered, "" Ash blinked his eyes to get the tears out and whispered, "That's right. I'm your big brother now. Big brother...Ash Ketchum..." Everyone present awed in unison as Anabel gave her brother a kiss on the cheek, prompting a deep blush from the young Trainer. 

Ashton and Zandria chatted together a short while later while watching Anabel playing with her cousin, Sol. Ashton asked, "Now that you and Pearl have given birth, when do you suppose we should return to Sinnoh?" The Zangoose replied, "I discussed that with Pearl. She felt at least a week after we both had our babies. Best to raise them at home until they're strong enough for the road." Ashton smiled as he watched his daughter play, "Indeed. She seems to be quite gentle and delicate for a Zangoose." Zandria blushed, "She's such a doll." She then whispered, "I love you, Ashton." The viscount embraced her gently, "I love you too, Zandria. More than you know." 

Later that night, Ash and Lucario headed home from the Crimson estate. Lucario spoke up, "Ash, I wish to tell you something important." The Trainer looked down at his ancestral father, "Yeah?" He replied, "When you do leave for this...Sinnoh, I will stay behind." Ash frowned, "Why? You get seasick easily?" The Aura Pokémon grumbled, "Of course not. I wish to stay behind because much has happened in this world over the last millennium. I wish to travel this region to see what has changed in my absence. But do not fear. I will return to Pallet Town likely before you do." Ash smiled, "OK then. Just one word of advice. Stay away from any ridiculously big mansions with a guy with purplish hair and a mustache and a woman with red hair who speaks with a southern accent. They're bad news." Lucario let out a laugh, "You sound as if you speak from experience. But very well. I will take care. However..." He then surprised Ash by giving him a firm embrace. "Be careful, my son." Ash smiled warmly and kneeled down before holding his father close. "I will, Dad. I'll be back before you know it." 

A few days later, Ash and Lucy sat just outside the Ketchum household at a small table in the front yard. "I know we always go out to eat whenever we visit a town or city, but Pallet Town doesn't have any major restaurants." Ash said with a nervous grin. Lucy replied, "Oh, that's fine. I actually prefer simpler dishes over fancy ones." The aroma of cooking meat wafted from the kitchen as Delia prepared dinner for her son and Lucy. Both of them could feel their mouths watering. "That smells so good..... I can hardly wait to see what it is." Ash smirked, "Cinnabar Volcano Burger. One of Mom's best dishes! We'll eat like kings today!" Lucy grinned, "If it smells that good, it must be amazing!" 

While Ash watched Mimey sweep the porch and trim the bushes along the fence, Lucy's mind was thinking back to less than an hour before. Feeling worried that Ruby would become jealous of her for going out on dates with Ash; she had discussed the situation with her 'sister'. Ruby responded with a grin. "I'm actually proud of you for being so close to him! And it's all right if he comes to love you. If you ever start to see him as something more than a friend, by all means, go to the next level. You have my support, Lucy. I just want you to be happy." Lucy's gaze shifted to Ash, who was still keeping himself occupied by observing his mother's Mr. Mime tending to the yard. A slight blush on her face, Lucy once again began to question her feelings for the Trainer who had made such a difference in her life. 

"Why do you hesitate?" Lucy closed her eyes as the familiar dark tone of the Angel of Doom spoke from the depths of her mind. "You saw his reaction during that time in Jubilife. You know as well as I do that he has feelings for you." Lucy sighed to herself, "I know... And I do not deny that I love him... He's done so much for me... So much caring. So" Doom replied, "Then what is stopping you? There is no one around. That Mr. Mime just went back indoors. If you wish to make this a private moment, now is your chance. You wish to make him your husband someday, do you not?" After a moment of contemplation, Lucy slowly stood up and voiced her response. "....Yes." 

Ash began to grow impatient as his hunger reached its peak. "Man... I hope Mom isn't teasing me. Or is she trying to make it perfect by adding something else with it?" But before he even knew what had happened, Lucy was standing eye-to-eye with him. "Huh? Lucy?" The Lucario maiden stood perfectly still, a deep blush on her face. She muttered quietly, "I.... I mean... Um..." Ash raised an eyebrow, "What's up? If you gotta go to the bathroom, make sure to wash your hands afterwards." However, the Lucario placed her hands firmly on the Trainer's shoulders. "Lucy...?" Without a word, she closed her eyes, leaned forward, and pressed her lips against the Ash's, her body shaking in both fear and embarrassment. 

A full minute passed before Ash made any sort of a response. He closed his eyes and held the Lucario maiden close in a warm embrace. Her body temperature spiking from her anxiety, Lucy collapsed into Ash's lap and nearly fainted. "Lucy?!" Ash helped his friend stand up, "Are you OK? Did I do something wrong?" After a moment to catch her breath, Lucy asked, "Ash... You won't ever leave me, will you?" The Trainer smiled sincerely, "Never. I promise I'll always be there for you, Lucy." He held her hand gently, "You're.....precious to me. And you always will be." Lucy's only reply was a relieved smile and a single tear rolling down her cheek. But at that moment, she heard the front door of Ash's house open. "Who's hungry?" Delia came outside with a large plate in her hands with two large cheeseburgers and a pile of hand-cut fries next to each that had been seasoned with an orange-colored salt. Lucy breathed in the aroma, "That looks and smells amazing!" Ash grinned, "If you think it smells, awesome, just wait until you taste it!" As she sat down in her seat, Lucy heard the voice of the Angel of Doom speak to her. "You stopped short of telling him. Why?" The young maiden replied, "You're right. I love him and.....if possible...want to marry him someday. But the last thing I want to do is rush this relationship. I must wait until the proper time..." However, miles above the earth, a surveillance satellite was watching and recording her every move.

In Veilstone City within the headquarters of Team Galactic, Cyrus clasped his hands together as he sat behind his desk. "Yes, sir. I have video confirmation. The bonding between the Angel of Doom and the boy has reached the optimum level. We are ready to initiate Operation: Black Dawn." Cyrus, despite his lack of emotion, could not help but give a tiny smirk at Charon's report. "Excellent. As the boy has earned the badge from the Oreburgh Gym, his next destination will likely be Eterna City. Have Saturn wait there with his unit and to keep a low profile. And remember to remind him to be as gentle as possible with her." Charon nodded, "Very well, sir." As the elderly Commander left the room, Cyrus smirked to himself. "At last... Victory is within reach. This meaningless world will end and an ideal world will rise in its place."

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