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Pocket Monsters - A New Journey and New Horizons!! by giovanni


Story Notes:

The following story takes place after Ash as completed the Sinnoh League. Categories: male/FEMALE

Chapter 46 - Oak's Lab and Vermilion Voltage!

Ash and his friends all ended up taking a nap to recover. Cynthia’s large king sized bed was comfortable even with seven people on it. Ash woke up to see all his friends lying beside him still naked. Nobody bothered to put their clothes on as they were just too tired. Ash was feeling a bit re-energized after the nap. The camerawoman had packed all her stuff and had already left.

As Ash moved about the bed, it caused the others to start to wake up due to the movement. He realized that he needed to figure out where he was going to go next on his Master League journey. He’d made pretty good progress so far but all this time at Aopulco had slowed him down a bit.

“Ah! That was a good nap!” Misty said as she was glad to have such a refreshing nap after an exhilarating and exhausting sex orgy with her friends.

“Yeah it was but this afternoon was just as fun too!” Dawn said as she reminded her friends.

“What’s the matter Ash? You look a bit concerned.” May asked as she looked at Ash who was sitting up in the bed with a contemplating look on his face.

“Well now that the photoshoot is over, I need to get back to my Master League battles but I’m not sure where or who I should battle next.” Ash told his friends as he continued to think about the various opponents he yet had to face.

“Lt. Surge is the next logical person to challenge. Why don’t you go contact him and see if he’s willing to do a rematch?” Brock said as he remembered the first battle Ash and Lt. Surge had together.

“Alright! That’s what I’m going to do now!” Ash said as he began heading towards the door forgetting that he was still naked and hasn’t got dressed.

“Ash! Don’t forget your clothes!” Misty said as Ash was just beginning to open the door when he looked down at himself to realize he was still naked and he began to blush a bit with embarrassment.

“I guess it would be a good idea if I got dressed before I went out into the public, huh?” Ash said as he tried to laugh it off a bit with his friends.

“I think that would be the best idea Ash.” Cynthia said as she sat up on the bed.

Ash quickly got dressed and went to the main lobby of the hotel where he had seen a video phone earlier. He dialed for Lt Surge and moments later it connected with him. Lt. Surge is the Gym Leader of Vermilion City's Gym and Ash beat him a long time ago after his Pikachu battled Lt. Surge’s Raichu and Ash received the Thunder Badge for defeating him.

“Hey, Lt. Surge! It’s me Ash Ketchum, remember me?” Ash said as he knew that Lt. Surge was a busy person and it had been a long time since they last spoke.

“Oh Ash! How’s it going?! It’s been awhile hasn’t it! How’s that Pikachu of yours? Is it still a Pikachu or has it evolved into a Raichu finally?” Lt. Surge said as he quickly remembered Ash.

“Pikachu’s doing great! It really doesn’t want to evolve into a Raichu as it’s happy being a Pikachu. How’s your Raichu doing?” Ash said as he recalled the battle the two of them had.

“It’s stronger than ever! You know I heard that you were in the Master League now. It that why you’re contacting me? You want to face me for a rematch?” Lt. Surge said as he hoped that was the reason Ash was contacting him as he really wanted to have a rematch battle.

“It sure is! I was hoping I could battle you soon.” Ash said as he began to arrange a time for them to battle.

“Anytime is good for me. My gym is always open awaiting challengers! Why don’t we have a rematch battle between your Pikachu and my Raichu?” Lt. Surge suggested to Ash.

“That sounds good! I know my Pikachu has been waiting and training hard to have a good battle!” Ash said as he liked the idea of a battle with Pikachu again.

“Alright then it’s settled! A rematch between your Pikachu and my Raichu! I look forward to seeing you!” Lt. Surge said as he looked as though he was pumped for the battle.

“Okay then. I’ll see you in a couple days then. Bye!” Ash said as finished talking to Lt. Surge and he now realized that he needed to get a hold of Professor Oak to see about getting his Pikachu who was at his lab with his other Pokemon.

Ash dialed up Professor Oak this time to see about how he could arrange to get Pikachu because he couldn’t transfer it by Pokeball as it didn’t like going in its Pokeball.

“Ash, how’s it going? I’ve been wondering how you’ve been doing in the Master League. You haven’t contacted me in quite a while.” Professor Oak said as Ash forgot to keep him informed how he’d been doing.

“Uh sorry Professor. I’ve been so busy lately that I completely forgot to contact you till now.” Ash said as he tried to think of his best excuse.

“That’s alright just be sure to contact me more often from now on. So what can I do for you?” Professor Oak asked as he wondered why Ash had finally decided to contact him now.

“Ah well you see I just arranged a battle with Lt. Surge to battle against his Raichu and he wants to battle against my Pikachu but he’s at your lab and it doesn’t like to go in its Pokeball so I need to arrange a way to get my Pikachu from your lab.” Ash explained to Professor Oak.

“Ah yes, that is unfortunate that your Pikachu dislikes going in its Pokeball as it makes transport a lot easier.” Professor Oak said as he tried to think of a way to transport Pikachu to Ash.

“Professor, Professor Oak? I brought you some cookies and some food for the Pokemon.” Ash heard in the background as it sounded like his mom had just arrived at Professor Oak’s house.

“I’m in here Delia. I’m just talking to Ash on the video phone now.” Professor Oak said as Delia walked into the room with a basket of cookies and a box of Pokemon food.

“Ash? Oh hi Ash! How are you doing?” Delia said as she walked beside Professor Oak and into the camera’s video.

“Uh hi mom. I’m doing fine. I’m just trying to arrange a way with Professor Oak to get Pikachu from his lab.” Ash explained to his mom.

“We’ll where are you headed? I can take him with me and meet you wherever your going.” Delia said as she had a solution to Ash’s problem.

“I’m heading to Vermilion City next to battle against Lt. Surge. So you can meet me there with Pikachu?” Ash asked his mom as he wanted to confirm with her that it was alright.

“That sounds fine honey. It will take me a couple of days to get there but I’ll meet you there with Pikachu.” Delia told her son as she was looking forward to seeing him in person again.

“That’s great mom thanks! I’ll see you then!” Ash said as he’d now arranged to get his Pikachu.

“Don’t forget to change your underwear!” Delia said as Ash practically fell off his seat as he closed off the video conversation with his mom and Professor Oak.

“Thanks for taking Pikachu to Ash for me Delia. It saves me a trip to Vermilion City. Also thanks for these cookies!” Professor Oak said as he was grateful that Delia unexpectedly showed up just as he was talking to her son.

“Oh you’re welcome Professor. I’m just glad you’re willing to take care of all my son’s Pokemon while he’s off on his journey again.” Delia said as she smiled at the professor.

As the window on Professor Oak’s computer closed that had the video chat with Ash, Professor Oak’s email correspondences showed up on the screen. Delia briefly looked at the one that was opened and noticed that it was from the popular magazine company PlayPoke. Wondering why Professor Oak was talking with PlayPoke, Delia decided to question him about it.

“What’s this email about Samual? A message from PlayPoke?” Delia said as she was interested in finding out why he was being contacted by them.

“Uh that’s nothing! Why don’t we go get Pikachu now. I think Tracey is out feeding Ash’s Pokemon right now!” Professor Oak said as he quickly changed the opened window on his computer and tried to change the topic of conversation but Delia managed to read a bit of the message before he managed to change the window.

“Hmm... PlayPoke wants you to star in your own porn movie series? Is that what it said?” Delia said as she was even more interested in finding out more.

“Uh... It’s not what you think really Delia! They just asking me if I was interested in doing it because I’m a very popular celebrity. I’ve already decided to tell them that I wouldn’t be interested as I don’t want to ruin my public image as a respected Professor of Pokemon.” Professor Oak told Delia as he tried to defend himself.

“But you are interested though as you would have replied back immediately instead of thinking about it. I know you too well Samuel. It’s every guys dream to work in a porn movie, so I can understand why you hesitated.” Delia said as Professor Oak could now tell that Delia was teasing him a bit now.

“Delia... It’s not what you think. It’s like I said, I’m not interested in doing it. My reputation as a scientist means too much to me to be ruined by participating in something like that.” Professor Oak told Delia as he was adamant that he wasn’t going to do it.

“I see. Well I guess that’s too bad then because I was going to ask you if I could be part of your movie...” Delia said as she continued to tease Professor Oak a bit but he just got a shocked reaction when he heard Delia say that she wanted to participate.

“You what?! You want to be a part of it?!” Professor Oak said as he was stunned to realize that his friend Delia would actually want to participate in something like that.

“Why not? You know me, I like doing kinky stuff like that. I think being part of a porn movie would be quite fun. But you said you weren’t interested in doing it anymore so I understand. It’s too bad. I think it would have been fun to do.” Delia said as she knew exactly how to make Professor Oak squirm.

“Ah.. Em! I didn’t say I hadn’t completely decided yet! As you know I haven’t replied yet.” Professor Oak said as he tried to backtrack now that he realized that Delia would like to be a part of it.

“Oh now you’re interested in doing it? What about your reputation? You said that would be affected if you did something like this.” Delia said as she was almost to the point of taunting Professor Oak with her advances now.

“I don’t think my reputation would be hurt that much... Besides I could catering to a new audience as well.” Professor Oak said as he was still a bit shocked by Delia’s willingness to participate in a PlayPoke video.

“Well if you’re willing to do it now, then I’d like to be a part of the video with you, if you don’t mind. Just think, I could become popular just like you if the video becomes popular.” Delia said as she never really though of herself as being popular but the thought excited her a bit.

“Okay, but what if your son finds out about it? You know its going to be released for the public to buy so there is a chance that he’d might find out about us.” Professor Oak said as he didn’t really want to let Ash know that he and his mother had been in a relationship for years without him knowing.

“It won’t be a problem. You obviously haven’t seen the latest issue of PlayPoke from the Aopulco bikini contest.” Delia said as she began typing on Professor Oak’s computer.

“Uh no I haven’t. It’s not really a magazine I pay any attention to despite them asking me to do a video for them.” Professor Oak said to Delia as the website address to the latest PlayPoke magazine was beginning to load.

Professor Oak and Delia had been in a relationship since before Ash started his journey to be a Pokemon Trainer. Since Ash was away most of the time, it made it easy for them to get together without getting caught but Delia had thought that they might have be caught by Tracey a couple of times but he had never said anything. She didn’t mind that Tracey knew in fact now that she had be intimate with most of Ash’s other friends, Tracey was one of the only close friends of Ash she had not had sex with.

When the website for PlayPoke’s Aopulco bikini contest loaded up on Professor Oak’s screen, he was surprised what he saw but then began to realize why Delia wasn’t too concerned about her son finding out she would be in a PlayPoke video. Here was Ash and his friends all naked and having sex in the latest issue. Professor Oak was a bit shocked at first but then was a bit proud of Ash as he had become quite a popular guy being in the Master League and he was now a young man so he was now living every young man’s dream.

Professor Oak had seen Ash’s friend May a few times and she had actually been here to his lab a few years earlier. The front cover of the PlayPoke issue was a picture of May in a blue sling bikini on the beach and she was exposing her big young breasts. He looked at the picture of her for a few moments before Delia caught him beginning to stare.

“I see you remember May, Ash’s friend. She’s got quite big boobs for her age. But then again you have always been a boob kind of guy haven’t you Samuel?” Delia said as she realized that she had pretty much convinced him to do the PlayPoke video now.

“Uh.. Yeah. I’m sorry I shouldn’t be looking at that. It’s Ash’s friend and I know her.” Professor Oak said as he was starting to get a bit hard looking at the picture.

“Why don’t you email PlayPoke back now and tell them you’ll do the video. It couldn’t hurt to do it. Exactly what kind of video do they want you to make?” Delia said as she pressed the back button to return Professor Oak to his email.

“They just want a demo tape for the moment to see how it would work out. If that worked out they’d want me to make a series called: “Professor Oak loves MILFS.” Professor Oak told Delia as he began to write a reply to the message.

“I’m sure we could make a very good demo tape that will make they want to get you to do a whole series.” Delia said as she watched Professor Oak send in his confirmation that he’d do the demo tape for them.

“You think so? Well there. The email is sent off so I guess I’ll need to do that video for them now regardless.” Professor Oak said as he couldn’t believe the turn of events.

“I definitely think we can make a very sexy demo tape, the only problem is we’ll need someone to film us.” Delia said as she already had Tracey in mind to film the video as she knew that she could convince him to agree to do the filming.

“Hmm that’s right. Filming it ourselves wouldn’t make it look too good or very professional.” Professor Oak thought as he remembered all the times that he had been on television that there had been camera crews filming him.

“I think Tracey has actually caught us a few times here in the lab but he’s never said anything. I think I saw him peak in on us once when we though he was out feeding the Pokemon.” Delia said as she told Professor Oak about his lab assistant.

“He’s caught us doing it?” Professor Oak said as this was the first he’d ever heard about Tracey catching him and Delia having sex.

“I’m pretty sure he has. There is only one way to find out and that’s to ask him. I wouldn’t mind Tracey filming us either way though as at least it’s someone were both comfortable with.” Delia said as she suggested that they get Tracey to film the demo video.

“Alright. I’m okay with that. Tracey should know about us now anyhow and with this PlayPoke video and Ash and his friends being in the latest PlayPoke magazine, Tracey has a right to know. Tracey should be back any time now so why don’t we talk to him then.” Professor Oak said as he was okay with Tracey filming.

Twenty minutes later, Tracey returned to the lab after completing his rounds. Professor Oak and Delia greeted him as he walked into the lab area. It wasn’t uncommon for Delia to be around the lab so it didn’t really surprise him to see Ash’s mom there with Professor Oak.

“Oh Tracey! You just missed talking to Ash. He just phoned just a few minutes before you came in. He wants to get Pikachu for his next battle against Lt. Surge and his mom is going to take Pikachu with her to Vermilion City.” Professor Oak said as he told Tracey part of the news that he wanted to discuss with him.

“That’s too bad I missed talking to him. Pikachu is getting a good break here at the lab but I can tell its ready to get back to battling with Ash.” Tracey said as he had just been with Pikachu a while ago.

“We also have something else we’d like to discuss with you. Why don’t you take a seat so we can talk.” Delia said as said as she put on her serious mom voice that Tracey had heard from time to time when she talked to her son Ash so he knew she meant business.

“Uh, alright? Did I do something wrong?” Tracey said as he thought he might be in trouble.

“Oh no, no nothing like that. It’s just that we wanted to discuss something with you that’s probably a bit overdue and that you might already be aware of.” Professor Oak said as he wanted to reassure Tracey that he wasn’t in any trouble.

“As you probably are aware of, Samuel and I have been pretty close friends for many year. We just wanted to be honest with you now that your older and more aware of the opposite sex that the two of us have been in a relationship for many years.”

“We thought it would be a good idea to let you know so you weren’t too uncomfortable with the fact that we see a lot of each other.” Professor Oak said as Tracey didn’t look too shocked about the discussion they were now having.

“I know you might have caught us having sex a while ago and we just want to make sure you don’t feel uncomfortable around the two of us because of that. I know I’m your friends mom and that can make things a bit awkward for you but we both want to reassure you that there is no need to feel uncomfortable and if there is anything we can do to rectify that, please let us know.” Delia said as everything was now in the open.

“Uh that was just an accident that one time, honest! I didn’t mean to catch you two doing that.” Tracey said as he recalled the time that he had caught them having sex.

“It’s alright Tracey. It’s our fault for not being more concerned for our privacy while you are here. This is why we’re discussing this with you now as we don’t want this to be a point of concern for you as it isn’t for us.” Professor Oak told Tracey as Tracey seemed a bit more relieved to hear the Professor say that.

“That’s right! In fact I’m actually quite open with sex and teaching kids like you about sex. Just recently I’ve begun teaching Ash and his other friends about sex and its allowed Ash and his friends to be a lot more open with each other and their feeling for each other. I know you’re getting older now as well and have been spending a lot of time here at the lab but I’d be more than happy to give you some of the lessons that they’ve been getting. I know you are like the Professor and like girls a lot.” Delia said as she made the offer to Tracey while surprised him a bit to hear what his other friends had been up to lately.

“Wow, lesson huh?! What’s involved in these lessons? I’m surprised it’s taken Ash that long to realize that all his girl friends liked him. I’ve always been a bit jealous of him as all the girls have always gone after him.” Tracey said he wanted to know a bit more about these sex lessons that Delia has been doing with Ash and his other friends.

“Yeah, if you want to be a part of them I’m sure that can be arranged. I basically have been showing and telling Ash and his friends all they need to know about sex so that it will help them through their lives to be better lovers. You know we could actually start the lessons with you today if you wanted. The professor and I have been asked to do a video for PlayPoke and we need someone to film it. It would be a great opportunity for you to see sex close up and get a bit more comfortable seeing other people naked.” Delia said as she suggested to Tracey that he film their video for them.

“A video for PlayPoke?! Wow that’s a very popular brand Professor and the two of you agreed to do a video for them?” Tracey said as he had seen a few video’s and magazines before and was aware of them.

“With a little convincing from Delia here I did. But like Delia said, we need someone to film a demo video for us and we’d feel comfortable with you filming it for us. You’ve done many videos for me in the past, so this won’t be much different than those. I know you could make a really good demo video for us.” Professor Oak said as he asked Tracey to be the one to film the demo film for them.

“Oh wow! I guess I could do that for you guys. I must admit I’m a bit intrigued to see a naked woman up close.” Tracey said as he’d never see a woman naked up close in real life before.

“That can definitely be arranged. Why don’t you get the camera and we can start making this video now?” Delia said as she was starting to get a bit horny.

“Okay!” Tracey said as he quickly went to the other room to get the camera and returned and began to set it up for the shoot.

Tracey quietly checked the video camera to make sure the battery was charged up and that all the setting were correct to get the best possible video quality. He had used the camera many times so he was familiar with setting it up.

“Why don’t we setup this video sort of based on events that happened to all three of us? We’ll start the video off with Tracey filming like he’s peeping on us and then we’ll catch him peeping and invite him in to watch. How does that sound?” Delia said as she asked to boy’s their opinion.

“Uh, sounds good to me. I’ll film whatever you guys want to do.” Tracey said as he didn’t want to disagree with anything that Delia or the Professor wanted.

“Alright let’s get this video started then.” Delia said a she was anxious to put on a show.

Tracey went into the hall and took the camera with him and he began recording as he closed the door a bit to make it look like he was peeping through a crack to see what was going on. Delia walked over to the chair and stood right in front of Professor Oak. She slowly pulled at her blouse to reveal part of her lacy bra and show lots of cleavage. Professor Oak stared at Delia’s cleavage as he had many times before as Delia smiled down at him.

Realizing that Tracey was now filming, Delia deliberately slow unbuttoned each button of her pink top and Professor Oak watched her unbutton it. Tracey thought it was so hot the way she was taking her time unbuttoning her blouse until they were all loosened and he could see her cleavage and her bra. With her pink blouse wide open now, Tracey zoomed the camera in a bit to get a better look.

Part of Delia’s black lace bra push bra was now visible and it make her breast stick out quite a bit. Her long ponytail was off to the side and she bent down a bit to give the Professor a better look at her cleavage.

“So Professor, do you like what you see?” she asked as she teased him a bit.

“Oh yeah! I can’t wait to see some more! That lace bra looks so hot. I hope your wearing panties that match that bra!” Professor Oak said as he began to slowly stroke himself through his pants.

“Why don’t you take out that big penis of yours and let me play with it first. Do you want me to suck it?” Delia said as she saw that he was quite erect already.

Professor Oak moaned in agreement and opened the fly to his pants and moved his penis so it poked out of the fly. Delia instinctively bent down on her knees and began sliding her mouth up and down over Professor Oak thick penis as the head of it hit the back of her throat while she only had about half of his penis in her mouth. She gagged a bit and tried to get a bit of his penis in her throat as he put his hands on her head and held her over his erection. Her hot mouth worked on his penis and he was soon squirming in the chair while holding her head by her ponytails.

“Oh Professor, I've been waiting all week for this!” Delia said as she went back to sucking on it.

Tracey continued to watch through the camera's screen as it was zoomed in to get a better view. Delia felt the Professor begin to gently hump her mouth with his hips while he sat in his chair. With every thrust his penis penetrated her mouth a bit deeper. Delia closed her eyes and begain exploring his penis that was in her mouth with her tongue. The Professor ran his fingers through her hair as she sucked and stroked his big erect penis. It made him more excited when she looked up at him as she sucked him.

Delia began bobbing up and down faster now that her head was a blur on the video. Tracey stared intently at Delia sucking the Professor’s penis as this was the first blowjob he’d had ever seen. It looked like the Professor was enjoying it. Delia loved the feel of the Professor’s penis in her mouth and she continued to suck to the best of her ability. She continued giving him a blow job for a couple minutes and she stopped just before he was about to cum.

“Why don’t you strip some more of your clothes now for me?” the Professor said as he wanted to watch Delia strip in front of him.

“You want to see more of me huh? I think that can be arranged.” Delia said as he got up in front of the Professor again and began to take off her unbuttoned blouse.

Delia began taking off her blouse and dropped it to the ground to full reveal bra. She was also wearing pantyhose and she began rolling them. Professor Oak and Tracey watched as she lifted her feet one at a time and rolled them down her legs. Tracey had zoomed in close and he manged to get a good upskirt shot of her panty cover pussy with revealed a nice camel toe.

“Lift up your skirt and show my your panties. I want to see if they match your bra.” the Professor said as she did as she was told and lifted her skirt and showed him her black lace panties.

“You must be getting uncomfortable in that suit now. Why don’t you take that off?” Delia said as Professor Oak was getting uncomfortable and he quickly began stripping it off and then sat back down on his chair.

Realizing that Delia was going to continue stripping now, Tracey knew that was his cue to pretend that he was caught peeping. He made a rustling noise by the door as Professor Oak and Delia turned to directly to look at the camera.

“Tracey what are you doing?! Get in here! How long were you watching us?” Delia said as she pretended she was mad that she had caught him peeping on them.

“Only for a second!” Tracey said as he moved into the middle of the room where he got a good view of Delia in her bra and skirt.

“Is this the first time you’ve been peeping on us or have you done this before? Have you seen me naked then?” Delia said as she questioned him some more.

“Uh not really, only from a distance and I couldn’t see anything! Honest!” Tracey said as he really was being honest with his response.

“I see. Well now that you’re here and you’re getting older now, I guess I’m not surprised that you want to know more about girls and sex, isn’t that right?” Delia said as she questioned Tracey.

“Uh, well yeah, I guess so.” Tracey replied as he was now having problems keeping the camera steady.

“Since you’ve already been watching up till now and if its okay with the Professor, you might as well stay and watch us. That way you might learn a bit about girls and sex. What do you think Professor?” Delia said as she turned to the Professor.

“Sounds fine to me!” Professor Oak said as he had no objections.

“Okay then, why don’t you sit over there Tracey and you can have a front row seat!” Delia said as Tracey moved over to the free seat and continued filming the scene.

Knowing that Tracey and Professor Oak were now watching her, Delia slowly unfastened the zipper on her skirt. The skirt then fell to the floor and her black lace panties were now fully visible. She began to fondle and stroke her thighs for a few moments and then moved her hand to the top of her panties and slid it down the center of them.

“You look fantastic in that black lace Delia!” Professor Oak said as he was enjoying watching her strip.

“You like my new outfit? That’s good as I picked it out just for you! I know you like black lingerie.” Delia said as the Professor could see the sexiest little patch of pubic hair through the lace panties.

“Would you like me to take my bra off first or my panties?” she asked him as she gave him the choice to decide which one he wanted to see first.

“You know I’m a boob guy! Let’s see those breasts first!” Professor Oak said as Delia already knew what he was going to pick.

Delia reached behind her back and began to unhook her bra. She slowly pulled the shoulder straps down her arms and held the bra in place with her forearms as she worked her arms out of the straps. Realizing this would be the first time that Tracey would see a woman’s breasts naked, she slowly and allowed her bra to fall off her boobs exposing them to the guys. She stood there letting the guys look at her now naked breasts.

Delia then moved over and sat on Professor Oak’s lap. He placed his hands on her breasts and cupped them and started a massage the her beautify breasts. Delia could feel his hot breath on her nipples as Professor Oak moved his lips closer to her nipples. She felt his tongue begin to lick her nipple and she enjoyed how that felt. A few seconds later, he began sucking her whole nipple in his mouth.

After sucking her nipples back and forth for a couple minutes, Delia lowered her head to Professor Oak’s and they began to french kiss. Delia’s tongue invaded Professor Oak’s mouth as they both began exploring each others tongues as they kissed. They both moaned, licked and kissed each other as they enjoyed the sensations.

Delia could feel that her panties were getting wet so she decided it was time to take them off. She got off of Professor Oak and began to take off her panties. She carefully pull her panties down bringing her pussy into full view. Her pubic hair was trimmed into a small triangle and her pussy lips were shaven clean.

“I know you like my pussy lips clean shaven Professor, so I shaved the clean just for you!” Delia said as her pussy lips were bare but she still had a bit of pubic hair above her clit.

Tracey had a perfect view of Delia’s fully naked body and he almost forgot that he was recording the video but he went back to being the cameraman and panned up and down Delia’s body as she posed for the camera. Tracey couldn’t believe this was happening as he zoomed in and took close ups of her pussy and took full length pictures of her including her large breasts. Delia smiled for the camera as she watched Tracey film her.

“Professor, my pussy’s needs some attention now. I really need to lick me!” Delia said as she sat down on a chair and spread her legs wide.

Professor Oak moved over to Delia and went to work quickly by first licking her clit and then driving his tongue through the slit of her pussy lips. He then concentrated on that area below her clit and above her vaginal opening which drove her crazy.

“Oh yes, that feels so good Professor!” Delia said as he continued licking and sucking her pussy until she was quite wet and ready for him to penetrate her.

"Well let's get started" Professor Oak and Delia, if you agree, this is going to be very very erotic today. The series we'll do now is called: Brother and Sister Love. Are you ok with that?" They nodded and said it would be ok, but inwardly they felt more than ok about it. They were extremely thrilled and stirred by the idea.

"Delia my dear, get them ready for the first pose. Delia knew exactly what to do. She had been over it in detail that morning with Stuart. She took each of them by the hand and led them over to the backdrop. Professor Oak's hands were placed on Delia's shoulders and Delia whispered to him for a few minutes. Professor Oak then kissed his little sister very tenderly, caressing her lips with his, then opening her mouth with his tongue. Stuart was clicking away continuously. Professor Oak's hands slid down over his sister's young breasts, lingering on her nipples. Playing with them with his fingers. They felt so hard and erect to Professor Oak's touch.

His hands continued down to her stomach and then to his sister's bare, smooth vagina. He was now licking her lips as he went.

Tracey couldn’t believe how Delia's vagina looked so beautiful to him and the sex scent had now filled the room which was almost intoxicating. Tracey had a great view as he could see everything and he could see Delia’s vagina was by now dripping with her sex juices. Tracey had masturbated many times and he was hard as a rock right now but he didn’t want to embarrass himself in front of Delia and Professor Oak.

“So Tracey are you ready to watch us have sex?” Delia asked as she smiled into the camera and at Tracey.

“Uh, yes!” Tracey said as he gulped a bit as he replied.

Professor Oak sat back down on his seat and Delia walked over and began to line herself up to be penetrated. The head of his penis was only a rew inch or so from her pussy and she grabbed Professor Oak’s erect penis and lined it up. She rubbed the head of his penis up and down her slit for a while until Professor Oak protested.

“Oh, please Delia don’t don't tease me like this!” Professor Oak said as he just wanted to penetrate her right away.

“But I love to tease you Professor. We just have to make sure it nice and wet before your big penis goes into my tight little pussy.” Delia said as she continued to taunt him a bit now.

Professor Oak put his hands around her thighs as he pulled her down onto him. His penis penetrated her pussy and it felt wet and very tight.

“Ah! It’s in! Do you like that? Do you like watching us have sex? I bet you wish you could trade places huh? But that can’t happen though as I’m only for Professor Oak!” Delia asked as she loved that Tracey was watching them and she focused her attention on him.

Delia’s firm large breasts with their tight erect nipples were beginning to bounce around as she moved up and down on Professor Oak’s penis. She began to bounce faster and harder on him as he felt her pussy contract around him. Delia was enjoying the feeling and with each stroke she seemed able to accommodate more of his penis inside her. She felt like he was splitting her apart with his penis but it felt good, not painful.

Tracey watched as Professor Oak’s penis kept disappearing into Delia’s pussy. He wondered what it would be like to have sex as they both seemed to be enjoying it. Delia and Professor Oak built up a slow rhythm and she began moaning now. The sight of it them having sex was making Tracey so horny and he wanted to cum but he knew he had to worry about filming this video instead to he tried to concentrate on getting the best shots that he could.

After a couple minutes in the sitting reverse cowgirl position, Delia got off of the Professor and propped herself up against his desk to be taken from behind in a standing doggy position. He took his penis and pressed it against Delia’s pussy lips as he mounted her from behind. Delia felt his penis head against the entrance to her pussy and with one thrust, the Professor pushed his penis inside her.

Tracey was fascinated by this new position and he tried to get a close up angle of the penetration. Delia’s large breasts were swinging all over the place below her and Tracey filmed them swaying for a few moments. Tracey wanted to feel and play with her magnificent breasts but he knew that wasn’t going to happen.

“Does it look good from behind? Does that nice big penis look good inside my pussy?” Delia said as she looked into the camera.

Professor Oak then picked up Delia and flipped her over and lay her on the top of his desk. They were now in the missionary position and the Professor did not need any help guiding his penis to her vagina as it was wet and wide open enough for his erection to find its way into in by itself. She was a bit loose now from the previous two positions but as soon as he penetrated her, her pussy was able to contract around his penis tight again.

This was one of Professor Oak’s favorite positions because he got to see him penetrating Delia and see her breasts, facial reactions and her pussy all at the same time.

“Let me know when you're about to come. Its not safe to cum inside me today so I want to watch you squirt your cum all over me!” Delia said as the Professor slowly pulled all the way out until just the head was inside her and then he pushed it slowly back in.

Professor Oak looked down as saw Delia’s clit fully erect and proudly displayed just above her puffy pussy lips that were being spread open wide by his penis.

“She a hot MILF, isn't she?” Professor Oak said as he turned to look at the camera as he said that.

Hearing the Professor say that was too much for Dliea and she threw her head back and let out a loud cry which carried on for many seconds as she began to climax. Tracey focused on her facial reactions as he watched her orgasm. Professor Oak couldn’t last any longer either and he began to cum as well.

“I'm going to cum! Are you ready for it?!” he said as Delia didn’t respond.

The Professor pulled his penis out of her pussy and began to cum all over her breasts and stomach. Delia could feel his hot cum starting to land on her body but she was still feeling the effects of her own orgasm to pay too much attention. Tracey focused the camera on Professor Oak’s penis as spurt after spurt of cum shot out and landed on Delia. He couldn’t believe how hot and sexy they looked doing that together and he hoped one day to have a similar experience of his own.

Tracey stopped filming and watched as the Professor and Delia recovered from their orgasms. He couldn’t stop starring at Delia’s naked body, the first woman’s body he’d ever seen naked. After watching them have sex, Tracey needed relief and he couldn’t stand it anymore and he pulled down his shorts and underwear and began stroking himself. He began moaning with pleasure as he was finally getting some relief that he needed.

Delia was finally recovering from her orgasm when she hear moaning and realized that it wasn’t the Professor. She opened her eyes and looked over to see Tracey stroking himself. She smiled and realized that was just too much for him to handle.

“Come over here Tracey. Let me give you a hand with that as thanks for filming our video for us.” Delia said as she told Tracey to come over to her.

Tracey waddled over the best that he could with his hard erection until he reached Delia. She reached out with her hand and grabbed his penis. The shock of her soft feminine hand wrapped around his penis was almost too much for Tracey. Delia began to slowly stroke his penis for a few moments until Tracey finally let loose and began cumming on her. Spurt after spurt of his cum began to land on her body just like the Professor’s cum had moments earlier but this time she got to see Tracey climax and she watched as he seemed to enjoy it.

“I've never seen a young man like you cum so much Tracey. I love the way your cum feels over my body! It feels so hot and smooth.” Delia said ass she began to spread all the cum over her breasts and chest until her skin was glistening.

“Oh that felt amazing! Thank you Mrs. Ketchum!” Tracey said as that was the first handjob he’d ever had.

“My pleasure Tracey. I’m glad you enjoyed it.” Delia said as she smiled at him and then at Professor Oak who hand sat down on his chair again.

The next day, Tracey went out to get Pikachu for Delia as she was heading to Vermilion City with it to meet up with Ash. Pikachu said its goodbyes to the other Pokemon at the lab as it got in the car with Delia.

“I hope that video is accepted by PlayPoke. I’m sure they’ll like it Professor. If they do, please be sure to consider me for the actual video produced by them.” Delia said as she said her parting words.

“I’ll be sure to keep you informed. Tell Ash good luck with the battle. I’m sure it will be a good one. I’ve got too many things to get caught up on otherwise I’d go with you to watch.” Professor Oak said as he needed to get back to his studies.

“Say ‘Hi’ to Ash and everyone for me too Mrs. Ketchum.” Tracey said as he put some extra Pokemon food in the car for her.

“I will. I should be back in a few days so I’ll see you guys then. See you!” Delia said as she drove off to Vermilion City with Pikachu.

The journey to Vermilion City took Ash and his friends a few days. They now had a new traveling companion Iris who had joined them at the Aopulco Resort. Ash was glad to have another one of his old friends join him on his Master League journey and he looked forward to spending some quality time with her again having been apart for quite awhile.

Ash was looking forward to being reunited with Pikachu for the battle against Lt. Surge and his Raichu and he realized even though Pikachu had become a lot stronger and better at battling since their first battle, it was still going to be tough to win. He was also looking forward to seeing his mom again as it had been awhile since they last saw each other and they both had things to get caught up on.

It had been awhile since Ash had been in Vermilion City but he enjoyed the atmosphere of the city with the big port and all the big ships docked there. They arrived just on schedule and they were to meet up with Delia and Pikachu at the gym in an hour or so, so Ash and his friends went directly to the Vermilion City Gym to meet up with them. As they approached the gym, Ash could see that his mom and Pikachu were already there. Sensing Ash was nearby, Pikachu’s ears began to twitch as it looked around to see if it could see him. Moments later, Pikachu spotted Ash and it began running towards him. Pikachu leaped up into the air and Ash caught it and gave him a big hug.

“Hey buddy! It’s good to see you again! Are you ready for this big rematch?” Ash added as Pikachu replied with excitement.

“Good! I’m counting on you! This is going to be a very tough battle though, so we got to say alert at all times. Lt. Surge’s Raichu is a tough customer!” Ash said as he was glad to see his most trusted partner again.

“Hi Ash. Looks like the two of you are glad to see each other again.” Delia said as she finally approached Ash and his friends.

“Hi mom! Yeah we are! It’s been awhile that’s for sure!” Ash said as he was now looking forward to battling together again with Pikachu.

“Well I’m sure the two of you will do just fine. I’ll be cheering along on the sidelines for this one.” Delia said as she wanted to see one of her son’s battles in person since he was in the Master League now.

“Really? You’re going to stay and watch? That’s great mom. Pikachu, we have to do our best now that mom is watching.” Ash said as Pikachu agreed and was more pumped up for the battle now too.

“I’m sure Lt. Surge is waiting for you inside. I talked to him for a few minutes after he returned from his lunch break. He noted that Pikachu looked really strong compared to the last time he saw it.” Delia told Ash as she explained that she’d already met Lt. Surge earlier.

“At least he knows that Pikachu isn’t going to be an easy victory and that we will be doing our best to win this rematch, right Pikachu?” Ash said turning to Pikachu.

“Pika Pika!” Pikachu responded vigilantly.

“Alright! Let’s win this!” Ash said as he and Pikachu both ran towards the entrance of the Gym.

Ash walked into the gym and his memories of the first battle began to become fresh in his mind again. He knew he needed to do a lot better than his first attempt to beat Lt. Surge if he was going to win this. As he entered the main gym hall, Lt. Surge was standing there with some of the other gym workers.

Lt. Surge is a very muscular man but he is also arrogant and loud but he seemed to have a light heart for Misty when they first met as he thought she was quite cute. Misty had remembered Lt. Surge’s comment and as the Cerulean City Gym Leader, she had talked with him on the video phone a few times but she had not met up with him since their first encounter. Misty had always been flattered that a big, handsome guy found her attractive but she figured he never pursued her as she was too young at the time. Misty hoped he’d notice her again this time though.

“Well, well, if it isn’t Ash and Pikachu... I hope you two are ready for a tough battle because there is no way I’m letting you two off easy.” Lt. Surge said as he turned to see that Ash had finally arrived.

“We’re more than ready for this rematch and we’re going to win this, right Pikachu?” Ash said as Pikachu quickly backed up Ash with a forceful reply of its own.

“It may not be very smart to challenge me again, but it takes guts and you two definitely have guts so I admire that! When it comes to Electric-type Pokémon, I'm number one though! I’m going to zap you just like I do all my other opponents and win this rematch!” Lt. Surge said as he was quick to reply and his Raichu also began backing up what he said and sparked its tail to show its power.

“Pikachu and I have become better battlers since the last time we battled. We aren’t beginners anymore like we were back then and we won’t need beginner’s luck to win against you this time.” Ash said as the back and forth pre-battle tussling continued.

“Hah! I like you’re spirit Ash! I guess that’s one of the reasons I agreed to this rematch but the main reason is I don’t like to have a losing record to anyone, so we’re going to make sure we correct that!” Lt. Surge replied as he liked Ash’s fighting spirit.

“Good luck Ash! Do your best!” Ash’s friend’s said from the sidelines as they cheered him on.

“I see you brought quite a crowd with you today Ash. Hello Misty, it’s good to see you again.” Lt. Surge said as Misty was the only one of Ash’s friends other than Brock that he recognized but he was more interested girls.
“Uh.. Hi! It’s nice to see you too!” Misty said as she blushed a bit as she was glad he recognized her.

“After this battle, why don’t we meet up and discuss what we’ve both been up to the last while. I’d love to hear about what’s been happening at the Cerulean City Gym as well. A lot of my challengers found you to be a tough opponent! I like a girl that’s tough!” Lt. Surge said as Misty continued to blush.

“That sounds good. I’d like that but after the battle.” Misty said as she wanted him to focus on the battle and not her.

“That’s right! Oh wait! Was this one of your strategies Ash? Get me to loose my concentration to focus on Misty?! Well that’s not going to work!” Lt. Surge said as he thought Ash invited Misty along as a distraction.

“Uh... She wasn’t intended to be a distraction...” Ash said as he couldn’t believe what was going on at that moment.

“No matter! Let’s get this battle started! Go Raichu!” Lt. Surge said as Raichu went out on the battlefield and awaited Pikachu to join it.

“Let’s go Pikachu!” Ash said as Pikachu went out to join Raichu on the battlefield as a girl referee from the gym also walked into her position midfield on the sidelines.

“This is an official Master League battle between Ash from Pallet Town and Lt. Surge, gym leader of the Vermilion City Gym. As per the league rules, this will be a one-on-one battle with no substitutions for either battler. The battle will be over when one Pokemon is unable to battle. Ready... Go!” the referee said as the battle began.
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