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Pocket Monsters - A New Journey and New Horizons!! by giovanni


Story Notes:

The following story takes place after Ash as completed the Sinnoh League. Categories: male/FEMALE

Chapter 42 - And the Winner is...

The next day went by uneventful as Ash and his friends spent most of the day just lounging around and discussing the upcoming competition for the girls. Iris had decided to entered the competition as well and signed up so she could participate with her new friends. Iris spent part of the day shopping on her own to look for a couple of swimsuits that she could wear in the competition and managed to find a couple that she thought looked good on her.

The big day had finally arrived and people were starting to gather at the stage complex that was created for the Bikini contest. Before leaving their Pokemon Center room, the girls made sure they had all their stuff which included their outfits, makeup, hair brushes and all the other things they thought were necessary.

"Come on you guys. We got to get going. If we don't leave now, you'll all be late for the check-in." Ash said as he realized that his friends were starting to take a bit too long to get their stuff together.

"Alright. We're coming!" Dawn said as she packed her things together into her backpack and the other girls did the same and quickly headed out.

They all walked a bit faster than normal so they wouldn't be late. A few minutes of walking and they arrived at the check-in desk which was backstage. A lot of seats were setup out front and people were starting to gather to get a good seat.

"Why don't you and Brock go get a good seat before they are all gone." Misty suggested to Ash as Ash thought that was a good idea.

"Okay. That's a good idea. It seems like a lot of people are starting to pile in. We'll see you all later. Good luck in the contest all of you!" Ash said as he wished his friends good luck.

"Yeah! You'll all do great!" Brock said as he complemented his friends and was hoping each of them would do well.

Ash and Brock waved goodbye to their friends as they watched them begin to check in. They walked around to the front of the stage and started looking for a good seat. There was still quite a few good seats left near the front, so they decided to go their first to claim their seats as it was first come first serve. They spotted two free seats near the front and started walking over to the seats. Just as they were about to sit down a familiar voice began to taunt Ash.

"Hey! I was going to sit there." Gary said as Ash turned around to see his rival Gary looking at him.

"Gary!?" Ash said as he was surprised to see him.

"Ash? What are you guys doing here?" Gary asked as he was just as surprised as Ash.

"We could ask you the same question." Brock said as he started to recall the last time they met Gary in Aopulco.

"Well I'm obviously here for the competition. My girlfriends are all entering it again and unlike last time when you won Ashy, one of them is going to win the competition." Gary said as he found a way to anger and taunt Ash as he always did.

"Hey now! I was giving the trophy as a thank you for saving the contest. I didn't actually compete in it!" Ash said as he tried to set the record straight.

"Sure you didn't Ash... In any case, now that I've told you why I'm here, I guess you guys are just here to stare at all the pretty girls? Aren't you?" Gary said as he tried to put them down yet again.

"Well of course we are! Why wouldn't we want to? Besides our friends are entering the contest as well and one of them is definitely going to win for sure!" Ash said as he wanted to make sure he wasn't letting Gary get the upper hand in their conflict as he always tried to do.

"Oh so your friends are entering, which ones?" Gary asked as he was a bit curious to hear which of Ash's friends had entered.

"May, Misty, Dawn and Iris." Ash replied as he could tell Gary was intrigued.

"Well I've met some of your friends but they are no match for my girlfriends." Gary said as he once again started the competitive spirit between his once rival and now friend Ash.

"Now, now, what's all the commotion about here? Settled down you guys, other spectators are trying to take their seats now. Ash?!" Cynthia said as she had come over to see what was going on but had no idea that it was Ash and his friends.

Ash, Brock and Gary turned around to see Cynthia standing behind them looking a bit mad at the commotion they had been making. Little did she know it was just a friendly argument that they normally had and wasn't going to

"Uh hi Cynthia. It's good to see you again. Sorry if we were just a bit too loud. We were just discussing with Gary here how Brock and I were here first and were just about to take our seats." Ash said as he was in panic mode trying to make sure Cynthia didn't get the wrong impression.

"Yeah! You see there is only 2 seats available here and since Ash and I were here first, we were just about to sit down when our friend Gary also showed up and wanted one of the seats. We didn't want to cause any trouble." Brock continued trying to defuse the situation.

"Alright. I understand but just try to keep out of trouble with other guests and spectators arriving. The contest is going to start shortly so we want to make sure everyone is getting to their seats." Cynthia said as she wasn't too concerned now with the situation as she realized who she was dealing with now.
"Okay thanks Cynthia and sorry for causing you any problems." Ash said as he was grateful Cynthia understood.

"So Ash I hear you are competing in the Master League now. How's that going?" Cynthia asked as she knew that she would soon be Ash's opponent.

"It's going great. We're just taking a break from traveling while my friends compete in the contest and then I''ll be back at it!" Ash said as he enthusiastic about the league.

"I see. We'll I guess it won't be too much longer till you'll finally challenge me then. I'm looking forward to that battle for sure!" Cynthia said as she had been watching Ash progress as a trainer since his travels in the Sinnoh region.

"Oh definitely! I'm looking forward to becoming a Pokemon Master and then challenging you for the title as Champion Master!" Ash said as he knew she would be a very tough opponent but he still had quite a few battles before he could challenge her.

"We'll then when you're ready be sure to let me know ahead of time so I can also prepare. Say, since you guys only have 2 seats, how about this. I'm looking for another judge for the bikini contest because Nurse Joy had to pull out as a judge at the last minute because the Pokemon Center here is just so busy. Would you like to be a judge Ash? I'm sure people around here know who you are with the news of you being in the Master League currently so I think you'd be a great celebrity judge." Cynthia said as she couldn't believe her luck at finding someone to fill in.

"Uh, sure that would be great but with my friends being in the competition that will make judging the contest a bit difficult for me." Ash said as he loved the prospect of being a judge but having to choose between his friends would be a difficult choice.

"Well I don't think that will be too much of a problem because most of the voting results are actually from the audience voting so your vote really isn't too important overall. Your commentary for each person is actually more important and since you know some of the contestants already you can give some good insight and could actually help your friends." Cynthia said as Ash was really starting to like the idea of being a judge.

"Alright then! I accept! Here Gary, you can have my seat now and sit with Brock." Ash said as both Gary and Brock had their mouths wide open and couldn't believe what just happened.

"Uh thanks Ash." Gary said as he was more stunned than anything.

"Great, we'll why don't you come with me Ash. I have to go get changed and then let Mr. Contesta and Mr. Sukizo know that I've found another judge for the contest. It's been good to see you again Brock and nice to meet you Gary. We'll see you guys after the contest. Hope you enjoy it." Cynthia said as she directed Ash to follow her.

"Either he's the luckest guy around or I have no luck at all." Brock said as he couldn't believe that Ash was selected as a judge.

"Well I have a good seat now at least!" Gary said as he happily sat down in the seat that was intended to be Ash's.

Backstage Iris, May, Misty and Dawn had completed their check-in and were now waiting for their turn to get in the change rooms so they could get into their first outfit for the competition. 40 girls had registered and were all eagerly awaiting the start of the competition. Misty thought she recognized some of Gary's girlfriends from their previous encounters with him but she didn't bother to find out.

Some of the change rooms freed up and the girls took turns preparing for the first round of the contest which was the Bikini showcase where participants would display their body and bikini to a runway audience. The girls wanted to make a good first impression so they all picked their best bikini first.

May knew that her biggest assent in the competition was to make sure she showed off her large breasts and cleavage, something most girls her age didn't have. They definitely gave her an advantage in the bikini competition. May entered the change room and got out her expensive blue sling bikini swimsuit. She quickly changed into it and tied the bikini together behind her neck. She looked at herself in the mirror to make sure she looked okay and she looked at her cleavage which was fully visible and didn't leave much to the imagination. She thought she looked good in it and she got out of the change room to let someone else change.

Misty was in the change room next to May and once again she was fiddling with getting her microkini bikini. She was a bit more comfortable wearing it as she knew the guys would like it but the red microkini wasn't big enough to cup her breasts and just barely had enough material to cover her nipples and areola. Misty adjusted it to make sure it did cover her private parts properly as she didn't want to get disqualified for showing too much skin. Being disqualified in the first round was something Misty definitely didn't want to happen to her plus the embarrassment of revealing herself in front of all those people would be just too much for her to handle. Misty made a few more adjustments and then left the change room.

Dawn had decided to take a different approach than May and Misty with her swimsuit and had chosen to wear her pink and white striped bikini that had a small frilly mini skirt that went along with the set. It wasn't as revealing as Misty and May's but Dawn hoped that the cuteness factor would get her some good votes.

Iris went into the change room after May had changed and she got a quick look at May and was quite surprised how revealing her bikini was. Iris hadn't picked any bikini's quite as showy as May's but she hoped her swimsuit style would give her good marks. Iris changed into a simple yet elegant two piece bikini that was blue and matched the color of her hair. She hoped that the judges and audience would find the matching style fit her body and hair style.

Now that all the girls had changed they all awaited for the start of the contest and for their turn in the first round. It was getting close to the start time and they all eagerly awaited backstage. Ash and Cynthia arrived backstage to meet with Mr. Contesta and Mr. Sukizo. Cynthia explained to them that she had asked Ash to be a judge and that she was going to go get changed before they would begin. Iris, May, Misty and Dawn saw Ash come in with Cynthia backstage and they were all puzzled why he was back there but before they could approach him, Ash, Mr. Contesta and Mr. Sukizo left the backstage as Cynthia went into a change room.

Ash, Mr. Contesta and Mr. Sukizo went to the judges table which was just in the front row of the audience which gave them the best seats in the house. They each took a seat and awaited for Cynthia who would also be introducing all the girls. Cynthia quickly changed into her sheer black bikini with yellow trim which was the same bikini she wore last year that won her the competition. All the girls watched as Cynthia came out of the change room and walk toward them to address them.

"Hello everyone and welcome to the Miss Aopulco bikini contest sponsored by PlayPoke magazine. How is everyone today?" Cynthia said as she awaited for the cameramen to start filming some of the behind scenes shots.

"Good!" the crowd of 40 girls said as they eagerly awaited to hear what Cynthia had to say.

"Excellent! Well, I'm here to introduce you into the competition but as last years winner of the Miss Aopulco I will also be one of your judges. Each of you will compete in various events including: the Bikini showcase, the Body Cut-out comparison and the Photo shoot. After the Body Cut-out comparison round, 35 of you will be eliminated and the remaining 5 will compete in the final photo shoot round. The winner will receive the title of Miss Aopulco as well as a centerfold feature in PlayPoke magazine." Cynthia said as the girls all screamed in excitement as they were all hoping to win.

"The judges and the audience will vote for their favorite girls in each round and the totals will then be added up to determine the winner. There are four judges for this contest: Mr. Contesta, Mr. Sukizo, myself and we were very lucky to get Ash Ketchum who is currently participating in the Pokemon Master League as our celebrity judge at the last minute to replace Nurse Joy." Cynthia said as all the girls cheered with excitement except for Iris, May, Misty and Dawn who were all shocked to hear that Ash was now a judge which was probably the reason why he was backstage earlier.

"Ash is a judge?!" Dawn said as she turned to Iris, May, Misty who were just as shocked as she was.

"Cynthia must have asked him while we were changing." May said as she was actually kind of glad Ash was a judge as their chances of winning actually just got better.

"So, each of you will be given a number. That will be the order that you will participate in. I will call each of you on your turn for the first round Bikini showcase. Good luck to you all!" Cynthia said as she waved to the contestants before heading out through the curtains to the stage where everyone was awaiting for her.

Cynthia introduced the contest to the entire crowd similar to how she'd just done with the girls and then introduced the judges. The crowd went wild when they heard Ash was one of the judges and they say him wave on the big screens throughout the venue. Ash couldn't believe the reception he got and how popular he was but he was enjoying the applause nonetheless.

Everyone couldn't keep their eyes off of Cynthia who looked absolutely stunning in her bikini. Ash could see why she won the competition last year as she looked extremely sexy. With the contest introductions done, Cynthia walked down off the stage and took her seat at the open judges panel beside Ash. Ash now got an even better look at Cynthia in her bikini and Ash realized he was going to have a hard time today trying to keep from starring at her. Up close Ash could see that Cynthia's sheer black bikini was semi transparent and he could sort of see the outline of her areola's through the material. Ash took a quick peak before forcing himself to look forward at the stage.

"Are you ready everyone?" the announcer said as the crowd all cheered.

"Let's get started then with contestant number 1!" the announcer continued as the first girl began her walk up the catwalk stage towards the crowd.

Ash heard a loud roar of cheers as the first girl began walking down the cosway. The blonde was wearing a tight and small yellow bikini which barely covered her enormous D-cup breasts. The girl seemed to have a similar figure to Cynthia and Ash knew this was definitely going to be a hard competition to judge if this first contestant was the standard of girls. The girl walked to the end of the cosway and did a slow spin before waving and blowing a kiss to the crowd and then walked back.

Next up was one of Gary's girl friends. She was wearing a teal colored bikini that had a bow tying the top together at the front. She had brown hair and amble cleavage but didn't match the previous girls but her beauty was stunning and the crowd went wild as she strutted down the cosway. Gary got up off his seat and cheered her on as she returned to the stage to let the next contestant go.

It wasn't until the 10th contestant when Dawn came out that Ash saw any of his friends. The announcer called her name and introduced her to the crowd as she was then shown on all the big screens. Ash was glad to see her wear her pink and white striped bikini set as she looked very cute in. Ash realized that the cuteness factor had actually been lacking in the first few contestants, so Dawn was right to pick the outfit she did.

"Dawn looks quite cute in her outfit. The crowd seems to like that." Cynthia said as she leaned over close to Ash so he could hear her comment over the loud roar of the crowd.

"Yeah she looks great! I hope they vote for her." Ash said as he quickly replied to her comment.

Dawn smiled at the crowd as she reach the end of the cosway and did a few twists and turns which caused the frills on her outfit to fly in the wind a bit. The crowd continued to roar as she began walking back. Ash was glad that Dawn had such a good reception from the crowd.

A few contestants later, it was May's turn. When the cameramen saw the sling bikini that she was wearing they all quickly tried to get the best angles. May slowly began walking down the cosway and like all the girls before her, she was displayed on the big screens. May was quite confident in herself as she walked and it could show as the crowd really reacted very loudly when they saw her revealing sling bikini. The material of May's molded itself to every contour of May's body which really didn't leave much to the imagination of the crowd. May made it to the end of the cosway and did a few poses. She was really enjoying herself and unlike the Pokemon Contests she had participated in where the crowd was cheering for her and her Pokemon, in this bikini contest it was just her that was being cheered for and she loved the reception.

"Isn't she one of your friends?" Cynthia asked Ash as she thought she recognized the girl before.

"Yeah she is. We traveled together through the Houen Region." Ash said as he didn't want to say too much as it was already too hard to talk to the person next to each other at the bikini contest.

"She's going to be a tough one to beat!" Cynthia said as she thought May got an excellent reaction from the crowd.

"Wow! May certainly has grown into quite the woman!" Gary said as he had a good view of May from his seat and was shocked by just how good she looked in her outfit.

"She certainly has!" was all that Brock said in reply to Gary's comment about May.

May started walking back towards the curtains of the stage and gave the crowd a good look at her butt as she walked back as her bikini went right up the crack of her butt and didn't cover too much of it. May was pleased with her performance and the crowd's reaction and she could tell from how loud they were that she should be getting a lot of votes.

A couple of Gary's other girlfriends had their turn before Misty was up. Misty took a last minute check of her outfit to make sure she didn't have a wardrobe malfunction. Misty was quite surprised at the reception she got as the announcer called for her.

"Next up is Kanto's own Cerulean City gym leader Misty!" the announcer said as Misty began walking down the cosway to the loudest applause any contestant had so far.

It caught Misty a bit off guard that people were that enthusiastic to see her. She knew a lot of people might know her but the fact that she was getting this warm a reception made her a bit more confident to be in her revealing bikini. The red microkini looked magnificent on her and the crowd definitely approved of her choice. Camera flashes were going off like crazy from the crowd as the bikini fit her body perfectly. Her body was perfectly shaped for the tiny microkini bikini.
"Now that's an amazing bikini!" Cynthia exclaimed as she too seemed to like the choice that Misty chose.

"I told her everyone would like it!" Ash said as he couldn't believe how amazing Misty looked in her bikini.

Ash felt fortunate that Misty was one of his girlfriends because he realized that after her performance on stage here today, she was going to have every guy in town asking her for a date. Misty smiled graciously at the crowd when she reached the end of the cosway and put her hands behind her back. She then twirled around and walked slowly back to the stage.

Iris was the last one of Ash's to go and she was a bit nervous going out there. May and Misty already got great applause and people seemed to like Dawn's cute outfit. Compared to her new friends, Iris's outfit wasn't that spectacular but she figured that she might as well compete regardless of her final position in the competition. Iris knew she probably wasn't going to win but all that matter was that she did her best.

Iris heard the announcer call her name and she slowly began her walk down the cosway. When Iris started to hear the applause for her as she walked she began getting more and more confident in herself and it showed in her body reactions. She posed at the end of the cosway and gave the crowd a bit smile and waved as the walked back to the stage. Her routine was simple but it seemed to be effective as the crowd enjoyed her.

After a few more contestants, the first round was over and the announcer instructed the judges and audience to vote for their favorites. Everyone found the voting quite hard as a lot of the girls looked very good. After a few minutes of voting the results were in. Misty had won the first round and was in first place. The blonde bombshell with the yellow bikini was in second place only a few points behind Misty. May was in forth place, Dawn was in 15th place and Iris was in 27th place. Iris was actually happy that she wasn't in last place so she thought she had a successful round.

"Now that the results of the first round are in, let's move onto the second round, the Body Cut-out comparison!" the announcer said as the crowd roared as stage hands brought the cutouts to the end of the cosway.

They then began creating a long tent tunnel from the cut-out board all the way backstage so the crowd nor the judges would be able to see who was being judged. It would be a blind test of the girls physical attributes. There were 5 cut-outs, so there would be a total of 8 rounds of girls. The judges and the crowd would vote for their favorites in each round which would then be added to the scores from the previous round to see who would advance to the final round.

The girls all went to change once again which they did while the stage hands setup the stage. May changed into her green bikini, Misty changed into her yellow bikini with frills, Dawn changed into her light blue string bikini, and Iris got into a strapless light black bikini and thong. The girls weren't quite as nervous as they were in the last round as people really couldn't tell who they were voting for and they couldn't see all the people in the crowd to get nervous.

The backstage people selected five people at random in which Dawn was one of the selected. The contestants were told to lineup behind the board and put bikini covered breasts through the top hole and line their bikini covered pelvic region with the bottom hole and wait till the judging was complete. They walked down the tent covered cosway and reached the end where there were five places, one for each girl. Each of them began line their bodies up with the holes and the crowd erupted with cheers when they did so. The girls all laughed and giggled as everyone began the voting process. Ash recognized Dawn's outfit and made sure to vote for her.

In the next round, a couple of Gary's girlfriends were being showcased in which he recognized them and voted for them. A few rounds went by and then both Misty and May were in the same round together. They both reached the cut-outs and lined their bodies up. Misty and May laughed as they found it a bit awkward holding their bodies up against the board but they realized it was only for a short time. Misty knew she might drop a couple places in the standings this round as her breasts weren't as big as a lot of the other contestants but she hoped she could get enough points to make it to the final round. May on the other hand was very confident with her body especially her breasts and was filled with exhilaration when she heard the crowd scream and roar.
Ash and Brock were both surprised that Misty and May were in the same round as once again they recognized their bodies and bikini's and they both made sure to vote for them that round.

Iris was actually in the second last round with the blonde bombshell that was in second place. Iris realized she was too far back in the voting to advance to the next round but she had enjoyed the competition nonetheless. She found this round a bit odd as people really weren't voting for her but for her body parts and outfit but despite her opinion she still lined her body up like the other girls and displayed her new outfit. A few moments passed and she hear the announcer tell them the round was over and she walked back to the stage where May, Misty and Dawn were gathered and were talking.

"So how did it go Iris?" Dawn asked as she knew that she would probably be out of the competition as well and that only Misty and May had a chance now.

"I did about as well as I expected. It seems though May and Misty have a chance to make it to the final round though, so good luck to both of you!" Iris said as she congratulated her new friends.

"Thanks. Hopefully the results will be announced shortly. I hate waiting too long for things like this." May said as she was getting a bit anxious.

Moments later the announcers voice boomed throughout the contest area and he began to announce the results. In first place was the blonde bombshell who had now lowered Misty to 5th place but May had moved up to 2nd place after that round which meant both Misty and May would advance to the final round. None of Gary's girlfriends made it to the final round and Iris and Dawn were both eliminated as well.

"Congratulations you two!" Dawn said as she gave both her friends a hug.
"Yeah! You two do us proud!" Iris said as she also gave them a hug.

"Thanks! It looks like will be facing off against each other May." Misty said as she was glad she just made it into the final round.

"It's going to be a good final round. I'm looking forward to it. I'm glad two of us made it through." May said as she was happy to be in a good place for the final round.

Ash, Brock and Gary looked at the scoreboard which were on all the screens throughout the contest area. Gary was a bit sad that none of his girlfriends made it to the final round but considering how stiff the competition was, he wasn't surprised. Ash and Brock were both glad that Misty and May had made it through to the final round. Neither of them expected that two of their friends would make it that far in the competition.

"The final five contestants that have made it through to the final photo shoot round will have their photos taken by professional photographers. The photo shoot round will account for 34% of the final score as the judges and you the audience will vote for your favorite photos. The judges will be choosing and outfit for each of the contestants to wear in this round. Would the final five please come to center stage." the announcer said as Misty and May joined the other three girls as the crowd once again clapped and cheered them as they stood and awaited the judges to choose an outfit for them.

"Judges you may begin your deliberation." the announcer said as Cynthia, Ash, Mr. Contesta and Mr. Sukizo huddled around and looked at a screen of outfits for them to select from.

The judges now had the task of selecting appropriate outfits for each contestant which wasn't an easy task. Each girl had a unique body type, skin color, hair color and physical attributes that all had to be taken into consideration. Mr. Contesta and Mr. Sukizo selected two outfits for two of the girls while Cynthia picked out one for the blonde bombshell that was similar to the bikini she was currently wearing. This just left May and Misty's outfits.

"I think were going to let you choose the outfits for May and Misty, Ash since you know them the best." Cynthia said as Ash now had the hard time of picking outfits for his friends that would suit them.

"Ah alright then. I hope I can pick something good. I'm not the best person to be selecting girls outfits." Ash said as he was slightly uncomfortable picking the outfits for his friends because he knew that the outfits he chose for both of them could possibly win the title for one of his friends.

Ash was actually quite happy that he had spent time with his friends earlier in the week shopping for the bikini's they had chosen for the first two round. It helped him get to understand their style and what they were comfortable wearing. After reviewing all the selections available, Ash decided to give May a light red Tankini with a small thong bottom that matched and then selected a light blue String bikini for Misty. Ash hoped he selected appropriate outfits for his friends. He thought they'd both look sexy in the outfits he chose but if he didn't select ones girls liked, he didn't want to know the consequences that would result from his selection.

With the selections chosen, the five girls were instructed by the announcer to head back stage where they would be given their outfits to change into for the photo shoot. Misty and May were both happy with the selections they got and got into the change room to change into them. Moments later they both emerged from the change room in their outfits.

"You look really good in that outfit May. I haven't see anyone in a Tankini at all in the competition. The color suits you too!" Misty said as she knew that it was going to be hard for her to beat May now.

"The judges picked a good outfit for you too Misty. The crowd seems to like the hometown girl around here so I'm sure you'll also get a lot of votes. It will be a close contest for sure!" May said as she wanted to make sure she complemented Misty after she had just received a complement from her.

All the girls walked towards the beach where a professional photographer had setup his equipment to do the photoshoots of the five finalists. The first couple of girls went first and they each did various poses they thought would be enough to woo the crowd. May and Misty both thought the blonde bombshell girl would get a lot of votes with her quite revealing bikini but the two of them could only hope for the best.

May was up next and she lay on the beach as the waves came up close to her body as the photographer began taking pictures. Lying down allowed May to show off her cleavage quite well to the camera and she moved around and lifted one of her legs up in the air. She then stood up as she winked and smiled in various standing positions. After about five minutes, the cameraman said he was done and it was Misty's turn.

Misty did her signature peace salute with two fingers while smiling for her first few pictures before frolicking in the sand to make it look like she was having a good time at the beach. May was impressed with Misty's creativity. The cameraman got in close to Misty and took a few more pictures before he was satisfied with the pictures that were taken.

"Thank you girls! You all did great. I'll select the pictures that I think best showcase each of you and transfer them to be shown in the final round slideshow. Good luck to each of you! You can all head back to the stage now." the cameraman said as the girls were all nervous now to find out who would be the winner of the contest.

May and Misty walked back to the stage which wasn't too far from the beach. They both realized that in just a few moments the crowd and judges would begin voting in the final round to determine the winner.

"Good luck May." Misty said as she waited backstage for the results with May.

"You too Misty." May said as she was eager to hear the results.

"Okay everyone! The photos are in and the voting is about to take place! We will be showing a slideshow of each of the contests photos that were just taken at the beach. After the slideshow is over, we'll let you vote for your favorites. Once the voting is complete, will add this round to the previous two rounds to determine this years Miss Aopulco! So, here we go!" the announcer said as the slideshow began and the crowd roared once again.

All the selected photos that the photographer chose all looked very professional and well done. He had selected the best looking ones and none of the girls were complaining when they saw them on the big screens. It took about 10 minutes for all the pictures to be shown and finally the voting began.

"I think Misty and May are going to do quite well. They looked really sexy in those pictures. I was quite surprised how they look now." Gary said to Brock as he was quite impressed with how the girls had grown into mature women now.

"We'll you haven't seen them in a long time so they've gotten older since you last saw them." Brock said as he voted for both May and Misty.

"Indeed they have..." Gary say as he thought to himself how sexy they looked now.

Over at the center of the crowd at the judges table, Ash didn't take more that a few seconds to vote for his friends but he didn't want to seem bias towards them as the other 3 girls were very good looking too. Ash rationalized himself for not voting for the blonde bombshell because she looked too much like Cynthia and she won last year so they would need a different looking winner this year.

The voting period finished and they were automatically tallied by the computer. The result was given to Cynthia in an envelop and she went on stage where the five finalists were told to meet her for the revealing of the winner.

"Congratulations to all the participants this year and to our five finalists! Give all the girls a warm round of applause!" Cynthia said as the crowd clapped as they eagerly awaited to hear the winner.

"This year's Miss Aopulco Bikini contest winner is... May!" Cynthia said as she opened the envelop and announced May as the winner of the contest.

The crowd roared and May was shocked as a bouquet of flowers was handed to her and her picture was displayed on all the screens. May's friends all jumped up and cheered as they hear May's name announced by Cynthia. They were all proud of her including Misty who knew that May deserved to win the contest.

"Thank you everyone!" May said as she waved to the crowd still a bit in disbelief that she had won.

May waved to the crowd for a few minutes until the announcer said the show was over and she went back stage where Cynthia and her friends were waiting for her. When May got backstage, all her friends ran up to her and gave her a big group hug.

"Way to go May! You won!" Ash said as he smiled at her while he hugged her with all his friends.

"Thanks everyone! I'm still a bit shocked." May said as she saw Cynthia walk over to her.

"No need to be shocked May. You are an excellent choice for the crown this year and everyone else seems to think that as well." Cynthia said as she smiled at May and her friends.

Suddenly a bunch of reporters rushed in and began taking pictures of May as the flashes were almost blinding there was so many of them happening every second. May tried to turn toward the reporters and smile but she wasn't used to so many pictures being taken of her at the same time.

"How does it feel to be this years Miss Aopulco Bikini contest winner?" a reporter asked as they began sticking microphones at May's mouth.

"It feels great! I'm glad I won!" May said as the amount of flashes started to slow down a bit making easier for May to look at the reporters.

"Are you surprised that you won?" another reporter asked May.

"I bit. I mean the competition was really good this year, so a lot of girls could have won." May said.

"So May what are your plans for the future? Have you thought about a career as a Miss PlayGirl?" one reporter asked as they were all trying to get information from her to write their news reports.

"Well, uh, no I haven't really thought about that." May said as she was surprised they asked her that.

"You do know that the winners of the competition are generally offered a job to become a Miss PlayGirl?" the reporter said as he followed up on the last question.

"Yeah. I was aware that they might ask for other commitments but I haven't really thought about it." May said as she realized that they were now probably going to ask her.

"I noticed you're the daughter of Norman, the famous Gym Leader of Petalburg City's Gym. Did your parents encourage you to participate?" another reporter asked.

"Oh no. They probably didn't even realize I participated. I guess they will now!" May said as she laughed a bit as she realized she hadn't told her parents she was in the competition.
"Cynthia, what are your thoughts on this years winner?" another reporter asked as they quickly focused on Cynthia.

"I think she is a great choice. She's young and very good looking. I'm sure that had a lot to do with the audiences decision to vote for her." Cynthia said as May was glad to hear such a nice remark from Cynthia.

"So, Ash we hear you were a last minute choice to be a judge this year. How did you enjoy judging?" a reporter asked Ash as he was surprised they wanted to hear anything from him.

"Uh, well I thought it was a great competition. A lot of my friends entered as you can see, so it was great to see that May ended up winning." Ash said as he smiled over at May.

"Alright that's enough for now. Thanks for your cooperation." Cynthia said as she told the reporters that question time was now over and the reporters began to disperse.

Gary was over with all his girlfriends talking to them as they began taking turns changing back into their normal clothes. Ash walked over to Gary to talk to him.

"Hey Gary. Sorry none of your girlfriends ended up winning this year." Ash said as he tried to look a bit sorry but it was hard for him as his friend had just won.

"Yeah that's alright. They are all taking it okay. They realized it was a hard competition to win this year. Say are you going to be going to the after event party tonight?" Gary said as he was glad Ash came by to talk to him.

"After event party? I didn't realize there was one." Ash said as this was the first he'd heard of it.

"Yeah. All the contestants are invited and their friends. Should be a fun night. You should come, I'll be there with all my girlfriends. We can do some catching up. Perhaps you could introduce me to a couple of your new friends." Gary said as he hoped he would be able to get Ash to introduce him to his friends.

"Uh sure! That sounds like fun!" Ash said as he now realized what he'd be doing that evening.

"I gotta go now! The girls want to get something to eat. I'll see you there then!" Gary said as he waved to Ash.

Ash walked back over to his friends which were busy congratulating May on her victory still. Ash was quite proud of all his friends for participating in the contest and doing so well.

"So why don't you girls go change and will all head over to the after event party being held at the Pokemon Center." Cynthia said as she suggested it to the girls.

"Oh alright. A party. That sounds like fun!" May said as she was definitely in a partying mood now.

May and her friends changed out of their bikini's and back into their normal clothes as did Cynthia. They all then walked back to the Pokemon Center where preparations were already underway for the after party. Mr. Contesta and Sukizo were directing work crews when they say May, Cynthia and May's friends enter the Pokemon Center and they both came rushing over.

"Congratulation on your win May. We both had to leave quickly to finish up stuff here for the party." Mr. Contesta said as he shook May.

"Thank you Mr. Contesta." May said as she was glad to hear another person congratulate her.

"If your friends aren't too busy, we could use their help setting up the party. Mr. Sukizo, Cynthia and I would like to talk to you quickly before the party starts." Mr. Contesta said as he asked May's friends in general if they'd be willing.

"Sure! What do you need help with?" Brock said as he was always willing to help out.

"If you want to help setup chairs and tables before people arrive, that would really help. Just head down to the banquet hall. You can't miss it." Mr. Contesta said as he pointed in the direction.

"Alright then. We'll see you in a bit then May." Ash said as then went to go help setup.

Mr. Sukizo, Cynthia, Mr. Contesta and May walked over to a side room and closed the door behind them. They sat down and waited till May was comfortable before beginning their conversation.

"As you may be aware Mr. Sukizo, Cynthia and I are representatives of the PlayPoke company and have the authority to offer job prospects to people we think may be of interest to our companies product and to our viewership." Mr. Contesta said as he tried to be as authoritative sounding as he could.

"Ah yeah, I asked about that when I signed up for the contest in the first place as I was a bit concerned about the Bikini contest being sponsored by PlayPoke." May said as she recalled the terms and conditions in the contests legal brief.

"Well, let me get to the chase then. We would like to offer you an extra photoshoot that could also be featured in the upcoming PlayPoke magazine Miss Aopulco special issue." Mr. Contesta said as he offered a job to May.

"Oh wow! But what kind of photoshoot?" May said as she had a feeling it was going to be a lot different than her photoshoot on the beach earlier in the day.

"We want this to be clear, so let me explain. Obviously you are aware of the PlayPoke brand and how its generally an adult magazine. If you are willing we would like you to participate in a naked photoshoot and possibly a sexual intercourse shoot for the magazine if you are willing. Now before you say anything, let me just say we generally give 25% of the profits from the issue to the winner if they agree to doing a sexual intercourse shoot, so there is a lot of money and fame to be had here." Mr. Contesta said as May seemed a bit surprised and shocked by the prospect of doing a photoshoot naked for a publication that would be seen by a lot of people.

"You don't have to tell us right now and just so you know PlayPoke does allow you to choose people you'd be willing to do the shoot with so you are more comfortable with it." Cynthia said as she knew May seemed a bit uncomfortable with the prospect compared to doing the Bikini contest.

"We'll let you think it over. When you decide, let us know and if you have any other questions please feel free to ask. Here's my card with my contact information." Mr. Contesta said as he gave it to May.

"Uh thanks. I'll think about it and get back to you." May said as she was quite unsure what to say.

"Now we got a party to finish getting ready for so let's get to work!" Mr. Contesta said as he opened the door for the girls as they went toward the banquet hall.

As May walked towards the banquet hall, all she could think about was the prospect of thousands of people seeing her naked in a magazine. After hearing the crowd earlier when she won the Bikini contest, she realized that lots of people found her attractive but was she willing to display herself naked to all of them. It was a tough moral decision but the prospect of more fame and fortune certain was very appealing to May.

The party got started a little while later as all the contestants and their friends partied, listened to music, watched video from the contest and ate plenty throughout the night. May and her friends had a great time as they enjoyed each others company and being in the spotlight.

Ash and his friends all knew they wouldn't have too many nights like this as Ash continued his journey through the Master League, so they wanted to make sure they enjoyed every minute that night.
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