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Forbidden Love by XD385


Story Notes:

This may become a bit of a Naruto crossover, but no characters from the series will appear, this I promise.

Ashton's Romantic Dilemma

"Come on….. I can do this….. NO!" Garyson shouted as Ashton sent his rapier flying out of his hand with a swing of the Flamberge. The viscount then quickly brought the blade to his friend's neck. "Checkmate." Garyson chuckled, "That makes two wins for you. Maybe I'm just out of practice. You have been gone for at least three months, after all." But Ashton replied as he placed the Flamberge on his back, "Don't feel so down. You lasted much longer this time." Garyson snorted, "At least you didn't break my weapon this time." The two old friends had a good laugh as they remembered Garyson's first loss.

"So, same time next month?" Garyson asked. Ashton nodded, "Count on it. Just don't keep me waiting." The two rivals shared a friendly handshake and waved goodbye after Garyson retrieved his weapon. Once he lost sight of Garyson, Ashton turned to face Cassandra, "So, how did your sculpting come along?" The Absol breathed a sigh of exhaustion, "I thought I would never get them back to normal! Those bushes really ran wild while we were gone!" Ashton laughed, "I can imagine!"

Meanwhile, Zandria was making her rounds with the lunch of the day. Her first stop was Ruby's room. "Ruby, got some more food here that'll remind you of home!" When she entered, Zandria found Ruby slipping out of her maid uniform. "Just finish making your rounds for the day?" The Lucario nodded, "Yes. All done for now!" She then took a seat at a small table in her room as Zandria pushed her cart over. "Recognize this?" When she lifted the domed lid, a plume of steam rose up. "Teriyaki Barbeque!" Ruby stared at the delectable chunks of beef and seafood that lined the plate. "The smell is making my mouth water…" Zandria took a deep whiff, "Oh yeah, I owe those folks in the Far East for sharing their recipes with me." But after taking in another breath of the aroma, the Zangoose noticed another scent in the air. "Huh?" Ruby looked over at the Zangoose, "Something wrong?" Zandria replied, "Something smells…..weird…"

Zandria began to sniff the air for the source of the strange odor. "Where's it coming from?" But after a moment, her nose led her over to Ruby. "You?" Zandria began to sniff the Lucario's head while steadily going down her body. When she reached Ruby's waist, she could smell a very strong scent. "Hold still for a second." The Zangoose then grabbed Ruby's legs and held them apart. "Lady Zandria, this is very awkward. Do you really need to do this?" Zandria replied, "I'll be done in a moment." She then pressed her nose against the very center of Ruby's blue pants. The scent was very powerful. It even aroused her a little. Ruby then cried, "Lady Zandria, stop! This doesn't feel right!" Zandria then let go of her and blushed, "Sorry, but I was just being thorough. Anyway, there's a really powerful strong odor coming from your…well…your vagina, to be blunt. Any idea what it might mean?" Ruby blushed slightly, "I haven't told anyone, but I have just gone into heat."

Zandria gave Ruby a sly look, "Ooh, you feeling pretty fertile, huh? Been having naughty thoughts lately?" Ruby giggled, "Stop teasing me, Lady Zandria!" But she then added, "Well, a few. It's hard to think straight sometimes." She then asked, "What about you? When was the last time you were in heat?" But Zandria shook her head, "Never. Zangoose don't have heat cycles. But there are times when we females are more fertile than usual. And I've never seen the other six go into heat. I guess you're the only one of us who does." Ruby shrugged her shoulders, "I suppose I am. Well, I'll just get started on this tasty dish you cooked up." Ruby said as she turned to her meal. Zandria smiled, "I'm sure you'll like it. And if you need anything, me and the other girls will be in the dining room. I cooked so much; I couldn't bring it all to them." She then grabbed her cart and proceeded down the hall.

Ruby sighed in contentment as she savored the savory flavor of her food. "Mmmm. Now this is tasty." She then finished off her meal with a gulp of tea that Zandria had provided. "So good. Definitely reminds me of the Far East." Ruby then fell backwards onto her bed and stared at the ceiling, a tad sleepy from her full belly. Her mind began to wander, drifting across her memories. She remembered the day when Ashton brought her into his home. Then the time he protected her from a few armed thugs. More and more memories drifted back to her. And then, a truly horrific memory that brought her no happiness. The moment just after Ashton had slain the Yamata no Orochi. The moment before he would disappear forever. He would have been gone not just in life, but in death as well.

Ruby suddenly felt a powerful tremor rock her body as she clutched her abdomen. Her uterus began to throb as her heat burned away at her. Ruby groaned with pain as she rolled off the bed and onto the floor. Her womb was demanding satisfaction, something she could not give it on her own. But it was during this moment that something passed through Ruby's mind. "I almost lost him then….. And if I almost lost him then, there's no telling when I'll lose him for good. He might be here today and gone tomorrow!" A moment passed, and Ruby's heat receded. Panting, she climbed to her feet, "No more. I won't live a lie any longer! I don't care if it's a forbidden love! I want him. No, I need him! I need him to know!" She then ran outside her room and shouted, "Ashton!"

Ruby ran down the hall, searching for her master. But she then noticed a delectable aroma. "Wait… Zandria said that she and the others were gathering in the dining room. Could Ashton be there too?" But when Ruby burst into the dining room, she only found the other seven servants staring at her from her noisy entrance. "Where is he?" Ruby shouted. Laura asked, "You mean Ashton? Why? What's bugging you?" Ruby panted, "I need to find Ashton." Chiara then asked, "What for? Is it urgent?" Ruby cried, "Yes! I need to find him and confess my feelings! I can't deny my love for him any longer! I need him!"

Ruby's confession shocked the other seven ladies to their core, causing them to choke on food, drop their utensils, or spew their drink depending on what they were doing at the time. Ruby then turned to the door, "Maybe he's in the master bedroom." But just before she reached the door, it slammed shut as Zandria stood before it with her hand against it. "Lady Zandria?" The Zangoose glared, "Don't you dare touch the man I desire. He is mine and mine alone." But Cassandra shouted, "No! You know I'm the one he wants!" But Laura yelled, "But I live for him! My every thought is about my dear Ashton! I'm the most devoted to him, so I deserve him the most!" But Serenade objected, "Impossible! I have known him my entire life! I am the most suited to be his bride!" Cassandra shouted, "You're out of your mind! You can't marry your own brother!" But the Gardevoir replied, "I'm his sister in name only. We share no relation at all." But Chiara jumped in, "I have devoted all my spare time to gathering knowledge to support him! My wisdom is vital to him! I am his most important servant!" But the usually silent Laika roared, "You're wrong! I am his personal guardian! I fight to defend him, and die for him if I must! I need him as much as he relies on me!" But Aurora objected, "You are all too young to understand! I command the activities of this estate along side him! I am already his wife in some terms! And as they say; age before beauty! And I am well over three centuries old!" The eight ladies began shouting arguments back and forth at each other for a minute more, but Ruby lost her patience and leapt at Serenade, "He is mine! All mine! Stay out of my way!" With a Force Palm, she sent the surprised Gardevoir flying to the far side of the room. But just before impacting the wall, Serenade stopped herself with telekinesis before dropping to her feet. She raised a hand, "I dare you to try that again." One by one, the eight servants joined in the battle royal in a frantic skirmish to claim Ashton as their own.

In his bedroom, Ashton relaxed while examining the Kusanagi. "No matter how many times I look at this blade, it takes my breath away. I guess it's the Kusanagi's legacy that makes it so much more appealing that most other weapons." But at that moment, an explosion rocked the manor. Ashton was startled so badly, he fell out of his chair. "What the hell? Are we under attack? Sounded like it came from inside." He then ran over to where he had the Flamberge hanging on the wall, but froze as he reached for the hilt. He could imagine the damage he would cause to his home if he tried to swing the massive blade around. Blue in the face, he shuddered, "Ooh….. That's a scary thought." He then looked over at the Kusanagi, which had fallen to the floor. "Much more compact." Ashton ran over to the Kusanagi and took it in hand, leaving the scabbard behind. He then ran down the hall towards where he felt the shockwave originate from.

Ashton became more cautious as the sound of battle grew louder. Holding the Kusanagi in his right hand, he pressed himself against the wall next to the door that led to the dining room. "Must be bandits trying to abduct my servants." But when Ashton burst into the room with his sword raised, his face went blank at the sight of his eight servants attacking each other with reckless abandon. "What…the…hell…" A gaping hole caused by a stray Shadow Ball from Laika was in the wall that separated the dining room from an unused guest room. Throughout the dining room, plates and trays of unfinished food had been tossed about and the long table at the center had been smashed at the middle.

As he watched his eight servants going wild with anger, Ashton began to grip the Kusanagi tightly as rage and disgust began to fill him. When he could take no more, he screamed, "WHAT IN GOD'S NAME IS GOING ON HERE?" At the sound of his voice, all eight ladies froze and looked in his direction. "This is unacceptable behavior! I am absolutely disgusted with what you have done! Look at this mess! Look at what you've done to my home!" Ashton then slammed the door behind him and locked it. "What the devil possessed you girls to behave like this?" All eight women looked back and forth at each other as a sense of embarrassment and fear came over them. Zandria spoke first, "Lord Ashton, we are very sorry about this. But as much as I'd like to tell you our reasons, I can't. We'll clean this up right away. May we get to work?" But the angry viscount shouted, "Absolutely not! Not this time!" He then walked over to the gaping hole in the wall and stood in front of it with his sword in hand. "Until I know exactly what caused this, none of you are leaving this room!"

The eight ladies gulped in fear as they contemplated the consequences of revealing the truth to their master. They quietly whispered to each other. Ashton spoke, "I will wait for days or weeks if I have to. So who is going to explain this?" After a moment more, Aurora stepped forward. "Aurora, is it? Well then, what caused this to occur?" The Suicune sighed, "I was hoping to avoid this, but if I must tell you, I shall." Ashton nodded, "Well then, let's have it." Her heart racing with anxiety, Aurora spoke, "Ashton, as I'm sure you are aware, you have saved each of us from death or an unpleasant existence. In some ways, we owe you our lives. But the kingdom's view of Pokémon as mindless animals would cause us and maybe even you to be sentenced to death if our feelings for you were ever discovered."

Ashton raised an eyebrow at Aurora's confession, "Feelings for me? What are you getting at?" Aurora struggled to hold back tears, "Ashton, we have always loved you. Our very lives have been dedicated to you ever since each of us was brought into your home." Ashton nodded, "I know you love me. And I love you too. All of you are my family." But Aurora shook her head, "No… You do not understand. The love of another as a friend…or a sibling… Our love is much stronger than that." Ashton's eyes began to go wide, "What… What are you saying?" Aurora replied, "The reason why we lost control was because of what happened in the Far East. Where we nearly lost you forever. You, the man we desire." By now, tears had begun to trickle down Aurora's muzzle, "We were afraid that you would be gone someday. That we would lose our opportunity to tell you." Aurora then screamed, "We do not wish to love you as a sister, or a servant, but as a loving and devoted wife!"

Ashton was taking by such surprise that he dropped his sword. "What...are you saying?" Aurora sobbed, "Each of us has been in love with you for some time now. We each wanted you as a husband, as a man who would sire our offspring. But we also know you can choose only one of us. That is the cause behind what just occurred here." She then asked, "Ashton, we must know now. Which of us do you choose as your bride? Or do you even want us at all?" Ashton slowly scanned the opposite side of the room. The eyes of his servants were filled with hope, pleading for him to choose them.

Ashton bowed his head as he leaned against the wall for balance. "I….. I am truly flattered that you each want me so… That you would choose a lowly human over one of your own…" But the viscount added, "But I need to rethink this… I need to decide this matter in private." As he staggered towards the door, he spoke, "You girls clean up here. But until I decide, I do not wish to be disturbed." He then left the room and staggered down the hall towards his bedroom. Until they heard the door shut, the eight ladies did not budge. They sighed in unison, guilty that they had placed such a burden on their master.

About five hours later, Zandria came by Ashton's room with a cart of food and knocked, "Ashton? I've prepared dinner." There was no response. "It's your favorite! That tasty seafood soup I cooked up when we left the Far East." But he still did not reply. Almost in a panic, Zandria pounded the door, "Ashton, say something! You're scaring me to death!" A quiet voice replied, "Leave me alone, Zandria." The Zangoose breathed a sigh of relief, "But aren't you hungry?" The viscount replied, "Not really." The Zangoose sighed, "All right… I'll try another time…" She then shuffled off with the cart in front of her.

Outside the viscount's bedroom, Laura was peeking in through the windows. "Oh Ashy… Why did we have to act up like that?" But just when it seemed that Ashton did not know she was there, he suddenly looked over his shoulder at the Latias, his eyes a scary red. "EEK!" Laura flew out of sight in an instant. Ashton looked to the floor as he continued to pace. "Cheeky little Laura…. But is she the right choice?"

Another hour passed as Ashton struggled to make up his mind. He fell backwards onto his bed, "Urgh! I never imagined that choosing a bride could be this hard!" He tossed and turned, "Which one? Who should I choose?" He then tried to relax as he focused on the various traits of his eight servants. "Laura….. She's scatterbrained and is easily excited, but she puts effort into what she does and is very devoted to me. Ruby….. She is naïve and isn't very confident overall, but she is very sweet, tender, and tries hard for my sake. Chiara….. She can be something of a know-it-all and can be rude, but she is very wise and elegant. Aurora….. She can be overly protective, but she is motherly and makes logical and mature decisions. Cassandra….. She can overreact at times, but she is very loving and romantic who dislikes harming others. Zandria….. She is tomboyish and aggressive, but is passionate and looks out for those she cares for. Laika….. She is cold and does not show emotion often while lacking sympathy for others, but is very protective of me and is always concerned about my safety. Serenade….. Wait… Serenade? But she's my sister! I can't marry her! Guess that narrows it down slightly…" But Ashton groaned, "But choosing one out of seven is still hard! Who should I choose?" But Ashton then noticed the painting of Ruby where she was nude while wearing her choker. "Hmmmmm….." Ashton pondered the ordeal further.

Cassandra gently tapped the door of Ashton's bedroom, "Ashton? We finished cleaning up the dining room about an hour ago." There was no reply. "It is starting to get late. Are you sure you do not want Zandria to cook up some dinner for you?" Ashton then replied, "In a little while." Cassandra nodded, "I'll let her know right away." But before she could leave, Ashton spoke, "And another thing. I have decided who I want to be my bride." Cassandra gasped, "You have?" Ashton replied, "Yes. Alert the other girls and tell them to gather in the study. And for the love of dirt, don't start another brawl." Cassandra gulped, "Wouldn't even consider it! I'll see you soon, Ashton!" The Absol then ran down the hall to alert the others.

Five minutes later, all eight servants had gathered in the study. Serenade giggled, "I can't wait! The suspense is making me giddy!" Laura shrieked, "I know! I can't wait! Where is Ashy anyway?" A moment later, the viscount himself entered the study. The eight ladies waited in silent anticipation. Ashton looked back and forth at his eight servants, "I'm sure you are aware of why I have asked you to gather here." He then began to pace about, "I am very aware now of your feelings for me, and I too hold each of you very dearly to me. But as you said, I can only claim one of you as my bride." He then stopped and faced them, "It was not easy choosing one out of eight lovely ladies. I thought long and hard about this and considered each of your pros and cons. And I have come to my decision." He then pointed at Ruby, "Ruby." The Lucario gasped, "Yes, Ashton?" He then ordered, "Come here for a moment." Suspicious, the other seven ladies watched closely as the young Lucario approached her master. When she stood before him, Ashton spoke, "I have just one thing to say." To everyone's surprise, he then dropped to one knee and took her hand between both of his, "Will you marry me?"

Ruby was stunned. The man she desired, the man who meant everything to her, had just asked her to be his bride. Unable to speak, Ruby threw her arms around Ashton and pressed her lips against his. Ashton in turn did the same, kissing his new fiancé. But the other seven ladies felt as if a hot iron had been pressed into their hearts. Not one of them could stop themselves from crying. They were proud of their little sister for winning Ashton's heart, but were still devastated that they would never have him as a lover.

After breaking the kiss, Ashton noticed the sorrowful expressions on the faces of his other seven servants. Even though he had chosen Ruby to be his bride, he still felt pain and guilt to know he had hurt them so. Just then, he had an idea. He whispered something to Ruby, who nodded in agreement. He then let go of Ruby and stood up. "May I have your attention for a moment?" Halfheartedly, the other seven ladies turned to face him. "I can see just how disappointed each of you is that I did not choose you to be my bride. But there is no way around it. I can only choose one. However, I can offer each of you a consolation prize of sorts." Chiara gave Ashton a baffled glance, "Consolation prize? Of what kind?" Ashton then began to blush deeply, "Even though Ruby is my fiancé, I can still……let you…man, this just doesn't feel right…..I mean, would you girls….. Ugh, no matter how I try to say this, it still feels terribly awkward…" Finally, Zandria groaned, "Just what is it you want to say?" Ashton then took a deep breath as he prepared to say it. In one breath, he spoke, "I'm giving you the choice to bear my children!" He then dropped to his knees, his face red with embarrassment, "For some reason, that sounded too wrong…"

The seven girls were completely silent with disbelief. Cassandra asked, "Ashton….. What did you say?" Ashton sighed, "I asked you if you ladies would be willing to have my babies." Zandria smirked, "I never thought you'd ask!" But Ashton then added, "However, the decision must be unanimous. If even one of you decides against it, I will not be able to give you my… know." Aurora then spoke, "Then let us discuss this matter." The seven ladies then gathered in a huddle, whispering amongst themselves. Laura whispered, "This is too good to be true! Who knows if we'll ever get another chance like this!" Serenade giggled, "True. But what about you, Aurora? You're well over 300 years old. Are you still capable of having children? The Suicune snorted, "Of course I am. I am immortal, so my body is always in its prime." After a moment more, the seven ladies faced their master. Chiara then spoke, "None of us have any objections. We would be honored to become mothers to your children."

Ashton smiled, "Even though I can only marry Ruby, I will still love each of you as a lover." He then brought a hand to his chin, "Now then, in what order should we do this?" But Zandria asked, "Order? Can't we just have you in one go?" But Ashton laughed, "Absurd! There's no way I could endure an orgy with eight women! I'd probably pass out after the fourth one!" They all laughed in unison with the exception of Laika. "We'll have to do this one night at a time. The only question is in what order and how to decide it."

Ashton paced back and forth, "Since Ruby is my fiancé, she has first rights. But what about the rest of you? Hmmm….." After a moment more, Cassandra asked, "How about the youngest goes first?" But Serenade added, "Or maybe the most endowed?" She then cupped one of her large breasts as an example. Just then, Ashton stopped, "Brilliant." He then faced the seven ladies, "How does this sound? The more tragic your lives were before meeting me, the sooner you go."

The seven girls looked back and forth at each other. He was right. Neither of their lives had been particularly pleasant before they met him. Chiara spoke, "I don't see why not. But who goes first?" Ashton pondered this some more. A moment later, he looked towards Laika. "Laika. Until you met me, you were abused, neglected, and otherwise tormented on a daily basis since shortly after you were born. I say you deserve to go first." The deathly silent Mightyena began to shed tears at the thought. "Ashton…. Thank you…" But the viscount spoke, "There's no need to cry, Laika. You will have your chance tomorrow."

Ashton then looked at Zandria, and then Cassandra. "Zandria, you were a slave before you met me and were raped as part of some sort of breeding attempt. Cassandra. You were nearly murdered by hunters from Slatis for a natural disaster you had nothing to do with." He then looked back and forth at them, "Hm! I can't decide which is worse!" Cassandra then asked, "If I might make a suggestion, how about taking us both at once?" Ashton gave her an odd glance, "Both of you?" Zandria smirked, "Ooh, a threesome. I'm pretty sure you could hold out long enough for both of us to have some of you." Ashton grumbled, "I'm not sure if I like it. But I can't think of anything better, so OK." The two rivals gave each other a grin, knowing that they would soon settle their rivalry in a peaceful manner.

Ashton looked over at Aurora, "Aurora, you were chased into a fast-flowing river by hunters from Slatis due to a flood they suspected you had caused. You then fell over a waterfall and nearly perished when your body crashed into the jagged rocks at the bottom. I say you should go next." The Suicune bowed, "It is an honor, my lord." He then looked at Laura, "Laura, you were cornered and attacked by the people of Verdant when you stole some food. Although they had a right to be upset about it, attacking you was still cruel. You go next." The Latias squealed, "Eeeee! Finally! Ashy and I are going to have babies!" Ashton went a little blue in the face, "Once again, don't call me that." He then turned to Chiara, "Chiara, I found you washed up on the shore of Green Mile after a powerful ocean storm. Although humans never harmed you, you nearly drowned and were likely separated from your family. I guess you go next." The midget Lugia smiled, "Last, but most certainly not least. The wait will make the moment even sweeter." But then Serenade asked, "Aren't you forgetting someone?"

Ashton looked at his sister, "Am I forgetting someone?" She then gave him a cute pose with her arms behind her, "There's still one left." But Ashton replied, "There is? I'm pretty sure I got all seven." But Serenade growled, "Ashton Redford Crimson, you're forgetting about me!" Ashton gave her a horrified stare, "You…. WHAT?" The Gardevoir nodded, "Yes. I want you just as much as the others do." But Ashton gulped, "But… But you're my sister!" But Serenade explained, "We are brother and sister in name only. Look at us. Do we look even the slightest bit similar? You are adopted, Ashton. We are not related at all." Ashton then asked, "Do you…..really love me so?" Serenade blushed, "Yes. I only wish I discovered my true feelings for you sooner." Ashton sighed, "I see. Then I suppose I cannot refuse you. But still, your life has not been very tragic at all. You and I had a good upbringing and little trauma. So I think you should go last." Serenade smiled, "Better late than never."

Ashton looked at his eight servants, "So then, any objections?" No one spoke up. "I'm looking forward to the next eight nights. But first, I need to explain the most important part." The eight ladies gave him a puzzled look. Ashton then peeked outside into the hall before closing the door and locking it. He then went over to the only window in the study and peeked outside before pulling the drapes closed. Aurora asked, "Why are you being so cautious?" Ashton then turned to face his eight servants, "I'm sure you already know. The act of humans having romantic relationships with Pokémon is forbidden and I, as well as each of you, could be executed for it." Each of them let out a gasp. "If word about this gets out, it will mean the end of us all. I will do my best to protect you and our children, but I still have my limits, even with the Eternal Flame." He then explained, "While you are pregnant, you are forbidden from leaving the estate. You may go outside, but never pass the walls that surround the manor. And when our children have been born, they must not be allowed outside until after the queen decrees that Pokémon are to be treated as equals. Understood?" All eight ladies nodded. Just then, Ashton's stomach let out a growl. "Oops. Thinking about this ordeal worked up an appetite. Is there any dinner left, Zandria?" The Zangoose chuckled, "I thought you'd be hungry by now. Just come with me."

That night, Ashton made his way down the hall towards his bedroom. He was feeling somewhat nervous about what would happen between him and Ruby. He did indeed love her, but he still felt uneasy at the thought of becoming a father at the age of 15. He soon came to his room and gently nudged the door open. "Ruby, are you here?" With the bedroom softly lit by several candles, he saw Ruby seated at the end of his bed. "Are we starting now?" The Lucario asked. Ashton nodded and entered before locking the door behind him.

Ashton asked, "Is this your first time?" Ruby nodded, "Yes. I have never mated before." Ashton smiled, "You're not the only one. I'm quite inexperienced myself." Ruby giggled, "Then this should be new to us. But what should we do first?" Ashton chuckled, "We have to undress." He then proceeded to remove his shirt and pants. "There. Now it's your turn." But Ruby stared at Ashton's bare body for a moment. His days as a knight and the battles he had fought through had really toned his body well. But what caught Ruby's eyes the most was Ashton's manhood. She began to drool at the sight of it.

"Um…Ruby? Are you hungry?" But as she continued to stare, Ruby's womb began to throb as her heat reached its peak. She suddenly gripped her abdomen. "Ruby? Are you hurt?" But the Lucario panted, "I'm in heat. My body demands me to mate." She then yanked her pants off and pleaded, "I can't stand this anymore! Ashton, take me!" Her delicate virgin lips were already moist with desire. Ashton gulped at her straightforward approach, "You're surprisingly brazen tonight." But Ruby then gave him a lustful gaze, "Don't be shy. I'm all yours. After all, I am the one you desire." She then swaggered over to him and leaned against Ashton's chest, "Am I right, my husband?"

Ashton smiled as he felt his betrothed embrace him. "Yes, you are quite right, my dear." He then gently scooped her up in his arms. They joined lips for a moment before Ashton laid Ruby down on his bed. "You said you are in heat, right?" Ruby nodded, "Yes. If we were to mate now, the chances of us having a child would very high." Ashton grinned, "Then we'd best take the opportunity!" Ruby then spread her black legs wide, offering her swollen womanhood to her lover. But Ashton then reached for one of Ruby's breasts before gently massaging it. "So soft. And the fur makes it even softer." Ruby gasped, "Don't stop! You have such gentle hands!" Ashton then grabbed both breasts and gently squeezed them. As he did so, Ashton's manhood began to stiffen.

"Hmmm….." Ashton looked down at his stiff member. "Seems I'm ready now. Shall we begin?" Ruby pleaded, "Yes, please! This heat is unbearable!" Holding himself up with his arms, Ashton thrust into Ruby's hot depths. She was very hot due to her heat, but Ashton did not mind. But he soon noticed a little blood coating his member after a moment. "Ruby, are you hurt?" But the Lucario gasped, "It's nothing. I'm a virgin, so it was supposed to do that. Besides, my heat hurts much more than this." Ashton breathed a sigh of relief, "I see. So a virgin bleeds a little on her first time. Guess that means I shouldn't be alarmed when the others bleed. Although I guess Zandria is an exception."

Ashton continued to make love to the woman who he had chosen to be his bride. Ruby was in ecstasy as she felt her inflamed walls gripping her master's member as he thrust into her. She gasped with each thrust, unable to move. She wished that this moment would last forever. She threw her arms around Ashton's neck while folding her legs over his lower back. Ashton could feel something building as he continued to thrust. It was the same sensation he felt when he mated with Zandria in the Far East. "Any moment now, Ruby." But when he felt his orgasm coming, he tried to hold it in the best he could to build up its strength. After a brief moment, Ashton thrust into Ruby one last time as she shrieked in orgasm as she felt her inner walls spasm. Ashton could not hold out with Ruby's warm flesh vibrating around his member and just thrust in as deep as he could and stayed there. He gasped as his member fired powerful jets of sperm into Ruby's burning womb. Only after Ashton felt his member stop throbbing did he pull out.

Ruby sighed as she felt Ashton's warm seed cover the walls of her uterus. The burning of her heat had weakened considerably. But some of the burning remained. She panted as she sat up, "Ashton….. That was lovelier…than I ever dreamed it would be." But she then crawled over Ashton, who was lying face up on his bed. "Still, it's not enough. I can still feel some of the burning." Ashton panted, "Seriously? That wasn't enough?" Ruby nodded, "I've never felt a heat as bad as this one before. But one more should be enough." Ashton panted, "I see. Just let me take a breather. That one took a lot out of me." Ruby nodded and simply observed the paintings of Ashton's servants that lined the walls while she waited.

After five minutes or so, Ashton sat up. "OK, I think I've found my second wind." He then faced Ruby, "So, how shall we do this?" But Ruby then got down on all fours, "Like this?" Ashton blushed, "You…want me to mate you the old-fashioned way?" Ruby smiled as she swayed her hips, "What's wrong with that? I just want to know what it's like to mate in a feral manner." But Ashton then looked down at the soles of Ruby's feet. He could see the bright pink pads of her feet. He gently pressed his thumb against one. "Ashton, that tickles!" He then asked, "Did anyone ever let you know that you have pretty paws?" Ruby giggled, "You would be the first." Ashton then smiled, "OK, enough sidetracking. Time to finish up." He then got down on his knees and positioned his member at Ruby's entrance. Wasting no time, Ashton plunged into the Lucario's welcoming depths once again.

Ruby gasped as she mated a second time with her fiancé. But she could also here Ashton panting as he was still somewhat exhausted from the previous go. She could also feel that Ashton's member was not stiff at all due to his earlier orgasm. But that quickly changed as the viscount continued to thrust. But after a minute, Ruby felt him begin to slow down. "Ashton, are you OK?" The viscount heaved, "So tired….." That was when Ruby had an idea. "Ashton, please lay down." Ashton asked, "What?" She replied, "Just do it. Trust me." Ashton nodded and pulled out before lying down on his back.

"So, what is it you wish to do?" Ashton asked as he rested from his efforts. But Ruby then stood up and walked over to Ashton. She then stood above him, her dripping womanhood positioned above Ashton's hard member. "Just leave the rest to me." She then brought herself down hard, making Ashton grunt from the amount of force she used. Ruby then began to raise and lower herself onto Ashton's manhood using only her legs. Ashton gasped, "You Lucario have quite a bit of stamina, huh?" Ruby giggled, "Yes. My legs still feel strong. Just wait a little while and my heat should be done."

Ruby could feel a second orgasm building as she continued to make love to her master. Ashton could also feel his hot semen building up inside. After several more minutes, Ruby let out a cry as her inner walls began to spasm around Ashton's member once again. The sensation of them massaging him was too much for Ashton as he struggled to hold on a little longer. Almost like a reflex, he reached out and grabbed Ruby's thighs and held her down as he orgasmed, making sure all of his seed would get inside her. Once he had been drained of his sperm, Ashton collapsed as he gasped for breath. Ruby, completely spent, fell forward onto Ashton, his manhood still buried within her flower.

Ruby sighed, "I think that one did it. I don't feel the burning anymore." Ashton tenderly caressed her face, "Glad to hear it. I don't think I could've managed a third time anyway." She then asked, "So what should we name it?" Ashton gave her a puzzled look. She added, "The baby. What should we name it?" Ashton merely smiled, "We can think about that later. Besides, we don't know if it will be male or female." Ruby smiled, "Good point. Guess we'll have to wait and see." Ashton then tried to kiss Ruby, but she stopped him, "No. This time, kiss for real. Like the love of my life." Ashton gave her a gentle smile and then closed his eyes. He then pressed his lips against hers before gently licking at her lips. Ruby replied in kind and their tongues touched. The two lovers then became lost in the moment as they passionately kissed while tightly embracing each other. They continued to do so for several minutes straight before fatigue ran its course and they fell asleep in each others' embrace.

The next evening, Ashton stood outside his bedroom door. He knew Laika was very loyal to him, but she still had a deep-seated hatred of humanity. Although he would never harm her, he was still worried that she may try something that would permanently scar him. Even so, the Kusanagi was in his room. Should Laika try to harm him, Ashton would be ready for her.

Ashton slowly nudged the door open. Like the previous night, the room was gently illuminated by candlelight. And resting upon Ashton's bed was the albino Mightyena herself. Ashton closed the door behind him, "So, Princess of the Snow, are you comfortable?" Laika simply blushed at his compliment, "It flatters me when you call me that." Ashton smiled, "I see that you are more in touch with your feelings now. And since it is late, do you remember your promise to me?" Laika nodded and gave him a smile. But Ashton was taken aback slightly as he saw her face. Her eyes showed true contentment and her smile was very strong. Ashton shed a tear, "Amazing. That is your most beautiful smile yet."

Laika continued to smile for a moment, but then looked away. "Laika?" The Mightyena spoke, "To be honest, I am not certain if I deserve you." Ashton gasped, "What?" Laika continued, "I have always been viewed as a treasure and nothing more. As something that was only worth keeping alive in order to own. And now you are offering me the chance to make love with you." She then sighed, "I have loved you since the day you offered me the opportunity to escape to the Black Woods. You saved me, healed me, fed me, sheltered me, and freed me. A worthless Mightyena that had never given you anything more than insults and angry words. I don't deserve you."

Ashton remained silent for a moment, but then spoke with a tone of disgust, "Impossible. Absolutely absurd." Laika sighed, "I know. It's absurd that I could ever view myself as someone deserving of such love." But Ashton growled, "That's not what I meant." The Mightyena looked over at him in confusion, "What do you mean?" Ashton frowned, "I never imagined that I would ever hear you, of all people, act so weak." Laika gasped in shock. "It was never your choice to be a mere item to be owned. But you did repay your debt to me, even though you never noticed. You stayed by my side. You were almost always with me. And every night, I felt your warm body pressed against me. You gave me your company and your protection. It is me who decides if you are deserving of my love. And I do believe you have earned it." Before Laika could react, Ashton was right next to her while holding her head near his own. "Laika, you claimed that you love me. If that is true, kiss me." There was a moment of silence as tears began to gather in Laika's eyes. But finally, she gathered the willpower she needed and sealed lips with the man she loved.

As they kissed most lovingly, muffled whimpers came from Laika's throat as she let her tears fall. The beautiful snow wolf, long shackled by her hatred of humanity, had finally abandoned her fear and doubt. To her, Ashton was no longer her master, but her life mate. The man to whom she owed everything. Her breathing becoming erratic, Laika abruptly broke the kiss and began to sob uncontrollably as her bottled-up emotions, which she believed had been destroyed years ago, began to resurface. Ashton tenderly embraced the wolf, "Just let it out. All your feelings of rage, sorrow, pain, despair. Let them flow until you'd cried yourself dry." Laika continued to cry as her tears cascaded down her face. And the entire time, Ashton did not let go. He held her, making sure she would not have to face this experience alone.

No fewer than twenty minutes later, Laika leaned against Ashton while gasping for breath, her snow-white fur now soaked with her tears. Ashton tenderly cupped her face, "Good. There is nothing wrong with showing weakness. Everyone has times of weakness. As have I." Ashton held her tightly to his chest, "You are very brave. To have to go through over a decade of ones life hiding untold misery behind a scowl would break most people. But you had the courage to let it all out at once." Ashton then tilted Laika's head upwards so that she was looking at him. "How do you feel?" Laika then gave Ashton a tender smile the likes of which he had never seen from her before. He could see true peace in her eyes. "I…feel…..happy…" Laika then leaned against Ashton, "Ashton, I think I'm ready. I wish to mate with you."

Ashton released Laika and took a step back as he began to remove his clothing. Once he was nude, Ashton climbed onto the bed and sat down next to Laika. She then began to gently nuzzle the limp member of her lover. The feel of her fur tickled Ashton's member as it started to stiffen. Before long, it was pointing straight up. At this point, Laika gave it a tender lick. She then turned around and raised her tail. Ashton blushed at the sight of Laika's womanhood. It was more feral than Ruby's. "You are very beautiful." Ashton spoke as he got on his knees. Although this felt slightly awkward for him, Ashton was not going to let a difference in anatomy stop him from fulfilling his beloved guardian's desire.

Ashton very carefully inserted his manhood into Laika, causing her to gasp and shudder with pleasure. But Ashton soon stopped when he felt some resistance. Considering Laika's life up until she met him, Ashton was not surprised to discover that she was still a virgin. But when he was about to ask her for the go-ahead, Laika forced herself backwards, impaling her hymen on Ashton's member. She shuddered in pain for a second, but gave him a pleading gaze. "This pain is nothing. Please continue." Ashton nodded and began to thrust into her, causing her to gasp from the sudden rush of pleasure. (This feeling….. It's just like that dream I had…)

Laika panted as she felt Ashton filling her tunnel with his manhood. He was a perfect fit to the point where she suspected that they were made for each other. Ashton felt no fatigue at all as he continued to mate with the she-wolf. He could only feel raw pleasure and a sense of fulfillment. As he felt his orgasm growing, Ashton sped up his rhythm. Laika could also feel her orgasm building as her walls became increasingly wet with arousal. Before long, Ashton finally hit his peak and thrust into Laika one last time while firmly gripping her hips. Laika gasped as she felt a torrent of warm fluid fill her womb, and let out a beautiful howl as her insides quivered in orgasm.

Ashton pulled out of Laika and breathed a sigh of pleasure as his member went limp. But the Mightyena fell on her side, completely worn out from the effort. Ashton smiled and pulled her over to the head of the bed and covered her with the blanket. Ashton whispered, "Are you pleased?" She replied, "Even though you and I will never become husband and wife, this feels…..right. Like this is all I really need." She then looked her lover in the eyes, "I'm done living as something my former owners made me into. From now on, I'm living as myself. As I really am." Ashton embraced her, "Live however you wish. It does not matter if you still remain quiet and stern. I will always love you." The two lovers then fell asleep, dreaming of the future.

Ashton quietly entered his room the next night to find Zandria and Cassandra patiently waiting for him on his bed. After locking the door to prevent interruptions, Ashton spoke, "Doing both of you may be more than I can handle. Go easy on me, OK?" Zandria gave him a sultry gaze, "Don't worry. We won't bite." Cassandra gave him a more compassionate loving stare, "Come closer, Ashton. We've waited long enough already." Ashton began to sweat profusely, (It's just as I suspected. These two are going to milk me dry.)

Ashton cautiously approached the two ladies, fearful that Zandria was going to pounce. But as he got closer, the Zangoose's face melted into a more calm and amorous expression. In a seductive voice, Zandria spoke, "You know, Cassandra and I discussed what we would name our children a while back." Ashton stopped, "You did?" Cassandra smiled, "Yes indeed. I'm certain I will give birth to a beautiful little girl. And I will name her Isis or perhaps Cleo." Ashton closed his eyes and smiled, "Cleo….. Such a beautiful name." Cassandra giggled, "I'm glad you like it too! What about you, Zandria? Care to tell him what your children will be named?" Zandria sighed, "I still remember. If it turns out to be a girl, I was thinking Anibal. But if it's a boy, I decided on Atlas." Ashton smirked, "Atlas? Such a bold name. I'm sure your boy will turn out to be quite a knight." Zandria replied, "Don't get ahead of yourself. We don't know yet."

Ashton asked, "I can't do both at once. Which of you should go first?" At this, the two girls looked at each other and gave each other a stern glare. Ashton groaned, "No, you will not fight to determine who goes first! Got it?" At this, Zandria spoke, "You know, that reminds me. Remember when Cassandra and I got into a fight some months ago?" Ashton grimaced, "You mean when you girls decapitated the bush sculptures?" Cassandra turned blue in the face, "Oooog….. I don't want to remember that." Zandria blushed nervously, "Uh, yeah. That's the one. And I claimed I could not tell you the reasons behind it, right?" Ashton gave her a nod. Zandria sighed, "But now that you have asked us to be your lovers, I can safely tell you. I started that fight. I knew Cassandra was madly in love with you and I became afraid. I was fearful that I would lose you to her, so I tried to remove her from the scene." Ashton frowned, "I'm not surprised it was you who started that brawl. And you did it because you were in love with me?" Ashton then surprised them by embracing them both with his arms, "However, I too am at fault. I should've seen the love you had for me. I never should've been so blind."

Zandria patted Ashton on the back, "It's all right, Ashton. Better late than never, right?" Cassandra gave him a gently kiss on the cheek, "We forgive you." Ashton then let go and stood up, "Now then, who should go first?" Zandria then had an idea and asked, "Cassandra, what did you do with him when we were in the Far East?" Ashton raised an eyebrow, (She knew?) Cassandra blushed, "I…..only wanted to taste his seed. I knew the risk of becoming pregnant with his child, so I made sure to not do it." Zandria then turned to Ashton, "I've got it. I say the virgin should go first." Cassandra blushed, "But we're both virgins, aren't we?" Zandria shook her head, "Since you were brought into Ashton's home after me, you couldn't have known. I was raped by a Machoke when my former master tried to breed me." Cassandra gasped, "Oh no…. I'm sorry I asked." But Zandria only smiled, "Don't worry about it. Although I'm not a virgin, this will be the first time I ever become pregnant."

Cassandra looked towards Ashton and brought her paws together before making her claws into what resembled a type of hand sign. "Should I?" Ashton gave her an odd look. Zandria then explained, "She's asking if you want her to take on a more human form. Remember?" Ashton looked baffled for a moment, but his face suddenly looked as if he had seen a ghost as he remembered her beautiful body from that night in the Far East. Suddenly, the two girls saw a lump appear in Ashton's pants as he grabbed his nose to prevent a nosebleed. Zandria laughed, "I say that looks like a yes! Go for it, Cassandra!" But Ashton threw up his hand and shouted, "Wait!" His voice sounded slightly odd due to him pinching his nose shut. "Not yet." He then walked over to Cassandra, "I would prefer to do it with you as you are." Cassandra blushed deeply, "Oh Ashton, you're so accepting."

Cassandra turned around and inched backwards while lying down as she was nearly four feet tall. Ashton then began to undress as Cassandra sighed in anticipation. Once he was undressed, Zandria drooled, "You're just as sexy as I remember, Ashton." The viscount chuckled, "Be patient. You'll have your turn soon." But as Ashton raised his member towards Cassandra, Zandria spoke, "Just a second! I just remembered that Absol have very sharp tails! You better be careful so you don't impale yourself." Ashton gulped as he realized that he had nearly pressed his chest against it. But Cassandra giggled, "Did you forget, Zandria? Go ahead and touch it, Ashton." Ashton then ran his hands along the edges of Cassandra's long silver tail. He found that they were quite dull. "I had Serenade file the edges until they were dull. I wanted to make sure that there would be no way for you to get hurt, Ashton." The viscount smiled, "That was very considerate of you, Cassandra. But are you ready?" The Absol sighed, "I've been tortured by dreams of this very moment for countless nights since meeting you. I want to make those dreams become a reality."

Ashton gently placed his hands on Cassandra's shapely hips, her soft white fur caressing his hands. "Oh Ashton….." Cassandra sighed, her womanhood becoming moist from her anticipation. Ashton slowly made his way along her sides as he walked around the corner of the bed, gently rubbing her abdomen. "Please… Don't stop… I've never felt you touch me this way…" Zandria was trying to keep calm as she watched her master lovingly fondle the Absol, but her hand still crept up to her breast and began to gently massage it. By the time Ashton reached the front of Cassandra, she could take it no more and leapt at Ashton, forcing him to catch her in his arms. She then pressed her lips against his and kissed him most passionately. Their tongues wildly danced together as Cassandra's burning passion for Ashton guided her.

Cassandra slowly pulled her face away from Ashton, a thin string of saliva connecting them. Her face showed extreme ecstasy and desire. "Ashton….. I love you….. I have always loved you…" She then rested her head against his chest and whimpered, "I love you… I love you….." Zandria then spoke, "She always was a hopeless romantic. She's all about love." Ashton then whispered, "I love you too." Cassandra then began to shed tears as she heard the three magic words that she had always desired to hear from Ashton. She then pleaded, "Ashton, please….. Make love to me…" He then cradled her head, "As you wish, my dear."

Ashton laid Cassandra down on her back and held himself above her. She blushed as he looked down upon her. His eyes trailed down her beautiful slender body until they fell upon her womanhood. He gently caressed her lips with a finger. The Absol gasped in pleasure, "Ashton, stop teasing me!" The viscount smiled and carefully positioned his erect member at her entrance. "Since you are a virgin, this will hurt a little. Are you ready?" Cassandra nodded, "I'll endure anything if it means I will bear your child."

Ashton slowly inserted his member into Cassandra before making a hard thrust, piercing her hymen. She gasped and gritted her teeth, but soon began to feel nothing but pleasure. Cassandra's body was slimmer than Ruby or Laika, so it was a slightly tighter fit for Ashton. It took a little more effort this time for Ashton to thrust into her. But the increased resistance only led to increased stimulation. Cassandra could feel it too. Her black face turned a reddish purple as a blush lit up her cheeks.

Zandria could only watch and hope that Ashton would finish soon as she became aroused and continued to fondle her breast. But she soon heard Ashton begin to grunt and huff as he thrust. Cassandra was also shrieking with joy as she felt the man she loved inside her. "Cassandra….. I can't hold out much longer!" Ashton groaned as he neared orgasm. But Cassandra pleaded, "Then don't! Let it all out! Give me your baby!" At that moment, Ashton let out a gasp as he had an explosive orgasm as Cassandra quivered in her own orgasm, Ashton's hot sperm flooding into her depths as her own juices mixed with it.

Ashton fell backwards as his knees buckled, causing him to kneel. "Whoa… You OK there, Ashton?" Zandria asked when she noticed his drugged expression. Almost as if in response, Ashton began to lean back as he was about to fall off the bed. "Oh man! Hang on!" Zandria dashed over to him and caught him in her arms before his head could hit the floor. He was barely conscious. "Wow….. That one took so much out of him that he almost fainted!" She then gently set him down and then hopped up onto the bed to examine Cassandra. She was also exhausted from her orgasm, which was just as explosive. "You OK?" Zandria asked. But Cassandra then asked, "Zandria, can you feel them? My babies…" Zandria smiled and ran her hand along Cassandra's belly, "Not yet. You're not showing any signs, but I'm sure you'll have babies in a few months. Just give it time." The Absol shed a tear, "Ashton…finally made love to me… My love… My mate… I…" But Zandria then held a hand over her mouth, "Don't say anymore. Just rest for a while. There's still something you want to try, right?"

Zandria hopped off the bed and went over to Ashton, who was just starting to come to his senses. He sat up and held his head, "Amazing… I've never felt something like that before. Felt like I was going to die." But Zandria smirked, "I hope you still got some left for me, because you promised to do us both in one night." Ashton turned towards the Zangoose, "Right, I haven't forgotten." The tomboyish cook swaggered over to Ashton and set her hands on his shoulders. "That look you're giving me… You think I'm going to eat you or something?" Ashton gulped, "You always were a wild one. I don't know what to expect." Zandria then smirked, "Then I guess you weren't expecting this." She then caught Ashton in a kiss, her hand holding his head from behind as she pressed into the kiss. Ashton then embraced her, touching her tongue with his own. Zandria's bushy tail shivered in pleasure as she tasted her master.

Once the two lovers broke the kiss, Zandria placed a finger on Ashton's chin, "You taste good." Ashton blushed, "So do you." Zandria then smirked as she reached down for Ashton's member, "I hope you still have some fight left in you, because I'm going to milk you dry." Ashton gulped, "Darn it. Just as I feared." But Zandria giggled, "Just kidding. One should be enough. After all, I need to make sure you still have enough stamina left for Cassandra." But Ashton then looked down between Zandria's short legs. "Wait….. Where do I start?" The Zangoose smiled, "Just leave it to me." Taking Ashton's member in hand, she guided the tip into her white fur. A moment later, Ashton gasped as he felt warm moist flesh envelop his manhood. "Let's get started."

Zandria did all the work as she lowered herself on Ashton's member. All Ashton had to do was avoid falling over. Ashton could feel his member harden after a moment of lovemaking. But he soon noticed some of Zandria's chest fur giggling with every drop she made onto his member. Being a little over four feet tall, Zandria was taller than Ashton while he was sitting down. She noticed where his eyes were looking. "See something you like?" She stopped moving for a moment as she reached into her fur. Zandria then brought out her furless pink nipple. "All yours." Ashton then closed his mouth over Zandria's breasts and began to suck while his hand caressed her other breast. Zandria gasped as she continued their mating. "Oh yeah. I'll bet it'll feel even better to have milk coming out after I give birth!"

Zandria could feel her orgasm building and instinctively sped up her movements. Ashton too felt his member starting to throb as his orgasm neared. But Zandria's orgasm came a little early as she let out a shriek of ecstasy as her fluids spilled onto Ashton's groin. But she still did not stop. But as she reeled from her orgasm, Ashton felt a warm liquid fill his mouth. (Milk?) But his train of thought was wrecked as his orgasm came upon him, causing him to tightly embrace the Zangoose as his fertile semen flooded into her womb.

Once their orgasms subsided, Zandria sighed, "Just like before. Huh?" She then noticed a warm white fluid oozing from her breasts. She took a taste. "Milk? Must've been due to something with my body." But Ashton smiled, some milk around his lips, "But it tastes good. I'm sure you're baby will agree too." Zandria then looked him in the eyes, "Ashton? You know I love you, right?" Ashton nodded, "I always have." Then, with tears of joy in her eyes, she spoke, "Kiss me, love." The two joined lips again in a passionate kiss as they embraced each other. Once they broke the kiss, Zandria leaned against Ashton and sighed, "Our child will be so beautiful."

Ashton then noticed a plume of smoke engulf his bed. "Hm? What's Cassandra up to?" A moment later, Ashton's face went blank at the sight of a beautiful and well-endowed anthro female Absol sitting atop his bed. "Are you ready for the next part, dear?" But Ashton's only reply was a sudden powerful nosebleed. Zandria gagged, "Aw man, that was uncalled for!" Although the blood did not reach the floor, Zandria's fur on her front had been soaked in it. "I really hope this stuff doesn't stain…" As Ashton fell upon the floor dizzy from blood loss, Zandria raised herself off of him and made her way to the door. "Have fun. I'm gonna wash this stuff off before bed." Zandria then headed for the bathroom while being careful to not allow any blood to drip onto the floor.

Cassandra slid off the bed and walked over to Ashton on her slender legs. "Ashton, are you still awake?" The viscount moaned, "So dizzy….." But Cassandra then gently licked his limp member, which was still soaked with his own sperm and Zandria's fluids. The flavor was slightly salty and very sweet. She then took the whole thing into her mouth and began to thoroughly clean it. Once she had ingested all of the remaining fluids, Cassandra took Ashton's manhood out of her mouth to find that it was somewhat firm now.

Cassandra crawled over to Ashton's face and whispered, "Are you ready?" Ashton panted for a moment before pulling himself up, "I still feel a little tipsy, but I'll manage." He then climbed to his feet, "So, how shall we…mmph?" Cassandra cut him off as she gave him a kiss, passionately caressing his tongue with hers while pressing her large breasts against his chest. Ashton embraced her as he closed his eyes, enjoying her affections. Once they broke the kiss, Cassandra embraced him firmly. "I can put my arms around you now." Ashton sighed, "You have very gentle hands."

Cassandra gave Ashton a loving gaze, "Follow me." She then walked over to a wall, her long silver tail swaying with her hips. She motioned for Ashton to approach her. "How strong are your arms?" Ashton replied, "If I can lift the Flamberge, I can lift you." Cassandra then threw her arms around Ashton's neck, "I'm going to lift my legs." Ashton gripped her by her hips as she lifted her legs and wrapped them around his lower back. "Press me against the wall and we can start." Ashton did as she said while being careful to not apply too much pressure. With one hand, Cassandra reached down and directed Ashton's member into her womanhood. "I'm all yours now."

Ashton began to thrust into the Absol with renewed vigor as she gasped from the force of his entry. Cassandra tightly embraced Ashton as they made love a second time. Now that her body was wider, Ashton felt less restricted than before. But he then tried licking her breasts, prompting a gasp of delight from Cassandra. As they continued, Ashton continued to lick Cassandra's large breasts, which caused her to grip the sides of his arms. As far as she was concerned, Cassandra was in Heaven.

Ashton could feel his third orgasm of the night building. Cassandra began to cry repeatedly with each thrust as she felt pressure building inside her. Together, they groaned in release as Ashton shot more of his seed into the Absol as her juices flowed from her passage. Completely spent, Ashton carried Cassandra to the bed and fell upon it with the last of his strength. Cassandra covered them both with the blanket before giving him a grateful kiss. She then placed his head onto her chest, gently cushioning him with her bountiful breasts. Without a word, the two lovers fell into a peaceful sleep.

The next evening, Ashton gave a sigh as he stood outside his bedroom. "This is going to be very awkward." He then entered and closed the door behind him. Standing at the center of the room was Aurora. Ashton blushed, "So it's your turn now, isn't it?" The Suicune smiled, "It is as you said, my lord." She then slowly and gracefully walked towards him. "Aurora, as beautiful as you are, you never gave off the presence of a young lady. Do you truly wish for this?" The Suicune gently nuzzled his face, "I have always loved you as if you were my husband. I may be as lively or cheerful as the others, but that is because I am much older than them. I am much more mature and wise from my many years of living." Ashton then asked, "Just how old are you?" The Suicune replied, "I cannot recall my exact age, but I am over 300 years old."

Ashton gulped, "300? But wouldn't that make you…" But Aurora giggled, "Never fear. I am immortal. My body does not age and my beauty will last forever. I am still more than capable of bearing your children." Ashton blushed, "So I see. You do have the grace and elegant feel of a noblewoman. But it does feel somewhat odd that a woman who acts and is much older than I am is deeply in love with me." But Aurora sighed, "You should know better. True love knows no boundaries." Ashton nodded, "You are right. And I would be honored to sire your offspring."

Aurora backed up from her master and smiled, "How shall we do this?" Ashton then circled her. But he then spoke, "How are we supposed to make this work?" Aurora asked, "I beg your pardon?" Ashton explained, "You are taller than I am. I can't possibly reach you." Aurora asked, "You mean….." Ashton nodded and then removed his pants. The Suicune blushed at the sight of his member, but then noticed Ashton set a hand on her hip. "Yours is right about here." Ashton then covered his manhood with his other hand. "Mine is down here. How can we connect them?" Aurora replied, "Perhaps if I'm upside-down?" She then approached the bed, "Yes, I do believe that will work."

Ashton spoke, "Aurora, hold on a moment." When the Suicune turned to face him, he asked, "How much do you weigh?" She then gave him an odd stare, "Are you asking me if I am fat?" Ashton began to sweat, "Uh…of course not. Look at you! How could you be fat?" He walked over to her and caressed her underside, "Look at how slim you are. You're beautiful. How could you think that you are fat?" Aurora blushed as she felt his hand touch her gently. "I see. Well….. On average, a Suicune weighs around 400 pounds. Why do you ask?" Ashton went a little blue in the face, "Ooo….. That won't work then." Aurora gave him a puzzled look which prompted Ashton to explain, "I doubt the bed would hold us both. It might hold you, but I would increase the weight to over 500 pounds. I don't want to do this if the bed would collapse in the process."

Aurora pondered how they would perform the act, but then had an idea. "How about this?" She then lied down and then rolled onto her side. "If we can't use the bed, why not the floor?" Ashton smiled, "I see. So be it." He then removed his shirt as well. He then kneeled near Aurora's rear, her womanhood visible. But Aurora spoke, "Ashton, I have a request." He then looked over at her, "Yes?" Aurora explained, "Ashton, you have given me a home. You have given me your love. And tonight, you will give me a child. But there is still one thing I have never received from you." She then gave him a pleading gaze, "You have never kissed me before." Ashton then gave her a most romantic expression and crawled over to her face. He gently cupped her face and pressed his lips against hers. Their tongues danced together as Aurora embraced Ashton with her forelegs, holding his bare body against her chest. As they kissed, Ashton's member became erect as it was cushioned by Aurora's fine white fur on her underside.

Aurora soon broke the kiss and whispered, "I've been alone long enough. Give me your seed so I will never be alone again." Ashton nodded and crawled back over to Aurora's rear. By now, she had become quite aroused and her lips were very wet. Slowly, Ashton slid his member into her, causing Aurora to let out a long moan. Once he was properly inserted, Ashton gave a firm thrust as he deflowered the Suicune. She let out a gasp of pain as her hymen was shattered. "You're a virgin?" Ashton asked as he continued to thrust. Aurora replied, "But of course. I have always been alone until I met you." Ashton smiled, "Then I am glad to be your first."

Ashton raised one of Aurora's hind legs as he thrust, prompting Aurora to scream in pleasure. "I never dreamed pleasure like this was even possible!" Aurora moaned as she gasped and and sighed with every thrust Ashton made. As he mated with the Suicune, Ashton could feel his first orgasm of the night coming on. He could also feel Aurora's passage becoming more restricting as it began to swell with arousal. Suddenly, her walls clamped down on his member as if to prevent him from pulling out as Aurora groaned in pleasure as she had her very first orgasm. Ashton was not far behind as he let out a gasp as his member erupted into her depths, sending his seed into her womb.

Ashton slowly pulled out of Aurora, his member spent from his effort. He then weakly crawled over to her face and lay beside her. "Satisfied?" Aurora shed a single tear, "Yes….. My beloved master…" But Ashton brought a hand to her face, "No. Don't call me that. We are equals, so refer to me as you would to your husband." Aurora blushed, "Very well…my darling." Ashton smiled, "Much better." He then pressed a hand against the Suicune's abdomen, "What should we name it?" Aurora thought this over for a moment before replying, "I think Aura would be a fitting name for her." Ashton asked, "But what if it's a boy?" But Aurora shook her head, "Impossible. All Suicune are female." Ashton smiled, "So that's why you're so beautiful. You Suicune are like the embodiment of feminine beauty." Aurora sighed, "You are too kind, dear." Ashton then pulled her beautiful blue mane over his body, "Since we can't sleep in the bed, I'll stay with you down here. All right?" Aurora smiled, "I would have it no other way. Good night, my love." The two lovers shared one last kiss before drifting off to sleep.

The next evening, Ashton walked into his bedroom to find it empty. He looked around a bit, but still could find no one there. He then brought a hand to his chin, "Wait a minute….. Who's turn was it today?" Just then, something grabbed Ashton from behind before dropping him face up on the bed. "Me, Ashy baby!" Ashton gulped, "Oh, right. Laura. How could I forget you?"

Ashton gazed up at the yellow Latias that floated above him. "Oh yes, it's finally my turn!" Suddenly, she began flying in circles around the room at high speed. "Ashy and I are going to have babies!" Ashton began to sweat in nervousness at Laura's erratic behavior. He shouted, "Laura, get down here! Do you want me or not?" At that instant, the Latias flew down to him and stopped right in front of his face while giving him a very passionate look, "Oh, you bet I do. I've been living for this day since the moment you took me into your home." Ashton gulped, (This woman is going to rape me!)

Ashton tried to remain calm as he spoke, "So, you really are that excited about having my children?" Laura giggled, "Yep! I've been waiting a long time for us to start a family!" But then Ashton asked, "But why are you so desperate? And why are you so crazy about me?" But when he asked this, Laura's face showed extreme depression. "Do you…really want to know?" Ashton paused for a moment, but then brought a hand to her face, "Yes. I'll lend an ear." Laura sighed, "OK, but hold me while I say this." Laura floated upside-down as Ashton held her in his arms like a bride at her wedding.

Laura sighed, "To be honest, I'm not that old, even though I'm immortal. I'm really just 16 years old. About ten years ago, my brother and I travelled the world together. We were always with each other and always watched each other's back. He was such a dedicated brother and put me before everything else. But then…he became ill. He claimed it was a passing sickness, but the symptoms worsened. But one night, we were flying together. I saw him suddenly go into a fall. I caught him, but he wasn't breathing." Ashton was silent as he cradled Laura's head. The normally cheerful Latias was now shedding tears, "Ever since then, I've been alone. I was always so scared. I hated being alone more than anything. But one day, I was practically starving when I came across Verdant. I saw some yummy pastries in the market, and I decided to get some. But the townspeople didn't like that, so they chased me. I was too weak to fight or run, and I was cornered. But you saved me when everyone else wanted me dead." Laura then looked at Ashton with a grateful gaze, "The reason I love you so dearly… The reason why I want to start a family with you… It's because you are the first man besides my brother who treated me as an equal. I know I act crazy sometimes, but it's because I'm crazy about you. I owe you my life for rescuing me from my loneliness." She then threw her arms around him, "That's why I become so happy around you. It's because you were there for me when I needed someone the most."

Ashton gently patted Laura on the back, "I never knew your past was so tragic." He then raised her head until they were eye-to-eye. Without delay, Ashton gave Laura her very first kiss. The Latias nearly fainted when she felt the man she loved kissing her. She began to passionately kiss him back, her tongue roughly pushing against Ashton's. But when they broke the kiss, Laura whispered, "Ready?" She then used her mind to strip Ashton's clothes from his body while levitating him. Ashton gulped, "You're pretty straightforward." Laura then lied on her back. "I'm all yours, Ashton." The very look Laura was giving him was enough to make Ashton's member become slightly erect. He then picked her up and held her vertically, "Are you sure you're ready for this?" But Laura smirked, "Just shut up and give me your babies!" Slightly intimidated, Ashton brought Laura down hard. But she grunted, "Ow! What was that?" Ashton blushed, "Uh… Did I miss?"

Laura backed away to find that Ashton had poked her in the stomach. "I guess you don't know where to start." She then rested on her back again, "This is where you start." She reached down with her claws and pulled open a small slit that Ashton had never noticed before. "I see it now." Getting down on his knees, Ashton positioned his member at Laura's entrance. The Latias gasped when she felt him touch her open lips. "Please….. Do it!" Ashton then thrust hard into Laura, piercing her hymen. Laura did not feel the pain at all as her mind was overflowing with joy as she made love with her crush for the first time.

Ashton kept his rhythm up as he thrust into Laura, making her scream with delight. "Yes! That's it! Keep going, Ashton! Give me babies!" Ashton groaned, "I can't believe how desperate you are to get pregnant! I wouldn't be surprised if you would go mate with any male that crossed your path!" But Laura cried, "Yeah right! You're the only man for me, Ashy!" Ashton grumbled, "I thought I told you… Oh, forget it!" But while they chatted, Ashton's orgasm snuck up on him without realizing it. Before he even knew what was happening, he felt his manhood pulsing as it emptied itself into Laura womb, causing her to scream in joy as she felt her first orgasm.

Ashton pulled out of Laura and fell back on his rear. "Phew…. Guess that's all for tonight." But Laura floated up to his face, "Nuh-uh. We're not done yet." Ashton wheezed, "What are you saying? That one was pretty powerful, if you ask me." But Laura replied, "True, but it wasn't enough. I need about two more, I think." Ashton groaned, "Two? Why?" Laura then gave him a sneaky stare, "Because that's how it is."

Ashton gave Laura a suspicious glance, "Just what are you saying?" Laura giggled, "I'm not surprised you don't know, but Latias are very difficult to breed. Normally, only a Latios can get us pregnant. I guess our eggs are difficult for other kinds of sperm to fertilize." Ashton asked, "And how are Latios different?" Laura smiled, "Latios has some of the most powerful sperm of all Pokémon. One orgasm is enough to get any kind of female pregnant." She then lowered her head to Ashton's limp member, "That's why I need more if I'm going to become a mother."

Laura gently took Ashton's manhood into her mouth, deep-throating it as she savored the taste of their combined juices. Ashton gasped, "Whoa… You're good at this…" Laura continued to stimulate Ashton's member until she felt it harden to a point. She then removed it from her mouth and floated above Ashton, making sure that her womanhood was parallel to Ashton's manhood. "Here I go!" Laura brought herself down hard, causing Ashton to gasp as the impact knocked the wind out of him.

Using only levitation, Latias raised and lowered herself onto Ashton while never taking her eyes off him. They soon joined hands, supporting each other. Laura was in Heaven as she felt Ashton's member begin to throb as his second orgasm built up. Knowing that Ashton's face was only several inches from her own, she held her breath as her own orgasm rocked her body as she did not want to scream in his face. Ashton soon followed, pumping his seed into Laura's womb again.

"Even better than the last one. But I still need one more to be sure. Like they say, the third time's the charm." Laura panted as she raised herself off of Ashton while looking down at herself. She blushed as she saw some excess sperm drip from her lips, making her beam with delight at the thought of becoming a mother. But she then found that Ashton was absolutely exhausted from his efforts. "Forgive me, Laura….. I'm done. I can't keep going." But Laura then had an idea. She once again took Ashton's member into her mouth, restoring its erection. "Don't… I can't take another…" But Laura smiled, "Don't worry. Leave this one to me."

Laura's eyes began to glow a light blue as she gazed at Ashton's member. Ashton heaved in exhaustion, but he soon gasped as he felt something caress his member. "What the…" He raised his head and looked down at his body. Laura was only staring at his member while her eyes glowed. "What are you…?" It then hit Ashton. What he was feeling was something moving up and down along his member, like a hand gripping it. Laura was using her psychic powers to help Ashton masturbate. Curious of what would happen, Ashton said nothing as he watched. He could soon feel a third orgasm building in his groin. The sensation sped up as it neared. Ashton then let out a gasp as several spurts of his sperm were shot from his member into the air. But he then noticed that it did not come back down. When he looked up, he saw a small sphere of his sperm floating in the air. He then looked at Laura, who gave him a sultry gaze. She then turned over with her underside facing up. With one hand, she held her vagina open as the sphere of sperm lowered towards it. She sighed in pleasure as the sperm was forced into her womanhood and towards her womb.

Laura dragged Ashton to the end of the bed and covered him with the blanket before snuggling next to him. "So, what should we name them?" Laura asked, her face blushing deeply. "Them? As in plural?" Laura nodded, "Yep. When a Latias gives birth, it is always to twins. One Latios and one Latias." But Ashton smiled, "You know, there's something about Latios and Latias that makes them sound like good names on their own. What do you say?" Laura giggled, "OK! Latios and Latias it is!" But she then gave Ashton a sweet kiss on the cheek, "Good night, Ashy. And thank you for everything…" Laura then rested her head against him and fell asleep as a tear fell from her face.

The following evening, Ashton stood outside the door to his bedroom. "Tonight is Chiara's turn." Ashton quietly entered the room and found Chiara lying on her back as her head hung off the side of the bed. "Hello, my love…" Ashton gulped at her position, "That pose…looks familiar…" The midget Lugia giggled, "So you remember. That's right. When I welcomed you into my room that day, I was displaying myself for you in the hopes that you would mate with me." Ashton blushed, "I apologize for taking so long to realize your feelings for me." Chiara smiled, "Better late than never."

Chiara climbed off the bed and slowly approached Ashton. But the viscount asked, "Wait….. The bed didn't seem to be under a lot of pressure. Just how much do you weigh?" Chiara replied, "Why do you ask?" Ashton then explained, "You're almost the same size as Aurora, and she weighs around 400 pounds. And the bed probably would not have supported both of us." Chiara then brought one of her large hands to her chin, "Well…I'm only 1/3 the size of an ordinary Lugia, so my weight is 1/3 as well. That means I weigh somewhere around 155 pounds." Ashton gave her a shocked glance, "Something as big as you… THAT light?" Chiara nodded, "In order to fly, my kind need to be light for their size. That explains why I am lighter than I look."

Chiara walked over to Ashton and folded her wings over him, "I always enjoyed serving you, Ashton." Ashton leaned against her blue belly, "You always were an elegant woman, Chiara. And I would love to feel your elegance tonight." He then looked up at her. Chiara smiled and closed her eyes as she lowered her head to him. They then sealed lips and pressed into a loving kiss. Chiara's large tongue dwarfed Ashton's, but was very gentle to him. When they broke the kiss, Chiara backed away from Ashton and turned around while standing as straight as she could with her wings spread wide as she looked over her shoulder. "This is the Lugia's courtship stance." Ashton blushed, "You really do have a beautiful body, even if you don't look as feminine as the others."

Chiara watched as Ashton undressed, her eyes carefully scanning his body. "You have a beautiful body as well, Ashton." The viscount blushed, "I do?" The Lugia nodded, "Yes. I can see why you're so popular with the maidens of Green Mile." He smiled, "I can't wait to see the look on their faces when they here that I've already found the loves of my life. Of course, it will have to wait until after the queen makes her decree." But Chiara nodded, "But we're not going to let that law stop us, right?" Ashton nodded, "True. Now let us begin."

Chiara laid herself on the bed while on her back. "I'm waiting." Ashton climbed up and carefully examined Chiara's lower region. "Where is it… Oh! Here it is." He found a barely noticeable slit in her silver feathers just above the base of her tail. He tried pushing two fingers into it to be sure. As he felt something warm and moist, Chiara moaned, "Oh, Ashton…! You've had a lot of practice with the others, haven't you?" Ashton nodded, "Guess I found it." He then tried something new. He began to lick at Chiara's womanhood, causing her to scream. "Ashton, what are you…OOOOOHHH!" Chiara could not speak as Ashton kept licking her. The taste was odd, but not unpleasant. Before long, Chiara let out a shrill cry as she felt her first orgasm. For his pleasuring, Ashton was rewarded with a gush of sweet nectar. The sweet taste caught him by surprise, and even gave him an unexpected erection.

Ashton positioned himself at the soaked lips of Chiara as she recovered from her orgasm. "Ready?" The Lugia panted, "Please…" Ashton then plunged into her warm depths, impaling her hymen. But Chiara did not care, so long as she became pregnant with Ashton's child. Ashton began to thrust into the beautiful maiden of the sea as she gasped with each thrust. She could already feel her belly swelling with life in her mind.

Chiara tried her best to avoid flailing about in pleasure to avoid knocking Ashton off the bed. To this effect, she gripped the ends of the bed with her large hands. Ashton could feel Chiara's insides beginning to throb, as if they were trying to pull him into her. In a way, they succeeded. Ashton was feeling increased resistance with each thrust as her passage swelled, restricting movement. The swelling only increased Ashton's pleasure as he felt his orgasm building rapidly. Chiara then felt her second orgasm as her inner walls became so inflamed that they prevented Ashton from pulling out at all. The viscount was also on the verge and tried his best to hold out. Chiara then looked ahead at Ashton, who gave her a compassionate gaze. Then, as she watched, he pushed as far into her as he could as his member throbbed, sending a powerful torrent of sperm into Chiara's womb. The Lugia blushed with pride as she watched her master fill her with his seed, most likely fertilizing the egg in her uterus.

Ashton did not even bother to pull out and fell forward onto Chiara's blue belly. "Do you think I did enough?" The Lugia sighed as her hand rubbed his back, "I'm sure you succeeded. We Lugia are not very difficult to breed." But she then spoke, "Ashton, even though you have chosen Ruby to be your bride, I want you to know something." Ashton looked ahead at the lovely scholar. "When Pokémon mate, it is never a temporary union. We always mate for life. So although Ruby will become your wife, each of us will also love you and stay with you to the end." Ashton smiled, "I wouldn't have it any other way. I would never allow anyone to take you away from me." He then set a hand on her belly, "I will watch over you, and our child, to the very end." They then fell asleep as Chiara draped Ashton with her wings.

The next evening, Ashton very slowly made his way to his bedroom. "No matter how I think of it, this still feels wrong….." Ashton then nearly walked right into the door of his room. He was hesitant to reach for the knob and only did so after a great deal of mental persuasion. He did not even look ahead as he entered and shut the door behind him. "Something troubling you, Ashton?" The viscount gulped as he slowly looked ahead at the young woman seated on his bed. "Sister…"

Serenade smiled as she got off the bed, "I know I'm last, but I hope you'll be just as caring to me as you were to the others." But Ashton sighed, "Actually, I'm having second thoughts." Serenade asked, "Why? I told you that I love you. What is making you so uncomfortable?" Ashton groaned, "Everything. You are my sister! Even if we are not the same species, it's not easy for me to go through with this!" But Serenade replied, "But you know it as well as I do! We are not related at all! You were adopted. We share no blood ties. There is no risk." But Ashton grumbled, "I know. But still….. It just doesn't feel right." But Serenade then had an idea. "Maybe you just need a little convincing." Ashton asked, "I need some what?" The Gardevoir gave him a sly smirk as her dress and arms began to glitter with a bright glow. A moment later, the light receded. "Sister, what did you…you…?" Ashton's face became one of absolute blankness as he gazed at the now nude body of his sister. "Do you like what you see?"

Ashton was frozen in place by the sheer beauty of Serenade's body. Seeing that he appeared to be comatose, Serenade proceeded to remove his clothing while levitating him at close range. She was taken aback slightly by his own bare body as she had never seen him nude before. (I see why Mother was so infatuated with him.) She then looked down at his member, which was starting to stiffen. She could imagine it being pushed into her. But first, she needed to awaken Ashton from his trance.

"Ashton, I asked you a question. Do you like what you see?" Serenade asked, now slightly annoyed. When he did not answer, she spoke loudly, "Ashton Redford Crimson, answer me!" At the sound of his full name being shouted, Ashton jumped, "Huh? What? Who? Where? What?" He then realized that he was now nude. "Hey, what happened to my clothes?" Serenade replied, "I removed them. They would only get in the way." He then gazed at her nude body again. He breasts were very large. Very nearly as large as those of Black Mist. Her body was very slim and her legs looked as if they could not hold her up. Her arms looked no different now aside from being white. Completely blown away by her beauty, Ashton shuddered, "You're…..beautiful…"

Serenade blushed at her brother's compliment, "You always were sweet, Ashton." She then threw her arms around him, her breasts pressing against his chest. As he felt the two white spheres being pushed against him, Ashton's member began to throb painfully. Serenade then spoke, "I am so sorry. I never should've waited so long to realize how I really felt about you." Ashton asked, "So…you really are in love with me?" Serenade nodded, "Yes. If I could, I would claim you as my husband and never leave your side." She then added, "Besides, it wasn't entirely my idea to marry you."

Ashton gave Serenade a strange look, "Someone put you up to this?" But the Gardevoir shook her head, "No. It was only a request. It was my decision to want to love you like this." Ashton then asked, "Then what do you mean?" Serenade explained, "Mother. She requested that I marry you someday. She wanted you and me to give her grandchildren together. To be honest, she had become infatuated with you some time ago. She claimed that if she was still single, she would've married you instead of Father. But she loves Father too much to leave him." Ashton gulped as he thought back to when Starlet breastfed him when he visited them. (So that's why. It wasn't only out of maternal affection. It was out of passionate attraction to me.) But Serenade added, "But I don't want to marry you due to a request. I truly do love you. And I wish to start a family with you." She then brought her face within inches from Ashton's. "Brother… Take me…"

The two siblings joined lips as they embraced each other in a loving kiss. As their tongues danced with each other, the kiss became increasingly messy and noisy. During the kiss, Ashton's member began to throb harder while leaking pre ejaculatory fluid while Serenade's womanhood began to leak fluids as her arousal grew. When they broke the kiss, Ashton tenderly grasped Serenade's breast, causing her to sigh in pleasure. "Such gentle hands….. One would never know by seeing you swing that sword around." Ashton gently squeezed Serenade's bountiful breasts, amazed by how soft they were.

Serenade's breathing became slightly erratic as she felt Ashton massage her breasts. Finally, she pleaded, "Ashton, please! I need you!" She then threw her arms around her brother and raised her legs before locking them around his lower back. Ashton then found that for her height, Serenade was fairly light and he had no trouble standing up with her hanging onto him. Serenade then looked down and saw Ashton's member sticking straight up, but on the outside of her legs. With a smile, she reached down and directed it to her virgin lips. Once slightly inserted, Ashton gave a sharp thrust. As she felt her hymen break, Serenade used Recover to heal the wound quickly. She then gave Ashton a loving gaze, "Now, take me."

Ashton tenderly held on to Serenade as he thrust into her. The Gardevoir could not stop tears of pure joy from falling from her large red eyes as she finally had the love of her life making love with her. "Ashton… I love you… Take me…. I'm all yours…" Ashton whispered, "I'm sorry…I took so long to notice… Forgive me…" Ashton continued to thrust into his sister, their bodies now beginning to sweat from their efforts.

Ashton was feeling pleasure the likes of which he had never felt before as Serenade's slim body constricted his member, making the friction from each thrust greater. Serenade was breathing hard as her white face began to turn pink with a bright blush. She could feel her orgasm building as her inner walls began to throb in rhythm with Ashton's thrusts. Ashton too could feel his orgasm building, but the pressure building in his testicles was greater than ever before. Finally, just before they reached their peak, Ashton and Serenade joined lips and embraced each other as their orgasms came hard. Serenade's womanhood throbbed as juices rushed down Ashton's member and his legs while Ashton's manhood fired powerful jets of sperm into Serenade's womb. The two siblings were now shedding tears of pure bliss as their love for each other blossomed. When they broke the kiss, Ashton spoke first, "I love you, Serenade." The Gardevoir whispered, "I love you, Ashton."

Ashton carried his sister to his bed and laid her down after pulling the covers back. After making sure she was comfortable, he climbed in to join her and covered them both. Serenade smiled, "I can't wait to see the looks on Mother and Father's faces when they hear they're going to become grandparents in nine months." Ashton sighed, "Ironic isn't it? You were the last one to become pregnant, and you will likely be the last one to give birth." Serenade then clung to her brother, "It does not matter, just as long as our child is healthy." Ashton smiled, "Very true." He then held her hand and whispered, "Good night, Serenade." The Gardevoir gave him a kiss on the cheek before drifting off to sleep with him. That night, all of Ashton's eight servants dreamed of the children that were now growing within their wombs.
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