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Forbidden Love by XD385


Story Notes:

This may become a bit of a Naruto crossover, but no characters from the series will appear, this I promise.

End of a Traitor

Ashton quivered in shock as he stood in the shadow of what seemed to be a truly colossal Dragonite. Lance stood proudly atop its head as he shouted, "So then, my star pupil, how do you think you'll take me down now?! You'll have to kill this mighty dragon first, but can you really bring yourself to harm something you swore to protect?!"

Ashton gritted his teeth as the dwindling flames that surrounded him began to flare up. "That won't be necessary! TAKE THIS!" Ashton threw up his left arm and fired a missile of flames at his mentor. But just before the blast struck, the Dragonite threw up its arm to block the blow. "No good, Ashton! This creature is my sword and my shield! It is a weapon and guardian! It will never allow me to be harmed!"

Ashton shook his head in disgust. He then shouted, "Noble dragon of the sea, why do you protect someone who is merely using you for revenge?!" Lance shouted, "Don't bother! I am the Dragon Master, so he understands that I command all dragons! And now, do away with this eyesore!" The Dragonite began to raise his right arm.

"Not good!" Ashton made a dash for the edge of the roof, but the Dragonite brought its arm down hard, smashing the fortress while leaving the lighthouse intact. The shockwave blew Ashton head over heels, sending him flying over the edge and plummeting headfirst to the ground below. Worse, one of the stones that had been blown free from the fortress struck him in the head, knocking him out cold. Death seemed certain as the Vulcan Warrior fell to the ground below.

"PFFFTTT!!!!! What the hell?!" Ashton shook his head after being blasted with a Water Gun. As he shook the water from his hair, a voice asked, "That was a close one. Are all right, my lord?" Ashton looked up to see the concerned face of Aurora gazing at him. Before he could even reply, she gasped, "Oh no! What happened to your face?!" She then leaned forward to lick the cut on his right cheek. Ashton stroked the Suicune's face, "It's not as bad as it looks. Serenade can fix it without a problem." Aurora sighed, "Thank goodness. Oh, and who is this chap? He claims that he's an old friend of yours." Aurora motioned towards a Dragonair nearby. Ashton grinned, "Ah yes, Dimitri. We go way back. He was a dear friend of mine back at the academy."

Just then, something tackled Ashton! "Lord Ashton, thank you! I thought you wouldn't come for me!" Ruby sobbed as she squeezed Ashton tightly. "Good lord, you've got quite a grip...but don't cry, Ruby. I would never let you or any of your sisters be taken against their will." Ashton spoke as he stroked her face. Aurora asked, "So now that Ruby is safe, we can return to the estate." Ashton stood up and said, "I'm afraid it's still too soon for that. Look." Ashton pointed out to sea.

"My that a Dragonite?" Aurora whispered as the towering beast lumbered south towards Celestica. "It most certainly looks like one, although its size is outright ridiculous. I honestly can't say what it is. But the Black Wing commander is in control of it. He is perched on top of that creature's head."

Aurora then asked, "But why? What does he intend to do?" Ashton sighed, "Using that poor creature's massive power, the Black Wing plans to commit mass-genocide on the human population of Rohta. And it seems Celestica is their first target." Aurora shuddered, "Genocide..... I never imagined that a simple criminal organization were after nothing more than murder." Ashton then stood up and grabbed the Flamberge, which had fallen nearby, and placed it on his back. "And that is why I need to stop them."

Ruby pleaded, "You can't be serious! How do you intend to stop a sea monster?!" Ashton sighed, "I don't know, but I have to try. It's my sworn duty as an independent knight to protect those who need help." Dimitri then coiled up around Ashton and gave him a very determined glance. "Thank you, old friend. I'm sure I'll need all the help I can get." Aurora bowed, "I will also do what I can to stop this threat." Ruby nodded, "Me too. I don't have much experience, but I think I can provide some aid." The Vulcan Warrior smiled, "Thank you, but if things get too dangerous, I want you three to escape. Understood?" All three of them nodded.

Lance sneered as the Dragonite he was riding walked with the ocean surface up to its waist. He could make out a number of glowing candles or torches that were illuminating various dwellings in Celestica. However, the usual nightly fog had rolled in, making it impossible to see the city, which was still a few miles away. "It will all begin soon. Those fools will finally understand true suffering. Hm? What's that?" Lance looked to his right and could see a very fast-moving object streaking over the surface. "Idiots. Thought they could slip by me undetected?!"

Ashton looked to the left at the giant Dragonite in the distance as Ruby clutched Aurora's mane. The Suicune pleaded, "Would you mind telling me why we didn't take the land route back to Celestica?! If I lose my speed, we'll sink!" Ashton replied, "The rest of the Black Wing should be regaining consciousness by now, and I don't want to have to fight every single one of them. Besides, it will take less time if we go as the crow flies. And time is of the essence. We must warn the townspeople." Just then, Ruby asked, "Um, what is that Dragonite doing?" Ashton looked back over to the left and saw the Dragonite's two glowing eyes starting to come into view. "Oh great. Aurora! Evasive maneuvers!"

The Dragonite began to form a massive sphere of glowing orange energy in its mouth. "You really need to learn to stay down, Ashton!" Lance pointed out at Aurora and shouted, "FIRE!!!" A truly unimaginable Hyper Beam was fired, illuminating the area. Aurora noticed and used Agility to add some more speed. But when the Hyper Beam missed her and disappeared under the surface, a colossal explosion blew her right out of the water!

"Lord Ashton! Ruby! Just hold on!" Aurora called as she fell back towards the sea. She made sure that she was still upright as she struck the water, sliding over it like ice. But before she could lose enough momentum to sink, she sprinted towards Celestica. "Well done, Aurora! And we're almost in the fog." Ashton applauded as they disappeared into the cloud. Lance groaned in disbelief as the Dragonite wheezed in exhaustion, bushed from the Hyper Beam. "I guess it just doesn't matter how powerful a Pokemon is. Hyper Beam always leaves them tired. Fine, take a moment to rest and continue south when you are able to." Lance ordered.

Ashton breathed a sigh of relief as the four of them proceeded through the fog. "I can't even see the water. This fog is too thick." Ruby complained. Aurora replied, "We'll be fine. Being something of a canine Pokemon, I have a greater than average sense of smell and hearing. I'll know when we get close." Several more minutes passed as the Suicune ran upon the waves. Suddenly, her three passengers felt her leap into the air. "Lady Aurora, what happened?!" Ruby cried as she clutched Ashton tightly. A second later, Ruby felt Aurora land, except now it felt as if they were not moving. "You can get off now. We've reached land."

Ashton hopped off of Aurora and looked around. The fog was thinner there and the harbor could be seen all around them. Being past midnight, no one was around. Or so it seemed. "You there! Where'd you come from?!" Ashton turned to face the direction of the voice and saw a flame in the fog. Soon a soldier with a torch and spear came into view. Ashton spoke up, "At ease, soldier. I am Ashton of Green Mile."

When the soldier heard Ashton's name, he gasped, "Ashton?! The Vulcan Warrior?! Please forgive my rudeness, sir!" He froze and stood at attention. "Now now, there's no need to be so formal. Besides, we're in a bit of a crisis here." The soldier heard and asked, "Crisis? Whatever do you mean?" Ruby shouted, "We're in trouble! There's a..." Ashton set his hand on her shoulder, "I'll handle this. I doubt he would listen to you anyway."

Ashton then asked, "Do you know of the rumors about the sea monster that resides just off the coast of the Demon's Cape?" The soldier laughed, "Surely you jest. There's not a soul in this town who has not heard of it!" Ashton then spoke, "Well it's on its way here right now. And it intends to massacre everyone here." The soldier's face turned pale. " are certain?!" Ashton then pointed to the cut on the right side of his face, "It did this to me. And I'm not certain of how long it will be before it arrives. You need to evacuate the city before it gets here."

The soldier nodded, "Yes, at once! And Godspeed to you, Sir Ashton!" With that, the soldier turned and ran down the closest street. Before long, Ashton could hear shouting in the distance, "Sound the alarm, lads! We've got a big one coming! Women and children first! Evacuate to the south!" Ruby then asked, "Do you think they have enough time?" Ashton sighed and turned to face the ocean, "I can't say. The rest is up to the soldiers and guards that are stationed here." Dimitri then straightened up until his face was right next to Ashton's. A gentle hum came from his throat. Ashton shook his head and caressed his face, "No, not you. Dimitri, please head to the west. In the Viridian Forest is a cottage that is inhabited by a Gardevoir named Starlet and a Gallade named Siegfried. Let them know that I sent you and they should allow you to stay." The Dragonair began to shed tears as he anticipated what Ashton was about to tell him.

Ashton sighed, "I can't tell you what to do once you get there. Just stay as long as you want until you know what you want to do. My parents should be more than willing to allow you to stay." Dimitri then nuzzled mournfully against Ashton, who then embraced him while shedding tears himself. "We may not meet again. I am doubtful that I will survive this ordeal. So should this be our final goodbye....." Ashton then whispered into his friend's ear, "You are my best friend. Farewell." Ashton then let go of Dimitri, who then spread his feathered ears and took to the air. The two friends gave each other a final nod of approval before the Dragonair flew west.

Aurora asked, "My lord, whatever did you mean that you are doubtful of surviving this ordeal?" Ashton looked at her and sighed, "Dragonite are known to be some of the most powerful Pokemon alive. And this one is a real beast of a dragon. I am somewhat doubtful that I, a mere human, can possibly stand against such a force. The Black Wing sure went out of their way to acquire the service of such a creature." Aurora cried, "Absolutely not! I will not allow you to leave us!" Ashton jumped slightly, but asked, "Why do you feel so strongly for me? Surely your own survival should be at the top of your priorities right now."

Aurora took a deep breath as she gathered her courage. (If he is so certain this will be his final hour, then I must tell him.) Aurora then spoke, "Lord Ashton, I must tell you something. Something I have been hiding for many months." Ashton looked a bit surprised and said, "Well, what is it?" Aurora's face began to turn red under her fur. Suddenly, she shouted, "I LOVE YOU!!!" Ashton staggered back from this outburst and said, "What?! Truly?!" Aurora nodded tearfully. Ashton stood transfixed for a moment before grinning while scratching his head, "I...see. Well, if you're so attached to me, I'd best be certain to survive this duel." As Ashton turned and walked to the edge of the closest pier, Aurora groaned, "How can you be so naïve? Will you ever understand? Still, I suppose that's one of the reasons why I fell in love with him."

An hour passed as the three companions waited. Ashton had grown quite drowsy and began to lean on the Flamberge to remain standing. "Could it be that he had a change of heart? I suppose that's still wishful thinking. Perhaps that Hyper Beam tuckered the poor fellow out more than I thought." Ashton said with a yawn. " better not be trying to make me fall asleep so I can't repel your attack." A moment later, Ruby came over to him and asked, "Lord Ashton, does it feel like the ground is shaking?" The viscount lazily looked around, but could not feel any tremors, even through his steel leg armor. "Are you sure you're not imagining things?" Ruby scratched her head, "Guess so. Maybe it was just those dull booms I was hearing."

Ashton looked back out to sea, but suddenly looked back at Ruby with a panicked expression. "You say you heard what sounded like booms?" The Lucario nodded. Ashton pointed to the stone pier they were standing on, "Press your ear against the floor and tell me what you hear." Ruby did as she was told and held an ear to the stone. "I hear booms of some sort. They happen every few seconds, and they keep getting a little louder with each one." Ashton turned back towards the sea and saw a towering silhouette within the fog. "IT'S HERE!!!"

Aurora took a few steps back, clearly intimidated by the sheer size of the creature that now stood in the harbor. A voice called out, "Now, my faithful servant! Aim for the center of the city!" An orange glow began to illuminate the harbor as the Dragonite began to ready a Hyper Beam. Ashton shuddered, "If that hits the center..... No, there's no way that the entire population could have evacuated by now. The city will be demolished!" Ashton took the Flamberge in hand and screamed, "Forgive me!" He then leapt at the Dragonite and plunged the massive blade into its belly.

A groan was emitted from the Dragonite as it reached down. "Strange. I thought it would be in more pain than this." Ashton muttered, unaware of the creatures' claws reaching for him. "Hm?! Darn it!" Ashton yelled as the Dragonite grabbed him from behind and raised him into the air, pulling out the Flamberge in the process. It then tossed Ashton towards the ground.

"My lord! Hold on!" Aurora screamed as she used Gust to slow Ashton's fall. As he landed on his feet, Ashton spoke, "That was close. Many thanks." At that moment, Lance called out, "Ashton! Why do you hesitate?! Are you afraid of causing fatal injury to a Pokemon?! Is that why you are allowing it the time it needs to destroy this city?!" Ashton looked up at the hulking dragon and saw that even while dealing with him a moment ago; it still was gathering energy for a Hyper Beam. "This creature's pain tolerance is almost godlike. I'm starting to wonder if it is truly immortal."

Lance looked down at Aurora and noticed a glow of many colors radiating off the crystal on her head. "An Aurora Beam? Clever, but too late!" As soon as Lance pointed at Aurora, the massive Dragonite unleashed its Hyper Beam prematurely! "No, Aurora!" Ashton screamed, but it was too late. The blast hit home and Aurora was sent flying into the wall of a nearby inn, creating a sizable impact crater in the wall. She fell to the ground, unconscious and gravely wounded.

"Lady Aurora! No!" Ruby screamed as she ran over to her superior. As she cradled the Suicune's face, Ruby breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank goodness. Her aura is still strong. She'll be fine." She then looked over to Ashton and called, "Lady Aurora is unconscious, but I think she will be fine!" The viscount sighed, "Thank God." But just as he looked back at the sea, he noticed one of the Dragonite's massive arms coming down on him! "Shoot!" Ashton leapt back like before at the lighthouse, narrowly evading a direct hit. "I can't fight from a distance, and I'm fairly certain that my Ninja Arts will be of little aid. Maybe from the rooftops....." Ashton then placed the Flamberge on his back and focused his life strength into his legs. "Come on!" With a mighty leap, Ashton reached the roof of a nearby barracks for soldiers and weapons.

"Fighting from the rooftops, are you?! You must be getting desperate!" Lance mocked as he watched from his perch on the Dragonite's head. As Ashton looked around the roof, he spotted some wooden bolts and a crossbow resting next to the stairs that led below into the barracks. "Just what I needed." Ashton ran over to the crossbow and grabbed a bolt. Taking the crossbow in hand, Ashton placed the bolt at the front of the weapon. He then pulled back, stretching the bowstring until it was locked in place. Fully armed, Ashton faced the sea and took aim. "If I take out the one who is in control..." Ashton then set the bolt flying with a pull of the trigger. But before the shot could reach Lance, the Dragonite blocked the bolt with its arm. The creature's scales seemed to be quite durable as Ashton could see the bolt fall into the sea below in the moonlight.

Ashton quickly reloaded the crossbow and fired again at Lance, who was again defended by the Dragonite. Ashton fired several more bolts before Lance shouted, "You're only wasting your ammunition! If you want to get to me, then you will have to slay my servant first!" Ashton groaned in disgust as he reloaded the crossbow again. With his mind in a struggle, he took aim at the Dragonite and set him aim on its glowing eyes. (I can't..... I could never forgive myself for robbing such a majestic creature of his sight..... Even if it means risking the kingdom...)

A tense moment passed as both sides did nothing, waiting for Ashton to decide. Before long, Ashton lowered the crossbow and cried, "I can't do it..... I just can't do it." To Lance's surprise, Ashton dropped the crossbow. To top that off, he then grabbed the hilt of the Flamberge and threw his weapon over the side of the roof behind him. A rustling sound was heard as it landed in a Rapidash-drawn cart on the street that was filled with hay.

Ashton held his arms outwards from his sides, as if awaiting an embrace. "Please, noble guardian of the sea! I beseech you; do not continue this assault on my home! The humans of this kingdom can change! I will not attempt to harm you further! So please...cease this destruction!!!" Lance simply laughed, "Such a fool. Do you honestly think that this beast will listen to a simpleton like you?!" He then pointed at Ashton, "Do away with this eyesore! We have wasted too much time on him already." As instructed, the Dragonite raised its right arm above them. Ashton whispered, "You don't have to do this..... more." He then closed his eyes as the arm began to descend.

There was a massive crash as the entire barracks was crushed beneath the unparalleled strength of the colossal Dragonite. Ruby looked on in utter horror as the barracks was leveled in a cloud of dust and smoke. "No.....NOOOO!!!" The young Lucario screamed in tears as she left Aurora's side and ran towards the remains of Ashton's tomb. "No, don't die! Please don't leave me!" Ruby wept as she sifted through the debris, praying for her master.

"Huh?" Ruby gasped as a hand was revealed after she removed a large chunk of stone. "I'm close..." Ruby then began to focus on a smaller area. Soon she fully uncovered Ashton, who was bleeding from many wounds all over his body, his armor fractured. "Ruby..." Ashton gasped, blood oozing from his lips. "No...please hold on. I don't want to lose you, my lord." Ashton slowly brought a hand to her cheek and smiled, "Leave must take Aurora and flee. Warn the queen of this tragedy and leave this nation. Please..." Ashton let out a heavy breath as he closed his eyes.

"Lord Ashton...? Lord Ashton! Please speak to me!!!" Ruby pleaded as she shook his body, completely forgetting to sense his aura. After a moment, Ruby fell silent. " can't....." Tears fell from her face as she clutched her chest. Lance saw what Ruby was doing and said, "When one entreats the impossible while staring into the face of his demise, the end is decided." He then called out, "Don't waste your time on him! Ashton was a fool from the beginning! So naïve, it was almost sickening! Never able to see the truth!"

Ruby heard Lance's words and shuddered. "He wasn't the only one who didn't see the truth right away." The Lucario slowly climbed to her feet as her aura became visible, billowing with previously unknown power. "I thought for the longest time that I simply liked him. Simply wanted to serve and have him in my life." She clenched her fists, "What a fool I blind I was to how I really felt....." She then looked up at Lance and screamed, "I LOVED HIM, AND YOU TOOK HIM AWAY FROM ME!!!" Lance sounded like he was going to pass out from laughing after this. "Oh please, why fall in love with someone who cannot fall in love with you?! But if you miss him so terribly, I can help you see him again!" He then shouted, "Now, send this poor girl to join her sweetheart!"

The Dragonite sent its arm towards Ruby in the form of a punch. "I'll make you pay for this!" Ruby screamed as she used Force Palm on the hand, sending a shockwave right up into the body while stopping the attack entirely. The Dragonite groaned in discomfort as a mild case of paralysis set in. "Shake it off! You're the most powerful being alive! Finish her already!" Lance commanded as his patience ran thin. Ruby then began to gather her aura into a gap in-between her hands. "Oh man... DON'T JUST STAND THERE! STOP HER!"

The Dragonite gathered as much energy as it could before Ruby fired an Aura Sphere at its head! But the Dragonite countered with a Hyper Beam and the two blasts collided, pushing back and forth in a battle of sheer force. Even though the Hyper Beam was severely underpowered compared to a fully charged blast, it was still bearing down on Ruby as she tried to find the strength she needed to avenge the man she loved.

Just when it seemed she was about to be overcome by her opponent, Ruby screamed, "DIIIEEE!!!" With that, her aura surged like a blue flame! The Aura Sphere cut right through the Hyper Beam and blasted the Dragonite square in the face. Clearly dazed, the poor creature stumbled forward a bit and suddenly staggered backwards. But the sudden change in momentum caused Lance to topple forward off his slave's head, plummeting to the ground below. But before he even had the chance to reach 50 feet from the ground, Lance saw Ruby leap up to his right. "Wha...what's that?!" He gasped as he saw a sphere of red energy being formed in-between her hands. As time seemed to stand still, Ruby yelled, "THIS IS FOR ASHTON!!!" Consumed with rage and sorrow, Ruby unleashed a massive Focus Blast at pointblank, sending a screaming Lance over the horizon to the east until he was out of sight.

When she fell back to the ground, Ruby walked over to the ruins of the barracks and kneeled before Ashton. "I'm so sorry. I should have been more aware of my feelings." Tears began to cascade down her muzzle as Ruby sobbed, "I was such a fool for not being aware of how I really felt... Now I'll never have the chance to tell you..." Ruby fell onto Ashton's chest and broke down, crying her eyes out.

"Tell me what?" Ruby froze as a voice spoke up. Actually, it was more of a whisper. "What did you...want to tell me?" Ruby looked up at Ashton's face and stared at him. "Why are you looking at me like that?" Ruby remained silent for a moment, but then cried, "Lord Ashton!" She leapt forward and threw her arms around his neck as she sobbed. "I thought I lost you forever!" Her master patted her on the back, "Nonsense. I would never leave you while you girls still needed me."

A voice groaned, "Lord Ashton, what happened to you? Did I miss something?" Ashton and Ruby looked over and saw Aurora staring at them. "Oh, I just took a beating. Nothing more." Aurora giggled, "But you seem to be fine, even if you did take some nasty blows." That's when it hit him. "Right! What happened after I passed out?! Where is...OW!" Ashton yelped as he felt the sting of his wounds. Ruby replied, "Actually.....I took care of him."

Both Aurora and Ashton stared at Ruby and asked, "WHAT?! REALLY?!" Ruby blushed, "I was just so angry that you two had been hurt, and I kind of lost it. He's dead. I know he is." Ashton smiled, "I always knew that you were a little jewel that had not yet found her luster. I told you that you were not worthless and I was right." Ruby giggled, remembering when he said those words on the ship where he had chosen her over a pack of normal Lucario. Aurora added, "You really have become a beautiful and strong jewel, just like a ruby. You had to be in order to bring down the Black Wing's leader." Just then, an almost sorrowful whimper was heard, much like the cry of a whale.

Ashton, Aurora, and Ruby looked up and saw the Dragonite staring down at them, its body still covered in blackness. "Are you hurt? I hope that cut didn't go too deep." Ashton asked, remembering the wound he made when he stabbed the poor creature with the Flamberge. The Dragonite then gently reached down to Ashton and touched his face with a claw. Ashton sighed, "I'll be fine. And I'm not angry at you. I'm certain that scum was manipulating you somehow. But please, do not continue to haunt this city. Please just continue living peacefully." The Dragonite gave Ashton a gentle cry that seemed to say "Thanks" and turned towards the open sea. Soon he disappeared into the morning fog.

Aurora yawned, "The sun will be rising soon. Shall we head home?" Ashton nodded, "Yes. I could use a bath myself. But first, could you please fetch the Flamberge for me, Ruby? I think it fell into a cart filled with hay behind us." Ruby nodded, "OK. I'll just be a second." She bounded over the rubble and found the Flamberge lying in exactly what Ashton said it was. Carrying it over her head, Ruby brought it back over to Ashton. "Many thanks." With some effort, Ashton climbed to his feet and placed the Flamberge on his back.

"Steady now. Don't push yourself." Aurora instructed as Ashton tenderly climbed onto her back. Once he was onboard, Ruby climbed on as well. "Let's get home. I'm sure the girls will be quite pleased to see us together." Ashton wheezed. Aurora nodded and took off to the southeast, a northern wind blowing in her wake. As Ruby held on to Ashton's back, she thought to herself, (Lady Laika said that I shouldn't love Ashton. But I can't help it. I really do love him. But how will I tell him without risking my life in the process?) Ruby sighed as Ashton complained of how expensive his armor was and how much trouble it was going to be to replace it.

"That wretch..... To think that such a little Lucario could contain such power..." Lance groaned as he crawled through the forest to the east of Celestica. The sun had not yet risen and it was still very dark. "It's not over yet... As long as I still live, the Black Wing will never fall. I will rest and tend to my wounds and once again enslave that beast. And I'll be sure to dispose of that little wretch first!"

Lance panted in exhaustion as he rested against the base of a tree. "My whole body aches... What the devil did she blast me with?" Lance began to drift off to sleep, but a sound caught his ears. He listened closely and heard what sounded like metal leg armor clanking with each step. And it seemed to be getting closer. "Is it my men? Have they come to find me?"

Lance remained silent as the steps drew closer. Soon, he could barely make out the silhouette of what seemed to be a hulking man standing before him. "Who are you?" Just then, Lance felt a massive hand grab him by the throat and raise him until his feet were no longer touching the ground. What was more, the hand that was holding him felt severely grotesque, like it was not even human.

A dark mocking voice spoke, "You will be the first to experience my new method of restoring my power." Lance was puzzled by what this creature just said, but when his eyes trailed downwards he saw what seemed to be an eye embedded into the side of a long object that was being held in the creature's left hand. That's when it came to him. " can't be...!"

As Lance screamed his final breath, an ancient voice whispered, "Your soul is only the beginning. And with this new method, my restoration is all but guaranteed." As the creature left the lifeless husk of what used to be Sir Lance behind, it muttered, "I will show this world the greatest nightmare."
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