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Pokemon Lover Studios by sigmaweapon


Story Notes:

First chapter is sexless. All following chapters will have sex.

Chapter 2


This next chapter is long overdue and I apologize for the lateness.
On another note, I'll tell you a bit about the future structure of Pokemon Lover Studios. I'm planning on doing this starting next chapter, though I might start later if I don't get enough material.
What I want to do is this. At the end of each chapter in which an adult scene is filmed, (which will be most of them) I want a cameo of a character from another fanfiction who'll be watching that scene on a PL Studios DVD, which of course means I'll need author permission for every one of them.
Now there's a few characters from a few fanfics I'm thinking of, but the ones I want most are Kat and Zack from 'Machinations of a Trainer'.

* * * * *

Brendan sat in a leather executive chair in front of a three sided, marble patterned office desk piled with filing bins, notebooks, cases of computer disks, three computers, and five different types of calculators, all perfectly organized in a kind of grid. 
The woman in the desk seemed in her mid fifties, taller than Brendan, with short, graying black hair and plain rectangular glasses. She wore an indigo pantsuit. She talked fast in an unfamikliar language into an earphone wired to her desk phone, all while typing on a computer with one hand and into a financial calculator with her other.
Brendan looked around. A window, taking up almost an entire wall, looked out to a pond with several fountains. Filing cabinets filled another wall from end to end and floor the ceiling, each drawer with a page laminated to it as an index. Only the wall with the door had anything casual, a potted ficus and a chocolate leather couch. Only the front and back walls could be seen as moss green.

I'm now in the office of a porn mogul's mansion about to be judged like a piece of livestock. Hopefully, if I'm up to standards, I'll be making a shitload of money pretty soon. But I now knew for sure there was something very different about this particular porn studio. I still couldn't tell what it was, despite the clues all around me, and in retrospect I think maybe that's what they were counting on. But like I said before, it's never been possible for me to realize these things until it's much too late.
This office bared no resemblance to anything I'd seen on the way here. The casino motif just became more and more extravagant the further into this place I got, and now this office. It looked like any other middle management office you'd find anywhere in the world.
And that woman was... strange to say the least. She didn't seem to notice me when I came in and still continued her business whatevers as if I weren't there. I didn't know what language she spoke, but that accent was the same as Flora's. She could only have come from... that same country. What the hell's with me? I still can't remember the name of it.
You know, for a middle-aged woman she didn't look half bad. Despite her years, she certainly seemed fuckable.

The woman finished her call. She pulled the earphone out of her ear and let it fall onto the desk. She stopped typing and looked at Brendan, barely smiling for a moment. After shoving the calculator and several papers to the side she looked at Brendan more intently and rested her hands on her desk.
"You're Brendan Hopkins, here for the regular acting position?" she asked.
"Yes m'am." Brendan answered.
"And what exactly is your motive for applying as an actor at PL Studios?" she asked.
Brendan swallowed and shifted in his seat.

What's my motive for wanting a job here? That's the very first thing she asked? Actually I was always told to expect that question first, but the way she asked it made it sound as if she was paranoid, acusing me of something-especially since she didn't even say her name first. So just how the fuck was I supposed to answer that? The obvious answers were "for the sex", "for the money", and "for the career opportunity". The first answer was just sad, the second arrogant, and the third plain laughable.

"Could it be... for the money?" the woman asked.

Well, that was easy enough.

"Yes m'am," Brendan said.
"Money for a university education?" the woman asked.
Brendan blinked and shifted in his seat again. "How did you know that?" he asked.
"Given your age I think it's obvious," The woman said. "What are you looking toward?"
"A Phibes PHD in optic and electronic engineering," Brendan answered.
"I see," The woman said, and leaned back in her chair. "My name's Coral DuHart. I own and operate PL Studios, and I need convincing before hiring new talent. So convince me. What credentials do you have that would make you an asset to an adult film studio?"

Credentials were the easy part.

Brendan reached into his jacket pocket, removed the Jonny Osbourne February 2007 premier catalog with himself posing on the cover in his underwear, and tossed it onto the desk.
"I'm also on pages five, seven, twelve, eighteen, and twenty two," Brendan said.
Coral picked up the catalog. She cocked her head and pursed her lips as she flipped through the pages for a minute before stuffing the magazine in a filing bin. She looked back up at Brendan and smiled. She opened a drawer and removed an old box, removed a cigar and a gold Zippo from it, and lit up in front of Brendan. She extended her hand holding the box to him.
"Cuban?" Coral asked.
"Actually no. Mostly Finnish and Swiss, uh, with a little French in there somewhere," Brendan said.
Coral closed her eyes and shook her head. "I meant would you like a Cuban cigar?" she asked.

See what I mean about not being observant?
That really stung, and I was afraid that it might have hurt my chances at getting this job.

"No thanks," Brendan said, shaking his head.
Coral placed the cigar box back into the drawer and then took a drag.
"Do you have a hard on Mr. Hopkins?" She asked, and then blew out the smoke.
Brendan squinted and blinked at the question.

Do I have a hard on? I really wasn't expecting that. It was idiotic of me not to, I know, but hey, look your talking to.

"No," Brendan answered.
"Can you get one?" Coral asked.
"Sure, just give me a couple minutes," Brendan said, nodding his head.

Okay, think Brendan! Think something, anything, that'll get you off. Three lesbians, one black, one white, and one Asian, all in the sauna and covered in cocoa butter. Stiff nipples and dripping cunts coated in latex and candle wax. Your future depends on this Brendan. Think!
Your Furret curled into a ball, using that amazing flexibility of hers to suck her own pussy... okay, don't think of that! But think of something.

"While you're getting ready, you no doubt have many questions for me," Coral asked. "Ask anything you want. However odd, selfish, or shallow it may sound, I want you to ask everything you can think of before this is over."
Brendan looked out the window, barely having paid attention to what Coral just said, trying to get himself hard. But something distracted him. A Flygon, probably the same one he saw when he first came to the estate, was stretched out on its back on the grass next to the pond.
Brendan shook his head and turned back to Coral.
"Are you from the Kanto province?" Brendan asked.
Coral raised an eyebrow. "You can tell the accent down to the region?"
"I know a few people from Kanto," Brendan said. "I was also kind of wondering, who's Otis?"
Coral smiled and nodded her head. She took a drag of her cigar and propped her feet up on the desk. 
"Otis Barns was the first actor I ever hired," Coral said. "He filled much the same role I intend for this position, that of the young, naive, cute and innocent little boy. Although in reality he was anything but. That was thirty-five years ago. Otis is now the caretaker and administrator of this estate. Aside from my partner and I, he is the most powerful person in PL Studios."
"And just who's your partner?" Brendan asked.
Coral grinned and took another drag of her cigar. She didn't answer.

What the hell was that grin for? I couldn't figure it out. Either way, I had just made it clear to her that I had no idea what this place really was. And I think that was the deciding factor in her actually hiring me.

"Do you have any more questions?" Coral asked, then blew out her smoke.
Brendan shook his head.
"Yes you do," Coral said sternly. "You say you want this job to pay for a Phibes PHD, so obviously you want to know how much it pays. No need to ask, I'll tell you right now. The position you're interested in is for PL Studios's flagship series 'The Estate'. Over the course of the summer we'll be filming an eighteen-episode season. If you qualify for this position, your salary will be twenty thousand scribes per episode."
Brendan stood up, eyes wide and jaw agape.

Twenty thousand scribes an episode for eighteen episodes?! Holy shit! That's three hundred and sixty thousand Scribes for a summer job! That's two hundred and forty thousand US dollars, over seventy percent more than the cost of a year's tuition. With that alone I could do everything: classes, tutors, materials both standard and esoteric, unlimited lab access, keep my apartment, buy a new car, and go out to eat every night for the rest of the year! Okay, maybe I couldn't do that much, but it's still more than I need.
At that point I no longer cared about what the hell was wrong with this place, or about what kind of status I'd have as an engineer. I'd fuck an eighty year old fatass hag for that kind of money.

Coral smiled and brought her legs back down to the floor. She took one last drag of her cigar and put it out on a marble ashtray. She blew out her smoke before talking.
"I thought that would get your attention," Coral said. "How much time do you have left before you obtain your PHD?"
Brendan stared dumbfounded at Coral. The only words that still registered in his mind were twenty thousand scribes and eighteen episodes, all turning into three hundred and sixty thousand scribes.
"Brendan?" Coral asked.
Brendan shook his head. "Uh... the whole eight years." 
"Then you'll have an eight year contract," Coral said. "But before I can give it to you, I'll need to see your cock."

Cock? What? Oh, of course! I still had a hard on. She needed to see if I was up to standard.

Brendan closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He repeatedly clenched and opened his hands, trying to calm down from the numbers he just heard.
Brendan opened his eyes. He unzipped his pants and let them fall around his ankles. His cock sprang up for Coral's critique. It was on the higher end of average size, six and a quarter inches long, thick around, and straight as a rod. It held itself at an almost perfect right angle to Brendan's body. Its circumcision was shallow, allowing to foreskin to climb to the base of the head.
Coral narrowed her eyes and leaned forward. She bit her lower lip looking at Brendan's cock, and then smiled and leaned back.
"It's adequate," she said. "When were you last tested for sexually transmitted diseases?"
"Two weeks ago," Brendan answered. "We have a home test, it checks for the ten most common diseases, and I came out clean for all of them."
Coral leaned forward and rested her elbows on her desk, and her head in her hands. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply, as if contemplating. She leaned back in her chair and raised an eyebrow at Brendan, who still stood with his pants around his ankles and his dick hanging out.
"You can pull your pants up now," Coral said.

Shit! I'd forgot I even pulled them down to begin with.

Brendan pulled up and buttoned his pants and sat down.
"I suppose that test is adequate for assessment purposes," Coral said. "But after the end of the assessment we'll need blood, urine, semen, pubic hair and skin samples for our own laboratories, and you'll have to repeat those tests every ten days. PL Studios has a reputation for health that needs to be upheld, I'm sure you understand."
"Yes I understand," Brendan said, nodding his head.
"Good! I'll arrange your contract, you'll take your assessment as soon as it's done."
Coral removed a small stack of papers bundled together from a filing bin, and a wooden fountain pen from her desk's front drawer. She opened the bundle and scribbled lines onto the first page. She handed the bundle to Brendan, who skimmed over the first and second pages of standard contract jargon, along with Coral's scribbles saying things like eighteen episodesThe Estatetwenty thousand Scribes, and eight years. The bottom of the first page was a line labeled Client's Signature Here.
Brendan signed.

I couldn't get the numbers out of my head. Twenty thousand Scribes an episode for eighteen episodes, equaling three hundred and sixty thousand Scribes. Over eight years that's two point eight, eight million Scribes, more than I'd ever need for Phibes.
I signed the contract after only reading the first two pages. Why the fuck didn't I read the rest of it?! Considering the speed I read at, I could've done so in a just a few minutes. So all of you out there right now who are paying attention, I say to you, don't ever sign a contract until you've read all of it, and I mean 
all of it! And they all talk about how smart geniuses are.

After signing, Brendan closed the contract and handed it, and the pen, back to Coral. She leaned back in her chair and propped one foot up on her desk. She opened up the contract and stared for some time at Brendan's signature before smiling, closing it up again, and shoving it back in the filing bin.
"So what's this assessment all about?" Brendan asked.
"You will star in a single adult scene," Coral replied. "Your partner will assess your sexual prowess, while I'll be there to assess your prowess in front of the camera. At this point it's only a formality as I assure you, you're getting the job. All other applicants were turned down at the gate, and I doubt anyone will show up who fits the description better than you."
"And just who is this partner?"
Coral smiled. "She saw you when you first entered the manor, and personally requested to be your assessor."
Coral removed a photograph from the right side drawer and her desk and handed it to Brendan. Brendan stared at the photograph with a blank face, still as a statue. For several minutes nothing changed, as if the office itself were a photograph.
The photograph showed a milk white Weavile with a butter colored plume of feathers and bright pink eyes. She lay on her side surrounded by red drapes, winking at the camera, licking one claw while the other rubbed her hip.

In my mind at that moment I heard the sound of a semi screeching to a halt. That was the Weavile I saw when I first walked into this building! The albino Weavile! Most people's first reaction to this situation would be to disbelief; mine was to take it at face value. This woman, Coral, wanted me to fuck a Weavile, to have sex with a Pokemon, in front of the camera! And if her words were right, it was the Pokemon's idea.
The disbelief came later. My second thought after I'd gotten over the shock was that she'd pulled out the wrong photograph on accident. My next thought after that was that I must be on some kind of sick hidden camera show. ... No, that was doubtful. It was the wrong photograph it had to be! There had to be whole mess of photos in that drawer, and one of them had to be a woman who was supposed to shoot this scene with me. In a mess like that, it would be easy to grab the wrong photo by mistake.

Brendan handed the photograph back to Coral. "I'm sorry I think you pulled out the wrong picture," He said.
Coral looked at the picture of the Albino Weavile, cocked her head, and then handed it back to Brendan. 
"No, that's the correct photograph. My Weavile will be assessing your sexual prowess," she said.

She said it! I can't believe it! She actually said it! 'Weavile will be assessing your sexual prowess.' So it was true, she really did want me to fuck a Weavile, to have sex with a Pokemon, in front of the camera. It was only then that the realization finally came to me. This wasn't just any porn studio; it was a Pokemon porn studio!
All of the Pokemon I saw on the way here, the sleeping Grovyle, The Kadabra absorbed in its book, the Flygon eating the cherry blossoms and then swimming in the pond, and the albino Weavile in the lobby. Each and every one of them had already fucked more than their fare share of humans. This Coral wanted me to become the latest concubine in a Weavile's human harem! And then, no doubt, she wanted me to go on to fuck many other Pokemon.
Otis, you motherfucker! You whispered into her ear when she saw me! You must've given her the idea. But then again... if it wasn't the Weavile, it would've just been some other Pokemon.
I couldn't go through with that. I've watched Pokemon porn before. Hell, I've even jacked off to it a few times! But that's just... well there's a god damn big difference! Isn't there? There had to be. Whether or not there was, I still couldn't do it. Never mind an ex porn star, who in the whole fucking world would ever hire an engineer who's an ex Pokemon porn star?! And even if someone would hire such a freak, who would ever want him as a client?
What must it be like to have sex with a Weavile? What would her pussy smell like? What would it taste like? What would it feel like wrapped around my cock? And what would her tongue feel like in the same circumstance? The thought of it made my mouth water.
Goddammit Brendan, stop that! That's wrong and you know it! And even if it wasn't, you couldn't go through with it. It would destroy the life you were trying to build. Bye-bye Brendan Hopkins, award winning, internationally recognized Sylph Co. engineer. Hello Brendan Hopkins, man who sticks his dick inside Pokemon for a living. Where's that eighty year old fatass hag when you need her?
You're just going to have to tell her that it's no deal.

Coral looked amused as she watched Brendan lost in thought. During the time, Brendan paced back and forth, his head looking at everything from the floor to the ceiling, and his arms unable to hold a pose for longer than a few seconds, be it crossed, in his pockets, resting on his hips, or clasped behind his back.
Brendan finally closed his eyes and breathed deep. He turned toward Coral.
"You honestly didn't know what this studio was?" she asked.
Brendan shook his head.
"It's right in our name! Pokemon Lover Studios."
"I only saw the add in the paper!" Brendan shouted. "How the fuck was I supposed to know that?!"
"You're not very perceptive, are you? But then again, people who qualify for PHD courses at Phibes usually aren't."
"I can't do it," Brendan sighed.
"I beg your pardon?"
"I can't be in a Pokemon porn movie!" Brendan shouted. "First off, its wrong. Second, if I actually do this... who's ever going to hire me as an engineer?"
"That's what they all say in the beginning," Coral said. "They all come around soon enough. Besides, you already signed the contract. And since I haven't paid you anything yet, if you refuse this I can sue you for the entire salary you'll be earning over the next eight years. I highly doubt you have enough for me to repossess to pay for that, in which case you'll go to prison."

So that's it huh? I spend the next eight years as a Pokemon porn star or I have everything I own repossessed and then go to jail? This bitch's tactics were bloodthirsty. I was now backed up into a corner and had no choice. It looks like I was actually going to fuck this Weavile after all.
This is why I told you always to read every last word of a contract before signing. No matter how incredible the offer being made is, shit like this might happen to you. There goes being able to walk away whenever I wanted.

Brendan sighed and slumped forward with his hands in his pockets.
"I don't have much of a choice do I?" he asked.
Coral shook her head.

* * * * *

I'm now wandering the hallways of Pokemon Lover Studios, following Coral DuHart to whatever stage I'm going to meet this Weavile at. She's babbling on and on about how lavishly she treats her Pokemon, and how much of a perfect paradise the studio is for them, and how much they all love it here. Clearly she was trying to embellish me. There were still a lot of people in Skandia who held on to the puritanical views of Pokephilia, as something for which both human and Pokemon should be burned alive, along with their families and homes. My opinion wasn't nearly as strong, but I still wanted nothing to do with it. Shit load of good that did me.

Brendan walked with his head down, following the sound of the foot steps in front of him. Carpets changed from red with gold floral designs, to blue with red dollar-esque designs, to green with black gothic designs. He saw little else, and heard little of what Coral said.
"How come this place is so lavish?" Brendan asked, interrupting whatever Coral was saying. "I mean, all the Pokemon porn I ever heard of is bottom of the budget home videos shot in someone's basement kind of shit."
"That's because ninety nine percent of all Pokemon porn involves only a few species," Coral answered. "The vast majority involves Mighteyena, with some Machop, and the occasional Blaziken on the side. It's PL Studios's novelty that gives us our big budgets. We get the species that everyone wants to see, but no one else can get."
"And where do you get them all?" Brendan asked.
"Usually from Pokemon trainers or coordinators who are also closet Pokephiles, having sexual relations with one or sometimes all of their Pokemon. They fantasize about their exotic Pokemon staring in one of our films, which is all the better for us. Especially since once a Pokemon visits, it often doesn't want to leave."

I could imagine why.

"So how much do your videos sell anyway?" Brendan asked, not knowing that the question was rude.
Coral dismissed the rudeness and answered as if it were normal. "We can't sell retail or wholesale for obvious reasons, only direct to customer. But regardless of that, our flagship series 'The Estate' sells roughly a quarter million copies per episode for sixty scribes each."

I stopped in place, for a moment unable to understand what Coral just said. If I heard her right, that means she makes fifteen million Scribes per episode. That's a hundred and twenty million for a season. Even if each episode had a production budget of ten million Scribes,-which I doubt-that's still a profit of ninety million.
Suddenly two things made sense, the money she's offering me for this gig, and just how damn huge and fancy this place was. If this woman had a quarter million loyal customers, that could only mean she sells to clients the world over. She'd have to have a damn good way of hiding what she was shipping from customs, because there are a rare few countries that would accept imports of Pokemon porn.

Brendan stood wide-eyed behind Coral. She turned around and looked at him, raising an eyebrow.
"That's a lot isn't it?" Coral said. "Everyone who comes to work here makes that face twice, first when they hear what they're going to be paid, and second when they hear how much the studio makes.
"By the way, the set is just through that door."
Coral pointed to metal door painted matte blue behind her, with a lever across its length, like the doors in schools and gyms.
She walked through the door, giving Brendan the briefest glance at what was inside. He saw little more than concrete, steel scaffolding, and a small area covered in red drapes. But the instant the door opened he tensed. He stood up straight and stiff, held his breath, and tightened the muscles in his arms. His hands began to shake.
Brendan closed his eyes and tried his best to breathe deeply. He opened his eyes again to see the door closed. He repeatedly squeezed his hands, trying to get them to stop shaking. It worked, but they became clammy afterward. Brendan began to sweat. He shook his head and wriggled his toes, trying to prepare himself to step forward toward the door. Several times he lifted a foot an inch off the ground only to set in back down. Finally, he spun in circles for several seconds before staring down the door and taking one last deep breath.
Brendan took one agonizingly slow step toward the door. The next step was just a bit faster, and the next faster still, until the door was right in front of him. Brendan wriggled his fingers next to the door handle, waiting for some time before he finally pushed, flung the door open, and stepped into the room.
The room was massive, some kind of warehouse with concrete floors and ceilings held up by steel scaffolding. Movie sets, anywhere from the size of a bathroom to the size of a house were lined up in a grid pattern along the room, but only one could be seen, as purple draped covered all the others.
The set was of a plain square room with hardwood floors and red silk drapes covering the walls. Stage lights shone onto it from above. A single cameraman and single soundman, both in a white tee shirts and old jeans, held a steady cam and microphone pole toward their prize.
A circular bed with red sheets and pillows sat at the center of the set. The albino Weavile laid propped up against them, her legs splayed out as wide as they comfortably could be.
She stared with half open eyes into the camera. Her paw worked between her legs, rubbing slow circles around her pussy, pulling one lip apart at a time, briefly exposing the pearl pink flesh inside.
Even from this distance, Brendan could see already engorged lips of the Weavile's cunt. It hardened his cock instantly and made his mouth water.

What the fuck am I doing? Why did I even walk into this room? My heart pounded so hard I could hear it, all the hairs on my body stood on end, my knees were about to give out, and my stomach floated up into my chest. Except for my mouth and cock,-which I have no control over anyway-the signs my body gave me were clear. "Run like hell and don't look back!" they said. Or at least, that's what I hoped they said. Isn't that what any reasonable person would think when confronted with this sight? A Weavile glares at you seductively, giving you the clearest view of her paw stroking her swollen, partly opened twat. I couldn't take my eyes off it.
Brendan you ass! Why do you have to stare at it? It was bad enough when you watched videos of these things, now you want to be those videos? You don't want to be those videos; keep telling yourself that.
But you are going to be those videos. You know full well what'll happen to you if you won't. Just don't enjoy it, whatever you do.

"It's about time," Coral said. "I thought you were going to stand at the other side of that door for the rest of the day."
Brendan shook his head and looked to his left. Coral stood next to him with her hands on her hips.

What'd she say that for?
All those thoughts must've passed through my head in less than a second.

"Weavile is waiting Brendan," Coral said. "It would be unfortunate if you disappointed her. Oh yes, and it would be best if you went in bare chested and without your glasses."

Okay, this was it. I was actually going to have sex with this Weavile, and I was going to be filmed doing it. But that was nothing. Soon, complete strangers will pay to see what I did here today. But there wasn't any other choice. It was either a ton of money, or bankruptcy following jail time. It's showtime.
You're a fuck-tard for letting yourself get trapped like this Brendan.

Brendan shrugged his arms free of his blazer and let it fall to the floor. He took off his shirt and glasses and threw them too, to the floor. He put his arms in his pockets and walked onto the set. The cameraman followed his movement.
The Weavile smiled at Brendan and narrowed her eyes at him. She stopped rubbing her pussy in circles, instead rubbing up and down, giving Brendan a better view of her lips and the oiled flesh beneath.
"You can start by sucking her pussy," Coral said.
Brendan's calm appearance was superficial. His hands trembled in his pockets, and he nearly hyperventilated. He stood, trying to breath as slow as possible to calm himself. After so long, Weavile's smile turned into a sneer.
"Weavile," she barked.
"She's getting impatient," Coral said.
A few more moments of slow breathing, and Brendan was ready. He crawled on top of the bed, and toward the albino Weavile, who once again smiled at him. Brendan looked into her eyes. They were dark purple.

She had pink eyes last time I saw her. What the hell's with the purple now?

The Weavile lifted her paw and held it out to Brendan.
"Weavile," she said seductively.
"She wants you to lick her paw, so I suggest you make it good," Coral said.
The cameraman walked around to get the side view.
Brendan leaned over and smelled the pad of the Weavile's paw.

I could see the moisture from the folds of Weavile's pussy on the pads of her paw, and I could smell her sex all over her it. It smelled like deep, musky butter. Do I really want to do this? Might as well get it over with.

Brendan grasped the Weavile's paw in his hand. He brought his head down and lapped up each pad on Weavile's paw individually, licking up the juices from her cunt and leaving his own saliva behind.
The Weavile wriggled her fingers and squeaked in delight from the feeling of Brendan's tongue.

Weavile's pussy fluids tasted much like they smelled, like buttered scallops. It was delicious. If it tasted that good on her paw, how good will it taste inside her snatch? No Brendan, this is a job, not something to enjoy.

Weavile laid her paw on Brendan's head as he slowly lowered it toward her pussy. Brendan could see then it wasn't shaped exactly like a human's. It was rounder, and the inner labia stuck out further at the bottom, almost like a tiny tongue.
Weavile put her other paw on Brendan's head.
Brendan stared down at Weavile's pussy. It swelled to the point that its lips parted. Over however long, its fluid dripped to the point of wetting the fur around it.
Brendan's mouth was inches from Weavile's cunt, and he breathed on it, making the fur follicles around her labia stand on end. But after so long, the Weavile sneered.
"Weavile!" she growled, pushing down on Brendan's head.

I don't claim to be able to speak Pokemon, but I knew exactly what that growl meant, "stick your tongue inside me or else!" I wasn't about to argue with a woman who held four-inch claws against the back of my head. The smell of musk and butter was now overwhelming. Just pretend you like it; it shouldn't be too hard, considering your previous thoughts.
And they always told me that the one 
giving oral was the one in control.

Brendan closed his eyes and swallowed his copious amount of saliva. He stuck out his tongue and slowly dragged it across Weavile's pussy, across the inner lip that stuck out of the bottom, across her vaginal opening, and across her clitoris-the one part of her sex that looked much like a human's-.
Weavile bared her teeth and arched and wriggled her pelvis from Brendan's tongue.
"Weaaavile," she gurgled in delight.
Brendan let a string of saliva drag from Weavile's clit to his tongue as he lifted it off her.

The taste of buttered scallops inside the folds of Weavile's sex was a hundred times stronger than it was on her paw. I could barely think straight any longer.

"You've broken the mold now," Coral said. "The anticipation is over. What we need now is vigor."

You want vigor? Sure, I can give you that.

Brendan dragged his tongue across the Weavile's pussy again, this time harder, and extra slow across her clit. And then he licked her again, faster, and harder, and again, eliciting deep murrs of pleasure and wriggles from the Pokemon.
The cameraman closed the distance between himself and the bed, getting a close up view of Brendan's mouth work.
With every lick, Weavile's pussy leaked more fluid, and Brendan lapped all of it up. Finally, Brendan reached his arms up between her legs and parted her cunt lips with the thumb and forefinger of each hand, completely exposing the folds and crevices of oily pearl pink flesh inside the Weavile's pussy.
Brendan dragged his tongue in circles around the inner lips of Weavile's sex, getting tantalizingly close to her vagina, and slowing down just a bit when he passed her clit. Weavile's pussy now thoroughly coated Brendan's tongue with its sap as Brendan's tongue bathed it in his saliva.
The Weavile grit her teeth and pushed hard against Brendan's head. She arched her back and bucked her hips forward, continuing to wriggle her legs and shoulders. The Weavile finally opened her mouth and barely let the tip of her tongue hang out, breathing hard and fast. It was a clear message to all but the most fanatical Pokephile haters of how much this albino Weavile loved having a human eat out her cunt.

What the hell was I doing? I was eating out a Pokemon's pussy like it was my favorite thing to do in the whole world! I was sucking up her fluids like a vacuum. Why was I doing this?
The taste and smell drove me crazy. I had to have more of it, and I didn't care that it was coming from a Pokemon. How could you enjoy something like this? What's wrong with you?

Brendan gave no sign of his conflicting thoughts. He let his fingers go from Weavile's pussy lips and raised his mouth to the top of her twat. He stuck his tongue out and circled along the edge of Weavile's clit.
"Weaaavile!" she cried out.
Weavile brought her legs up and wrapped them around Brendan's shoulders. She pulled her head back, pushed her chest forward, and kneaded her paws into Brendan's neck.
Brendan brought his hand to Weavile's sex, rubbing his middle finger up and down her slit, brushing past her vagina, and quickly covering it with her fluid. Brendan rubbed Weavile's pussy faster and with shorter strokes. He then slowly worked his finger, twisting, into her hole. Almost immediately, Weavile thoroughly oiled Brendan's finger. She squeezed his finger so hard he had to push back to keep it inside her.
Brendan turned his finger upwards, hooked it, and rapidly scratched it across the top of Weavile's insides. Weavile's pussy responded immediately to coat Brendan's finger with even more fluids. At the same time, he closed his mouth over Weavile's clit and sucked hard, as if trying to suckle milk from it.
"Weaaavile..." Weavile squealed.
She let her head fall toward the camera and stared into it with her eyes half closed, her mouth open, and her tongue curled around her top teeth. The cameraman panned up to Weavile's face, capturing her expression for several seconds before panning back to Brendan simultaneously fingerfucking her pussy and sucking her clit.
"Weaaavile, vile, weaa!" she squealed again.
Weavile's breathing sped up, and her shoulders and feet tensed. Brendan sensed this. He suckled Weavile's clit harder and fingered her pussy faster. Her fluids now dripped from her cunt onto Brendan's chin and onto the sheets. She turned her head back toward the ceiling and squeezed her eyes shut.
Brendan continued the suckle Weavile's clit and rub his hooked finger back and forth across the insides of her vagina. Weavile's breathing sped up again, and her legs squeezed Brendan's shoulders harder.
"Weaaavile!" she squealed one last time, and pushed her crotch as hard into Brendan's face as she could. 
Weavile sprayed her juice into Brendan's mouth and quickly reached a paw down to cover up her now hypersensitive clit, but allowing Brendan to continue fingering her pussy, which he now did softer and slower. She moved her hips in circles as he did so.
Brendan swished Weavile's fluids around in his mouth for several seconds before swallowing. He sat up on his knees and removed his finger from Weavile's insides. Seeing the flesh of Weavile's pussy again, it was now bright pink instead of pearl pink.
Weavile smiled at Brendan with half closed eyes.
"Weavile," she growled, as if thanking him.

What did I just do? I honestly didn't know at that moment. For a split second I knew exactly what I had done, and then the shock of that knowledge made me forget. Now I desperately tried to remember.
What was this creature in front of me? A Pokemon? It was an albino Weavile, and one that I've seen before. Why was her sex so swollen and pink and dripping wet? And why does my mouth feel like its been permanently coated with the taste of buttered scallops?
That Weavile looked like she just had a powerful orgasm. But why?

"That was excellent!" Coral said. "Now kiss her while her taste is still fresh in your mouth."

That was Coral talking. Why did she just say that? Could it be because... holy shit! I remember everything! My mouth was on that Weavile's cunt! But that wasn't the half of it, I just sucked her pussy until she cummed in my mouth, and oh my god did she ever cum. I just sucked a Pokemon's pussy! And now she stared at me as if I'm the best thing since sliced bread.
What the hell kind of sick drug was I on to make me want to do that? At least that's what I wished to think. I knew I was sober. I did it because I was made to do it. But the way I did it was as if that was what I wanted more than anything else. That couldn't be right, could it? ... No it couldn't.

"Brendan?" Coral asked.

Coral's voice reminded me. Now I have to kiss this Weavile! I've already abandoned any hope of a reputation, so I might as well.

Weavile pushed herself up and sat on her knees. She brought her paw out to Brendan and motioned him forward with her claw, smiling at him, showing as many of her knife-like teeth as possible.
"Weavile," She beckoned.
Brendan shut his eyes, trying not to look at the mouth he was going to kiss, or the teeth that lined it. He crawled two steps forward, and Weavile immediately took the invitation.
Weavile scooted forward, wrapped her paws around Brendan's head, and shoved her lips against his, quick and hard. Her tongue wrapped and rewrapped itself around his, and then explored the insides of his mouth. Weavile ran her tongue along the insides and outsides of Brendan's gums, and along his cheeks, before once again corkscrewing it around his tongue. Brendan, in such shock, could barely move his own tongue or lips against hers. Her mouth watered from the taste of her own cum, and her saliva leaked into Brendan's mouth.
The cameraman moved around to get an angled view, mostly facing Weavile.
As she continued to explore Brendan's mouth with her tongue, sucking up the last traces of her juice from his saliva, Weavile rubbed her paws down Brendan's neck and onto his shoulders and shoulder blades. She rubbed and kneaded Brendan's flesh and dragged the tips of her claws against his skin.
Brendan finally relaxed and pushed back against Weavile's kiss. He crawled forward and sat down on his knees, leaning into Weavile's mouth. He reached a hand around to her back. Mimicking Weavile, he rubbed his hand hard into her back, from the base of her tail up to between her shoulder blades, back and forth. He pushed his own tongue into Weavile's mouth, rubbing across her sharp teeth.
Weavile growled in delight into Brendan's mouth, the kiss muffling the sounds.
After a time, Brendan and Weavile separated. Weavile let a string of saliva fall from her tongue and Brendan's lip onto her chin, before wiping it away. Brendan swallowed his mouthful of Weavile's spit.
Brendan stared into Weavile's eyes as she grinned at him before flopping back down on her back, breathing heavily with her eyes closed.
"Weavile," she moaned.
The cameraman stepped back.
"Very nicely done," Coral said. "Now there's only one thing left to do. Fuck Weavile."

I barely registered what Coral said. As soon as it was over I pushed it to the back of my mind. What just happened was at the front. That was the dirtiest, most intense, and fucking hottest kiss I ever had! My heart pounded so hard it made me dizzy, and my extremities tingled, all of them. I'd never met a woman before who could kiss so vile or so well, much less both at once. It was absolutely incredible.
What the fuck?! What am I talking about?! That was a Weavile! I just kissed a fucking Weavile! And I liked it?! Holy shit have you got problems Brendan. You eat out a Weavile's cunt and act as if you like it. and then as soon as you're done, you kiss her and do like it!
Did she do something to you? Could she have used something on you, like attract or sweet scent? But Weaviles can't use sweet scent, and if she used attract, I wouldn't be able to think like this.
So now what? Now I finish the job? Even if I did love kissing this Weavile, could I really go all the way with her? Lots of trainers kiss their Pokemon. Lots of others kiss their Pokemon in such lurid ways in front of the camera for money. Few of them would ever consider fucking their Pokemon. But then again, few of them would ever consider eating out their Pokemon either.
I've already passed the point of no return. I've already gone this far, and I know full well what would happen to me if I refused.

Brendan dropped back down to his hands and knees and crawled up above Weavile. Weavile shot her eyes open and glared as if in shock as Brendan's new position.
"I wouldn't do that if I were you," Coral said.

Wouldn't do what?

Weavile furrowed her brow and her irises narrowed into slits. She bared her teeth, clenched her paws, and swept her ears back.
"Weaaaviiile!" she snarled.
Weavile reared back a paw, and in a flash of movement, struck Brendan in the chest, throwing him off her. Brendan tumbled to the side onto his back. He clutched his chest with one hand and grasped at the air with the other. He cried and groaned while tears streamed down his clenched face. He half rolled back and forth gasping for breath.
Weavile jumped up and leaped on top of Brendan. She straddled his chest. She pushed his shoulders down, pinning him, and growled at him, baring her teeth inches from his face.

What the fuck?! I felt like I was just hit by a sledgehammer! I couldn't breath. She damn near broke a few ribs when she hit me, and I think she could've if she were so inclined. And now she's holding me down and snarling in my face.
What did I do wrong? How could I have pissed her off so much? Whatever it is, that was a hell of an overreaction. Why'd she have to do that?
I was right on the edge of cumming before she hit me. Now my dick had shrunk back down to size.

For a minute more, Weavile growled in Brendan's face while holding him down. In that time, Brendan regained his breath and opened his eyes. As he did, Weavile sat up on his chest, crossed her arms, and smirked at him.
Weavile brought a paw to Brendan's face and waved a finger side to side.
"Weavile, vile, weavile," she scolded.
"I warned you," Coral said. "It' a very bad idea to try to get on top when having sex with a Weavile."

You could've warned me before this all started instead of waiting until the last second!

"Weavile!" Weavile barked one last time.
"After upsetting Weavile like that, I think it would be best if you just laid back and let her do all the fucking," Coral said.

Whatever you say.

Weavile leaned over and lay down on Brendan's chest, propping her arms up on her crossed paws. She sat back up shortly after. She reached out a paw to scrape the sweat from Brendan's brow with her claw, and licked it off as she gazed at the camera.
Weavile scooted down Brendan until she rested on his knees.
The Cameraman moved around to behind Brendan's head, now overlooking Weavile staring down at his crotch.
Weavile grinned and wriggled her fingers as she reached down and snared two claws under Brendan's jean snap. A twist of her wrist and the snap was undone. Weavile reached her claws into Brendan's jeans, pried the zipper open, and pulled them down below his hips.
Brendan's precum stained his underwear. Weavile slinked her claw into the leg of Brendan's underwear, and with a yank, snapped it in two, revealing his balls and half limp cock. Brendan's pubic hair, light and thin, spread only across a small patch above his cock, and leaving his balls nearly bare.
"Weaaavile..." Weavile gurgled as she licked her lips.
Weavile leaned over, propping herself up on her claws that resting on the bed to either side of Brendan. She smelled his cock and licked her lips. Immediately, Brendan's Cock started to harden again.
Weavile dragged her tongue across the bottom of Brendan's still hardening cock. When Brendan was nearly at full length, Weavile crawled forward just a bit and took the head of Brendan's cock in her mouth. She wrapped her tongue around his head and rubbed round and round. In ten more seconds, Brendan was fully hard again.
The cameraman zoomed it on Weavile sucking Brendan's dick.
Weavile took another inch of Brendan's cock into her mouth. She unwrapped her tongue from his head and slithered it down the length of his shaft, sticking it out of her mouth another inch and rubbing back and forth across the bottom of his cock while suckling his head. Another fifteen seconds and Brendan's cock dripped precum into Weavile's mouth. It was the signal she waited for.
Weavile slowly slid her mouth off of Brendan's cock, sat up on his legs, and crossed her arms. Weavile smiled and narrowed her eyes at Brendan. Her irises narrowed into slits.
Weavile uncrossed her arms and grabbed Brendan's hips. She pulled herself forward and straddled his hips. Her pussy leaked fluid onto his crotch. She crawled forward on her hands and knees onto Brendan's chest, bent down and licked the nape of his neck. She crawled backwards and lowered herself onto Brendan's cock, pushing it inside her sex.
The cameraman walked around to Brendan's feet and zoomed in on Weavile Fucking Brendan.
Weavile leaned her arms against Brendan's hips, using them to move her own hips up and down, pushing Brendan's cock deeper into her pussy with each thrust. Weavile squeezed her eyes tight and bared her clenched teeth.
"Weaaavile," she grumbled.
Weavile's vaginal muscles squeezed Brendan's cock on every down thrust, and relaxed on every lift. With every push, Weavile worked just a bit more of Brendan's length into her pussy. After so long of fucking Brendan, Weavile could push five inches of Brendan's cock into her twat at every thrust. Soon, Brendan's cock dripped with Weavile's pussy juice, which trickled down his balls, tickling him and causing him to wriggle his fingers and toes.
"At this point I believe it would be safe for you to give a little effort yourself," Coral said.

Finally! It drove me fucking crazy just having to sit here and take this! This Weavile's pussy was so tight. It was absolutely amazing that she was ever able to fit my cock insider at all. But the tightness wasn't from her size, it was from her muscles. I've never been with a woman who could squeeze her pussy so hard. I wanted so bad to fuck her back. I needed to.
What the fuck?! Did I actually tell myself wanted to fuck this Weavile? Whatever the case, It was like I couldn't control what I did next.

Brendan reached his hands up around Weavile's legs and slid them up to her hips.
"Weaaavile..." Weavile gurgled in approval.
Brendan began to thrust back every time Weavile thrust down. As soon as this happened, Weavile began to thrust against Brendan faster, up and down his cock, squeezing it as the height of Brendan's cock went inside her pussy.
Brendan thrust harder into Weavile's now sopping wet pussy as she thrust harder onto him. The cameraman walked around the bed and focused on Weavile fucking Brendan from an angle toward the front.
Weavile thrust down onto Brendan even faster, inciting him to thrust into her even harder. Brendan's cock slid out of Weavile's cunt and slammed back in. Weavile squeezed Brendan's hips and let her head fall back. She dragged her feet back and forth against the bed, pulling at the sheets.
Brendan squeezed Weavile's hips back. He curled his feet and squeezed his eyes shut. His thrusts into Weavile suddenly became softer but much faster. Brendan's breathing sped up and sweat coated his forehead suddenly. Brendan continued plunging his cock in and out of Weavile as fast as he could comfortably manage, the slurping sounds of the sex now becoming quite audible even to Coral off the set, who grinned upon hearing them.
"Weaaavile! Wea, wea, vile, weaa!" Weavile grunted.
Seconds later Brendan's thrusts ground to a halt, and then started up again, very hard but infrequent. Brendan at last shot a stream of cum into Weavile's pussy. At each hard but infrequent thrust, he shot another stream of cum inside her. He drove his cock into Weavile's pussy five times, shooting five spurts, filling up Weavile's insides until he couldn't shoot any more. Brendan relaxed, the cum now only dribbling out of the head of his dick.
At the same time, Weavile's cunt muscles spasmed, jittering and shivering against Brendan's cock.
"Weaaavile!" she cried.
Weavile Dug the claws of her feet into the sheets and squeezed Brendan's hips harder. She then sprayed her fluids onto Brendan's cock, which spilled out onto his balls and just below his belly button.
Weavile wiped the back of her paw just below Brendan's belly button, soaking up her cum in her fur. She then leaned over stuck the back of her soaked paw in Brendan's face.
"Weavile?" she asked.
Brendan responded by releasing her hips and grasping her paw. He pulled it to his mouth and licked the back of her paw over and over again.
The cameraman zoomed in on Brendan licking Weavile's cum from her paw.
"Very nicely done Brendan," Coral said.
The cameraman walked around to the front of the bed and focused on Weavile's backside.
Weavile placed her paws on Brendan's abs and pushed herself up, extracting Brendan's already softening cock from her pussy with a slurp. She leaned down on her paws and knees and rubbed one paw against her thoroughly swollen and reddened sex. She thrust a single claw into her vagina, giving the cameraman a view of Brendan's cum spilling out of her Pussy onto the sheets.
Weavile crawled up to Brendan's chest and sat down on it. She leaned over and licked his nose before sitting back up.
"Weavile..." she sighed.

How the fuck was she able to do that? She made me cum at the same time she did! I've never even heard of a woman able to do that, and its never happened to me before, or to anyone I've ever asked. Though admittedly the only other person I've asked was Flora, but still!
Weavile's muscles did that. Her pussy not only had strength, but dexterity too. She squeezed the head of my cock, preventing me from cumming until she was sure that she would cum. Only then did she stop squeezing, letting my head swell up again and letting me cum.
That was the most incredible trick, and no human would ever be able to do that. No human? Oh my god, I really did love that!

The cameraman walked back to the front of the bed, observing Brendan and Weavile from in front.
"Outstanding performance," Coral said. "Now all we need is one last show of affection from you to close the scene."
Brendan brought his hand up to Weavile's chest and pressed against it. He rubbed Weavile's chest up and down, eventually digging through her fur and rubbing his fingertips against her skin.
"Weavile," Weavile sighed.
Weavile's body relaxed at Brendan's stroking. Her breathing slowed and her shoulders slumped. She closed her eyes and took one long exhale out of her mouth.
The cameraman walked backwards until the boundaries of the set were in view.
"And cut," Coral said.
The cameraman flicked off his camera and placed it on the ground. He stretched his arms and chest backwards, popping his sternum. The soundman placed the microphone pole on the ground next to the camera and they both walked toward the exit.
Coral approached the set, stopping just at its edge. She bent over and pulled a plug from a socket below the wooden supports of the stage. All the stage lights, save a few dim ones, shut down.
With the light dim, Weavile licked her thumb and forefinger and touched her eyeballs. She pulled dark purple contact lenses from her eyes and flicked her fingers to let them fall to the bed. Her eyes were pink again.

Contacts! That's why her eyes were purple. Given her condition, and the stage lights, I'm certain she needed them.

"That was good enough to put in a commercial film," Coral said. "There's still window dressing to go through before it's official but I can tell you right now that you're already hired."
Brendan stopped stroking Weavile's chest and now only held his hand against her. He looked into her eyes quizzically. Weavile pursed her lips and nodded to Brendan, knowing what he was thinking.

I didn't pay attention to what Coral said.
There was something not right about this Weavile's chest. There were rough streaks across her skin. They were scars! There were quite a few of them, and from the feel of the scars it seemed as if a whip or a stick inflicted them. Someone had abused this Weavile in the past. Was it the studio?
No, it couldn't have been the studio, the possibility that Coral or anyone involved in PL studios could've done that to Weavile was outlandish at best, and absurd at worst. Aside from the blanket legalization of Pokephilia, Skandia had some of the harshest Pokemon cruelty laws in the world. A place like this would probably be subject to state inspectors on a weekly basis just to be sure the Pokemon were treated humanely. And believe me when I say that nothing gets by the Skandia state inspectors. 
So it couldn't possibly have been PL Studios who beat this albino Weavile so badly. But who did? As soon I'm cleaned up and dressed I intend to ask.


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