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Forbidden Love by XD385


Story Notes:

This may become a bit of a Naruto crossover, but no characters from the series will appear, this I promise.

Arts of the East

Ashton stood on the balcony at the top floor of the Akatsuki Inn just as the sun was about to rise over the horizon. Along with him were his eight servants. "They say that this is called the Akatsuki Inn because of the view its visitors can get of the sunrise. Let's find out if it's true." Ashton said with a yawn as he had gotten himself up early just to see it. And then it happened. The first rays of sunlight shone over the land as the sun rose over the horizon, its golden rays warming the earth. Chiara sighed, "They weren't joking about the sunrise looking spectacular from here. There's absolutely nothing obstructing our view. And the view is so wide. It's like the sunlight is steadily falling over the landscape like an ocean wave." Zandria then stretched, "Yeah, what a great way to start off our first morning here. Well, time for breakfast! Can't wait to see what they serve at these hours!"

A short while later, everyone went their own ways as they continued to explore this new land. Zandria made her way to the nearest restaurant she could find. She took a seat, or rather kneel, at the first empty table she found. She then waved for a waitress to approach her. The waitress was clothed in a quaint white kimono. She then asked something in her native language. Zandria frowned, "Sorry, could you try using English?" The waitress nodded, "Yes. I apologize. Is there anything I can help you with?" Zandria nodded, "Yes. I'd like to try your most popular dish." The waitress then handed the Zangoose a menu that was written into a scroll. Zandria first saw the items written in an unreadable language, and then found English translations. "There's more than one?" The waitress nodded, "All of our items are very popular." Zandria then nodded, "OK. Guess I'll have one of everything." The waitress gasped, "One of everything?!" Zandria smirked, "Don't worry, I can afford it. And I can eat a lot. I work around food all the time." The waitress nodded, "I see. I will bring your order out when it is ready." The waitress then took the menu with her to the far end of the restaurant.

Zandria waited for a few minutes and saw the waitress return with a small bowl of soup. "What's this?" The waitress smiled, "Miso soup. It's an appetizer." The milky soup contained sliced mushrooms, green onions, seaweed, and clumps of tofu. Zandria's mouth began to water, "It smells scrumptious. Do I need chopsticks for this?" The waitress shook her head and handed the Zangoose a soupspoon, "No. You may drink the soup from the bowl or use this." Zandria took the spoon in hand, "Gulping from the bowl is bad table manners in my book. You only drink from the bowl if there's nothing solid left." She then scooped up some soup and some tofu and tasted it. Her face went blank with delight as the soup slid down her throat. "Absolutely delightful. The cuisine of this land is beyond anything I've ever tasted before."

After enjoying three more bowls of miso soup, Zandria noticed the waitress carrying a large round platter towards her. When she set it down on the table, Zandria's eyes went wide at the sight of about 100 pieces of sushi. "That's everything on the menu?! What is this?!" The waitress giggled, "Sushi." Zandria's ears perked up, "Ashton mentioned something about sushi before. The main ingredient is fish, isn't it?" The waitress nodded, "Yes. Many different fish are used with sushi. Eel, octopus, shrimp, tuna, crab, mackerel, and many others." Zandria grinned, "Judging by the way these are shaped, chopsticks are best suited for the task." She then noticed a small clump of green paste. "Green? Must be avocado." Grabbing the entire clump between her fingers, Zandria placed the whole thing in her mouth, much to the shock of the waitress.

"Hm. That's a unique ta....ah...AH!!!" Zandria's face started to turn red as she gasped for breath. "WATER!!! NEED WATER!!!" The waitress ran back to the end of the restaurant to get some water for Zandria. But the Zangoose soon noticed a small bottle on the table. "Great!" She grabbed the bottle with both hands and held the bottle above as a black fluid fell into her mouth. Zandria gulped the fluid without stopping for about ten seconds. After the bottle had been nearly drained, Zandria set it down and gagged, "Thought I was gonna die... Man, that was terribly spicy! There's no way that could be avocado! But...bleh...that black stuff sure was salty." Just then, the waitress ran back over to Zandria with a glass of water. "Thanks." The Zangoose then drank the water quickly. She then gasped, "Much better. But what the hell was that green stuff?!" The waitress giggled, "It is called wasabi. And as you now know, it is very spicy." Zandria groaned, "I've eaten peppers that aren't as spicy as that stuff! But what about that black stuff in this bottle?" The waitress nodded, "That is soy sauce. Sushi tastes especially good when dipped in it." Zandria smiled, "Nice. Now to find out just how good sushi really is." After pouring the remaining soy sauce into a shallow bowl, she tried out some eel sushi. The unique sauce that had been applied to the eel made it extremely tasty. Zandria then tried out all the other sushi, one by one. "I really need to learn how to make this stuff!"

Elsewhere in the city, Ashton and Laika were inspecting some weapons that had been crafted by a local swordsmith. There were katana, wakizashi, and tanto swords along with spears and daggers. "Anything that catches your eye, sir?" The swordsmith asked. Ashton smiled, "Yes, but I already have my own blade. And it has guaranteed my victory in numerous duels." Ashton and Laika then turned to leave, but a voice called out, "Ashton!" The two turned to face the voice and saw Serenade approaching them. "Serenade, anything I can do for you?" Ashton asked. The Gardevoir replied, "I just want to accompany you." Ashton smiled, "By all means, please." The three then proceeded down the road.

A short while later, Serenade stopped as her innate ability to sense impending danger, a trait shared by all Gardevoir, alerted her to an approaching threat. "Ashton, wait." The viscount turned to face his sister, "Something wrong?" She nodded, "There's some sort of danger approaching." Ashton placed his hand on the hilt of the Flamberge. Laika's ears stood up as she listened carefully for anything out of the ordinary. Just then, she heard someone shouting in the natives' dialect. A moment later, a Tauros turned the corner at the end of the road and charged straight ahead at the viscount.

"Ashton, allow me!" Serenade stood firmly before her brother as her eyes glowed a light blue. But Ashton grabbed her by the shoulder, "Don't be a fool! You know you can't use psychic force on distant targets! Stand aside!" He then stood before his sister and planted the Flamberge's blade into the ground next to him. He then made a few hand signs. "Earth Style." He then grabbed the Flamberge and then thrust it into the ground in front of him. "Terra Shield!" At that instant, a wall of stone rose up before them. A second later, there was a loud crash as the Tauros ran headfirst into it. The wall collapsed, revealing a heavily dazed Tauros lying on the ground. "Poor chap. Tauros are not known to be the brightest Pokémon. Must've been suddenly spooked for him to just run wild like that." He then turned to Serenade, "Well then, shall we be going?" But the Gardevoir seemed very down about something. "I think I will take some time to myself for a while, brother." She then proceeded down the road on her own.

Serenade frowned to herself, (I'm an embarrassment as a Gardevoir. If I can't protect the man I love, how can I even protect myself? I can't even call myself a Psychic Pokémon if I can't use telekinetic force.) After a few minutes of aimless walking, Serenade passed by a large home. She then stopped as she heard what sounded like the voice of a young woman in battle. Fearing that she might be in danger, Serenade quickly made her way to the closest entrance she could find and followed the voice. She soon came to a courtyard, but only saw the girl. There was no one else there.

The young woman seemed to be practicing a type of unarmed combat style. She would frequently extend her hands to strike while sometimes lashing out with kicks. But something puzzled Serenade. The woman did not seem to be using fatal force with her strikes. She could not imagine how a thrust from an open palm could seriously harm an opponent. But once the woman stopped to rest, she turned towards Serenade's location and noticed the Gardevoir peeking out from behind a pillar.

"Who are you? Is there something I can help you with?" The young woman asked. Serenade remained silent. The young woman seemed to be in her late teens. She wore an elegant white robe and had long black hair. But her eyes were very pale, leading Serenade to believe that she was blind. "I said, what are you doing at my home?" Serenade then replied, "You mean you can see me?" The young woman gave Serenade an odd glance, but then giggled, "Oh, you're not from this land, are you? It's my eyes, isn't it? I'm not blind! All members of my clan have eyes like mine! My name is Hanako. I am the heir of the Hyuga Clan."

Serenade then approached Hanako, "Hyuga? Well, my name is Serenade. I come from the kingdom of Rohta." Hanako nodded, "Rohta? I've heard little of that place." Serenade then asked, "What were you doing? It looked like some sort of hand-to-hand combat style. But how do you harm the opponent with an open-palmed thrust?" Hanako smiled, "Well, the thrust itself doesn't do much. It's the burst of Chakra emitted from the hand that really does the damage." Serenade replied, "Chakra? Isn't that a type of spiritual energy? I heard my brother say that all creatures have it." Hanako nodded, "True. This style of hand-to-hand combat is called the Gentle Fist since it never requires striking with a closed fist. Instead of causing harm through blunt trauma, the burst of Chakra places great strain on the muscles and internal organs of the target. And it is impossible for you to strengthen your organs. There's just no way. That's what makes the Gentle Fist so effective."

Serenade pondered Hanako's explanation of the Gentle Fist. She then asked, "Hanako, may I ask you a favor?" The young Hyuga nodded, "Sure. Lay it on me." Serenade then asked, "Teach me how to use the Gentle Fist." Hanako gave Serenade an odd stare, "Why? Being a Gardevoir, you should be able to defend yourself with your mind...wait. Something's missing." Hanako began to circle the Gardevoir. "Where's that red object? And what about the one on your chest?" Hanako then stood before Serenade before gently moving her breasts aside. "Strange... Not here either?" But Serenade backed away and crossed her arms over her chest, "What's wrong with you?! Don't touch me there!" Hanako laughed, "Sorry! Just had to be sure! But I really wish I had breasts like yours! But seriously, you don't have those two red things?" Serenade nodded, "Yes. I was born without them. As a result, I can't exert psychic force on anything that is more than just a few feet from me. That is why I want to learn the Gentle Fist. I want to be able to protect myself and others."

Hanako frowned, "Well, you would not be able to truly master the Gentle Fist without the Byakugan." Serenade asked, "Byakugan?" Hanako replied, "It means 'White Eye' in our language." At that moment, Hanako's eyes became more aggressive and veins around her eyes began to bulge under the skin. "This is the Byakugan. When active, we Hyuga can see the Chakra circulatory system of an opponent. It's much like the body's circulatory system for blood. And the Gentle Fist can disrupt that flow of Chakra, creating quite a bit of trouble for our opponent depending on where we strike." Hanako's eyes then returned to normal. Serenade then sighed, "I see. And this 'Byakugan' is something only the Hyuga Clan has access to?" Hanako nodded, "Yes. It is a Kekkei Genkai, meaning 'Bloodline Trait'. It's not something that can be taught to anyone. You literally have to be born with the ability." But Hanako then smiled, "Still, the Gentle Fist does not require a lot of muscle to use. The idea of a Gardevoir using it really intrigues me! I'll teach you what I can. OK?" Serenade grinned happily and bowed, "Thank you, Miss Hanako." But Hanako replied, "Just call me Hanako. I'm still in training myself."

At the other side of the Hyuga complex, Hanako and Serenade set up a large straw training dummy. "Just what exactly am I supposed to do?" Serenade asked, having never seen a training dummy like this before. Hanako replied, "Just try out the Gentle Fist. Gather your Chakra into your palm and release it as your hand strikes the target. I'll watch to make sure your Chakra is properly channeled." Her eyes then changed as the Byakugan activated. "OK. I'll try my best." Serenade then raised her right hand and pulled her arm back. She then tried to focus her strength into her palm. When she felt ready, the Gardevoir gave a hard thrust into the dummy.

Serenade stood still as she rested her palm against the dummy. "Did I do it right?" Hanako frowned, "Nothing. I saw no Chakra at all." Serenade tried again. And again. And yet again. But no matter how many times she tried, she could not utilize her Chakra at all. Hanako sighed, "Maybe you're not cut out for it. Even I'm not entirely sure of how to explain how to focus Chakra into a single point." Serenade then looked at her hands. (I can only focus my psychic power onto objects that are near me. What if...) She then reached her palm back. "Let me try one more time." With that, she slammed her palm into the dummy. At that instant, there was a sudden burst of wind as the dummy went flying backwards and exploded into a pile of straw as it impacted the wall at the end of the training grounds.

Serenade jumped in joy, "I did it! I used the Gentle Fist! Hanako, did you see... Hanako?" The young Hyuga simply stood there with her mouth hanging open. "What the heck...was THAT?! I didn't see any Chakra, and yet you obliterated that thing!" Serenade then asked, "So that was not the Gentle Fist?" Hanako shook her head, "No, but it just might be even better. Tell me, what did you do when you struck that dummy?" Serenade replied, "Well, I focused psychic force into the space in front of my palm and slammed it into the dummy." Hanako smiled, "Genius. Pure genius. While your psychic powers may have limited range, they can strike with greater intensity in the range they can reach than at long distance. It's even better than the Gentle Fist. It's a.....a Psychic Fist!" Serenade giggled, "So this style is my own? Maybe I can go farther."

A short while later, Serenade stood at the center of the training grounds. Hanako stood a good distance away with several pouches of shuriken at her disposal. "OK, here it comes!" She then began to throw a steady stream of shuriken at Serenade. But the Gardevoir smiled as she projected her psychic power around herself. The shuriken fell to the ground as they struck the barrier that Serenade had set up. Not one of them could get through. "OK, next test!" Hanako then threw a kunai dagger at Serenade. But the Gardevoir extended her open hand and held the kunai in place just an inch from her hand with psychic force. She then redirected it towards another training dummy and sent it flying, striking the dummy in the head. After she repeated the process a few times, Serenade then tried an offensive move. Her eyes glowed as a chunk of the ground in front of her floated up in front of her face. She then struck it with her palm, breaking the chunk of earth into multiple pieces and sending them flying into more training dummies at high velocity. When each piece of earth struck the heads of the dummies, they were swiftly decapitated.

Hanako applauded her student, "Wow, you really are a unique specimen." Serenade bowed, "Thank you. I think I can finally protect those who are dear to me now. And I have you to thank, Hanako." But the Hyuga replied, "No, I did almost nothing to train you. You came up with a new style virtually on your own. And it's a style that is yours alone. I'm sure there's not a Pokémon alive that can match you now." Serenade giggled, "Even so, you gave me the idea of using close combat instead of distant attacks. Surely there must be some way for me to repay you." Hanako smirked, "If you insist. How about you give me some tips on how to make my breasts larger? There aren't many women in this land who are as well-endowed as you." Serenade blushed, "I'll see what I can do."

Elsewhere, Zandria let out a belch as she staggered out of the sushi restaurant. "Whoa..... Sushi really fills you up. Can't believe I ate all of that sushi in one go. But man, that was delicious." But as she was about to pass a home, she saw a woman emerge from it who seemed to be hiding something as she ducked into an alley while frequently checking if anyone was following her. Zandria raised an eyebrow, "Something's up." She then carefully followed her, suspecting that she might be a thief.

Zandria carefully pursued the woman as she made her way to the edge of the town. Zandria hoped that the woman would not lead her too far as she feared she would not be able to find her way back. Fortunately, the woman stopped not far from the path that led back into town. After making sure no one was around, the woman became shrouded in a blinding light. Zandria looked on in awe at what she was seeing. But her jaw dropped when the light faded. Standing before her was a fox. But while it closely resembled a Ninetales, the fox had an almost ethereal presence. Her nine tails were indeed real as they waved in the air.

"Wow, what are you?" Zandria asked as she stepped out from behind a tree. The fox gasped and turned to face her pursuer. Zandria threw up her hands, "I'm not here to harm you. I just thought you looked suspicious, so I tailed you." The fox still backed away with panic in her eyes. Zandria smiled, "But really, you can turn into a human? I really wish I could do that." The fox gave Zandria a surprised stare. She then relaxed, "You do?" Zandria nodded, "You bet! But what exactly are you? You kinda look like a Ninetales, but not quite." The fox nodded, "Yes. I am not a Pokémon at all. I am what is known as a kitsune."

Zandria cocked her head to one side, "Kitsune?" The kitsune nodded, "Yes. We are a type of spirit fox. The number of tails we have reflects our age, wisdom, and power." Zandria then asked, "Tails? You have nine. What does that amount to?" The kitsune replied, "Nine tails is the maximum." Zandria grinned, "Whoa. You must be ancient. No offense." The kitsune nodded, "None taken."

Zandria then asked, "Wait... You can become a human, right? Could you show me how to?" The kitsune gave Zandria an odd look, "Why? What do you wish to gain?" Zandria blushed, "The love of my master." The kitsune gasped, "Your...master?" The Zangoose sighed, "My master is a wonderful man. He saved me from a life as a breeder in my homeland. I want to repay him. I want to show him my love. But he is somewhat naïve. The only way I can get my point across is to become the same as him."

The kitsune sighed, "I know that feeling. My husband is also a true pleasure to be around. I have already bore him three children. But I can only be with him as a human. The price of someone discovering my true form would bring him great shame, I believe." The kitsune then smiled, "I can't ignore a maiden in love. I will teach you." Zandria smiled brightly, "I owe you What's your name again?" The kitsune smiled, "Asami. It means 'morning beauty'."

After leading Zandria further away from the town to reduce the risk of them being spotted, Asami sat before the Zangoose. "Since you are not a kitsune, the method you will use to change forms will differ from mine. Are you ready?" Zandria nodded, "I was born ready!" Asami giggled, "So I see. Now then, form your hands into a certain sign." Zandria was a bit puzzled and tried holding her fingers together while bending some of them. "How's this?" Asami nodded, "Yes, the Tiger hand sign. That will do. Now then, close your eyes. And focus. Visualize the body you desire. The form your master will crave." Zandria listened to her instructor and focused. "Perfect curves. Bountiful breasts. A pretty face. Yes! I see it!" Zandria focused harder to make out greater detail of her form. "That's it! That's the one!" All of a sudden, the Zangoose was engulfed in a plume of smoke.

As the smoke began to clear, Asami asked, "So, did you get what you want...wa....." Asami froze at the sight of Zandria's new form. In a voice that was sultrier than usual, Zandria spoke, "Tell me, how do I look?" But the kitsune was still frozen with shock. Zandria smirked, (If she's that stunned, I must've gotten it right!) In a quick puff of smoke, Zandria reverted to her true form. "Thanks again, Asami! Ashton should be begging for me tonight!" The Zangoose then ran back to town. But by the time the kitsune had come to her senses, Zandria was gone. "Oh no, I hope she takes a good look at herself before trying that. She only got it half right."

That night, Zandria waited in Ashton's room at the Akatsuki Inn as he enjoyed a dip in the hot spring. She grew excited as she heard footsteps approach. "Just you wait, Ashton. I'll be the one who claims your virginity." Soon, the door slid open as Ashton and Laika entered. "Hm? Zandria?" Ashton noticed the Zangoose kneeling at the table at the center of the room. "Ashton, there's something I'd like to do for you in private." Ashton nodded, "I see. Laika, would you mind leaving us for a time?" Laika silently nodded and left the room as Ashton closed the door; accidentally leaving it open a bit.

Ashton, still draped in a cotton robe, asked, "Now then, what is it that you wanted to do for me?" Zandria smirked and stood up. "You've done so much for me over the past few years. I just want to return the favor." She then stood before Ashton and made the same hand sign as earlier. A second later, a plume of smoke erupted around her. "What is this? Some sort of new trick?" But when the smoke began to clear, Ashton stared aghast at what stood before him. "So, shall we begin?"

Ashton stood transfixed for a moment before an explosive nosebleed sent him falling backwards onto his bed. Zandria giggled, "That hot, am I?" She then walked over to him and reached for his face, "Let me get that blood off your..... HUH?!" Zandria gasped at the sight of her hand. "Why do I still have fur?!" Zandria then frantically dashed over to a small hand mirror and looked herself over. Although she had indeed taken on the beautiful form she had envisioned, she was still a Zangoose. An anthro Zangoose. She had slender legs and a perfect hourglass body. Her breasts were a very generous size and her face was more feminine than ever before.

"No..... OH NO!!! Where did I go wrong?!" Zandria screamed in disgust at her body. Ashton then stood up and walked over to Zandria while wiping the blood from his nose. "Zandria, what did you...?" But the distraught Zangoose covered her face, "Don't look at me! I'm hideous!" But Ashton grabbed her hand and pulled her close to him. "Hideous? Whatever do you mean?" Zandria then looked up into his dark eyes, "Are you saying I'm not ugly to you?" Ashton then surprised her with a blush, "To be honest, you are far more beautiful than any human girl I have ever laid eyes on."

Zandria could not believe what she had heard. Even though she did not look human, Ashton still found her to be beautiful. Even more beautiful than his own kind. Ashton then asked, "Now then, what did you want with me?" Zandria then got a very amorous gleam in her eyes. She tenderly stroked his face with her gentle hand, "I want to repay you for everything you've done for me. I want to please you. To pleasure you." Ashton backed away with a nervous look in his eyes, but Zandria smiled, "Don't worry. I'll do all the work. Now, undress."

Ashton began to sweat profusely, "Zandria... Are you...?" The anthro Zangoose slowly swaggered towards him, her arousal growing. Ashton pleaded, "Zandria! If the people back home learn of this, there will be nothing I can do to protect you!" But Zandria tenderly embraced him and purred, "I'm not going to do anything like that. I just want to pleasure you. Nothing more." She then pulled open the upper section of his robe and pressed her large furry breasts against his bare chest. Ashton shuddered at the feel of Zandria's chest. "Feels nice, doesn't it?" Ashton then set his hands on her breasts and gently squeezed them. Zandria moaned, "Oh god, yes... I've always wanted that..." After a minute more of Ashton massaging her breasts, Zandria gave in and pressed into a very wet kiss with her master. Ashton was at first shocked, but quickly began to enjoy it. Once they broke the kiss, Zandria whispered, "Let's begin."

Ashton removed his robe and relaxed onto the bed. Zandria looked down at the male equipment she had tried to see the previous night. (It's every bit as succulent as I imagined!) She then got down on all fours and tender caressed his testicles with one hand while she drank in his mush through her nostrils. The scent was intoxicating as Zandria's womanhood began to drip as if she was in heat. She then began to gently lick his member, prompting a loud groan from Ashton. "Ah! Zandria... This...amazing!" Zandria continued to lick his member until it stood straight up, begging for release.

Ashton panted, "That's all?" He then saw Zandria get on her knees and positioned herself above him. With one hand, she held open her lips as she lowered herself just above his member. Ashton gasped, "Zandria, not this! What if you become..." But Zandria smiled, "I know what I'm doing. Just relax and enjoy this, my lord." She then dropped herself onto Ashton's member, causing him to groan loudly. "This is... I can't even find the right words!" Zandria then began to raise and lower herself onto Ashton's member. "I'll make you feel pleasure the likes of which you've never experienced!" Zandria panted as she claimed her master.

Cassandra passed by Ashton's room, but stopped as she heard strange sounds coming from within. "What in the world...?" The Absol then peeked in through the tiny gap between the door and the wall. She then gasped in shock at the sight of her beloved master mating with her rival. "Ashton, harder! Give it your all!" Cassandra could tell that Zandria did not look quite the way she normally did, but Ashton confirmed her identity. "Zandria, your breasts! They keep bouncing against my chest! Love it!" Cassandra could only continue to watch as tears began to fill her eyes. After a few more minutes, Ashton let out a moan as Zandria gasped, "Yes, that's what I want. Yeah, fill me up." Cassandra felt tears trickle down her face as she saw a few trails of sperm ooze down Ashton's member. (I lost him...) Unable to bear the fact any longer, she ran down the hallway and collapsed in her bed, weeping bitterly.

Zandria fell upon Ashton's chest as her focus broke, her body returning to its true form. "So, did you feel pleasure?" The viscount gasped, "Yes. Very much so." He then caressed her head, "Zandria, thank you for making my first time so enjoyable." The Zangoose gave Ashton a sweet kiss on the cheek, "Anything for you, my lord." She then raised herself off of him and went to the door. She flashed Ashton a wink before heading down the hall to her own room. But when she passed Cassandra's room, she stopped at the sound of crying. "That can't be good." She then peeked inside the room to see her rival with her face buried in a pillow, crying hard.

Zandria sighed and walked over to the Absol and sat down, "What's wrong?" The Absol then gave the Zangoose an angered glare, "You stole him from me! How could you seduce him like that?! Now that you are carrying Ashton's child, he will have no choice but to marry you when we return to Rohta!" It was then that Zandria remembered the sperm that had been injected into her womb. "Oh man, I forgot! I gotta hurry!" She looked around for anything that looked like a bowl or bucket. She then found a bowl normally used for holding water when the guests at the inn washed their faces. "This should do." Zandria then placed the bowl on the floor and stood over it. With one hand, she held her lips open and pressed her other hand against her abdomen. "Come on...come on..." After a moment of straining herself, Zandria heard a splattering sound as Ashton's sperm began squirting out of her womb and into the bowl below. The Zangoose breathed a sigh of relief, grateful that she had not become pregnant before Pokémon had been decreed equals in Rohta.

Zandria turned to face Cassandra, "There. No harm done. I'm not having babies yet." But the Absol gave Zandria an odd stare, "How did you do that?" The Zangoose simply shrugged her shoulders. But when she looked back at the bowl of sperm, she had an idea. She dipped her claws into the stuff and took a taste. "Hey, that's not bad at all. A little salty and a bit sweet." But then Cassandra asked, "But how did you change your body like that?! I've never seen a woman with such a beautiful form!" Zandria then gave Cassandra a sly gaze, "Want me to show you how so you can have some fun with Ashton?" The Absol gasped, "Yes yes oh YES!!!"

A short while later, Ashton was reading a book he had found in his room. "Kunai daggers were originally digging tools? What will they think of next?" He then read a column about how some shinobi cause their victims to become infected with tetanus by using shuriken that had been allowed to rust while embedded in dung. "Now that is just sick. I hope that's been outlawed by now." Ashton gagged while a little blue in the face.

"Oh Ashton dear, may I enter?" Cassandra's voice spoke from beyond the door. Ashton replied, "Yes, please do." As the Absol entered, Ashton went back to reading his book. But he became suspicious when he heard her lock the door. "Is there something you want to saaaaayyyyyy....gah?!" Ashton looked in absolute shock at Cassandra. "Ashton, I wish to pleasure you as well."

Standing before the viscount was a gorgeous anthro Absol. Like Zandria, she was only able to get the form half right. Her body was slender and without flaw while her breasts were quite robust. Her long silver tail swayed from side to side as it hanged down from her hips. Ashton could feel another nosebleed coming on and pinched his nose shut. "You too?! You want to pleasure me?!"

Cassandra kneeled before Ashton and stripped him of his robe. She tenderly caressed his face, "I have always treasured my time with you. I want to repay your kindness to me." She then began to slowly and softly kiss Ashton on the face while making her way down to his chest. She then noticed his manhood starting to straighten. "So beautiful..." She lowered her head to it and began to lick it. Ashton gasped, "You and Zandria are really good at that." But unlike Zandria, she did not stop. Cassandra continued to suck, even going so far as to deep throat his member. By now, Ashton had become more used to handling an orgasm and when it came he only let out a loud sigh as his sperm burst forth into Cassandra's mouth. She did not swallow until she had sucked him dry. When Cassandra did swallow the load, she let out a murmur of delight at the taste. "So delicious."

Ashton breathed heavily for a moment as he recovered from his orgasm. "First Zandria, and now you. What do you want with me?" Ashton then climbed to his feet, not bothering to wrap himself in the robe. But Cassandra stood up and held out her arms while casting an endearing gaze upon her master. "Cassandra?" The Absol whispered, "Ashton, just for tonight. Take me in your arms. See me not as a Pokémon. Not as a member of your family. But as a woman." She then very slowly approached him and gently laid her hands on his shoulders. "Ashton..." She then slowly closed the gap between their faces. "I have always loved you." She then sealed lips with the boy she had always loved so dearly. Their tongues mingled as they closed their eyes, tightly embracing each other. Once they had broken the kiss, Ashton rested a hand on the back of Cassandra's head and whispered, "Cassandra, stay by my side tonight." Happy like never before, the Absol whispered, "Of course, my lord."

Elsewhere in a deep forest, no more than three dozen shinobi kneeled before their leader. One spoke, "My liege, the preparations are proceeding much more smoothly than we originally expected. At this rate, it should be ready in only two weeks at the least." The mysterious man chuckled, "Very good. And Ashton?" Another shinobi replied, "We are still observing him. He has made no effort in investigating our activities. I do not believe we need to worry about him uncovering our plans."

The leader of the dark cult smiled, "Very well then. Continue as planned." With a quiet nod, the three dozen shinobi vanished in a flurry of leaves. His pale skin illuminated by the faint moonlight, the leader of the cult chuckled, "It's only a matter of time. Before long, our great savior will return to this world." His long black hair blew in the night breeze as his snake-like yellow eyes shimmered in sinister malice.
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