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Rukario Romance by XD385


Ruby's New Deal

Ash awoke to a sudden stirring next to him. He was certain that Sapphire had just climbed in bed with him and turned to face her, only to see that Shadow was fast asleep next to him. "I guess Shadow was out all night." Ash let out a tiny laugh at just how gentle his new friend looked while asleep. The top hunter of his clan, Shadow was surprisingly sweet to those he liked.

With a groan, Shadow awoke to the feel of Ash rubbing his head. "Oh, morning. Feeling any better?" Ash grinned, "Well, my legs don't feel too sore anymore, so those berries you gave me must really be helping." Ash started to scratch Shadow's neck, causing him to pant in pleasure. "Ooh yeah, that's the spot. You really know how to make me happy."

"Daddy?" Sapphire awoke next to her mother, but couldn't see her father anywhere. Hoping he was still nearby, she snuck out of the room and started peeking in every room she saw, even peeking in on a very startled May on the toilet. At last, she came to the room where Ash was, but was horrified to see the same Lucario who had tried to murder him standing next to him.

Shadow noticed Sapphire and froze, "Oh man...not good." Ash looked ahead from his bed and saw Sapphire looking furious; an emotion Ash never saw her experience. Suddenly, a faint blue aura began to surround her! "LEAVE DADDY ALONE!!!" In a flash, the little girl slammed into Shadow, sending him sailing into a cupboard of medical tools! (What the...?! strong! How?!) Shadow gasped for breath as Sapphire began to gather strength in her right fist for a Focus Punch. As she made a lunge for Shadow, Ash, wounded as he was, dove in front of Shadow! Sapphire managed to stop herself before the attack connected. "Daddy...?" Ash was sweating and breathing hard from having to move so fast when he shouldn't even be on his feet. He was clearly in a lot of pain as he tried to stay standing.

"Sapphire...I know why you're so angry at Shadow, but...OW! But he's not the same monster you remember him as. He's a good friend who risked his life to get his clan to leave us alone. Don't hurt him."Ash dropped to the floor, too weak and in too much pain to remain on his feet. "Daddy! Don't leave me!" Shadow picked Ash up in his arms, "He will be fine. It was just very painful for him to stand up with his legs as damaged as they are." Shadow laid Ash down in his bed and covered him up. "He just needs rest. Can I trust a sweet little girl like to watch over him while I go find some berries?" Sapphire looked at Shadow and at her unconscious father. Shadow kneeled down to her, "Hey, I promise I'll keep your father safe, but you have to watch over him for a little while. OK?" Sapphire grinned widely. Spending time alone with her father was what she loved most of all. "OK! Bring back lots of yummy berries for Daddy!" Shadow smiled and jumped out the window.

Ruby had just woken up and was on her way to Ash's room when she overheard Brock in the bathroom. "This isn't good. We can only afford one more batch of potions and medicine before we go broke. We need more money, but how are we going to get it?" Ruby began to ponder this. "Maybe there's a way for me to earn some extra funds." Ruby went outside and saw just how prosperous Lilycove City was. After all, it was the biggest tourist attraction in the entire Hoenn region. Ruby began to search for a place with the sign, "Help Wanted" or something to that effect. She soon noticed many humans staring at her, as they were not accustomed to having Pokemon walking the streets without a Trainer. She passed by several places with signs asking for help, but they didn't appeal to her abilities. Finally, she came to a certain restaurant that had a peculiar sign. "Strippers and pole dancers wanted? What the heck are those?" Curious, Ruby decided to check it out.

Inside, Ruby noticed that it wasn't quite time for business yet. Suddenly, Ruby felt a strong hand grip her shoulder, "Well, whatcha doing here, babe? It's too early for ya to be here." Ruby looked to her left and saw a Machoke all dressed up in a black suit. "Oh, well, the sign outside says, 'Strippers and pole dancers wanted' and my group is a little short on funds, so I thought I'd try it out." The Machoke looked her over, frequently eyeing her breasts, unaware of the large amounts of milk inside them. "Well, I'm pretty sure da boss can fix ya up, although no Pokemon have ever taken part as dancers here. Follow me."

A moment later, the Machoke stepped inside an office while Ruby waited outside. A moment later, he stepped out, "OK. Da boss will see ya now." Ruby stepped inside while the Machoke locked the door to prevent any interruptions. Sitting behind a desk was a human male in his mid forties. He seemed to be looking over some papers when he heard Ruby take a seat. "OK, Miss. What can I do for yaarrrgggg...what the?!" Ruby almost laughed at the face he was making. The manager had never seen Pokemon with breasts as big as hers. "So, are you going to hire me or not?" The manager shook his head, "Oh, right. OK, sweetheart, whatcha in for? A waitress?" Ruby shook her head, "Before that, I'd like to know what a stripper and pole dancer is."

The manager, though skeptical, continued, "OK. A stripper is a dancer who, throughout the course of the dance, removes his or her clothing to entice the audience until they are nude, or to the point where they don't want to remove anymore clothing." Ruby asked, "You mean like this?" Before the manager could intervene, Ruby had stripped off her blue shorts, the only piece of clothing she had, revealing her shapely upper thighs, which were covered with black fur, and her womanhood, which was surrounded by yellow fur, like the rest of her torso. The manager stared for a moment and said, "'ve got the stripper part down. Now put your pants back on! I haven't hired you yet!" Ruby laughed at seeing the manager's face turn red with embarrassment.

"OK. Now, for pole dancing, you have a vertical pole and, I can't describe it too well." However, by this time, Ruby had made up her mind. "That's OK. I think I'd do very well as a dancer." The manager nodded, "Well, that narrows things down. Now, what's your name?" Ruby was about to blurt it out, but thought it over for a second. "My name is Ruby Ketchum." The manager stared, "Uh, I wasn't really expecting you to have a first AND last name. Anyway, how does tonight sound for your first gig?" Ruby smiled, "Sounds good! See ya then!" Ruby then knocked on the door for the Machoke to let her out and headed on back to the Pokemon Center to feed Sapphire.

"So, feeling any better, dear?" Ruby asked Ash as Sapphire suckled from her breast. "Actually, I can move my legs a little now. Those berries Shadow's been bringing me are really helping!" Ruby gasped, "SSSSSHHHHH!!!!! Don't bring his name up in front of Sapphire." Ash laughed, "Oh, you don't have to worry about her! She went at Shadow this morning, but we sorted things out. She knows that Shadow isn't our enemy anymore." Ruby looked down at Sapphire to see her nod in approval. "I hope she didn't hurt him too badly." Ash chuckled, "Nah, although I'm sure she got her point across!"

That night, Ruby returned to the strip club to start her job. "Oh, there you are! This way!" The manager spotted her and pulled her through a back door. "OK, this is the stage. You're set in a minute. Do your best!" Ruby thought up a good way to make an entrance and turned her back to the curtain. "I hope humans aren't that hard to please."

"This better be good. AHEM. GOOD EVENING, LADIES AND GENTS. Well, mostly the gents. This evening, we have a newcomer to the scene. Welcome the lovely Cerulean Ruby!" At that moment, the curtain rose, revealing to the surprised customers the form of a female Lucario.

"Hey, what is this?! Has the manager really sunk so low as to hire Pokemon?! What a drag..." As if to challenge his complaint, Ruby slowly turned her head until her eyes met with the customer. As soon as her half closed eyes met his, he froze. She then turned so that her entire front was facing the audience. There was an audible gasp as they saw her attractive body, especially her breasts. "Well, do I still seem like a drag?" As a D&B tune began to play, Ruby quickly yanked off her shorts, causing a large number of men to stare in shock and arousal at her nude body.

Ruby had the entire audience captive with her beauty as she began to perform a slow dance in sync with the music. A metal pole extended from the stage to the ceiling. Taking the initiative, Ruby grabbed it and pulled herself up off the floor without slipping. She leaned back with one arm hanging while the other held onto the pole. She would even perform a surprisingly fast spin around the pole without touching the ground. The whole audience was silent as they watched possibly the sexiest Pokemon they had ever laid eyes on. As the song drew to a close, Ruby slid to the ground and landed in a reclining pose on her side, giving a seductive wink to the audience. As the curtain began to drop, the audience went wild with whistles and cheers.

A short time later, the manager met with Ruby in his office. "What did you want to see me about?" The manager grinned from ear to ear, "What did I want to see you about?! You have no idea how pleased the audience was! They even made requests for certain other Pokemon to perform later! Business is certain to pick up now! Think you can keep working here?" Ruby laughed, "Well, maybe for just a week. Once my group is ready, we'll be heading out, but I'll be stopping by every evening." The manager shook her hand, "Sounds like a plan. I'll give you your payment on the day you want me to." "Thanks. See ya tomorrow." On her way out, Ruby saw the Machoke standing at the front door. "Hey, if someone by the name of Ash Ketchum comes by, be sure to let him in." "Got it." The Machoke wrote the name down on the VIP list.

That night, Ruby had just finished with her shower when she checked in on Ash. "Ash darling, you still awake?" Ash yawned, "Yeah. Sapphire's sleeping like a log though. You gonna take her to bed with you?" Ruby looked at Sapphire and smiled at where she was curled up. She had fallen asleep in Ash's arms. "No. I think she would prefer to sleep with you tonight. OK?" Ash looked down at Sapphire and then at Ruby. "OK. Sweet Dreams." Ruby walked over to Ash and gave him a loving kiss.

"Wait a minute. Where's Shadow?" Ash yawned, "Oh, he's up on the roof. He says he's keeping an eye out for members of his clan." Ruby sighed, "I'll never know why they just can't leave us alone. Is it really so wrong to fall in love?" Ash cupped her face, "It's OK. They won't be able to follow us much longer. After we check out the Safari Zone, we'll be heading out to Mossdeep City by ferry. I seriously doubt they can chase us across the sea." Ruby grinned, "You have a point. Good night, sweetie." She gave Ash another kiss and gave one to Sapphire too. However, on her way back to her bedroom, Ruby gasped at a sudden burning sensation inside her. "So that time has come again. Maybe I should wait a few days, though. I don't think Ash is in the best shape to mate with me. Maybe it will be a boy this time." Ruby giggled at the thought.

A few days had passed with Ruby dancing at the strip club. After word got out about her, daily visitors almost doubled. Of course, no one at the Pokemon Center knew about her part time job. However, three days after Ruby got her job, she returned to find Ash out of bed.

"ASH! YOU CAN WALK AGAIN!" Ash smiled, "Well, not all the way. I need these to get around until my legs completely heal." Ruby then noticed the crutches that were under his arms. "Still, I'm well enough to leave the Pokemon Center for a while. Brock's taking me out to dinner. I can't wait to eat some decent food!" Ruby smiled, "Maybe I'll see you there." Ash was about to ask her what she meant, but Ruby was already gone.

Ash noticed that Shadow was holding his hands over his snout when he hobbled out the room. "What happened to you? Did Ruby bop you one?" "Very funny." Shadow took his hands down, "I was covering my nose so I wouldn't breathe in any of Ruby's pheromones." Ash looked baffled. "Yeah, Ruby is in heat again, so her body is producing pheromones that can drive males into a lustful frenzy." Ash blushed, "Oh, that's why. Wait, you don't find Ruby pretty?!" Shadow laughed, "It's not that! We Lucario mate for life, so I would feel bad if I mated with her. Also, she would probably kill me if I tried. What's more, I've never really been interested in females like that. Yep, I'm a lifelong bachelor." Ash rubbed his head, "Thanks, and I really owe you one for helping me recover so quickly." Shadow hugged Ash, "Nonsense. I was just undoing my mistake. I'm just grateful that you were able to forgive me." Just then, Ash heard Brock yell for him, "Oops! I kept Brock waiting too long! See ya, Shadow!" As quickly as he could, Ash hobbled to the lobby, eager to get some real food.

"So, what do you feel like tonight?" Brock said while making sure that he wasn't going too far ahead. "I don't care, just as long as it's not hospital food." Brock laughed, but stopped in front of a fancy restaurant like building. However, a Machoke in a black suit stood at the entrance. "You on da list?" Brock was a bit shocked to hear the Machoke speak in English, but replied, "Probably not. Let's go, Ash." Just as they were starting to leave, the Machoke spoke, "Hold on! You're Ash Ketchum?" Ash nodded. "Sounds familiar. Just a sec..." The Machoke looked through the clipboard he had and said, "Yeah! Ash Ketchum! You're on the VIP list, buddy! Let me show ya in!" The Machoke picked up a shocked Ash and carried him inside on one shoulder, but signaled Brock to follow.

"Here ya go. Da best table, just for you guys! Your waitress will be with ya shortly." Ash and Brock wondered how Ash was on the VIP list of a restaurant neither of them had ever been to before, but forgot about it when they noticed a large stage in front of the table. "Looks like they have live entertainment here, Ash." Ash began to wonder what would be behind the curtain as their waitress came to the table. "So, what can I get you boys?"

Brock spoke, "Oh, I'll haavaaaahahahahh..." Ash turned to look at what Brock was stuttering about and stared at the waitress, who happened to be a well endowed female Gardevoir. Upon seeing Ash's face, she blushed, "Oh my, aren't you a cutie! What's your name, handsome?" The Gardevoir swaggered over to Ash and sat on his lap, staring into his eyes with a most mischievous smile. "Uh, I, um, I'm Ash." She grinned, "Such a unique name. So, Ash, once I'm done with my shift, what do you say we get to know each other a bit better in one of the back rooms?" Ash replied, "But, I don't even know your name yet." The Gardevoir frowned, "Oh, whoops! My name is Jade. So, now that we know each other's names, what do you say to my invitation?" Ash jumped slightly at the sensation of Jade gently groping his crotch. As beautiful as she was, Ash sighed, "Sorry, but I'm already taken." Ash was surprised to see Jade look like she was about to cry. However, she said, "Oh, I see. I guess we just aren't destined to be together. But I don't want to cause any trouble between you and your lover. However, I guess I CAN give you a little parting gift." Ash gasped as Jade put an arm around his neck. "Pucker up."

To Ash's utter shock, Jade embraced him while pressing her lips against his. Soon, she used psychic force to pry open his lips, allowing her tongue to mingle with his. Ash was shocked by her intrusion, but began to succumb to her charm. He embraced her and began to kiss her back. However, Jade broke the kiss after a few moments, knowing that she had some other tables to wait on. Ash gasped out of overheating, his face red from a hormone overload.

Jade cupped Ash's face, "Let your sweetheart know that she's a very lucky girl to have found someone like you." Jade got to her feet and said, "While you two are still thinking up your orders, I'll grab you some ice water." As Jade walked away, Ash began to come to his senses, only to notice Brock giving him a weird stare. "Ash, just how did you get to be such a chick magnet?" Ash blushed, "Don't ask me! She was the one who came onto me! I didn't say anything to her!" Brock laughed, "I was just kidding! But oh boy, it's a good thing that Ruby didn't see that!" Ash breathed a sigh of relief, "Yeah. I wonder where she is anyway."

Suddenly, an intercom spoke, "LADIES AND GENTS! Well, mostly the gents. Let us begin this evening with the sexiest lady ever to wear a blue skirt! Give a big welcome to the Cerulean Ruby!" The entire male population burst into cheers. However, Brock realized what was going on. "Ash, I think we've wandered into a strip club!" "A what?!" Ash couldn't hear what Brock said over the roar of the audience, but turned to face the stage when he saw the curtain rising. However, he instantly recognized the lone figure on stage. "RUBY?!"

As Ruby was about to strip off her blue shorts, she noticed her boyfriend in the audience. At that instant, her heat hit her hard, demanding to be soothed by Ash's sperm. Ruby felt that this was the perfect time for Ash to impregnate her and formulated a plan, but not before teasing him a little. Just as Ash was about to faint, Ruby flung her shorts at him, covering his face while the audience burst into laughter. She then leapt off the stage and swaggered over to Ash, who had just removed Ruby's shorts from his face. When she sat down on his lap, the audience when silent. Just then, Ruby noticed the manager nearby and signaled him over.

After a moment of whispers, Ruby spoke to Ash, "OK, sweetie. Come with me." Ruby picked up a startled Ash in her arms and carried him backstage. Soon, they were in a private suite. Ruby gently laid Ash on the bed and went to work of removing his clothing. "Ruby, what are you doing?!" Ruby gazed at Ash with a look of lust. "Oh man, don't tell me you're gonna..." Ruby whispered, "Just relax. I won't let my pheromones drive me crazy like last time. This time, it will be me who brings the pleasure." Little did Ash know, Ruby had made a deal with the manager for a major bonus if he were to let the audience watch every action they made. A hidden camera was projecting them on a large screen in the dining room. However, Brock didn't want to see his friend like this and left before the screen descended from the ceiling.

"Just relax, dear. I owe you this for saving my life back then. Now, don't move." Ruby moved down to Ash's manhood and straightened it up. She began to gently lick it, causing Ash to gasp. She then took it in her mouth and began to deep throat it, making Ash groan in strain. After she felt it become stiff, Ruby took it out of her moth and began to gently lick it again. Soon, she saw a trickle of sticky sperm emerge from his shaft and slide down towards her. As if it was her favorite flavored popsicle, Ruby began to lick the trail of sperm in upward movements. Suddenly, Ash let out a loud groan as he ejaculated a heavy load of sperm, but Ruby was quick and closed her jaws around his member as he pumped his load into Ruby's mouth. She gulped down every last drop and chose to move on to the real thing."

"Mmmmmm, so sweet. All right, darling, I think it's time that we get started on making Sapphire a baby brother." Ash gasped as she got his member stiff again with a few licks and positioned her needy womanhood over it. "Are you ready?" Ash gulped, "Well, it's not like I can stop you. I can't even stand on my own yet, forget about walking!" Ruby grinned and gently lowered herself onto the ready manhood of her lover, almost screaming in pleasure. "Oh, Ash! We just don't seem to do this enough!" Ruby began to move herself up and down while trying to not drop onto Ash's groin area too hard. ", are you sure you want to have another...grrraaahhhh!!!!" Ash groaned as he fired his seed into his lover's womb. Ruby let out a howl as she felt it wash over the walls of her uterus, the burning disappearing. The manager increased the focus of the camera to get a close up of Ash's member, which was still planted in Ruby's vagina. Soon, Ash's excess sperm could be seen oozing down his shaft.

Ruby fell forward and lay on Ash, "Thank you. The heat is gone. I hope I didn't freak you out too badly out there." Ash grinned, "Well, I sure wasn't expecting you to show up like THAT!" They then embraced each other and brought their lips together for a kiss. In the dining room, the audience burst into cheers and applause. "Now THAT is what sex should be about!" Props to those two! So beautiful.....WAAAHHHH!!!!!" Many of the single guys were in tears.

Once they broke the kiss, Ash fell asleep right there. Ruby heard a knock on the door and found the manager waiting outside. "As promised, here ya go." He handed her an envelope filled with cash. "You really brought business up. Some of the guys in the audience were so moved; they asked if they could spend some "private time" with their Pokemon in the other back rooms. Is your boyfriend gonna be fine?" Ruby grinned, "He's fine. Thanks again." With a handshake, the manager headed back to his office.

Back at the Pokemon Center, Shadow was up on the roof when he saw Ruby in the darkness with Ash fast asleep in her arms. "Cute. They truly do make a cute couple." Shadow let out a yawn as he was about to head off to bed himself, but stopped when he caught the scent of something cooking. The smell was coming from the west. After a moment of thinking, Shadow muttered to himself the identity of the aroma. "Ramen..."
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