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A Brother, a Sister, and an Alien by spirit5


Story Notes:

This is my first story. Leave feedback, and hopefully I may be able to respond. I love writing lemons, and since I can't draw, this is an excellent way for me to contribute. Enjoy teh Yiffings.

Rain and Mist

This story contains references to Pokemon. Pokemon is owned by Nintendo and The Pokemon Company. I claim no ownership to any of their, or any other company's, works.

It was getting to be Midnight. The dark sky was almost cloudless, with a full pale yellow moon, a perfect circle over an inky blackness. Rain and his sister Mist had lost their way back to their pack after a pathetic attempt to run away. They were both 4 years old*, so they had reached Pikachu puberty only last year and had yet to participate in a mating season. This was actually the reason they left. Last night they had been teased by their younger friends because they were going to do "lovey-dovey" stuff, and by their older friends because they were the only ones in the pack that didn't have mates. Of course they couldn't choose each other; they were, you know... siblings.

* {That would make them about 19-20 in human years. In this story at least, Pikachu live to be about 60 and reach adulthood at about 3 1/2}

After about an hour of silent walking, Rain suddenly raised his paw and pointed in an excited way out into the distance. "Look, there's a light over there!" he exclaimed.

"So... what?" asked Mist. To her, lights spelled trouble. A long time ago, she was almost caught in a Pokeball when curiosity drove her to draw close to a human's campfire. Ever since then, she was suspicious of any light in the middle of the forest.

"So, we go investigate it," replied Rain, as he started running for the light. It wasn't rashness that caused him to run. He knew that the only way to get Mist to follow was to make her worried about him. He glanced back before going too far, and sure enough, Mist was chasing after him on all fours.

When they reached the light, they were gasping for air. Rain is barely able to outrun his sister when she goes at full speed, and she was going full speed. Rain looked at the source of the light which was only now apparent. It was a cave, lit comfortably and furnished with standard Pikachu furniture: rocks and wood, in a barely manufactured state. The scent of peaches was in the air, which struck them both as odd, because peaches were not to ripen until summer, and it was barely spring! They could also hear a Pikachu talking inside, and after much indecision they both agreed to ask for help.

As they approached, standing just out of sight, they could discern what the Pikachu was saying: "Thank you for watching PikaTV! As we have very little funding, we cannot continue the broadcasting past 1AM. We will see you tomorrow, with even more human media localized for Pikachu." Then, all they heard was a sort of crackly hissing that was reminiscent of whitewater: static.

"Blam dat TV" said a male Pikachu from inside the cave. He seemed to be forcing an accent. Then, more naturally, he said, "My girl leaves me, and I come to this ridiculous planet to get away from it all, and now I find that I have forgotten to immunize myself with the proper cross-planet vaccinations, and I have an infection in each ear, and a cold, and a headache. Each time he said the word "and" another layer of fed-uppedness was added to his voice.

"Um, are you okay? I mea..." Mist broke off. She never meant to speak, it was completely unconscious. Rain's eyes were bulging.

"Quiet," he hissed.

"And now I'm hearing things!" The Pikachu inside the cave complained. He really believed it was his mind playing tricks. His ears were completely clogged and everything sounded far away and dreamy. The other two Pikas took the human expression quite literally, and thought he was angry. They both popped into view simultaneously.

"Sorry!" apologized Mist.

"Please forgive us!" begged Rain. "Ca... can we come in?"

The Pika was dumbstruck. "Come on in," he murmured.

Thank You^.^
"My name's Keviks, by the way," said Keviks after a lull in the conversation. They were sitting around a round table made of unfinished wood. Keviks had a cup of something steaming, tea actually. Rain and Mist were wild and didn't know anything about tea, so naturally they refused a cup for themselves. Neither wanted to admit to Keviks that this was all strange to them.

"That's a errm... I mean... I've never heard that name before." Rain was surprised that such a strange name even existed. He looked up at Keviks. Keviks was huge for a Pikachu, but still quite young. Mist couldn't resist. "How old are you?" she asked. She wasn't paying attention to the fact that Rain was blushing. Keviks noticed this, and put it down to the fact that his sister was asking a somewhat personal question.

"I'm about 8," he replied. 4 years difference; compatible - just barely! Mist looked to her left and noticed the blush on her brothers face. He was looking at their host with a sort of wistful look, as if he was wishing he could say something. "No way!" thought Rain. "This can't be happening!"

"No way!" thought Mist. "He can't be!?"

"No way!" thought Keviks. What Keviks actually said however, was "I need my glasses. Wait a sec." Keviks stood up and went into a deeper, darker room of the cave. He fiddled with something on the wall, and that part of the cave became as light as this part. Before the two siblings could ask what the hell glasses were, He came back with a set of very lightweight bifocals. He sat back down, put them on, leaned up close and looked closely at the two's eyes with a queer smile, almost a a smirk, on his face. Then he leaned back, much to the relief of them both, and looked closely at their chests, where their hearts were. He removed the specs with a self satisfied grin. "Thank you," he said as he winked at Rain in a feminine way.

Rain was now thoroughly spooked. He could feel that guy's eye pierce through his own. When it did, he felt... comforted. That was what scared him the most. Then there was that creepy self-satisfied grin on Keviks's face. He stood there motionless. He looked out the cave's entrance, and realized it was now raining. It was just a drizzle, but a flash of lightning made him think twice about making a run for it. Keviks realized, belatedly perhaps, that in trying to "Spread a little friendliness" as he called it, he just made a mistake.

"I-I'm sorry" he stammered hastily. "I didn't mean to frighten you, I just wanted to make sure of something."

"Make sure of what?" said Mist, spacing out her words and enunciating more than necessary. She already knew what was in her brothers head. It was like instinct to her. She had a feeling about it for months, during the time her brother was having such a hard time in the pairing up a few weeks ago. "No one catches my eye," he had told her. That's what had first got her thinking. Rain just stood there blinking.

"I know what you're going through... I'm bi," said Keviks. He spoke earnestly, andseriously, and there was a very slight smile on his face. This was nothing like his last smile. This was a nice smile. A good smile. Anyone could tell that he meant what he said.

Let's do it!
Thirty minutes had passed. It was pouring outside. By now, Rain and Mist had completely forgotten about getting back to their pack, for tonight at least. There was much conversation, and Rain and Mist finally felt brave enough to give Keviks their names. After the ice was broken, and it was quite clear how everyone felt and knew and whatnot, Keviks dropped a bomb. It was a simple statement. It wasn't even a question. He simply said, as if talking about the weather or the crops or the sports, "I want to mate with you, Mist."

Mist was absolutely stunned. Nonplussed, even. She had been wanting to say this earlier, but couldn't work up the nerve. And here was Keviks, without any shame or modesty whatsoever, stating his feelings. Unbelievable. Keviks looked at Mist. Mist looked at Rain. Rain was looking at the ground. Mist smiled, then dropped a nuke. Blushing, she too, looked at the ground, and then stuttered, through her smile, "O-only if Rain joins in..."

Go easy on me...
Keviks had taken them both a bit farther into the cave, where there was more privacy. If things were a little unfamiliar before, this room was completely alien. It was furnished with human things, more or less: a feather bed, paintings on the walls, another TV, a bookshelf, and a mini-fridge; all these things were completely ordinary, if not a little tiny, but they made Rain and Mist feel very uncomfortable and out of place. Presently, Keviks jumped onto the bed. It had a lot of give, and it sank a good half-foot under his weight.

"What's that made of?" asked Rain.

"Feathers. Come on, hop on!"

"What kind?" Mist asked, as she and Rain climbed onto the bed.

"We're never going to get anywhere if you two keep asking questions," Keviks said. He was getting impatient, calm as he normally was, the cold in his head was becoming noticeable again. The sudden entrance of two cute Chus had made him forget about his illness. Besides, he was used to pain.

Mist was now feeling uncertain. "What happens when I become pregnant?"

"You won't." replied Keviks with a grin. He opened a drawer in the bedside table and procured a small plastic packet. "It's called a condom. Humans invented it about 400 years ago. It..."

"Humans!? Then, how'd you get it?" Mist interposed.

Keviks was in no mood to give a lengthy explanation of why he came to this planet, or how or when he started living in the world of humans, and especially why he was out here in the wilderness. But, maybe... Mist could help him forget. "I'll tell you later, I promise. As I was about to say, it will prevent impregnation.

"You always talk like this?" Rain asked curiously.

"Always." Keviks said absently, as he held the condom in his mouth, massaging his groin with both hands. Mist stared wide-eyed as she watched her new friend's cock appear, then grow to a massive rock-hard mass. Keviks was pretty huge for a Pikachu, but his dick was disproportionately immense. It was at least 6 inches, with a girth of 1 1/2 inches around the middle, twice that around the base. "Go on, lie back and spread your legs."

"C'mon, Mist! Stop being so goddamn formal, Kev!" Rain was not his usual self either. Impatience was overcoming him. He was pretty hard himself, and he wanted it bad.

Mist obeyed. She did want this to happen, but wanted to take it slow. "Go easy on me...", she whimpered, as the world got its first good look ever at her cunt. She sounded vulnerable, but also quite needy. Keviks pulled the condom on. Even though it was intended for a human, it had to stretch a bit to fit around his base. "I will," responded Keviks, as he placed the tip of his member on her slit. He waited a few seconds, then he thrust himself in as far and as fast as he could.

Things get Hot...
"Kyaaaa!" Mist's ear-splitting, hell-raising scream, combined with the sudden gush of blood, caused her brother immediate distress. He rushed to see her face. When he got closer, there were tears in her eyes and her lips were quivering.

"Are you hurt? Are you okay?" asked Rain hurriedly.

"I-I'm okay. It hurts but..." she hesitated. Rain was relieved. Silently, Keviks began pumping. He couldn't go in more than halfway, but even still, it brought them both great pleasure. Rain was now rock-hard himself, and his impatience was paramount. He was pretty dominant, and it was ticking him off that that... human impersonator was having the time of his life with his sister, and there was no one to pleasure him.

Wait. Hold that thought. A literal spark of inspiration struck him. He walked behind Mist's head, bringing him on eye-level with Keviks, who was now on top of Mist, thrusting and moaning away. He presented his glowing cock. "SUCK!" he commanded, his glaring eyes looking right at Keviks. Keviks was dominant himself, but each thrust hurt his ears and head more and more. He was in no mood or state to disobey an order from anyone right now.

He did as he was told, taking the glistening virgin manhood inside his mouth. He began licking it inside his mouth, lapping up precum as it oozed out. Rain was in another world. He had fapped before, but this was new. "Harder," he grunted. Keviks replied through actions only. The simple fact that someone was obeying his every command turned Rain on. More pre escaped. "Harder!" yelled Mist, now enjoying the pain more than otherwise. While Keviks had been serving Rain, Mist was being neglected. It surprised her that she liked the feeling of being left out while Keviks concentrated all efforts on her brother. But now, she was ready to cum, and she wanted lots of pleasure now. Keviks was nearing the edge himself, if not actually on the edge. He momentarily disobeyed orders from his superior, and focused all his remaining energy into pelvic thrusts. He reached climax before Mist did, filling his rubber almost past bursting with glob after glob of hot spunk. Mist was teetering on the edge. Right before her orgasm, Keviks's head cold, which he had been suppressing with lust for so long, caught up with him. All this movement had worsened the pain in his skull from the ear ache, and he simply blacked out from relief and pain, collapsing on top of, and inside, his partner. Mist came then and there, a split second before the stimulation stopped. She gushed juice all over the bed, with no further stimulation. It was the worst torture she had ever felt. She tried to get a paw in to rub her clit, but it was hopeless. That gigantic lummox of a chu was unconscious and drooling on top of her, and she couldn't fit her hand where it needed to go. Fifteen seconds later, her longest orgasm ever acheived ceased, and she was left still in need, now more than ever.

This all happened in twenty seconds, during which Rain was almost made to cum. When Keviks collapsed, Rain was almost there. As he slipped out of his new obedient's mouth, the sudden ceasing of stimulation was aggravating. He knew there was nothing to be done about it, so he continued by himself. The meager pleasure his paw gave was nothing compared to Keviks's mouth, and each second that passed watched and snickered as he retreated from the cliff's edge. Without warning, something covered in the scent of sex and need pounced on him. It was Mist, who had wriggled herself free. She was now on top of him, pinning him down. She was soaked in her own juices, with a smear of cum on her left leg where it had leaked from the back of the condom. "Bang me!" she vociferated.

Incest! Brother.Sister
Rain was stricken with lust but he could at least think clearly. "I'm sure he's got another of those human things in the drawer." he said. He was more than willing to give his sister the time of her life, but questions would be raised by their pac..." Our PACK! We have to get back by sunrise! If they wake up and find us missing, they'll all worry!"

"It's fine. just look for the damn what-did-he-say-it-was." She was fondling herself gently as she said this, and she knew that if too much time passed her touch would no longer remain gentle.

"It's not in here!" pouted Rain. They had actually used Keviks's last one.

"Just c'mere and screw me!" she insisted. Reluctantly, Rain moved back over to Mist. If he made her pregnant, as he was thinking earlier, both of them would be in huge trouble with the rest of their pack. They would never find a mate, but..."I'm gay though, I wouldn't be too comfortable anyway," he reasoned. "But if Mist and I made a cub, I would be comfortable around her all the time!"

His mind was doing what minds do best: rationalizing - warping reality.

He moved closer still, guided by lust for his sister's cunt. His chukawk easily slipped in, before Mist was really expecting it. While inside her, he pushed her onto her back with gentle firmness. He was dominant as always, but he had genuine, rather than superficial, love for his sister, and he didn't want to frighten her. Pinning her arms back behind her head, he banged as fast as he was able. Mist was now in heaven. Keviks was big, but he was too darn slow. In addition to that, he was concentrating more on the sucking-Rain-off part, for fear of an electric shock by his dominant. This was great for Rain, too. He liked being in charge of the movement, to cause not only his pleasure, but hers also. Mist was once again in ecstasy. She loved being pinned by her brother, feeling every in and out. They were both panting heavily now, and Mist was squeaking. "Make me cum, brother! Please don't let me down again," she gasped.

This put certain thoughts into Rain's head. He liked the idea of ruining her sister's second orgasm she would have tonight, but he decided not to. This was their first time together, after all. Maybe next time. A familiar warmth and pressure around his pubic area interrupted his thoughts. He was about to shoot. He said so: "I'm gonna cum inside you, sis! Last chance to turn back!" 'Sis', on the other hand, was still feeling adamant. "Me too!" she moaned. "Let's keep going!"

Unable to hold back his seed any longer, a gust of pure bliss shot through him, as he released his first burst. Mist felt his cock-slime inside her, and it felt beautiful, but, despite what she said, she still wasn't quite there. Three shots later, and she was near climax. "Don't...don't stop!" Mist screamed, Unfortunately, Rain was almost finished. He let out one final relieving burst and pulled himself out. He was occupied with a small feeling of guilt that he came inside his own sister, and didn't quite get on to the fact that she was just about to cum. Her arms were unpinned just before Rain took himself out, so she was able to paw herself. She did so, and seeing this, Rain finally realized she was still in need. He grabbed her two paws, the one inside her cunny and the one twiddling her clit, and he forced them away from their task of fulfillment.

"N... No!" panted Mist. "Please let me cum!" She desperately wanted to reach climax, and she thought Rain was preventing her again.

This wasn't Rain's plan. He was about to eat his sister out, but the words he was hearing were reigniting passion's flame. In other words, his cock, which was just about to get soft, hardened fully and began throbbing again. He paused in thought for a few seconds, then smiled, and gave Mist's clit one gentle lick. "Not yet," he said.

He was teasing her gently with his mouth, when, suddenly, Keviks, who was still on the other side of the bed, rolled over and said, with his trademark uncomforting grin, "Want I should pin 'im down?"

Mist, though confused by his use of strange artificial accents, nodded her head furiously, a bewildered expression playing across her face. She was angry now that Rain made her retreat from the cliff, But at least she didn't cum helplessly again. Before Rain could react, Keviks had grabbed both his forepaws with his massive left hand and, with the largest, most disconcerting wicked grin he had displayed that night he leaned back and groped blindly in the condom drawer. Mist was almost as terrified as Rain was. That... grin.

"Finally! I have located them both. Now that my ears feel a little less congested, I shall do unto Rain what he did unto me... In a sense." He revealed two bracelets, made of a pinkish semi-opaque copper. They had a hinge and a clasp, which was currently undone. He snapped one on each of Rain's wrists, and as soon as they were clasped... they held in place as if they were welded to a wall. My claws are a little sharp, I'll be back after I clip them. Then I'll give Mist the time of her life with you still pining. With another snicker on his face, he patted Mist heavily on the back. "Oh! Sorry," he said, as Mist yelped. He stood up, and headed towards his bathroom. Before he turned the corner, he quipped, "Enjoy!" and was gone.

Incest! Sister.Brother
3:20 (and bondage for teh win!)
Rain was too scared for words. It was the first time he was ever pinned, and he did not like it, not one bit. This thought that Mist always enjoyed was disturbing to Rain. The thought of what Mist might do to ruin his pleasure was petrifying. Fortunately for him, Mist was also turned to marble. She was the first to break the silence.

"You OK?" she asked.

"Of course I'm not OK!" snapped Rain. "I don't like this at all! Release me!" His throbbing erection, however, told a different story.

"I'll release you alright." Mist was feeling more horny than she could ever remember. In actuality, it was the drugs that Keviks had just administered with the aid of a thumbtack dipped in serum. Mist wanted nothing more than to cum along with Rain. She noted the fear in his eyes, snickered, and said "Don't worry, I'll be gentle!"

Her first move was to start licking the pre which was oozing out heavily from his tip. with each lick, his wanting erection bounced in joy. After about half a minute of this gentle licking, she crawled onto Rain's stomach and opened her mouth in front of him. Her bottom jaw was almost full of his pre. Rain looked on, amazed that he had produced so much when his mind was in discomfort, as Mist swallowed it in two big gulps. She opened her mouth wide, as if to say, "See? All gone!" Still silent, however, she mounted herself on Rain's member, straddiling his sides with her feet.

Rain was expecting her to start bouncing up and down, but instead, she just played with her clit with her right hand while fondling her right middle nipple with her left. She always masturbated thus, but the drugs coursing through her veins caused her to only be able to stand the pleasure a few seconds. Now that there was actual contact with her sex, she came almost instantly. The lost pleasrure of two chugasms hit her as she leaked love all over Rain's groin. He felt her already tight cunt gently squeeze his member. His cock was aching for attention, but his paws ware restrained, and the soft, warm pressure his sister's canal was fading.

"That was fun," she quipped. "Did'ju enjoy it?"

Rain truthfully and confidently asserted that he did not, adding that he wanted to cum badly, but he couldn't move his arms. Mist liked being submissive, and she couldn't understand why her brother didn't derive much pleasure from his current position. She slid back, thus removing Rain's cock from her. The sudden friction almost caused Rain to cum right then and there, but luckily, he held strong. "Please make me cum, sis!" His legs were squirming now, and Mist could see that he was ready.

"Ok. Do you want me to use my mouth or my paws?"

"Mouth." Rain could barely speak. He was relieved that he wasn't going to be made to suffer.

"Mouth you say? Paws it is then," Mist giggled.

"Oh well," thought Rain. "She could be torturing me right nnnn..." Just then Mist started pumping with both paws as hard and as fast as she could. He started to squeal in almost painful pleasure as Mist put her mouth to his tip and started licking hard. Rain's legs were twitching, almost kicking, as the first load of spunk was set free, right into Mist's waiting mouth. Mist didn't stop. She kept going as fast as she could, and Rain kept releasing load after load after load. Seven burst in all. His new record. Mist slowed down, and then stoped. Once again, she sat on his chest, showed off everything in her mouth, closed it, gulped three times, then opened it obediently. Completely empty.

What Now?
"And... cut!" announced Keviks. He was holding some sort of black and grey device. "Ah, hello Rain! I've got all that action on tape. Or, should I say, on PikaMemorex Brand Flash Memory." Noting the lack of understanding scribbled on the siblings' features, he endeavored to explain just what a camcorder was, and what he had just recorded with it. A look of panic spread across their faces.

"What are you going to do with it?" Mist asked. As long as their pack didn't actually see them mating they could return there. As it was, Keviks was able to blackmail them with a full color video of them mating, and not just mating, incest and bondage with Rain on the bottom.

Keviks was still halfway through the bathroom door, leaning on the frame. Sister and brother were sitting and lying next to each other, respectively. Keviks tried to supress a laugh as he once again donned those specs of his, the scope lens. It was basically a heads up display, with various filters, such as heat, nightvision, ultraviolet, and micro- and tele- scopic zoom. Previously, he had simply used the microscopic filter to automatically track Rain's eyes, observing his microsaccades*. After measuring the pulse rate with the heat filter calibrated to body temperature, He had correctly guessed that Rain and Mist both had the hots for him. He thought for a moment, then started up the lie detection software and switched his left eye to heat.

* {- Microsaccades are a real-life constant back and forth twitching of the eye, too small to see or notice. The direction of the twitch is usually biased towards the object or direction the subconcious is focusing on or thinking about. -}

"That... thingummijig again!" shouted Rain. He felt uncomfortable enough without more to worry about.

"They won't be used on you," Keviks said, belatedly realizing that those particular words might not soothe. They didn't. Mist stood up, ran towards the back of the room, and, finding she could not pass through the wall, swung 'round.

"Don't- Don't hurt me!"

Keviks sighed impatiently, rubbed his aching ears and head and tried to pick his words more carefully. "I'm simply trying to help you. Just anwer honestly, and I'll do every thing I can to help. First, I heard something while I was half asleep. You need to get back to your pack?"

Mist was releived. She said, "Yeah. We both ran away just after dark. We were depressed, I guess, and thought we would run off and just kill ourselves."

"Both of you?"

Rain cut in "Could..."

"Quiet. I was asking Mist." snapped Keviks. The infection was worsening, and he was becoming faint.

"Well, actually, I was the depressed one. Rain came along, he wouldn't say why. I think he wanted to stay by my side, or possibly he just wanted to stop me, but he came."

Rain made another interjection. "Maybe..."

"Shut Up!" Keviks was now very interested in this story, and he was unnaturally irritable. He turned softly to Mist "Yes? What happened next?"

"Well, not much really. It was your basic sob scene. It couldn't have been more than eight-night{-an eighth of the night: 1.5 hrs-} before we both realized that we shouldn't just run away and end it all."


Mist continued regardless: "By that time, we were stranded in the middle of nowhere, and there was no chance whatsoever of getting back without help. We saw the light from your cave in the distance and made for it. That's it."

"Oh." Keviks seemed dissapointed, as if he was hoping for something juicier.


Keviks, though his thirst for gossip was far from satisfied, finally gave his attention to Rain. "Yes? Now you may speak."

"NOW that you're finished, can someone PLEASE untie me!?"

Human Food
After Rain was untied, Keviks had offered them some udon. Dying of hunger, they did not refuse. They were sitting back at the table where they first met. "Enjoying your soup?" Keviks spoke sarcastically. The two chus had never lived among humans, and so had no idea they were to use chopsticks for the noodles.

"It's great. What is it?" Mist was oblivious to the sarcasm. Her mouth was stained with dashi, and half a noodle clung to her chin.

Keviks did not reply properly to this. At long last, his constitution crumbled. Between sex, deception, and soup, he could no longer stay awake. "I'll... sleep... here... goodnigh..." With those words he slowly slunk backwards, and began to snore. It wasn't really a surprise, but it stiil left some silence to be dealt with. Both of the remaining chus wanted to mate again, but they had both grown a liitle frightened of Keviks.

They didn't quite know what to make of him. On the one side, he tried to appear freindly, but, despite words to the contrary, all he had done so far was blackmail them and pump Mist full of some human drug. Even when he was asleep, something about him invited silence. You felt that anything said in his presence would be used against you in a court of law. To say something as remarkable as desire, in fact eagerness, to boink your sibling, was not easy in his company. Thus, the two sat drinking their soup, still heedless of the chopsticks, lying untouched, in silence.

Eventually, Rain managed a quiet whisper. Indeed, it would be better to describe it as a whimper, or even a squeak. "Let's go back and have sex again."

"You don't mind?"

"I love you. I always have. But I'm feeling something different now. Let's figure it out later." he said softly as they made their way to the back. The two hopped on the bed, and just sat and cuddled for a long time. Not much was said. A word or two about what would happen when Mist gave birth, and what their parents would say, was passed. Mist began to massage her brother's crotch, and his erection slowly appeared before her eyes. She licked it gently, and then stroked it. Her gentle touch gave Rain a lustful eagerness that he had not felt before. He wanted to bang his sister. Before, it was just a matter of satisfaction, now he had feelings for her. A brotherly tendancy to be gentle was clashing with a lustful tendancy to shag her shitless, which was in turn clashing with the natural tendancy of all chus to copulate once only, and protect the mate from harm until the baby could care for itself.

Rain settled somewhere between the first and second alternatives. Once again, Mist found herself pinned to the bed with her arms above her head.

_Gentle_ this time :P
Mist started to tear up. She was resolute, however. "I'm yours," she said meekly. Rain inserted his burning penis into her. Gently. He pressed his lips to hers, causing mist to coo. Their tongues intertwined, as he began slowly thrusting. Mist just lay there limply, as Rain continued to use his tongue and cock. He was going faster now. Mist's coos turned into soft moans. Sparks of pleasure were discharged from her cheeks as fluids leaked from between her thighs. Pleasure was building in her, and she was just about to cum. Just when she was least expecting it, Rain switched from first to fifth. Without any warning, Mist was forced into the most powerful ogasm she had in three months. She was always big in the fluids department, but now she outdid herself. By the time she was finished, her brother was absolutely drenched from the waist down. And he wasn't half finished.

Indeed, Rain was drained, from ealier that night, and he was a long way off. He decided to continue his pace, and see if he could drive her to orgasm a second time. Mist was actually screaming now. Her legs were turned to jelly. She wanted to speak out, to say no, but Rain somehow sensed this, and silenced her with his mouth. Mist was agitated, frothy even, and she accidently bit his tongue. Recoiling, the shock caused Rain to withdraw, as he tasted blood. He released Mist from her prone position, and tenderly placed a paw on his lips, as if they were the injured part.

Mist sat up slowly, hands on her lap. She wanted to apologize. She didn't know why, but she didn't mind terribly if Rain did this sort of thing to her, and she was mad at herself for causing the wondrous torture to stop. Rain didn't speak. He was just about to cum, and was sore for it. Mist now knew what she wanted to say, so she said it. "Please don't stop. I don't understand it, but I like being abused. As long as I know that you won't ever hurt me, I like it. The Human culture that our pack has begun to mimic may have something to do with it, I'm not sure, but I do know that I like the feeling of having no control. Here," she said, grabbing the cuffs used on rain ealier, which were still on the bed, "Use me." Rain couldn't understand what she meant by all this, as previously stated he had never been much of a sub, and he simply lacked any understanding of the feelings involved. After his tongue was no longer hurting, he asked, "You sure? You're not just trying to make me feel better?"

"Positive! Do whatever you want to me! From this this day on, I'm your mate and plaything. Do whatever you want to me." She lightly tossed the cuffs at Rain.

"I will! To the end of our days we will be together." He said, as he deftly caught them.

Screw it! Just bang me senseless! ^_^
Mist was now hanging from her wrists, her feet just barely making contact with the bed. Rain had positioned himself under her and had slid his chukawk into her. Mist was bearing her teeth in a facade of pain. She was expecting the thrusting to start, but it didn't. Rain slapped her butt playfully. "Go on! Up and Down." He didn't speak very sternly, but she did as she was told. She raised herself onto her toes, then fell down. She repeated this three or four times. The speed at which she fell, combined with the strength required for lifting herself back up again, was making this almost excruciating for her... just what she wanted. She no longer had to fake her expression. She fell, one last time, and began to silently cry. This wasn't pleasurable enough to make her cum even if she did this for ages, but Rain obviously liked it a lot better.

Rain was trying to see how far she would go for him. "Don't Stop. I'll lick you as a reward if you make me cum, but if you stop even for a second, I'll stop right before you reach climax." He thought for a moment, realizing he had been too harsh on her, then added "Or, we could go back to what we were doing before. Your choice." Now he chastened himself for being to easy on her. He was sorry now that he might not be able to cum like this, but instead of saying anything, Mist just lifted herself up, using her arms for strength, and actually drove herself down hard. This actually felt good to her, though exhausting, so she continued thus. She was sweating a little from exertion and pleasure, but she was determined not to stop now that she had undertaken the task. She didn't want another ruined 'gasm, but she was beginning to lose it. She was running out of energy. She felt like a human near the end of his daily hour at the gym. She was leaking fluids now, and she was enjoying the sweet, soft pleasure obtained from lifting up, followed by a sharp pang of unbearable ecstacy when she thrust downwards. What she didn't like was the way her muscles were aching. Her arms were sore, and her womb felt a little raw. Still, she persisted.

Her brother had his eyes half closed, head resting on his paws. For him, there was no downside. With each thrust, his dick bobbed, releasing more pre. He savored the moment, watching his exhausted sister force herself to endure suffering for his sake. He once again felt pressure as his prostate prepared for release. Sparks started to fly from his cheeks. Mist wanted him to be impressed by her resolve, so she mustered all the strength she had left and went postal on Rain's member. Bouncing up and down like a rubber ball which drank too much Red Bull, she released some stress with a discharge of electricity. Rain was intending to hold in the orgasm and try for a record, but this sudden onslaught of pleasure was too much for him. He instantly came. The orgasm, while not very powerful, was still a very satisfying release. The tension that grew in him was overwheling, due mostly to the slow pace.

After he blew his last load, he slid forward, so his mouth was touching the most sensitive part of his sister's body. Mist, who was very glad she could now stop "exercising", hung limply once again. Rain had his mouth to her dripping mound. He began to lick slowly, allowing his own cum to ooze into his mouth. He didn't mind the flavor, so he began to noisily slurp. Mist looked down. To her surprise, her brother was drinking his own cum. The blush on her cheek was getting deeper, and sparks started to fly. Suddenly the pleasure stopped. "Rain, please don't do this to me! I tried my best, I really did." Rain responded reassuringly. "Don't worry. You'll cum. I'm just making things last a little longer." Mist, much relieved, began to feel the gentle lapping of a caring tongue again.

She began her familiar cooing. After what had seemed to her ages of physical exertion, she was finally reaping her reward. She tried to suppress the signs of her climax, but was not able to stop the unconcious sparks. Rain once again took a breather. "You're really cute when you squirm and spark like that. This is the last time. I don't want you to suffer." With those words, he started in again. Indeed, Mist was squirming. The pleasure and need for release grew greater each time she was denied. She didn't know whether or not to trust Rain. Half of her actually wanted to be tortured. The human word for her was 'Masochist.' A perfect match for a dominant mate. Once again, she exhibited the telltale signs of orgasm. The sparks in her cheeks were very strong, and her face felt hot under her fur. Rain was true to his word. He continued, and allowed his mouth to be filled with her fluid. When the torrent stopped, He gave her clit on last teasing touch with his paw. He stood up, so that they were face to face. Just like Mist had done, Rain opened his mouth to show how much she came. Swallowed, opened, then, after a short pause, unclasped her wrists.

Keviks offers aid
11:30 a.m.
When Mist finally awoke, she couldn't make out where she was. Her brother, Rain, was snuggled up close to her, arms wrapped around her. They were both covered in sexual fluids. She remembered, and was relieved. Her first thoughts were about kidnap and rape. Then she remembered Keviks and was scared again. She shook Rain by his shoulder. He opened his eyes drowsily. "Good morning Mist. Have a good time last night?"

"Rain" she hissed. "Let's get out of here before that psycho wakes up. Maybe we can look around for that cam-whatever and destroy it. But we need to hurry."

"You mean this camCORDER?" chortled Keviks, brandishing it. He seemed to be feeling a lot better, and for some reason, he seemed larger than ever. The two spun round in shock. "I'm here to help. An idea occurred to me last night. What's your alpha going to say about you two mating. I'll tell you. He's going to kick you both out of the herd." Neither Rain nor Mist had anything to say. They didn't think of this before, but now that the truth was brought before them, they knew it to be true. After a short pause to let this sink in, he continued. "Who is he? A Raichu? It doesn't matter. I'm a God. Gods don't lose fights. I'll accompany you, lead you home, overthrow the leader, piece of cake."

"Are you crazy?" asked Mist incredulously. She was skeptical of anyone who thought they could overthrow their Alpha Male. He was so strong, that once the three other Rais in the pack ganged up on him in an effort to dethrone him, but the giant wasn't even fazed. "Yes. Of course. I said I was a God, did you not hear? Two sparks and the poor little guy will be twitching on the ground."

"He's not little. He's twice your size!" interjected Rain. "Yes, yes, yes. We'll see. I'll just grab this tape, my specs, and we're off." Before the two could stop him, he grabbed the scope lens and a small cube on the table and dashed through the door, utilizing Rain's "follow me" tactics. Before they knew it, they were following this oversized chu through the forest.

Before long, the sound of chu voices could be heard. "Where could they have gone?" asked a worried sounding female pika.

"They'll be back. I can smell them already" came a reply from a Rai.

"That does smell like them. A little too strongly like them. Do you think they left to find a mate?"

"In a sense," came the reply. It wasn't from the Raichu companion; it was from Keviks. Rain and Mist were standing just behind, shamefully looking at the ground. Keviks crossed his arms and continued. "They chose each other. Have any complaints? You will address them to ME."

"Sorry mom." whimpered Mist.

"Sorry, pack father," said Rain meekly.

"Who are you!?" thundered the Alpha Male"

"I am Keviks, your superior." he answered firmly.

"You two! I never want to see you near this pack again. As for you, Kevisk..." Keviks tut-tutted and corrected the enraged leader. "-viks. K-E-V..." Before he could finish his sentence, the leader lashed out with a deadly storm of lightning and thunder that should have killed all three of them, except... it didn't. Cowering in fear, the two outcasts suddenly realized they had nothing to fear. If Keviks was this powerful... There he floated. Face calm and collected. The electricity which should have electrocuted them all was now a bubble protecting him like a shield. "Back down or you will die," he stated matter-of-factly. He detached the cube from his scope lens, pointed it at the ground, and pressed a concealed button. The holographic figures of Rain and Mist in the process of mating in a clearly human habitat and manner appeared before their drained faces. The only one who maintained his or her calm as the recording progressed was Keviks. When it finished, he clipped it back onto his glasses and told the siblings: "Go ahead." Rain got the cue: "Mom, Dad, sorry it worked out this way. I love Mist, and she loves me. In... two ways at once." As bold as his speech was, he lacked the nerve to look either parent in the eye.

"DAD!? This guy's also your father?" Keviks was stunned. You should have told me earlier. I was about to kill him!"

Days later

Rain and Mist were side by side on a round feather bed. Keviks's voice called down the hall. Guys? Breakfast is ready! They left their room and sat down at that fateful table. "A lot can happen in a few days," contemplated Keviks as he poured the cereal. "To think that your dad would get the best of us. I will never live this down."

"It wasn't your fault!" interjected Mist. "He wouldn't back down, and you couldn't bring yourself to kill him."

"Would you want me to kill your dad? I could, easily."

"No." She admitted.

Rain spoke up, adding cheer to a melencholy atmosphere. "It's better this way. No annoying parents... No uppity kids who think they're better than you... No bullying seniors. Humans know how to live."

Keviks chuckled silently. If only they knew...
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