AGNPH Stories

Forbidden Love by XD385


Story Notes:

This may become a bit of a Naruto crossover, but no characters from the series will appear, this I promise.

The Beauty of New Life

Ashton began to stir as he felt something crawling all over him. He grumbled, "Ruby, do something about that bug crawling over me." But his fiancé giggled, "Bug? That's your son." Ashton's eyes shot open at this and he sat up. "Son? I don't have a…wha?" He then looked down and saw a Riolu staring up at him. "Oh, you. To think I forgot…" He picked up his son and cradled him in his arms. "I remember now. Lucash." The tiny Riolu giggled as it looked up at its father. Ashton looked over at Ruby and asked, "Are you feeling well?" The Lucario felt along her belly and smiled, "I feel a lot lighter now that I don't have a baby inside me." Ashton grinned, but soon heard his son groan as he reached towards his mother. Ashton handed the Riolu back to Ruby and smiled as he watched his lover breastfeed their child.

There was a knock at the door as Ashton climbed out of bed. "Just a moment." He slipped on some pants and opened the door to find Laika standing there. "Oh, good morning. Come on in." Ashton stood aside to allow the she-wolf into the room. When Laika saw Ruby feeding her child, she walked over to the side of the bed and tried to jump up on it. But she only made it halfway and found her forepaws clutching the blanket while her hind legs tried to grip whatever they could. She then slid off and hit the ground with a thud.

"Oof….. That was odd…" Laika grumbled as she shook her head. Ashton asked, "What happened?" Laika sighed, "I just can't seem to jump like I used to." But Ashton shrugged his shoulders and bent down to her, "No matter. I'll help you out." He then hoisted the Mightyena up in his arms and laid her upon the bed. But he spoke, "Whoa, you are heavier than I recall. Have you been sneaking snacks before bed?" Laika merely let out a snort as she looked away. She laid herself sideways as she looked up at Ruby's child. "Your child seems healthy, Ruby." The Lucario blushed, "Thank you, Lady Laika." But just then, Ashton spoke, "My word….. Laika, you're enormous!" He brought a hand to her exposed belly and gently caressed it. Compared to the size of her body, Laika's womb was very swollen. And along with that, three sets of swollen teats aligned her underside as well.

"Laika, how long is a Mightyena's gestation period?" Ashton asked as he examined her belly. The she-wolf thought it over before replying, "About 60 to 65 days." Ashton gasped, "That means you're due any day now. Ruby became pregnant one day before you, and she gave birth about 60 days later." But he then leaned forward and planted a kiss upon the very center of her belly, "I can hardly wait." Laika then looked down at her belly and blushed, beaming at the prospect of becoming a mother to Ashton's children.

That night, Ashton took a walk with Laika around the manor for some fresh air. But he soon noticed Laika panting constantly as she walked. "Laika, are you really that exhausted?" She wheezed, "I…don't feel very well…" She tried to continue walking, but soon fell on her side as she moaned. "Laika?" Ashton ran to her side as she gazed up at him while gritting her teeth. "Ashton… I think…the puppies are coming…" Ashton gulped, "No time to fetch Serenade. We'll just have to settle for here." He then kneeled next to her while caressing Laika's face to comfort her.

Laika whimpered as a contraction shook her body. Ashton asked, "Are you in pain?" Laika panted, "Not really… There's little pain… But I feel so hot….. And every push takes a lot out of me…" Ashton brought a hand to Laika's swollen belly and felt multiple tremors. "It seems our child is restless. It wants out right now." A moment later, Laika gasped as her child slid out of her womanhood with a single push. The newborn began to whimper as it tried to crawl. Ashton gently picked the child up. It was tiny, small enough to fit in one hand. The color of its fur was the same as an ordinary Poochyena. After closely examining the pup, Ashton set it down next to its mother and whispered, "It's a girl." Laika gently nudged the baby towards her teats and smiled as she began to suckle. But the Mightyena let out another groan as she pushed. Ashton asked, "What's wrong now?" As if to answer his question, another newborn Poochyena slid out of Laika's body and began to whimper. Ashton scratched his head, "Twins? You Mightyena must have big families usually." Ashton quickly noticed that the second child had snow-white fur like its mother. Ashton then placed the newborn next to its sister and smiled, "Another beautiful baby girl." But Laika let out another growl as she pushed once more. Ashton watched in bewilderment as their third child was born. "Triplets! I'll be darned!" He then scooped up his child and looked it over. To his surprise, its fur was a golden brown. "Such an unusual hue." He then set the child down next to its sisters and smiled as he watched the three of them nurse. He then looked over at the exhausted Mightyena and grinned, "That last one is a boy."

Ashton crawled over to Laika's face and tenderly kissed her on the nose. "You did well, my dear." Without warning, tears of bliss began to fall from Laika's eyes as she savored the moment. She could not believe that she was now a mother, and to the children of her beloved master. She looked over the three pups as they suckled from her teats and gently licked their fur clean. She then asked, "What should we name them?" Ashton smirked, "I already named you, so I'll name one while you name the other two. You go first." Laika nodded and looked back over her children. When her gaze settled upon her only son, she spoke, "I shall name him Blake." She then gently nudged her dark-furred daughter, "And I will name her Luna." She then asked, "And what will you name her?" Ashton looked down at the albino Poochyena pup and thought some names over. He soon smiled at Laika, "I think a name similar to yours would suit her best." He then lightly caressed his daughter's tiny head, "Natasha." Laika smiled, "You're right. It does suit her well."

As she watched her children suckle from her teats, Laika's gaze settled upon her son. She then turned to Ashton and asked, "Ashton, do you think our son will become a threat to you later on?" Ashton gave her a strange glance, "Threat? What are you….." An alarmed expression crept across his face and he shouted, "Oh no, absolutely not! I want none of that killing off the males business to insure that I'm not dethroned!" Laika lowered her head as she looked ashamed, "I should've guessed you knew about the traditions of Mightyena packs. I'm sorry I asked." But Ashton gently caressed her head, "Exactly. We are not a pack. We are a family. And they are our children. It is our duty to raise them, not kill them." Laika then gazed up at Ashton for a moment before speaking, "Ashton…" She then leaned against his chest and closed her eyes as she whispered, "I love you." He closed his eyes as well while he embraced her. "I will always love you too, Laika."

A short while later, Ashton and Laika proceeded inside and towards his bedroom while Ashton cradled all three of Laika's pups in his arms. When they walked in, Ruby gasped, "Lady Laika, are those…?" The Mightyena silently nodded with a smile. Ashton then politely asked, "Ruby, I would prefer it if you would leave us alone for the night." Ruby understood and cradled her sleepy son in her arms, "Let's go to bed, Lucash." She then left the room and headed down the hall towards her former bedroom. Laika then bounded up to Ashton's bed, relieved of the burden in her womb. When Ashton placed their children next to their mother, they crawled over to her side and suckled away after she lied down. When Ashton undressed and climbed in bed, he asked, "They don't seem to even notice us." Laika explained, "They are blind and deaf at birth, but their eyes and ears will open in a few days." Ashton nodded, "All right then. Had me a little worried for a second." He then blew out a nearby candle and snuggled up to Laika before drifting off to sleep. After Laika gave each of her children a goodnight kiss, she joined Ashton in sleep.

About halfway through November, Ashton and Laika watched their three children playing in the center of his bedroom while they relaxed on the bed. Blake kept trying to prove that he was the boss since he was male, but the two girls would gang up on him. Laika slowly wagged her tail as she leaned against Ashton, "What is it like to see your children having such a good time?" Ashton held her close with one hand, "It's a feeling I just can't describe." They then looked up at each other and joined lips. But they broke the kiss when they heard whimpers and looked down to see their children trying to climb onto the bed. Ashton grinned, "They sound hungry." Laika nodded and bounded down from the bed with grace and stood still as her children crowded under her. Her teats were still swollen with milk as they hung low. Laika looked over at her lover as her children began to suckle. Ashton smiled, "You are such a beautiful mother." Laika blushed deeply at this and shed a single tear to hear the man she loved speak so fondly of her.

There was a knock at the door as Laika's pups finished nursing. Ashton spoke, "Please enter." The door creaked open to reveal Cassandra with a glum expression. She sighed, "It's always so depressing to watch my lovely garden wither at this time of year. And I can't properly maintain my bush sculptures when there are no leaves on them." Ashton nodded, "That's the cycle of nature for you. They'll grow back once spring gets here." But then Laika's three pups ran over to Cassandra and began to crowd around her. "Well hello there! Oh, you're so cute! Such precious babies!" Cassandra giggled as she nuzzled them. Laika looked back over to Ashton and smirked, "Cassandra really likes children, huh?" He nodded, "She most certainly does."

Cassandra walked over to the bed and tried to climb up onto it, but Ashton spoke, "Hold on. Allow me." He hopped down and hoisted her up to it. "Chances are you are too heavy at the moment." Cassandra blushed, "True, but you're also at fault." Ashton then asked, "Speaking of which, lie down. Let me take a look at you." Cassandra did as she was told and relaxed on her side. Ashton began to caress her swollen belly as he could see the pink flesh under her fur. His strokes were slow and firm. Cassandra began to pant, "Ashton, don't… You're making me very wet." Ashton gulped and pulled his hand away before he saw that her womanhood was becoming moist. But he then looked back at her and smiled, "You look especially lovely with life inside you." Cassandra blushed, "It has been my dream since the day you brought me into your home, Ashton."

That night, Ashton and Cassandra were relaxing in the bathroom of the manor while in the tub. Ashton gently placed both hands on Cassandra's belly under the water as she rested her head near his. "I feel a lot of movement. Are you OK?" Cassandra blushed, "I keep feeling more and more contractions. This is it. Our baby is going to be born tonight." Ashton tenderly kissed her over and over as he kept a hand on her belly. Cassandra let out a sigh as she lay in the arms of her beloved. This was a dream come true for her.

After an hour, Cassandra let out a gasp as she felt her water break. Ashton asked, "Is it time?" Cassandra smiled, "Yes. The baby's coming now." Ashton pushed away some of the lather that had built up on the surface of the water so he could get a good view of what was happening. He could see a reddish liquid cloud near Cassandra's womanhood as she pushed. He could soon see the white fur of their child as its head became visible. Ashton looked back at Cassandra and asked, "Are you in pain?" But the Absol only smiled, "Hardly. All I feel now is bliss. I'm finally giving birth to my beloved's child." Ashton nuzzled her, "A hopeless romantic indeed." He then brought a hand to the child's body as it became visible. The instant the entire child was out; Ashton brought it above water to breathe. The tiny pup whined as its father cradled her in both hands. Cassandra panted, "Please tell me it's a girl." Ashton smiled, "Looks like your hopes came true. It is a girl."

Cassandra gave her daughter a few licks and whispered, "My beautiful baby girl… My dear little Cleo…" Ashton smiled, "That's right. You and Zandria discussed the names of your children. And you did say that Cleo would be the name of your daughter." Cassandra shed a tear as she nodded. She then noticed that her daughter had opened her eyes. They were the same shade of red as her mother's. But Ashton then noticed something. "Wait… Where's her horn? You know, the one on the side of her head?" Cassandra looked to her right and saw the curved horn on her own head and smirked, "If she had one, just imagine how difficult it would've been for me to give birth to her. Don't worry; it will grow in after several days." Their daughter then began to nuzzle her mother's face as Ashton noticed her tail. It was about the same length as other Absol babies, but was a silvery color too, just like Cassandra's.

A short while later, Ashton and Cassandra rested in bed with their daughter as Zandria poured them some tea. The Zangoose grinned as she watched her former rival's child suckle from her teats. "So you gave birth first, huh? Looks like you got the gender you wanted too." The tiny Absol looked over at the Zangoose for a moment and giggled as Zandria gave her a kiss, "If you ever need anything, just let Aunt Zandria know. All right, Cleo?" Cassandra smiled, "I think you and Cleo are going to get along very well." Ashton then asked, "Zandria, come over here for a moment." The Zangoose set down her tea pot and walked over to the side of the bed where Ashton was resting. He looked down at her belly and ran his fingers through her fur. "You're becoming quite large. How much longer do you think you have?" The Zangoose purred, "I'd say another month at most. But watch out. Laura's getting really close. And her pregnancy seems to be making her extremely lustful. I can't tell you how many times I've walked in with her dinner to find her masturbating." Ashton gulped, "Um…I'll take your word for it."

After Zandria left, Ashton crawled over to his lover and daughter and observed Cleo nursing. "She really is a beautiful child. I think she gets it from you." Cassandra quietly giggled, "Maybe so." She then leaned over and gave Ashton a sweet kiss before looking up into his eyes. As much as she wanted to tell him that she loved him, words could not describe just how much she did. Ashton understood this and held her close to him. "So do I." They fell asleep shortly after Cleo did.

A few days after the birth of Cleo's child, Ashton found Lucash admiring the Flamberge as it hung on the wall. "Impressive, isn't it? That zweihander is one-of-a-kind." The Riolu looked over to his father and ran towards him, "Papa!" Ashton snatched up the boy in his arms and cuddled him, "That's my boy. I can see that you'll make a fine knight yourself someday." The Riolu cooed, "Love you, Papa." Ashton smiled, "I love you too, my son." Ruby then walked in and giggled, "So cute. Our son really seems to look up to you, dear." Ashton turned to face his fiancé and grinned, "Who knows. My guess is that he is interested in knighthood." But the Riolu then hopped down from his father's arms and ran over to Ruby. "Mama! Hungry!" The Lucario grinned and hoisted the child up to her chest and sighed as he began to suckle. Ashton nodded, "Looks like he's made some progress in speaking." He then patted Ruby on the head, "I'm going to check on Laura. She's due any day now." Ruby giggled, "All right. Let me know when so I can see her babies."

Ashton proceeded down the hall and gave a knock at the door of Laura's room. "Laura, are you feeling fine?" But the Latias gave a sultry growl, "Hurry up and get in here, Ashy. Mommy needs some loving." Ashton gulped as he began to sweat. (I should just turn around and walk away…) He debated in his head over what he should do, but finally entered the room and locked the door behind him. He found Laura relaxing on her side with an arm supporting her head. He could see her womanhood oozing some liquid as she had just finished masturbating. She gave him a passionate gaze, "Whatcha waiting for, handsome? Come give Mommy some love."

Ashton gulped as he saw that Laura's belly was now very large. "Laura, are you sure that's a good idea? Are you sure we won't hurt the babies?" The Latias nodded, "If anything, the excitement might make me go into labor. Come on, let's have some fun!" Ashton chuckled nervously as he began to undress. Once he was completely nude, he took a seat on the bed and asked, "So how shall we do this?" The Latias pointed, "Rest against the back of the bed." Ashton crawled over to the back of the bed and leaned against it. Laura then floated over to him and positioned herself above him. "Hold my hands." Ashton closed his fingers around hers as she used her mental powers to make Ashton's limp member stick straight up. Ashton gasped as she lowered herself onto him without triggering an erection first.

Laura slowly raised and lowered herself onto her lover's member in a steady rhythm as Ashton's erection grew. He watched Laura's belly moving up and down in front of him and he reached out and ran his hands over it. Laura cooed as she felt the love of her life reaching out to the children in her womb. When she could not restrain herself any longer, she quickly closed her mouth over Ashton's and closed her eyes. Ashton soon replied in kind and embraced her as they passionately kissed while making love. As they kissed, their orgasms began to build. Before long, Laura's inner walls clamped down on Ashton's member as he fired his sperm into her. Throughout their orgasms, they did not break the kiss.

Once the two lovers broke the kiss, Laura collapsed against her lover and sighed, "Just like the last time…" Ashton caressed her back, "Glad to be of service, my dear." But a moment later, Laura's eyes went wide as a gush of liquid splashed out of her womanhood. Ashton asked, "Another one in less than a minute? You must've been really pent up." But the Latias replied, "That wasn't an orgasm, Ashton. My water just broke!" Ashton gulped, "My mistake." He then turned her around so that she was lying on her back against him. "Are you comfortable?" Laura replied, "You bet. This is the moment I've been waiting for since the day I first laid eyes on you."

Laura breathed lightly as contractions rippled throughout her body. Ashton gripped her hand tightly to offer support. Before long, a pair of feathery ears poked out of Laura's flower. "Is it a girl?" Ashton asked. Laura giggled, "Silly. The first one is always a boy." When the child slid out of its mother, Ashton saw that the feathers were white and blue. "I see. So that's a Latios." The tiny Latios began to frantically flap his little blue wings as he crawled around. But Ashton soon noticed another pair of feathery ears emerge from Laura's womanhood. But unlike the Latios, they seemed fluffier and not as straight. Laura panted, "This one's going to be a girl." A moment later, a tiny Latias slid out of Laura. But unlike her mother, the newborn was white and reddish pink. Like her brother, she began to flutter her wings as she crawled around. Ashton reached out to them and lifted them in his hands. He then held the twins near him and their mother.

Laura sighed, "You remember what we decided on naming them, right?" Ashton nodded, "Latios and Latias. Those sound like good names on their own." She nodded, "That's right. And don't be surprised, but they will be speaking in complete sentences by nightfall." Ashton raised an eyebrow, "Less than a day old and they can speak?" Laura nodded, "Latios and Latias have very powerful brains. They are extremely intelligent at birth." Just then, the two newborns levitated right out of Ashton's hands and floated in place. "See? Not even ten minutes old and they've perfected levitation." The Latios floated over to his mother and began to nuzzle her while emitting a high-pitched coo. But the Latias floated over to her father and did the same. As Ashton cuddled his daughter, Laura leaned against him and whispered, "Love you forever, Ashton." The viscount planted a kiss on her nose and whispered, "Love you forever, Laura."

A heavy layer of snow covered the countryside on Christmas Eve as Zandria prepared dinner in the kitchen. She let out a sigh as she stirred some soup in a pot, her hand idly caressing her heavily swollen belly. "Tomorrow's Christmas… And I haven't even gotten anything for Ashton… What would be the perfect gift for the man of my dreams?" The tomboyish Zangoose checked the oven as a turkey baked inside it. "He's given me his love… He's given me his child… What could I give him in return?"

About an hour later, Zandria made her rounds with a cart filled with food. But as she neared Ashton's bedroom, she dropped to her knees as she clutched her belly. "Oh man… It hurts… Don't tell me I'm going into labor?" But she shrugged off the pain and climbed to her feet, "No… I won't let a little pain keep me for fulfilling my duty. Everyone needs to eat." Struggling against the pain, Zandria gave a knock at Ashton's door. "You may enter." Zandria pushed the door open and found Ashton reading a book while Ruby was breastfeeding Lucash. "Hope you two lovebirds are hungry. Tonight, we have…AGGGHHH!" Zandria collapsed next to the cart as she cringed in pain. Ashton dropped his book and ran to her side. "Zandria, what is it?" The Zangoose looked up at Ashton and growled, "I think…the baby is coming…"

Ashton turned to Ruby, "Please leave us for now, Ruby. I don't think Lucash needs to see this." Ruby nodded and made her way to the door. But when she passed Ashton, Lucash reached out for him and cried, "Papa!" But Ruby hushed him and whispered, "Papa needs to be alone with Aunt Zandria right now. Let's go." But Ashton then asked, "Actually, while you're at it, would you mind delivering the food to the rest of the ladies?" He pointed at the cart. Ruby smiled, "All right! Leave it to me!" She then grabbed the cart by the handle and pulled it out of the room and down the hall with Lucash cradled in her other arm.

Once Ashton had closed the door, he hoisted Zandria up to his bed and held her head up. "Easy now. Don't lose control. Try to relax." Zandria then grabbed one of Ashton's hands and smiled, "I can't believe this day is here… The pain doesn't bother me. Trust me, I've felt worse." The Zangoose let out another groan as a contraction hit her. Ashton held her legs wide as a pair of Zangoose ears emerged from her womanhood. Ashton whispered, "The baby's head is almost out." Zandria looked down, but noticed that the left ear was blue instead of pink. Zandria continued to push while squeezing her eyes shut. After what felt like an eternity to her, Ashton whispered, "The child is out." As he said that, a tiny voice cried in front of her. Zandria opened her eyes and looked down at the newborn that lay before her. Its claws were red instead of black and the markings on its fur were blue instead of pink. Ashton gently took the child into his hands and whispered, "Shhhh. Hush, little one. Your father is right here for you." The tiny Zangoose slowly stopped crying and looked up at its father with bright blue eyes. Ashton looked down at Zandria and smiled, "It's a boy."

Zandria looked at her son without saying a word as he looked down at her. Ashton tenderly set the child on her chest while he continued to gaze up at her. Without warning, Zandria burst into tears as she held her tiny child to her chest. Ashton embraced her, "Don't cry now. It's Christmas Eve." But Zandria sobbed, "I just can't take it anymore! You've giving me your love, a home, and a child! And I didn't get you anything in return! Not even for Christmas!" But Ashton chuckled, "What are you saying? You gave me the most precious thing of all." Zandria stopped crying as she looked up at him. He whispered, "You gave me a beautiful baby boy." He then embraced her from behind as their son began to suckle from his mother's swollen breasts. Ashton whispered, "You said you wanted to name your child Atlas if it turned out to be a boy, right?" Zandria silently nodded and smiled, "Yeah… I did… My darling little boy. Atlas."

A short while later, Ashton and Zandria enjoyed dinner while Atlas continued to suckle from his mother. Zandria giggled, "Man, he's sucking so hard! He's going to be a fiery one when he grows up." Ashton smiled, "You think so? You think he'd do well as a knight?" Zandria nodded, "You bet. I wouldn't be surprised if he turns out to be one of the best." Ashton brought a finger down to his son's face and gently tickled his furry cheek. But a second later, the baby reached out and wrapped his hand around his father's finger. He looked up at him with his big blue eyes and grinned as he squeezed his father's finger. "He has quite a grip. I think he will indeed make a fine warrior." But when he lowered his face to his son, Atlas reached out and placed a tiny kiss on his father's nose. Ashton blushed, "But he does have a tender side." But Zandria then leaned over and gave her lover an unexpected kiss on the lips. When Ashton leaned back from her gift, Zandria gave him a passionate gaze and purred, "Meet me in the bathroom in one hour, papa. And make sure you're not followed." Ashton gulped, "I'll be there." As they went back to enjoying dinner, Ashton looked at Zandria out of the corner of his eye, (Even as a mother, she's still the passionate tomboy I love. And I'm glad that part of her has not changed.)

One week later on New Years Eve, Ashton stopped by Aurora's room and peeked inside. She seemed to be watching the snow falling outside her window while relaxing on her bed. Ashton asked, "How are you doing today?" The Suicune turned to her lover and smiled, "I am doing splendidly." The viscount then took a seat next to her and caressed her swollen belly. Two rows of three teats now aligned her underside as she neared the end of her pregnancy. Ashton rested his head against Aurora's belly as he sighed, "I must say that you are the most beautiful of the eight when pregnant." Aurora turned and planted a kiss on his cheek. But she then blushed, "Ashton, I must tell you something. Today, our daughter has been unusually restless. This is the day." Ashton looked at her as she blushed, "I'm sure of it. Our daughter will be born today." Ashton gave her a tender grin before sealing lips with the surprised Suicune. Aurora let out a sigh as he lover embraced her while running his fingers through her blue mane.

That evening, Ashton sat beside Aurora as he rested a hand against her belly. A sudden tremor shook her insides. Ashton spoke, "That's twenty. How many more contractions until your labor begins?" Aurora giggled, "I'd say any minute now." A few minutes later, Aurora let out a gasp as a splash of warm liquid came from her womanhood. She smiled, "It's time." Ashton began to gently massage Aurora's belly as she pushed. But Ashton soon asked, "Are you in pain?" The Suicune smiled, "Hardly. My anatomy is almost as if I was made for childbirth." Ashton then looked back towards Aurora's rear. Her child was being born rather quickly as the head began to emerge after less than three minutes. Ashton saw their daughter's tiny snout poke out followed by her beautiful blue hexagonal crystal. The pup slid out of her mother with one last push. Ashton saw that unlike Aurora, their daughter's mane was a lavender color instead of a deep blue. Ashton tenderly picked up the whimpering pup in his hands and brought her to Aurora's face. "I don't really need to say it, but it's a girl."

Aurora began to lick at her daughter's face to clean her off. Ashton asked, "You said you wanted to name her Aura, correct?" The Suicune nodded, "Yes. Do you think it suits her?" Ashton nodded, "No complaints here." A moment later, their daughter looked around in curiosity. She seemed to understand that Aurora was her mother, but she seemed to gaze at Ashton with indifference. Ashton sighed, "What's wrong with her? It's as if she doesn't recognize me. I am her father after all." Aurora shrugged her shoulders, "Perhaps it is because you look so much different than her. Do not worry for now. I'm sure she will understand in time." Ashton sighed and placed Aura near her mother's teats so she could suckle. But Aurora then placed a kiss on Ashton's cheek, "And even if she never loves you, I always will, my darling." Ashton blushed as he smiled, "Thank you, Aurora. And I will always love you as well."

About two months later in February, Ashton rode Chiara above Green Mile as they headed towards the Viridian Forest. "Don't go too fast, Chiara. The wind chill is unbearable at this time of year!" Ashton was dressed very warmly with only his eyes exposed. But the cold winter air could still get through at high speeds. Chiara replied, "I'm aware, Ashton. I'm just gliding right now." The midget Lugia soared above the city of Green Mile as they neared the border. Ashton glanced down and smiled, "I can see multiple Pokémon roaming the streets along with humans. I believe that new law is starting to sink in with the population."

After less than an hour, Ashton and Chiara flew above the Viridian Forest. The viscount called out, "Keep an eye out for a large gap in the treetops." Chiara soon spotted such a gap and made her way towards it. When they flew above the gap, they saw a familiar cottage below them. Chiara carefully descended and landed near it. Ashton hopped off her and walked towards the door with the Lugia behind him. After a knock, Siegfried answered the door. But he immediately took a jump back and extended his elbow blades. "Who are you and what do you want?" Ashton groaned and yanked off the cloth that was covering his face, "It's me, Father!" Siegfried retracted his blades and asked, "Ashton? Why are you dressed like that?" The viscount replied, "Let's see… It's winter. I had to trek several miles to get here. Why do you suppose I'm dressed in heavy winter clothing?" The Gallade cracked a nervous grin, "I see your point. Sorry about that. Couldn't recognize you through that outfit. Come on in."

Once Ashton and Chiara were inside, Siegfried called out, "Starlet, our boy is here!" A moment later, Starlet came out from down the hall and sailed into her son's arms. "Welcome back, Ashton. Oh, and you too, Chiara." The Lugia bowed, "A pleasure, Lady Starlet….. My word, what happened to you?" Ashton heard Chiara's shock and took a step back, "What are you talking abo….Mother?" Ashton gasped as he saw his mother's body. Her belly was quite swollen and the fabric of her vest was stretched to near bursting by her lactating breasts.

"Mother….. What in the world…" Ashton muttered as his brain tried to understand her current form. She smiled, "Have you forgotten?" She then walked up to him and brought one of his hands to her belly. "I'm pregnant." Ashton blushed, "Oh… I forgot. How many months has it been?" Starlet replied, "Six months. I should be giving birth in three months." Chiara then applauded, "Congratulations, Lord Siegfried! Have you decided on a name yet?" But the Gallade chuckled, "Sorry, but it's not my kid!" Chiara gasped, "You're not the father? But then who is?" Ashton sighed and turned to face her while blushing deeply, "I am."

Chiara was silent for a moment as she tried to process the information that had just been revealed to her. "Are you saying…you got your own mother pregnant?" Starlet spoke up, "Adoptive mother, to be precise. It's not true incest if we have no blood ties. And I assure you our child will be born out of love." Chiara shrugged her shoulders, "Very well then. I suppose it's not my place to question your reasons. But Lord Siegfried, are you not bothered by this?" The Gallade gave a hearty laugh, "Of course not! No matter how much Starlet loves Ashton, she will always love me the most!" Starlet grinned, "Very true! Sorry if you're disappointed, Ashton." Ashton scratched his head with a blush, "No offense taken."

Chiara made her way downstairs into the guest quarters while Ashton and Siegfried took a seat at a table near the kitchen. As they talked, Siegfried grinned, "You don't say. Laika had triplets? And Laura had twins?" Ashton smiled, "Yeah, it's starting to get pretty lively back home." But after a moment of catching up on lost time, Ashton looked towards the kitchen and saw his mother going about while preparing lunch. But he saw that she was practically dancing as she moved and he could hear her humming a pleasant tune.

Ashton turned to Siegfried and asked, "Father, could you tell me something?" Siegfried nodded, "What's on your mind?" Ashton looked back towards his mother, "I've never seen Mother this…..happy before. What do you make of it?" Siegfried calmly smiled and explained, "Ashton, your mother is… should I put this…..someone who enjoys her fertility. She is at her happiest when she knows there is a child growing inside her. You should've seen her when she learned she was pregnant with Serenade." Ashton looked back towards his mother and smiled, "And it is I who made her pregnant to begin with."

That evening, Ashton made his way to the bathroom for a hot bath. But when he stepped inside, he froze when he saw his mother standing at the bathtub while nude. Just before she sat down, Starlet turned and saw her son standing at the doorway. A moment of awkward silence passed as Ashton's eyes traced his mother's body. Her pale belly was now beautifully swollen with their child and her breasts were indeed larger than he remembered. Starlet's eyes trailed downwards and she grinned when she noticed a large bulge in Ashton's pants. She broke the silence with a giggle, "Ashton, would you care to join me? The tub is large enough for both of us." Ashton blushed, "Um…..OK." He began to undress as his mother took a seat in the tub while constantly watching him.

Once Ashton was nude, he joined his mother in the bathtub. As she said, there was more than enough room for both of them. But she soon grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him close. Ashton blushed as she rested his head atop her swollen breasts while his back was resting against her belly. After a moment, Ashton grinned, "The baby is kicking." Starlet blushed as she felt her unborn child moving within her womb. "This feels familiar. The way it moves, the gentle kicks against my womb…..yes. Our child will be a beautiful little girl. Just like your sister." Ashton asked, "Do you think Serenade will be disgusted with having a half-sister?" Starlet shook her head, "Not if it came from you. She knows about my feelings for you. She surely would not be surprised." But she then asked, "Ashton, let's make love. Just this once before I give birth." Ashton smiled, "Very well."

Ashton rested himself against one end of the tub while Starlet stood up. As she walked towards him, Ashton asked, "Mother, I'm fairly certain your breasts are larger than I recall." She giggled, "True. I used to be producing enough milk for two children. But now I'm producing enough for three." She then lowered herself to him and asked, "Would you care for a taste?" Ashton nodded, "I would be honored." He tenderly took Starlet's nipple into his mouth and began to suck. Almost immediately, a steady stream of milk began to fill his mouth. Ashton continued to drink as he became enthralled with the flavor. But Starlet soon took note of Ashton's growing erection below the surface of the water. Wasting no time, she dropped to her knees and lowered herself onto him.

Ashton continued to suckle as his mother moved up and down on his member. The pleasure was intoxicating to Starlet as the tip of Ashton's manhood touched the sealed entrance to her womb with each thrust. She could even feel her child moving around inside her as she made love with her son. Before long, she pleaded, "Ashton, kiss me!" The viscount let go of his mother's breast and sealed lips with her as they held each other in a tight embrace. Their tongues reached out and danced as their kiss became powerfully intimate. After a moment more, Starlet's inner walls squeezed Ashton's manhood as it began to milk him for his seed. Ashton's member throbbed as it sprayed Starlet's insides with his sperm. After a moment of enjoying the warm afterglow of sex, Starlet broke the kiss with Ashton and smiled, "That will do for tonight. Let's focus on washing up now."

A few days later, Ashton came downstairs to check on Chiara. When he found her relaxing on the bed in one of the guest rooms, she asked, "Are you sure it's a good idea for us to stay here until I give birth? I can fly." But Ashton shook his head, "You are in very delicate condition now. I just don't want to take any chances." She sighed and glanced down at her big blue belly. "Very well then. If it's for the sake of our child, I'll…AH!" Chiara groaned as a splash of reddish liquid oozed from her womanhood. Ashton joked, "Looks like we won't be here much longer!"

Ashton walked over to the side of the bed and closely examined Chiara as she went into labor. "Take it easy. I think it's a big one." Chiara nodded, "Even so, we Lugia don't feel much pain during birth. The less pain we're in, the less we thrash about. That reduces the chances of predators detecting us." Ashton smiled, "Good to hear. Now be still. I'm going to try something." Chiara asked, "And what would that…OOOH!" She moaned as Ashton plunged his hand into her womanhood. "I'm going to try and pull our child out as quickly as possible. Considering your unusually small size, you might have complications on your own." But Chiara sighed, "I don't care what you're doing, just don't stop!" She let out another moan of pleasure as Ashton moved his arm around.

After feeling around for a moment, Ashton grabbed something. He carefully felt along it to try and figure out the shape. He felt two hands with fingers and a tail with two fins at the sides. Knowing that he was feeling Chiara's baby, he grabbed it and began to slowly pull it out. After a moment, he smiled, "Almost there… Just a little…huh?" Chiara let out a groan as her inner walls clamped down on Ashton's arm in orgasm. Ashton tried to pull out, but was firmly held in place. "Oh, come on! I wasn't trying to pleasure you!" After a minute or two, Chiara's orgasm subsided enough for Ashton to free his arm. And as he pulled it out, a fairly small Lugia newborn slid out with it.

The Lugia child let out a high-pitched cry as it took its first breath. Ashton scooped up the little wet baby and sat next to Chiara's head. "I think it's a boy." The midget Lugia reached out to her child and sighed, "My little boy… I can't believe I just became a mother…" She extended her neck and kissed her son on the nose, prompting a delighted coo from him. Chiara smiled, "I've been thinking of a name for him for some time now. How does the name Winston sound, Ashton?" The viscount nodded, "It sounds very dignified. A name fit for the son of a scholar." But she then nuzzled Ashton and whispered, "Ashton, I want you to know that we Lugia are immortal. As long as I live, you will always be the only man for me." Ashton kissed her on the cheek and smiled, "And no one will ever be able to fill your place in my heart." Ashton then went upstairs to spread the good news to his parents while Chiara played with her new baby.

The next day at around noon, Ashton stood outside the front door to his manor after returning from his parent's home. Chiara stood behind him with Winston snuggly wrapped up in a blanket to protect him from the winter cold. Ashton then gave a knock at the door and opened it, but stood frozen to the spot as he saw what was flying down the hall towards him. Several voices shouted, "PAPA!" Ashton could only pray that he would not hit his head on anything hard as his children tackled him to the ground outside the manor.

"Oof… What's been going on, you little scamps?" Ashton asked with a laugh as his children crawled all over him. He then quickly counted them. "Lucash, Natasha, Luna, Blake, Cleo, Latios, Latias, Atlas…..wait. Where's Aura?" He sighed, "Looks like she still needs some time to understand. OK, everyone off! Daddy's home now." The toddlers scrambled off their father and followed him inside as Chiara closed the door behind them.

Ruby met Ashton in the hall with his children, "They sure missed you. Why were you gone for so long?" Ashton explained, "I was worried that Chiara was in too delicate condition to fly and the winter cold was too punishing for a pregnant woman to walk the distance between here and my parent's home. She gave birth last night, so we came home today." But Ruby gasped, "Lady Chiara had her baby?" She ran up to the Lugia and peeked into the bundle of cloth she was carrying in one hand. The Lucario giggled, "Hello there, little one! Oh, what big hands you have!" Winston giggled as he reached out to his aunt. Chiara grinned, "I think Winston really likes you."

Ashton proceeded down the hall and peeked in on Serenade in her room. She seemed to be reading a document about motherhood and various illnesses babies are prone to. "Are you feeling well, sister?" Ashton walked in and closed the door behind him. The Gardevoir smiled, "I'm just fine." Ashton blushed slightly as he looked down at Serenade's heavily swollen belly. She was now on her eighth month. He spoke, "You're the only one left. All of the others have given birth to their children." Serenade sighed, "I know. After all, a Gardevoir's gestation period is just as long as a human's. That means I have one month to go."

Ashton walked over to his sister and asked, "Serenade, I know this is getting old, but do you really love me enough to bear my child?" The Gardevoir sighed, "Ashton, that's the tenth time you asked me. And I'll say it only one more time." She turned to him and spoke, "I may be your sister in name, but I will always love you." Ashton bowed his head, "I know. I just can't forget that you and I grew up as siblings. Even though we're not related, I can't help but feel…mmph?" Ashton was cut off as Serenade stood up and joined lips with him. A moment later, she broke the kiss and smiled, "Forget about the past for now. Focus on being a lover to me and a father to our child."

Near the end of March, Serenade began to become uncomfortable as her belly swelled larger. As she was taking a bath one night, she began to feel movements within her womb that became increasingly painful. She suddenly felt a release of pressure from within her and a reddish cloud in the water near her womanhood. As pain wracked her body, Serenade groaned, "I'm… I'm having my brother's baby…"

Serenade stood up and placed a hand against her belly while applying Recover to suppress the pain. She could feel the body of her child slowly sliding down her birth canal. Serenade steadily spread her legs while trying not to slip in the tub to allow for easier birthing. She felt the lips of her womanhood spread as her child's head began to emerge. She also felt two objects emerge with it that felt like floppy pieces rubber. Once the head was out, the rest of the body was no problem as it soon fell into the bathtub with a splash. Serenade quickly reached down and picked up her baby before it could drown. She carefully severed the umbilical cord before cradling the newborn in her arms. She soon whispered in tears, "Hello, my precious baby boy…"

A short while later, Serenade left the bathroom with her flowing white gown on as her son suckled from her breast while part of her vest was down. She silently proceeded to the study as she was sure that was where Ashton was. When she peeked in, she found him relaxing in a chair while reading by candlelight. She spoke in a calm tone, "Oh, Ashton…" He turned towards the door and replied, "Yes, Serenade….. Is…that…?" The Gardevoir blushed, "Yes. This is your son. OUR son." She glided over to him and took a seat near her brother. She then handed the tiny Ralts to his father. Ashton saw that unlike Serenade, his son had the two trademark red horns on his head. Ashton could not see his son's face through his green hair, so he parted it to see his big red eyes. The baby boy stared at his father for a moment, and then reached up to him with a smile. Ashton could not help shedding a tear as he touched his boy's tiny hands with his own. He looked over at Serenade and whispered, "Love you, Serenade." The Gardevoir leaned towards him and planted a kiss on his cheek, "Love you too, Ashton." She then cupped his face and made him look at her before sealing sips with him for a passionate kiss.

As their son suckled from his mother's breast, Ashton asked, "What should we name him?" Serenade replied, "I was thinking of the name Kota a few days ago. What do you think of it?" Ashton smiled, "I think it sounds very unique. Little Kota it is." Ashton then stood behind his sister and folded his arms around her before joining his hands over her belly. Serenade sighed, "I can't wait to show Mother." Ashton nodded, "She will be so proud of you."

Two months later, Ashton ran through the Viridian Forest on foot as his eight lovers were too busy tending to their children to accompany him. "This took much longer than it should have. I would've gotten here much sooner if Chiara could've flown me. And it would've been too tricky to fly here in this thunderstorm without her psychic powers." A heavy layer of rain poured through the treetops as he made his way through the forest. Before long, he stood before his parent's cottage. "Hope I'm not too late."

Ashton knocked on the door and breathed a sigh of relief as his father answered it a few seconds later. "I'm amazed you came here by yourself in this rain. Anyway, you're just in time." Ashton smiled, "Where is she?" Siegfried pointed down the hall towards Ashton's bedroom. When the viscount looked inside, he found his mother sitting on his bed with a blush. "Mother…" The Gardevoir looked up at her son and smiled, "I've been feeling contractions since noon. I'll be going into labor anytime now." Ashton helped her up, "Let's get you to the bathroom."

Ashton carefully lowered his mother into the bathtub as Siegfried filled it with warm water. The Gallade then spoke, "I'm leaving her to you, Ashton. This is a time for just the two of you." After his father left them alone, Ashton turned to Starlet and gripped her hand, "How are you doing?" The Gardevoir smiled, "Childbirth is nothing new to me. I can handle it." She gripped Ashton's hand tightly as she went into labor. Ashton watched his mother as she pushed her child from her body. Despite the apparent pain she must have been in, her face showed nothing but joy. Ashton reached into the water and guided his child out and raised it above the surface after the body emerged.

Ashton reached for a dagger and cut the umbilical cord as Starlet cradled her son's baby. She smiled, "It's a girl. Just like I said." Ashton then noticed that their child had the trademark red horns atop her head. "Phew, I was a little worried there. If she had been born without those horns, I would've had a hard time later on telling her apart from Serenade!" Starlet laughed as their daughter suckled from her massive breasts, "I see your point." She then whispered, "I have finally given birth to my beloved son's baby. Now my life is complete." She turned to Ashton and smiled while shedding tears, "Whenever I die, I can die happy. And it's all thanks to you, Ashton." The viscount reached out to her and embraced her, "Don't say that. Let's cherish the time we have left, Mother." He then looked down at his daughter and asked, "Should we name her Monica?" Starlet nodded, "That sounds like a lovely name." She then whispered, "Love you, Ashton." Ashton replied, "Love you, Mother."

That night, Ashton fell asleep with his mother and daughter, happier than ever before knowing that he had twelve beautiful children and nine devoted lovers.
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